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By | November 24, 2021

Who will win the fight between Bull and Bear?

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At one side nature is appreciated for its calmness and serenity and on another side, there are way more than interesting and wild things that we nature gives us.

Come let’s imagine something wild out of the Mother Nature. Well, humans have never found these two fierce animals facing each other on the battleground. Both of these creatures are miles away from each other in different geographical areas. Growing up in different habitats and blessed with different features.

Apart from all the differences, these two have few things in common like both are calm unless and until they are forced to get aggressive. But definitely, the combat between the two will be a mind-blowing adventure.

The two aggressive creatures have unique characteristics and adorable physical features.

Here is a comparison of the two species.

Bull vs. Bear Comparison

Bull vs. Bear Comparison

Bull Facts and Information

  • The scientific name is Bos taurus.
  • Also referred to as Bullock or cattle.
  • Belongs to family ‘Bovidae’ and order ‘Artiodactyla’.
  • They have a large bony head, with protective ridges over the eyes.
  • The hairs are normally of short length but on neck and head, there is often curly and woolly hairs.
  • Bulls are of medium heights that are around 5 ft long and are quite muscular and stronger.
  • It is a huge misconception that red color is a reason for the aggressive nature of bull, whereas bulls are generally red color blind.
  • Bulls can be of calm as well as of aggressive nature.
  • Bulls are both wild and pet.
  • Only a few bulls are used for breeding but most of them are slaughtered before the age of three years.
  • Adult bulls may weigh between 500-1000 kilograms.
  • Lifespan of a bull is nearly 18-22 years.
  • Bulls are herbivores that is they feed on green grasses and leaves.
  • They normally have calm nature unless and until they are poked to get aggressive.
  • They are very powerful and are generally used as an icon for toughness.
  • Bulls are majorly found in Asian countries and also are the charm of Spain, Portugal, Mexico and others.
  • Bulls are able to lift weights more than approximately 400 kgs.
  • They use their horns to fight or to defend themselves.

Bear Facts and Information

  • Scientific name is Ursidae.
  • Bears are classified under class Mammalia.
  • Belongs to family ‘Ursidae’ and order ‘Carnivora’.
  • There are total eight species of bear are available and are widespread.
  • They appear in a wide range of habitat.
  • Polar bear, Giant Panda, Sloth bear, American black bear, Sun bear, Brown bear are some of the different types of bear.
  • Bears are being hunted since prehistoric time for fur and meat.
  • IUCN has declared six species of bear as endangered or vulnerable.
  • They might be diurnal or nocturnal and have a good sense of smell.
  • Bears are generally bulky and robust animals and have short tails.
  • The height of bears ranges around 7ft to 9ft that is amazing enough.
  • Bears are sexually dimorphic (two sexes of same species exhibit different characteristics) with regard to size.
  • Bears are carnivores that are they feed on flesh and meat.
  • Their body weight varies according to temperate and arctic climates.
  • They generally use their paws and claws also uses their teeth.
  • They have hairy skin that is they are covered with fur.

Bull vs. Bear Comparison Table


Average Head & Body Length 5 to 6 ft4 to 11 ft
Average Weight881 to 1,760 lbs60 to 990 lbs
Top Speed25mph35mph
AreaEurope, North Africa, and AsiaNorth America, South America, Europe, and Asia
WeaponUses horns to fight and defendPaws and claws, also uses their teeth
Average Life Span12 – 20 years15 – 35 years

The duel between Bull vs. Bear

This combat has been a spectacular sport in ancient Rome during the time of Queen Elizabeth.

The battlefield with these two fierce and powerful animal that is the bull and the bear will be a thrilling one. Since both are separated with many circumstances and environmental factors their fight when imagined can give goosebumps. Both of these are perfect example of wildness ever created by nature.

Bull and bear will be perfect opponents for each other if ever put together in an arena to fight.

Seeing two of the most powerful animal can just entertain you with its thrill.

Well imagine something like this… there is a battleground let it be a green one say in the lap of mother nature, and here are the two promising contestants ready for the combat.

Both came running towards each other and bull thrusts it horn towards the bear on a defence the bear moves back and gives a counterattack by swiping its paws downwards, leaving scratches over the bull.

The battle between the two will be an epic one as both of them have enormous strength and the need for surveillance for both is high.

But the bull with all its strength again gives it another shot. Because it knows well that if it loses it going to feed the bear its own meat.

What you think who is gonna win? It has always been the bull that has the highest surveillance since ages. I guess that’s why bull and bear markets are being compared and the bull market is always the one that is rising up.

Video of Bison vs. Grizzly Bear in the wild interaction

We already have some Bear vs. comparison. So check it out if you miss it:

40 thoughts on “Compare Bull vs. Bear in Face to Face Fight

  1. AP

    Tricky one…

    It depends on the species of bear. A sun, sloth, or black bear would lose in a face to face fight with any bull. But a coastal grizzly or a kodiak/polar bear would certainly put up a good fight.

    I also want to put out that I don’t like to rely on fights from captivity because bulls are usually bred and ready to fight, whereas bears are malnourished and their instincts become dormant.

    Lets take a coastal grizzly bear and a spanish fighting bull for the sake of this argument – both are healthy adult males in their physical primes, and both are ready to fight. It would depend entirely upon the individuals. That being said, I would give the edge to the bear for several reasons:

  2. AP

    1) It has been documented that a bear’s paw swipe is strong enough to break a bull’s back or skull.
    2) The bear is faster and more agile than a bull – the bull can only charge in one direction, while the bear can move in multiple directions.
    3) Anatomically, the bull is at an disadvantage. It can not stand on it’s hind legs, and its horns are the only weapon it has. The bear meanwhile, can stand on all fours, it can stand on it’s hind legs and use its claws and teeth.

    Nevertheless, it will be a pretty close match.

  3. I’m a person

    This is like around 70% in favor of a grizzly or polar but any bear smallers gonna have from a 30 to 50% chance of winning. Back in the 1800s in California they pitted California grizzlies and bulls against each other. The bear would take the bull by the horns and flip it over and kill them then they would just keep putting bulls against that same bear until it would collapse from exhaustion and be killed. All of that can be found on a article in newsELA.

          1. I’m a person

            Yeah I saw jaguar and panther but the thing is that panthers are just black jaguars or leopards. If it’s jaguar on black jaguar it’s a even fight unless it’s in the night or both are hidden it’s just barely going to be leaning towards the black jaguar. Jaguar on black leopard is going to be the jaguar.

          2. Aka/Tony

            Probably the bull because of its horns, but anything could happen.

          3. I’m a person

            Aka tony
            I think the grizzly would win for 3 reasons.
            1. The bull is a herbivore and therefore is prey while the grizzly is a omnivore but still hunts frequently so the bull is prey to the bear.
            2. The bull is at an anatomical disadvantage. The only thing it can truly count on is it’s horns. You could also argue it’s hooves but they don’t kick they trample. Grizzlies on the other hand have claws, powerful jaws, better teeth, and has its fur, hide, and fat for protection.
            3. Grizzlies are better fighters and have more technique than the bull. The only time bulls fight normally is in rodeos where they don’t even fight really but just buck off the rider. They do fight on mating season but very rarely since normally you don’t keep 2 bulls together.

            Here is an article on the bull and bear fights during the gold rush. You might have to make a free Acount to read all of it though.

    1. I’m a person

      How the bull can only hope to use its horns. There are many accounts of bulls getting destroyed by bears back in the gold rush time. They would chain a grizzly to a large post and they would have it face off against a bull. The bull would charge the bear, the bear would then take the bull by the horns and flip it over and kill it. Then they would release another bull on the bear and the bear would do the same thing over and over again until they either ran out of bills or the bear would collapse from exhaustion.

      1. AP

        Yeah, I don’t like to rely on fights from captivity, but “I’m a person” is right. Anatomically, bulls are at an disadvantage. That being said, the bull would put up a good fight, and might win sometimes.

      2. jake

        dude its my opinion get lost also bulls outweigh the bear and also its horns can gore the bear to death

        1. AP

          You “get lost” kid. We are also stating our “opinion”. It can also be argued that the bear can break the buffalo’s skull with one hit, no?

          1. jake

            i was just saying I think a bull would win but again its my opinion also bears have trouble dealing with bisons which are just bulls with afros

          2. I’m a person

            Dude bison are bulls on steroids. And bears can decapitate a moose with one swipe and moose are like deer on steroids. You are right about the bull possibly being able to gore the bear with its horns but it’s very hard to do that because for the horns to be most affective the bull would have to charge the bear. The bear could easily move out of the way and attack from behind while the bull is recovering from the missed charge. But still the bull would definitely put up a good fight.

  4. jake

    im a person

    I think its safe to say that a bear can kill bulls with small horns

    but a longhorn bull beats a bear

    1. I’m a person

      No it would make it easier for the bear to break off the bulls horns if they are longer then there would be a big problem for the bull.

      1. I’m a person

        I don’t want to get into a big fight though about this like James w. So I’m fine with what you think.

      2. james

        longer horns means the bull will have a longer range to kill the bear also its okay to think what you think I think the bull would win just because its my opinion

    1. AP

      Bull maybe – since they are anatomically at a disadvantage.
      Bear – doubt it.

      1. jake

        dude i was just making an impersonation of James w but I’m really biased with crocs instead of lions

        bear could go either way

        bull crocs eat buffalo which are bigger and stronger than bulls

  5. AP

    “I’m really biased with crocs instead of lions”
    Ok, so now you admit that you biased towards crocs…

    1. jake

      who cares at least I did not pull a James w and act like crocs are unkillable or that a croc can single handedly kill a bull elephant

      1. I’m a person

        Yeah let’s all just settle down a bit people can have their opinions. The best way to change someone’s opinion though is by being a good person and saying reasonable facts.

  6. buli

    Those were bisons in the video not bulls. Also bulls > bisons > buffalos

  7. Picklesthecatwolf

    bulls are way more muscular, and they are related to bison. bears, mostly young ones, will avoid them. The horns on the bull are also very dangerous.

  8. James Bennett

    I read an article stating that the bull,s horns were often sawed off which greatly shifted the advantage to the bear,but
    the bulls whose horns were were left intact more often than not resulted in the bears,as well as lions and tigers being gored to death with shocking regularity.also an interesting story to check out is a bull called panthera,called a bear killer and a lion slayer.

    1. Gianluca Podda

      panthera was the mexican bull, ramadan was the grizzly bear and parnell was the afrina male lion man-eater

  9. Gianluca Podda

    a spanish bull can destroys any big cat and any bear, it’s made for fight till death and his frontal horns are very dangerous.


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