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By | July 8, 2021

Who will win the fight between Jaguar and Lioness?

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Jaguar Vs Lioness is the ultimate fight in animal world, although both never had been seen together in the wild because of distant habitat and region but still here is the article on “Compare Jaguar Vs Lioness” fight for all animal lovers who wants to know who is the better fighter and hunter.

Why I am comparing Jaguar with Lioness instead of African Male lion?

African Lion is much larger than Jaguar and comparing Jaguar Vs Male African Lion is the injustice for the Smaller Jaguar though Lioness is also larger than male jaguar but still it is the fair fight between lioness and Jaguar.

Everyone knows there is no match for Jaguar in pound for pound fight, he can take down any predator in pound for pound fight whether it is lion or tiger he can beat or even kill any of these animals in a few minutes. That’s why I have chosen the Lioness who is slightly larger and heavier than American Jaguar so that we can judge the power and strength of world’s most dangerous fiercer cat (Jaguar).

Jaguar is the world third largest cat after tiger in the first and lion in the second which can weigh up to 100 kg with the body length of 5 ft 6 inch including head. It is built physically strong with muscular body like tiger and has a strong bite force which helps him to kill its opponent with just one single bite.

Cougar vs Gray Wolf / Puma vs Gray Wolf Comparison

Cougar vs Gray Wolf / Puma vs Gray Wolf Comparison

Lioness or lion is the world second largest cat after tiger which can weigh up to 120 kg with the average head & body length of 5 ft 8 inch. Lioness is the much better hunter than male lion and it is the lioness who hunts the prey in the group called pride for lions.

Lioness are found in Sub Saharan Africa and in Indian sub continental, Indian lions are smaller than African lions but here we are talking about African lioness only and on the other side Jaguars are found in Central and Southern America where he hunts alone unlike lioness who hunts in pride.

Jaguar is the solitary hunter and the apex predator in central and southern American jungles where he is on the top of food chain and survives mainly on caiman, deer, ungulates, tapirs, capybaras and even dangerous large anacondas whereas lioness mainly feeds on antelopes, wildebeest, zebra and buffaloes.

Now take glance at jaguar and lion strength, force and physical description at below given table on compare jaguar vs lioness.

Compare Jaguar vs Lioness

Species P.oncaP.leo
Average Head & Body Length 5 ft 6 inch5 ft 8 inch
Tail Length 2 ft 5 inch2 ft 9 inch
Average Weight100 kg120 kg
AreaCentral America and South AmericaAfrica and India
StatusNear ThreatenedVulnerable
Average Life Span13 years15 years

After seeing the above facts and information there is no doubt that Jaguar is the stronger candidate than African lioness but still we have to consider all facts that lioness is larger and heavier than Jaguar.

Let’s consider all facts and strength of both Jaguar and Lioness:

  • Jaguar is the versatile hunter than lioness.
  • Jaguar loves water and can swim like tiger and can climb on a tree like a leopard. Lioness lacks in both these facts of Jaguar.
  • Lioness is bigger and heavier than American Jaguar which is the only single advantage for lioness.
  • Jaguar is the solitary hunter and has the strong muscular body which helps him to take down large prey like adult caiman and large anaconda.
  • Without pride lioness won’t able to take down large prey and as a result she has to depend totally on small prey like wildebeest calf and small antelopes.
  • Jaguar has the strong jaw built with larger canine teeth which helps him to kill its opponent or prey with a single bite.

Head to Head Fight:

In head to head fight jaguar is the favorite and far better hunter or fighter than lioness considering all facts and will kill the lioness comfortably.

139 thoughts on “Compare Jaguar vs Lioness

  1. janindu Galaxy

    It will be equal in a fight between a male African Lion and a Jaguar. But in a fight between a lioness and a jaguar the jaguar has the edge.

    1. Julian

      dude no lioness is bigger i saw vid that showed top 10 biggest cats lion came sec jag came 3 so ya

      P.S. size matters

    2. Tarkantos

      You can compare a South America Jaguar vs a Lion.
      He is a great hunter, he’s bite can take down crocodiles more easily than Lion…More agi, int, angry, stealth, cunning than Lion(Stamina?Well…)
      Well, the lioness died in a fast attack.


      Male lion and jaguar equal? Jaguar will run after looking at the lion! And in my all honesty, I don’t see jaguar defeating even a lioness

  2. aab

    lioness would kill any jaguar, dont even go there talking about africa male lion, lioness do hunt alone i have seen lone lioness kill huge zebra, buffalo, again jaguars cannot climb as good as efficient as leopards.

      1. Panthera

        Yes, I agree. A lioness is totally dependent on her pack, making the jaguar win.


          Lioness depend on pack for hunt, not for fight. However, they alone can take down zebras, wildebeast. A lioness can defeat 3 hyenas alone! I doubt jaguar can defeat even 2 hyenas

  3. James W.

    Lioness may be intimidated by testosterone pheromone signal,
    emanating from a prime male jaguar..
    ..the ‘fight’ might in fact become a ‘love’ session, if she is in season..
    ..but if she has cubs to protect.. ..well, then its on..

  4. Anonymous

    Compared to a lioness, a male jaguar is more powerfully built.
    Jaguar takes it easily.


    Janindu Galaxy: PLEASE!!! Spare us your jaguar fan boy opinion. You seriously believe a jaguar could beat a grown male lion, African or Asiatic Gir Forest??? Absolutely ridiculous. While it is absolutely true that the lion, ONCE IT ESTABLISHES ITSELF AS THE DOMINANT MALE OF THE PRIDE, lets the lionesses do the hunting. It does, however, need to feed itself from the time of adolescence to the time it needs to BEAT A DOMINANT MALE LION and take over that pride!!! That brings me to my first point….ALL MALE LIONS DO IS FIGHT!!! (Truthfully they sleep, eat, and make sweet love probably more, but that doesn’t make my point less valid.) They have manes so a killing throat bite cannot be easily established. (Most big cats kill in this way ) G3ranted, jaguars toften bite the skull of its prey in a kiling bite, but a grown male lion has a HUGE head, in which a jaguar wouldn’t be able to get its mouth around.
    Second point, size. A male jaguar, is no featherweight at roughly 220 lbs, but lions can tip the scales at 550 lbs!!! That is a wild lion too. It weighs TWICE AS MUCH. (Not looking good for Jag!)
    My third point, actual staged fights between wild animals happened commonly from the Roman Empire until roughly a century ago. I couldn’t find examples of lion vs. jaguar because it was obviously unfair. However, there are literally HUNDREDS of accounts of lion vs. tiger . Obviously, there were winners and lovers of both species, but on my word, the male lion would win 60-65% of the time, even outweighed by 25-50 lbs in some cases! Why? Because of the experience of fighting other lions for dominance, their socialization leads them to be less fearful of the solitary living tiger, and also because of their mane -causing a tiger to get a mouthful of mane fur when it goes for the kill, and the lion having no such natural body armour to keep it from having a killing bite.
    Sorry about the long winded argument, but I wanted to illustrate why the jaguar would absolutely lose 95% of the time.

    1. JaguarsAlawaysWinOrAtLeastThat'sHowItShouldBe

      Guys. I am a HUGE fan of the Jsguar. Until the poor cat dies… then that kinda stinks. but CRAIG MULLAN you don’t need to say ALL that.

      Jaguar is the versatile hunter than lioness.
      Jaguar loves water and can swim like tiger and can climb on a tree like a leopard. Lioness lacks in both these facts of Jaguar.
      Lioness is bigger and heavier than American Jaguar which is the only single advantage for lioness.
      Jaguar is the solitary hunter and has the strong muscular body which helps him to take down large prey like adult caiman and large anaconda.
      Without a pride a lioness won’t able to take down large prey and as a result she has to depend totally on small prey like wildebeest calf and small antelopes.
      Jaguar has the strong jaw built with larger canine teeth which helps him to kill its opponent or prey with a single bite.

      let us see who would win….

      With all due apologies to Lioness fans-


    2. Tony\Aka

      A jaguar is the apex predator. A jaguar mauled a lion in a zoo once, the only reason the lion survived is because the zoo service split them up. A pantanal or any jaguar would beat a lioness and has a 50-50 against the male lion.

      1. Tony\Aka

        I think. It was on youtube so it might be fake, it probably is.

    3. Smh

      No, you couldn’t find examples of jaguars and lions fighting in ANCIENT Rome is because the Romans HAD NO IDEA WHAT A JAGUAR WAS!!!! They existed OVER 1,000 YEARS BEFORE EUROPEANS (Even counting the vikings) REACHED THE AMERICAS!!!! For goodness’ sake man, educate yourself!

    4. Julian

      first of all it is not a male African lion vs jaguar it is lioness vs jaguar i think this would be close but i hand it to the lioness

    5. Nikhil n

      You tried great, tiger wins. Actual fact. A tiger literally killed a male lion with single paw swipe… Yes single paw swipe.. actually documented in spain a bengal tiger killed 100 lions in one on one pit fights,,, all are male African lions. Tiger is bigger, agile, have sharpest strongest teeth and claws… intelligent(big brain// also hunting stratagies). Ppl mighy be confused with fancy manes And the mane is not any armour… Its just some stupid fur. Yeah a lion look mejestic… It has some good hairstyle… Did i mention lions Are pussies… Yeah they get scared of people and any forien animals… If you.. yes you.! Confidently run towards a whole lion pride… They all will flee… any lion would get scared if it see a tiger for the first time… because of those stripes. Thats your brave lion… An elephant wont dare to do the same thing with a tiger.
      . Google the points you think were wrong.
      If its against a pack of tigers vs pride of lions… Lions have upper hand.. they are good at coordinated attacks…
      Sry for long ass story..

  6. yftfrctct

    Male jaguar is very powerful than lioness he can kill the female lion easily and male lion and male jaguar fight jaguar can win because jaguar have much strength then lion but lion have only one advantage that is weight with that lion can win some times weight of male lion is: 225 kg male jaguar weight is: 220 more advantages is jaguar only

  7. Bisco

    Again discount and underrating the lioness. An animal that kills Giraffes and elephants. There is an account of both a jag and lion on the web somewhere at a zoo or circus, where a jaguar had escaped from its cage and a had ended up in a lion’s cage. The jaguar was found dead with no injuries to the lion.

    Truth is with big cats small cats in rare cases hold their own against bigger cats by employing the on the back position and clawing at the guts. Even leopards have sometimes killed tigers 3 times their size this way.

  8. Swapnil G

    The Jaguar will win easily… size doesn’t matter. Jaguar got more powerful bite force, powerfully built body, Stronger jaws, Intelligence. The Lioness is only slightly bigger and heavier than Jaguar which is the only advantage for her.

  9. Swapnil G

    The Jaguar will win easily… size doesn’t matter. Jaguar got more powerful bite force, powerfully built body, Stronger jaws, Intelligence.

  10. Janindu Galaxy

    There are many reports of fearless male Leopards destroying male Lions.So the bigger and stronger Jaguar will easily defeat a Lioness and has a 50/50 chance against a male Lion.

  11. Janindu Galaxy

    There are many reports of fearless Male Leopards destroying Male Lions.So the bigger and stronget Jaguar will easily defeat a Lioness in a fight

  12. James W.

    Klendathu the comedian..

    Male leopards stand zero chance against a Pride boss male lion..
    No predator the lion encounters on his ground, other than his kingly peers, does..
    & he’s duty, honour & ambition bound to take them on too..

    Male lions habitually suppress other predators inc’ leopards – for sporting enjoyment..

  13. Janindu Galaxy

    Even the smaller Leopards sometimes destroy Lionesses when they get aggression. So the bigger and stronger Jaguar will easily defeat a Lioness.

  14. Janindu Galaxy

    James W.- you think you know everything about animal fights.I agree that the male Lion is a more than formidable opponent to any Leopard due to it’s size and strength.But Lions do not always dominate Leopards.The faster and more agile male Leopard very much capable of destroying a male Lion.

    1. Derick

      Are you thinking through your ass leopards cant, even stand a hyena lot alone a lion

  15. Janindu Galaxy

    James W.- you think you know everything about animal fights.I agree that the male Lion is a more than formidable opponent to any Leopard due to it’s size and strength.But Lions do not always dominate Leopards.The faster and more agile male Leopard is very much capable of destroying a male Lion.

    1. James W.

      Repetition of your fantasy notions,
      does not give them any greater validity..

      While a large male leopard is capable of using the tools of
      his masculine prominence to good effect against some lions…
      – by causing anxiety/intimidation in female lions, this has the opposite
      effect on prime male lions – who are programmed to relentlessly seek
      out & destroy – any such perceived challenge to their authority.

      Against such an onslaught, the leopard is totally ‘out-gunned’, & must run, or die..
      This applies to all other rival predators.. except for – even more powerful – male lions..

      1. DaoDao

        I like how every match up with a lion in it on this site, has the lion losing. I’m hoping it’s just to spite you. Sounds like you’d bend a lion over a kitchen table, weirdo.

        1. James W.

          Doo Doo,

          The lion would do you like a boss,
          just as it does in these match-ups.
          So get back to the kitchen,
          & cook me some eggs,
          – instead of being one..

      2. Tony\Aka

        Boy… a jaguar could take a lion, but not a leopard. Leopards are one of my favorite animals, but a lion is far to big. Leopards are very strong, but when the lion weighs 4 times more, then leopard can’t win.

        1. Tony\Aka

          Yeah, jaguar beats leopard, lioness and a 50-50 chance against male lion, but leopard is going to get his ass handed to him. End of story.

    1. James W.


      Don’t deny it it,
      its an insect world in the Jainudu Galaxy…
      Home planet to mindless arachnid drones,
      which you & swampy doo doo surely are…

      Annoying to lions, like fleas, & flies, but pests
      & parasites, all the same..

  16. Janindu Galaxy

    Janindu is my name and I am from Sri lanka.According to the language in our country Janindu means king.So please respect that you Lion klendathu fanboy James w.

      1. James W.

        Sure does,
        he sees one every time he looks in a mirror..
        he carries on here – like a monkey up a tree,
        screeching a warning when big cats are about..

        Lion dominates other predators, but the sexual dimorphism
        in cats is such that testosterone laden prime males can intimidate
        the lioness – just as hi-testosterone female hyenas may do..

        There are hybrid cross-breeds between big cat species too..

  17. Swapnil

    James W loudest mouth in room is the ugliest.
    Jaguar will win 70/100 in favour of the Jaguar. Jaguar stronger, physically powerful, agile, flexible, more powerfully built and have stronger bite force. No chance for the lioness.

  18. Swapnil

    All James did is too bitter batter his useless stuff. He himself didn’t present any facts to prove his point.

    Will you kindly make the argument of your own instead of ruining people’s day and scandalizing everyone with your foul mouth and rude behaviour.

  19. James W.

    Klendathu &
    Swampy – up a tree,
    trying to breed a family..

    Too funny.. Singh is an Indian word for lion.. not tiger, or leopard..
    No lions or tigers on Ceylon Is.. leopards are boss cat there, ok..

    The facts though, are obvious, to anyone with a normal IQ rating,
    In cats, the male sex carries more aggression/muscle power/ dominance.

    1. Tony\Aka


      1. Aka\Tony

        Never mind, lion vs rhino. Cause lion would totally beat the things that are only 12 times their size. Rhino is 3 TONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6,000 pounds (Im smelling a winner)! Lion isn’t even one ton. A fourth a ton!

    1. James W.

      Jaguars do not live in Asia,
      but lions do – so are you now
      backing the lion – on that basis?
      & you get nil credit from Swami!

  20. Lalolula

    Its about who catch the throat first. Bigger cat can keep a smaller cat better on distance. Smaller one should use much more power against a big cat and will be coz of this faster tired. Bigger will win mostly.

  21. Aka

    Ok, aab is crazy. Jaguar will willfully kill lioness in Africa or central and south America.

  22. Janindu galaxy

    Klendathu James w-I never said Jaguars live in Asia.But I do very well now that an adult male Jaguar is capable of defeating a Lion under any situation.

    1. James W.

      & Swampnali-G, go breed a family..
      “Yes” – it will be like a male jaguar & lioness..
      & may be love at 1st bite, but could end in tears..
      ..on planet Klendathu..

  23. James W.

    If by ‘lion’ you mean a pride boss male in his prime..
    ..rather than a lioness/female .. ..then you are utterly wrong..

    ‘King of Beasts’ is no mean title.. as the most dominating of
    all the big cats, such a male lion would be totally intimidating
    to the much smaller jaguar, which would surely find it suicidal to attempt
    any kind of real physical challenge – to the boss lion – who specializes in them..

    See the video showing angry lionesses being disrespected by a tough
    male leopard, they get super aggressive, & even abuse the boss males
    who arrive to sort things out.. & so the boss males ruthlessly beat their
    own females down – for daring any kind of challenge to their authority..

    You have to try & comprehend how the lion world view operates..
    ..if you really want to learn why they are so brutally dominant..
    & yet remaining socially cooperative is an integral aspect of this..
    .. a big male lion coalition is an awesome natural force to be reckoned with..
    & a power – which is something the essentially solitary jaguar – never gets to enjoy..

    1. Troll

      Jaguar destroy lion. Lion small. Jag big. Jag 800 pounds at bite force 19,000000000000000 PSI. Lion only 50 pounds with bite force 2 PSI. Jag wins.

  24. James W.


    Well duh.. & along with size in a very similar body..
    ..a major advantage of experience in regularly fighting his peers..
    & a 2/3rds size jaguar – would seem like a punk kid to a boss lion..

    It would be like you getting beat down by a high school letterman jock..
    ..& simply – no contest..

  25. James W.

    Trolling along, again.. evidently you don’t read well..
    That youtube clip ypu linked – noted the the lion which the prime leopard had killed..
    ..was a “Juvenile”… just like you, eh boy.. & dead for sure, like your credibility here..

  26. James W.

    Too funny.. as if posting a link to a bogus site..
    ( & which was debunked in the 1st reply in the comments)
    ..constitutes any kind of valid supportive evidence.. dumb-as..

    & as for the lion cub killed.. most every animal that is subjected
    to lion dominance.. will attempt to destroy lion cubs, if they can..
    ’cause they sure won’t be able to do so later, when its a big boss male..
    ..unless its an even bigger, more determined boss male lion, of course..

    & its simply a natural fact – that lions are the apex predator.. the toughest, most competitive natural environment.. Africa..

    How can you not get this? Is it due to ‘stupid boy’ syndrome?

    Or are you being a ‘mini-rob’ type of troll, & post in ‘fantasy fanboy’ mode..
    ..feigning opposition to proven factual reality – as it is clearly understood..

  27. James W.

    ‘YELLING’ serves no useful purpose,
    nor does emotive abuse.. so try a dose of reality instead,
    .. its actually good for you, boy.. – & yeah, it sure was a cub..
    ..since adult lions climb trees to swipe leopard kills, in actual fact..

    &, unless you are just trolling, why go on with the – ‘stupid boy’ – routine?
    Killer whales- obviously – do not inhabit the grassland plains of Africa..
    Lions do, & are the apex predator, as confirmed – in real-life video.., as the video evidence shows – lions do hunt & kill elephant/rhino/hippo..

    Attempting to claim lions can’t & don’t hunt such megafauna ,
    (& that whales roam the plains of Africa, dominating lions..L.O.L…)
    simply shows you to be an ignoramus, uninterested in the facts..
    ..thus deservedly earning yourself the nickname of – ‘stupid boy’..

  28. Norman Gozun

    Are you unaware lions can hunt dangerous prey like cape buffaloes, giraffes, elephants and hippos. And lions are bigger and stronger than leopards I have seen lion vs leopards usually the leopards climbs the tree

    1. Roberto

      Il giaguaro vince facile !!! Il signore qui sopra dice che il leone può uccidere un elefante o ippopotamo, 1 nessun leone può uccidere un elefante adulto, tanto meno se in gruppo 2 può uccidere un ippopotamo adulto , ma solo se sono almeno in 2 leoni !!!

      1. James W.

        No habla Espanol..

        Englese expressione, por favoure!
        Leone muay massivo, & el tigre.. ola pygmiento via Panthera comparativo..

  29. James W.

    You can read,
    (English) can’t you?

    “No speaka da Spanish”

  30. Henrique

    jaguar 50/50 chance to win a fight with a male lion, because the lion have a mane to do some “protect” against the most powerfull bit and powerful creature weight by weight of the world, but lioness no chance even the two having the same weight.

  31. Raven

    Lioness wins 80-20%.
    Heavier, which means more muscle in that case.
    Faster (lions are the 2d faster big cat)…she can escape,Jaguar can not.
    Longer and more pwerful legs, which means Jaguar must close in to deal hits while lioness can pull some swipes and heavier swipes for free.
    Lioness has more stamina…(search it).
    Lions are smarter if not the smartest big cats, pack coordination says it all. They deploy tactics.
    The only way i can see Jaguar win is , if it can ambush, bite the face …and lock her till she gives up (it has stronger bite force and bite grip).

  32. AP

    You present a valid argument, but you need to take a few things into consideration.

    For starters, if we are talking about a large Pantanal Jaguar, than both the Lioness and the Jaguar will be of similar weight (Lioness will be ~280 pounds, while the Jaguar will be ~300 pounds) – and the Jaguar will actually be stronger and more muscular among the two.

    Also, the Jaguar is the 2nd fastest cat after the Cheetah, not the Lioness. The Lioness’s top speed is ~50 MPH while Jaguar’s is ~64 MPH (the Cheetah is ~70-75 MPH).

    The Lioness might have longer legs, but the Jaguar will have stronger ones because it has more muscle mass.

    You might be right about the Lioness having more stamina, but it won’t be by a huge margin – all big cats have about the same levels of stamina.

    As far as intelligence goes, again, you might be right about Lions being smarter, but experts also say that Jaguars and Tigers have to navigate through dense jungles, which might give them edge in terms of intelligence.

    Of course, both animals are capable of killing each other, but I would say the Jaguar wins 5.5/10 times.

  33. AP

    James W,
    How about actually presenting a valid argument like Raven has instead of trolling?

    1. James W.

      do some research reviews..
      Check out Joubert’s studies on the lions of the Okavango delta..
      this is Africa’s equivalent to the Panatanal for producing real big cats..

      Even female lions get massively ripped muscularity from habitually
      preying on huge quantities of buffalo meat.. to ~400lbs..

      If a particularly vicious lioness of such size & power spied any
      spotted cat on her turf, she’d make her business to see him off..

      & by roaring her challenge, a real big 550lb brute of a pride boss male
      will be rushing on to the scene, & piling in with savage killing intent.

      No jaguar, tiger, nor grizzly bear either – could contend with a pride of lions,
      who are hell-bent on destroying any rivals to their hunting grounds..

  34. AP

    A Lioness lives in Africa while a Jaguar lives in South America. Therefore, these two animals would never meet. However, if they were to cross paths, here is how it would go:

    A large male Pantanal Jaguar has killed a boar. He is starving and is ready to eat. Unfortunately, a mother Lioness with two cubs catches the scent of the freshly killed boar. Her cubs are starving.

    The Jaguar gets intimidated because he has never encountered a similar looking animal of similar size. Nevertheless, he stands his ground.

    The Lioness angrily roars at the Jaguar. The Jaguar growls back, warning her to leave. The angry Lioness lunges at the Jaguar and lands a few nasty paw swipes on the Jaguar’s face. The Jaguar is hurt, but not crippled.

    The Jaguar retaliates by throwing a few paw swipes back. The Lioness attempts to wrestle the Jaguar to the ground and tries to go for a throat bite. But the stronger Jaguar overpowers her and creates some distance.

    Suddenly, the Jaguar jumps several feet in the air and lands a solid bite on the Lioness’s skull, instantly killing her.

    Result: The Jaguar is hurt, but manages to win this fight using his nasty skull bite.

    1. James W.

      Apey/filthy dhoti..
      you are disgustingly slimy excrement..
      of the foulest dysentary – so common to your shithole..

      Crude, ignorant coolie, & criminally dishonest liar
      just so typical for your scammer cult-culture, apey..
      you have zero honesty, & even less standing, here..
      or anywhere, what a foul rabid flyblown monkey-rapist..
      you unashamedly are.. a truly disgusting creature..

      & so richly deserving.. of your ignominious fate..
      to be always suffering.. in your cess-pit shithole..

  35. AP

    James W,
    I will certainly look into Joubert’s studies.

    Indeed, Lioness’s do get ripped and reach weights of ~400 pounds. However, this is rare – like, REALLY RARE. On average, a Lioness will not cross 300 pounds – with 280 pounds being the average.

    FYI: A large male Pantanal Jaguar was 350 pounds! But the average weight for male Jaguars is 250-300 pounds.

    Also, you mentioned that “No jaguar, tiger, nor grizzly bear either – could contend with a pride of lions,
    who are hell-bent on destroying any rivals to their hunting grounds..”

    Well, no duh, a pride of Lions would likely rip apart a lone Jaguar/Tiger/Grizzly bear. However, keep in mind that a lone Jaguar/Tiger/Grizzly bear could hold their own against a lone Lion.

      1. AP

        Really? You “doubt it?” Why? Because I sinked your fantasies? LOL.

    1. James W.

      dirty apey..
      would.. gladly lick..
      aka/Iap/tiny’s.. .everytime..
      (after rubbing curry on it, that is)….

        1. James W.

          Yeah, typical Apey..
          real piss weak posts..

          & still with the same-same lame..
          scammer-game of deviously pretending to be me..

          That shit wore out fool.. but it sticks to you…
          ’cause that’s your natural state.. of.. foul depravity..
          but.. hilariously.. you do see yourself as a “pervert”,
          even if.. to you, it seems somehow ‘normal’!
          ( Yeah, it would.. to a.. shamelessly squalid monkey-rapist)..

      1. Dr.Dileep.V.M

        Normally cats avoid a fight to minimise injuries and prefer a show of dominance, but In a fight to the death, the jaguar would be killed by both lion and tiger. This comparison is unfair, The jaguar vs big male leopard would be far more fair. Don’t underestimate leopards because they get killed by lions and tigers, Leopards can haul prey twice their weight up a vertical tree which no other cat can, so pound for pound they are the strongest cats, Exceptional cases are there of smaller cats chasing or even killing bigger ones, -one leopard was killed by a fishing cat, jaguars have been chased away by pumas, leopards and even an occasional tiger has been chased off by an aggressive stray dog. But in a fight to the finish, the larger, heavier, stronger cat wins inspite of suffering injuries.

  36. I’m a person

    Yeah a lion would win this one for sure. I am aware that jaguars are still good fighters and all it’s just that lions have all the better stats except for biting which is greatly in favor of the jaguar the only way I see a jaguar winning is by getting a bite on the head or throat or under belly but it has to be a hard bite not a small bite but other than that the lion wins every time

    1. AP

      If it is a male lion, than yes, the lion would win. The jaguar would need a skull bite in order to kill a lion – it is entirely possible, but it would be difficult for a jaguar to get it’s jaws around the huge head of an adult male lion.

      If it is a lioness, than it depends on the type of jaguar. A “normal” forest jaguar would most likely lose to a lioness. But if it is a large male Pantanal jaguar, the fight would be close, but I would put my money on the jaguar.

      1. James W.

        you utterly sub-normal fool..

        Ask yourself.. how many very different large prey items
        are naturally available to the jaguar.. compared to lions..

        No living jaguar can, or could.. kill a cape buffalo with a skull bite,
        let alone a giant eland, a giraffe, or hippo/rhino/elephant..

        You are such an ignorant inbred scammer.. aren’t you apey.. L.O.L..

        1. AP

          So, try again, you “stupid” , “lazy” , and “deceitful” loser… LOL.

          FYI: Most of your links either don’t work or they are bogus, LMFAO.

        2. James W.

          Links work for me, apey..
          your lousy rep for dishonesty/scamming
          must mean you are ‘blocked’ L.O.L…

          & here’s another research piece, which likewise proves
          the childish sites you cite.. are shit, just like you..

          “The average bite forces at the canine tips…
          …are 1198.6N for the lion, 879.5N for the jaguar…”

        3. James W.

          Too funny!
          Jeeze apey..
          not only can you – not even comprehend a proper journal article..
          ( & where do you think those figures came from?
          Thin air, like yours.. L.O.L…)

          But you actually have the ‘hide’ – to attempt minimise Joubert!
          As if..
          ..anyone above your ‘stupid boy’ level – is going to buy you – over him!

          & what a blind turd you are too, apey.. the lion in the vid ATE the giraffe!
          if the mother, who ran out on her baby ( just like yours would, you being vermin)
          had stayed, the lion would’ve killed her too.. ( & he probably did.. later on )..

          & you remain.. a pig-ignorant coolie.. it does not matter in the slightest..
          what your trashy kid’s stuff links posit.. cats simply do not have the teeth
          needed to ‘pulverize’ large bones..
          they do of course.. prefer fresh-killed meat.. & leave the bone to scavengers..
          just like you, see.. you fetid, impoverished, lying little monkey-rapist scum..

        4. AP

          And, you can call my links “trashy” and “unscientific” all you want, but that does not change the reality…

          And cats DO have the teeth to bite through bone, they just CHOOSE to eat the meat, and not the bones. If cats were not able to bite through bone, than how come jaguars kill by going for their prey’s skull? How come lions and tigers are able to bite through their prey’s bone in half after killing it?

          Keep trolling all you want Lames – it is really not helping your case…

        5. James W.

          Apey.. you’re
          so mental-pygmy moronic..
          you cannot even figure out what you see..

          The lion purposefully attacked the adult giraffe.. you can
          see ( if you look, which you don’t, of course) just how he
          targets the giraffe’s hamstring & leg joints..

          & the giraffe quickly understood ( unlike you, dum-dum),
          that she’d be crippled & brought down.. so she departed,
          since to stay.. would cause her death, & the calf would die

          So she left the lion to take what he wanted most.. a juicy meal..

          Got that now, you dirty lying scammer..

        6. AP

          In fact, I even provided a link proving that jaguars are capable of biting through the heaviest bones of a bull, but your fantasy notions prevent you from comprehending this basic fact and lead you to making ludicrous claims, like “that site is not scientific.”

          Fine, perhaps the lion MIGHT have been able to kill the mother giraffe. But did he? No. He just killed the calf. That is the point. Before I saw the video, you claimed that the lion “killed” the giraffe. So all you have proved is that you were bullshitting and that you are a fucking liar. CASE CLOSED.

        7. James W.

          I realize you will remain..
          a pig-headed ignoramus..

          But for the entertainment value of
          other readers, who are enjoying..
          seeing you ‘schooled’ – & on so many levels..
          I’ll deign to condescend here , & do so, again..

          Look moron, big cats do use powerful bites,
          to control, subdue, fatally injure, & kill..

          Of course this naturally includes targeted usage of canines..
          for deep penetrations through cranial bone into brains,
          & to split vertebral joints apart cripplingly.. in spine bites..

          These techniques are carefully applied, & are def’ not
          part of the butchery process of the dead animal carcase,
          unless as can be seen on video, a cat has a particular liking
          for brain tissue, or marrow from long slender limb bones..

          What they do not do, & indeed cannot.. so forget your
          ‘stupid boy’ notions on the matter, is chew-grind bones
          down, as bears & dogs do, nor do they act as hyenas..
          by crushing large bones – to consume them materially..

          What you so

        8. AP

          Hey Lames,
          I have noticed that you have not been clogging these threads with your moronic crap for the past month or so. Whats up with that, huh?

          Looks like Eaglesong banned you from posting, didn’t he, huh loser?


    2. James W.

      wrong.. again..
      as usual.. must be your ‘puny’ brain.. fading.

      You prefer.. to just make your bullshit numbers up,
      rather than do.. any actual fact checking.. & fooling no one..

      Bigger cats do of course have more power to bite harder,
      from larger gapes.. & with their obviously longer teeth,
      are also able to penetrate more deeply & damagingly..

      Okavango lionesses outsize even the largest Pantanal jags,
      & so naturally, the facts “sinked your fantasies” again… L.O.L…

      1. AP

        So, given that I proved that Okavango lionesses and Pantanal jaguars are of similar sizes (with the jaguar more likely to be the bigger one), it is fair to state that a large male Pantanal jaguar will bite harder than a similar sized okavango lioness because jaguars, POUND FOR POUND, are the strongest big cats…

        I “duly” await your hilarious response, Lames… LOL.

      2. AP

        Ask yourself why jaguars are the only big cats who bite through their prey’s skull…

      3. James W.

        all you “prove”..
        is that you stink..
        as badly as ever, again..
        & Joubert has “sinked your fantasies” ! superlions-marooned-island.html

        As Joubert states: “Lionesses are the same size as lions on the mainland.”

        Your nonsense notion of “lb-for-lb” is heavily outweighed by the natural facts
        as always.. so run back to your filthy shithole, you scammer, go on now, get..

    3. James W.

      pathetic as usual..

      You present as supposed
      ‘evidence’ a kid’s site,
      which includes zero refences
      for its ludicrous claims..
      (that’s just like you – how curious).

      As for your lying, cheating, scamming..
      & your bogus attempt at sly denials of
      falsely presenting yourself – as me..

      Well, as dumb-as you are.. you’ve just
      shitted away any last shred of credibilty..
      (of the very little, you once might’ve had)..
      Its really rough justice, & yeah, too funny!

      & with you posting as ‘Troll’, your posts are
      really no worse – since, when all is considered..
      “10/10” ( 100%) apey – is just a useless troll..


    4. I’m a person

      You realize James I agree that a lion would kill a Jaguar right or is your hatred towards people who believe that a bear could beat a lion too much for you to handle so think through your comments before you post some other shit.

      1. James W.

        look you stupid boy.. you wanna start.. then cut your own shit..
        Then – try to get your head on straight.. & “realize”..

        I have no such “hatred” , if anything I tend.. to want to..
        simply pity the fools.. & esp’ those dumb-as types..
        who need extra ‘schooling’.. L.O.L…

        1. I’m a person

          James just stop writing bull I’m agreeing with you so chill off ok I’m not trying to make you mad dude so just chill

  37. Troll

    the mys pet jaguar fight with thems pet lion. the jaguar kill lion by bting sjull. jaguar to strong for lion. lion max 350 pounds. jaguar 600 pounds. jaguar live in african and prey on lion. jaguar is 99% muscle while lion only 12% muscle. jagaur to big for malw lions.

  38. James W.

    Trollie dum-dum..
    no… no… no…
    spotty-botty jaggy-jag is just too puny-punk..
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    No match.. even for curvy-curved African female.. lion.
    ha..ha.. now.. respect da facts..

  39. James W.

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    Dreams on..
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    1. James W.

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  40. Troll

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  41. Troll

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  42. Troll

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  43. AP

    You really have no life, do you?

    As for this match up, after doing some research I have come to the conclusion that if the average forest jaguar (~220 lbs) were matched up with a prime lioness (~300 lbs), the lioness would emerge victorious.

    But if one were to match a Pantanal jaguar (~300 lbs) to a similar sized lioness (~300 lbs), the jaguar would win, because at EQUAL WEIGHTS, jaguars have the strongest jaws, and are overall the strongest big cats.

    1. Troll

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  44. AP

    If jaguars were the same size as lions/tigers, than that would be one animal nobody would wanna mess with…

  45. Troll

    yes yes yes
    I will the rape you jamez w. i like raping the men. but i can’t rape jagu. jagu to strong.

  46. James W.

    Awesome. Just know that I am the real James W. The other guy is a troll.

  47. John

    People lions and tigers ARe 50 50 when it comes to a fight. Lions are stronger than jaguars. I stay in Africa. I have seen one male lion take down a buffalo 3 lioness couldn’t. So seriously.

    1. AP

      At similar weights, I would favor a jaguar over a lioness. Jaguars are far more robustly built at similar weights.

  48. Sand_Dune

    Jaguar would lose, and quickly. Lioness has more stamina, and it’s scientifically proven to have the toughest skins in the Animal kingdom, only below the caiman/ crocodile family and bison/buffaloes.

  49. Panthera

    Pfft. You truly are underestimating jaguars. Remember, they are the apex predator of the Amazon rainforest, known to kill caimans in ONE bite, while loins have to bite and claw their prey many times to get a better hold on their prey’s throat, only to lose it under the impassion of hyenas and crocodiles. Who’s the boss now?

    1. Jacob

      African Male lions have big manes so it be tough for a jaguar to bite through it but jaguar could probally control a lioness pretty well. Who’s the boss now?

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  51. Animal Lover

    The male Pantanal jaguar has a stockier physique relative to body weight (and likely more powerful muscle fibers “lb for lb” due to being male) as an adaptation for its lifestyle in the Brazilian forests (which requires a combination of semi-aquatic and arboreal tendencies). The lioness has an approximately ten to twenty kg weight advantage to compensate for this.

    It is a close fight, and hard to determine a solid winner. The lioness may win at average sizes due to the weight advantage, but the jaguar would likely win at parity due to being more powerfully built.

  52. Animal Lover

    Of course, the other jaguar subspecies, such as Amazonian and Mexican jaguars, would lose, as they aren’t big or powerful enough.

  53. Sebastian

    Pound for pound:

    Biggest of each:

    Female vs male
    Female Tiger>Male jaguar>lioness

    I think that makes sence. No social behavior included. Just 1:1 fight for life


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