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By | March 21, 2022

Who will win the fight between Orca and Great White Shark?

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Here comes the real sea fight between two of the most dangerous predators of sea, one is the dangerous Orca also known as Killer Whale and another is the Great white shark. To know who is going to win the fight read this article on Compare Orca vs Great white shark.
Before going further lets took a brief look in both sea giant’s stats and facts.

Here is a comparison of these two.

Orca Whale vs Great White Shark

Orca vs. Great White Shark Comparison

Orca Facts and Information

  • Orca also known as killer whale or orca whale and it weigh up to 5500 kg with the length up to 24 ft.
  • Orca whale is the largest living marine mammals.
  • It has many names including orca whale, killer whale, black fish and grampus.
  • They hunt in a group that’s why they are known as wolf of sea.
  • Their groups is known as pod.
  • Killer whales or Orca can swim with the speed of 57 km/hr and they are known as one of the fastest living creatures of sea.
  • They are apex predator means they are at the top of the food chain and there is no natural predator who hunts orca.
  • It is from the family dolphin and it is the world largest dolphin.
  • For killing prey orca uses their head and tail. With the help of tail Orca strikes very hard which knockout their prey easily.
  • They are very social and one of the most intelligent living creatures in sea.
  • For communication and hunting orca uses echolocation.
  • Killer whales prey on fish, sea turtles, sea lions, squid, other whales and some time sharks.

Great White Shark Facts and Information

  • They generally weigh up to 2260 kg with the length ranging from 15 ft to 19 ft.
  • Megalodons who extinct 2 millions year ago weighs nearly about 50 tons are the ancestors of the great white sharks.
  • Great white sharks are almost at the top of the food chain where orcas and large whales are not found.
  • They feed on seals, dolphins, squid, small whales and other sharks.
  • Great white shark is known for attacking humans and they ranked no.1 in the list of man eaters in sea.
  • They swim with open mouth so that water can enter through their body and out from their gills.
  • They can swim up to the speed of 25 km/hr in the water.
  • Great white sharks have excellent eye sight and up to 5km they can even sense just single drop of blood in water.
  • They are the largest living predators in fish.
  • Great white sharks teeth falls regularly and rapidly replaced with new ones.
  • Great white sharks population is decreasing rapidly because of human hunting and now according to IUCN they are in vulnerable status.
  • They are killed by humans because of their skin, liver and teeth. Their skin is uses for making many things like foot wears, grip for swords, striking surface for matches, leather for furniture, book binding and sandpaper. Liver oil is used in textile production, lamp oil, farming cosmetic and in pharmaceutical industries.

Orca vs. Great White Shark Comparison Table

Orca Whale
Great White Shark
Great White Shark
Average Head & Body Length 20 to 26 ft (5-8 m)11 to 16 ft (3.4-4.9 m)
Average Weight3 to 6 tonnes1,151–1,700 lb (522–771 kg)
Top Speed34.8 mph25 mph
AreaIceland, Norway, the Valdes Peninsula of Argentina, the Crozet Islands, New Zealand and North AmericaUnited States, South Africa, Japan, Oceania, Chile, the Mediterranean, South Africa.
WeaponHead and tailSharp teeth
Average Life Span50 to 80 years40 to 70 years

The duel between Orca and Great White Shark

In past these two sea predators had been met and guess what happened? A female orca brutally killed a full grown Great white shark and its fellow group orcas eat the liver of shark and leave the remaining body known as carcass to sink in the sea.

3 thoughts on “Compare Orca vs Great White Shark

  1. Animal Lover

    Hi all,
    This is my first post on this website.
    I favor a bull orca over a shark due to the sheer size advantage (7 tons vs 3 tons). But I would like to address some critical points in this post.
    The GWS (Great White Shark) has received an unfair reputation against the orca. AFAIK, only juvenile GWSs have been killed by orcas. I haven’t seen any reliable accounts of a full-sized adult GWS (male or female) falling prey to orcas. The GWS is armed with deadly jaws which could inflict damage upon even a larger orca.
    The orca should take this fight, but the GWS deserves more credit.

    1. Obriel Nyumbu

      I do agree 100%..Orca hunts in Pods or groups which is way different to a GWS…one Orca will never kill a GWS…Orca are alwys together but if they move single they can be damaged by GWS without a doubt at all…


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