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By | July 30, 2021

Who will win the fight between Leopard and Jaguar?

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Compare Leopard Vs Jaguar, many of you have the confusion between jaguar and leopard as both look similar but there are many dissimilarities which we will discuss later in this article. Both these cats are from same genus panthera and in spite of having similar genus and looks they both had never been seen together in the wild because of different habitat, region or areas they found.

Jaguar is the large cat from family felidae and it is the third largest cat after tiger and lion in the world which can weigh up to 100 kg with the head and body length of 5 ft 6 inch. Jaguar has the strongest bite force among all big and small cats in the world which helps him to crack or crush the large leatherback sea turtle shell.

Leopard is one of the most numerous cat found in many regions ranging from Africa to Asia on the other hand jaguars are only found in central and southern America. Jaguar is the apex predator and has many preys in jungles through which he survives while Leopard has the strong competitor in both Africa and Asia jungles, in Africa leopard has to face other predators like lions, hyena, cheetah and wild dogs while in Asia he has to face dangerous tiger and bear.

Leopards are very strong as comparing to their physical description because they are short in height but still manages to climb up the tree vertically carrying animal carcass of weight heavier than themselves. Jaguars are physically built very strong with muscular body and like leopards they can climb up the tree but they can’t carry the animal carcass while climbing the tree vertically.

Jaguars can beat any wild animal of their weight and size because they are the world best pound for pound category fighter, though leopards are comparatively small than jaguars but beating leopard is not the easy task for jaguar as leopards are very clever & intelligent.

Both jaguar and leopard are solitary hunters, jaguar hunt and prey on caiman, deer, ungulate, capybaras and anacondas while African leopard prey on antelopes, wild pigs, monkeys, porcupine and sometimes they also hunt African rock python, in Asia leopard prey on chital, barking deer, Capra the wild goat and antelopes etc.

How to identify Leopard and Jaguar?

You can easily identify jaguar and leopard through rosettes, height, head and body mass. Leopard rosettes are densely packed and smaller as compared to jaguar, leopards are smaller than jaguars, jaguar skull is bigger than leopard and leopard possess smaller legs than jaguar.

Now let’s compare leopard Vs jaguar facts and information in given below table on Compare Leopard Vs Jaguar.

Compare Leopard vs Jaguar:

Polar bear vs Grizzly bear Comparison

Leopard vs Jaguar Comparison
Species P.pardusP.onca
Average Head & Body Length 5 ft 1 inch5 ft 6 inch
Tail Length 3 ft 1 inch2 ft 5 inch
Average Weight70 kg100 kg
AreaAfrica, South and East AsiaCentral America and South America
StatusNear ThreatenedNear Threatened
Average Life Span14 years13 years

Jaguar Vs Leopard Winning Facts:

  • Jaguar is taller, longer and heavier than leopard.
  • Leopard can climb the tree vertically carrying the animal carcass double of its weight and size.
  • Jaguar bite force is more powerful than any other big cats which helps him to crush the bones of other predators and preys with just one single bite.
  • Clouded leopard bite force is equal or slightly 0.2% less than jaguar.
  • Jaguar has the extremely powerful jaws and muscular body than leopard.
  • Leopards are more intelligent & clever than jaguars.
  • Jaguars can climb the tree for hunting and unlike other cats this cat love to swim in the water.

According to the experts both wild cats are best pound for pound fighter or hunter but still majority of expertise votes have been with jaguar for the best pound for pound contender.

Head to Head Fight:

In head to head fight between Jaguar Vs Leopard, No doubt jaguar will win the fight whether it is in Africa or America. This going to be very brutal fight between jaguar and leopard, as there is no chance of escape for leopard because jaguars can also climb up the tree because there is the only way of leopard escape. At last I would say Jaguar will win and kill the leopard easily.

47 thoughts on “Compare Leopard vs Jaguar

  1. aab

    there is no escape for leopard? think again, as a matter if fact the out come will the character of each animal, and again leopards can climb better and faster than any jaguar

    1. Mohamed

      Leopards are much better climbers. At parity it could go either way. Male leopard of 90kg vs a male jaguar at 90kg it could go either way!

      1. Ali

        That’s a silly response – asking for an exact weight for different animals to fight. That’s like saying who would win out of a 80kg Human vs an 80kg Elephant for example. Obviously it would be closer, but for all of these animal vs arguments you use the most average of each species to settle the decision. What you are literally proposing is a weaker than average Jaguar vs a stronger than average Leopard. How would that give a reliable answer?

        1. Tom

          Styles make fights. That said, Elephants at birth weigh 300lbs. Good luck finding an 80lb Elephant.

          1. World

            That’s why he gave the unit in international universal, used by the entire world (except u.s) Kg and not lbs that is used by only dumb US people!

      2. anaonomyous

        No Jaguar still larger, stronger bite force, the Jaguar could also take the Leopard in water and drown it.

      3. Omar

        Rather a stupid and childish question as No wild cats will engage in a fight if they are equally balanced unless to protect their young and territory, as neither animal will risk injury due to inability to hunt for food post a fight thus his wellbeing . I have seen and filmed on safari in SA and Botswana where once 4 fully grown lionesses decided its best to leave 1 adult leopard alone , initially having cornered the leopard but the leopard harnessing itself in to bush then laying on its back with fangs and open paws with all daggers to the fore drew blood from the nose with a gash from first lioness that attacked it. All 4 lionesses thought best to turn away and immediately the leopard rushed out and climbed a tree nearby. Wild animals are not hooligans like humans!

        1. Kimber.45,UltraCarry

          Did you say you photographed that encounter with the 4 lionesses

    2. Aguywhoknowsstuff

      you realize trees don’t go up and up forever, right? Also, if you’ve ever seen a leopard climb, they can be pretty damn slow. Additionally, jaguars have a level of stealth that leopards really don’t encounter in nature. Also, no one ever won a fight by running up a tree. Remember, we’re talking about this little kitty fighting this thing

  2. Janindu galaxy

    A fight on land at day time-Jaguar wins 7/8 times out of 10 times. A fight on land at night-Jaguar wins 6/7 times out of 10 times. A fight on a tree-Leopard wins 5/6 times out of 10 times. A fight in water-Jaguar wins 8/9 times out of 10 times.

  3. panthera pardus

    A leopard will probably win against a jaguar.because they destroys lions if they get aggression and they are very agile.they have strongest neck than a jaguar.jaguars some times dominated by cougars.

    1. melaus

      Don’t know what your reading but obviously you’ve never met a Jaguar!!!

  4. James W.

    Jaguar vs leopard would be like Tyson vs Spinks..

    The skinny, pretty boy leopard is going down..out-punched, out-beasted, out bite-powered ..

    Mountain lions are different again, a big-as Tom-cougar is boss of his territory, & will destroy wolf & shred a bruin,
    if he’s got an hornery mind to do it.. they are prodigious feline athletes.. & well under-rated, due to not being a ‘big’ cat.

  5. Ricardo Blanco

    Let’s say they are both fed well in their prime.

    A full grown male Jaguar vs a full grown male Leopard:

    The largest Jaguars can reach up to 365 lb 6 ft long not including tail. They’re more husky & muscular. Stronger jaw muscles. In water they will have the upper hand.

    Largest male Leopards can reach 275 lbs 5.5 ft long. More agile, better tree climbers & slightly more aggressive.

    It can go both ways. But I’d probably have my $$ on the Jaguar.

    1. Tony\Aka

      You said it will not be an easy task for a jaguar to beat a leopard, but in the end you said that the jaguar will kill the leopard easily. I agree with the first one. I don’t think killing a leopard will always be a easy task, but jaguar will adventually box it out. But 60% or more, jaguar wins easily.

  6. Shivah Haran

    Leopard is more intelligent, agile and faster than the Jaguar…….. despite the Jaguar having a heavier bite force, and being larger pound for pound……..the leopard’s speed may win the day…………watch this you tube clip as a leopard outsmarts more than one lion………..

    1. melaus

      Can’t compare it wasn’t a male lion anyway and that leopard would be dead!!!

  7. JaguarsAlawaysWinOrAtLeastThat'sHowItShouldBe

    A. Jaguar is taller, longer and heavier than leopard.
    B. Jaguar bite force is more powerful than any other big cats which helps him to crush the bones of other predators and preys with just one single bite.
    C. Clouded leopard bite force is equal or slightly 0.2% less than jaguar.
    D. Jaguar has the extremely powerful jaws and muscular body than leopard.
    E. Jaguars can climb the tree for hunting and unlike other cats this cat love to swim in the water.

    Jaguar would win ANYTIME. Well not ANY time, but just the majority of time. Besides, we’re talking THIS puddy tat-

    against this kind of feline… –

    so…. no offence to you leopard fans out there, but Jaguars will out-climb, out-smart, and out-bite that Leopard.

  8. Jemoeder

    Everyone is here discussing the outcome, and i’m still annoyed by the English used…….

  9. Aka

    Jaguars can climb trees too. Leopard is not that fast either. It can only run up to 36 mph, while the jaguar can run between 50-65 mph. Leopard is going down. Jaguar is much bigger and stronger than leopard. It can kill it with one bite. How can a leopard win?

  10. Aka

    Yo, shiva harven, whatever your name is, youtube is full of lies and fake clips. Get a good source of information, lol.

    1. James W.

      You need to develop the ability to parse the bogus youtube clips..
      ..but the verified real-life recordings stand – as validated evidence.. you cannot logically dismiss all clips – casually/carte-blanch..

      You have yet to demonstrate any such ability, however..
      & so, trolling instead, appears to be more of your ‘stupid boy’ approach..

      On topic, jaguars do possess fine arboreal skills too, & it is essential..
      for those jungle cats which live in the seasonally flooded forest regions
      of the Amazon, in which the ground is – submerged – for the wet season..

  11. dave

    easy win for jaguar,its faster,stronger,bigger plus it hunts much dangerous and powerful prey

  12. LeopardCat

    There are large leopards weighing nearly 100kg. You gotta put both at same weight and Leopard will still have the edge. A leopard is like Anthony Joshua, extremely agile and muscular. Jaguar has a weaker chin and thinner facial skin like the Klitschko brothers. Will be Ko’ed by the Leopard in Round 5. 🙂

    1. Andy Cavassa

      Lol! Leopard bite force = 310 psi average. Jaguar bite force = 1350 psi average. ( Bite through sea turtle shells and crocodiles heads) Jaguar has bigger head and jaws bones/muscles. . Leopard’s head and jaws are light weight compared to Jaguar’s. Jaguar has 2nd greatest bite force of any mammal. Leopards are tough. Jaguars are much tougher.

      1. James W.

        Yeah, kid, real funny..
        Like you’d even know – how to do that!

        ( No boy, your dumb-as, bogus, linked sites aint research validated,
        they’re just as stupid as you – being at your level of incomprehension ).

  13. James W.

    The sarcasm kid.

    Or am I being too generous,
    & its just your simplistic/infantile stupidity, yet again..

  14. Raven

    Jaguar wins in most scenarios.
    It’s stronger in general, more robust built. I can’t think of anything the leopard would use as they other characteristics are similar (intelligence, stamina).

  15. AP

    I agree with you for the most part. I like to think of Jaguars as larger and stronger versions of Leopards. In fact, a large Pantanal Jaguar can be 2x bigger and stronger than a Leopard.

    The Jaguar is larger, stronger, more muscular, has a more robust build, and more powerful jaws. Not to mention that Jaguars are decent climbers.

    That being said though, the Leopard is no slouch in any of the departments where the Jaguar gets the upper hand (or, shall I say, paw :)). The Jaguar, despite being a good climber, can not climb trees as well as Leopards, and the Leopard is actually the more agile of the two.

    If the Leopard can use it’s agility to avoid the Jaguar’s powerful bite/paw swipes and demobilize the Jaguar using it’s claws, it would scrape a win – however, that is a big IF.

    Generally speaking, I would say the Jaguar wins 6/10 times.

  16. James W.

    the eternal ‘fence-sitter’,
    with his risible ratings..

    The leopard is ranked 4th,
    of extant Panthera species.

    The jaguar is apex predator in his habitat,
    & this is rarely the case – for the leopard.

    Where the leopard is boss cat, such as on the
    island of Ceylon.. he grows big, & bold..
    but even he is significantly out-matched by his
    most impressive rosetted cousins – in the Pantanal..

  17. AP

    Lames W,
    Oh my f*cking god!!! Did you fail reading in school or are you blind? I gave the VICTORY to the JAGUAR.

  18. James W.

    try & comprehend..
    (difficult for you, a dal-brained fool, very obviously).

    “6/10” is ‘stupid boy’ level – stuff..

    A champion heavyweight will readily over-power,
    & KO – a lesser category fighter much more often..

  19. James W.

    Apey, you spoilt, petulant child..
    nevermind fractions.. why not use %..
    for your fanciful ratings..
    or better yet.. why even bother with them..
    at all.. L.O.L…

    It can be reasonably assumed.. that in the case
    of patherines.. the bigger, more powerful cat will usually win,
    unless the smaller.. can obtain a killing bite to a vital zone, 1st..

    The boss lion, with his superior combat experience,
    & his long renowned.. implacable will to dominate..
    plus the very useful advantage of his splendid mane..
    does however.. duly wrests him, the well-earned title..
    of King..

  20. AP

    Lames W/ aka “spoilt , petulant child”,
    Oh, okay, fine. The jaguar wins at least 80% of the time (mind you, the leopard stands a decent chance).

    And, why are you mentioning lions? This is a leopard vs jaguar thread – oh right, you are a lion fanboy…LOL.

  21. Lalit Nagpal

    I think it will be equal battle,,cos leopard having long tail for balancing and escapage and fine grip..With the help of it,, leopard can even be dominant over jaguar..No doubt

  22. Honorio L. Grassi

    The leopard would be a formidable opponent. Leopard is faster, has a great reserve of istamine and accustomed to killing larger and more dangerous prey. At the end of the day the Jaguar would certainly win, but at a high cost.

  23. ckays

    leopard thick necks protect any bites from jaguar. pound for pound are better fighters as one leopard defeated five lionesses. five lionesses have defeated an adult male lion,,,,,,,,, take you pic

  24. тнeran love

    can ι pleaѕe geт a dιrecт anѕwer vѕ a leopard and a jagυar?
    are тнey тнe ѕaмe creaтυre or noт?
    no coмparιѕonѕ, jυѕт a yeѕ or a no, тнιѕ ιѕ all ι aѕĸ.
    yoυ ѕoυnd lιĸe yoυ are тalĸιng aвoυт тнe ѕaмe creaтυre wιтн dιғғerenт ғeaтυreѕ, ѕo are тнey тнe ѕaмe or noт?

  25. Big cat lover

    Leopards would win because they are faster tree climbers, more intelligent, clouded leopard bite force equals or is 0.2% less than a jaguar and a leopard has a success hunting rate of more than 90% and jaguars and pumas have a successful hunting rate of 60% according to Google.

  26. Darron de Lange

    I know a Jaguar is pretty strong but EVERYONE of you that says a Jaguar will win the fight 100% has no idea about what a leopard, you are clearly underestimating the leopard you say a Jaguar is Pound for Pound the strongest big cat have no idea or common sense, there is no other big cat living on earth that can carry twice it’s body weight up a tree 90kg leopard vs 130 Jaguar would be a fair fight for a leopard, a 80 kg male leopard can hold a male lion at bay. , a leopard pound for pound is much stronger then any other big cat.

  27. Animal Lover

    ^It depends upon which species of each animal we are using. A large male Llanos or Pantanal jaguar would be too much for most leopards (except for maybe the exceptionally large Persian leopards), while African leopards would have a good chance against, say, the Mexican jaguar.

    Using the largest and strongest specimens, the jaguar would take the cake due to it’s more powerful jaws and robust build, but a big male Persian leopard may be able to get in a win or two from time to time.


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