Compare Mountain Gorilla vs. African Leopard in Face to Face Fight

By | May 9, 2022

Who will win the fight between Mountain Gorilla and African Leopard?

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Here is the comparison of our shaggy «brothers» and African Leopard known for his ferocious hunting technique. Who do you think will win in the battle? Mountain Gorilla’s strong hand or brutal bite of the leopard?

Here is a comparison of these two.

Mount gorilla vs African leopard
Mountain Gorilla vs. African Leopard Comparison

Mountain Gorilla Facts and Information

The mountain gorillas live in the mountain as their name suggests, which has elevation of almost 13000 feet. They are the ones with thickest fur when compared to that of the other apes of this great stature. The thick fur protects them from the extreme freezing temperature, which sometimes goes down below the freezing point. They are now moving further up into the mountains all due to the humans who are infiltrating into the territory of the gorillas. This is making the conditions even more dreadful for the gorillas and they are forced to face even the deadliest of situations out there.

You will now find only about 700 mountain gorillas left on the face of the earth. Amongst these 700, around 350 live in the forest of Central Africa. There have been many initiatives taken for the conservation of mountain gorillas, but as humans are approaching their natural habitat, they are becoming homeless more and more. Even poaching is there, which is not helping the cause of conservation at all. These gorillas can easily climb trees, but they prefer to remain on the ground with their community of 30 individuals. One adult old male leads the troop and they are also called by the name of silverback because of the hint of silver on their otherwise black fur.

African Leopard Facts and Information

On the other hand, there is African Leopards who are facing the status of vulnerable due to the fact that they are also suffering from the loss of their natural habitat and fragmentation. They are safe only within the protected areas and outside of that space they are facing challenges to survive. In fact, their number is on a decrease mode for a long period of time.

The color of the coat of the leopard differs a lot and that is due to the location as well as the habitat they are in. So, you will find pale yellow color to gold or even tawny color coat of African leopard. Male leopard is quite large in size as compared to that of the female leopards and the male weighs around 60 kg compared to that of the female leopard, which weighs only a maximum of 40 kg. The physical appearance of the African leopard differs a lot depending on where they are located and not just the color, in fact their weight also differs a lot in this scenario.

The African Leopards are scattered all throughout the African continent. They eat just about anything starting from small mammals to different kinds of antelopes. They also feed on snakes, goat, sheep, rodents, birds, etc. During the daytime they rest and at the break of the twilight they start looking for their prey.

Mountain Gorilla vs. African Leopard Comparison Table

AnimalsMountain Gorilla
Mountain gorilla
African Leopard
African Leopard
Average Head & Body Length54–67 in (138–171 cm)51-75 in (130-190 cm)
Average Weight154-421 lb (70-191 kg)53–115 lb (24–52 kg)
Top Speed25 mph36 mph
AreaCentral AfricaAfrica
WeaponTeeth, very strong hands and legsClaws, sharp teeth
Average Life Span40-50 years12-17 years

Mountain Gorilla and African Leopard – the face-off

If these two strong contenders come face to face with each other, then most likely the Mountain Gorilla will win because of its huge size. It has been seen that during a duel between the Mountain Gorillas and the African Leopard, the latter had to bite the dust in front of the strength of the huge Mountain Gorilla.

When the leopard attacked the mountain gorilla from the back, it was able to throw off the leopard quite easily from its shoulder, but the African leopard that is determined to fight back, jumps onto the back of the mountain gorilla and started biting him on his back. The angry mountain gorilla didn’t take it too well and it munched on the shoulder of the ape. This time around the mountain gorilla throws his hand on the back of the leopard, which breaks the spine of the latter, thus killing her and that is the end of the battle.

One thought on “Compare Mountain Gorilla vs. African Leopard in Face to Face Fight

  1. Animal Lover

    Felines are better armed, have superior killing techniques, and carry a greater percentage of skeletal muscle relative to body weight.

    That being stated, the male mountain gorilla has enough of a size advantage to win a fight to the death.


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