Compare Grizzly Bear vs Kodiak Bear

By | August 23, 2021

Who will win the fight between Grizzly Bear and Kodiak Bear?

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I am going to compare Grizzly bear vs Kodiak bear. In the last posts, I compared Grizzly bear vs polar bear. Now, going to compare it with Kodiak bear, below are Grizzly bear vs Kodiak bear comparison and differences.

Grizzly bear facts

It is found in North America and consider the species of brown bear. Both brown and grizzly are one species of two continents. Grizzlies are also known as silvertip bear for its silver color in its fur. The name grizzly represents a specific group of solitary animals. They always act as active animals.

In coastal regions, grizzly used to hunt in streams, rivers, lakes and pounds. If Female grizzlies or its cubs are threatened then female grizzlies would definitely attack on the prey.

The ancestors of grizzly bears are brown bears; they originate from Eurasia and later traveled to North America. Grizzly length is 198 cm, shoulder size is 102 cm, foot length 28 cm and very small tail of 5-6 cm. The average weight of grizzly bear is 270 kg.

Not only North America, they are also found in Asia and Europe. The populations of grizzlies are decreasing at rapid rate. We know that habitat loss and hunting activities are the main cause of reduction in population. The estimated life span of males are 22 years and of females are 26 years. Males are more in head to head fight

Kodiak bear facts

They are also known as Alaskan grizzly bear. They used to occupy islands. It is largest sub-species of brown bear, other one is polar bear. We already written on Grizzly bear vs polar bear fight – who going to win the fight, if both coincides?

Kodiak bear hair color is orange to blonde. Cubs retain white color for few year. Kodiak looks like a close family member of grizzly bear. The average weight of Kodiak bears are 480-533 kg. some bear also noted with 680 kg weight at their peak time. Female Kodiak bears have less weight and lighter in comparison to male Kodiak.

Kodiak bear measures 244 cm in length, 133 cm height while standing, 46 cm foot. The largest Kodiak bear noticed weight around 1090 kg, which was died at small age. Kodiak bear used to be active during day time but when faced tough competition with food and diet, they used to be active in night time as well. Kodiak bear diet includes salmom, berries, seaweed, deer, garbage and mountain goats.

Compare Grizzly bear vs Kodiak bear

Know, I am going to compare Kodiak vs Grizzly bear in complete detail. The detailed comparison and difference between Kodiak vs Grizzly bear are given below:

Grizzly bear vs Kodiak bear Comparison

Grizzly bear vs Kodiak bear Comparison

The comparison is given below:

AnimalsKodiak bearGrizzly bear
Average Length244 cm198 cm
Average Tail5 cm
Average Height133 cm102 cm
AreaAlaskanAsia, North America, Canada and Europe
OrderCarnivoraCarnivora, Omnivora
Habitatsubpolar climate, cool temperatures, overcast, fog, windy conditions, moderate areasIn Alaska dense near the coast, continental united states
TeethPowerful teeth and jawsLarge and sharp incisor teeth
Weight480-533 kg80-360 kg
Average Life SpanBeyond 25 years22 for females and 26 for males

Who will win the fight – Many want to know who going to win – Kodiak bear vs grizzly bear. Both are almost same bears with same characteristics. So, I will go with Kodiak bear because of large size in comparison to grizzly bear.

20 thoughts on “Compare Grizzly Bear vs Kodiak Bear

    1. James W.

      The kodiak and the grizzly will wipe the prime pride boss male lion’s butt until it is clean..

      1. Allison Cray

        The Kodiak and the Grizzly will wipe not only that but the Tiger’s butt as well.

  1. Jeff Mohr

    Size is never a good way to estimate tenacity. Grizzly bears are more nimble and aggressive by nature. Size in a fight is a hindrance. IMO a grizzly is the more aggressive of the two and would win the majority of battles. I will always pick the wirey big guy over the slob in a fight. Diet is the only reason the Kodiak gets to massive size that they do…imagine the tenacity it would take to get the size of a grizzly in a not so target rich environment.

    1. Brandon

      With stamina measured 55-5, I’d say the Kodiak could go all day. Remember rope a dope?

    2. Leif

      I see where you’re coming from with that statement. I agree with the tenacity of the grizzly bear. That’s an advantage. I just saw a video of a very tenacious smaller grizzly backing down a Kodiak

    1. James W.

      No, try and comprehend boy.. the lion has more stamina than a bear..lion has the most stamina.. them fat-as dumpster divers can not compete…

  2. Greg

    Usually the grizzly bear will win. Why? The same reason that I’ve seen with proving evidence of a male grizzly bear running off more than one polar bears off a kill where they come close to each other in some regions. The polar bears didn’t want nothing to do with this grizzly. Again in more than one time on different occasions. The reason……The much stronger aggressive attitude! Size doesn’t always win. Silly statement. Just talk to the 40 pound wolverine and get his opinion what attitude means!! And a grizzly is much more agile. Plus the 6 inch claws, he definitely is the favorite. I’ve studied bears for many years and the male grizzly is hard to beat but all are amazing.

  3. Samuel Spade

    Um, er ahh, hmmm,
    Well, they are both very very closely related with near identical mindsets….and the only notable difference is typically surroundings and access to food. That is to say, if both are well fed, then stats are essentially identical give or take…so given the fore mentioned it would go either way. Been to Canada and Kodiak island, and there are well feed grizzly/Kodiak that are much larger than is ever stated in any official rag…they are truly amazing, beautiful and terrifying animals.

  4. AP

    I would go w/the kodiak – they are bigger & stronger than grizzlies..

  5. Larry V

    I have studied both from a distance in Montana, Alaska and Canada and the question of who is tougher is pointless. Both are extremely powerful, fearless and very aggressive. Neither the Kodiak or Grizzly would have any problem defending themself unless it’s against man. The real question is what they can teach us about their habitats so we can learn about their survival instincts that can help man become more appreciate of nature and it’s surroundings. 😎

  6. Dodon't

    It’s tough to say for sure which would win a head-on fight. There are simply too many variables that could tip the balance and affect the outcome. One thing’s for sure, I would give those two a wide berth for the duration.

    Also, on a completely different note, I find it funny the way North America and Canada are listed separately as habitats for the grizzly bear…as if Canada didn’t account for over 40% of North America’s land mass…LOL

  7. Earl Hudson Jr

    I go with the article. Size doesn’t matter. There are videos of a 500 lb Grizzly charging into a family of feeding polar bears twice his size and they scatter because Polar bears never have to fight anything as tough as they are. Kodiaks, Brown Bears, and Grizzlies are all basically subspecies of the same species and they decrease in size respectively. That said, the Kodiak and Browns are basically coastal feeders, grazers if you will. Grizzlies are ambush predators and live by assassination. Ask any hunter how different a Brown and a Grizzly are if you shoot at them and which is WAY more likely to charge if hit.

  8. Mohammed Syed Hussain Nadeem

    I agree with the winner. The same thing usually gets stronger when it’s bigger, and yes Kodiak Bears are larger and stronger versions of Grizzlies, so the Kodiak Bear wins this. It’s simple to guess.


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