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By | October 2, 2021

Who will win the fight between Grizzly Bear and Western Gorilla?

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The King Kong movie may have created a bad impression about Gorillas but that is absolutely exaggerated. Gorillas are friendly animals and can easily interact with people and other animals without any altercation. Unlike their chimpanzee relatives, gorillas rarely attack even when feeling threatened or uncomfortable.

Grizzly bears on the other hand are aggressive creatures that can snap and kill any living being in their vicinity. When aggrieved, bears sometime kill one of their own in the fit of rage. It would be a good idea to avoid any contact with grizzly bears as the encounter may turn out to be a death trap.

When confronted by this deadly creatures, climbing a tree might not be the best idea. Though rare, bears sometimes climb trees. It would be best to lay down still and use palms to cover the neck. This way the bear won’t feel threatened or aggrieved and will therefore simply walk away.

Grizzly bear vs Kodiak bear Comparison

Grizzly bear vs Kodiak bear Comparison

Facts and information about Grizzly Bears

  • Also referred to as North American brown bear.
  • Native to and only found in North America mostly in the US states of Alaska and Montana, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Colombia.
  • Inhabit the arctic tundra, dense forests, open plains and sub-alpine meadows of North America.
  • Current population is about 1,800.
  • Lifespan is between 20 and 25 years.
  • Grow to a maximum length of 2.1 meters.
  • Maximum shoulder height is 1.1 meters.
  • Males are larger than females.
  • Mature male grizzly bears weigh between 135 and 380 kilograms while females weigh between 90 and 200 kilograms.
  • When running, the top speed is 55 km/h.
  • Bears are omnivorous animals that feed on plants and other animals including grass, berries, fungi, seeds, fish, insects (mostly moths), elk, deer, bison, mice and dead animals.
  • Gain as much as 1.5 kilograms per day during late summer and early fall. The weight is shed during the winter denning period when they can no longer hunt.
  • Are solitary animals but not territorial.
  • Sexual maturity age is between 4 and 5 years.
  • Mating takes place between May and July.
  • Gestation period is between 180 and 270 days.
  • Gives birth to a maximum of 4 cubs.
  • Males do not participate in raising cubs.
  • Female bears take care of cubs until the age of three after which the cubs move out to start life on their own.
  • Female cubs normally live near their mothers but male ones may live further away.
  • May be able to climb some trees depending on the size and orientation of the tree and the size of the bear.
  • Cannibalistic animals that occasionally eat one of their own.
  • Sometimes mate with polar bears.
  • Extremely intelligent animals. They have been observed to hide from hunters and remember perfect hunting grounds for more than 10 years after they last visited the grounds.

Facts and information about Western Gorilla

  • Scientific name is Gorilla.
  • Slightly smaller than eastern gorillas.
  • Males are bigger than females.
  • Males can grow to a height of 1.8m while females reach a maximum height of 1.5m.
  • Males weigh up to 140 kilograms while females weigh up to 70 kilograms.
  • Lifespan is up to 50 years in captivity and 40 years in the wild.
  • Reach a top speed of 40 km/h.
  • Are blackish-grey in color.
  • Categorized as critically endangered species.
  • Herbivorous animals that feed on fruits, leaves, buds, bark, herbs, woody vegetation and flowers.
  • Though categorized as herbivores, they occasionally eat termites, caterpillars, ants, grubs and worms.
  • Are endemic to and only found in the tropical forests of western and central Africa in Congo, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Central African Republic and Gabon.
  • Live in groups of up to 20 individuals headed by an alpha silverback male gorilla and consisting of several female and baby gorillas.
  • Their population is about 90, 000.
  • Natural predators include leopards but their existence is highly threatened by human activity.
  • Ebola virus (also infects humans) has killed a significant number of Western Gorillas.
  • Male gorillas are kicked out of the group as soon as they reach sexual maturity age. Female young ones also normally leave the group and join other groups.
  • Take between 8 and 9 years to reach sexual maturity age.
  • Gestation period is about eight and a half months.
  • Give birth to only one baby but in rare occasions twins may be born.
  • Females take care of their young ones for up to 5 years.
  • Can walk for up to 4 kilometers each day as they search for food.
  • Are not aggressive or violent animals. When defending themselves all they do is bluff by standing on two legs and thumping chest with both hands.
  • The dominating alpha male is the only male that mates with all the females in the group.
  • Breed throughout the year.
  • Males do not participate in taking care of babies.

Grizzly Bear vs Gorilla Comparison

AnimalsWestern GorillaGrizzly Bear
Average Length6.5 ft
Average HeightHeight of 6 ft102 cm
AreaCentral AfricaAsia, North America, Canada and Europe
OrderPrimatesCarnivora, Omnivora
HabitatTropical or subtropical forests in AfricaIn Alaska dense near the coast, continental United States
Teeth32 large canine teethLarge and sharp incisor teeth
Weight480 pounds80-360 kg
Average Life Span35 – 40 years22 for females and 26 for males

The duel between Grizzly Bear vs Gorilla

Western Gorillas and Grizzly bears live in totally different geographical and climatic conditions. That however doesn’t mean that they cannot engage in a vigorous fight. If they were ever brought to the same battle field, they will put up a strong fight that may be fatal to one of them.

The Grizzly bear is a strong animal that is known to kill even humans. It has strong canine teeth that tear their prey’s flesh.

Western gorillas on the other hand are very flexible, fast and can climb up a tree within seconds. This means a gorilla can strategically place itself in a position that gives it an advantage during the fight. The western gorilla will be able to rely on its speed and flexibility to strike and hit the bear from any direction.

The bear on the other hand is so strong that it can easily crash the gorilla if it captures it. A war between the two will be a fierce one that includes ‘cat and mouse’ chases. Western Gorillas are also more intelligent than Grizzly bears. This means they can easily monitor the bears and know when, how and where to strike.

It is hard to predict the outcome of a duel between these two animals. Each one of them has equal chances of winning the match. The loser will most likely come out dead.

Videos of Grizzly Bear and Gorilla

52 thoughts on “Compare Grizzly Bear vs Western Gorilla

    1. Garrett

      In the grizzly name people usually lump in brown bear and grizzly bear together, but the bears that weigh that much are brown bears, grizzly bears are what this article says, that being said, grizzly would still win easily.

    2. Landon

      Gorilla, especially silver back can lift up to 1,700 pounds and punch with a force almost double that

  1. Michael

    True gorillas have amazing strength. However leapords often kill them so I’m thinking since leapords have no chance against a Grizzly, then yeah grizz is just more powerful with huge claw swipes. Grizzly for the win

    1. me

      I have to disagree. I’m 100% sure that leopards prey on small or infant gorillas. But against a full grown gorilla that leopard wouldn’t stand a chance

      1. Peter Nagy

        Totally wrong; leopards have preyed successfully on adult gorillas. Of course it is an ambush predatory attack, not an ego-driven macho contest. Grizzlies are so much stronger and bigger than gorillas, and they are predators equipped to pull down very big prey. The gorilla would not have a chance.

    2. me

      Also leopards will almost always avoid Silverback gorillas. Unless they find a nest with infants they’ll stay the hell away. The only gorillas that leopards kill are smaller mountain gorillas, and infants of all species of gorilla. The mountain gorilla is a smaller species of gorilla by the way

      1. KL

        I recommend, that you study this subject more carefully. There are also dead silverbacks killed by leopards. Gorilla strength is so much a myth, what comes to wildest dreams concerning it. It is strong, but not like some “superanimal”. Their defence is very much based in teamwork. Lone gorilla is in panic if facing a leopard. Silverback has some chance against a leopard, but known cases have dead silverbacks and in only one case there were both dead, silverback and leopard after fight. In other cases only dead gorillas, silverbacks, younger adults and of course mostly young ones.

  2. Undoomed

    I’d also like to see how long a lion would survive in a polar bears habitat. Oh wait, it wouldn’t because it would freeze to death and couldn’t catch any prey. Also, you put quotation marks in the wrong place and forget a question mark. Circus and zoo confrontations aren’t reliable, as the health of the animal is always in question. Besides, by your logic Bengal tigers would wreck lions, because in a zoo confrontation in Turkey a Bengal tiger destroyed a male lion in a fight.

    1. marvel2007210

      hey James. The lion Is definitely not the strongest beast. Seriously did you know a gorilla can crush the skull of a leopard easily, and although lions would probably beat leopards in a fight, lions usually go for the neck and gorillas barley even have necks. And also their necks are very protected and the gorilla would probably just jump onto the lion putting its weight on it and pound the lion to death with their powerful arms. And don’t even get me started with tigers. They would absoloutly destroy even a male lion. They have bigger teeth. They are stronger, and more muscular, and they are smarter. And polar bears are one of the biggest bears in the world and bears don’t run when they attack they charge for the enemy and polar bears teeth are powerful specialized for cutting and slashing through the thick blubber of seals so the flesh of a lion would obviously not be a problem so don’t think the lions are the kings there are many animals that can overthrow a lion so the lion is not the”king” it is just a lion that can be beaten by many creatures so do you’re research and if you actually knew anything about animals you would respect all of them equally and not say that the lion is the best and strongest and fastest so hope you get yourself straight with your lion problem and not respecting any animals because any of those animals could destroy you anytime if they wanted to.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh this is Grizzly Bear vs Eastern Gorilla why bring lions, tigers, hippos and rhinos here?

    If you are asking who’s strongest, it’s the blue whale, by sheer power. A baby blue whale can weigh 2000 kg, for starters.
    If you’re asking land animal, it’s Elephant. Trunk alone has 100,000 muscles, need I say more? It isn’t just a bunch of fat, it’s really strong.

    As far as answering the question is concerned, a Grizzly Bear takes this.

    1. Orcacrusher333

      No for land it’s the anaconda that can squeeze 19 000 psi. Pythons, monitor lizards, and crocs beat elephant And saltwater crocodile is strongest overall

  4. Undoomed

    1st: Lions catching seals is BS, it never happens

    2nd: Most polar bears do not live near dumpsters, and I’d like to see a male lion catch a seal where the polar bear loves

    3rd: That elephant was tiny, I said that a male lion couldn’t kill a fully grown lion. It takes a good sized and healthy pride of lions to kill a female adult elephant, let alone a male.

    4th: I already said that hippos dry up easily on land, and that is the only opportunity the lions have to kill them. I’d like to see a male lion, or any lion kill a hippo in the water, even shallow water.

    5th: I know lions kill buffalo; once again, this is about a male lion. I’d like to see a male lion kill a male Cape buffalo, by itself.

    6th: I don’t even comprehend your reasoning, Alfred

    1. Undoomed

      Lions have been known to avoid and sometimes be killed by honey badgers.

      How will he kill the bear and eat it when the bear has already thrown the lion to the moon? Polar bears can drag beluga whales out of the water, and battles between polar bears are intense. Their claws are hooked, and their flesh is thick. They can run up to 30 mph for moderate times. Their claws are larger than the lions, as well as their bite force. Their canine teeth are around the same size. Their fur is 1-2 inches thick, and that is just the outer coat. This is thicker than the length of the claws of a lion, which is 1 1/2 inches (on a large male). I see no way why the lion would win. In the animal kingdom, animals have respect for larger animals, especially predators. The polar bear is by far the most aggressive bear, and the least likely to back down. Male lions back down to larger male lions, so what reason would a male lion have to not back down to a behemoth, aggressive boar polar bear? Either way, if the male lion attacks the polar bear will rip it to shreds with it’s greater than 2 inch claws. You must not know anything about polar bears. They aren’t dumbster divers; they are expert hunters. They live 6 months in pitch blackness in the harshest place on earth, without hibernating, still hunting prey. Polar bears are some of the toughest creatures on earth, so I’d like to see a male lion try.

      1. Peter Nagy

        1. Polar bears are not the most aggressive of bears. They consistently back away from much smaller Grizzlies.

        2. Polar bears are not capable of very lengthy exertions of effort on land. The reason is that they are so well insulated, they overheat quickly.

        3. Polar bears are not capable of running 30 miles an hour. You are confusing their speed with that of more terrestrial bears. They top out at 20 miles per hour.

        They are however, so big and strong, and so well protected by their fat and their fur that a lion would have not the slightest chance against it.

    2. Undoomed

      Africa has no mega-fauna. That’s simply ludicrous. Nothing in Africa is perfectly evolved, that’s why they’re changing.

      1. Undoomed

        Besides, polar bears also hunt beluga whales, which weigh as much as hippos.

      2. Undoomed

        Also, you stated that polar bears have half the bite force of a lion. It is actually quite the opposite; lions have 600 PSI and polar bears have 1200 PSI.

        Lions bite force:

        Polar bear bite force:

        You also stated that polar bears overheat rapidly, which I don’t deny. However, lions freeze quickly due to their short and coarse hair. Neither of them could survive in each other’s habitats, simply due to the climate differences.

      3. Undoomed

        Health is unreliable in those encounters, and those were grizzly bears, not polar bears. I have proven time and time again that the polar bear would beat a lion. They have 1250 PSI, lions have 600 PSI. Polar bears have longer claws, fur thicker than how long the lions claws are, and are much bigger. Polar bears are also much more muscular than other bears. Polar bears have no natural enemies, and don’t have a natural fear of humans. Also, lions are the king of beasts? Really? I could think of plenty of animals that could kill a lion. Like, for example, the killer whale, the black mamba, the honey badger, and, oh yeah, the POLAR BEAR. You stated that a polar bear would lose to a killer whale. Well, I’d like to see a lion take on a killer whale. James, you’re just a preposterous, ridiculous, asinine fool who claims to have evidence and that mine is false, when all you do is prove to me that you aren’t worth my time. If you respond to this, I probably won’t respond because your response will probably be too moronic for me to understand.

    3. Undoomed

      Also, no. Lions live on the desert of skeleton coast, but very rarely kill seals there. They most often prey on the livestock of the villagers that live there, like cattle and donkeys.

      1. Undoomed

        Not even close to being true. It is extremely hard to catch a seal where the polar bears live, and considering the deterioration of ice flows, the breathing holes are less common. Also, I love how the person who has posted no evidence is accusing me of having no evidence, where I have posted YouTube videos and articles proving you wrong. There are some polar bears in Canada, but live very high in the arctic circle, where there are very few people. What is also really funny that you call polar bears pests, where as lions are pests to the people where they live, as they prey on the people’s livestock and are then killed.
        Read the first part of the article

  5. Horuos

    A polar bear will win against a lion. No questions, head-on. Polar bears will back down Undoomed, but only after giving their all. Male lions fihht rivals, but will back down if there is a clear difference in power. Polar bears are also more aggressive, which means that when it really counts, they get a larger boost of adrenaline, which would make them more powerful. However, it is likely we will never know thr true outcome for they will meet unless either animal adapts to the others habitat.

    Hail Odin.

    1. joshua

      lions fight to kill not run away, they dont back down from what they started “sometimes”

  6. Derek

    In no way shape or form could a lion win against a grizzly,Or polar bear, Infact it would be nearly impossible for a lion to kill them for many factors, One a lion cannot get close enough to the bear without being mauled, Bears weigh nearly if not more then twice the lion male or female, And ontop lions have low stamina as most big cats do they run out of energy fast, while bears are known to have enormous amounts of stamina and could fight full strength for hours while the lion will basically become so exhausted it wont be able to move, No matter how it’s played s lion could never kill a grizzly bear or a polar bear they simply do not have enough stamina to do do and anything a lion did wont be effective enough to kill the bear due to its tough skin and layers of fat

    1. Undoomed

      James, no. Oh my god, no. Would you PLEASE just look up lion and polar bear bite forces, and see that polar bears have around 1,200 PSI, while lions have around 600 PSI? All you have to do is a simple google search, that is all it will take. Bears are not closely related at all to pigs, and in fact, are more closely related to dogs than pigs.,d.amc,d.amc

      There you go, polar bears have stronger bites, ya wanker.

  7. joshua

    i like a bears more but the lion fights to the death and a bears runs away when they know the target is to hard and even though bears are strong, there is no way in hell a bear can take down a lion or a gorilla easly, even though there stronger but they hunt to eat and lions hunt to eat and show there there dominit. and dont even talk about poler bares we all know a poler bare could easly take down a smaller cat. but a gorilla lion could take down any type of bear, a gorilla and a lion is the strongest.

  8. Newman

    You guys should really just stop acknowledging James. It is horrifically obvious he is a troll.

  9. Tristin

    Grizzle is a big win against a gorilla. Grizzles have 5 inch claws and skull crushing teeth. Gorilla is no mach for a grizzle.

  10. Paulo Veloso

    In nature size and strength really matter boys and talking 1 v 1 a grizz vs silverback would be compelling…What wouldn’t be as compelling is a lion bc even their big prey could fuck them up!!! It takes 3 or more lionesses to finish off a Cape Buffalo!!!

  11. Patrick Clarke)

    You are mistaken about the diet of the Polar Bear, James. Although you are correct about a full grown polar bear besting a full grown lion.

    -> Polar bears DONT regularly hunt walrus, they do that because food options are scarce in the summer months. In fact I recall seeing a desperate polar bear being killed by a walrus recently; on the brink of starvation the bear attempted to kill one and was gored.

    just like the trash-can the polar bear would rather hunt seal.

  12. Dockles

    Lmao… Lions aren’t that tough. Male “Pride Boss” Lions rarely have to fight, or Hunt, for that matter. Male Lions generally only fight for territory and breeding, rarely do they fight to the death against something that can hold its own. Hyenas, in groups of three, can typically scare off a male Lion. This has been documented, and is shown on youtube with a simple search. Male Lions are known for being big, loud, and Lazy.

    If you’d like a big cat to Idolize why not the Tiger? (Siberian or Bengal) both have been shown to defeat Lions in captivity (encounters in the wild would be rare if not impossible.)

    The Tiger(male or female) is larger, stronger, faster, possesses a higher intellect and has more experience fighting when compared to a Male Lion. Tigers are known to, when desperate, hunt and even sometimes kill full grown Grizzly Bears.

    Do any research at all and you’ll see this is VERIFIABLY accurate. Tigers>Lions 9/10. The original Tarzan movie even went through multiple Lions because THE TIGERS KEPT KILLING THEM.

    1. marvel2007210

      although tigers are stronger than lions bears are stronger than tigers and no way a tiger can kill full grown grizzlies

  13. AP

    The Grizzly wins this one. Make no mistake about it, Gorillas are ridiculously strong. They can bend bananna trees in half, flip over small sedans, etc. However, the Grizzly is everything the Gorilla is, except it is many times larger and stronger and is armed with large claws and canines.

    Unless the Gorilla does not land a very solid, purposeful blow on the Grizzly’s skull or spine, the Grizzly should win this more often than not.

  14. I’m a person

    Grizzly would destroy a gorilla no offense to gorilla fans though. Bears are predators they are double the height of the average gorilla and also double the weight. They also have claws while gorillas don’t. Gorillas may have thumbs and can grab but grizzlies can partially grab using there claws. Bears don’t have as hard a bite but grizzlies jaws are more adapted for fighting.

  15. Gianluca P.

    Seruiously I think King Kong could take down a grizzly, but a normal gorilla would not, it would last 30 seconds against a bear, his skin does not have enough protection against the long and strong claws of the bear

  16. Jason Adams

    No mountain lions are not on any record of defeating a full grown me grizzly bear and even male alpha lions would not be able to take on a full grown grizzly, only on a very few occasions has a Siberian tiger ( which is much bigger and stronger than lions) ever defeated Russian brown bears that are much smaller than their North American cousins the grizzly

    1. Brandon

      I’ve actually seen a video of a mountain lion making a full grown grizzly turn and run.

  17. Josh Allen

    The grizzly bear would crush the western gorilla in a fight. It would be more fair if it was a silver back gorilla. And no the lion is not the strongest animal the elephant could take down any animal.

  18. Realism, please

    It is odd to see those comments about some gorilla “superstrength” and like they would lift thousands of kilos, no they won´t. Gorilla is just a big ape, 140-200 kg usually (male), grizzly bears can be 300-400 kg, inland grizzlies, and Alaskan coastal bears can be even 650-700 kg if huge individual. There is no match here, bear is bigger and stronger and also predator used to kill other animals. Gorilla is herbivore, not a joke but still defence of gorillas is based on group.
    Leopards are known to kill even silverback gorillas, strongest individuals. Not often, but those cases are there. So gorillas are quite vulnerable, leopards for instance have ripped groin area causing massive and fast bleeding to death.
    People should study the subject really and not only remember some myth and urban legends about gorillas, they are just big apes, nothing more or less

  19. Darren

    A full grown Griz can weigh up to 1500lbs and hit 55km per hour. They can decapitate a moose which is a huge and dangerous animal. They have much better smell than a dog and are an ambush predator. They are a terrifying animal with no natural predator. It would destroy a gorilla in seconds zero question about it.


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