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By | September 5, 2021

Who will win the fight between Jaguar and Alligator?

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The Jaguar and alligator are two of the bloodiest creatures in kingdom Animalia. A fight between the two creatures will definitely be a vicious one and will leave one or both of them dead. If the two animals were ever to fight, it would be almost impossible to predict the outcome of the combat.

Both have strengths, weaknesses and unique characteristics that will play a major role in determining the outcome of the battle. The outcome will not only be determined by their physical characteristics but also their behavioral characteristics and intelligence levels. The alligator is a timid animal that tends to avoid any form of altercation unless provoked. Jaguars on the other hand are vile animals that may attack and kill any animal without even being provoked.

Jaguar Vs Alligator Comparison

Jaguar vs Alligator Comparison

Here are facts and information about these two creatures:

Jaguar Facts and Information.

  • Scientific name is Panthera once.
  • Males are larger than females
  • Average head and body length is 1.8 meters (6 feet.)
  • Tail can grow to a total length of 60 centimeters (2 feet)
  • Average weight ranges from 45 Kg (100 pounds) to 115 kg (250 pounds.)
  • Males normally weigh between 57 and 115 kg while females weigh between 45 and 90 kg.
  • Lifespan in the wild is between 12 and 15 years.
  • Endemic to and mostly found in central and south America.
  • Most of them live in dense forests and woods but some can be found in semi-arid areas.
  • Normally live near water bodies and feed on animals that either live in the water or come to drink water from the body.
  • Biggest cats in south America.
  • Majorly found in the Amazon basin.
  • Better swimmers when compared to other members of the cat family.
  • Carnivorous animals that mainly feed on fish, deer, tapirs, turtles, caimans, capybaras, alligators, peccaries and other small animals.
  • Sometimes hide at the top of trees and camouflage to the surrounding when on hunting mission.
  • Color is yellow, orange or tan with black spots.
  • Have distinctively short legs.
  • Are solitary and territorial animals that use their urine to mark their territories. They may also define their territory by marking trees using their claws. Are vicious fighters when it comes to defending their territories.
  • On average the territory of a single jaguar can be up to 80 square kilometers but is normally less than that.
  • Females give birth to a maximum of 4 cubs in each reproduction cycle.
  • Newly born cubs are vulnerable as they are defenseless and blind.
  • Female jaguars take care of the young ones.
  • Start hunting at the age of 2 years.
  • Biggest threat to their existence is poaching,
  • Categorized as top-level predators i.e. don’t have any known predator.
  • Have stronger jaws when compared to other cats.
  • Unlike other big cats that go for the neck during a kill, jaguars normally go for the head and crash it with their powerful jaws or kill the prey through ferocious body movements.
  • When there is limited hunting ground and limited prey, they occasionally stray to areas inhabited by humans.
  • Normally mate in the months of August and September.
  • Gestation period is about 100 days.

Alligator facts and information

  • Males are larger than females.
  • Average length is between 3 m (10 ft.) and 4.6m (15 ft.)
  • Average weight is about 450 kg (1000 pounds.)
  • Lifespan in the wild is between 35 and 50 years.
  • Highly intelligent animal.
  • There are two extant species of alligators including the Chinese alligator (Alligator sinensis) and the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis.).
  • Chinese alligators are smaller than American alligators.
  • Found in swampy areas, marshy areas and near freshwater bodies including lakes and rivers.
  • American alligators are mainly found in the US states of Louisiana, North Carolina, Texas and Florida.
  • Chinese alligators are majorly found in some sections of Yangtze River.
  • Seamless swimmers with ability to navigate waters undetected.
  • Carnivorous animals that majorly feed on snakes, turtles, fish and small animals.
  • Even though categorized as carnivorous animals, on several occasions they have been spotted eating wild fruits including grapes, citrus and elderberries.
  • Rarely attack or eat humans but may sometimes do so when there is scarcity of their preferred prey.
  • Hatchlings have an average length of between 15 and 20 centimeters.
  • Females can lay up to 50 eggs in each reproduction cycle.
  • Normally mate in the month of June.
  • Just like Nile crocodiles, the sex of hatchlings is determined by incubation temperature. A male alligator is hatched when incubation temperature is 34 degrees Celsius while a female one is hatched when the temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Can sprint at a top speed of 48 km per hour.
  • At any given time an average mature alligator can have up to 80 teeth.
  • Whereas the population of American alligators is large and not considered as endangered, there are less than 200 Chinese alligators in existence.

The duel between Jaguar vs Alligator

Animal enthusiasts can’t help but imagine how tough a battle between these two creatures will end. Whereas the alligator dwells majorly in water, jaguars normally live in the jungle surrounded by huge trees. Jaguars live in rainforests near water bodies and therefore it is highly likely that these two animals can find themselves in the same battlefield. The two animals are well adapted to their surroundings and are camouflaged to avoid detection by predators.

In the fight between these two creatures, the alligator will rely on its muscular jaw that is not just flexible but also very resilient. When provoked, alligators are agile animals that react and attack within seconds. They also have an unbreakable jaw grip that can crash even the strongest of animals.

On the other hand, jaguars are stealth animals that know how to hide and attack when least expected. They can stay at a vantage position for a very long time while waiting for the prey to reach striking distance. They can spring at high speeds and jump on to their prey without giving the prey time to escape.

It would be almost impossible for an alligator to waylay and catch a jaguar. However, a jaguar can still be hunted especially when drinking water from fresh water bodies. Alligators normally lay in waiting near fresh water bodies and may attack and kill a jaguar instantly.

The outcome will depend on who attacked first and the location of the attack. Alligators will have an advantage if the fight takes places near water bodies while jaguars will have an upper hand if the fight takes place deep inside the forest.

Jaguars are strong animals that can lift and drag objects that are more than their own weight. They are also perfect climbers that can reach the top of a tree within a few seconds. If the fight was to take place deep inside a forest, a jaguar will most likely climb to the top of a tree. It will then jump down on to the alligator and if it manages to bite the alligator’s neck or head, then it will promptly kill the alligator.

On the contrary, if the fight takes place in a marshy area, the alligator may clamp the jaguar before crushing its bones and rendering it immobile. Once the jaguar is immobile, the alligator will easily kill it using its powerful jaws before making a meal out of it. An alligator can also kill a jaguar by catching it and dragging it below the water surface. This way the jaguar will drown within a few minutes.

Videos of Jaguar and Alligator

35 thoughts on “Compare Jaguar vs Alligator Fight

  1. Anonymous

    jaguar hunt alligator for food so there is no chance of winning for alligator against the apex predator of america jaguar

  2. Janindu galaxy

    Jaguars are known to kill and eat Ceymon Crocodiles in south america.Caymans and alligators are almost the same size.So the Jaguar is capable of killing an alligator.

    1. Orcacrusher333

      First of all jaguar can only annoy a caiman with its bite due to the caiman’s.strong skin. Get this caiman has 2125 psi and jag has 1100 psi. If a caiman the.jag.would be bitten in half. Alligators and claimants are not the same size. Alligator is 15.feet caiman is 4 feet

      1. James W.

        Are you a reptilian?
        Your brain works like one, you have no idea..

        Wild cats dominate reptiles, from tiny desert cats
        who hunt snakes & lizards, through leopards & jaguars
        who habitually kill the largest snakes, lizards, turtles..
        ( jaguars have the teeth to bite right through turtle shells)
        ..& prey on local crocodilians..

        The biggest meanest cats, lions & tigers – even punish large
        crocodiles, who must learn, at an early stage of development,
        not to try & match reaction speeds & deadly weaponry power
        with such cats.. if they want to live a long life.. & they know
        & certainly do remember that fear.. if they want to survive..

  3. Sydney Russel

    It depends on the size of the Alligator. There is no way a Jaguar is going to take down an Alligator weighing near 1000 lbs. It’s just not going to happen. Jaguars are smart. They will not try to tackle a giant like that. If the Alligator gets hold of the Jaguar it’s lights out.

  4. sara

    I would be for the beautiful Jaguar as I think cats are incredible animals, and that includes the small house cats. I have 4 cats & they are part of my family – they’re funny, entertaining, loving, & very smart. I think all cats are intelligent.
    I would not like to see a Jaguar or other wild cats be killed by a predator of any kind… especially I don’t like Leopards killed by man for their fur!
    Alligators, I do not like!!! ughh!!

      1. James W.

        They sure do..
        They feel pain.. & recall it as fear..

        Check out that video of that crocodile,
        with that big bold, & dominant boss lion roaring..
        .. a loud & proud challenge – to try it on & die..
        & right in his face – straight down that crocodiles throat..

        That crocodile knew what that power meant, as a thug,
        & it was his fear of it – that forced him to back down..
        he knew he’d better back down, or be beat down..
        & flayed, like a.. bee-atch..

  5. JaguarsAlawaysWinOrAtLeastThat'sHowItShouldBe

    It depends on the size of the Alligator. There is no way a Jaguar is going to take down an Alligator weighing near 1000 lbs. It’s just not going to happen. Jaguars are smart. They will not try to tackle a giant like that. If the Alligator gets hold of the Jaguar it’s lights out.

    Thats right Sydney Russel. The Jaguar is an amazing animal that could beat a leopard or a lioness in a fight.

    with all due respect:


  6. Aka

    This is like, funny. Jaguar would kill alligator without hesitation. Probably wouldn’t win against nile croc or saltwater croc, but a alligator is screwed against a jaguar. It also depends on which type of alligator, American or chinese jaguar would kill both.

  7. Aka

    Yo, oracrusher333, you’ve got that wrong. Jaguars hunt and kill caiman for food.

  8. rob

    Cayman rarely exeed 7 foot in length. An American crocodile can grow to 15 foot. It’s no contest. Do some freaking research morons.

    1. AP

      By all means, please check my post ( it is the latest one). Jaguars are capable of hunting Black Caiman which can reach lengths of 20 feet.

      Sure, a large Alligator could contend with a Jaguar in water. But how is it suppossed to catch the Jaguar on land when the Jaguar is many times faster?

  9. James W.

    Wrong again kid..
    Jaguars do still live in North America..
    ..recently a prime male specimen was observed on the prowl in CONUS..
    ..having crossed the border from Mexico.. hopefully some females will join him..

  10. Jacob renji koshy

    Jaguars are notorious for killing a different kind of crocodilian, caimans so even though alligators are bigger than caimans I bet that it will require the same technique pounce on the alligator and deliver a death bite to the skull. So the jaguar would win

  11. Prejay

    LMAO! That Alligator in that video which was posted on YouTube is still relatively small in size. A fully grown Alligator Vs A Fully Grown Jaguar, and then see what the actual result will be.
    A Fully Grown Alligator Will Have That Jaguar, No Contest!

  12. AP

    Well, it’s no secret that Jaguar’s prey on Caimans in South America. Granted, these Caimans don’t exceed 7 feet in length – however, there are records of Jaguars single handedly taking down Black Caimans. Black Caimans can easily reach lengths of 20 feet.

    For this scenario, lets take a large Alligator (~15 to 20 feet) against a large Pantanal Jaguar.

    If the fight takes place on land, even against a large Saltwater Crocodile, my money is on the Jaguar. Why? Rob mentioned that an Alligator could rip of a Jaguar’s limbs using it’s death roll. While this is true, on land, the Jaguar would be too fast and agile for the Alligator to achieve this. The Alligator would get tired of trying to catch the Jaguar, and build up lactic acid. Then, the Jaguar would pounce on the Alligator, and go for the nasty skull bite.

    In water, a large Alligator might win because the Jaguar won’t be as fast or agile (despite being a good swimmer), and it would kill the Jaguar using a death roll.

  13. aku

    I think the jaguar in past didn’t think at all to attack crocodile and he like others cats have so known food but some condition make him develop himself and find the weak point on crocodile. If you saw for example lion vs crocodile you see that crocodile walking so far from water and lions just fight useless. In other hand you see that jaguar when he developed his new way to defeat crocodile ..look what happened. All the crocodile never dare to be out side water also it’s became middle the river to protect itself from the new way of jaguar. I ask did this will make the crocodile threatened existing of it. You know the crocodile need put and lay her eags out side water and other needs? But with the new ways of jaguar.

  14. AP

    Now, in all fairness, the type of crocodiles that jaguars hunt, caimens, are considerably smaller and weaker than the Nile crocodiles which lions encounter. Just like jaguars, lions are natural born predators. They know where to bite or strike in order to kill other animals. Lions will sometimes leave Nile crocs alone because it is to risky to tangle with them – that being said, at least in a fight on land, I feel that a desperate lion could emerge victorious.

    1. Hanna Ali

      ap a jaguar can only kill 7 feet long caimans
      an alligator is twice the size of the caimans the jaguar kills
      the jag has no chance

      1. AP

        Hi Hanna Ali,
        By all means, please do some research. Jaguars have killed black caimen, which can reach lengths of 20 feet of more – the same as an alligator.

        In water, the alligator would have the edge, but on land, the jaguar’s speed, agility, and way quicker quicker reflexes would allow it to land a killer blow.

  15. Hanna Ali

    dudes do your research properly jaguars only eat yacare and spectacled caiman that can’t grow bigger than 10 feet and 400 pounds try an alligator thats 1500 pounds and 15 feet long the jaguar is gator food

  16. zoinkus doinkus

    I love jaguars, and alligators. But technically these two would NEVER meet. Alligators ( not caiman or crocodiles ) aren’t even close to near eachother. They’d never fight in the wild.
    Male saltwater crocodiles can grow up to like 20 feet, weighing a ton. I believe a crocodile could kill a jaguar. And i believe a jaguar could kill a crocodile. In water, a crocodile could win easily. On land, a jaguar could win easily.
    ( Ps: This is late but.. stop insulting eachother over a debate on animal fights. Makes you look like you’re 7. )

    1. AP

      In deep water, or with a well timed ambush? Absolutely. But a fight on land or in shallow water? The jaguar would win.

      1. jake

        what will the jag do play cat and mouse with the gator how is a jaguar winning this fight also gators have one of the hardest scales on any croc

        1. AP

          The jaguar’s immense speed, reflexes, and agility will cause the gator to gas out – and worse, get lactic acid build up.

          Once the gator is out of breath, the jaguar will pounce on it, and kill it with a skull bite.

  17. Guka

    Gators do not have hardest scales. Alligators never reach 20 feet and its a fact that big cats run out of stamina way quicker than reptiles do. Its a fact that black caiman would destroy jaguar that thing weighs more than a ton. There has never been a jaguar killing a 6meter caiman. However there has been a lot of encounters of jaguars not messing with adults and dying from them. Black caimans how one of the strongest bite and 1 bite is enough to end jaguar. Salties are known for destroying adult male tigers, even an 4.5 meter saltie killed a male tiger on land.

    1. Animal Lover

      Hi Guka,
      It seems you are mistaken about a couple of things.

      First, mammals (including big cats) have better stamina than reptiles.
      Reptiles are known (especially crocodilians) for their tendency to build
      lactic acid when engaging in anaerobic activities.

      Second, AFAIK, there is no reliable account of any caiman killing an
      adult male jaguar. Most jaguars will avoid fully grown adult black caimans,
      but that doesn’t mean they can’t dispatch them if push comes to shove.
      IIRC, there was an account of a jaguar killing a 450 lb black caiman on land.
      There is an account of a leopard killing a similar-sized mugger croc – the leopard
      got bit on the leg, but was fine. Big cats are quite durable, and one bite
      isn’t enough to put them out of the fight.

      Third, unless you are referring to Sunderbans tigers, who are sick
      and malnourished due to not having enough food in their habitat,
      there is no reliable account of any crocodilian killing a full-grown, 220 kg+
      adult male tiger on land or water.

      Jaguars are the most adept among all the big cats at hunting reptiles.
      They possess canine teeth which can bite straight through turtle shells,
      crocodilian armor, and bone. They have incredibly thick forelimbs and stout
      bodies, which help them grapple and subdue large animals.

      I’d say the jaguar has a very good chance of winning this fight on solid ground,
      using average-sized specimens.

  18. Animal Lover

    FYI: Average weights for male Pantanal jaguar are ~110 kg (240 lbs) and ~225 kg (500 lbs) for American Alligators; they don’t average 450 kg – only record sized specimens hit that weight, and are likely gorged.


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