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By | July 19, 2021

Who will win the fight between Cougar and Gray Wolf?

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Now, I am going to compare cougar vs Gray wolf or you can say that Puma vs Gray wolf. They all are living in same habitat and hunt for food. So, it would be interesting to know comparison and difference between cougar vs Gray wolf or Puma vs Gray wolf.

Cougar facts

Starting with cougar (people also called it Puma). Know some comparisons between Puma vs Cougar. I tried to put some description about Puma and cougar. Hope you people like it.

Cougar also known as Mountain lion, panther and mountain cat, it is found in America, Canada and calculate among the large terrestrial mammals. It’s habitat is American regions, it comes under second heaviest cats after jaguar.

They are solitary animals and more looks like a domestic cat rather than fearless species. Cougar (Puma) diet include elk, deer, mouse, sheep, cattle, houses, rodents. It used to avoid people living in nearby areas. We have seen very rare cougar attacks on human beings.

Due to loss of habitat, it becomes difficult for cougars to survive. It also has the Guinness record of having the highest number of names. Sub-family of cougars (Puma) is Felidae and it is very much similar to cats. It has 32 sub- species. The complete characteristics like weight, life span, size, length, tail size, shoulder size and all are covered below in comparison section.

Gray wolf facts

It is also known with the name timber wolf and found in America, Africa and Eurasia. It is largest member of its family, weights around 43-45 Kg. It has long, bushy and grayish winter fur and also found in red, white, brown and black color.

It belongs to genus and have specialty of hunting large preys. It shows highly expressive behavior towards its prey. The greater threat for gray wolfs are again humans and tigers. They feed on livestock, carrion, garbage, smaller animals etc. They are world well researched animal because many books written on it.

It has been associated with humans because of strong connection with livestock. They used to hunt livestock and directly or indirectly come in contact with humans. It is ancestor of the dog.

You should also know some comparisons like wolverine vs gray wolf. Both hunt in same way. So, it would be interesting to know who would win the fight between Gray wolf vs wolverine.

Compare Cougar vs Gray wolf / Puma vs Gray wolf

The detailed comparison between Cougar (Puma), mountain lion vs Gray wolf are given below.

Cougar vs Gray Wolf / Puma vs Gray Wolf Comparison

Cougar vs Gray Wolf / Puma vs Gray Wolf Comparison
AnimalsGray wolfCougar( Puma)
Average Length 105-160 cm50-275 cm
Average Tail29-50 cm63-95 cm
Average Height80-85 cm60-90 cm
AreaNorth America, North Africa, EurasiaAmerican and Canadian areas
HabitatGrasslands, deserts, arctic tundras and forestsForest types, mountains, deserts, dense underbrush and open areas
TeethCusp pattern, heavy and largeMuscular jaws, long canine and wide gape
Weight43-45 kg42-62 Kg
Average Life Span6-13 years8-13 years

Who will win the fight? The main question, who will win whether it is Gray wolf or Cougar (also known as Puma). I explained comparison and difference between them. Now, it is high time to tell who going to win the fight.

It is much easy to say that Cougar (Puma) would win the fight as they are bigger in size and very powerful in comparison to gray wolf. I have seen a video in which Cougar is winner in comparison to Gray wolf.
I hope you like reading the article.

80 thoughts on “Compare Cougar vs Gray Wolf | Puma vs Gray Wolf

    1. James W.

      “…wins 6/10 times in a 1-on-1 fight…”
      What a pointless data-less, incorrect, post..

      If by a 1-on-1 match Klendathu, you mean a prime ‘Alpha’ male wolf
      VS a territory boss ‘Tom’ cougar, then just as in any fight between healthy,
      fairly equal sized wild felines against dog species, the cat will, quite predictably, win…
      By K.O…

      Simply far too much weaponry/speed/power for the precious pup – alone – to contend with..

      1. AP

        And the cougar a’int winning by “KO”. The cougar would win, but the wolf will put up a good fight – wolves are on record of taking down bison solo.

        1. Mike

          You couldn’t be more wrong. A full grown male cougar at 140 plus against the biggest male wolf, would take down the wolf to the ground in 1 second. It would tear it to underside shreds with it’s back feet while biting into the wolf’s neck. The wolf wouldn’t be able to bite at that point and having no claws to speak of the fights over. It’s just a matter of time for the 1 1/2-2″ canines of the cougar to sever the spinal cord or puncture the artery of the wolf. No fight whatsoever as far as the cougar is concerned.

  1. Mason Jones

    You guys are dumb. The biggest things cougars kill is deer, lone wolves have taken down half ton moose alone. Wolves have a much stronger bite force than cougars. They are both same in size about. Wolves have Way mores stamina than cougars. Felines in general. They are both probably the same strength. They both have a 50/50 chance. You are really underestimating wolves.

    1. Mike

      You can’t be that ignorant, can you? It wouldn’t even be a fight. It would actually sad. The wolf would have no chance and would know it. As far as a moose. No a wolf can’t kill a full grown moose. In fact a moose won’t even run from a lone wolf. It would dare it to try something. A moose would kill the wolf so fast it would make you head spin. A cougar has more bite force than a wolf and plenty of stamina because the fight will be over in less than a minute.

  2. Hyaenidae

    It is not fair to pit lone wolves against cougars. The wolves win if there are two or more. Cougar takes a shortcut across an open field. Wolf, sleeping uphill, catches scent and runs to meet him. Cougar engages, wolf dodges in and out. Cougar is definitely winning, but then another wolf comes. Cat’s still doing good, fending them off, but guess what? Then another wolf comes, and another. Cougar gets more and more tired, wolves get more and more nips in. One wolf grabs cougar by the tail, cat whips around to meet him. Second wolf grabs him behind the neck, cougar turns to get him off. But then each wolf grabs something, a leg or a patch of flesh, and start pulling in different directions. One on one, cougar victory, one on pack, wolves scatter kitty all over the field.

    1. Mike

      Wolf dodge in and out. The cat is much quicker and would kill the lone wolf in less than 30 seconds. One or two wolves are not going to mess with a full grown male cougar. They wouldn’t dare. Even if they could kill it they’d both be wounded to the point of starving.

  3. Matt

    You gave a wolf a 4 in stamina and gave the cougar a 5? Hahaha do have no idea what your talking about.

    1. James W.

      Shamas Hakari,
      Funny/stupid comment!

      Wolf uses teeth, not mind control..
      & larger cats – such as a big tom cougar,
      are simply far too powerful, viciously armed &
      dangerously quick – for a lone wolf to cope with..

      Eurasian lynx will brutally deal to lone wolf – just as adeptly, too..

      1. AP

        James W,
        Sorry to burst your bubble, but a Eurasian lynx will not be able to take down a wolf.

        That being said, I would give this fight to the cougar because they are both the same size and strength, but the cougar is more agile and better armed.

        1. James W.

          best you stop blowing bubbles..
          & do some study..
          FYI, Eurasian lynx in the ‘old world’
          – take the same role as the cougar does
          in the Americas..
          Eurasian lynx can get big.. & the big ones ,
          (up to ~50kg) fear no wolf, in 1-on-1 combat.

  4. AP

    James W,
    Well if you do some research, you will learn that Eurasian Lynxs don’t cross 70 pounds on average…

    That being said, 50 kg (~110 pounds) do exist, but that is still not as big as a wolf. A grey wolf can easily weigh between 150 and 175 pounds and they have much stronger jaws.

    Theoretically, a Eurasian Lynx might be able to kill a wolf, but it unlikely.

  5. James W.

    review some research on jaw morphology.

    Dog species have long multipurpose jaws,
    with many teeth & which allow sideways movements for chewing.

    These jaws are not “stronger” than a cat of similar size, since their
    shorter, more rigidly articulated & triangulated jaw allows more force
    to be applied at the canines for a specifically applied.. killing bite.

    Wild dogs typically kill by application of numerous ‘snapping’ bites
    which cause multiple cumulative injuries.
    But a lone wolf won’t have this option – against a similar sized cat..

    A cougar (or large Eurasian lynx) going ‘head-to-head’ with a wolf,
    uses its powerful fast-twitch musculature, & dynamic body-agility with
    characteristic cat-species speed & accuracy – to grasp, then manipulate
    the long-muzzled dog bauplan – quickly getting in & under for a fatal throat-bite
    lock on the canid.. & so.. predictably, its its game over, for ‘the lone wolf’- in fact.

    1. Jason

      A grey wolf only needs one bite with 1,200lb to 2,000lb of bite force if the bite hits the back game over or neck really any place vital check out bite force and compare with other animals do research before talking you will look at wolves differently I promise

  6. AP

    James W,
    I have done my research and I agree with you – at similar sizes, cats have a stronger bite than dogs.

    However, here is the issue – even the largest Eurasian Lynx is not as big as a grey wolf – as I mentioned in my previous post. Therefore, the wolf’s bite is stronger.

    But a cougar would beat a wolf.

  7. James W.

    you are incorrect,
    & on basic principles..

    A large Euro-lynx’s bite on the wolf’s throat will kill it,
    those long canines will penetrate deeply into the essential
    structures of the canid’s neck, such as support cadio-pulmonary
    function, & primary central nervous system pathways.

    Such a lynx can/will use its fast, powerful paw strikes to fend off the
    wolf’s jaw-snapping attempts, while it positions itself expertly
    for a rapid neck-bite, a ‘blitz-attack’ of surgical intensity,
    same as it does to the deer, which form its prey,
    & which are often much larger & stronger – than any one wolf..

    1. AP

      James W,
      What you described is a fight between a cougar and a wolf, not a lynx and a wolf.
      The lynx could indeed kill the wolf with a throat bite – but that is unlikely because the wolf’s sheer strength would overpower the lynx (even a 50 kg lynx)
      The deer analogy does not work because lynx usually ambush them, and deer don’t have much to fight back with except their legs. The wolf, on the other hand, has its legs and jaws to fight back.
      In order for this scenario be probable, the lynx would need to be fighting a smaller species or wolf, or it would need an element of surprise.
      One on one against a grey wolf, the wolf would win almost every time.
      To put things into perspective, 20+ wolves can take down a tiger. I don’t think 20+ lynxs would have a lot of success with that…

  8. AP

    Also, you present valid points, but I think you are underestimating the wolf’s bite. While one bite from a lynx to a wolf’s neck could kill it, one bite from a wolf to a lynx could kill the lynx too.

    1. James W.

      Lynx do not form prides,
      & tigers actively persecute wolves,
      which fear them on that basis.. pack, or no.

      & as I noted, lynx’s combined weaponry outmatches
      that of the wolf, as does its attack profile – for a kill bite.

      Also, a lone wolf is generally a much more anxious animal,
      than a lynx, which is by habit, a solo hunter.

      In a one-on-one situation, the wolf is at serious disadvantage.

  9. AP

    James W,
    Yes, it is true that lynxs don’t form prides and that tigers regularily persecute wolves. I was just using that as an analogy.

    And, yes, a lynx does have better weaponry than a wolf, but at the same time, the lynx is at a serious size and strength disadvantage. The lynx will not be able to get to wolf’s neck fast enough because, like I mentioned in my previous post, the wolf would overpower it with it’s sheer strength advantage. Therefore, the lynx would need multiple bites and paw swipes to kill the wolf, whereas as one bite from the wolf would instantly kill the lynx. Now, at similar sizes and strength, the lynx would win, but the wolf is simply too powerful for a lone lynx to take down.

    A lynx fighting a grey wolf is like a house cat fighting a German Shepard. The house cat can indeed do a lot of damage, but one bite from the dog would kill it on the spot.

  10. James W.

    you are again, incorrect..
    If you need verification, check the research..
    ( easily done if you do a subject search on ‘Carnivora Forum’).

    Also.. learn the essential diifernce between the ‘Canadian’,
    & ‘Eurasian’ lynx species, likely, you have got them conflated..

    No way is your ludicrous ‘G-S dog versus domestic pet cat’ deal, in any way realistic.

    A large & adept male Euro-lynx will have no problem dealing to any lone wolf,
    by using exactly the same method a cougar does, which is in fact, wildcat S.O.P.

  11. AP

    James W,
    I did my research, and I learned that the Eurasian Lynx is larger and stronger than a Canadian lynx. But AFTER doing research, I still found out that even the largest lynx is not as big or as strong as a wolf.
    James, you need to understand that the turning point in this fight is the wolf’s strength. It would never let the lynx get to it’s neck – not to mention that the wolf has better stamina.

  12. James W.

    do some more..
    & cite your evidence of ‘strength’ factors
    in favour of the wolf. It simlpy cannot contend with
    a lynx of similar size in a one-on-one combat.

    Wolf stamina is for distance running, it is not applicable to combat for
    a lone wolf – when a large lynx has a secure bite-hold on to his throat,
    choking the life out of him, teeth going deeper, with every movement attempt..
    & with the cat’s meat-hook claws firmly latched on, the wolf sure aint gonna be
    running anywhere.. ever again..

    Ask yourself why even small cats can make a living in the wild, mostly alone,
    but even the largest wild dogs are only successful – when operating in numbers.

    1. Sabin Downer

      Interesting observation, James, that “EVEN THE LARGEST” wild dogs are “ONLY” successful “when operating in numbers.”

      This implies that “they” (ALL other wild dogs, since ALL other wild dogs are smaller than Wolves) are clearly doomed (since “even the largest” wild dogs survive ONLY by virtue of their numbers).

      Yet “even the SMALLEST” wild dogs (coyotes and foxes) somehow manage to survive- and quite well at that- despite the fact that they are usually solitary. According to your reasoning, Foxes and Coyotes shouldn’t exist at all.

      Clearly, your theory is wrong.
      Thanks for playing.

  13. AP

    James W,
    I can cite some links in the next post if you like, but common sense should tell you that a 150-175 lb wolf which can take down bison in packs, is probably going to be stronger than a 70 lb lynx which needs to ambush a mere deer in order to kill it…

    To quote you, “It simlpy cannot contend with a lynx of similar size in a one-on-one combat.” You are missing the point James. There in no wild lynx in this world as large as a grey wolf – even a 50 kg (~110 lbs) lynx is dwarfed by a small grey wolf.

    As for the running vs combat thing, there might be some truth to that, but keep in mind that wolves can run long distances because they have good lungs – something very useful in combat…

    To be fair, cats can live alone because they ambush their prey, unlike dogs, which do frontal attacks – so they operate in groups.

  14. James W.

    Oh no!
    Not “common sense”,
    you are getting awfully Aka/like now, Apey..

    You really are wrong, just google ‘Eurasian lynx & wolf encounter’
    & see the images.. the cat sure aint “dwarfed” by any means.

    Check out the size of the ‘pet’ lynx kept as ‘housecats’ by Russians
    on youtube, on one such clip the paw spread is ~human hand sized..

    Further, the lynx would love to have a reindeer just walk out & attempt to go head-to-head..
    Lynx have to carefully stalk & ambush deer, due to the fact.. that they run away!
    ( & a lone wolf would be wise to do so too, if the cat is in an ornery mood)..

    How did your “common sense” – not grasp that?

  15. AP

    James W,
    Can you please try to post the link again? It was not working when I clicked on it.

    I know right? Oh no! Common sense??!! My grandma used to say that common sense is the most uncommon thing…

    Anyways, I did search up lynx and grey wolf on google, and I can promise you that wolf was a hell a lot larger than the lynx. Plus, James, how can you not comprehend this? A lynx is 24 inches tall at the shoulder and weights 70 lbs. A grey wolf is 32 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 150 and 175 lbs. Clearly the wolf is much larger.

    About pet lynxs, they can get that big, but it is pretty uncommon… Lynxs are huge compared to normal house cats, but not compared to grey wolves…

    And, on another note, how am I like Aka/Tony? I don’t recall cursing- even when you make ludicrous claims…

  16. AP

    One more thing:
    The lynx would prefer the deer come face to face because it does not have enough stamina to chase it long enough…
    Unlike wolves, who can run long distances to catch their prey – this a result of having stronger lungs – something very useful in combat.

  17. James W.

    You are right….
    A wolf would get destroyed by a Lynx…

  18. James W.

    E-lynx range in size up to ~100lbs,
    & some wolf sub-species are smaller than that.

    Wolf does not have “stronger” lungs, it has a bauplan
    which requires a lot of running, since it lacks the ability
    to secretively stalk, then ‘blitz attack’ & grapple-control,
    with a killing bite application, which is the cat S.O.P…

    Having legs & lungs predicated for long distance runs,
    will not be “very useful in combat” for the wolf, when the
    lynx has it by the throat, & held in position with meat-hook claws.

    The cited link works for me, but you can find it on google scholar,too.

  19. AP

    “Wolf does not have “stronger” lungs, it has a bauplan
    which requires a lot of running, since it lacks the ability
    to secretively stalk, then ‘blitz attack’ & grapple-control,
    with a killing bite application, which is the cat S.O.P…”

    Wolves are more than capable of grappling… and their lungs, while used more for long distance runs, will indeed be handy in combat… And the lynx is NOT going to have the element of surprise, since this is a face to face encounter…

    1. James W.

      & comprehend..
      what ‘grappling’ means..

      Can a wolf effectively climb a tree..
      No.. because it cannot ‘grapple’ – its way up..

      & in a face-to-face encounter, the wolf
      is also at a disadvantage.. it cannot paw strike,
      reach out & claw grab – to ‘grapple’.. but cats do..

  20. AP

    And, I am using a grey/arctic/timber wolf for this fight, NOT smaller species like arabian/ethopian wolves…

    1. James W.

      so what?
      A large (~100lb) lynx
      will still deal to any single wolf..

      & the wolf knows it.. even if you don’t..

  21. I’m a person

    Most people seriously underestimate the power of lynx’s my great grandpa has a farm up in the Adirondack mountains and he had a problem with a lynx that was killing his cows so he had to go hunt it he now has it stuffed above his fireplace in his cabin. But then again wolfs tend to be stronger than lynx’s.

    1. James W.

      Yappy yap,
      You fatuously incompetent fool.. a prime pride boss male lion would destroy both..

        1. James W.

          Damn kid.. just when it seems like you have reached the arse end of stupidity..

          Go on Youtube and see that vid of a lion swimming to Russia and killing a pack of 100 wolves..

          Looks like them wolves need to learn that lion hearted a’int just a sayin..

          1. I’m a person

            Oh and don’t forget the sayings like strong as a bear, tough as a bear, big as a bear, hairy as a bear, and brave as a bear.

          2. James W.

            Yappy Yap,
            Wow.. now you reveal your love for them fat-as dumpster divers..

            Go and sleep with your buddy APU..


  22. AP

    Dude, don’t listen to Lames. He is a troll. He accuses me of scamming, when in reality, he is writing bullshit under his own name..

    As for this fight, I would say cougar>wolf>lynx.

  23. Michael

    Wow everyone should know dogs beat cats everything being equal .and no way a 100 lb lynx beats 175 lb wolf.

  24. AP

    Yeah, it could go either way – but if I had to, I would put my money on the cougar – mainly due to the size, strength, and weaponary advantage.

    1. jake

      I put my money on the wolf cause it has more endurance a protective cover of fur on its neck and jaws

  25. AP

    Here is the problem though – that is the only advantage the wolf has. Generally speaking, at similar sizes, felines dominate canines. And contrary to popular belief – felines do have the stamina to fight for long periods of time. There are many cases of big cats fighting for hours with prey like buffalo.

    The wolf might have the endurance and protective coat – but the cougar has size, muscle mass (aka strength), weaponary (jaws with sharper and thicker canines and sharp claws), and aggression.

  26. jake

    cats have terrible stamina they can not “fight” for hours. wolves may not be as fast as some cats but they can run over
    25 miles without getting tired

    wolves don´t only have the endurance and protective coat on their bodies they also have jaws that can crunch through a bisons femur bone and they also have intelligence

    1. I’m a person

      Yeah a grey wolf would beat a cougar. Dogs if they were the size of a lion would most likely kill one too. Cats do have a bad stamina compared to wolfs and bears not saying that they have bad stamina it’s just that wolves and bears have one of the best endurance out of all carnivores. Cats don’t have the best stamina because they are ambush predators you don’t see them running nearly as far as a wolf. The only big cat that could try and fight a buffalo for a long time would be a lion that’s because they hunt in groups and would take turns.

      1. AP

        I’m a person,
        You are wrong on basic principles. A 400 lb dog stands absolutely no chance against a 400 lb lion or tiger. Take the Turkish Kangal, for example. They are the world’s most powerful dog and have the strongest bite force of any extant dog. Yet, a 200 lb Turkish Kangal would get slaughtered by a 200 lb leopard – thats why owners put spike collars around their dog’s neck to give them even half a chance of winning against wolf animals.

          1. AP

            One more thing: The larger canids get, the clumsier their bauplan gets. On the other hand, the larger felines get, everything, including strenght, agility, bite force, canine strenght, etc. scales up.

            A dog the same size of a lion would very slow, clumsy, sluggish, not agile, etc. This immediately means a win for the lion.

        1. AP

          One more thing: The larger canids get, the clumsier their bauplan gets. On the other hand, the larger felines get, everything, including strenght, agility, bite force, canine strenght, etc. scales up.

          A dog the same size of a lion would very slow, clumsy, sluggish, not agile, etc. This immediately means a win for the lion.

      2. AP

        As like I explained to Jake, felines having bad stamina is a misconception. The reason why cats are ambush predators is because they hunt solo, unlike canids, who operate in groups. Feline can and have jogged long distances for miles.
        And FYI: Big cats can and have done frontal attacks on buffalo – some of which take hours, proving that they do have the endurance to fight for long periods of time.

    2. AP

      You are incorrect. Felines having bad stamina is a misconception. People automatically assume that just because felines can’t sprint for long distances, they have poor stamina. What people fail to realize, is that even wolves and hyenas CAN’T sprint full speed for long distances. Wolves can trot slowly for long distances, BUT, so can big cats. Lions and tigers, for example, can slowly patrol their territory – which can be over a 100 miles long.

      1. jake


        you are incorrect. felines have one of the worst stamina of all animals. also wolves can run for miles
        also wolves have stronger bites than cougars

        1. AP

          No. Try and comprehend. Felines have been documented slowly jogging for miles. Wolves can also do that. No animal can run full speed for miles. See that Youtube video where a tiger fights with a bull gaur for hours and eventually wins.

        2. AP

          Let me address bite force now. The wolf might have heavier pressure jaws, but their jaws are made to chew bone – as a result, their teeth are blunt.
          The cougar’s teeth are meant for killing. The cougar has longer and thicker canines, which are designed to penetrate through the tough hide of animals and strike a vital organ. Not to mention that the cougar has a larger saggital crest on its skull which gives it a more powerful bite at the canines.

    3. AP

      One more thing Jake, intelligence means nothing in this fight. And I doubt wolves are above cougars in combat intelligence – only in problem solving.

      If a alpha male wolf and a territory boss male tom cougar get into a fight, 6-7/10 times the cougar will win via KO.

  27. AP

    No. Try and comprehend. Felines have been documented slowly jogging for miles. Wolves can also do that. No animal can run full speed for miles. See that Youtube video where a tiger fights with a bull gaur for hours and eventually wins.

    1. jake


      whatever wolves have stamina leagues above big cats. also even us humans can jog slowly for miles.
      the wolf has a protective covering of fur meaning the cougar will have a hard time getting to the wolves neck or badly injure the wolf
      while the wolf has jaws that can bite through a bisons leg bone so yes
      in my opinion the wolf wins 6/10

      also the only times a cougar has beaten a wolf in a fight is by ambushing it

  28. AP

    Jeeze kid..
    Do you never learn?
    ’bout time you revised your flawed “opinion”. Wolf’s stamina will do nothing for him – the cougar can fight for hours too – you know.

    You think the wolf’s fur is armor? L.O.L.. Cougar’s can penetrate the hide of moose – it would find it a luxury to penetrate the wolf’s fur.

    And you conveniently ignored what I said about bite force.

    The cougar wins via KO – just too much strength, power, size, and weaponary for the precious pup to deal with, eh kid? L.O.L…

    1. AP

      Aww.. No response yet? I whipped you bad – in the “African lion vs Nile crocodile” thread – didn’t I? L.O.L…

      & of course, you will go nuts & start spewing perverted crap – instead of formulating a coherent argument to back up your points – since all the facts, unequivocally, prove you wrong… L.O.L…

      1. jake

        “I whipped you bad- in the African lion vs nile crocodile thread – didn’t I? L.O.L…

        no you did not James. w

        “since all the facts, unequivocally, prove you wrong…L.O.L…

        what facts the ones you pull out of your fantasies

        1. AP

          Jeeze kid, you is a pig headed ignomarus..

          I dun got no fantasies sonny boy – but you kid, jest keep fantasizin about yo scaly buggers..L.O.L…

    2. jake

      a cougar can not fight for hours cats don´t have the stamina to do that

      cougars rarely go after moose

      a wolves jaws can bite through a bisons leg bones

      in my opinion the wolf wins

      1. AP

        “a cougar can not fight for hours cats don´t have the stamina to do that”

        “cougars rarely go after moose”
        Wrong again.

        “a wolves jaws can bite through a bisons leg bones”
        So can a cougar’s.

        “in my opinion the wolf wins”
        “Opinion” does not count in the scientific method – only facts, which you have failed to provide.

  29. John

    I think this will be a close one. Considering everything. An alpha male wolf at its peak is very territorial, has a very thick shaggy coat, to withstand all forest elements and is a very strong animal it’s stamina is quite long is a survivor, strong hunter. (Able to take down prey double or more it’s own size/weight) has a very strong jaw and will fight to the death. A cougar on the other hand is very strong is flexible with sharper claws has a lot ofstamina and is abit faster. how ever if a wolf locks it’s jaws onto the cougars neck it may be in a lot of trouble however if a cougar slashes a wolfs ribs, it could wind it badly then killing it.bith and both never back down from a fight I beleive it would be a close one.

  30. Jokur

    Wow, y’all are entertaining. I say cougar wins due to speed, power and weapons. Those claws and teeth win the day – and quickly.

    1. Alex

      quickly is just overrating the cat wolf have a coat that makes the claws will doesent destroy the wolf the wolf teeth is way to stronger and the wolf is same stronger also wolf is more resistant also is more inteligent and have more skill and stamina

  31. Alex

    the cougar will win but not with k.o biggest wolf hunted in alberta was 230 pounds and also wolf are stronger if you dont believe me see muscles sizes and also wolf have way more stamina resistance inteligence skill and bite


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