Compare Polar Bear vs Grizzly Bear

By | August 3, 2021

Who will win the fight between Polar Bear and Grizzly Bear?

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I am going to compare Polar bear vs Grizzly bear. It is topic of debate which bear going to win the fight. Go through article to know comparison and difference between grizzly bear vs polar bear.

Polar bear facts

Polar bear are found in cold areas and come under carnivorous mammal which is native to Arctic Circle( which surrounds seas and land masses). It is very large bear with weight around 350-700 kg. It is said as sister species of brown bear as polar bears live in particular areas with cold temperature which is surrounded with ice, snow and open water.

They used to hunt seals and seals are main source of their diets. They are known to live both and land and sea that’s why also referred as maritime animals. They hunt seals on edge of seas. They are vulnerable species and populations are declining at rapid rate due to loss of habitat and global warming. They are the king of their cultures.

They have large furry feet, sharp claws which allow them to adopt the traction on ice. They found in arctic area near Newfoundland Island, James Bay in Canada, humid continental and subarctic, Nowegian mainland and Kuril Islands in sea of Okhotsk etc. The countries where they found most often are Denmark, United States, Alaska, Norway and Canada.

Polar bear are arctic zoo animals with powerful limbs which help them to run on land. With the change of whether, seals migrate from one area to another and thus polar bear follow them because they are primary source of their diet.

Grizzly bear facts

Grizzly bear is same as brown bear and many called them sub species of North American brown bear because both are one species of two areas( continent). Moreover, some people call grizzly with nick name “silvertip bear” because of its silver sheen in its fur.

Grizzly bear is widespread solitary active animal which is often found in coastal areas like lakes, rivers, streams and ponds. The grizzly comes from golden and grey hairy fur of bear. It is also said that ancestors of grizzly bears are brown bears. The average weight of Grizzly bear is 180-360 Kg ie. 270 Kg. the length is of 198 cm and shoulder height is of 102 cm and hind foot is of 28 cm.

Coastal bear are heavier and more in weight and one huge grizzly recorded bear is of 680 kg. They are found in areas like North America, Canada, Europe and Asia. The numbers are decreasing at rapid rate due to hunting and loss of habitat. They are long living animal and females life is more than males because females are not involved in any fights. The average life of male is 22 years while for females it is 26 years.

Grizzly bear are both omnivores and carnivore. The diet includes both plants and animals. The expected animal preys of grizzly bear include bison, black bears, moose, deer, mule, deer, bighorn, caribou, fish and injured calves.

Compare Polar bear vs grizzly bear

In last post, I did comparison of Polar bear vs wolverine but now I am going to compare Grizzly bear vs Polar. By going through the detailed comparison, you can also know difference between them.

Polar bear vs Grizzly bear Comparison

Polar bear vs Grizzly bear Comparison

Comparison is given below:

AnimalsPolar BearGrizzly bear
Average Length7 ft 10 inch- 9 ft to 10 inch6.5 ft
Average Tail7-13 cm5 cm
Average Height133 cm102 cm
AreaArctic, Newfoundland island, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Russia, United statesAsia, North America, Canada and Europe
OrderCarnivoraCarnivora, Omnivora
HabitatArctic circle, sub, arctic, humid continentalIn Alaska dense near the coast, continental united states
TeethCanines are larger, sharper and more jaggedLarge and sharp incisor teeth
Weight350-700 kg80-360 kg
Average Life SpanBeyond 25 years22 for females and 26 for males

Who will win the fight? Many want to know who would going to win the fight between- Grizzly bear vs Polar bear. It is question of debate- Polar bear are large and more in weight in comparison to grizzly bear and more sharp teeth and powerful paws but grizzly on other hand are robust, compact bone structure and more aggressive in comparison to Polar bear.

Polar bear are largest but not robust as like other bears. Polar bear have thinner and longer skull in comparison to grizzly. Grizzly has thick, shorter and heavy skull and more powerful shoulder structure. I seen a video in which Grizzly in cold condition is still showing aggression against Polar bears and I will go with grizzly bear.

When Ice melts, polar bear driven to grizzly area and then grizzly have enough to fight with Polar bears. So, grizzly bear would be winner. I hope you like Grizzly bear vs polar bear comparison.

93 thoughts on “Compare Polar Bear vs Grizzly Bear

  1. Rasmus Dehlendorff

    Area: Denmark… Is this a joke or just pure ignorance?
    Must be a troll.

    1. Jacob Renji Koshy

      Get out! Polar bear had a bite force of 1200 psi
      Grizzly had a bite of 1600 psi

  2. Tony\Aka

    Okay, on the chart it said that a polar bears force is greater than a grizzlies. The grizzly doesn’t have one advantage over the polar bear besides a slightly more powerful bite.

  3. Nick

    Polar bears are a much more aggressive species of bear. Much worse temper, much bigger, thicker skin and bones. Your definitely wrong on lots of your bear information.

  4. James W.

    ” Dude, try & stay on topic.”
    You do realize, don’t you kid.. that admonishment is just too funny..
    .. coming from you.. oh, the irony..

    & topic-wise, the brown bear & ice bear are so closely related that
    they can successfully interbreed.. as it happens..

    Where the natural range of both bears overlap.. the brownie does
    generally dominates whitey, as he is more used to social competition,
    this being somewhat similar to the way – lions also dominate tigers..
    ..its in their nature – as a regular habitual behaviour..

    1. Julia

      Sweet Jesus, here goes James again. Everyone grab some popcorn and relax, this is going to be a loooooong show.

  5. James W.

    The ‘stupid boy’ –
    is still in denial..
    & too afraid of the facts.. to even check the reality..

    Look up actual interaction reports of brown bears with ice bears..
    You are wrong kid, in both instances, bears & cats-wise..

  6. James W.

    Wrong yet again, kid..
    Check the scientific facts.. & give your dumb-as “opinion” a rest..

    Fact: scientific measurements, the weights taken from wild panther species..
    do clearly show: currently the average lion weight- is heavier than any other wild cat.

    & the historical facts confirm, boss lions are the more formidable fighters..

    However, per this thread topic, observations also show – when they are in contact,
    brownie bears do dominate whitey bears.. even if its just a ‘pat-a-cake’ contest..
    ..over who gets dibs on the dumpster diving – for the choicest garbage going..

    1. Chris

      James, stop making yourself look like a fool. Go read a book instead or simply learn the alphabet. You shouldn‘t express yourself on stuff you dont know jackshit about;)

      1. Mr. Teacher

        Actually theres already documented fights, tigers usually beat lions and polars beat grizzlies. There been documented fights within zoos too. Tigers usually alway win. Lions weigh up to 400 lbs and tigers 700. Their roughly the same dimensions but tigers have denser muscle mass. Tigers hunt alone while lions need help as a pack. Those are facts. Anything you say otherwise is untrue and ignorant my info is based on documented facts look it up so youll shut up.

    2. Conner Smith

      Dude those are the most bs facts I’ve ever heard in my life

      1. Brage Mogstad

        A 650 kg Polar bear will beat a 300 kg Grizzly every day of the week. It’s probably gonna kick a 300 kg tigers axx every day of the week as well. I’ve seen a huge male polar bear drag a 1000 kg whaleross up from the water to the ice like it was a freakin toy. These guys are insanely strong.

  7. James W.

    Look it up, kid.
    It is a matter of established scientific fact..
    Tigers have been persecuted so hard in the wild..
    ..that they, as measured there – are on average, now smaller than lions..
    & FYI, more tigers now live in captivity, than in the wild..

    But this is a bear vs bear thread kid.. & its also a fact..
    ..that mean ol’ grizzlies do – dominate the blubber-sucking whiteys..

    1. Mr. Teacher

      Your wrong bro theres documented facts dating back over 100 yrs til recent, even incidents where tigers and lions got loose in zoos and siberian tiger wins everytime. tigers are upto 700lbs while lions get to 400lbs, even tho their dimensions are close tigers have denser mass and they hunt alone taking down prey that lions do in packs because they cant take bigger pray down alone. Please wuit be stupid. Dont say another word til you study your animals. And as fir bears polars win everytime.

  8. KH

    Polar Bear. They are just much larger and there teeth are vicious. If you just take two average specimens the size difference is gigantic that alone probably would allow the polar bear to win by luck a good portion of the time. The author is giving too much weight to the agression factor imo. A Polar Bear will have no problems figthing for its life.

    1. Aka/Tony

      I do read my sites, James. And I get good sites, unlike you no-brain.

      1. James W.

        Nah, no way..
        You quite evidently – pretty much only link – utter trash sites,
        which match your own ‘stupid boy’ opinions – for dumb-assery.

        Even then, you seldom read, or comprehend them, like “bowling balls”- L.O.L…
        & as for doing a proper search of really reputable, evidence-based sites,
        such as scientific journal papers via google scholar, you sure don’t..

        Basically, Jacksie, you’re a fanboi-troll & uninterested in factual reality.

        1. James W.

          Look kid,
          like so many dumb-as people,
          you just don’t get how stupid you are..
          But Nat Geo does, so they offer dumb-as level – trash, for you..

  9. Spookypld

    Polar , White bears are superior swimmers. In the clash between too the result would repent on the environment. On land the grizzly bear is stronger, agiler, faster, lighter and superior aggressors. Check the video showing how well does grizzly brown bears underneath land surface, while hunting prey. It will stall You!

  10. Julia

    Neutral. In my OPINION, it would most likely end up with a grizzly 60%, polar bear 40%, because a grizzly is more aggressive, and has the most powerful forepaws and arms of any creature in the entire kingdom. If the polar bear was serious and defending her cubs, she would most likely win. Same with the grizzly. It depends on how determined the bears were. Also, James W, calling people tiny, that’s real clever. Wow, marry my daughter. You try too hard to offend people. I’ll bet you are an edgy 12 year old trying to be cool. A tiger would win against a lion, 90%. What happened to defending the tiger in the grizzly vs tiger? I thought the bears were ‘fat, slow beasts’? Anyway, I know this comment won’t stop James, and he will just make a “savage” comeback like calling me ‘Juelous’ or ‘Jelly’, but hey, I got to express my anger. Thanks for reading!

    1. James W.

      Like a bear with a sore head, huh..
      You blatantly show typical female double standards,
      claiming ‘offense’, but offering it up – all the same!

      Funny thing is, I cannot dispute your bear VS bear view,
      but you are evidently uninformed about lion dominance.

      Its true that bears have developed powerful forearms
      for digging/hauling salmon/seals out, but Panthera are true killers,
      who have superior musculo-skeletal capabilities for actually doing so.

      1. Aka/Tony

        SHAME ON ME? Says the guy who thinks National Geographic is a garbage sites, and twenty percent of comments from some dumb site has more knowledge than National Geographic AND eighty percent of comments on that site!

      1. James W.

        A 12 y/o ‘know all’ – kid, so ‘stupid boy’,
        all arrogance, & no self-awareness.

        Will you ever get it kid? Or just stay a dumb-as..
        % ‘votes’, & total numbers of ignorant comments – posted,
        means nothing, it is actual validated research, that matters.

        1. James W.

          Nah, kid..
          More likely, 80% are dumb-as, like you..
          & Nat Geo ‘dumbs down’ – to suit such stupidity..

    2. Mr. Teacher

      Actually polar bear usually win and are more aggressive and their size is a big diff than that of a grizzly. And polars yes hunt un water or land but actually stay on land glaciers more than being in water. A grizzly can beat a black bear tho even tho blacks have been recorded as more agressive than grizzlies too just to small

  11. Lisa hansen

    exept that a polar bear doesn’t live wild in denmark or norway only in captivity since it is not cold enough for the polar bear

    1. James W.

      Aka/Stupid boy.
      You still fail to comprehend..
      The major difference between, basic level
      trash produced by Nat Geo – as entertainment,
      & proper scientifically validated, evidence-based research.

      Maybe you’ll grow up, & develop some emotional maturity kid,
      along with the ability to accept facts ( or learn how to fact-check),
      (FYI, wacko-Jacko, try & get it, fact verification is not a matter of ‘votes’!).

      But you’re a long way from doing so yet, nor have you shown any such
      potential – to be able to grasp these fundamental issues, so far..

      Looks kinda like one of the few things the ol’ troll – rob – got right,
      was to write you off – as a hopelessly pig-headed, purblind fool…

  12. William Hassleton

    Allow me to add the prevailing reasoning why either of these bears/beasts might win in an individual faceoff at any time.

    Bite force has been mentioned going to the Polar bear,, it is totally irrelevant. Both have powerful enough biting & “penetrating power” to do just that,, “penetrate” the other’s outer layer of fur deep into their underlying dermis. If & when one or the other would gain a sizable advantage,, their penetrating bites would depend on the “ripping & tearing motion” in a downward path opening large gapes into the other possibly tearing into vital muscle tissue,, ligaments or internal organs. Whichever gained this type of initial advantage,, would be the eventual winner causing massive bleeding by the other causing quickly waning strength.

    Either of these bears are able to & have the capacity to gain such a quick initial advantage with the grizzly possibly (being the smaller & more compact creature) diving toward the underbelly of the polar bear causing fatal wounds in it’s soft & more exposed underside. On the other hand,, the polar bear being far larger could in the early stage of battle,, possibly pin the grizzly down or roll it over early on ripping away at it’s softer & more exposed regions as well.

    The actual size of these creatures would actually play a very small role in the eventual outcome of a one on one battle which inevitably would depend on the fighting capacity & energy level of each creature. In the end,, both have the means to defeat one another with both being the quintessential apex predator in nature.

    The polar bear seems more capable in size but size alone has very little to do with final results. A full grown grizzly merely doesn’t know defeat,, such as the polar bear itself,, they would both battle mightily based upon their tenacity & will to survive realizing they’re both kings in their perspective regions or domains.

    It would be a battle of monumental proportion possibly ending in a bloody Mexican standoff where both walked away realizing their own will & the opposing might of their adversary..

    1. Mike Whitton

      I’m not going to insult anyone’s comments or bother responding to anyone who does so to any of mine, but give my one cent worth. I’ve been up to the polar bear capital of the world, Churchill, Canada. In a conversation with a naturalist of one of the companies, the Tundra Buggy Adventure, this subject came up. He told me that grizzlies usually stay clear of whiteys in the first place and specifically said he has seen the remains of a number of grizzlies, of course actual visual evidence is what is most important. I asked him if he has ever seen a polar bear carcass that had been killed by another animal and he said no. Frankly, the polar bear is the king of the Tundra, unless of course one is weak due to starvation. Then a grizzly would have a chance if it’s young and healthy.

  13. James W.

    you again
    offer yet more trash..

    Check the science..

    Yamaguchi, for example, since he has
    published a meta-analysis of actual weights
    of wild tigers & lions measured in the field, &
    guess what.. on ‘average’ – lions are bigger!

      1. James W.

        Too funny!
        “Bowling balls”!
        What infantile trash you post boy, & sans shame.. tsk tsk..

        Look up ‘Kitchener & Yamaguchi’, for some real research, dumb-as..
        Since in 2010, Yamaguchi wrote:
        “…on average the lion can be said to be the biggest living cat…”

        Got that? Fact check it, & learn something real – eh, kid..

  14. Aka/Tony

    Dude, you are so backwards. Here’s how it it goes: Tiger beats lion and polar bear beats brown bear! Please, give me a link besides 20% of comments. Those really are just people’s opinion, not actual science. I have shown you science. National Geographic.

  15. Peter

    why are you arguing with a lower class human who doesnt even know about research papers, let alone how to read it?
    He is using a TV show as top notch evidence, what a failure.

    Tony, fucker, go educate yourself first before you try to discuss with adults, kiddo!

  16. Aka/Tony

    Oh my god just shut up! You are so stupid! You find one link that doesn’t even prove your point, and you match that against all the links I’ve shown you.

  17. James W.

    Troll on, kid.

    You once claimed to accept “common sense”.
    But if you’d picked any up, then you’d understand,
    – when the facts & your dumb-as opinion clash – go with the facts..

    Just try & educate yourself with some real research, huh..

  18. Aka/Tony

    James, I know I’ve won this debate, so I’m not even gonna argue with you any more. I’m just wasting my time.

  19. James W.

    “won”, huh?

    You sure won the ‘waste of time’ award, kid.
    Along with your well-deserved “Stupid boy” nickname.

    Other than a pigheaded refusal to face facts,
    – you got nothin’ – but your delusions, Jerky-boy..

  20. James W.

    Yeah, ’bout the only ‘award’ you’d win,
    is in the ‘waste of space’ category..

    Grow up, you snotty, petulant child..

    Brown bear dominates white bear.
    Lion dominates tiger, so just – face the facts, boy..

  21. Aka/Tony

    Lol, you’re making me laugh. You know you’re wrong. Just admit it. I earn only one award. The victory award.

  22. Aka/Tony

    Why you mad bro? Or are you just salty? Both. All of these threads are are like everyone against you. You have no idea how crazy you sound! And now you’re talking like you were born in the hood? You make me laugh man…

    1. James W.

      Funny, kid..
      You are the one who RANTS BIG,
      while freely using emotive profanities.
      A warning sign of incipient/prodromal insanity..

      & yet you remain implacably stupid,
      such as by your so laughably claiming that
      you represent “all… everyone…” Hilarious..

      But hey, turkey – you are right about one thing,
      iz all jest a bit o’ fun, taking yo’ to task, for bein’ a dumb-ask..

      & oh yeah, bad ol’ grizz whips icey-whitey too, punk..

  23. Aka/Tony

    Please, show me a link that proves you’re point. Oh wait, I forgot, you can’t!

  24. Aka/Tony

    The funny part is though… the grizzly bear ran away in the video! Now, give me a link that says lions will dominate tigers.

  25. James W.

    Bubba sez whaaa…

    Jeeze boy, you are such a dumb-as kid.

    grizzly bears have to cope with much more
    varied situations & circumstances than
    their ice-living cousins..
    & way more difficult competition &
    potential prey catch & kill it, too..
    ( Even if both bears really do prefer eating
    rich food-type garbage – dumped by humans).

    As a result, the grizz dominates whitey,
    (yes, even over dumpster diving rights)..
    as the research clearly shows ..
    & only a ‘stupid boy’ does not get that.. L.O.L…

    1. Mr. Teacher

      Actually grizzlies cant even take a seal lion but a polar can with some issues but still can proven facts

  26. Aka/Tony

    Yeah, but brown bears couldn’t hunt beluga whales so… yeah.

    1. Mr. Teacher

      Ya didnt think you had any more stupid shit to say james now go slob in your dads nob til u get your facts right

  27. Mr. Teacher

    Actually nat geo is a reliable source. Their the ones over in other contries studying other animals and their behavior, they way they hunt, sleep, etc. That all the facts we need its more facts than you have kiddo

  28. James W.

    Ice bears..
    hunt from above,
    like ice holes..

    Whale must stick head up to breathe, & is vulnerable.
    Bear does not swim & hunt/catch a whale – in open water..

    Brown bear habitat does not include the Arctic sea-ice,
    but they’d opportunistically bite/eat any beached whale..

    So – what was your point, kid?
    That you have a lot to learn, but won’t accept correction..

  29. James W.

    Mr Turkey..

    Oh no.. not wiki!
    “…it has science & citations…”

    & you’re not even in the right thread,
    you dumb-as lamo..

  30. Aka/Tony

    Polar bears don’t go after beached whales. They pull em right out of the water. We have no solid proof of a grizzly bear killing a beluga whale, so we do not know if it can. Polar bears are more capable anyways, but don’t worry, you can’t even process the fact that Polar bears are bigger and stronger than brown bears in your brain to begin with, so this will just go right over your head. You always go back to the same reply, “Shut up, you dumb kid! You’re wrong!” Guess what, I’m not.

  31. James W.

    Ok ‘stupid boy’..
    So now you’ve gone full on rob-troll..
    & yes, you are are a real dumb-as teenage fan-troll..

    Just carry on ignoring the scientific research data,
    field observations, & noted/examined anatomical differences..

    Your own ludicrously purblind opinion means so much more
    to you than validated zoology journal published – actual facts..

    & FYI..

    Brown bears do not live out on the sea-ice..

  32. AKa/Tony

    Oh, I’M the one ignoring scientific proof. What did you use to back your opinion, a COMMENT section? I used Nat Geo. Boy, that is a research program! Exactly, brown bears don’t live on the ice, so we don’t have any evidence of them killing beluga whales. You are proving my point even further, dumb ass.

    1. AP

      Actually, I gotta side w/James here.

      His sites were more scientific than yours…

      However, the tiger populations have risen since 2016 – so currently, the average
      Bengal/Siberian tiger is slightly heavier than the average African lion.

  33. AP

    I find it amusing that everybody manages to pick up fights for the stupidest reasons possible.

    The fight can go either way. The Polar bear is larger and stronger, but the Grizzly is more aggressive.

    1. James W.

      Stupid boy..
      aint got no reason,
      he’s just too ‘ken stupid!

      If climate change causes the sea ice to vanish,
      so will the ice bears too.

      Whitey cannot compete with brownie, he can’t cut
      it in brownie’s ‘hood, not even over dumpster dibs..

          1. I’m a person

            Not really grizzlies stay as far away from most man made material (there are cases though of bears attacking campers though) they hate it so much that the main reason why the grizzlies inland are uncommon is because of the human population getting to close to the grizzlies. Black bears are what your thinking about.

      1. AP

        Disregarding all the crap James W. has posted – lions do have the strength and weaponry to take down a bear – its just that James W. exaggerates the lion’s strength.

  34. John S.

    With out question of a doubt, the Polar Bear would defeat the Grizzly Bear. An adult male Polar Bear is actually closer to 11 feet tall. I believe that it would easily destroy a Grizzly Bear in any environment.

    1. Aaron

      I’ve saved this thread for two years because I’ve loved the interaction between James and Tony—I’ve hoped it would rekindle again but no 🙁

  35. jake

    hey guys I have news a new species of bear is coming soon a grolar bear ( hybrid of a grizzly and polar) in the wild
    how awesome is it to see god make a new species of animal in front of us

    1. I’m a person

      That isn’t something good that means that global warming is so bad that polar bears are fucking Grizzlies. With that happening we will likely see polar bears become extinct and the Alaskan grizzly population will go down. This has also been the case since 2006 when a hunter shot and killed one.

      1. AP

        Yeah.. thats true. But I think Jake’s point was that polar and grizzlies have the potential to have sexual intercourse and get offspring – just like lions and tigers.

        1. I’m a person

          It’s true that it is cool they can have offspring but it is bad news for the environment.

          1. AP

            Yeah, that is why lion/tiger hybrids (ligers or tigons) are pretty much illegal.

  36. I’m a person

    I think it would be a better fight if it was Kodiak on polar since they would be closer in size. I think in the end the Kodiak will won but it also matters on where they’re fighting because polar bears overheat at 50 degrees.

  37. Rod

    Wow…somebody has a love for the underdog lol
    A polar bear is by far the largest land carnivore on the planet earth..there are no other carnivores that compete with it on any level.Any other conclusion is dreams of the underdog becoming victorious like a Disney movie…Sorry to burst your bubble


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