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By | July 24, 2021

Who will win the fight between Wolverine and Polar Bear?

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Want to see wolverine vs Polar bear, Black bear, Kodiak bear and grizzly bear (brown bear). Many people are looking for fight between wolverine vs bear but most of them are still confused, who win the match between them. It is better to start from comparison and difference between them.

Polar bear facts

Polar bear comes under carnivorous category and it is found in arctic circle areas, belonging arctic ocean with seas and other masses. It is almost of same size of Kodiak bear and consider among the largest bears.
Polar bear weight around 350-700 kilogram and it is sister species of Brown bear and it hold a narrow niche with many characteristics which is suited for cold temperatures areas like ice, snow and open water. The diet of polar bear includes seals and other land animals, if any.

They used to spend most of the time in sea, although, they born in land. It comes under vulnerable species because of large scale hunting activities and global warming effect. It has unique animal of arctic life with large furry feet, sharps and strong claws.

Polar bear are found in Newfoundland island, James bay in Canada, kuril islands of sea of Okhotsk. Also, they are found in Norway, Denmark, Russia, Canada and United states( Alaska). They are arctic zoo animal and also known as marine mammal because they love to spend most of the time at sea.

Wolverine facts

Wolverines are largest land species of mustelidae family. They are muscular carnivore animal which looks like a small bear. They are solitary, fearless and very strength animals. They can even kill the largest preys as well.

Wolverines are found in northern hemisphere, Alaska, Europe, Siberia and Canada. The population of wolverine is decreasing at rapid rate due to loss of habitat. They have short legs, rounded heard, very small eyes and ears but do not underestimate them as they can even kill the larger preys.

Adult wolverine size is same as medium dog. Wolverine measures length of 65-107 cm, tail of 17-26 cm, height around 30-45 cm and weight of 9-25 kg. The males are larger and heavier than females. They are dark oily fur, which act as resistant material for wolverine.

It has upper molar in mouth which is rotated 90 degrees in the mouth, allowing wolverine to tear off larger prays. Wolverine diet includes shrews, deer, porcupines, squirrels, mule, sheep, elk, weasels, coyote, wolf pups, birds, eggs, seeds, roots, rabbits etc. The powerful jaws and claws are their strength and they can kill anyone.

Compare Wolverine vs Polar Bear

We already written on Polar bear and wolverine facts but we have not covered about black bear, grizzly bear and Kodiak bear. They all are almost of same strength but there are few minor comparison and difference between them.

The comparison I am going to do is for topic- Wolverine vs polar Bear but same results would come, if we compare wolverine vs grizzly bear, black bear vs wolverine, Kodiak bear vs wolverine. Stay tuned to know comparison between them.

Wolverine vs Polar Bear Comparison

Wolverine vs Polar Bear Comparison

Coming to “compare Wolverine vs Polar Bear” topic, the detailed comparison is given below:

AnimalsPolar BearWolverine
Average Length 7 ft 10 inch- 9 ft to 10 inch65-107 cm
Average Tail7-13 cm17-26 cm
Average Height133 cm30-45 cm
AreaArctic, Newfoundland island, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Russia, United statesNorthern hemisphere, Europe, US, Canada, Siberia, Russia
HabitatArctic circle, sub, arctic, humid continentalWintry habitat in northern rocky area
TeethCanines are larger, sharper and more jaggedStrong teeth and claws
Weight350-7009-25 kg
Average Life SpanBeyond 25 years5-13 years

Who will win the Fight? Many people are curious to know who would win the fight between Wolverine vs bear. I have read a report of Alaska University in which Wolverine killed a polar bear and also seen a video in which wolverine taking on black bear. Wolverine is fearless species and if we believe the report of Alaska university then yes wolverine has capability to kill a polar bear.

I personally think that wolverine can kill polar bear or any other bear because wolverine has fearless, muscular, strong jaws and claws. I hope you like reading about Wolverine vs bear comparison.

49 thoughts on “Compare Wolverine vs Polar Bear

  1. james taggert

    yeah, Your opinion is based on wild
    redicilous fantasy! oh so u have read a “report” well…. i have also read a “report that aliens landed on Earth, or the are still dinosaurs on Earth. a Wolverine can never win against polar or any bears for that matter.

  2. Janindu galaxy

    A fearless Wolverine can destroy a polar bear. But I don’t think a wolverine can kill a polar bear. Polar bear will always win in a fight to the death with a wolverine.

  3. Sydney Russel

    Wolverines have driven bears off of their kill, because they confused the bear by not backing down. A hungry bear will swat a fearless wolverine. Pound for pound wolverines are kings, but the sheer size and strength of bears are the big difference in this battle. Now if there was a 900 lb wolverine or a 10 lb bear, the wolverine wins.

  4. Daniel Weis

    Wolverines kill almost exclusively by grabbing the larger prey by our Animal by the throat and suffocating this was done at the Alaska University Zoo accidentally I’m assuming they put the Wolverine in the cage with the polar bear Wolverine just ran directly for its throat grabbed it and didn’t let go until it was suffocated that is a documented fact that can be looked up anywhere

    1. Mehul bhatt

      only one time wolverine has defeat . Hahaha if the bear fight again with wolverine , you know the result . Bear will win easily . And this also can happen that bear has fight to another bear , and he was beaten by the another bear and than wolverine and that bear fight and wolverine beat that bear . If a angry bear come to fight with wolverine , bear will win easily .

    2. Michael J Hawkins

      Are you high? OK put it this way. A healthy 200lb grown ass man would be torn up but against a wolverine it would be a fight to the death. That same man against a polar bear is no fkin fight. IT IS A COMPLETE AND UTTER DESTRUCTION!! Bear hits man with paw and takes his head off, or breaks his fkin back, or rips 20lbs of flesh off, or just grabs him by his leg and rips that $hit straight from his body lol. Are y’all fkin serious?

  5. Mehul bhatt

    only one time wolverine has defeat . Hahaha if the bear fight again with wolverine , you know the result . Bear will win easily . And this also can happen that bear has fight to another bear , and he was beaten by the another bear and than wolverine and that bear fight and wolverine beat that bear . If a angry bear come to fight with wolverine , bear will win easily .

    1. Puppies Are The Best

      I’m no Polar Bear fanboy, but I’m even skeptical when it comes down to something like Smildon (better known as the saber-toothed cat) beating out a Polar Bear when it’s prehistoric vs modern fights.
      Frankly, Wolverines are one of my favorite animals of all time (and I back them with ferocity against Honey Badger voters when it comes down to a match between the two)
      But still, we are talking a full grown polar bear.
      One of the largest mammalian predators to walk the earth.
      I’m pretty sure even a tough-as-steel Wolverine wouldn’t quite get past something like that.

      1. amritpal manhas

        yeah a polar would usually win, but wolverines have killed polar bears in the wild before, by just biting on their neck.

        1. Wayne

          This is not true show me one documented account where a wolverine is killed a full-sized bear ? Bears are killing machines in the early 1800s they would match various animals together in the wild West There was a bear that killed a bI’ll and then died. When the beer was skinned they found a bullet hole in his heart. Someone had shot the bear before the match had even began

          What surprised me was the match between the lion and a tiger A Tiger is much bigger than the lion; logic dictates the tiger would win and I don’t always read that However they had actual matches in the 1800s The main on the lien prevents the tiger from grasping the back of the neck or the throat So the lion can kill the tiger However a bear which could be much bigger will kill a lion easily. The lion is the king of the beasts except the lion had never encountered a bear in North America

          1. Mr. Logic

            The truth is it depends on the animals, but in the wild the wolverine will lose unless the polar bear is seriously handicapped by environment or physical condition. If you have a large male polar bear, it’s just a fact that its neck will literally be two feet wide. That’s going to be hard for anything to squeeze shut. A wolverine has a strong enough jaw to close the polar bears throat, but its mouth is just not really big enough to consistently deliver a killing bite to such a huge animal as the polar bear. Because bears live in the north, they have a 1-2 inch layer of fat under their skin. A wolverines jaws wold be lost in this before it got close to the jugular or throat. On the other hand, the neck of the wolverine is just 8 -12 inches wide on the biggest animals. This means the bears teeth could easily penetrate to the vitals and kill the wolverine. Sure if you had a scrawny polar bear in a zoo that had never had a fight in its life and lived in a warm pen so there was no need to grow a fat layer, then I can see something with such a bad attitude as the wolverine having a chance, but even still it seems highly unlikely.

    2. Tony/Aka

      More like your nuts. Boy, hello! Where are your facts? Wolverine gets dominated by coyotes, jaguars and panthers! Wolverine has no chance against polar bear! A polar bear could beat a wolverine in it’s sleep. By the the time he starts having dreams, while the wolverine is still trying to make a little damage, (it will never damage a polar bear) the polar bear accidentally swipes his front paw, the wolverine is running for it’s life. Wolverines are not brave, (well they kind of are) they’re stupid (and brave). Polar bear wins effortlessly.

    3. Hyaenidae

      Comrade, your slinging insults you are guilty of. NO WAY? let’s recap.
      Polar bear: 990 lbs 10 ft long
      Wolverine: 55 lbs 3ft long
      Wolverine is all shock-and-awe tactics. He confuses predators because such a small creature shows no fear. In an actual fight, they are not the winners. My great grandpa (Who lived in the Yukon for years) told me he had once seen a wolverine lose against a red fox. The fox had come to eat some of the entrails of a moose he had just cleaned. The wolverine ame steadily in from the treeline. It squared up about ten feet away and hissed. It had ben a hard winter, and Br’er Fox was not impressed. Wolverine came closer, still growling. Fox whipped around faster than he had ever seen an animal move and latched on it’s throat. Wolverine was surprised by this, and quickly tore away, bleeding. He walked about twenty feet before dropping, his jugular vein ripped in half. Gramps happily took the skin. Polar bear wouldn’t even be a FIGHT, just a thrashing.

  6. dom

    wolverines are one of my favorite animals. so it saddens me to say this, but I don’t care how fearless a wolverine is. the polar bear weighs 10 times as much as a wolverine. Polar bears also have a thick layer of fur and blubber, that would be impossible for the wolverine to bite through. Also, the biggest thing a wolverine hunts would be an elk, sometimes a black bear, polar bears eat beluga whales. They are just two entirely different calibers of animals. It would be like comparing a .308 to a .50 cal. A .308 could take a lot of things down, almost anything. but a .50 cal pretty much vaporizes anything it hits. I’m sorry wolverines are awesome and badass, but against a hungry polar bear, that wolverine is going to end up as dinner.

    1. Tony/Aka

      10 times? 100 times! Polar bear weighs 1,600 pounds! Wolverine weighs like 20.

      1. Miek

        Tony where are you getting your facts on wolverines? On the light end of the scale they have trapped them weighing as much as 77lbs. Polar bears normally weigh 330-650lbs females and with males 775-1200lbs largest polar bear recorded weighed 2,209lbs so yes only 10Xs the weight.

  7. Skilz

    Your delusional if you think a healthy polar bear can’t take a wolverine out. I love wolverines, but commonsense should tell you that the polar bear, earth’s largest land carnivore, an animal that can snatch a seal out of the water, would destroy a wolverine. While you tout that record of a wolvie taking out a polar bear, there are more accounts of wolverines dying from taking on animals multiple times their size. That is the beauty of them. They are fearless, tough, tenacious and incredible fighters pound for pound, but they dont have the pounds to consistently beat a polar bear.

    1. James W.

      Polar bear is not really a ‘land carnivore’..

      Its hunting success depends on the sea ice,
      which is why it is also called ‘ice bear’..

      Plus, they catch giant lumps of lard, on the ice,
      they are not killing real dangerous big stuff like hippos,
      rhinos, giraffes & such.. ( they do cannibalize bear cubs though)..

      As a matter of interest, polar bears even have problems
      with animals that fight back, like walrus using its tusks..

      & land-based polar bears are not very much different to
      the brown bears from which they mutated, as garbage guts,
      – they’ll go for the dumpster dive at every opportunity..

      Wolverine/’glutton’ is over-rated, just like its mustelid cousin the ratel/
      honey badger, & sure they are tough, loud bullies, but when it comes to
      a death match, they are totally out-gunned by a wild polar bear,
      since – even real angry wolves, & bloody-minded cougars will deal to them..

      1. Hyaenidae

        Where are they supposed to get a hippo? You DO know where polars live, right?

    1. James W.

      No if its washed up on the beach..
      See the youtube clip of the bobcat with the shark, on-shore..

      & if you meant ‘White shark” then they fear Killer whales,
      due to those whales having developed a likin’ for shark livers…

  8. lou

    Polar bear would have a hard time even getting a good attack on the wolverine, the wolverine is a weasel and can easily scurry up the polar bear and attack the neck. polar bear would have a hard time biting or even effectivcely clawing a smaller animal so close to it. It’s like trying to shoot someone at arms length when you have a .50 cal rifle.

  9. Aka

    I said what? Polar bear would destroy like, 10 wolverines. Polar bears are much stronger than grizzlies, and thats saying something! Wolverine is screwed against grizzly, much more screwed against polar bear!

  10. Seriously

    What the heck are people actually debating that a 20lb wolverine would kill a 900lb polar bear. And I think a wolverine couldn’t even reach a polar bear’s neck on ground. A polar bear would literally have to step on a wolverine putting 450lb on the wolverine killing it.

  11. James W.

    “messed up”?

    You sure are kid..
    Watch the video of the male ice bear running down..
    ..the female & her cub.. he catches up to it, then kills & eats it..

    That might give you an idea of how you are going here, kid..’re out of your depth & being stomped.. & its.. so sad.. L.O.L…

  12. Me

    No Wolverine would ever have a chance at killing an adult polar bear. Maybe a yearling but never an adult. Also the polar bear is the largest bear species and largest land carnivore in the world. Not almost as large as a Kodiak but larger.

    1. Miek

      Female adult polar bears run around 500lbs a big male wolverine go around 50lbs.

  13. John Castro

    how can a little weasel defeat the biggest bear well heres what i think. the poler bear makes the first swipe then he wolverine bites on the legs but the polar bear grabs the wolverine easily then the polar bear breaks his neck ends his life and the polar bear eats his victory meal.

  14. James W.

    A prime pride boss male lion would destroy everything…

    1. James W.

      @ fake ‘james w’..
      yeah.. you.. APu/Iap/Tiger-spit..
      still with the ‘same old’ scamming..
      blathering on.. huh.. well, its lame..
      you tediously stupid-as kid..
      & so boring..

      Just like you..
      funnily enough..

  15. I’m a person

    This is like a murder I love wolverines and they are one of my favorite animals for sure but polar bears are just to big and muscular if the bear stepped on the wolverine it could die.

    1. James W.

      APU/Iap/Tiger-puke/Troll/fake ‘james’ & etc..
      Damn kid..
      you’ve really gone full-nutter,
      & still dumb-as with it..

      Expecting any reader.. to buy your bullshit,
      scamming pretense of being anything more..
      than multiple moronic personalities..

      & being so fragile, lame & meltdown prone..
      that you still.. so pathetically.. attempt to
      back your own stupidies up.. awww.. L.O.L..

  16. Dick Dickinson

    wtf do you know how big a wolverine is? It would stand ZERO chance against a polar bear at all its not even a competition. I don’t give a shit how ¨fearless” they are. Just cuz I’m fearless doesn’t mean I can barehanded fight a 9-foot monster and win

  17. David W.

    Great videos available on YouTube of wolverine fighting a timber wolf and leaving the wolf to limp off all covered in saliva and blood – at least the wolverine didn’t kill it – another wolverine running off 2 adult wolves to steal their kill – and another of a wolverine backing up and scaring off a black bear.

  18. PB

    The rediculousness of comparing these two animals in a fight is astounding (75lbs vs 900lbs). But the fact that the author chose the wolverine over the polar bear has destroyed all his credibility.


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