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By | July 13, 2021

Who will win the fight between Leopard and Lioness

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Compare Leopard Vs Lioness and here we are comparing the male leopard Vs female lion (lioness) which is the exact match for comparing both these cats. Leopard is one of the smallest cat family members of genus Panthera, found in many different regions from Africa to Asia. This species of cat is long in length but short in height because of shorter legs but still they are very capable of killing larger prey.

Lioness is much larger cat than male leopard of genus Panthera, they are mainly found in sub Saharan Africa and there is a small population of lions in India. Lioness is bigger, larger and heavier than male leopard but male leopard is stronger and muscular than lioness as it carries heavy carcass of animals and climbs the tree to save his prey from other predators like hyena, wild dogs and lions.

A male leopard can weigh 70 kg with the head and body length of 5 ft 1inch, leopard is the smallest of four cats (tiger, lion, jaguar and leopard) in genus panthera but because of larger skull with the powerful jaw muscles they can kill larger prey very easily and with the help of small strong legs & forelimbs they can climb the tree carrying their food or prey which is much heavier.

Leopard Vs Lioness Comparison

Leopard Vs Lioness Comparison

Lions are the apex predator and lioness can weigh 120 kg with the average body length of 5 ft 8 inch including head, they use to kill their prey in a group which is called pride in lions. Pride is consisting of many lionesses without a male lion which means that lioness is the true hunter but she cannot hunt alone for bigger preys and she has to survive & depend on smaller preys.

Leopard is the solitary hunter but their population is declining very fast as it is in the near “threatened status” by IUCN, in Asia leopard population is declining where tiger lives because tigers don’t like the interferences of other predators so they kill leopards especially in India. Larger leopards are found in Sri Lanka where tigers are extinct and can weigh 90 kg.

Lions are found in Africa and India, Indian lions are smaller than African lions because of discrete habitat and both region lions are in endangered status as declared by IUCN (International union for conservation of Nature). Lions never had the problem of prey because there are no natural predators that are above the lions in Africa and in India yes Tigers are there who are stronger than Lions but due to different areas they are never been in contact with each other.

Before moving further let’s take a glance at below given table on compare leopard Vs lioness information and facts.

Leopard Vs Lioness Comparison

Animals Leopard
Species P.pardusP.leo
Average Head & Body Length 5 ft 1 inch5 ft 8 inch
Tail Length 3 ft 1 inch2 ft 9 inch
Average Weight70 kg120 kg
AreaAfrica, South and East AsiaAfrica and India
StatusNear ThreatenedVulnerable
Average Life Span14 years15 years

Many of you have seen the videos of leopard Vs lioness in discover channel and Nat Geo channel on television, and after seeing you can easily judge how strong the leopard is because in many videos leopard had to face more than one lioness. There are many rare videos in which leopard dominated the single lioness which is the exact match for head to head fight.

Winning Facts for both Leopard and Lioness:

  • Leopard has the strong jaw muscle power than lioness.
  • Lioness is larger, heavier and taller than male leopard.
  • Leopard has strong forelimbs and legs than lioness.
  • Lioness canine teeth are larger than leopard.

There are many such videos on YouTube in which a male leopard dominates two adult grown hyenas which lioness can’t do.

In intelligence leopards are always on the top, they know who to deal with their opponents whether it is a prey or predator they can quickly find a way of getting success over it that’s why they are very successful in jungle.

Hunting in pride lionesses dominates every single animal in African jungle but individually leopard is far better hunter than lioness.

Head to Head Fight:

Considering strength, intelligence and force there is the 50 – 50 chance of winning for both Leopard and lioness but still according to wild animals expert’s lioness can dominate the male leopard.

24 thoughts on “Compare Leopard vs Lioness

  1. Bisco

    This is not 50-50. Lioness will always win. Leopard will always flee up a tree even if it is male when confronted by a lioness. Also unlike a male lion, lioness is very agile and is second fastest cat after cheetah.

    1. James W.

      Male lion is, like all cats, naturally agile..
      ..quick enogh to face down crocodiles..
      They do grow big.. but as video evidence shows..
      ..they are still very quick, & even can out-sprint & catch cheetah from a standing start..
      ..check also the captive lions showing their learned tricks.. its cool for such big beasts..
      .. to like climbing vertical poles for meat, & walking tightropes in circus performances..

      1. James W.

        You again fail to comprehend.

        Cheetahs are indeed faster than lions – in top speed..

        However the power/strength advantage of the lion..
        ..allows a quicker acceleration rate – in the initial sprint..
        This is shown on a number of videos too..

        Leopards are the most agile big cat, but lack the both the body size,
        social cohesion & full-on domineering spirit values of lions.

        Jaguar is more like a cross between leopard & lion, being essentially,
        – a 2/3rds scale, spotted lion – living in a leopard lifestyle..

        1. Timothy C Peterkin

          James I know you didn’t say a lioness has a quicker take off than a cheetah really. I love lions but a female Cheetah at the Cincinnati Zoo clocked 61mph and ran 100 meters in 5.95 seconds.

        2. Unknown02

          Lions do not accelerate faster than cheetahs. Cheetahs can go from 0 to almost 70 mph (68 to be in exact) in just 3 seconds flat. On what planet do lions accelerate faster than that? Don’t spread nonsense please.

  2. Skyla Willow Queen

    ya, i agree with Bisco. Even though a Jaguar would probably win against both, lioness would win.

  3. Aka

    Jaguar is second fastest out of all cats. Leopards are far more intelligent than lioness. On the other hand, lionesses are in prides and leopard is screwed against pride of lions. But 1v1, cash on leopard. They can climb trees, but are slower. Lioness is bigger, leopard is more agile. They are equally strong, but leopard wins.

  4. Aka

    Changed mind, love leopards and everything, but lioness would win. Predators tend to avoid each other, so this would be rare, even if they bot live in same parts of Africa. Now, lets just remember, JAGUAR IS ABOVE THEM BOTH!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Unknown02

    The last “brown” bears of Africa? If anything, I would imagine that poachers were the ones who wiped them out if anything. Lions probably killed cubs and juvenile brown bears. If they actually killed the adults then the North Africa brown bears must’ve been some small brown bears. Because anything from the size of a grizzly bear and up would kill a lion.

    1. James W.

      Your feral imagination is pure fantasy..
      try to get some reality.. & stop your idiocy..

      Check the historical records..
      Barbary lions were notably vicious..
      they dominated Atlas bears.. both in the wild,
      & in the ancient Roman arena games.. Fact.

      Even the Bible duly notes the superiority of the lion..

  6. AP

    If we are talking about a 70 kg (~154 pounds) Leopard against a 127 kg Lioness (~280 pounds), than the Lioness will win this fight. Now being bigger and heavier does NOT mean that an animal will win in a fight, but in this case, the Lioness is heavier because she has more muscle.

    But what if we take a large Leopard at 100 kg (~220 pounds) or more against a similar sized Lioness, the fight will be pretty evenly matched. Again, being bigger does not equate to winning a fight, a larger Leopard will be more muscular than a smaller one.

    Now, at similar sizes, I might give the edge to the Leopard, but for the most part, each animal would have 50% chance of wining.

    1. James W.

      Check the facts..
      & look up the research on felid morphology..

      All Panthera are essentially similar in body form,
      but the most evolutionarily advanced of them.. are lions..

      A lioness the size of a leopard would have to be a juvenile,
      or a runt, with stunted growth.. & per se not a prime example.

      Fact is.. lions are the ‘fightinest’ & most combative of the cats..
      they literally fight for their place in the pride.. all their lives..

      & they have to succeed in territory contests against the tougest opposition,
      viz: other lion prides..

      Back before humanity developed weapons-tech, lions were the dominant
      big mammal over most of the worlds choicest hunting lands.. not bears or tigers..
      the lion pride swept all these rivals to the margins.. freezing climes, & deep jungle..

  7. James W.

    Crap on..
    You go do some research..
    instead of dumb-as mouthing off..

    History shows lions dominated bears,
    wherever they lived.. inc’ North Africa..

    When/if such a bear was unlucky enough to be
    found by a boss barbary lion, it was dead meat!

  8. AP

    James W,
    No, it is not “crap on” or “dumb-as mouthing off.”

    You claim that “history shows” that Lions dominated Bears in North Africa. How about you site some sources proving this? Then, perhaps I will believe you.

    1. James W.

      Hey AP… ‘spellchecker’..
      cite/site/sight.. shite.. head..

      See for yourself.. look up
      some of the records written by C19th
      French explorers.. in Algeria/Tunisia..

  9. AP

    I would give this to the lioness. A jaguar could beat a lioness, but I don’t think a leopard is powerful enough to take a prime lioness down.

    1. James W.

      so, not “50/50” then, afterall..

      & just concede, while you are recanting..
      only a.. top-flite jaguar – could best an average lioness…

      9/10 encounters between regular* cats.. usually favour the bigger cat,
      even taking into account.. the male testosterone advantage..
      although.. the male jag might well do better.. against a tigress..

      You have to take into account that lionesses have to contend..
      on an everyday basis..with very aggressive male lions.. so battling a
      smaller cat is.. for sure, gonna be ‘light work’ – by comparison..

      * No, a prime, pride boss adult male lion, is not ‘regular’,
      since he’s had to prove himself – to be a true Champion!

  10. James W.

    The bears in that vid..
    are frankly pathetic..
    just a pair of fat-as stumble bums..
    uselessly graoning & leaning on each other,
    for ’bout a minute & a 1/2.. then wilting..
    as if they were a couple of old drunks.. pushing-arguing..

    Lion fights, even those of brothers sparring..
    are far more intensely vicious..
    & a killing-intent boss lion would.. with real efficiency..
    do ‘absolute murder’.. on such a lame-as bozo-bear..

  11. AP

    James W…
    See, the biggest difference between me and you is that when I am wrong, I admit that I am wrong. You, on the other hand, will ALWAYS support the lion – not matter what evidence I (or anybody else) provide…

    “9/10 encounters between regular* cats.. usually favour the bigger cat,
    even taking into account.. the male testosterone advantage..
    although.. the male jag might well do better.. against a tigress..”

    So, a fixation based on just size? Really? Going by that logic, you could say that a Kaziranga Bengal tiger or an Amur (Siberian) tiger would beat an African lion “9/10” times… but you won’t make that claim, would you….?

  12. AP

    And are aware that a fight between a lioness and a tigress is pretty evenly matched, right? If anything the lioness is at a disadvantage because she does not have a mane to protect her neck. While that holds true for a tigress also,in the case of a male tiger and a male lion, the lion has a mane to protect it’s neck. Plus, there is NOT a HUGE difference in size between a Pantanal jaguar and a lioness. I can’t wait to start a lioness vs tigress debate with you…

  13. AP

    ” You have to take into account that lionesses have to contend..
    on an everyday basis..with very aggressive male lions.. so battling a
    smaller cat is.. for sure, gonna be ‘light work’ – by comparison..”

    While there is no denying that lionesses lead brutal lives fighting other lions on a daily basis, jaguars are not that much
    different either. Jaguars are very territorial animals who have to fight other jaguars often, AND male jaguars have to fight to death in order to win the heart of a female. And FYI, even tigresses have to fend of male tigers in order to protect their cubs.

    From a completely unbiased perspective, in the case of a Pantanal jaguar and a lioness, each has a 50% chance of winning. Perhaps, giving the jaguar a victory 6 or 7/10 times might be a little too much on my part…

  14. Atharva Shrivastava

    I have seen videos in which lioness dominates leopards and hyenas. Leopards are not better hunters than lioness, both have different hunting styles. Lioness is stronger than leopards. Experts are right when they say lioness dominates leopard.

  15. Animal Lover

    Aggressive male leopards have kept multiple lions at bay, but these encounters are not representative of the outcome of a serious fight to the death.
    A risk-averse lioness would likely avoid an encounter with an aggressive leopard due to the risk of injury, but in a fight to the death, the leopard isn’t large or powerful enough to defeat a lioness.
    The lioness would win rather easily, but a parity fight between a sub-adult lioness and a large male tom leopard would be interesting.


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