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By | September 1, 2021

Who will win the fight between Black Mamba and King Cobra?

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Though native to and majorly found in two different continents, the Black Mamba and King Cobra are two of the most vicious snakes on earth. These two animals are not only venomous but also massive in size. They have different feeding patterns and lifestyle.

A fight between the two animals is something that has not been witnessed by any human being. This is mainly because they are found in different continents and therefore it is impossible for them to find themselves in the same battle field.

Any animal enthusiast is probably wondering how a fight between these two animals will end. The fight will be all about physical strength, intelligence, speed and severity of venom.

King cobra vs Black Mamba Comparison

King cobra vs Black Mamba Comparison

Black Mamba Facts and information

  • Scientific name is Dendroaspis polylepis.
  • Even though the name suggests otherwise, these snake is not black in color. Black Mambas are normally olive-brown colored.
  • The term ‘black’ comes from the inside of the mouths which is pitch black.
  • Maximum length is 4.3 m (14 ft.) and average weight is 1.6 kg (3.5 pounds.)
  • Are carnivorous animals that mainly feed on birds, galagos, rock hyraxes and small animals.
  • When hunting, they normally bite the prey and follow it closely until the prey dies within a few minutes.
  • Lifespan in the wild is about 11 years and in captivity they can live for up to 20 years.
  • Highly aggressive when threatened.
  • Fastest land snake and can move at speeds of up to 20 km per hour. This speed is more than that of an average person.
  • Even though they are incredibly fast, they use their speed to run away and not for hunting.
  • Are solitary snakes.
  • Native to and mostly found in Southern and Eastern African.
  • Live in rocky surroundings and can be found in Africa Savanna grassland and woodland.
  • Shy animals that prefer slithering away unless provoked.
  • When provoked, they can raise their head up to a third of their total length. They then strike continuously and inject large doses of poison with each strike.
  • Can still slide at high speeds even with their head raised significantly above the ground.
  • Most people bitten by black mambas end up dead because antivenin developed for treatment is not well stocked in remote Eastern and Southern African regions where the snake is majorly found.
  • Black mamba venom is so severe that a single bite is enough to kill an adult human being within 20 minutes.
  • Black Mamba venom is made up of a combination of several neuro and cardio toxins that results in asphyxiation, massive organ failure and eventually death within a few minutes.
  • Biggest threat to their survival is habitat destruction.
  • Can swallow food that is more than four times the size of its head. This is made possible by the fact that its jaws are flexible enough to allow the kill to go through it.
  • After mating, females normally lay up to 25 eggs.
  • Incubation period is about 3 months.

King Cobra Facts and Information

  • Scientific name is Ophiophagus Hannah.
  • Longest venomous snakes in existence.
  • Can grow to a length of 5.5 meters (18 feet).
  • Can weigh up to 9 kg (20 pounds).
  • Lifespan in the wild is up to 20 years.
  • Has a deadly poison that kills within a few minutes.
  • Poison contained in one king cobra is enough to kill between 20 and 40 people or even an elephant.
  • When fighting, king cobras typically raise their heads to a height of about a third of their total length.
  • When rattled they produce a scary hiss with their hoods flared out.
  • Tend to avoid confrontation with humans but can attack when feeling threatened.
  • Live in swamps and thick rainforests of Asian countries including China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines and India.
  • Carnivorous and cannibalistic animals that mainly feed on other snakes and smaller animals including lizards.
  • The only snakes that construct nests where they hide their eggs and keep guard until end of incubation.
  • Hear through ground vibrations.
  • Have a better eyesight when compared to other snakes. Can clearly see a moving organism that is more than 100 meters away.
  • Highly intelligent species with unique learning abilities.
  • When in captivity it easily distinguishes its caretaker from all the other people.
  • More alert than other snakes.
  • Territorial animals. Males tend to fight all intruders trying to occupy their territories.
  • Egg fertilization does not necessarily take place immediately after mating.
  • Female king cobras have the ability to store sperm for several years until they are ready to lay eggs.
  • Females lay a maximum of 50 eggs.
  • Incubation period is between 2 and 3 months.
  • Hatchlings have a total length of about 35 centimeters but are as venomous as fully mature cobras.
  • Young ones are as alert as mature ones.
  • Begin hunting 10 days after hatching.
  • Are diurnal in nature i.e. they mostly hunt during the day and rest at night.
  • Its venom has lower toxin concentration when compared to other snakes. However, it stores larger quantities of the poison and therefore is equally deadly.
  • Toxin extracted from king cobras is used in the manufacture of strong painkillers and medication for tuberculosis and cholera.
  • Fangs are between 0.8 and 1 centimeters long.

The duel between Black Mamba vs King Cobra

It is difficult to predict how a fight between the two snakes will go. This is because they are almost similar when it comes to behavioral characteristics, physical strength and venom potency.

Both snakes are shy and prefer to avoid confrontations. Even if they were placed in the same room, each one would prefer to slide away instead of engaging in a fight.

Considering their feeding patterns, the king cobra has an upper hand in case the two animals decide to fight. Whereas the black mamba eats smaller animals, king cobras mainly feed on other venomous and non-venomous snakes. The king cobra can therefore kill and eat the black mamba if it gets a chance.

A fight between the two snakes will continue for a long time because both of them are tough fighters that won’t consider losing as an option. One of them will most likely die in the battle while the other will sustain injuries that may be fatal with time.

Video of Black Mamba vs King Cobra Fight

47 thoughts on “Compare Black Mamba vs King Cobra

  1. Anonymous

    no other venomous snake is dangerous than king cobra hence its all king cobra game

    1. Mori Krishnapal Sinh

      It’s not true. The venom of mamba is dangerous than king cobra but king Cobras secret a lot of venom during a bite. My favourite is king cobra as I am Indian so I will vote king cobra. But both the snakes are extremely dangerous

      1. Karabo

        Yes you are right but I go for black mamba I love faster and deadly bite

  2. Llewellyn

    The Black Mamba beats the King Cobra with its speed and aggression and the King Cobra does not even make it into the top ten deadly snakes but in a direct fight the Cobras size will make a difference.

    1. Patrick Chaine

      mamba will win due to speed and extremely venomous venom apparently the mamba carries about 20 drops of venom in its fangs and I’ve heard that only 2 drops will instantly kill you also its speed goes up to 16 kilometres so its most likely that the mamba will win

      1. Ravinder

        King cobra have self immunity to venom and also have self venom which kill a elephant in a few hour and also capacity to control quantity of venom so king cobra have enough venom to kill black mamba. And king cobra is also expart in snake eating. Becouse it is a snake eater.

        1. Nick

          Just to let you know both snakes can kill a elephant the black mamba can kill one in about 20 min. To be more exact it would take anywhere between 15min and 1.5 hours on average.

        2. Randy

          Definitely the King Cobra would win. That what it does, kill and eat other snakes.

    2. Sunil

      Haha black mamba will use his speed to escape only, mamba might have dangerous venom but king is immune to that, so mamba have no weapon against apart from speed, there will be king as winner, or a endless fight cz mamba will use speed to save himself, there is no snake who can beat king in head to head fight

  3. Shivang

    King cobra got upper hand its obbivios fools king cobras main food is snakes. so it has vast experience about hunt. while mambas mostly eat birds, mammals and lizards. even if aggeration doesn’t matter between king cobra and mamba very slight difference. defiantly king cobra wins. only russle viper beat king cobra but mambas can beat russle wiper. soaal three are at top nonsence comparision.

  4. zipu

    Though black mamba is highly poisonous and the most deadliest in Africa but I think if there is any fight between black mamba and king cobra then king cobra is the winner..king cobra also has very dangerous venom that can kill 25 growth men from a single bite..and the main fact is king cobra is a specialist snake is the longest venomous snake in the world and is more aggressive than black I think king cobra is the winner between these two

  5. Ash ketchum(ashik)

    Winner is King Cobra, cuz Blackmamba has more aggression and speed but King Cobra have more venom and more than that. King Cobra is the specialist snake eater and number one venomnous and very dangerous aggression and poisonous snake in the world so king cobra is first, second is black mamba

    1. Charles

      Sorry the black mamba is more venomous than the king cobra, sorry to hurt your feelings


        King cobra has immune friend he even eat krate snake
        That mamba’s poison does not affect it that much.

  6. Thabiso

    Mambas are not that short from Kings as they can grow up to 4,5M, their venom is rapid acting (kills and spreads faster that any snake). if the two were to meet, the mamba will the king a number of bites to the head as it is fast, and does not waste time to strike like the king. You can see snake charmers playing with the king, you’ll never see them playing with a mamba as it is two quick and unpredictable.

    1. Williams Nathaniel

      Exactly! Let’s fix a fight for those two Champs and lets ascertain who the real champ is. 😁

  7. ravibabu

    I heard stories about King Cobras following the animals/ humans who disturbed them to take revenge. They are by far the most feared snakes. They are more aggressive than any other snakes. They are called KING just because, they create a territory .. I noticed this when I was young, my pet dog used smell cobra from a distance and refused to move forward. This could be the same with other animals as well.
    SO KING COBRA is king of all snakes. It would literally chew away mambas and vipers when it comes to confrontation..

  8. Sunil

    The king cobra uses its strength also in order to kill a larger animal. But black mamba uses its venom, elsewhere king cobra releases more poison then mamba to kill its prey.

  9. Alisa

    Cobras have a resistance to other snakes venom. But the mamba is an unknown species to it. Mamba are extremely fast and strike without reservation they too will chase. This would be a close fight if the venue is fatal to each other the mamba has the advantage if not then the snake eating Cobra does.

  10. oscar

    The black mamba has enough venom to kill about 200 people and they are quick and agile while the cobras has enough to kill 20.but still mamba doesn’t stand a chance the king is immune to mambas venom plus cobra deliver a lot of venom .once biting by king cobra the mamba muscles will become paralyze in seconds.

    imagine fighting someone with sore muscles, ur paralyze ,blurry vision, and,bas dangerous but the king cobra was born to destroy.

  11. Orcacrusher333

    Cobra duh there stronger and 2x the size of black mamba and there bite can kill a full grown elephant and mabey even a Nile crocodile

  12. Anil

    Friends as we know that king cobra injects around 600ml of venom into victim’s body in each single bite…whereas a mamba delivers around 120ml of the same…though with more striking speed, it can bite 3 to 4 times as far as the reaction time of a thing is concerned. Still cobra has an upper hand over mamba….for the reason that it delivers huge amount of venom…at a single instance and keep biting and injecting toxin from back to the neck…till the prey dies off…

  13. Tony/Aka

    It could go either way, but i would probably have my cash on the cobra.

  14. Mbongeni

    The mamba will win it will strike the king hundreds of times pumping it with venom mambas strike faster and repeatedly many times

  15. Mbongeni Mwale

    The mamba will win it will strike the king hundreds of times pumping it with venom mambas strike faster and repeatedly many times

  16. jugal

    simple logic, can mamba eat king cobra, no but King can easily feast on mamba. mamba will be scared seeing cobra. For King it would b like another rat snake. Mamba would fight for survival but king will think of having good meal.

    1. Williams Nathaniel

      The mamba is a calm animal but when it’s in a fight, it’s a different story. Mambas are the fastest snakes on land and their vernom is more potent than that of the cobra. From here, I’m sure you can find your way.

  17. Williams Nathaniel

    The black mamba has far more speed than the cobra and its length is more than that of the cobra. In terms of aggression, the black mamba wins again. Ideally, the black mamba bites repeatedly and it’s so fast and aggressive. I don’t think the cobra will stand a chance. Cobras on the other hand just releases more vernom and are also less shy. They like showing off and they are not laid back as the mambas. On a typical fighting day between the two – the mamba will win.

  18. oliver sampule

    I think we have it all more vernom in a single bite and little vernom several bites, that is the king vs mamba, i think the king will take the day though “NOT SO EASILY” the king will feel meeting an opponent so shouldnt slumber

  19. Santosh Agarkar

    No comparison between king and mamba , it’s just like tiger is campaired with panther,

    1. tim

      In australia, there is a very good comparison. There is the King Brown [the name ‘King’ implies it hunts & eats other snakes]. There also is the most venemos snake family in the world, the taipan family, one of which is the 3rd longest venemos snake in the world. All are of the greater ELAPID family which also includes the King cobra & the Black mamaba! The King brown in good condition is a very athletic snake some where between a python & a venemous snake. Its venom is the most potent in the world for ALL OTHER REPTILES, but less dangerous for humans. Like the King cobra it bites releasing large amounts of venom [which I understand is designed to circulate within a victim more quickly] & is especially required when confronting pythons in which australia has an over abundance! It grows [in good condition], to about 2.5 metres & is no where near the length of a King cobra.
      But in australia, these 2 tangle frequently [not like the King cobra & the Black mamba]. Being a snake killer {& like the King cobra, immune to other elapid snakes}, the King Brown has no difficulty in killing & consuming taipan family snakes! Therefore the same would occur between the King cobra & the Black mamba [the latter is nevertheless one of the snake wonders of the world]!
      Foot note. The australian government officially changed the name of the King Brown to the ‘Mulga snake’. This is because there are 2 very large families of snakes here called the browns & the blacks. People bitten by a King brown could not always identify it [because it actually is a member of the black snake family, but appears brown]. Given the wrong anti dote, the government decided to rename the snake, but it is still a ‘king’ sake & most people here still refer to it as the ‘King brown’!

  20. tim

    Hi, I am from australia & while I admire both snakes, I personally think the king cobra would win because it is immune to all elapid snake venoms, but very volnerable to other types of poisonous snakes. The black mamba which indeed is one of the most formidable snakes in the world [it apparently has 2 characteristics which no other snake possesses], is an elapid & it would never [in my opinion] defeat a ‘King’ snake [also an elapid], which I only know of 2 species [King cobra, & King Brown{ australia], and ‘King’ elapids kill other snakes as their main diet. [That is how they get the name ‘KING’! For example, the taipan family of snakes in australia are recognised as the most potently venemous snakes in the world, but are no match for the King Brown which is not affected by their venom, but all elapids & lizards are very prone to the venom of the king brown which has the additional capacity to over power them similar to a python. [It is recognised here that king browns have the most potent venom in the world AS IT AFFECTS ANY REPTILE.
    Unfortunately, & despite my great admiration for black mambas, & the knowledge that they would win far more than they lost relative to other snakes, a ‘King’ elapid must sit at the very top. I think the real contest would between a king cobra & a king brown! All the best to you all!

  21. Cannon Bolt

    Mamba comes n king comes. Mamba shy n try to analyse situation at that time king attack for a meal, inject huge poison mamba suddenly excite try to escape but its too late for it to attack or escape. King paralyzed feast ready for eat. Note-King Cobra is a snake eater!

  22. Davin

    King Cobra will eat the Black Mamba with ease…
    I respect Mambas a lot, but they are no match for the King….I saw a King kill a Python too.

  23. Alexander Han

    Happy that the king cobra won. I totally disagree with Tony/AKA. King cobra wins, hands down, all the time the king cobra wins without doubt.


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