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By | August 15, 2021

Who will win the fight between Grizzly Bear and Siberian Tiger?

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After comparing African lion vs Grizzly bear in my previous article here I am moving to one step forward with Compare Grizzly bear Vs Siberian tiger. As you all know Tigers are more technical and intelligent than African lion so here is the perfect match for grizzly bear to prove his robustness and power against the big Siberian tiger.

Grizzly bear is the strong and powerful North American bear mainly found in USA and Canada, it is the subspecies of brown bear and once grizzlies were found in whole USA to Mexico but now they are in the status of endangered species as declared by the IUCN.

As you can sense from the name Siberian tiger that it is from Siberia in Russia and they are also known as Amur tiger. In many region of Russia, Siberia tigers are almost extinct in the wild and they are mostly found in captivity and zoo but the government of Russia is try to reintroduced them in wild by making large wild life sanctuaries. They are also in the status of endangered species as declared by IUCN.

North American grizzly bear can weigh 340 kg with the head and body length of 7 ft 8 inch and the shoulder height is around 3 ft 5 inch to 4 ft 1 inch, on the other hand Siberian tiger who is slightly smaller than Grizzly bear can weigh 305 kg with the length of 7 ft 4 inch including head and the shoulder height vary from 3 ft to 3 ft 3 inch.

Siberian tiger is the largest living or extant felid ever exist on earth and they use to prey on musk deer, sika deer, goral and Manchurian wapiti. They are also known for prey on brown and black bear in Siberia. On the other side grizzly bear feed or prey on moose, deer, sheep, bison, fishes and birds. Like Siberian tiger grizzly bears also hunt and kill black bear rarely.

Here is the stats and facts in below given table on compare Grizzly Bear Vs Siberian Tiger.

Grizzly Bear Vs Siberian Tiger Comparison

Grizzly Bear Vs Siberian Tiger Comparison

Grizzly Bear Vs Siberian Tiger Comparison
AnimalsGrizzly BearSiberian Tiger
SpeciesU.arctos ssp.P.tigris
Average Head &  Body Length7 ft 8 inch7 ft 4 inch
Shoulder Height4 ft 1 inch3 ft 3 inch
Average Weight340 kg305 kg
AreaUSA and CanadaRussia
Force4 (very good)5 (excellent)
Technique5 (excellent)5 (excellent)
Stamina5 (excellent)4 (very good)
Intelligent4 (very good)5 (excellent)
Average Life Span25 year18 years

Winning facts for both Grizzly Bear and Siberian Tiger:

Siberian Tiger is far better hunter than North American grizzly bear.

Both grizzly bear and Siberian tiger paw swipes are equally powerful but tiger is more technical than grizzly.

Siberian tiger canine teeth are longer and thicker than grizzly bear.

Grizzly bear is slightly heavier, longer and taller than Siberian tiger.

Siberian tiger once use to kill brown bear for its food in Russia when there was the lack of natural prey.

Both are solitary hunters but Siberian tiger use to take down large prey and predators than North American Grizzly bear.

In Russia, Siberian tiger alone once killed a pack of 3 wolves at a time which I think grizzly can’t do.

Siberian tigers are well known for killing Asiatic black bears for its diet and according to stats black bears constitute 8 % of their diet.

It is very difficult to find grip on grizzly bear neck and other sensitive body parts because grizzly bear is full of fat which protects him from internal injury.

No doubt that both Grizzly bear and Siberian tiger are fiercer hunter and fighter, it is interesting to see who is going to win the battle because both hunters can stand on their hind legs and can maul with both front paws simultaneously.

I think Siberian Tiger has more advantage over grizzly bear, as tiger is quicker, faster, cleverer, and intelligent than grizzly. Tiger also possesses strong muscular body and forelimbs than grizzly in fact tiger has one of the strongest muscular body than any other carnivora predator.

Head to Head Fight:

According to stats, facts and history, Siberian tiger always has the upper hand over grizzly bear and will win in head to head fight.

523 thoughts on “Compare Grizzly Bear vs Siberian Tiger

  1. Anonymous

    Actually, the bear is smarter than the tiger. Also, the grizzly is more capable in a face-to-face encounter. The tiger is a specialized ambush predator, attacking unexpectedly from the rear. In every known actual historical fight between these two, the grizzly defeated the tiger.

    1. Wolf Riegert

      In a study by the Russian government the bear was killed 2 out of three times in encounters with tigers,Brown bears that is.

      1. John doe

        Yeah well the grizzly is a lot bigger than the brown bear grizzlys even hunt brown bears at times

        1. Alexandru Ion

          Actually it’s the other way around, as to the size. Unless you meant black bear and not brown bear.

          1. kae

            The grizzly is very intelligent as intelligent as the tiger and a lot bigger than the siberian and brown bear but stronger than both there have been accounts in books where they have been head to head in ancient sport, and the bear has won, its already stated on this site that the smaller and less aggressive brown bear lost 2 out of 3 with the tiger but the brown bear wouldnt have a chance against a grizzly the grizzly is more aggressive than a polar who mate sometimes which nature now has made a hybrid bear so forget stats just deal with history and facts the grizzly wins in real life

        2. jus sayin

          The american grizzly is bigger than the European brown. The American Brown, also known as the Kodiak bear (Kodiak bears are simply brown bears that live on Kodiak island) is bigger than the American Grizzly, which is a slightly smaller version of the brown. Kodiak bears and American Browns are the same thing, just Kodiak bears live on Kodiak island, were there is prime habitat meaning sometimes bigger bears.
          even if tiger has four inch teeth he might not be able to even reach the skin of these brown beasts. the tiger would have to be pretty good if he wanted to win this, even if the bear was asleep. just think about it. the Siberians four inch teeth would not penetrate the fat layer of this thing, if it even got through the hair. so no matter how hard the bite, teeth are only so long, and therefore it dosent matter how nimble or tough a tiger is. the bear however could get much deeper into the tiger, simply because there is less animal to get through. If what they say about the bear having a weaker bight is true, it would not make much difference, size and teeth length do matter, because they cant go farther than their teeth if you think about it.

        3. Tristain

          That’s actually false grizzlies are not bigger than brown bears. Brown bears are way bigger than grizzlys because brown bears are more coastal, feeding on mostly salmon not to say that’s all they eat but there’s more access to food which makes them super big, point is they have a better food source than grizzlies where as grizzlies food is scarce, because they live mostly in the middle of the country. Montana, Wyoming etc

          1. Michael Vietnam

            The bigger and the hornier will win

        4. Christian

          Well that’s not true, for a start the Ussuri Brown Bear is bigger than a Grizzly on average by 30lbs (Kodiak’s are not Grizzly bears lol) Where would a Grizzly hunt a Brown Bear?

      2. Jonnyboy

        The largest animal that a tiger takes down is the smallest a brown bear can take down dont forget the size and weight of a moose plus a moose isnt the easiest by a long shot they are very deadly and brown bears go at them head on not from behind iam sure if a tiger crossed the path of a brown bear it would think twice you know since they are soooooo smart.

      3. bear man

        A bear should helps to
        he swiping power and its hide is to thick to penetrate it even take a few rounds from a ten gag to take a grizzly so grizzly would win

    2. Tiger

      I don’t know about the Intelligence one what you said nether with the bear has defeated the Tiger more in think its the other way arounf

    3. Sage

      Yeah, this whole article is BS. Bear destroys lions every time, & lions will sometimes take tigers. It’s not a competition. Bear wins.

      1. Ajax tarver

        Bs. Tigers are the supreme fighter. You are delusuonal. Probably some jealous dog fan boy.

        1. anonymous

          You’re one to talk, delusional tiger fanboy. Brown bears are larger and stronger than tigers. It’s a fact.

          1. IAMPATTHAAN2306

            Just saying, brown bears constitute 8 % of an Amur Tiger’s diet.

          2. Anonymous

            You forgot we are not talking about normal tigers we are talking about a siberian tiger who is only 50 kgs smaller but much faster and they are lb for lb stonger than th grizzly bear.

          3. DancingKittyKatz

            size and defense is the only things bears edge out in, and they only BEARly win in those CATagories (lol plz kill me)

            I thing it would be a 65% chance a tiger would win

          4. Opol

            Um..tiger has one of the strongest muscular body than any other carnivora predator.

          5. Mn

            Tiger is pound for pound stronger, and slightly smaller then the grizzly bear, but faster, much better hunter, has sharper claws and teeth, longer and thicker teeth, more intelligent, more aggressive, more agile.. has more powerful pawstrike and can crush the bears skull or break a waterbuffaloes back with a single swipe.. Tigers has killed bigger brown bears in Russia. You’re underestimating the tigers.. and an African lion wouldn’t stand a single chance vs a siberian tiger, even in the rome time tigers dominated lions.. and one barbaryan lion killed couple bears and was undefeated.. bears are strong, but that doesn’t mean they never lose a fight.. A siberian tiger would have more chance to kill a grizzly bear than a grizzly bear kill a tiger..

        2. Michael Fleetwood

          You ever seen a tiger take a crocodile out by itself ? It dodged all of the Crocs bites with ease, jumped on its back and throttled it – the Croc was absolutely helpless throughout the ordeal as it just couldn’t match or beat the tigers agility and raw power. The only thing the Croc could resort to in its final seconds was moving its head from side to side, with its big gob open and snapping at air ! This tells me that a tiger v grizzly bear is akin Bruce Lee v Mike Tyson – only both of them being more or less the same size, and also having the same kind of reach advantage and possessing enough power to knock one another out – whether it be a kick, punch, bite or wrestle – Bruce Lee being my 220lbs tiger. Do you know what I mean ?

        3. haha

          the bear has a bigger hit point then a tiger so he could smash a tigers rib cage in one swip and fight is over

          1. mark

            I think if he grabs the Tigers tail and swings it round and into a tree will be the end of the tiger!
            then climbs the trunk and slams its body weight onto tiger …I cant imagine tiger getting up from that…even if it is Russian….
            I’m messing obviously… Depends how big aggressive and hungry either are…you can get different sizes and temperaments in both…add hunger to the equation

        4. Renato

          Not sure about the grizzly.
          But I just read that the biggest Siberian tiger found was 465 kg.
          The biggest Kodiak bear was 751 kg.
          That’s a near 300 kg difference.
          The tiger better not take on the Kodiak..
          That’s for sure… Very sure.

      2. Jack

        Not always, tiger is more agile and is more of a killer than the bear is.

        1. Julia

          Ehh, hate to butt in, but a grizzly is a bit more of a killer than the tiger, if not the same amount. Agility does take part in a fight, but a bear has very long, sharp claws, jaws strong enough to crush a bowling ball, and can run very fast. Head to head, I say grizzly 70% tiger 30%. A tiger has long claws, but cannot climb trees as well as other big cats, giving it a disadvantage against an ursine. Grizzlies are packed with strength, muscle, and determination. If the bear was serious, the tiger would not win the battle that time. Thanks for reading and try to be more nice.

          1. Frankie

            Why would the ability to climb a tree factor into a 1 on 1 fight? and how do you gauge determination? If its a fight to the death (which youd think it would be with 2 predator animals), wouldnt both animals be pretty determined?

          2. Jake

            Everyone forgets that brown bears make around 8% of a tigers diet. I would say the odds are Tiger-60 Bear-40

            50-50 if i am feeling polite

          3. Bro

            Just saying. Tigers are way better predators ( they are the most apex predators on the planet ) they have longer claws and canines ( the longest actually ) a grizzlies fat is no match for the fastness and the longest canines of a tiger. Tigers are also more experienced . Since 2.5% of their diets is healthy brown bears. They basically ambush brown bears which can get upto 1500 lbs. In 34 ambush cases the tiger killed the brown bear 22 times and the bear escaped 12 times. The brown bear is actually larger than a grizzly. So I bet on the tiger .

          4. Christian

            Tigers kill for the majority of their meal’s, a Grizzly bear does not, it’s an omnivore, it forages for fruits, nuts and roots, alongside hunting. A Tiger is by far the better hunter/killer and the weight advantage isn’t a major issue since the Siberian Tiger can grow extremely large.
            Are you saying Tigers aren’t packed with strength, muscle and determination? It has a far higher muscle percentage too. Where did you source your information from?

          5. Cinaed

            Jake… you’re wrong. Bears make up at the absolute most about 2% of a Siberian tiger’s diet.

            One of the biggest determining factors here is aggression. The Eurasian Brown is an absolute wuss compared to Grizzlies. You wave your arms and yell at an Eurasian brown and it runs away scared. Try that with a Grizzly and at best it stares at you as if it’s questioning your sanity, or more likely, you get mauled and have your head knocked off in one paw swipe.

          1. KyleJEW.HAT

            Tigers struggle against Sloth bears dude. Realistically, the tiger will ambush the grizzly, take a few paw swipes, then realise it’s not worth the fight.
            Two tigers would be a fairer fight against a grizzly bear IMO

          2. James W.

            Nah, kid..
            ‘john’ means ‘shit hole’..
            but hey.. maybe you have to bathe in it..
            Bears like to eat baby shit from diapers..

      3. Garcia

        A brown bear can beat a tiger face to face no doubt but a tiger is more of a change then a lion

        1. Michael Fleetwood

          No chance. The tiger is the 12th Dan karate expert of the animal kingdom, together with possessing the power, speed and element of surprise to go with this. It’s really not rocket science ! Just think of a heavyweight version of Bruce Lee v Mike Tyson in a no holds barred scrap in the ring – Bruce Lee being the tiger and Mike Tyson being the grizzly bear! Vous comprehendez ?

      4. Jake

        Bears may beat lions, but just because lions SOMETIMES beat BENGAL tigers, doesnt mean a bear could win against a SIBERIAN tiger. This article isnt BS, your logic is.

      5. Russell J Dee

        Give me a break! Siberian Tigers kill lions not the other way around. And bear loses to ST too.

    4. ganesh kumar

      Siberian tiger once use to kill brown bear for its food in Russia when there was the lack of natural prey.

      Both are solitary hunters but Siberian tiger use to take down large prey and predators than North American Grizzly bear.

      In Russia, Siberian tiger alone once killed a pack of 3 wolves at a time which I think grizzly can’t do.

      1. Mofo

        Grizzlies fight each other regularly and are far more powerful than any tiger, Siberian or otherwise. Having shorter limb gives them more torque when applying pressure which the tiger can’t come close to. The thick fur on the bear is way more protective than the tiger’s fur. It is simply no contest. Grizzlies will attack and take down full-grown bull mooses which I doubt any tiger can do. The claws on the grizzly are used for digging dens into the sides of hills and while they aren’t as sharp as the tigers they will still lop the head off of just about any animal with one swipe. Tigers will instinctively go for the neck of the bear which is short and thickly matted.
        Bear kills tiger, then eats it and then hibernates…

          1. Sully

            I agree with Garcia. Me and you know that most likely the bear all the way.

        1. paul

          ‘Grizzlies will attack and take down full-grown bull mooses which I doubt any tiger can do’… One of the tigers prey is the gaur, which a full grown adult is twice the size of a full grown moose. And thats prey to the smaller bengal tiger, not even the siberian. You’re speaking of something you know nothing about.

          1. David Speaks

            Technically a male gaur can be around 6 feet tall, while a bull moose can be around 7 feet tall.
            Honestly, a grizzly and Siberian tiger fight would be a coin flip. Each are apex predator that would have an easier match against any other predator.


          It is other way around mate. Though grizzle s are stronger . But even in small proportion tigers eat br2own bears

        3. Christian

          Interesting you say all this, yet the Ussuri Brown Bear, which is the Russian Grizzly but outweighs it by 30lbs ,
          on average, sometimes falls victim to Siberian Tigers.
          You say far more powerful? Yet Siberian Tigers have a high muscle mass percentage, are faster and have better stamina than most big cats and are fairly close to Grizzly bears in weight, so what you saying is B.s, considering Siberian Tigers already hunt Brown Bears lol. I’d say, it all depends on the individuals fighting and the circumstances. Where did you source you information from?

      2. robert d

        kodiak brown bear male standing average 9 feet to 11 feet tall on standing on hind legs
        all fours average height 5 feet at
        shoulder is adult male bears range anywhere from 1300 pounds to 1500 pounds in weight these bears are not only canada’s largest bear they are the world’s largest bears bar none also there are no bears in the asian continent near the size of these kodiak’s so tiger go Home canada’s bear eats tiger eats tiger and eats tiger so can everybody just stop foolishness. people you’re more than welcome to come to kodiak island and take a look at these animals but you better have somebody with you that knows how to move around. and these bears can run up to 35 miles an hour

    5. markiza

      which “every known” actual historical fight? you mind providing links? on every account you are wrong though. bear, in higher probability, wouldn’t even fight a tiger, and walk the other way. that’s based on self-preservation and, mostly, bears look for “easy” meals, mostly eating berries and grasses, small animals, insects, pretty much nothing that will challenge them. tigers, on the other hand, hunt every day of their lives alone, and don’t walk away from a fight, they fight to the death. being an ambush predator, tigers are also smarter, cleverer fighters, and they need higher intelligence for that, so it’d give bears 3.7 out of 5, and tigers will get 5++ on the intelligence scale. bears simply rely on their size.

      1. Mick

        I agree with your pts. Tigers kill black bears easily. Grizzly is bigger and stronger but Tigers are faster and as powerful. There are some videos on youtube of some encounters.

        1. Richard Swift

          Tigers also have more lean muscle mass where bears eat a large amount of food before hy

          ibernating and a large component of their body weight is fat.

        2. Tical Onlyone

          Black bears and grizzly bear are not the same. Grizzly bears are bigger, far more powerful and have a higher bone density so they can take more damage. A proper blow from the grizzly and the tiger will run away if it doesn’t die.

      2. Samiran Krishnatreya

        Tigers don’t fight to the death as they actually fight for a few minutes with other tigers to avoid fatal injury

      3. Garcia

        That’s not true I seen a mother bear fight a Male moose and destroy it

      4. leboela

        Correction. Tigers hunt every 7 to 9 days after every sitting. When comparing Tiger (Siberian or otherwise) to Grizzlies you have to take certain points into consideration. Grizzlies do hibernate and they are physically weak after hibernation and that’s where tigers may have an upper hand. Grizzlies are generally powerful and are direct descendants of prehistoric short-faced bears. They are packed with powerful bite force which is far more powerful than any tiger’s. Non retractable claws that are very hard can remove a wolf’s head off its shoulders with a single paw swipe. Bear have a very thick fur coat which can protect it from the tiger’s attacks. If a tiger come across a healthy grizzly it will never stand a chance.

        1. Sher Khan

          My friend, you are misinformed.

          Bears are indeed powerful animals with good weaponary, a strong bite force, & powerful forearms. & yes, bears do certainly get weaker after hibernation.

          But in a prime, 1-on-1 death battle between a male tiger & a male grizzly, the striped beast holds the winning cards. Lets break this down, shall we?

          – Bears are much heavier than tigers, but ~40% of that weight comes from body fat. Tigers are much lighter, but most of their weight comes from it’s enormous musculature & minimal amount of body fat.
          Bite force:
          – Tigers have longer & thicker canines which allow deeper penetrations. Not to mention that the shortened muzzle & larger saggital crest on the tiger’s skull gives it more powerful jaws.
          – Not only do tigers have much larger upper canine teeth than bears, but they have retractable claws – this keeps their claws sharper, while a bear’s, being non-retractable, are blunt due to constant contact with the ground.

          1. BigJun

            Fact: bears have a stronger bite force. It has been tested
            Fact: bears claw trees like a cat does to keep their much stronger and denser claws sharp
            Fact: having higher body fat does not make you weaker, bears being heavier, are stronger than any tiger
            Fact: the hide of a grizzly bear is thick enough for the thickest and largest animals on planet earth, Northern North America, where it’s prey are moose, elk, deer, fish, and delicious berries. A Siberian tigers hide is built to block extreme cold and wind due to it not having the body fat a bear does.
            Opinion: bears and tigers are bother extremely Intelligent animals, but if a bear wrestled a tiger to the ground, which it could do easily, a tiger on its back is deadly to anything due to its high legs clawing away at the bears guts. A bear would have to land a swipe or bite the head of the tiger to win. A tiger is more agile but would be winded faster than the bear. I give it a 70/30 in the bears favor.

    6. Derek

      I think this one could go either way.

      Male bears seek out fights with other male bears. This is a huge advantage for the bear since they are used to fighting something of similar size with claws and teeth that is actively fighting back. A tiger would basically just be a good-ol-fashion round of fisticuffs. XD

      Not that it would be any different for the tiger since they are used to encounters with bears. Although they actively avoid full grown adult males “not because they cant fight them, but to prevent injury”, they would still have a general idea of how to fight one. In addition to that they are more geared for taking down large prey than the Grizzly, giving them a better chance of getting a hold of the neck for a killing blow.

      I would still go bear just because they have the advantage in size, weight, and endurance. But that said if the Tiger won I wouldn’t be too bent out of shape or surprised.

      1. Garcia

        Well if you put a cub against any full grown animal its going to loose but I saw a cub bear fight off a full grown puma so I guess it depends on the skill

    7. B

      Probably depends on the situation both could win equally I’d say. This isn’t “Deadliest Warrior”.

      Bears Rule

    8. big cat lover

      tigers are strongest predators living on this planet though polar bears are biggest predator the king of beasts has no opposition on the land they can take down any animal on land and inland water bodies crocs elephants and even polar bears are included in this as the lord king emperor of beasts not only kill to eat it tolerates nothing moving if seen truly dominater born to do that most valuable animal on this planet for it’s body except english rest of the world (old world) believe tiger as king none need give it title as god himself written the word king on it’s fore head

      1. Garcia

        A polar bear lol you truly love tigers a baby polar bear yeah a full grown one no way but anything can happen

    9. Michael

      HOW can a lion or tiger get a grip around a flipping neck of a grizzly bear? I don’t care how fast a cat is, good luck actually obtaining a grip and only piss the bear off more. Raw power and grizzlys can run just as fast as a lion. Bears in Russia example must have been smaller bears and not pound to pound fight. Bear of equal size, no contest. Bear wins!

    10. Steppyramid

      That is false. Tigers have been known to kill Bears and bears can kill tigers, but the tiger has the advantage because it is just as strong while being much faster.

    11. Anonymous

      Comparing a Tiger to Bear is a joke. Tiger is the king while bear don’t qualify except as a prey. Being bulky or big don’t make bear a better fighter. Tiger will not fight bear but will kill it if needed. Fight happens between two equals and bear isn’t equal to Tiger except it is a over weight bulky creature.

    12. Anonymous post

      I agree with you. I don’t think there’s much chance for the Tiger beating a grizzly it would only be a very small percentage. And the big Alaskan Grizzly brown bear that can weigh up to 1500 pounds for the tiger there would be no chance at all. That’s all been proven in computer fights and several different ways. And plain common sense is another way of looking at it.

    13. damin

      wrong, tigers have powerful tails that can break bone and if it turns to the rear, there is a good chance it will whip its tail

  2. Jet

    Here’s what I found after a quick search:

    According to Gary Brown’s Great Bear Almanac (New York, 1993), the average mature male brown bear (of which Grizzly is a subspecies) weighs 500-900 lbs with a length of 7-10 feet while the average mature male polar bear weighs 900-1500 lbs with a length of 8-8.4 feet. However, the largest ever recorded brown bear was 2500+ lbs while the largest ever recorded polar bear was 2210 lbs.

    But a grizzly is much more fearsome than a polar bear. The grizzly has a shorter, thicker neck, heavily built skull and more powerful shoulder structure. Despite being a good foot shorter, the grizzly has a trump card. Their claws, having evolved as digging tools, are also unmatched at opening body carcasses. Claws of 6″ aren’t uncommon (9″ record) while the polar bear has small hook-like 2″ claws. Sometimes, when the ice melts, polar bears have been known to be driven off by grizzlies, when they move south into the grizzlies feeding area. In North America, grizzly males fight each other regularly and gain great skill at fighting, while many Siberian tigers will never fight anything their whole life that isn’t smaller and weaker. Cougars and wolf packs and other bears flee from a large grizzly, or else become dinner.

    The grizzly bear has enormous bone and muscle density. They have developed into huge and enormously powerful animals. Big cat biology is very different. They have evolved powerful elastic muscles over a low weight, low density bone structure to suit their purpose of chasing down prey. The Californians of the late 19th century staged well-documented pit fights with grizzlies and spanish bulls. The grizzlies, using their paw as a club, shattered the unfortunate bull’s skull or shoulder bones so easily that the betting became poor. Eventually, and at considerable cost, African lions were brought in to raise the stakes, but the grizzly killed the male lions almost as easily as they’d killed the bulls.

    This is one account of a fight between a 700 lb grizzly and a 550 lb male lion. The grizzly had never fought a lion before and the lion surprised it by leaping 15 feet in the air. The grizzly stood up and held off the lions teeth with its paws, but it allowed the lion to rip its claws deep into the bear’s underbelly. There was blood but little real damage to the bear, because beneath the extremely thick skin is a deep layer of fat. The animals continued to hold this position for 19 minutes while the lion continued to take deep swipes into the bear’s underbelly, swipes that would have torn out the internal organs of a lion or tiger, and ripped into the layers of fat but did basically no real damage to the grizzly. The animals broke apart, and the grizzly tried to bite and swipe at the lion, who was far too quick. Then with the grizzly on two feet the lion managed to lunge and get a bite on the grizzly’s neck, but the bear squeezed the lion with such force that the lion released and fell to the ground, and was lucky to escape the bear. The bear’s neck was protected by thick fur so the bear was still basically unharmed. The lion repeated the attack, again getting his teeth to the bear’s neck, and again the bear squeezed. The lion seemed determined to hold on till death but the bear squeezed so hard the lion released with a roar of pain (one observer remarked, “I could almost hear the bones cracking.”) and the bear threw the lion in the air, the lion turning a complete summersault. The lion gave up on frontal assaults and tried to attack the bear from the rear. The bear, showing agility not seen up to this point, turned, grabbed the lion, and lifted him into the air. With the lion’s head dangling, the bear began squeezing and shaking the feline as if it weighed the same as a house cat. The bear then lifted his opponent into the air and threw him against the side of the cage, knocking the lion unconscious.

    Result: lion completely helpless while the bear suffered only some scratches, taking much less damage than a typical grizzly on grizzly fight. I have read that Siberian tigers do sometimes kill local bears that are smaller, but larger local bears also kill Siberian tigers. But neither the larger Asian bears or the Siberian tigers are any match for a large Grizzly.

    1. truthneverlies

      i read a brown bear is dinner to siberian tiger. i read many articles on it but never heard a brown bear killing a siberian tiger. brown bears run away from siberian tigers. even in india bengal tigers(smaller than siberian tiger) kill black bears.

          1. Woopiepie

            Not at all. Black bear is much smaller and different species.

          2. Cinaed

            While technically true, Grizzlies are notoriously more aggressive than Eurasian Brown bears.

      1. Anonymous

        Even if the bear DID run, (which it wouldn’t. Get your facts right. LOL) it would still be able to outrun the tiger becaue the tiger would give up a lot faster than the bear would.

        1. James W.

          The tiger can sprint much faster than the bear..
          …so it would rapidly catch it & disable/kill it quickly,
          & for sure, yeah – this is what tigers naturally do, for a living..

          Bears spend more time sniffin’ around garbage,
          digging through dumpsters, & dirt grubbing..

          1. Joe

            You’re talking about wimpy in land city bears, not real coastal bad ass brown bears that Eat Moose, Muskox, Buffalo, and Caribou at will.

          2. john

            Gee, I can imagine a bear looking back offended at that. (as it goes through the gaebage cans).

        2. Diego

          I think the Serbian tiger will win I am doing a project in the Serbian tiger vs the grizzly for science I found out that the Serbian tiger is cable of climbing, swimming and also jumping 30 feet long and can adapt to the cold fur as well. they are one of the most powerful hunters in the world and can kill their prey in one bite. And have 342 bones that work together with 600 muscles they wait of 320 kilograms. And are more intelligent than a lion in the wild and are solitary animals which means that they live on their own as the bears as well. All, this information did not come from one place it came from many places just saying if people are curious and it came from trustworthy websites.

      2. Renato

        Grizzly’s weight several hundred kg’s more than A Siberian cat.
        No competition there.

    2. James

      I agree with you but I don’t think the guy who wrote this looked into it much. On his comparison with the bear and lion he had the bears intelligence at 5 while the the lions was four, but with the tiger vs bear it was at 4 and the tigers at 5 so…

    3. Tony\Aka\jaguar (All the same person)

      Jet, the whole thing you just said is B.S. Siberian tiger is the ultimate predator, whereas grizzly bear sucks at hunting.
      Siberian tiger wins against grizzly. Not easily, but it still would win. The only carnivore that stands a chance against it is the polar bear, which would probably win. But tiger takes grizzly. Siberian tiger is stronger, much faster, more agile, and killed brown bears when there was lack of natural prey in Siberia. It’s not hard. Tiger wins.

      1. garry

        Not many on here seem to know the difference between a typical brown bear and a grizzly .. The grizzly does belong to the brown bear family but is a far different character . The Tiger or Lion would be no match for the powerful grizzly .. first of all the tiger being a cat that hunts alone and depends on stealth and the weakness of his prey would never attack a full grown brown bear for fear of lethal injury… it instead attacks smaller or older bears that are not healthy…and records show that siberian tigers kill and are killed by brown bears and they are not nearly as destructive as a 700 lb grizzly with 6-8 inch claws and one of the most powerful bites recorded… The fella talking about polar bears needs to watch the National Geographic video of the single grizzly running three or four polar bears off of a beached whale…

          1. DIPUJJAL DUTTA

            Not totally, Julia. U see Grizzlies are if brown bear famili — but they are not the largest of brown bear species. A big tiger can take one down if determined. Largest is the kodiak bear which I think out of the league of tigers. And grizzles fending off polar bears is because most lynx that Polaris are not really interested 9n any confrontation as they are less hot tempered and aggressive as compare to grizzles.

        1. Russell dee

          The brown bear has a little more power than the Siberian Tiger but the Siberian Tiger is plenty strong. The weight difference favors the bear but keep in mind that a lot of that greater weight comes from fat, not muscle or bigger skeleton. And the big cat is faster, quicker, and more agile. A lot faster, a lot quicker, and a lot more agile. I vote for the tiger.

    4. Bradley Dahl

      There is a video from BBC demonstrating how they are mutual hunters of each other, both the brown bear and the tiger. Yet, a north American grizzly is different than than the brown bear whic hunts ( and is hunted by the tiger). I cannot imagine a better preditor matchup than a large male Siberian tiger and North American grizzly. 6 inch claws and powerful upper body, with the ability to decapitate and break every bone in a spine with a single swipe! In addition, the bear has a size advantage, the upper body strength is immense. The tiger is stealthy and uses ambush with agility to surprise its prey.

    5. Peter

      Both probably die – tiger likely gores bear first in belly and back;?who despite bleeding headlocks tiger and the then punches tiger silly. Tiger gets in last bite to neck but loses consciousness. Bear while almost dying bites tiger in head – quickly killing it. Bear dies also fairly quickly despite trying to move on or is soon attacked another predator or a vicious pack.

      Had to bet on one or other – would go with bear being sole survivor due to weight and strength advantage as in reality a grizzly will likely be 250 lbs more than even a Siberian tiger.


      Even in India small tigers sometimes kill bears. So yes grizzles are stronger than any other asiatic bears, tigers do have chance against those enormous ursids

    7. Christian

      So you based your whole opinion on one fight with a Lion(Not a Siberian Tiger) that’s supposedly 550lbs? Where is this source of yours and is it actually accurate? “Local bears that are smaller” wow another world beater. Yeah, that Bear is the Ussuri Brown Bear and it outweighs the Grizzly by 30lbs on average. A Tiger is a different thing entirely btw, they have larger teeth, have the ability to swipe with both paws at the same time(most Lions can’t do that), they have more muscle density and are extremely agile if not more so. I’m not saying a Grizzly bear won’t win, but actually do some research.

  3. Colt

    I don’t think you understood the point of this Jet. It’s to compare an “Average” Grizzly bear and an average Siberian tiger. Now if it was the largest ever recorded of course bear would have it in its clutches, just because of how big it can grow. But i’ve met people in Russia and it’s a common fact that Tigers prey on Grizzlies, and no not baby Grizzly bears, FULLY adult bears. Also i don’t know where you got your facts from but bears are no where near as smart as tigers. Which has been proven many times over. No need to even argue there, because you don’t have facts. But just a random fact, one of the best memories of any animal even beating us in memory capacity and length is the Tiger.

    1. garry

      you don’t seem to understand that the grizzly is unique to America and Canada … the Brown Bear is not a grizzly .. it belongs to the same family but a different bear … America has the Brown Bear too and also the Kodiak Brown Bear that grows to huge size but is no match for the American Grizzly . Lions have been imported to see if they could defeat the Grizzly but they were no match … and you can watch several youtube fight between tigers and lions and they are very evenly matched … so common sense would tell you that the tiger would suffer the same fate as the lion against the 700 lb grizzly…

      1. Joe

        A 1200 pound coastal grizzly bear would eat a 700 pound inland grizzly for breakfast. They are the same species of bear, but the costal Brown bear Grows much larger due to a better food supply.

    2. Kate

      Dude – there are no Grizzlies in Russia. The NORTH AMERICAN Grizzly only exists in North America, and not in Russia

  4. M

    I think you may be confused Colt.. as there are no grizzly bears in Russia.

    1. Jon

      Yes there is they are called Kamchatka bears. They are exactly the same bear with a different name. Kamchatka being the location of the bear found. Same scientific name exact same genome.

      1. David

        That’s not entirely true, kamchatka bears are closely related to American grizzly bears, but they are different subspecies of brown bears. Also their territory doesn’t overlap with Siberian tigers which makes your point moot.

        1. Pat F

          David, they are the same bear. If a grizzly and a kamcharka bear mated they would have a perfectly healthy reproducing brown bear. Also I watch a documentary and siberians do hunt brown bear.

        2. Woopiepie

          Brown bears are ALL the same species. So much non-information being posted on this site by children.

  5. tyson

    i dont give a shit tiger or lion are no match for a fully grown adult male healthy bear despite what i have read here.

    1. James W.

      Does bear shit stick to its fur?

      You can continue to fantasize T, but denial aint healthy,
      – just as a fat-as dumpster diving garbage-guts bruin
      wouldn’t be – if a big cat with a taste for bear meat – got his hooks in..

      Although I have heard that salmon fed bear-meat is distasteful to humans,
      for sure, most cats do seem keen on fish flavourings..

      The Russians have research findings on a Tiger that developed
      a specific preference for the taste of bear-meat, (just as leopards do for dogs),
      & he, just like Davy Crockett – habitually hunted/killed big-as brown bears – for food.

      Reports by circus beast-masters who had both big-cats & bears performing
      ( bears usually doing the humiliating clown routines ) also stated that bears
      naturally fear even the smell of big-cats, & will generally avoid conflict.

      U.S. circus trainers always preferred wild-caught animals due to hand reared
      beasts losing their natural fear of humans, due to over-familiarity, & thus
      becoming more dangerous, if they reverted to their wild killer-instincts.

      Circus beast-masters also tend to confirm the long-reported historical
      attributes accorded to lions vs tigers, with the stripey guys being more
      cunning, ‘treacherous/sneaky’ & vicious – without warning..

      1. David

        Tigers are ambush hunters, meaning they take their prey by surprise. I could beat Floyd Mayweather in a fight as long as I sucker punch him (or at least I have a chance), but in a straight up fight, yea Mayweather destroys me every single time. My point being hunting and a face to face encounter can produce different results.

        1. Eric

          This is the one point that no one has considered. Unless this Russian study mentioned previously takes into account the circumstances of these tiger/bear encounters, its findings are moot. Bears are omnivorous scavengers. Tigers are carnivorous hunters. Of course bears won’t seek out encounters with most animals unless it’s starving, at which point it won’t be physically fit enough to take on a Tiger. Tigers on the other hand do hunt and would force an encounter, and would wait until it had the advantage.

          1. Woopiepie

            There are videos of Brown bears (which are grizzlies) chasing down moose and bison. Running through bison herd to catch the calf. Brown Bears stand up on hind legs and have free use of paws to rain down smashing swipes on a frontal attack by a tiger (same attack as a lion). Have you seen the many discovery channel videos of brown bear moving close to 1 ton boulders witth 1 paw? One swipe on a tiger crilushes the skull. Dead cat. Good luck to thr tiger if the bear is hibernatibg or a bear cub. Pleanty of coastal bears in Russia and Nortg America are well over 1000 lbs. Dead cat. There have been pit fights in 1800s USA when imported lions AND tigers were used for fighting brown bears. Dead cats within a few minutes. How??? Crushed skull. The cats can’t bite through the fat and thick skin/fur. While cats go for the throat bear smashed and slashed standing upright on the cat. Dead cat.

  6. evil_cheese_king


    This is a fight I would pay to see.

    I wouldn’t want either animal to be badly harmed but this question needs to be answered. It would be the USA v Russia!!!

    For the records a fully grown adult male Siberian Tiger is 11′ long (over 3m). The info stated above is an average between a male & female tiger.

    1. Nathan

      The tail doesn’t count when factoring a Tigers’ length, it’s nose to ass. A 13 foot long tiger would stand 15 ft tall, shit even ligers aren’t that big.
      Tigers would have an edge on bears their own size or smaller, but don’t stand a chance against bears that outweigh them by almost double.

  7. JJB1098

    A friend of mine worked with Gunther Gebel-Williams (famed big cat trainer of Ringling Brothers circus) for 9 years. He told me about numerous occasions when Gunther got smacked by cats and showed me hundreds of pics of both large male lions and Bengal and Siberian Tigers. All 3 are majestic animals. One thing he told me that I and most others didn’t realize is that like lions, Tigers too fought , when defending territory’s. He also told me that seasoned large male Tigers would not go after a male lions neck but it’s head. But he also told me that confrontations in the wild were extremely rare . But he stressed that either one could kill a human with 1 swap of a paw. Each hunt in different habitats and both have become well adapted to their habitats. My friend stressed that when training/working with them he was always more careful around the Siberean Tigers because they had incredible speed on a dead run from sitting . He said most of the cats he worked with were acquired at a young age and worked with for a long time. He said for the most part they tolerated each other. He showed me pictures of a full grown male lion and full grown male Siberian Tiger that were raised together and were all but inseperateable. He told me that the likely hood of these 2 big cats meeting in the wild wasn’t common, but usually didn’t result in fights to the death but more conceding . or keeping a safe distance. He said a Tiger would more likely keep wife berth because he couldn’t afford injury and lions and tigers weren’t on each other’s menu of choice. I don’t care which would do what. I like both cats and wouldn’t want to meet either in any situation. Lol. I just wish that people would be this enthusiastic about protecting these animals from poachers and “GAME HUNTERS”

  8. Anonymous

    Overall, the Siberian Tiger got greater power.
    Now don’t get me wrong. Power doesn’t mean just muscular strength. The Grizzly bear may have greater strength, but Siberian tiger is too cunning for the bear.
    And combined with strength, agility, speed, ferocity and WAY quickerquicker reflexes, the tiger has the upper hand.
    If Bengal tigers can kill elephants (not regularly) Siberian tigers surely can kill bears.

      1. Kuznetsov

        Bengal tigers can only kill small baby elephants. A full grown elephant is impossible for a tiger to kill. Only lions in packs have been known to take down a full grown male elephant

    1. Woopiepie

      So now… ypu say cunning=power. Makes no sense to me or anyone else. Just ask iron Mike Tyson when asked why he, being smaller, faster and powerful could not beat Lennox Lewis. His answer: too big, too strong.
      Large brown bear is too big, too strong for any large tiger/lion.

      1. James W.

        Wookie, you’re wrong.
        Tyson in his prime – would’ve dropped Lewis..

        Bears are big fat bum-fighters.. not combat-skilled killers like cats..
        Too much of brown bear size/weight is fat, & the big gut needed to digest garbage..

        The big panthera species are in a league above brown bears – as dedicated hunter-killers,
        & in a showdown deathmatch, an adept Amur tiger who hunts brownies, will deal to a grizz, too.

  9. David

    You very much so misrepresent the weight of grizzly bears. You say they can weigh 340 kilograms (749.572 lbs) when in reality they average between 100 and 635 kilograms (220 to 1400 lbs), that’s average not biggest. Mean while, you used 305 kilograms (672 lbs) for the Siberian tiger, which isn’t an average but more of an extreme. So there’s actually a huge difference in size. So even using your rather large Siberian tiger proportions, the grizzly bear is still likely to have a couple hundred or more pounds on the tiger.

    Also, unlike brown bears, asiatic brown bears, and even polar bears, grizzly bears can be much, much more aggressive. When polar bears encounter grizzlies, despite being slightly larger, they typically turn and run. Asiatic bears tend to avoid confrontation with tigers, and when they do are usually the ones that turn and run. My point here being that comparing Asiatic bears who encounter tigers to what may happen if a grizzly faced a tiger completely ignores the animals temperament. And one only needs to look at (though it’s a deplorable practice) dog fighting, specifically with pit bulls to see how much temperament matters.

    1. Woopiepie

      Asiatic BLACK bear run. American black bear are bigger than asiatic but they run from cougars. Can American black bear kill cougars? I believe easily.

      Big Kamchatka Brown Bears crush a large male tiger in face to face fight every time. Too big, too strong, much larger weapons (8inch claws, bigger bite force, outweighed by 500+lbs). Have you ever fought someone bigger than you? Much harder than fighting someone smaller. Common sense. Faster don’t mean you win against a good fighter. Bears are better fighters than you think. Big advantage in fave to face fight: bears can stand up straight and rain down blows on the helpless tiger who can only balance for 1-2 swipes before losing balance and goes to ground to stand up again. Watch any tiger fight- this is how they fight. Bears just stand up straight and rain down power shots on opponents. Tiger or lion- or buffalo or bull or moose- dead on minutes.


      Didn’t get ur point here. U mean to say grizzles aggressive ness would deter the tiger. Nope as sometimes tigers( mainly bengal) can be too aggressive too

  10. Beatlearl

    You did a lot of I thinking and guessing instead of putting up facts as to which one would actually win.

    1. David

      Grizzlies and Siberian tigers don’t live in the same areas, they don’t encountered each other in the wild, and that is a fact. And because of that fact all that any one can do (unless you own a Siberian tiger and a grizzly bear) is speculate (although, I did provide facts to support my line of speculations).

      1. David

        Though, in actuality you did not (unless you consider assigning arbitrary numbers to made up stats facts).

  11. David

    “A grizzly can kill a wolf or mountain lion with one swipe of its paw.

    The big hump on the grizzlies back is a mass of muscle giving the brown bear the strongest front limbs of any animal in the world.”

    So much for your “facts” claiming that both the Siberian and grizzly paw strikes have equal strength.

  12. James W.

    Yeah, your link is to a site for kids,
    with a bunch of made up assumptions,
    just – masquerading – as “facts”..

    Bears have a greater % of body fat & a large gut – to process their mainly garbage diet..
    Big cats are true carnivores & have a majority body weight of lean muscle mass – just for killing..

    1. Molls32

      They also have more overall mass which is something that is constantly being left out by people proclaiming that the tiger would win. Their fat I imagine would actually become armor of sorts in a fight. Also where is the notion that all they eat is trash coming from?

    2. Woopiepie

      Doesn’t matter. Under that fat is great strength and muscle. The fat protects them from the cat’s swipes and bites…. please.

      1. James W.

        Stop being a fat-fancier, please..

        Bears fatten up on all kinds of garbage for over-wintering, not for combat prowess.
        Big cats eat meat, & have far greater muscle % & power for the kill, so – bear is dead meat.

    3. Ali

      Absolutely not the same animal. Grizzlies are huge and terrifying. Size wise from smallest to largest is black, brown, grizzlie, polar. Brown bears are not much bigger than black bears. Grizzlies are HUGE. To make it even scarier, with the ice flows melting in North America, Polar Bears are coming further south and mating with Grizzlies….imagine a Polar/Grizzlie hybrid…😳
      Also the article mentions Grizzlies hunt moose–do you realize how big a moose is? Don’t know size wise what would compare in the jungle for a tiger….

  13. Steve J.

    I am not certain who would win, but there is one fact that has been lightly touched on and even mostly omitted here. The grizzly, or brown bear, is second only to a Timberwolf in stamina. A bear has the energy to fight for between two and three straight days. While the Siberian tiger can be very ferocious for a short time, they eat on average two times a week.
    Grizzlies have both chased and been chased by packs open moves for more than two days at a time. The tiger wouldn’t last a couple of hours. Based on all of this so called and real facts presented here and by National Geographic and other such places, the Siberian tiger would half to kill the grizzly quickly. Even those who believe the tiger would win, don’t believe it could happen quickly. Again, I am not an expert nor do I claim to be.

    1. Sher Khan

      Good ol’ Steve,
      Contrary to popular, belief big cats have decent stamina. Tigers have been observed having hour long fights with prey like gaur & water buffalo.

      Tigers are very stealthy & patient hunters, & they can silently stalk/chase their prey for long periods of time.

      Of course, the fight could go either way, but my money would be on the tiger.

  14. Pbro

    Grizzly bears have far more force and are more intelligent than Siberian Tigers. Grizzlies can turn over cars with ease and break the back of 1,000lb+ Caribou and Bison with a single swipe. All bear species have better navigational memory than humans, and are widely considered to be the most intelligent non-human mammals in North America (smarter than both Wolves and dogs, and the average IQ of 3-4 year old humans). While you are correct about Siberian Tigers regularly eating brown bears, these meals are always the result of ambush attacks that are executed by leaping from trees on top of an unsuspecting bear and quickly applying a neck bite. This makes sense: Tigers are ambush predators. In a 1v1 fight on the ground though, a Grizzly would almost certainly overpower any big cat species.

    Also you didn’t have a “Dexterity” category. This is one of the main advantages that a Grizzly has when hunting large game, by wrapping it’s arms around its prey (usually the horns) before completely overpowering them and usually breaking their back and/or neck.

    Conclusion: The only way a Siberian Tiger can kill a Grizzly is with a direct and powerful neck bite. This is improbable in the non-ambush scenario of direct combat. Meanwhile, a Grizzly can paralyze (and subsequently kill) a Siberian Tiger with a single direct contact paw swipe or a multi-second bear hug. Considering these facts, a Grizzly Bear victory is the only reasonable outcome.

  15. James W.

    ’bout your “conclusion”?
    Nah, doubt it..

    While the bear will take opportunity to chomp down on most any tasty item it can get hold of,
    it is in a lesser category – as a natural-born killer – than the big cat..

    Your assumption of bear superiority in brain/muscle power is unfounded.. as it is for “dexterity”..
    A “bear victory” is possible, of course, if it massively over-matches a weak/lame/inexperienced tiger opponent,
    – but a wild Siberian tiger who knows bears – really holds the winning cards.. can choose to attack, or evade the bear – as it wishes, while the fat, lumbering bruin cannot..

    A real beastly prime-killer Russian tiger, who has developed a learned preference for bear-meat ( as some are scientifically noted to do) will utterly shock an American grizzly.. ( since he’s only accustomed to contending with anything near as big – tooth & claw-wise – being his own kind, not a tiger ).

    & the well-researched ruthless cunning sneakiness of a tiger attack, backed by its keen-eyed athletic coordination utilizing remarkably vicious quickness/brute striking power, plus far more predator-potent, meat-hook sharp claw control, via extensible -spread grapple- grasp & rapidly- expertly applied throat-ripping/spine-crippling specialist-killer power-bite.. will cause the bear to freak in pain & fear, & try in vain to escape..

    & so yeah, sure – the reasonable, fact-based “conclusion”?
    The grizzly is toast..

    1. Logan W

      Your first paragraph suggests that a bear will likely attack with it’s mouth, while known instances of conflicts with predators show that it is a secondary attack.

      Bears are also known to have extreme levels of stamina, lasting for days. Tigers are not known for such extreme stamina.

      Mountain lions regularly stand 3 feet at the shoulder, 8 feet in length, and weigh in around 200 pounds. Unless a bear is likely to notice girth and density, they regularly share terrain with predators the size of tigers, not to mention the size and lethal threat of an average moose.

      What is your basis for a very large brown bear “to freak in pain & fear, & try in vain to escape..?” Your argument seemed based on a particular tiger “who has developed a learned preference for bear-meat ( as some are scientifically noted to do),” and not an average tiger. Your argument also seemed to ignore a bear having or doing anything other than being a bear and both trying and failing to escape.

      Bears are known to have very thick skin and fat, extreme weight, and absurd muscle and bone density. Average Grizzlies are known to commonly crush spinal columns and other bones of animals far larger with more dense bones than tigers. A bear must pose some sort of threat, yes?

  16. Edward corona

    Well I just saw a video a fight between a YOUNG Grizzly and a tiger and I just saw the bear fights back and wins the battle

  17. Frank

    You got your weights and measures wrong. Both are strong and vicious animals, I don’t think a fight between two creatures who are that deadly would ever be a foregone conclusion, but generally the fight will go to the larger animal. Which would be an adult grizzly bear. Your favorite zoo animal fantasies notwithstanding.

  18. Nathan

    Imagine if everyone in this chat room was placed in a suit of armor, given a broad sword, and made to stand in an arena with a caged male Siberian Tiger weighing 600lbs, and a caged male Grizzly weighing 1200 lbs. Then one by one we were each told we needed to choose one of the animals as an opponent in a fight to the death. I would like to see how many tiger fanboys in that sort of situation would be stupid enough to pick the Grizzly.

    1. Michael

      I concur maybe some tiger peeps keep thinking about little sun bears here? Anything else doesn’t make sense.

    2. Mikael

      In a suit of armor? Of course I’d pick to fight the tiger. But without armor, I’d pick the Grizzly every time.

      But that’s all completely irrelevant, since humans with our tools are always the apex predator.

    3. James W.

      Hah, back in the day,
      when Spain ruled California ( think ‘Zorro’),
      Spanish ‘sporting gentlemen’ would ride out
      on grizzly bear hunts – & kill them with their rapier swords..
      So, grizzly bears became extinct in California.
      & no suit of armour needed, either..

      But those guys would have to be a bit more wary of hunting
      a cunning, quick leaping, sharp clawed tiger – in that manner, to be sure..

      Fact is, native Americans feared attack by the mountain lion more so
      than by the grizzly & knew that that a big native cat could whip the bear too..

      1. James W.

        Guess what kid..

        Those indigenous ‘braves’ lived the life,
        & knew the facts.. by actual experience..

        But you dont.. & you foolishly imagine your childish “opinion”
        actually has some validity.. due to fanboy fantasies.. L.O.L…

        Look it up kid.. & find out.. that you’re wrong.. again..

        Same with your stupidity about ‘paw swipes’ & ‘sword swing’..
        The Spanish rapier kills by being plunged in deeply, point first..

        1. James W.

          Cease the dumb-as act, kid..

          Do the research instead, huh..
          & you’ll see the historical record for yourself..

          & while mountain lions are generally circumspect
          about getting into fights with other predators..
          ( except ‘tom cats’ scrapping with each other, of course).
          ..when a real ornery cat decides to go ballistic, they’ve
          been known/recorded to kill any & all enemies,
          from wolverine, wolf, bear, alligator, eagle,
          & yes boy, even your fave, the jaguar – too..

          So get that STRAIGHT kid..

        2. James W.

          Again with the entertainment TV show..

          You really have no idea, do you kid..
          Cougar/m-lion/Puma, are not of the Panthera family..
          ..but they have been more successful than jaguars..

          & while jaguars are directly related to lions, they are
          a puny version.. just as you are tiny & underdeveloped, too L.O.L…

        3. James W.

          Dumb-as child..
          You really have no idea.. at all..

          The puma has survived in the Americas..
          for far longer, & in a wider habitat range – than jags..

          & so, ‘stupid boy’, how is you don’t get that lions are
          a more recent descendant of the ‘panthera’ line,
          & are also most closely related to jags.. which are puny..
          in comparison, as you are to me, you foolish puppy..

          FYI tardo-kid, its on record, a hunter shot a large puma,
          which was weighed, post gutting, & yet scaled 276 pounds,
          so it was around 300 lbs alive, & thus larger than most jaguars..

        4. James W.

          Tiny, the puma is not a panthera ‘big cat’..
          ..the jaguar is a panthera, but is not a ‘big cat’..
          ..compared to the really big cats, lion & tiger..

          Your moronic claims – that staged TV entertainment clips..
          forms any kind of valid evidence is yet more ‘stupid boy’ stuff..

          Pumas & panthera leo are not sympatric, but puma & jaguar are..
          for sure, only panthera leo is the true ‘lion’ & no matter how many
          names are applied to the puma, it will never be ‘King of Beasts’..

          But nor will the jaguar either, although both jag & puma overlap
          in size & territory range, with a big tom puma quite capable of
          dominating lesser jags, & both cats are on the record as bear-killers..

          Stop your childish crap, kid – try to learn some actual facts – instead
          of presenting yourself so unrelentingly – as a fatuous fanboy fool..

        5. James W.

          Oh no.. jeeze, kid..

          You have totally blown whatever tiny shred of credibilty..
 still had.. (not much )..
          ..since both those linked vids – are utterly unscientific trash..
          ..they’re simply exemplars of fanboy crap – at its worst..
          & you prove yourself a total dumb-as, by presenting them here..

          “Longer claws than lions…” – its so pathetic kid..
          Show a scientifically validated example of a 650+
          pound wild jaguar specimen’s claws..
          You can’t, because they don’t exist.. unlike the lion..
          ( & FYI, the Nairobi museum has a 690lb wild lion specimen)..

          But get back to the thread topic kid, rather than..
          ..looking so foolish – over your childish jag adoration..

        6. James W.

          Trash aint science.. kid..
          How is it you can’t get that?
          I’d suggest you reality check the..
          very graphic youtube clip of..
          lions loudly crunching through the skull..
          of a wildebeest kill, to devour the brain..
          ..but you’re too young.. L.O.L…

          FYI kid, big territorial tom cougars kill
          other rival cougars – with skull-brain bites..

        7. James W.

          AKA/Crack baby..
          Do a fact check kid..
          Cougars kill rivals with skull bites..

          Jaguars can & do take bears..
          ..but a pride boss lion would treat a jag..
 the same vicious beat down – that he routinely
          deals out to leopards, who must run, or die..

          Same as tigers who catch a leopard in their territory..
          & so the jag would also be whipped, its just out-matched..

          The biggest pathera boys naturally call the shots versus their
          smaller cousins, & can/will do the beat down – on brown bears too..

        8. James W.

          ..still believing bullshit, huh kid..
          that bogus youtube account was debunked..

          & FYI, I am solely interested in the facts..
          whereas for you, fantasy-faves come first,
          & reality cannot sway your childish ‘opinion’..

          Grow up, & get real, or get lost, ‘ you stupid boy’..

        9. Mean Guy

          Responding to a year old post, but oh well…

          James W

          You crack me up. As an “indigenous brave” and knowing the stories of our people, I can say without a doubt that you are delusional to think we were more afraid of the Mountain Lion (Igmuwatogla), vs the Grizzly (Mato Tanka). BTW please don’t speak for us or call us braves. It is very rude and insulting. On that note a Grizzly will always kill a mountain lion, and there were no real bear hunts from horse back with just swords. That was just stories told to make themselves look better. There are still costal Grizzly in California, and they were hunted with large calibre rifles. We still don’t go into Grizzly country with anything less than a 357 mag revolver or a 270 mag rifle. Grizzly don’t actively attack humans, not because they are afraid of us, but because they have no reason. If they are hungry and we are the easiest prey around, or if we surprise them, then they will attack and eat us. I don’t know who would win between a Siberian tiger and A Grizzly, but it is painfully obvious, that you have not encountered either.

    4. Aka/Tony

      Nah, I’d rather be with bear. Oe swing with you’re sword and and that bear is gonna have second thoughts on attacking you. Bears back down much more than tigers do. If there’s a fight fight going on, the tiger is gonna fight to the death while the bear will be running away, only to be outrunned by the tiger. It’s dead meat. A hungry Siberian tiger on the prowl will go for a grizzly bear at every opportunity.

  19. frank sinatra

    I have actually read a few accounts of male tigers vs. big male brown bears in russia and the outcome is uncertain. Often the tiger wins, but this all depends on the size of the combatants and their dispositions. The best account I ever read, which I wish I retained, was of two large males of each species. A serious brawl, with the tiger being pretty much the attacker. The bear was on the defensive thoughout but he eventually won the fight, stunning the tiger with a paw swipe, and then killing the tiger. The writer said the tiger was very big but the male bear was huge. The tiger actually saw and immediatley approached the bear, looking for a brawl. He sure got it. Generally I give the nod to the tiger in such fights, as did this author, who seemed very knowledgeble; he was russian, but a huge male brown bear is probably too much for even a big tiger. Male bears in alaska often weigh over half a ton. I assume this russian brown bear was approaching 900 lbs, perhaps more. 400 or 500 lbs is too much of a weight differential for even giant tigers. And bears are not what they appear: they are very fast and quick, belying their bulk, and as somebody here said, they have incredible stamina. For sheer onslaught and ferocity, nothing approaches the tiger, but in this one confrontation, the author saw the tiger as the attacker, but as the fight went on, he attacked and attacked, without success, and eventually he got hit with an enormous swipe in the head and that was basically it. I think he must have been losing his stamina, but the giant bear, who was defensive, had the better stamina.

  20. Michael

    To compare a tiger to a grizzly is so face palm. I like tigers. Tigers are aggressive, smart , fast, and against a north American grizzly pretty much dead!! The only successful attacks on Russian brown bears have been younger adults of equal or simaler size. Even then its a toss up. Against fully grown brown bears as someone pointed out one swipe dazzes the tiger. And that is a brown bear. The north American grizz is so much more aggressive, it would have been over much sooner. The stanima, temperament. And far supior strength easy win for the grizzly here. Tigers are usually attacking smaller sun bears, not much common sense attacking brown bears. Hopefully they have the sense not to attack and die with grizzly.

  21. Leo

    The only way any tiger could ever kill a grizzly or other large species bear is if it could first acquire, and then learn to fire, an 88mm bazooka!

    It’s funny how most of the tiger supporters here talk like they’re Steve Irwin or somebody, yet almost all of them are talking out of their ass, showing no knowledge whatsoever of the actual species in question.

    Bears are much faster than most people here realize, they’re misleadingly dextrous, they have no vulnerabilities that a tiger could take advantage of, and they’re highly intelligent as well. They are so smart, in fact, that they’ve even been known to break into houses and steal canned food from the cupboards, later busting the cans open on large rocks outside. This happened to the house next door to mine. How many tigers do you know that can read the label on a can of beans?

    When it comes to tigers vs. bears, bears win 99.9% of the time, only losing if they are cubs, or are old, sick, and weak individuals. Case closed!


  22. James W.

    Yeah, so I’m guessing that the hilarious bruin fan-boys,
    -who really rate the bloated dumpster diver, are fat-as too..

    Try & be serious, since when has being a flabby lump of lard
    been a major advantage, in a fight against an athletically muscled killer?

    As for Nathan, fighting grizzlies with swords is not a fantasy, back in
    the day, in Spanish California, it was considered a sport – to hunt bears
    with a rapier, & back east, Davy Crockett hunted grizzly bears for their
    meat & skins with a muzzle-loading rifle & a Bowie knife.

    You bear fans oughta do a bit of proper research, & rely less on fantasy..

  23. Håkon

    A datapoint I found by accident (or rather, I found this page looking for more info after I found the datapoint).

    From “The Oregon trail”, Federal Writers’ Project, 1939. In paranthesis on Nebraska, p. 62.
    “The grizzly is one of the most ferocious and dangerous animals in the
    world as some San Francisco gamblers proved long ago when they
    staged a fight between a grizzly and a tiger; the tiger was dead in a few seconds.”

    Now, they say “tiger”, and it could possibly be any type of tiger, but I’m guessing it’s not likely a Siberian tiger.

    Second, the tiger would have to have been transported from Asia to SF or brought up in captivity, in any case it would not have been as fit as a natural tiger. Whereas the grizzly would likely have been close to full vigor.

    1. James W.

      Pure fiction there – without a fact check H…

      If if gives a gate for the event, you can check the local newspaper archive
      for eyewitness reports..
      These ‘old timey’ bouts were hyped up as a spectacle for attracting
      paying crowds & were reported
      much like human boxing matches were..

      I have read an historical/contemporary newspaper article of a C19th
      German woman who made her living touring with a troupe of lions,
      which she trained to take on Spanish fighting bulls
      – in arenas there, the betting money was big, & the locals trained up their bulls too,
      & no, the garbage-guts bears they tried – were no match for them.

      The lion had to avoid being gored by the bull’s horns & take the bull off its feet,
      rodeo style,- if it wanted to eat steak.. one expert lion killed 8 bulls in a row, but then
      word got around, & the locals wouldn’t bet against it.

  24. Thejakeshow

    Consider these comparative facts:

    The Siberian tiger is an ambush predator. It’s typical strategy involves stalking smaller, easily overpowered prey. Then, using its massive size and impressive equipment (substantial claws and teeth), it holds the prey item, delivering a swift fatal bite, typically to the spine at the base of the skull. Siberian Tigers have been documented hunting large prey animals, but rarely do so at risk to themselves.

    The Grizzly Bear is a solitary omnivore who hunts opportunistically. It’s typical diet consists of a wide variety of plant matter and animal proteins ranging from fruits and nuts to insects and fish respectively. However in times of scarcity Grizzlies have proven themselves as successful pursuit predators, and have been documented taking down moose, elk, and even bison. The bear, to take down these large foes, commonly uses its long forearms to deliver crushing blows to the back or limbs of its prey, crippling it.

    Now, what do these brief descriptions illustrate? Consider these two animals as if they were separate classes in an RPG game. The tiger, as an ambush predator, is the ultimate calculated assassin. The bear on the other hand, is a heavy hitting tank, clad in fur armor. Through comparison, it is observable that each has the strengths that the other lacks. Through this inference, we can draw some conclusions. If a tiger assassin were to ambush a bear tank, as is its typical behavior, the assassin would more than likely win the day, using the strategy previously described. However, imagine a different scenario. If our striped assassin was stripped of its stealth (it’s key advantage) then our fur clad tank could likely survive an expected frontal assault, delivering a crushing blow to its more fragile opponent.

    So, what conclusion have we finally come to? Namely that the battle here discussed is a highly circumstantial one. While we could argue very vaguely about which is more bad ass, in truth there are scenarios where either could win out. If a grizzly is romping through the taiga foraging for acorns or flipping boulders for fat little moths, it’s not going to notice the tiger downwind, pouncing on its back. Conversely, if a tiger were left with no place to hide and the grizzly scores first blood, it’s hard t say that the tiger could recover.

    Anyways, that’s the best I’ve got for this debate, please tear me apart at your leisure.

    1. jibanyan41

      so true. tigers also eat bears from black to polar. a polar bear is 13 feet, grizzly, 10, so a tiger will kick any type of bear’s butt of.

  25. Anonymous

    I’ll explain to you guys the facts straight. Actually, if you study their fighting tactics more, you’ll realize that the Siberian Tiger has more chance of winning, even in a STRAIGHT FIGHT.
    We know that if the bear lashes out with its paws, then the tiger is done for.
    But the tiger got WAY quicker reflexes and intelligence enough to avoid that. And we know that tigers are cunning. Because of its agility and super-strong legs, it can suddenly stand up and make a powerful paw swipe, which we know is enough to break the bear’s neck. Tigers can dodge the bear’s hits quite easily.
    Tigers are expert in punching and boxing. It can also maneuver around easily and latch itself on the bear’s neck and one bite is enough for the tiger to have a good meal.

    Just think, it’s the mass of the bear against the mass AND agility of the tiger. Moreover, even if bears are smarter than tigers, the big cat is gonna be so quick that the bear doesn’t get a chance to analyze the situation.
    Siberian tigers aren’t as cunning as Bengal tigers, but a tiger is a tiger after all. Even Siberian Tiger can suddenly change its tactics while fighting.

    Therefore, the tiger has more chances of winning.
    I won’t say that the tiger has very high rates. In tiger vs lion, tiger has 80%, lion has it 20% but in Grizzly Bear vs Siberian Tiger, it’s not that high a difference, but all the same, tiger takes it more.
    Also, the mass difference isn’t that great.
    Siberian Tiger is around 308 kg while Grizzly Bear around 345 kg. THAT DOESN’T MEAN AN OVERWHELMING ADVANTAGE.
    Why is the tiger more agile is that it has more muscles. A tiger is built with 72.6% muscles. The bear is a bunch of fat. Thus a tiger is overall stronger.

  26. James W.

    Anonymous, do a fact check..
    & you’ll see, your 80-20 tiger over lion ratio is the wrong way around..
    .. just check the subject at All Empires history forum, for an excellent literature review..

    Bears do even worse, being killed by mules & the like.. let alone prime lions..

    1. Anonymous

      I have answered only after going through HEAPS of websites.
      There have been 1902 fights.
      Tiger won 1732.
      Lion won just 170.
      That mounts to 91% for tiger.

      It is a clear indication that a tiger has win rate even higher than 80%. Infact, 80% is a lower limit.

      1. James W.


        Made up fanboy garbage, the favourite food of the grizzly bear!
        Dumpster divers are losers, & stripey boys get boss lion beatdowns.

  27. StronkMan

    For this I will be comparing an average Bengal tiger to the average inland grizzly, which average 500 pounds and 600 pounds respectively. Fat won’t save the bear, the tiger has 3-4 inch long teeth, with a bite force of over 1000 psi, and 3 inch long claws. And unlike the bear, these are sharp wince they can be sheathed, the tiger has superior weapons. And despite the size difference, the bear won’t be significantly stronger, a lot of it’s weight are due to its fat, the tiger on the other hand is practically pure muscle. Bears are surprisingly fast, but that is when they are running in a straight line, that is not agility or reflexes, where the tiger excels. The tiger is very capable of boxing on its hind legs while maneuvering. However the bear has advantages of its own. It has higher stamina, as has been proven in the wild. The bear will likely have slightly more powerful paw swipes due to the location of its muscle mass, they have big shoulders, however these aren’t going to one shot the tiger like some have suggested. Despite how bear fat won’t save the bear like some people suggest, it will still somewhat help in this fight. Speaking of durability, the bear also has denser bones. I can see the tiger having the upper hand at first, but if the bear can survive the tiger’s initial onslaught, the better chances the bear will have due to superior MystaminaI think the tiger will win after an extremely close fight, it will come down to the individuals involved far more than what species they belong to. However grizzlies on the coast are larger than grizzlies inland, so a coastal grizzly will defeat a tiger.

    1. tryreadingactualstudies


      ” The tiger is very capable of boxing on its hind legs while maneuvering. However the bear has advantages of its own. It has higher stamina, as has been proven in the wild.”

      wow…..where are you reading this stuff??? Lord help us.

  28. JCola

    First of all Grizzlys are not even remotely the king of bears that honor goes to the Kodiac (BASICALLY A GRIZZLY ON STERIODS )An ex employee of mine used to go to Kodiac Island yearly to photograph them .A large Kogic Bear (1400 lbs ) can out run a racehorse in short spurts .Large adult Kodiacs are the size of Voltswagen Beatles and can easily break ANY cat in half with the swipe of its paw(6 INCH CLAWS ) If anyone has ever seen a large Kodiac in person in comparason to a Loin or TIGER they would realize the cat doesnt have a chance in HELL To get a true size perspective google Bart The Bear.

    1. James W.

      Funny, Pepsi-Max,
      Why don’t you do a hormone comparison
      between fat-as dumpster-diving garbage-guts bear,
      & big cat, such as testosterone or adrenaline release?

      Bears will run from yappy pet dogs, or an angry housecat,
      a big cat will intimidate them – if they catch a whiff of his scent,
      just as circus clown bears are, when boss lion enters the big-top.

      & as for putting the ‘pedal to the metal’ when it comes to the crunch,
      Yogi the picnic thief will be on toast for the dedicated killer that is big cat..

  29. Todd

    Well, that’s what tigers are for – to kill grizzly bears.

  30. Ack

    Basically it’s a tank (Grizzly) vs. a Ferrari (Tiger). In a head to head battle the tank wins, every time.

  31. Toby Norman

    The grizzly wins hands-down. By the way, animal trainers, hunters, and biologists agree that bears have primate-like intelligence while the cat family rate just below the wolf. Big cats can afford just a limited weight range to be successful hunters. A grizzly can pack-on the muscle and fat. There have been several tiger vs grizzly fights in captivity recorded. The grizzly won every time. Also, grizzly vs lion with same results; except once and only once has it been recorded that a lion killed a grizzly – and that was within a tight enclosure where the lion suddenly and unexpectedly grabbed the bear by the throat – an ambush. History proves the grizzly the better combatant over any big cat.

  32. Billy

    I’m gonna vote team bear as well, simply because their larger mass is a huge advantage. As long as we are talking a fair fight, bear is gonna kick tigers ass every time.

  33. Kevin G

    The upper weight limit for adult male grizzlies is 1700 lbs, while for adult male Siberian tigers is 800 lbs. The grizzly has dense muscle, fat, and skin around its neck and head. Plus, they are not slow. Watch a video of it swatting something. Unless the tiger ambushes the bear, and gets lucky, I don’t see how the tiger would emerge as the victor.

  34. Don

    Seems everyone has their favorite…..
    I believe the “arena” would determine the victor. If it were a narrow venue such as a cage, then they clash face to face. This is a huge advantage for the bear as they use crushing blow as their primary weapon and a full on hit will crush and part of the tiger it hits. Before you say the tiger has powerful forelimbs, consider how they use them slashing and grappling attacks. This serves them well in an ambush attack but is inferior to the bears crushing blows face to face.
    In an open arena the tiger has a much better chance. Its agility and speed give it a better than fair chance of attacking a bear from behind. In this scenario the bear is in trouble. The tiger has the strength to hold on and deliver a fatal bite to the back of the neck Even if it take multiple attempts to sever the spinal column, the bear will find it hard to dislodge the tiger and pretty much be helpless.
    Both are vicious alpha predators with very different fighting styles and I can see either winning. Pretty much depends on which one gets their preferred encounter. I doubt the bear would “hunt” a tiger as it likes easier meals. As to the tiger, I can see a tiger hunting bears. But I doubt it would choose a face to face encounter. Would a tiger hunt grizzlies? I guess no (and yes my guess is as good as yours) due to Darwin. If the two did coexist and clashed, both combatants would likely receive mortal wounds. A bear may be able to initially survive, but the deep slashes inflicted by the tiger would be subject to secondary infection. Likewise a tiger with broken bones from a grizzly attack may not be able to hunt and starve to death. Stretch this out over centuries and you could see the more aggressive of both species dying earlier and being washing out of the genetic pool leaving only the ones smart enough to avoid each other to breed any carry on.
    If you truly can not see how either could win then you dont understand both species.

  35. Rick

    James I seriously hope ur trolling with all of these incorrect facts that you rattle off. You sound like my brother with aspergers who will tell you the “facts” about anything. What most tiger “fanboys” and indeed no one in this discussion, has touched on, is a cat’s bone structure is lightly built. They are engineered to be incredibly fast ambush hunters, and can’t sustain much damage. Their skin is thin and they have no fat to protect vital blood vessels and their abdominal wall. This isn’t comparing a human athlete to an obese human. The grizzly bear has huge amounts of thick muscle insulated by fat, tough, thick skin, and inches of dense fur. He has one of the greatest stamina levels on Earth being able to fight or run for days. Their bones are also very dense, robust, and can handle big hits when they fight each other for dominance and mating. Their neck is so thick it couldn’t be bitten into efficiently, the tiger would end up pinching a bunch of fur skin and fat. Whereas any damage to an area with major arteries will spell death for your tiger. Any major blow to his spine, rip. Also consider the bear’s foul temper and willingness to face his opponent. i don’t think anything short of a rhino or elephant could handle an adult male grizzly of even average size.

    Sources (Tiger skeleton) (grizzly skeleton)

    1. Jason

      Theres 4″ of fat under the skin. No real damage is done. The “primitive” bear claws easily rip through any hide with the power of a bear swipe. Sharpness means absolutely nothing with the power of these animals. It’s only for grip. Slashing wise, the tiger can’t even reach muscle with a swipe. One hit from a bear would do sooo much damage on the lean tiger. You keep underestimating the fat. A hippo is one of the fattest, but notoriously one of the most dangerous. Theres nothing dopey and slow about them when they attack. Same with a bear, if it actually fought back against a tiger, it’d generally win and dig through the tiger like the rest of “trash it eats”. I’m not saying the tiger couldn’t win, as we know even lions lose to Buffalo every so often. But in a FIGHT, a bear has more REAL advantages.

  36. John

    Has anyone ever watched the Ali Foreman fight Foreman that big thick have beat Muhammad Ali but brains swiftness and Agility and deadly accuracy will always outsmart the bigger more menacing opponent

  37. Toby Norman

    In every recorded fight between a tiger and a grizzly, the bear defeated the big cat. There are recorded events of grizzlies in Russia killing mature male tigers. There are no records of a mature male grizzly ever being killed by a tiger.

    1. James W.

      I really doubt that, do cite the sources.
      & you’d actually need to do some fact checks.

      Wildlife studies in Siberia where tigers & brown bears
      co-exist – do not support your quite ludicrous claims.
      ( & a ‘Grizzly’ is a brown bear, in fact.)

      These field research findings show that bears are wary of tigers,
      & rightly so, since as an obligate carnivore the tiger will only eat
      other animals, ( inc’ bears) & will not grub in the dirt or dumpster as bears do.

      In fact, one such study showed a particular tiger under observation
      had developed a taste for bear meat, & habitually sought them out
      as a prey item of choice, & yes, including mature male bears.

      Check with the memoirs of circus beastmasters too, bears generally fear
      even the scent of big cats, as a natural response – & avoid them,
      unless habituated by contact usually determined by humans.

      Circus performances by bears generally include some humiliating clown-type
      routine, quite unlike the vividly athletic, often aggressively fearsome big cat acts.

      The historical record of accidental contact between bears & big cats does
      confirm the general physical superiority of big cats over bears, in combat,
      & – by a significant margin.

      You’d do well to watch the remarkable Tippi Hedren movie, ‘ROAR!’ to
      gain some insight into the reality of the situation, Toby.

      1. Chris Long

        Cats are not considered cute, otherwise you’d better believe they’d be wearing tutus, hats, and riding bicycles.

        The bear’s stamina alone would lay waste to any tiger, anywhere. Tigers are stalkers. bears are not. Tigers stalk because they can pounce fast. but their prey has to be weak. A Siberian tiger who attacked and pounced on a grizzly would soon find out badly it bit off more than it could chew. The bear, after first absorbing everything the tiger could throw at it would then return the favor, over and over again. The tiger at tthat point will try to get away, but being too tired, is now lunch.

        No contest… Grizz wins with ease….

    2. Vivek Mohan

      No…you don’t know the muscular system of cats
      Especially the tiger…go and study..
      Other -wise please visit lndian forest and learn the
      the unknown truth of tiger…..after we can talk.

      It is not an opnion but something i remind you.
      Some legacies lie in this beast…yes

      We have Some historical records on tiger
      unbelievable grown male Bengal tiger could kill
      a man from a flying beat over 12 feet.The important thing was ,it happened while an elephant ride.

      My final point will be, the full growned bangal tiger with 15 years old which is from forest nobody can win.
      Because… Some temples had been telling us the tiger god…
      Even in kung fu why tiger could get main form instead of other beasts like bear and the lion.

      Because, Nobody can change the real history .

  38. nico

    actually the others are wrong because there is proof that tigers eat bears.

  39. Anon

    Wow. People really think a tiger will beat a grizzly bear here? Even worse that so many think that.

    Go watch a video of two grizzlies fighting. They clinch each other and latch on to their opponent’s face and start trashing back and forth with far more power than a tiger is going to produce. And guess what? The bears withstand it for long periods of time.

    WHAT IN THE WORLD is a tiger possibly going to do to a grizzly bear???? Its teeth are no bigger, its claws smaller, and it lacks the slow twitch torque the bears produce their power from. I can’t even see a tiger significantly hurting a grizzly before it’s grabbed, brought to the ground, and fatally wounded from a combination of the crushing, thrashing bites and massive paw swipes.

    Bear wins via ripping the tiger’s face off with its jaws. That’s quite literally how the fight would go. You people need to go watch a grizzly fight video NOW.

    1. AP

      Try and get some education.

      The power of a bear’s paw swipe is equal to that of a tiger’s – the bear’s extra weight comes from fur and fat (which might offer some protection though).

      Bear fights are brutal – but tiger fights are just as brutal. Tiger’s will rear up on their hind legs and hit each other’s heads – whoever gets KO-ed first dies via a neck bite.

      The tiger’s canines are much longer and thicker than a bear’s – the bear might have heavier pressure jaws, but the tiger’s jaw/teeth structure gives it a more devastating bite.

      The tiger has thinner and smaller claws – but they are sharper, due to the fact that they are retractable (unlike a bear’s).

      The fight can go one of two ways – either the tiger KOs the bear and kills it with a fatal neck bite – or the bear lands a very accurate and purposeful blow on the tiger’s skull and wins that way.

  40. Pierre

    Something I know is that all those animals are more intelligent than most of you here.

  41. Peter

    Tigers are far sharper witted than bears & bears are omnivores, even the polar bear is not 100% carnivore people forget. The bear would have the edge for the killer blow hate to admit though tigers do kill larger prey than any bear people often forget so either has the means to kill the other. When both fighters are more than strong enough to kill the other getting the first attack is important and that goes to the tiger but the grizzly would be able to hold ground better. Do not underestimate how powerful the siberian tiger is though, while smaller than the largest bears it is still a big, solid beast. Actually the largest land carnivore is the siberian tiger, as said all bears are ominivores or the case of the panda even herbivores by choice now lol.

    So do consider ferocity, which is a trait higher for obligate carnivores than hypercarnivores as well but typically most people weigh size more than other factors when it comes to fights so not surprised most chose the bear, although it’s almost 60-40 so not a massive divide. & grizzly bears are brown bears so it is comparable if tigers are known to kill Russian brown bears, if anything Siberia is a harsher climate so would they not be even deadlier than the grizzly cousins?

  42. Swapnil

    LOL I’m surprised James didn’t showed up in this thread, showering peoples with his ridiculously stupid comments.

    Anyways as for the debate, I will choose the bear, I’m a tiger fan but Grizzly bear stands a better chance. One lethal blow from Grizzly is enough to put Tiger out of action.

    1. James W.

      too funny, you haven’t even read the thread..
      For I have indeed – previously posted – in this thread.

      The Tiger naturally preys on bear, as has been pointed out,
      & will also seek to suppress other rivals for hunting territory,
      – such as wolves & leopards..

      Since the tiger is very close morphology-wise to its
      cousin, the lion, & even though it is less inclined to be
      so utterly bloody-minded, it still shares the far superior
      recent evolutionary killer attributes of a big cat, so yeah,
      the tiger stomps all over the fat-as garbage-guts grizzly,
      – at will..

  43. Swapnil

    James I know, I would be wasting my time explaining you everything. You will ignore everything, just like you did with Rob, but still, the tiger cannot, would not, will not and never win this fight. Although it can put up a good fight with him, more than a lion could do.

    Just think more logically man, the odds are against the tiger. Bear is far superior in terms of strength, power and size it could outmatch any big cat.

  44. James W.

    Sadly, it seems you choose to remain an ignoramus..
    Physiology & zoology-wise big cats are far more advanced killers,
    they are in fact, an exemplar of the dedicated evolutionary carnivore,
    & by comparison – a bear is a fat-as stumble-bum.. just like rob..

    That you also quote rob, shows you that you too *****nil,
    are very likely nought, but a troll..

    If you are not, prove it..
    Its quite simple – read the data in the link recently provided by Trav,
    in the ‘lion versus bear ‘ thread,
    & come back educated – on the reality of the matter..

  45. Swapnil

    -_-|| James man what are you saying?

    I agree the big cats are more athletically advanced, I also agree the tiger have fair chances of winning, but the Grizzly bear is simply a monster, I can bet ya 8/10 the bear will win. The bear is just too huge for any big cat, pound for pound the big cats are stronger and more talented fighters. But its not a pound for pound forum, the bear will simply dispatch any big cat with a single stroke of it’s paw.

  46. Swapnil

    Hmps.. thanks a lot James ^_^. I thought the bear will win because he’s massive, so he would be stronger etc. I was wrong…

    Thanks for opening my eyes, and make me realize how wrong I was.

  47. James W.

    Finally, you appear to show some realization..
    Hopefully, this is due to a proper appraisal of the evidence,
    & not simply due to being a purblind tiger fanboy showing ‘likes’ – for his ‘fave’..

  48. James W.

    Wrong again, & seemingly dumb-as too.. just like like rob..

    Try & grasp the reality.. since your child’s imagination – simply put – does not cut it..

    Unlike like the boss lion, who’d carve a fat-as bear’s heart out..
    ..& eat it with relish.. or maybe katsup.. if that was his ‘fave’..

    I have to quote ‘Captain Mainwaring’ here : “You stupid boy!”

  49. James W.

    Did you mis-spell your name?
    Is it really ‘T-for- Turkey’ – sure seems like it.. & yeah,
    ‘Stupid is – as stupid does.. as it applies to you..

    Check the actual evidence.. not only do wild lions face down & kill..
    .. on a regular basis – far tougher creatures than ice bears..
    ..but when they both fought in captivity, the lions usually win..
    This is fact..

  50. James W.

    You really are developing into a troll..
    Bears grapple with wrestle each other.. they don’t strike paw blows..
    They only “swipe” fish from streams, & “swipe”garbage from dumpsters..

    Big cats however – can & do deliver massive sharp-clawed blows – via all four paws..
    ‘Roundhouse’ strikes from their front limbs, & guts-ripping rear leg kicks..

    Check the video of the tiger knocking out the water buffalo..
    & the video of lions landing super-quick hard-striking blows on crocodiles..

    Bears are too fat, slow, poorly armed & amateurish as killers – to combat an adept big cat,
    when it is skilled & intent on killing, & then eating – bear meat..
    This is a natural fact.. & is clearly shown by the actual evidence of conflict between them..

  51. James W.

    It is a typical ‘stupid boy’ response to claim baldly – “No that’s not a fact.”

    You really have to cite/link validated data sets to verify your view..
    ..that is, if you wan’t to be taken seriously, rather than a rob-clone troll..

    Only trouble is, you can’t – since, as the irrefutable facts clearly show.. primary predators, the biggest cats are dominant over bears of all kinds..

  52. James W.

    Too funny.. do you really imagine that bulk bear-fat is some kind of armour?
    & will “keep the lion’s teeth & claws from doing anything but sort of hurt it.”
    That’s either stupidity or trolling.. but utter bear-grade garbage, anyhow you cut it..

    Fat on bears is there to enable them to lie about semi-paralytic, lazing in a den, over winter.. is certainly nothing but a severe penalty for combating a lion dedicated to carve ups..

    Fat is readily cut & bleeds out fast, & provides a poor attachment for skin, which is why
    bear skin is torn off in huge patches so easily, even by blunt bear claws, during their scuffles,
    whereas lion teeth & claw attack will hack straight through, & flense it out, like it was butter fat..

    1. James W.

      wrong address: try this:

  53. David Nalianya Sasaka

    I thought the lion was the most fierce animal under the sun, I was wrong.

    1. James W.

      Tiger beats bear..
      To a territory boss male tiger, bears are on the menu..

      Lion pride-boss in his prime – still outbeasts the tiger, though..
      ..since its in his nature to dominate all-comers, or die trying..
      & the lion def’ has the edge in both tools & talent – for fighting.. & winning..
      ..its what he’s done, & had to do – as a life-long mission – to get to be the boss..

  54. James W.

    Yeah, for sure..
    I do spit on your trash, since it is such bear-grade stuff..

    Your fan-boy ‘fave’ raving is stinking up the thread..
    Stay on topic, kid..

    A tiger who habitually makes the bear his food of choice,
    & has worked out the best methods of despatching the
    fat-as furbag – will still be shocked – if confronted by a
    boss lion – who has the advantage of extensive expertise in
    defeating big, powerful, fight-adept, fully maned male lions..

  55. James W.

    “We truly are laughing at you…”
    ‘Stupid boy’ looking in the mirror.. L.O.L…

    I wrote that elephants are natural prey items for lions.. & its a fact, kid..
    See the ‘Kratt Bros’ episode which shows how lions do this..
    ..including “Even a 6 1/2 African bush elephant.”- in the hunt..

    Why do you think that bears do not live in Africa anymore?
    Bears cannot make a living in lion territory, & nor can tigers..

    Lion advantages ensure this situation, even a ‘stupid boy’ should get this..

  56. James W.

    Liger is biggest cat..
    Lion is sire of liger…

    & in the wild today, measurements – as taken in the field,
    show that – on average, lions are bigger than tigers..

    But actually the size of healthy adult lions & tigers
    shows considerable overlap, & yet its a fact, the significant
    cat attributes give both the biggest cat species, tiger & lion,
    a major advantage in combat capability over the bear..

    Big boss lion is though, for sure – the ‘King’ – so get that straight, kid..

  57. Aka/Tony

    A liger would destroy a lion in a fight. Just admit it. Liger is not classified as a big cat, it’s a hybrid between the two biggest. One being bigger than the other. Yeah, totally… an average lion is bigger than an average SIBERIAN TIGER, which averages 700 pounds, your own website that said the largest lion ever was 800 pound. That mega fat lion is way too fat for combat. he’s not supposed to be that heavy. The website also said average African lions are 410 pounds. You say that website was accurate (which it was) yet hear you are saying lion are bigger than tigers. Also, that quiz was from National Geographic, which is the best site, no other site is as accurate as it, because they actually film the animals and have discovered that tigers are bigger than lions. It’s on that quiz! The quiz says tigers are bigger, which is made by National Geographic, and unless you have a better source than National Geographic, just shut you’re ass up.

  58. Aka/Tony

    A liger would destroy a lion in a fight. Just admit it. Liger is not classified as a big cat, it’s a hybrid between the two biggest. One being bigger than the other. Yeah, totally… an average lion is bigger than an average SIBERIAN TIGER, which averages 700 pounds, your own website that said the largest lion ever was 800 pound. That mega fat lion is way too fat for combat. he’s not supposed to be that heavy. The website also said average African lions are 410 pounds. You say that website was accurate (which it was) yet hear you are saying lion are bigger than tigers. Also, that quiz was from National Geographic, which is the best site, no other site is as accurate as it, because they actually film the animals and have discovered that tigers are bigger than lions. It’s on that quiz! The quiz says tigers are bigger, which is made by National Geographic, and unless you have a better source than National Geographic, just shut up.

  59. James W.

    Jeeze kid..
    Try & get a grip.. what a ‘stupid boy’..
    National Geo is yet another ‘entertainment channel’..

    You don’t even know what proper scientific research is..
    & like your troll-buddy rob, you avoid it, even when its in your face..

    Lion >tiger>bear.. fact..

  60. Aka/Tony

    National geographic is not an ‘entertainment show.’ They film animals all over the world. I know this because my aunt works their. Please, do so present a site better than National Geographic. Rob is not my buddy we are actually arguing right now. It’s actually: Lion<bear<tiger. The fact is lion can't compete with either tiger or bear. Tigers and bears are on a whole different level.

    1. James W.

      Kid, just what’s with..
      .. the perseverative ‘stupid boy’ routine?
      You got an Aspergers syndrome diagnosis yet?

      Try & understand.. lions & tigers are close cousins..
      ..both big cats show significant evolutionary advances as carnivores – over bears..

      & being extra-fat sure won’t help – the flat-footed, bow-legged brownie.. combat the ruthlessly adept killer techniques of the biggest panthera duo..

      You also know that Nat Geo, which you put so much store in, duly notes that..
      ..the boss lion in the wild, out beasts the tiger, which we know, naturally preys on bear..

      Thus its lion>tiger>bear, & your ‘fave’ fantasies – won’t alter this essential fact..

  61. rob

    Why do you think that bears do not live in Africa anymore?

    Atlas bears became extinct due to over hunting by humans. it had nothing to do with predation by Lions.
    Btw, Lions do not kill 6 ton bush elephants on one one. Please don’t try to pass off evidence of a pride attacking and killing an infant or juvenille as proof. They avoid big daddy like the plague. Why? They’d get crushed under his massive weight.

    1. James W.

      Atlas bears, a form of brownie..
      ..were on the menu for the Barbary lion..
      & were dominated by them, totally.
      ( FYI rob, this scenario was also repeated, over centuries,
      in the Roman arena games, & later by the Muslim rulers.)

      North Africa was in an area where scarce resources meant that
      lions didn’t form prides – as they do elsewhere, but lived more
      as tigers do.. & FYI tigers dominate bears in their shared habitats, too.

      South of the Sahara, even though there is plenty of prey,
      life is much tougher – & bears simply could not compete..
      & were goneburgers, long, long since..

  62. James W.

    What an eggburger..

    Bears “fighting for hours” simply shows how amateur they are as killers.. pathetic..
    ..a boss lion will deal to such fat-as ineptitude swiftly, & with expert precision..

    See that awful instance of the bear-fan – who thought he’d befriended wild brownies.. can listen to the recording of the hapless fool as he is literally, & slowly.. eaten alive..

    A boss lion kills – far more effectively, & quickly, by comparison, being an adept professional..
    & he may choose to apply a crippling bite 1st, to disable a large opponent,
    or for purposes of deliberate psychological intimidation, in the case of hyenas,
    or other lions – territorial interlopers, & pretenders to his throne..

    Fat-as fur-bags bum-fighting “for hours” like skid-row drunks – are a joke, like you rob..
    ..they aint gonna stand up for long – against real hard-out, true-school, boss-lion thuggery.

    & as for stamina.. didn’t you yourself post that vid of the poor old 1/2 dead lion
    still gamely taking on the brutish buffalo bull, & fighting to the death, over many hours..

  63. rob

    ..since the facts crush you – down, j
    No, James it is you who has pushed facts aside and sought conformation bias. I keep using conformation bias because it fits you like a shrunken T-Shirt.

    Btw, chew on this link from PBS ( You’ll regard it as a bears lovers site,but oh well) . You are still dead wrong and seek conformation bias from questionable / opinionated blogs by writers who have no background in science.

    Held in awe by Native American Indians, classic characters in folklore, feared, trapped, hunted, displayed in zoos and made to perform in circuses, the bear has long had a complicated relationship with humans. The bear intimidates with its size and strength, but it may be the bear’s undeniable intelligence that causes us to revere the creature even as we fear him.

    Considered by many wildlife biologists to be one of the most intelligent land animals of North America,

    We’ve witnessed them performing complex tasks — a sign of an ability to learn and process information. We’ve seen circus bears balance on balls, ride vehicles or roller skate, and play sports and musical instruments. Zookeepers and animal trainers consider bears to be smarter than dogs.

    Like humans, bears are omnivores. It’s well known that omnivores are often substantially smarter than more specialized feeders

    A grizzly’s memory is so sharp that he can remember where they encountered a certain food ten or more years earlier. And bears remember familiar animals for years, recognizing them and identifying their social status from a distance as far as 2,000 feet away.

    To learn survival skills from their mother, cubs spend several years with her. She educates them about what plants are good to eat and where to find them. By the time a juvenile bear leaves its mother, it knows what plant foods are available at each time of the season, and what habitats are likely to have those foods over a very large area. That knowledge serves them well as they move into new areas, learning and remembering where new food sources are found in a new environment. This knowledge is also critical to finding food when food sources change drastically from year to year depending upon weather and climate.

    I doubt you’ll click the link because it doesn’t jive with your conformation bias.

    I’ll go back to the third paragraph. Zookeepers and animal trainers consider the bears intelligence to be greater than dogs. That puts them in the upper percentile of higher primates. They blow lions and tigers out of the water in that category,

    James, You continue to dig a deeper hole. I still have more ammo to bury you. Fuck with the bull and you get the horns.

    1. James W.

      “bury you” L.O.L…
      That link has a cogent bear-relevant intelligence/motivation quote:
      “…constantly devising new ways to get at garbage.”

      In Africa, lions have learned to use paved roads to help getting
      real big hoofed beasts quickly off their feet, & use the presence
      of humans – as shields to get close for a stealth attack..

      Again, rob, I’d pointed out your propensity for ‘ confirmation bias’..
      & which you ‘parrot’ back – lamely, & inaccurately – as a troll ploy.. just keep grubbing in the dirt, bear-wise, eh, rob..

      & traditional circus bears get the dumb-as clown role, unlike the fearsome big cats..

  64. rob

    It’s well known that omnivores are often substantially smarter than more specialized feeders

    There you have it. Omnivores are smarter than carnivores and herbivores. That’s science 101. Looks like another category the feline loses in.

    1. James W.

      rob/troll.. still..
      ..go on & on – with the unscientific blather..

      Here’s some actual research study info, from a science faculty,
      at the University of Malaga, Spain.. concerning..
      “…Performance of the Carnivorian Forelimb.”

      “…modern felids use their forearms for manipulating & subduing
      their prey before the killing bite, thus needing a powerful triceps
      brachii to exert enough force…
      …ursids have less mechanical advantage of the triceps brachii…”

      & yet further cat musculoskeletal capability advantage over bears..

      ” …in felids, both the wrist & elbow joints exhibited a large degree
      of mobility, which was reflective of the claw equipped foreleg being
      used as a hunting weapon.”

      Oh dear, rob.. as the science also shows..
      .. the big cats also win – in paw-power, grasping & striking ability..
      & bears, like you rob, are the loser, once again..

  65. James W.

    Kid, try & learn..
    Trolling is a lame deal..

    You & rob both, are pathetically ‘ fave’ fixated.. you react emotively – when your value-invested ideas are de-bunked..

    Hopefully you can mature mentally, & learn to accept scientifically validated data..
    I think rob knows that tigers naturally see bears as prey, but prefers trolling..
    ..just as bears prefer garbage, so rob likes to emulate his ‘fave’, with garbage, too..

  66. James W.

    Hey kid..
    Try & be less of a troll..
    If you actually read – what I wrote..
    ..the science shows what has been measured..
    & then published in peer reviewed reports, & the “60%” figure
    was for ‘skeletal’ muscle – now what does your “72.6” represent..
    ..where is it sourced from?

    You do realise that tiger/lion/jaguar are close cousins, right?
    Apart from the jaguar being a scaled down version, of course.

    & the lion has certain adaptation advantages in cardiac output.

    You have seen numerous videos showing lions hunting elephants..
    ..which is what I – correctly – claimed & yet you so foolishly denied..

    I have also posted real wildlife video of male lions hunting..
    ..another fact which you went feral troll over, & were again proved wrong..
    Actually kid, its pretty funny when even your mentor in trolling, rob..
    ..gets on your case for pulling the ‘stupid boy’ routine..

    Fact is, tiger does naturally prey on bear..
    ..but in a fight, boss lion beats down his stripey cuz.
    & your ‘fave’ kid, the jag, is outgunned by both the big boys..

  67. James W.

    Boy.. you do know..
    ..this is the tiger beats bear thread, right..

    Why do you keep going on about irrelevant stuff, which you just made up?
    Seems likely, you maybe have mental development deficiencies, like rob, huh kid..

    Tiger hunts bear, its a natural fact.. but tiger cannot compete in lion country..
    ..this is also a fact, as shown by the history of both the two cousin species – in India..

    Don’t try & deny this boy, its a scientific reality – so no more trolling now.. are coming across here, as just a rotten little spoiled brat..

    1. James W.

      Jeeze kid..
      ..what a loser.. just like a stripey big cat vs his tougher golden cousin..
      ..seriously, cant you tell a faked tiger-fan video when you see it?
      & where was the Nat Geo branding?
      Oh right, there wasn’t any.. L.O.L…

  68. James W.

    rob, you’ve lost..
    ..lost the discussion, point-by-point, & lost the plot too.. you revert to sickening homo-pervert trolling, & so revealing yourself..

    No wonder you have such a ‘love’ for the biggest, fattest, dirt-grubbing fur-bags.. ugh..

    Even a hungry Amur tiger would likely leave your stinking carcase for the cannibal
    brownies to scavenge though, you’re just too greasy, fat & filthy – for a tiger’s taste..

  69. Jacob

    I thing that the grizzly has the advantage because the have huge claws and powerful paws they have been known to break the backs of wolves and black Bears with one swipe

  70. Shane

    I read a few people mention that tigers are used to hunting prey larger than the grizzly. Do any of you know just how large a full grown moose is? 2 tons!!! And something like 13-15 ft tall. You also compare the grizzly apparently on the same scale as the brown bear. The grizzly although a relative to the brown bear is much fiercer and larger. When you see a brown bear in the woods, you just keep an eye on them. If you see a grizzly in the woods, you keep a gun on him. Seems like a very biased article with no real facts from actual encounters. Back in roman era, exotic beast were pitted against each other for betting and show purpose. I don’t see how these two amazing animals have never met in real life.

  71. Al

    The Plains Grizzly of the North American Great Plains doesn’t exist anymore. They fed mostly on the great herds bufalo, now which are few. An Alaskan biologist from Montana told me these were the largest of the North American bears, including the Polar Bear.

    In the Time-Life leather-bound books about the old west, one them stated death matches were held between plains grizzly bears vs lions and tigers for amusement and gambling. The matches were held in either pits or cages. The book didn’t state whether the tigers were Bengal or Amur tigers. In all cases stated in the book, the plains grizzly won…in less than 60 seconds. The lions and tigers had no chance to stalk or ambush. It was one on one, face to face, no chance to run.

    The Plains Grizzlies were like modern day MMA fighters on high protein diets all packed with muscle and fast.

    No chance for the big cats.

    My favorite animals:

    Killer Whales (They eat sharks)
    Eagles (They grab and throw big goats off cliffs)
    Amur Tigers (They live in a cool place and kill bears).


  72. Swapnil

    James, man you are a feline fanboy; that too a very hardcore one. You are trying to make big cats sound like they are some kind of unbeatable killing machines, which was destined to kill.

    Just remember they too have their limits and tendencies, for e.g. just make them rum 500 meters and they are tired to death.

    You must be delusional if you think your “prime pride boss male Lion” could beat much stronger bear and tiger. Do some research.

  73. Swapnil

    There are cases of Siberian tiger hunting Kodiak bear for food, and if a tiger🐯 can hunt a 1000 pounds just imagine what he could do to a 420 pound lion.

    1. James W.

      It is you who is “delusional”..

      No tigers do currently live wild – in North America,
      & Kodiak bears thus have no such predators to contend with..

      But if.. a typical boss male lion coalition did visit Kodiak for a summer’s
      season of bear hunting, them tough tawny thugs would just wreak havoc..
      & the fat-as brownies’d be suffering hapless, under the true apex carnivores rule..

  74. Swapnil

    I see you haven’t changed a bit in my absence, not surprised though.

    In fact, their is no need either to imagine what a Grizzly bear can do. That fat-as bear has huge layers of fat, fats have their own advantages it would be very difficult for a lion to cut through Grizzly’s skin and lion’s canines aren’t longer enough as well as their claws.

  75. James W.

    Read the thread?
    No, thats why you’ve got nil idea, as ever..

    Why you’d “imagine” that a “huge layer of fat” will be of any use.. to a bear..
    ..except for overwintering/hibernating/lazing about in a den for months..

    Certainly such a lardy layer is of negative value in a combat with a true killer..
    & since bear skin is so easily torn by blunt dirt-grubbing claws..
    .. a big cat’s real evolutionary advantages in sharp, extensible, meat-hooking,
    & slicing-dicing independantly functional claws will flense that bear so easily..

    Plus, any bear that has only ever felt the bite of his own kind – at worst.. going to be shocked & awed, by the much more capable teeth/jaw/bite prowess..
    of a specialist, professional killer carnivore, viz: the biggest panthera species..

  76. Karl

    The shit one comes across while drinking, the answer is one all over the net there are plenty of cage matches (sadly enough) where bears are put to fight big cats including tigers. I have read that Siberian tigers prey on brown bears, but of course these are smaller than them not the really large ones. I don’t know why its always Siberian tiger vs Grizzly why not make it a polar bear which is way bigger and eats animals much larger than even a ligar. If you really think a tiger would win, I say, search the web for these clips. I will not post them because they are cruel and I don’t believe in fighting any animals, but I even found them on Youtube in a few second. For anyone who loves an animal, it is easy to see why people are so passionate on both sides but everything I saw in the unnatural habitat of a cage match showed a bear winning against lions, tigers, and even other bears – oh my

    1. James W.

      yeah right.. as if..
      I aint afraid to post the appropos vid-link..
      See here below:

      Fact is, a prime boss big panthera – rips fat-as brownie..
      to shreds, & if’n he feels like it.. jest to keep extra warm..
      wears a flayed off, bear-skin vest..

  77. rob

    August 5, 2017
    There are cases of Siberian tiger hunting Kodiak bear for food, and if a tiger🐯 can hunt a 1000 pounds just imagine what he could do to a 420 pound lion.

    Tigers do not exist on Kodiak island.

    I see this forum is not a good place for research lol

  78. James W.

    Facts rob?
    You’d never let them get in way of your bear worship..
    Your sticky dumpster-derived bear crap stinks.. L.O.L…
    & that’s a fact..

    Brownie gets stomped by stripey.. there’s another.. FACT.

  79. BB

    FIrst off.
    They do not have the same power
    A brown bear has significantly more swiping force than a S-Tiger.
    Also, The S-tiger didn’t hunt the bear, it was a equal fight, yes the bear was prey, but the tiger was also prey.
    Bears are more fierce and has more weight.
    If they both stand on their hind legs head on the bear will trample the tiger

    1. James W.

      Do some research.
      Bear is out-gunned, big cats are much more muscular, being meat-fed,
      & their muscle is tuned for adept killing speed & power, not dirt grubbing,
      dumpster diving, or fish-flipping, like the furry-bum, filthy fat-as, bear.

  80. Gary

    Jimmy crack corn. Lay off the LSD. Grizzlies have 6” to 8”claws, and much more bite force than both species of big cat. Heck, Tony’s Jaguar has more bite force than a lion or tiger. A Tigers best chance is when a bear is hibernating or total surprise. If a big Kodiak and a tiger/lion faced off and it was do or die, the power and weaponry of the Grizzly is unmatched.

    1. James W.

      Corn fed tall-tales of grizzly bear = bullshit.
      Dirt grubbing blunted/fixed claws do not match the real weapons of Panthera.
      Panthera bite is like-wise, that of a true killer-carnivore, not a garbage eater..
      The bigger the cat, the harder it bites, & no, the jag cannot match its bigger cousins.

      Panthera muscularity power out-matches that of Ursids, check out ‘El Jefe’, the jag who..
      yes, also preys on bears..

  81. Gary

    Lol a black bear from a southern climate. That’s funny. They are small and weak. Tigers have a far better chance against a huge grizzly or Kodiak than a flea bitten lion. If you read anything but fantasy books you’d know

  82. James W.

    Look kid,
    you are pig-ignorant, & clearly not interested in fact-finding.
    So sure, go on imagining that “most biologists” crap – is real..

    Or – if you do want to learn, then actually review the science,
    as in relevant published papers, via google scholar, instead.

    You’d accept the reality, Panthera cousins – are true top predators,
    & dirt-scratching, dumpster-dving, fat-as bumbling-bully, bears – are not.

    These are the natural facts, & confirmed by science.

  83. Gary

    James, wow, does no amount of evidence convince you?
    Most written accounts show tigers are greater than lions and I provided yet another source. Flea bitten tick infested lions depend on a pride to survive. They must hunt with numbers because alone they seldom survive for too long. Bears and Tigers do it solo. Like Willy Wonka said to Charlie, ‘you lose, good day ignorant Sir!’

  84. James W.

    You evidently haven’t even read
    the “written accounts” linked in this thread!

    Let alone “most” – & so, you remain determinedly ignorant.

    Lion adaptive evolution & social living gives them the edge,
    over their – otherwise very similar – cousin Panthera.

  85. James W.

    Meaning you ignore – most – fact-checked evidence,
    because the facts – upset your over-valued fantasies..

    Its called ‘cognitive dissonance’, look it up kid.

    Bears are crappy amateurs at hunting/killing,
    Panthera are the real pros, they do it for a living.
    Its a natural fact kid, learn to accept it.

  86. James W.

    Look dummy,
    You’ve clogged these threads relentlessly with your moronic crap,
    & now you want to lecture me, on “giving no evidence”? Too funny..

    Hilarious irony, & sums up your dreck level of sub-normal mental deficiency.
    You cannot even comprehend, let alone accept “evidence”, you ‘stupid boy.’

    Spouting your fanboy fantasy “opinon” is NOT “evidence” of anything, ‘cept stupidity..
    & now blathering about what you “wish” – is of zero actual topical relevance, too..

    Head-to-head, a prime tiger holds the cards to deal a beatdown to the less capable bear,
    – & its a natural fact, not “opinion”, kid..

  87. Aka/Tony

    There you go again. Wit the insults. Yeah, I know tiger beats bear. And yes, I’ve given multiple pieces of evidence lie Nat Geo, but apparently your ‘comments’ are better. No. I use reliable sources, not garbage comments which eighty percent of the people are with me on the lion vs tiger thing.

  88. Gary

    Tony don’t get into an argument with him. The useless drivel that he is constantly spouting out is sheer bias. He never stated actual fact and all the links he provides are bogus. Lions have only one advantage and that is a mane to protect them from a neck bite. Otherwise the Tiger has every physical advantage. Teeth, claws, strength, bite force to that of a Lion. He just needs to get over it. Tiger, Polar, Grizzly > than flea infested tick ridden lion.

    1. James W.

      you’re so biased,
      you are an exemplar of ‘confirmation bias’.

      That you choose to ignore scientific, experiential, & empirically validated facts,
      (which clearly demonstrate that the few significant differences between
      the biggest Panthera cousins, do in fact give the lion – a marked combat edge),
      is a matter of ‘cognitive dissonance’ – a pig-headed denial of reality, & shows
      you to be a dumb-as kid, just like your infantile buddy Aka/Jacko..

      Ironically though, this thread is tiger VS bear, & we 3 do agree, tiger beats bear..

  89. Gary

    All your opinions are of the minority’s. Furthermore you must have struggled in math. Nowhere do I say a Tiger would typically defeat a grizzly or polar bear. I do however believe all 3 would dispatch a flea bitten lion the majority of the time.

  90. James W.

    wrong again.

    You wrote “…Tiger, Polar Grizzly>…”
    (& FYI, its lion>tiger>grizzly>polar).

    Opinions are only as good as the facts which support them, kid.
    You & Aka/Jackie-boy – duly imagine your opinions are worthy, but in fact, they aint.

    & as the facts do clearly show – the lion really earns his title as ‘King of beasts’,
    – this is regardless of how many dumb-as fanboys spuriously ‘vote’ for fat-as bears,
    or even over-hyped tigers – such fantasists are fools, just like you, kid.

  91. Swapnil

    Grizzly bear is an dangerous adversary even for a male Tiger. I used to think that the Tiger will win the majority of them but now it’s 50/50, anybody can win if they are lucky enough to land their first killer blow.

  92. Pete Peperakis

    you are comparing largest tiger on earth with 2nd ,largest brown bear.Thats not quite fair,how about a siberian tiger the largest cat on the earth.But against the largest bear on earth the kodiak brown bear,is all most twice as big and fearsest,as alion or tiger. do it right pound for pound the kodiak brown bear is a pitbull against a house cat…ps no more jokes

  93. Douglas Murray

    Brown bear has the advantage unless a lucky kill by the line. I am not referring to the grizzly bear but the big brown bear in Alaska that can go to 1500 pounds and over 11 feet tall. It would not be a contest if they were both alert the bear is packed with dense fat and muscle.

    That being said the Siberian Tiger to me is the most beautiful predator in the world.

    1. James W.

      “…the bear is packed with dense fat…”

      Yeah, ’cause fat is such a massive advantage for feats of athletic combat..
      Oh wait.. that’s right.. NO, it aint.. L.O.L…

      Fish-flipping fat-as, is goin’ down.. if the tiger is a true mad-as killer-cat..

      1. AP

        James W,
        Just like African lion vs Grizzly bear, this fight can go either way. The bear has the strength advantage, while the tiger has the speed and agility advantage.

        Also, don’t think of this in human terms. For a human to be packed with dense fat is a bad thing. However, bears are different. The extra fat protects them from the tiger’s teeth and claws, and it helps them stay warm in cold temperatures.

        Keep in mind that bears don’t just hunt fish. They can hunt large prey like moose and bison. Their bellies are the only parts which are fat. Their back, legs, and arms are muscle. Proof? See the hump on a Grizzly’s back. That is pure muscle, which gives them strong forearms.

        1. James W.

          ah, no, that hump aint “pure muscle”,
          its an artifact of the bear’s shoulder attachment,
          which is less evolved – than that of the panthera species.

          Tigers have very powerful muscles & connective tissue
          which work in synch with their ‘loose’ skeletal complex,
          which is why cats are so quick, flexible & agile, yet can
          leap, jump, climb & accelerate-run more effectively than bears.

          Bears are amateur big-game hunters by comparison, & most
          usually only get opportunistic success, against young, old,
          injured, or plain stupid prey, who cannot escape, or see them off..

          Bear fat is zero protection against a tiger’s teeth & claws..
          & look up some hunting/butchering pix of a dead bear,
          you can see the extent of the fat for yourself, no way is
          ~40% of a winter-fat bear all hung off its belly..

          Though that fat-as gut complex is sure gonna drop out,
          when a tiger’s rear feet get kicking hard, claws a rakin’
          & a shreddin’ – deep ‘n’ hard..

          1. AP

            James W,
            Please do some research. You will learn that that hump, is actually muscle – that is why bears have strong forearms. Do some research about the fat protecting the bears to.

            Also, big cats are better hunters, but when it comes to fighting, both bears and big cats are equally matched (with a slight edge to the bear).

  94. Valentine Belfiglio

    The key to victory for the tiger are its hind legs. When the two engage the hind legs with their long claws would seriously damage the torso of the bear.

  95. Irpen Stevens

    So many of these comments are ridiculous, saying tigers win because they have been known to hunt brown bears.

    In an actual fight, the grizzly bear would win, for reasons the article didn’t recognize. Grizzlies are much heavier than tigers, and have much, much, much thicker hides and layers of fat. Tigers are designed to pierce through thinner hides and hunt with surprise attacks. Tigers are indeed more cunning predators, but the mismatch of “armor” is too great. A tiger has almost no defense against a bear mauling it with blunt force, whereas the tiger’s piercing and slashing attacks would only hurt the bear. The bear would crack bone and smash organs; the tiger would cut up a bear’s hide but not damage vital organs.

  96. Johnny D

    There is no difference between a grizzly bear and a brown bear. “Grizzly bear” is just the colloquial name in North America for the same animal found in Europe and Asia. “Grizzly” and “brown” are interchangeable.

  97. James W.

    Fat aint “armor”!

    How can you be such a fool?
    Bear fat is only there to keep ’em alive over winter,
    & yes, being so fat – is only a hinderance – in a fight..

    Bears carry ~40% of body weight as fat, which is richly supplied
    with a complex of blood vessels, yet unlike muscle, fat cannot contract
    to staunch bleeding on injury – & so for sure, it is a major combat liability..

    Huggy bear gets shredded bloodily apart by the tiger’s vicious hooking-shearing claws..
    brutally working their way, deep down thru the bear’s fat guts, which spill out like
    a dropped string of sausages.. while the tiger’s long canine teeth penetrate & severely
    rupture the bear’s essential throat area with its arteries & airway life-support structures..

    Mountain lions are on the record as doing this to bears, so a massive Amur certainly
    would do it too, but in an even more savagely effective manner..

  98. art

    fat is not much worse than lean muscle for a fight(some argue its better). If you look at many MMA fighters/boxers with world titles, they all have a gut (fedor emelianenko, even tyson, Ali, etc). Very few professional fighters look like a lean bodybuilder from the gym unless they’re in the superlightweight division. One scientific explanation for this that I read is that fat in the central area of your body provides more kinetic energy to the force of your arms.

    Also, personally, I’ve seen fat people have insane amount of energy and speed. You can be fat due to lack of exercise, or you can be fat just by nature but actually very physically fit. Bears are fat by nature: they’re athletically fat.

    I think a big brown bear would win vs tiger mostly due to bone mass. The reason we may think that tigers supposedly hunt bears is that its always the tiger that makes the choice to attack a bear. And what tiger would ever try significantly risk his life? So the tigers always attack the weaker bears, and also tigers hunt in packs. This is why momma bears are so protective of their cubs

    1. James W.

      Tyson in his prime was a lean, mean KO machine!
      No fat-pad paunch on him then, nor on any real champ.

      Bone mass aint gonna help either.. you need speed work!

      Fact is, some tigers do hunt bears, despite being naturally risk-averse.
      & a real vicious tiger, adept in bear-killing skills, hellbent on a KO,
      has the tools & the talent to do it, esp’ when filled with ‘murderous’ intent..

      As certain wrathful tigers are duly noted for,
      see some pictures of an enraged tiger’s eyes,
      they’re just plain kill-frenzy ‘murder’..

      1. AP

        James W,
        For starters, you don’t need to insult art’s name just because you disagree with him.

        You are right, Tyson in his prime was lean and muscular. Now, being fat does NOT help one in combat, but FIT people who have a LITTLE bit (VERY LITTLE) of fat in their stomach, may have a slight advantage in a fight.

        You should really research what art has said because there is some truth to it.

        1. James W.


          Oh the delicious irony..

          Apu the lying, cheating,
          scamming, sociopath..
          is so utterly devoid of.. shame, or..
          self-awareness.. that he.. openly..
          shows he is not only a total hypocrite..
          but is a complete ignoramus..
          as regards the subject, too!

          Too funny.. what an egotistical buffoon..

  99. Ross

    Haha anyone who thinks a tiger could kill a 1200 pound grizzly which isn’t even as big as some get are crazy. A tiger could never get to any vital organs on a bear that size with all that fur and fat. The bear is way tougher and far more durable. Tigers have a hard time fighting with some of the smallest bears in the world which are sloth bears. They are tiny little bears and I’ve watched YouTube videos of tigers giving up trying to kill even the smallest of bears so there is no way it could kill a real bear like a grizzly or a polar bear. Then there are Kodiak grizzlies which get up to 1700 pounds and polar bears too. Both way more powerful than a tiger

    1. AP

      Oh really Ross?

      What about your beloved lion, huh?

      Knowing you, you would say that a lion can beat a bear but a tiger can’t – when in reality, tigers and lions are equally powerful (with a slight edge to the tiger) and, in fact, they are the same under the skin.

      The fight can go either way. The bear is stronger, but the tiger is faster and more agile. Size is not everything (ok, sure, a lion/tiger won’t be able to take down an elephant, but the bear’s size advantage is not enough to guarantee it a win). You seriously need to stop being biased.

      1. James W.

        you’ve def’ got more learning to do..

        Yes, to be fair, of the biggest two pantherines which are still extant,
        tiger & lion – they really are quite similar, but for certain bodily &
        lifestyle changes due to recent evolutionary adaptations developed by the lion,
        which without doubt, gives it the real edge – in combat.

        The bear is way below either of these big cats when it comes to killing,
        however, & it is the bear’s pretty much only – chance – that it is personally more determined
        to live, than the cat is to kill it, & that’s unlikely in the case of an implacable
        boss lion being the arbiter, of life or death, for the bruin..

        1. AP

          James W,
          Honestly, both pantherines are pretty much equal when it boils down to evolutionary adaptations – but if you examine the anatomy of both cats, you will realize that the tiger has a slight edge.

          The lion has a mane which protects it’s neck in combat, while the tiger is more robustly built in the forequarters and hindquarters (stronger hindquarters – one of the main reasons why it is easier for tigers to stand on their hind legs, which can really help in combat).

          The tiger’s brain has larger cranial volume which makes it ~25% smarter than the lion (despite the fact that lions are more social). This larger cranial volume also gives the tiger stronger jaws than the lion, which is yet, another advantage in combat. Not to mention that while lions fight a lot, tigers also have their fair share of fighting experience – tigers often have to fight to death in order win the heart of a female or to protect their territory.

          That being said, the lion is no slouch in any of the departments where the tiger gets the upper hand (or, shall I say, paw :), and the fight could go either way.

          If you want me to provide links for anything I have said, just tell me.

          1. AP

            Also, this has nothing to do with combat, but tigers are better hunters than lions to.

            For starters, while the lion’s mane does act as a protective shield during battle, it is a huge disadvantage when it comes to hunting. It’s large mane makes the lion visible to all the prey in the Savannah – this is one of the main reasons why females do the hunting.

            The tiger, on the other hand, has black stripes, which allows it to camaflouge itself while hunting.

            Also, the tiger’s stronger forequarters and hindquarters allow it to wrestle larger and stronger prey to the ground. The lion is able to wrestle large prey like Cape Buffalo, but it takes more time and effort.

            If you do a little bit of research, you will learn that a lion’s build is more closely related to a cheetah’s, while a tiger’s is more closely related to stronger felines like the jaguar, and the prehistoric extinct cat, Smilodon.

          2. James W.

            sure, by all means..
            here’s some for you..

            Joubert duly notes the hardship male lions face,
            & the skills they wield, as pride boss..


            & as for size, see just how large & powerful those lions
            which pull down Africa’s real big beasts must grow..


            Back before men developed really effective weaponry,
            lions ruled the world’s richest grasslands,
            & neither tiger nor bear, durst challenge their authority..

          3. James W.

            can you provide evidenc for your claims?
            AFAIK, lion hunts are the most successful of the big cats,
            due to their socially cooperative approach, which enables
            them to bring down even mega-fauna prey species..

            The male lion’s mane does not hinder them in their
            duty of hauling down these huge beasts, or in intimidating
            buffalo, then selecting a target – from the herd.
            Check the research, male lions take larger, more meaty prey,
            & they allow their cubs to feed well, alongside them, too.

            & to claim the lion is more closely related to the cheetah,
            bauplan-wise.. is frankly, ludicrous.. cheetahs are a cat outlier..

            Check Joubert’s research on Okavango delta lions, they get
            hugely muscular from wresting down buffalo, & even elephants
            in the swampy ground wher they hunt, & are bigger than most tigers..

    2. AP

      FYI, those Youtube vids show sub-adult/inexperienced tigers. A fully grown male/female tiger can kill a sloth bear with one paw swipe.

      Amur tigers in Russia have been known to do frontal attacks on Brown bears too.

  100. Commander 66

    A Polar Bear vs. Grizzly is like Orcas VS Great White Sharks Polar Bear out classes he Grizzly in everything they can easily take a Grizzly out. A Tiger vs Grizzly think about everything the bears has make sure to calculate in the weakness do the same with the Tiger. now imagine when it ambushes on it’s back clawing away then bear just rolls over and Tiger is a pancake, (I know that won’t happen it is a joke) but really the bear would throw it’s back, or where ever the Tiger is into a wall cliff anything, and the Tiger eventually losing it’s grip would be on the ground by the time it recovers it would be dead. Tiger = nearly killed by a gun. Grizzly = no where close to dead when shot with a gun. People people who hunt bears may live when in groups but when solo would die sure a sword may slow em, but you’d need to be pretty strong and good with a sword to hert it. A Black Bear was shot by a arrow didn’t slow down 10 arrows later person shooting was dead. Tiger one shot slow it down 5 shots thing would be limbing away, and 10 shots time for Tiger soup. A Grizzly is much stronger than a black bear anyone who says tiger would when go on a fight a tiger with a one shot rifle (you’d have a sneak attack advantage) YOU WIN! A one shot rifle vs bear with surprise 1 mile away not nice knowing you. Now if you’ll excuse me I must go chop up some wood. Bye!

  101. Anonymous

    The Siberian Tiger for being close to the same size as a grizzly. Is much more agile, quicker and stronger. It will be behind the Grizzly and on its back before it even knows what happened. Then it will sink those massive K9s into the bears brain while at the same time gauging it’s eyes out!

  102. Talmadge

    Hi toatly agree tiger is a huge winner tiger in food shortages will hunt and kill bears.

  103. Roy

    If the bear can deliver one blow of front feet towards the tigers head…its done! especially if its a female bear protecting there cub…the tiger wil think again confront a female bear with cubs…even the males bear back down.

    1. James W.

      No Roy,
      do some literature review..

      Both tigers & big male (boar) bears selectively prey
      on bear cubs, they are just so ‘milk-fed’ delicious!

      & if the sow-bear tries too hard to stop them, she
      risks being killed & eaten, too..

      If the sow-bear is killed or sorely wounded, her
      cubs will almost inevitably.. die too..

      1. AP

        Actually James W,
        You are terribly wrong…

        Now, I will start of by saying that a tiger would certainly defeat a FEMALE bear in a fight. However, a female bear, if desperate, can hold her own, if not kill, an adult male tiger (or, even a “pride boss” male lion, for that matter of fact) when her cubs are in danger.

        Don’t believe me? Go on Youtube and check out that video of a 210 pound mother sloth bear who protects her cub from an adult tiger.

  104. Shere Khan

    A fight between a Grizzly bear or an African Lion would be 50-50.

    However, a Siberian(Amur) or Bengal Tiger would win against a Grizzly more often than not. I would give it 60-40 for the Tiger.

  105. AP

    Hmm… this is a good one.

    Now, the problem is, when people are saying “Grizzly bear”, they usually mean “Kodiak bear.” I think a fight between a 675 pound Siberian tiger and 900 pound Grizzly would be close, but would end up producing a victory for the tiger.

    The Grizzly will be stronger, but won’t have an overwhelming strength advantage. The tiger would be powerful enough to wrestle the Grizzly to the ground and go for a neck bite.

    If it was a Kodiak bear though, it could go either way, but the bear would most likely emerge victorious because it would have more fur and fat to protect it from the tiger’s claws, and it would be much heavier and stronger than the Grizzly – making it difficult for the tiger to wrestle to the ground and go for a neck bite.

    To sum everything up, if the tiger manages to wrestle a Grizzly or a Kodiak bear to the ground and get a neck bite, it would win. However, it either, the Grizzly or the Kodiak landed a solid blow from their arms on the tiger’s skull or spine, the bear would win.

  106. James W.

    again you fail..
    do try & learn, boy..

    Or, at least.. provide actual evidence to support
    your simplistic assumptions ( as if!)..

    1, Bear fat & fur offers no useful protection against
    the tiger’s weaponry..

    2, When a bear is at ~40% fat level by weight, it is
    a hinderance to its combat capability, & further,
    the proportion of muscle of a large powerful tiger
    will give it the greater strength level overall..

    3, The tiger is a ‘professional’ killer, who has a
    set goal in mind, & the learned skills to execute
    his task.. the bear is an amateur & is not used
    to being considered a prey item, so unless the
    tiger is incompetent, or the bear has seen off
    tiger attacks before.. & is wiae to their ways,
    the advantage, logically.. must be with the
    true apex hypercarnivore, the big cat..

  107. AP

    James W,
    Here we go…

    1) This is where you are horribly wrong. Now, it is entirely possible for a tiger’s claws to penetrate through a bear’s fur and fat – make no mistake about that. However, what you are failing to understand is that the bear’s loose skin “covers” it’s organs. The main issue is if the tiger’s paw swipes rip through the bear’s organs – not that it cuts through the loose skin.

    1. James W.

      no.. do some basic anatomical study..
      the bear’s organs are held in situ beneath muscle complexes..

      The tiger knows which areas to strike, hold, bite & penetrate – in order to disrupt
      vascular & neurological control functions,of its prey, (along with cardio-pulmonary).
      This is the expertise a skilled full-time killer – puts to work, to his decided advantage.

      1. AP

        James W,
        Yes, I have done anatomical study. Check this link out:

        Indeed, the tiger is a far better killer than the bear. However, if you look at the bear’s anatomy close enough, in the link I provided, you will notice that all the bear’s bones and organs are deeply engrained inside it’s fur – the tiger is going to have a hell of a time trying to dig it’s claws that deep ( it is entirely possible, as I stated, but difficult).

        The tiger’s best bet is to pounce on the bear, knock it down, and then sink it’s canines into the bear’s neck.

        1. AP

          Disemboweling the bear with it’s claws is indeed an option, but it requires more time and energy on the tiger’s part than to simply knock the bear over and bite it’s neck.

        2. James W.

          your arrogance is quite astounding – to the point of absurdity..

          As if a tiger who chooses to attack a bear.. needs your ‘tips’..

          Examine the anatomy of the cat’s paw.. their well-developed multifunction
          format allows for many actions, such as providing grasping & shearing actions,
          & within the same paw, simultaneously..

          1. AP

            James W,
            Really man? Like, really? I am arrogant? How I am arrogant? I am merely explaining my point of view using FACTS – I even provided a link to prove my point! How is that arrogant?

            I am not giving a tiger any tips – I am just stating the most realistic way a tiger could kill a bear.

            I have examined the anatomy of the tiger’s paw – and I am aware of what damage it can do – but you have clearly and conveniently ignored what I mentioned in my previous post (that is arrogance, FYI) The tiger can do whatever it wants with it’s paws – it can penetrate the bear’s fur, but it will be a difficult task for the reasons which I mentioned in my previous post (which you ignored). Examine the anatomy of the bear carefully, and you will know what I am talking about (granted that your “arrogance” does not get the better of you… LOL)

  108. AP

    2) You are thinking of this in human terms. Obviously, a guy who is 40% fat will have no advantage in combat against a guy who is 60 – 70% muscle. But the two guys are practically the same (except for the fact that one is stronger). But a tiger and a bear are completely different animals. They have different body structures. Plus, the bear is not just “fat.” They are ridiculously strong animals that can kill large prey like moose with one paw swipe. Plus, the hump on their back is pure muscle – that gives them powerful forearms. Now, POUND FOR POUND , the tiger is more powerful, yes. But in overall strength, the bear takes the cake by a slight margin.

    1. James W.

      you really have no idea, do you..

      Bears rarely kill animals “with one swipe”,
      & moose are particularly vulnerable, anatomy-wise.. evidently..

      & the brownie’s ‘back hump’ is muscle that covers the ridge formed
      by the vertebral projection of the spine which rises between the scapula..
      The muscle is developed by the bear using its forepaws for scaping large
      quantities of dirt, while foraging, & only rarely for grasping & overpowering
      large prey, unlike the tiger..

      Do try to grasp some reality, boy.. fat is NOT muscle, it is extra weight for muscle
      to move.. & a def’ liability for combat, being so vascular, & lacking the fuctional
      capability of muscle to stem ruptured bleeding from wounds..

      A 1000lb bear who is 40% fat by weight, is less well equipped for combat
      than a 600lb tiger on a basic skeletal muscle % ratio.. & cat muscle is more forceful,
      due to the % of its fibre-types – as the research (which I linked) shows..

      1. AP

        James W,
        You never admit that you are wrong, do you…

        The only time bears don’t use their paw swipes to kill animals is when they are going after smaller and weaker prey (like fish or small deer). But when taking on larger and stronger prey, they certainly use their paws – google it.

        “& moose are particularly vulnerable, anatomy-wise.. evidently..” Not necessarily, James. While mooses can’t stand up and fight, they have their huge antlers which can gore a bear to death – yet the bear manages to emerge victorious. Plus, killing a 1000 pound muscle bound moose with one paw swipe takes a lot of strength – that is the point.

        1. AP

          “The muscle is developed by the bear using its forepaws for scaping large quantities of dirt, while foraging, & only rarely for grasping & overpowering large prey, unlike the tiger..”

          It does not matter how the muscle is developed. As long as the bear is strong enough to fight the tiger – that is all that matters.

          “Do try to grasp some reality, boy.. fat is NOT muscle, it is extra weight for muscle to move.. & a def’ liability for combat, being so vascular, & lacking the fuctional capability of muscle to stem ruptured bleeding from wounds..”

          Jeeze… Did I say that fat is muscle?! Nature does not give things without reason. That “fat” provides protection for the bear’s internal organs… period – that is an undisputable fact. Check the link for the bear anatomy I provided if you still don’t believe me. Plus, you keep ignoring the fact that while bears have “fat” , they also have their fair share of muscle too. If they were only “fat”, they would not be able to kill moose with one paw swipe.

          Both the tiger and the bear are well equipped for combat – it is a matter of who makes the most use of their strenghts and exploits the other’s weakness.

          1. James W.

            you truly.. have no idea..

            If you imagine you do..
            then, by all means.. find & cite a reputable
            scientific evaluation of “fat” as “protection”..

            Do you, even in your most lurid dream of superstitions..
            really ‘believe’ that bears routinely swat the heads off
            moose, just dead casually.. like they’d dig in a dumpster..

            If such a rare event.. was anywhere near as common as you
            claim.. then it must’ve been caught on video, & frequently, too..

            So yeah.. post up a clip or 5, of that happening.. why don’ t
            you, as well.. but you can’t.. can you.. L.O.L…

          2. James W.

            you fraud..
            & a typical dumb-as attempt, at scamming..

            The vid shows a bear with a calf kill..
            Big deal.. so.. again.. where is the video with a bear,
            & an adult moose being ‘beheaded by a single swipe’?

            Useless.. as usual..

          3. I’m a person

            James bears can hit the head of a moose and decapitate it there’s no videos because it’s rare to find grizzlys doing this because of how tall moose are just on all fours moose can be around 8ft at the neck and the moose would not just let it be attacked moose are known killers and kill more people a year than both bears and lions. Moose’s necks are also one of the weakest parts of there body so that’s also a reason why a bear could decapitate a moose. But Mooses antlers can also meausure up to 6ft.

          4. AP

            James W,
            Just because there is no video on Youtube does not mean that these incidents don’t happen genius.

  109. AP

    3) There is a difference between being a “killer” and a “fighter.” The bear may not be a great hunter, but they are awesome brawlers – this is well documented. Now, the tiger, while known more for it’s hunting abilities, is a great fighter too. See, a predator’s fighting and hunting skills are completely different. When tigers are hunting, they will just go for the neck. But when they are fighting, they will attack every part of their opponent’s body. And the bear, as mentioned earlier, is used to this also. So in the “fighting” category (not “hunting”), both animals are pretty evenly matched.

    Conclusion: Both animals have their own strengths and weakness’s, and which ever animal plays by their strength and exploits the opponents weaknesses, will ultimately emerge victorious.

    1. James W.

      no.. you are wrong, yet again..

      Tigers have a vast range of skilled options to employ
      when confronting many different animals..

      You seem to forget that the most ferocious opponent a male tiger
      must defeat.. is a rival male tiger who wants to dominate him..

      Bear rivalry conflict is much more ritualised, & is frankly pathetic
      by comparison to the way big cats viciously fight each other..

      Some tigers choose to prey on bears.. others do not.. with tigers,
      personality is much more variable..

      By contrast, a boss lion is on principle, invariably keen to demonstrate
      his dominance – over all comers, be they his own kind, lesser carnivores
      ( naturalists report male lions vindictively chasing down & killing even
      tiny jackals, seemingly for ‘sport’, or due to ‘bad temper’), & yes, huge
      mega fauna.. to him, they must all learn how serious his intent truly is..

      No bear would be tolerated in his hunting grounds.. & this is still
      borne out in India.. tigers may prey on, or ignore.. sloth & black bears,
      but any such ursids foolish enough to venture into lion territory are
      inevitably pulled down & torn apart by the resident lions..

  110. AP

    James W,
    No, I am afraid that you are “wrong again…”

    “Tigers have a vast range of skilled options to employ when confronting many different animals..”

    In a hunt, tigers will use a variety of skills indeed, but like most big cats (except the jaguar) they will first go for the neck. In a fight, however, they will attack any part of their opponent’s body. Just like a male tiger must defend his territory from another male tiger, a male grizzly must do the same also. Both are very territorial animals, in case you did not know…

  111. AP

    Fights between big cats are very vicious, however, to say that fights between bears are pathetic, is frankly, ludicrous. Go on Youtube and see fights between male grizzlys – they are hella violent.

    Tigers do prey on bears, and as I stated, a fight between them can go either way.

  112. AP

    Wait, why are you mentioning lions, this is a Grizzly bear vs Siberian tiger thread? – wait, I forgot that you are a lion fanboy… LOL.

    Just like lions assert their dominance, tigers and bears do the same. In fact, sometimes tigers and bears will go out and also kill other animals because they either want to invade their territory, or they are threatening their cubs.

    “No bear would be tolerated in his hunting grounds.. & this is still borne out in India.. tigers may prey on, or ignore.. sloth & black bears, but any such ursids foolish enough to venture into lion territory are
    inevitably pulled down & torn apart by the resident lions..”

    Honestly, if a lion invaded a tiger or a bear’s territory, the tiger/bear would make it their business to see the lion off…

    Understand that a fight between a lion, tiger, and a bear is a toss up.

    1. James W.

      ok, I can see you are escalating..
      from ‘stupid boy’ to troll-mode..

      You have no interest in examining the facts,
      nor learning from them, & hold to your foolish views.

      The cited history & science/research links shown already
      prove you wrong, & no amount of your blathering..
      in any way alters the facts, as established by the evidence.

  113. AP

    JAMESey the joker,
    Look kid… Just because I demolished your lion fantasies does not mean that I am stupid or a troll… LOL.

    It is not that my views are foolish or that I have no interest in examining the facts… the problem is that you weep everytime I destroy your lion fantasies using FACTS… LMAO.

    Hey JAMESey, why don’t you cite some links proving your point? So far, all you have done is spit out a bunch of stinkin’ lion spoor…

    Just let me know when you are done weeping about your precious lion… than we can have an adult like debate… LMFAO

  114. AP

    JAMESey the joker,
    Would you mind directing me to the “cited links?” The only thing you have directed me to so far is your bullshit…

    1. James W.

      How typical..
      AP hasn’t even looked at the links..
      Not that he could actually learn anything..
      let alone accept anything – which contradicts
      his fatuous ideas..

      & of course, when challeged to provide proper
      references to back his claims.. he cannot..
      & so his infantile ego takes over, as default..
      AP so predictably.. resumes ‘troll-mode’ – L.O.L…

  115. A person

    Small in land grizzly bears in Montana have been studied and have been scientifically proven to through 700 pound dumpsters like beach balls. Now try and imagine a big cat doing that but you probably can’t because they are not built for lifting heavy shit like grizzlys. Also grizzlies have been known to decapitate full grown moose’s with one paw strike. I don’t remember a big cat doing something like that to a bull moose which have around 8’ legs. I have family who live in grizzly country and one of there friends shot a grizzly bear point blank with a shotgun and lived the friend escaped though while the bear was stunned from the shot. I don’t think a big cat could survive that.

    1. James W.

      I call bullshit on your “scientifically proven” claims..
      if they were, they’d be published in a peer-reviewed journal..
      so by all means.. post a link citing it.. or stop making shit up..

      & big cats are just not interested in filthy stinkin’ garbage,
      unlike greedy, dumpster-diving, fat-as bears..

      Big cats do of course.. use their superior powers to sieze,
      haul down & kill.. for fresh meat.. far bigger & more
      dangerous prey than a mere moose..

      1. I’m a person

        Lions couldn’t even kill a moose if it was one on one.

        1. James W.

          so you’re now being trolled too, huh..
          even Aka/tiny.. wouldn’t make such a stupid-as claim..

          Esp’ since you know.. ‘puny’ cougars prey on moose..
          & moose head.. are such an easy target.. for a lion`s paw strike..

          1. I’m a person

            Those heads have antlers that are 6ft long so chill a moose can kill a lion but lions can also kill a moose check reports of moose attacks on people they are pretty hard core.

          2. I’m a person

            Oh no problem AP I can see a lion beating a moose it’s just that James thinks it’s a easy fight when Mooses are totally capable of killing a lion still.

        1. I’m a person

          So you definitely didn’t read that report on bear strength I’m guessing. Also just saying yap isn’t really that insulting so come on you can do better.

      2. I’m a person

        How else are you able to get weights that a bear can move they aren’t just gonna bench press that they use dumpsters filled with weights because that’s what they thought the easiest way of getting to test the strength of the bears.

        1. James W.

          bears are..
          going after the grubs under boulders..
          & the garbage in the dumpsters..
          they jest aint into.. liftin` comps..

          Fat-as bears can`t even climb vertical tree trunks..
          but big cats do.. they leap & claw their way.. straight up..

          1. I’m a person

            Yeah bears don’t climb because they would prefer to just knock the tree down. Bears eat those bugs because it’s actually very healthy for them I mean like simba did it in lion king( don’t take that seriously). Black bears also can climb up trees they do it just as fast as your big cats do actually can you provide a source of a lion being a good climber.

          2. James W.

            even more stupi-as..
            & somehow.. imagines bears are lumberjacks.. L.O.L…

            Fat-as bears are just too porky-ungainly, to climb..

            But cats, even real big ones.. take it in their stride..
            See here:
            a big zoo-kept lion.. casually ascends a vertical pole..

            & huge wild lions climb trees too:

            Face facts yap, bears are bow-legged, flat-footed, stumble-bums,
            & are way below the capabilities of cats.. for real athletic prowess..

          3. James W.

            no “comeback”?

            Was having your..
            dumb-as fantasy notions..
            crushed by reality..
            a bit too much? Awww..

            Get down to the Quickie Mart,
            & have Apu pour you a new,
            better, brain.. a nice ice-blue slushie..

          4. I’m a person

            I’ve been to the Denver zoo that pole is in paws reach for a grizzly on the ground and as AP said I never denied lions not being able to climb I just said black bears are better. Also if you ever realized that when people think of big tough lumberjacks they tend to relate them to big tough grizzlies. Also grizzlys never need to climb besides when the cubs.

          5. James W.

            APey/Iap/Tiger/ fake ‘james w’ / Troll & etc..
            utter bullshit..
            I suppose you got the ‘bloody’ burger..
            (y’know the one you claimed made..
            the poor lil’ vegan cry – more bullshit)..
            at the Denver zoo too.. as if.. L.O.L…

            What a bogus-as fraud.. you truly are..

            A fat-as bear simply cannot climb a pole. Fact.
            But a lion can leap up & put a throat bite.. on a bear..

        2. James W.

          is so boring..
          now he`s gone full troll-mode..
          what a lame-as.. waste of space..
          get lost, loser.. go & have a Cuban `vacation`..

        3. James W.

          “Stop bringing up lions in a grizzly & tiger fight..”
          but now he asks for evidence that shows..
          the incredible athletic prowess of big cats, (inc’ lion)

          & just how outmatched.. bears are.. by contrast..
          being fat-as, flat-footed, bow-legged, buffoons..

          No bear can do.. what this tiger does.. see him.. fly..

          & bears are not lumberjacks, either.. but even a zoo-kept
          lion can effortlessly climb a vertical pole..

  116. AP

    Hey Lames W,
    The problem is, Lames W the joker has not provided any links to back his ludicrous claims – thus it is impossible to examine them when they are non-existent… LOL.

    “& of course, when challeged to provide proper references to back his claims.. he cannot.. & so his infantile ego takes over, as default.. AP so predictably.. resumes ‘troll-mode’ – L.O.L…”

    Dun’ know if Lames W’s reading comprehension is lacking, if his lion fantasies are blinding him, or if he forgot to put on his bifocals…

    I have provided a link which shows the bear’s anatomy – proving that while it is not impossible for a lion/tiger’s claws to penetrate the bear’s fur, it is difficult.

    What have you provided, Lames W? Wait, I forgot… bullshit. You have provided bullshit… LMAO. Thus, Lames W resumes “troll-mode.”

    (P.S. Bullshit is not a good substitute for evidence…)

    1. James W.

      you are so pathetic..
      your link to a bow hunting site..
      provided zero evidence in support of your ludicrous claims..

      & neither have you been able to – even understand your own
      utterly stupid-as.. ‘fence sitting’ figures.. its just hilarious..

      Then you get all riled up & go feral.. thus putting yourself..
      on a US security watch list.. ‘Oh no, goodness gracious me..’

    2. James W.

      too funny..
      since you`ve in fact signally failed..
      to provide any valid evidence..
      able to contradict – my well-considered views..

      Your lame attempts to cite trash sites.. are risible..
      just as I’ve so easily debunked.. your stupid-as claims..

  117. AP

    James W,
    Here is my take on it:

    Lion/Tiger vs Grizzly bear: Lion/Tiger win 6/10 times.
    Lion/Tiger vs Kodiak/Polar bear: Bear wins 6/10 times.
    Lion vs Tiger: Both have a 50% chance of winning.

    Accept it and be happy. If you think otherwise, by all means cite some reliable sources or formulate a valid argument. So far, the so called “links” you speak of seem to be invisible…

  118. James W.

    & you have,
    quite evidently – learned nothing..

    Your numerics are meaningless drivel..

    & if those cited links ban approaches from India..
    does that really surprise you? It shouldn’t..

    A culture – which is soaked in corruption,
    predicated on falsehoods & lives by scams..

  119. James W.

    knows zip,
    learns nada,
    that’s ‘0/0’.. zero-for-zero..

    & so he remains.. worthless..

  120. AP

    Lames W,
    Crap on…
    You, go do some research… instead of “dumb-as” mouthing off… of course… given that you don’t weep when the facts are presented… LOL

    1. AP

      “& if those cited links ban approaches from India.. does that really surprise you? It shouldn’t..”
      What a lame-ass excuse for not providing links… LOL…

  121. AP

    0/0 is undefined, by the way, not 0…

    But, wait, your IQ of ~negative infinity prevents you from understanding that, doesn’t it… LOL.

  122. James W.

    goes on & on..
    proving.. just what slimy..
    scum-dogs his kind. really are..
    (& he’s too stupid to see it,
    along with.. actual cited evidence..
    which also.. proves him wrong! )

    1. AP

      Lames W goes on and on and on and on trolling, when asked to provide evidence…

      1. James W.

        Hypocrite much..
        to the max..

        & just so.. abominably stupid..
        so stupid he can’t even fathom..
        the brain capacity.. to realize it..

        So he has a spoilt brat tantrum..
        as if that’ll compensate.. L.O.L…
        Awww.. lil’ apey’s gonna go ape-shit..

  123. I’m a person

    I think that the fight is even there are accounts of tigers killing brown bears and brown bears are reported to also kill tigers. But the tigers only attack small bears or females. But also when there food supply is low Tigers will ambush bears also. But on a one on one fight I think it leans more towards the bear.

    1. James W.

      If Iap,
      you are really interested..
      then check the research findings published by Russian sources.

      If you do, you’ll find that tigers indeed – not infrequently, prey on bears,
      & particular tigers develop such a taste for bear meat (& even develop an anger
      towards large bears), that they risk injury – to attack them without compunction.

      Bears are much less intense as killers, & will generally avoid risking serious injury
      by fighting, but when attacked by a big cat with true killer intent, must do, or die..

      By contrast, pride boss lions do habitually seek out any & all opposition to their dominance,
      on sheer principle, & will make it quite literally – a matter of pride – to destroy, or die trying..
      regardless of the outcome, as has been bred into them, over thousands of generations.

      Lionesses indeed, choosel only to breed with uber-macho lions, & these males must willingly
      demonstrate their fearless power, to provide & protect, well in advance of getting mating rights..

      Also unlike bears, male lions will & do.. train their sons.. just how to achieve this prowess, too.

      1. I’m a person

        James bears males fight a lot for females it’s just a animal thing to do also yeah male lions stick around in prides bears don’t it’s the way they evolved to be a one man army yes I am aware of the ONE CASE that a tiger liked bear meat but it’s not like something crazy and mind blowing to me to you sure it can be to me I just don’t mind bear I’ve heard of a bear that liked the taste of humans much like the tiger liking the bear. in the lion vs bear I put up some facts about bears so if you want go check them out.

        1. James W.

          Lions do not “stick around” in prides..
          lion prides are family units.. & act to control prime hunting territory..

          Male lions also form coalitions, grouping up cooperatively..
          & using their combined power.. to thug their way.. as they like..

          Check the movie ‘The Ghost & the Darkness’ as an example..

          Tigers do not do this, nor do bears..
          no way a lone grizzly or tiger.. could go head-to-head.. with such thugs..

          1. I’m a person

            Stop bringing up lions in a grizzly and tiger fight james

          2. I’m a person

            Yes James lions stay in prides unless a male is forced to leave also don’t bring up movies and say that National Geographic is for kids.

          3. I’m a person

            Also bears and tigers are evolved to be a one man army so just deal with it.

          4. James W

            FYI, the specific movie.. is based a true story,
            & in reality, those lions were a 2-bro ‘ninja’ force..

            Nat Geo stuff nowadays edits out blood & gore.. for kids..

            & “one man army”! L.O.L…
            C’mon kid.. that’s a King Kong fantasy, at best..

          5. James W.

            just.. nah..
            “one man army”?
            Where do you get shit like that from?
            King Kong fiction movies?

            Well, FYI ‘The Ghost & the Darkness’ movie
            is a true story.. & those 2 bro-lions were like..
            a beastly – ‘ninja force’..

            Also, ask yourself why Nat Geo won’t show wildlife
            brutally bloody killing sequences.. ( they edit it out)
            for the kids..

          6. I’m a person

            James no haven’t you ever realize that when movie producers get there hands on “true story’s” they make them like a completely different story because people nowadays are not used to blood and gore I’ve had a vegan start crying when I bit into a burger once it’s just most people cannot take blood and gore in the real world anymore that’s why they do it in the movies so they know how that nothing is hurt.

          7. I’m a person

            Also James talk about lions in the lion fights

          8. James W.

            time you..
            cut the crap, kid..

            You’ve got no idea..
            Your “vegan cried” story – is just total bullshit..
            As if.. a “burger” – is anything like bloody ‘steak tartare’!

            & hey, do a fact check.. those ‘G & D’ lions really did..
            chow down on curry-fed sub-continentals.. for really-real..

  124. AP

    I’m a person,
    I think it could go either way. The tiger is faster, more agile, and has sharper teeth and claws. The bear is larger, marginally stronger, and has fur, fat, and loose skin to protect it from life threatening injuries.

    Honestly, I think it really boils down to the individuals…

      1. James W.

        James W.
        ‘False flag’ scam.. alert..
        If the post is accurate &/or hilarious, then yeah, its the real me..
        but.. if an apparently attributed post – is ‘bear-grade’ garbage,
        or worse, Ganges-grade waste – its def’.. a ‘call-centre’ type scam..

    1. James W.

      you dumb-as towel head..
      the “boils” are busy popping pus..
      all over your poxy dumb-as dalit.. face..
      yeah, & due to your foul addictions to..
      syphillitically toxic perversions..
      & your criminal scamming.. damaging your karma..

      So.. yeah, you’ll certainly die.. most deservingly.. horribly..
      only to be reborn.. as a.. very fitting.. & filthy, rat-scabies louse..

      1. AP

        I’m “sorry.” Did I hurt little Lamesey’s feelings?

        Look Lames… if you are depressed, than committing suicide is an option…it will benefit you and the rest of the world…

        The only issue with you committing suicide… is….well…you might be reincarnated as a… I don’t know…like…ummm…. a …. “very fitting…& filthy, rat scabies louse….

    2. James W.

      you stupidly ignorant scammer..
      for you to try & claim..


      L.O.L… As if!
      That’s so.. maximum sarcastic..

      The truth is.. you are an utter disgrace..
      – even within your deeply corrupt cult-culture..
      which is of course, well known.. world-wide..
      as a breed of habitual thieves & liars..

      No reader here.. unless a particularly gullible fool..
      can put any store.. at all.. into your relentless drivel,
      or your ludicrous figures.. you moronic monkey-rapist..

  125. James W.

    Sorry guys,
    I admit that I was a fool… A bear would destroy a tiger….

  126. James W.

    So Apey or some other dung-wallah decided to troll and scam… lame… just lame…. and troll sez waaaah….

  127. James W.

    No, don’t listen to him. I am the real James W. I have admitted that a bear would destroy a tiger. Don’t listen to that troll.

    1. James W.

      Yeah right..
      in fact, those sub-continental monkeys – Apey/trollie et al..
      are busy soiling this site.. just like they habitually do.. with their crap..
      splattering down the rat-runs.. of the shithole slum – they call ‘home’..

      They wish.. & dream.. they had a lifestyle.. comparable in quality..
      to that of.. a filthy shit-caked fur-bag.. of a dumpster-diving.. brown bear..

  128. James W

    Remember guys, you all know who the real James W. is. It is me. The competant one. The one who apologized for his mistakes. Don’t listen to that troll.

    1. James W.

      Too funny!

      poor dumb-as coolie..
      next time..
      you ‘stupid boy’ scammer…

  129. James W.

    I am very depressed about my behavior. I deserve to die a very painful death.

    1. James W.

      Don’t panic..
      wait for a chit..
      & the Paki-taleban..
      will deal your craps..

  130. Robert

    A grizzly bear would lose to a tiger but would make mince meat out of any lion… LOL

  131. James

    Lets analyze why:
    1) The tiger is 80% muscle, while the lion is only 40% muscle. The tiger has 6% body fat while the lion has 30% body fat. Clearly the tiger is more powerful.

    2) The tiger is more majestic. The tiger has a beautiful orange coat with stripes while lions have ugliesh tannish skin. The tiger even has a Chinese symbol on it’s head which means king!

    1. James W.

      Too funny..
      since even the Chinese, where the lion was not native..
      recognise & respect the lion.. as rightful King of beasts!

      In Chinese historical records, it is noted that the Emperor
      acquired lions as gifts from other empires, to the west, & so
      he tested the claims of lion superiority.. against tiger & bear..
      & yes.. it was duly confirmed.. Lion>tiger>bear..

      The Chinese love gold, & were very impressed.. a tawny-golden coat,
      & the male lion’s proudly sported lush mane, are seen as much more Kingly
      than the pyjama patterning of the sly, sneaky, skulking stripey – tiger..

      This is why the Chinese erected prominent lion guardian statues,
      at important sites & to this day.. celebrate the lion’s power as King,
      in spirit-dances held.. for every new year’s ceremonial festivities.

      1. AP

        Another thing Lames,
        Your beloved Clyde Beatty a’int reliable. Beatty himself admitted that his arena was formed in a manner which would give the lions an advantage in battle. Beatty also admitted that his lions fought in groups, and ganged up on solo tigers. He used to spray ammonia on tigers and was even arrested for animal cruelty.

        And lions only dominate tigers sculpturally. Outside of sculptures, tigers have a far more striking appearance than lions – that is exactly why tigers are more endangered than lions. Poachers find the tiger’s magnificent orange coat and color contrast far more attractive than the lion’s plain, tannish, colorless skin.

        Aww… Lames is gonna cry now…L.O.L..

  132. AP

    Funnily enough, most people find tigers far more majestic and cooler than lions. In fact, the tiger was rated as the world’s favorite animal. Lions do have a majestic mane, but they also have ugly, tannish, skin. Tigers, on the other hand, have a nice, beautiful, and majestic orange coat, with a mixture of white fur on the bottom, and black stripes.

    You guys tell me. Who looks more majestic?

    1. James W.

      “most people”..
      Just too funny.. as if ~4 billion people..
      actually gave their view..

      & so, in your opinion, lions have “ugly” skin?
      Oh dear.. your bias is showing.. so yeah,
      you`ve been busted, as a lying fraud.. once again..

      1. James W.

        what a fool..
        As if.. a mere 11,000 people are “most people”!

        & polls of such opinons..
        are not scientific “research” either..
        you`re such a dumb-as “moron”..

      2. James W.

        yeah, the sly, slimy ili` turd.. is busted..
        so.. typically.. tries to weasel his way out..
        by scamming.. but he`s too dumb-as..
        & only sinks deeper.. in his own shit..

        Too funny!

    1. James W.

      seems useless trash..
      is `bout all.. you can post..
      your opinions, the stupid-as figures..
      & yeah.. even the sites you link..

      1. James W.

        what a buffoon..
        & an inept scammer..

        You checked that `comicvine` site..
        for lions/tiger/bear combat threads..
        but didn`t like what they showed..

        `cause they rub your stupid-as nose..
        deeper into your dumb-as shit.. L.O.L…

      2. James W.

        You wish..

        what’s that rank stench..
        APU stinks.. so bad..
        really really.. nasty..
        carrion-bad.. like he’s rotten..
        (which he is.. & on every level).

  133. Al KW Tan

    In a real fight or battle, be it between animals, humans, teams or armies; defence figures prominently. Between 2 equally strong adversaries, the one who can absorb more attacks would usually win in the end.
    Here, I’d go for the Grizzly.. who can definitely take many blows and bites from the tiger without serious injury whereas the tiger would be seriously injured from a few such replies.
    It’s like an armoured vehicle vs a tank, where speed is compared against durability

    1. James W.

      a ‘tank’ IS an armoured vehicle..

      & a bear aint armoured..

      The tiger regularly preys on bigger animals,
      & some tigers choose.. to include bears as prey..

      They know.. just how to destroy the bear..

  134. Troll

    yes yes yes
    the my dream the come true! i want to have sex with the jamez w. but i can’t have the sex with the jagu because jagu the to strong.

    1. James W.


      Hey, don’t worry..

      You’re very strong too..
      in a way.. its your.. stench..
      your purid-rotten stink,
      &, yeah..
      it’ll announce you..
      all the way to hell..

  135. Troll

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  138. James W.

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    just something awful..

    Ewww.. yo’ is roteen..

  139. Troll

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  140. Tiger

    My money is on the Siberian tiger. Contrary to popular belief, big cats (especially tigers) do have thick, dense, bones – they need that, in order to bring down large prey like gaur or water buffalo.

    While a large coastal grizzly/kodiak/polar bear can significantly outweigh a tiger, most of the bear’s body weight comes from it’s heavy skull, and considerable amount of body fat (~30-40%). The tiger’s weight, on the other hand, comes from it’s enormous musculature and minimal amount of body fat. Plus, the sagittal crest on the tiger’s skull gives it more powerful jaws.

    Another thing to keep in mind are claws. A bear’s claws can be 2, or even 3 times longer than a tiger’s, the bear’s claws are non-retractible, thus, they are blunt with constant contact with the ground, unlike a tiger’s.

  141. Tiger

    An African lion would be a fairer match up for a grizzly bear. The lion is not as cunning/smart as the tiger, the lion has weaker hindquarters (thus, it can’t stand on it’s hind legs and get shots at a bear’s skull, unlike a tiger), and the lion’s paw swipes are considerably weaker AND slower than a tiger’s. This gives the bear a fair chance to fight back.

    A fight between an African lion and a grizzly bear would be 50-50, while a fight between a Bengal/Siberian tiger and a grizzly bear would be 60-40, in favor of the tiger.

    1. I’m a person

      Tiger I think that a bear would beat a lion more like 70% but it’s 50 50 with bear and tiger.

    2. Tiger

      Sorry, did I hurt your feelings? Can you please post some vids of lions standing on their hind legs, you can’t right? Aww…James is gonna cry to his mommy now..Lol.

    3. Sher Khan

      “boss lions”
      Yes, “boss lionS” – “S” as in plural.

      If ONE lion tries to steal the tiger’s meal, he will get beaten up badly by the tiger.

    1. James W.


      Watch the vid.. then weep.. bitter tears.. you titmouse..

      It shows.. even.. poor, persecuted, malnourished, inbred.. Indian-living
      Asiatic lions.. can stand up & use both front paws to strike rapid..
      vicious.. one-two combination hits.. (& that’s in a family squabble)..
      you.. utterly moronic.. minging meathead..

  142. Tiger

    Hey James, what do you have to say about this, huh?

    “It shows that a lion’s strength at the hip joint is around 66% of that of a tiger while the lion’s strength at the shoulder joint is around 70% of that of a tiger. The study had been conducted using an “adult African lion (magnificent specimen)” and a “Bengal tiger (magnificent specimen)”.
    Later on, Haughton also mentioned that “five men can easily hold down a lion but it requires nine men to control a tiger. Martial also states that the Tigers always killed the Lions in the amphitheatre. The lion is, in truth, a pretentious humbug and owes his reputation to his imposing mane, and he will run away like a whipped cur, under circumstances in which the tiger will boldly attack and kill” (Page 495, Ref 76)”

    1. James W.

      really.. just have no idea.. do you..
      linking a tiger fanboi site..
      how dumb-as can you possibly get..
      Its worthless fantasy drivel..

      & you drop yourself.. to well below sub-zero..
      ..any residual echo.. of your sadly shredded..
      credibilty.. here.. is now straight down the shitter..

      You are just.. such a laughably.. damned ignorant coolie..

  143. Tiger

    Hey James, why don’t you become a comedian? You sure crack good jokes!

    So, according to you, if I link a site which quotes an expert who compared a prime male African lion and a prime male Bengal tiger, it is a tiger fanboy site? Nah, I don’t think so.

    Think about it. A male Bengal tiger in his physical prime proved to be ~30% stronger at the shoulders, and ~34% stronger at the hips in comparison to a male African lion in his physical prime. Haughton, an animal expert, who was completely unbiased, claimed that five men can easily subdue a lion, but it requires nine to subdue a tiger. And close observation of these animals in captivity shows that the tiger was more courageous, and the lion relied on his mane as an intimidation factor, which barely helped him.

    That is what my link says. So please tell me, from what angle is it a tiger fanboy site?

    1. James W.


      Totally unscientific garbage..
      &, garbage so shitty.. that even a hungry bear..
      would leave it for the likes of apu/apey.. to wallow in..

      & “completely unbiased” yeah, it reads so suspiciously like..
      what.. apu/apey would claim.. yeah.. its you isn’t it.. bozo..

      Busted again.. & basted too.. you plucked turkey..

  144. Tiger

    In fact James, how about YOU site a link which supports your claims? You can’t, can you? Now go on, go and cry to mommy…Lol.

  145. Tiger

    In fact, this quote was from a book which compared lions and tigers! How could it be a tiger fanboy site?!

  146. Tiger

    James, you want some proof as to how that site which I linked is unbiased? Scroll down to section 4. Guess what? There are references! You can always read some of those books on “Google books” if you doubt the validity of that site.

    1. James W.

      a.. mental pygmy..

      Are you sure you’re not one of..
      apu/apey’s alias ‘fakes’.. you’re stupid enough..

      You are so pig-ignorant.. & you do not.. even..
      know the differnce between fact & fiction..

      You validity.. is down in the hole.. with apu/apey & yaps..
      but hey, keep on humiliating yourself.. its hilarious.. L.O.L…

      1. AP

        To be fair Lames, the only thing that is “down the hole” is the reputation of your personality, and who you are as a person…

        You are so “pig ignorant” and lost in your fantasy world of lions, that you can’t even have an adult like debate and state facts to prove your point.

        And you have the nerve to accuse me of scamming, when you yourself are purposefully writing shit under your name? Wow… your hypocrisy is showing big time… (FYI: If you are not scamming under your name, whoever is – consider that to be karma for all the lame trolling you have done in the past).

        “But hey, keep on humiliating yourself.. its hilarious..L.O.L…”

  147. Tiger

    Thanks guys. I love how Lames can not provide one piece of evidence to support his point of view, yet he has the nerve to call mine unscientific. He is truly a hypocrite.

  148. Tiger

    I think you are right. We should stop responding to Lames’s comments.

    1. James W.

      APu/apey/Iap/Tiger-tronkus et-al..
      all being the same bozo..
      & now, so bizarrely.. responding.. psychotically..
      to his own shit.. he’s virtually drowning in it..

      Yet, he’s still so otherwise mentally vacant..
      that when he’s busted.. he yet again.. ‘proves’..
      himself via his usual slimy S.O.P. ‘modus operandi’..

      By promptly going APe-shit ballistic with infantile rage..
      in a full-on tantrum.. its just so lamely predictable..
      & almost pitiable.. to see his mental meltdown de jour..

      Watching a dumb-as ‘spoilt brat’ – going psycho..
      what a bizarre spectacle.. he makes of himself.. L.O.L…

  149. Troll

    yes yes yes
    i want to circumsize the you penis. does you have the penis or vagina?

  150. James W.

    I have a penis and a vagina. I store my testicles inside my vagina.

  151. James W.

    & other aliases..

    Damn kid.. go get some help..

    You could start.. by watching..
    a movie.. ‘The Exorcist’..

    You mentioned ‘possession’.. earlier..
    & it sure seems.. you’ve got an evil demon aboard..

    Yeah, your names are ‘legion’, your stench is foul..
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    Be gone evil spectre.. hell-bent as you are..
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    you have a corrupt soul.. you are doomed..

  152. James W.

    See kids..
    poor eggshell fragile childmind APu/etc
    implodes.. like oldtimey clockwork..
    just wind up the key, & watch him go!

    Hey all, watch fake ‘james w’
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    Roll up, roll up.. bozo’s clown act is now on…

  153. James W.

    Hey guys!
    Never mind all the other “James W’s”, but this is my first time posting on this site!

    I believed the bear would win this. Grizzly bears can reach weights 1200 lbs, while the tiger maxs out at 600. That is a huge weight advantage for the bear.

  154. AP

    What records Lames, huh? Can you provide some links? You can’t right? Aww…little Lamesey is gonna cry now, L.O.L..

    1. AP

      Robert gave evidence to support his point of view. I noticed that you did not respond to that.. to along..slum dog..L.O.L…

  155. James W.

    @ Goobz.. fake ‘james w’ is a sock puppet,
    an alias – of Apu, the ID thief..

    But.. tiger preys on bear.. its a natural fact..

  156. Mark

    Tiger wins. A Tiger kills every known predator in its habitat. Tigers are also documented to regularly kill lions in pit fights. Tigers take this.

  157. Sher Khan

    You see guys, if you analyze their fighting techniques, you will learn that the Siberian tiger has a greater chance of winning – even in a straight fight.

    The bear is a formidable opponent – no doubt. Even the largest species of bear (Kodiak/Polar) – most of their weight comes from their considerable amount of body fat (~30-40%) and heavy skeletons. By contrast, a tiger’s weight comes from it’s enormous musculature – and the large saggital crest on it’s skull gives it more powerful jaws. The tiger’s longer and thicker canines make the bite even more devastating.

    The fight could go either way, but at the end, the tiger’s superior speed, agility, strength, and way quicker quicker reflexes, will allow it to prevail.

    1. I’m a person

      I think it is a even fight. Bear is actually stronger due to size of mass and in total it 30% fat but it is concentrated around vital organs for protection. I will agree with that the strength difference is not a lot but bear is slightly stronger. Bear has bigger and stronger claws while the tiger has sharper and smaller claws. Tigers while faster don’t have as good of endurance compared to the bear. Tigers are ambush predators so they don’t need large amounts of stamina. The bear though doesn’t ambush and tends to chase after its prey until the prey gets exhausted.

      1. Sher Khan

        Perhaps an exceptionally, monster sized Kodiak/Polar bear might be stronger – but I doubt they are stronger on average than tigers – since fat is not the same thing a muscle. But you are right – on average, regardless of who is stronger – the strength difference would not be a lot.

        Also, contrary to popular belief – felines don’t have bad stamina. Tiger have been documented having hour long fights with gaur and swimming 30 miles during the summers.

        And FYI: Tigers have managed to penetrate the hide of animals (like crocodiles) thicker than that of a bears.

        But, I respect your opinion, and I do agree that it would be a close fight.

        1. I’m a person

          Thanks for respecting my opinion dude. Bears on average aren’t all to fat. A tiger could definitely be stronger In some situations but most the time the bear will be slightly like very slightly stronger. But it would still be a fair fight. I’m not doubting that tigers have good stamina just that bears have better stamina and endurance.

          1. Sher Khan

            No problem I’m a person 🙂

            And Jake, you should see the video that AP linked of Machli killing a 14 foot croc with a bite to the head. Plus, tigers have been documented biting through fully grown tortoise shells – they can do the same to crocs.

          2. jake

            yes I did see that but the tiger went for the back of the crocs head which is rather soft
            a tiger can´t penetrate a crocs scales

          3. Sher Khan

            Like I said, tigers have been documented munching down on fully grown tortoise shells – I doubt they would have any difficulties doing the same to a croc

          4. Sher Khan

            I challenge you to a friendly croc vs tiger debate – if you want that.

          5. Sher Khan

            Yeah – I hope Eaglesong makes a tiger vs croc thread, but I don’t know if he will.

            If he does not make one, we can always have the debate here.

  158. Silvia Tennant

    Good article, except for a silly mistake when you refer to “large wild life centuries”.

    This should of course be “large wild life sanctuaries”, which I guess was an unfortunate autocorrect error. 🙂

  159. Brobear

    Problem with this comparison is, there are no confirmed fights between a mature male grizzly and either a lion or a tiger where the big cat came out victorious. Neither in the wild or between captive animals. The grizzly has defeated the big cat in every known fight event.

  160. jake

    hey guys did you guys now that
    grizzly bears are becoming more and more herbivorous
    because of global warming

    I think the bear wins

  161. jon

    Tigers are more intelligent, stronger, and meaner than any bear. Bears are scary, but they’re slower and lazier. Tigers hunt big game all the time. Bears only hunt big game when they need to. They mainly eat fish and berries and shit.

    A bear vs a tiger would be like a big fat guy fighting a slightly smaller guy whose all muscle. The bear would get destroyed.

  162. Jon

    A lot of people are spouting nonsense and unverified “facts” here, so here is a real reference: a case of a siberian tiger killing an adult grizzly. Grizzlys are very strong and hardy, but they employ very simple brute force strategies. Tigers are faster and significantly more intelligent, it wouldn’t be a fair fight for the bear. It doesn’t matter how big and strong you are if you are slow. The tiger can easily run around the bear, pounce, and take it’s neck.

    1. I’m a person

      The source you have has two major flaws. One the bear was old and less in shape than in his prime while the tiger was younger than the bear. The other flaw is that the bear was fighting the tiger severely injured from the train incident and lost a lot of blood. Tigers also don’t have to much more if any more intelligence than the bear since bears are proven to be as smart as 3 and 4 year olds. Bears surprisingly do have very good skill and technique when fighting because that’s how they get most of there meals whether it’s fighting for fishing territory or fighting off a pack of wolves for there or it’s kill. If you watch a video of Joe Rohan who is one of the all time best UFC fighters in all time has a video of him talking about how crazy bears are and how incredibly skilled they are at fighting they use judo throws and wrestling moves like having inside control over its opponent. While of course the bears don’t know what that means or what wrestling even is they do have natural instinct to fighting and it’s the bears main job no matter what. You also have to remember that bears have the best stamina out of all predators with only the wolf having more. Bears also aren’t slow as people think while tigers definitely have the speed factor bears still can run up to 35 MPH. Then you have to remember that bears are the biggest land predators so for them being 600+ pounds and still running like a mad man for hours is definitely a plus to a bear. The tactic of running around the bear would only get the tiger tired because while tigers do have good stamina the bears just has more and will as soon as the tiger gets around him the bear will turn around before the tiger can pounce which will mean the cats isn’t ready for the bear to attack which they will they are smart enough to know that the cat isn’t in a defensive form and won’t be able to most likely defend from the giant bear paw. The tiger is no way stronger than the bear think about it while the cat might just might be stronger than a small out of shape bear but a bear in its prime will be stronger than the tiger at its prime. Bears give up agility for being crazily strong for how pit of shape they look. Some small bears in captivity were tested how strong they were and they could toss and roll around large bins which were 700 lbs each and they were calm and relaxed the whole time they played with them. You also then factor in that bears are also very aggressive and aren’t at all like those teddy bears in stores or movies they are extremely protective of there territory and will attack without hesitation if threatened. They also have an extremely high pain tolerance and are built to be as durable as nature can make them. There is a video of someone shooting a small female grizzly charging them outside there house with a shot gun and the bear falls over for a second and gets back up like it’s nothing. Hand guns can’t even kill a grizzly or hardly damage it only gets it all angry and goes berserk on everything around it. Bears claws are actually all most like fingers they can grip onto stuff with them and unlike cats don’t only grip by having to stab there claws into the other animal. Sorry if I kind of offended you on accident if I did I’m sorry. Don’t forget I think that this is a very even fight but just slightly edging to the bear like 50 to 55% in favor of the bear.

      1. Sher Khan

        I’m a person,
        I agree that source is unreliable, however, a male tiger has a slightly higher chance of winning against a male grizzly.
        1. Bears are great fighters – I don’t deny that – but again, so are tigers.
        2. Bears might have better problem solving skills than tigers, but I doubt their combat intelligence is better.
        3. As far as stamina is concerned – there have been eyewitness accounts of tigers having hour long fights with large prey like gaur and water buffalo. They can also stay in stealth mode for long periods of time to.

        1. Sher Khan

          4. Believe it or not, the average tiger is stronger than the average bear. The average weight for a large grizzly is around 1000 pounds, while that of a Bengal/Amur tiger is 500 pounds. BUT, lions and tigers are ~60% skeletal muscle whereas bears are ~27.5% skeletal muscle. This means that a 500 lbs tiger will have 300 pounds of muscle working while a bear would have only 275 lbs of muscle working. Male tigers have the strength to throw large bins to – they can’t because it is anatomically impossible for them.
          5. Also, there have been cases where hunters have hit tigers with multiple bullets and the tiger still survives. In fact, a tiger’s legs are so strong that they can remain standing even when they are dead!

          1. I’m a person

            4. Bears and tigers have different kinds of strength. Tigers use the strength like a gymnast doing flips and big jumps which requires explosive strength. Bears are like rugby players they need strength over periods of time to run across the field and make tackles at full speed. Here is a link talking about feats of strength of a bear as explains how bear strength works.
            5. I haven’t seen a source about this could you give me a link about one. A bear in Canada known as the boss survived a train hitting him when he was 5 and just left his mother. A small male bear that weighed 300lbs got hit by a car going 100km/h (60mph) and only had a few scratches and was fine in 3 days. Here is A link about it.

          2. Cinaed

            I am gonna need some citation on your source for where you hear that a bear’s skeletal muscle mass is only 27.5%. Because we KNOW for a fact that a grizzly has about the same bite force, perhaps even a bit more. I have been unable to find any sources that state a bear’s muscle mass %.

        2. I’m a person

          Thanks for agreeing.
          1.Bears actually do generally fight more than tigers. Mainly because tigers live very far apart and they have a low population.
          2. Bears are actually smarter at fighting than tigers. Tigers are smarter at hunting though. As I’ve said bears live closer together and there are much more videos of bears fighting than tigers. The way that bears fight is mostly like Greco but there is a little bit of sumo when they first charge each other.
          3. Trust me tigers have good stamina just not as nearly good as a bear. Bears have slow twitch muscle mainly and that gives a person or animal strength over long periods of time so basically stamina. From my experience of wrestling it is heavily based around stamina and strength over periods of time and is more exhausting than football and lacrosse. Also tigers don’t normally if at all go for a fight longer than 10 minutes. Gaurs are also prey animals so it has an extreme disadvantage.

          1. Sher Khan

            Yeah, no worries man! Also, happy new year 🙂
            1. Now, I am not sure which animal fights more – but recent research shows that tigers do a fair amount of fighting throughout their lifetime. In fact, ~30% of all male tigers die in combat every year. Tigers are extremely rare, endangered, and their habitat makes it difficult to document them. But recent research has taught us more about them.
            2. Eh… that is questionable. Tigers have amazing fighting technique – they stand up on their hind legs, and throw both their heavyweight paws ridiculously fast. They also lean back to protect their head and neck – unlike bears and lions who blindly charge into battle. Do you know why people feared Mike Tyson – not just because of how hard he could hit, but how fast he could hit. The reason why there are more videos of bears fighting than tigers is because of the tiger’s habitat, and because tigers are much more endangered.

          2. Sher Khan

            3. Yeah, I don’t deny the fact that bears have better stamina. All I am saying is that stamina won’t be a huge advantage for the bear. Bears do have slower switch muscles – but this comes at a price. Yes, the bear will be able to fight for longer periods of time, but the bear’s paw swipes will be extremely slow. This will allow the tiger to throw a paw swipe, without getting hit back. And as far as stamina is concerned – tigers have been observed swimming for 30+ miles over the summer, and dragging carcasses for miles – so they are not that far behind in the stamina league.

            Yeah, I have wrestled before to, so I know what you are talking about – but like I said, tigers have shown impressive feats of stamina to, so stamina won’t be a huge game changer in this fight.

          3. I’m a person

            Happy new year too this site is acting all weird and won’t let me post some times like on that other comment of yours that’s why I haven’t responded in case if you didn’t know.

            1. Tigers do tend to fight to the death where bears typically won’t because they mainly fight to show dominance or little things like food that’s why tigers die during fights more than bears. As I’ve said tigers are endangered so not many of them come into contact with each other.

            2. Actually tigers can’t truly stand up. They are digitrades so they can’t stand up fully but they can balance on the other tiger. A common misconception is that Mike Tyson is the hardest puncher ever but he really isn’t. He hardly ever has done a one hit knockout what he does is combos and does punches in odd angles to confuse the opponent but he still is top 5 hardest punchers in boxing. There is a guy named Sam “mountain man” shewmaker who does bare knuckle boxing. When he hit a bag designed to see how hard a punch is he hit 1700 pounds per square inch. That is harder then any boxer to have done ever. You also have to remember that bears are known to decapitate moose. Siberian tigers live around moose but not once have they decapitated one. That is true but still kodiaks live all on one small island and all eat the same thing they are bound to get into more fights then tigers because they don’t often see each other.

            3. Ok I thought you meant tigers have better stamina. Only thing is that the way that they hunt doesn’t need much stamina whereas bears need a lot of stamina because of how they hunt. Bears have also been seen doing those things.

          4. Sher Khan

            Yeah, I know. This site is acting funky. In fact, sometimes this site won’t even let me type a long comment – that is why I have to respond to you in two replies. Hopefully Eaglesong fixes it.
            1. Perhaps – big cat fights are usually more intense than bear fights. I think in terms of fighting experience, they would be roughly the same. Plus, even if the bear does fight more, it evens out because tigers always fight to death, whereas bears don’t. So both animals are tied in this category.
            2. Of course – I never said that they can stand up properly. Even though it is more of a forward fall, compared to other digitrades, they can stay on their hind legs for extended periods of time – much longer than lions, jaguars, leopards, etc.

          5. I’m a person

            1. Bears do fight more just look at how and where they live compared to tigers. Bears all live relatively close to each other and they require a lot of food and that is bound to lead towards fights. Tigers on the other hand live far apart and don’t need nearly as much as bears for food. Tiger fights also last relatively short compared to bear fights. They also don’t always end in deaths but they will fight to the death more than a bear would. That doesn’t really mean much that they fight to the death. Bears aren’t that great at killing quickly and that’s the main reason they won’t go to the death because it would take forever and would rather just get on their way.

            2. I’ll agree with that.

          6. Sher Khan

            Believe it or not, tigers are actually more social than previously thought – yes, male tigers live and hunt alone, usually, however, there have been reports of them socializing and playing with females and cubs.

            There was one famous male tiger named Charger – he was a massive monster. 250 + kg of pure muscle, and he feared nothing. Hell, he used to charge at elephants and rhinos. He was the true terror of the Indian jungles. No animal (including other male tigers) would dare challenge him to a fight.

            However, this same tiger, was an awesome husband and an awesome father. He spent a lot of time checking on his mate/wife to make sure she was okay, and he took care of his cubs – he groomed them, fed them, and took care of them.

            What I am trying to say is that tigers are more social than previously thought, and they do indeed fight other tigers A LOT to protect their cubs and mates.

          7. Sher Khan

            That is exactly what I was trying to say. Yes, Sam can punch much harder than Mike Tyson. However, Tyson’s punches are much much more devastating. Do you know why? Because Tyson has much better, speed, reflexes and technique.

            Same thing with tiger and bear. The bear can hit much harder, but the tiger’s paw swipes are more devastating because the tiger has much better speed and technique.

          8. Sher Khan

            Also, while I don’t deny the fact that bear have decaptitated large prey like moose and buffalo, keep in mind that it is a rarity – not the norm. Bears don’t do that regularily.

            I don’t know about decapitating, but tigers have crushed the skull of large prey animals like bull gaur. Gaurs and water buffalo are generally larger and stronger than moose.

            To be honest, both are formidable predators, and both have the strength and weaponary to kill each other.

    1. I’m a person

      Thanks peter. I just learned today that a couple years ago they saw a black bear turning over rucks with one arm without much trouble. The day after they went back to measure they weight of the rock which was around 325 pounds. They also caught the bear to tag him and it weighed only 120 pounds and was a year old. Now grizzlies are much much more strong than black bears and are actually the strongest of all bears with polars being a close second. There muscle is also supposed to be as tough as raw hide rope.

  163. Simon

    Tigers don’t just have bigger jaws, longer fangs and claws designed to rip large amounts of flesh but they are much more agile than a bear. A feline has an ability to whip around like a gymnast in close quarter combat.

    Nature made tigers I would suppose, to be made to take down much larger prey and run and jump at high speed. One should observe a house cat and how it often deals with a large dog. Pound for pound the much smaller cat is more ferociously quick.

    If you take a grizzly and a Siberian tiger: its like an average cat 5-6 times its size against a dog. Like a smaller martial artist vs a large wrestler only the marital artist has a couple of knives.

    Tigers have been known to kill and eat brown bears and they are much more hunter oriented. During a confrontation I am sure they would avoid each other unless hungry and fighting over a carcass. If they did tussle the one designed by nature to kill larger prey would win give all the tigers physical and mentally ferocious attributes.

    Neither could afford to error much which makes it more interesting than Ali vs Fraser or any other human to human tussle. Watching these creates is only humbling.

  164. DanielP

    This article is a joke. I’ve seen a tiger not been able to kill a mother sloth bear. A kodiak grizzly bear vs 2 tigers would be an interesting match/fight.

  165. Hammad

    Grizzly,Kodiak and Polar bears can easily kill tigers, Bears have the body weight,size,power and bite force advantage1250PSI vs 1050PSI.Tiger is only agile that’ll help him to just run away from the fight.Bears have 3 times more stamina than tiger and with blubber around bears massive neck Tiger can never have a chance to grab and suffocate such a big animal like bear is.95% for Bears 5 % for Tigers if from behind

  166. Reason7

    Tigers make around 0% of a bears diet! Siberian tigers are obligate carnivores whereas bears are mostly omnivores. The only bears in the bear family that are carnivores are polar bears. They live on artic sea ice and are classified as marine mammals like walrus and whales.
    It doesn’t matter who would win in a fight in a human controlled environment. Wild tigers always dominate large bears in the wild. Many of the videos on YouTube are fake or staged. Tigers actually prefer to hunt large prey such as guar that weigh over a ton! Even David Attenborough says big cats were the most dangerous predators in the world!

  167. Richard walton

    Hey I think the Siberian tiger will win,well the Siberian tiger will win. Because I wish that people would log in this and it’s called bears killing tiger debunked actuall proof. And if people were to do that. Then they would be shock and surprise. And it might change their minds but from what I read so far. There are 2 predators it probably can’t beat and that’s the polar bear and kodiak bear. But remember I’m saying probably it can’t beat

  168. Animal Lover

    Okay, a couple of things…

    The average grizzly bear isn’t 1000, 1500, or 2000 lbs – most adult male grizzly bears average around 200 kg (440 lbs), which is in the same ballpark range of modern-day Siberian tigers (Siberian tigers could hit 300 kg (660 lbs) historically as they had a stable supply of food and no habitat loss).

    Exceptionally large coastal male grizzlies can hit 400 kg (880 lbs), but a lot of this weight comes from body fat required for hibernation (even during the summer months, these bears can carry around 30 to 40% body fat). Conversely, big cats are ~ 60% skeletal muscle and have less than 10% body fat. Extremely lean and muscular in comparison to bears, akin to a professional athlete.

    The ursid bauplan relies heavily on brute strength and stamina, while felids carry a greater percentage of fast-twitch muscle fibers, which enables a greater strength output over a shorter period of time. Felids are far more agile and have more explosive power.

    At weight parity (as these two animals are), the felid will have skills, weaponry, and power, to defeat the ursid the majority of the time.

  169. Martin

    A pack of wolves beats grizzly every time. And wolves have smaller teeth and claws than siberian tigers. So the theory that the tiger can’t penetrate the bear’s fat, is wrong.


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