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By | June 10, 2021

Who will win the fight between Wolverine and Honey Badger?

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After comparing Honey badger with Lion and komodo dragon, we should proceed with comparison of Honey badger with Wolverine, snakes( Black mamba, king cobra, python, vipers), leopard, tiger, mongoose, wolf, hyena, zebra, crocodile, anteater, Porcupine, aardvark, harpy eagle etc. In this article I am going to compare Wolverine vs Honey badger.

We already explained about the Honey badger in our previous posts that Honey badgers are fearless species and have very strong claws and immune system( on which venom does not make any affect). To know more about Honey badger facts and Honey badger comparisons, follow the post below.

Wolverine Facts

Wolverine is known with name of glutton and also known as largest mustelide land dwelling species. It comes under carnivore and looks like a small bear. It is like solitary animal who can even kill the larger prey of its size. Wolverine can kill prey many times larger of itself.

Wolverine is muscular animal having short legs, small eyes, rounded head and ears. The wolverine length is 65-107 cm with tail of 17-26 cm and weight of 9-30 kg. They have dark oily fur which is resistive to frost. It posses special molar in mouth which can rotated 90 degrees and allows wolverine to tear off meat from preys.


Wolverine diet include preys like squirrels, marmots, porcupines, beavers, voles, rabbits, shrews, mice , deer, caribou, sheep, elk, fox, weasels, wolf pups, coyote, birds, eggs, roots, seeds, berries and moose. They have powerful jaws and claws.

They are often found in alpine tundra, subarctic and boreal forests of Northern Hemisphere, some parts of Canada, US, Eurpoe, Siberia and throughout western Russia. Due to affect of Global warming, Wolverine comes under endangered species

Wolverine vs Honey badger Comparison

I am going to compare Wolverine vs Honey badger in detail now. I already specify some facts about them through which you can make comparison and find difference between them.

Wolverine vs Honey badger Comparison

Wolverine vs Honey badger Comparison

The comparison of Wolverine vs Honey badger is given below:

AnimalsHoney badgerWolverine
Average Length 55-77 cm65-107 cm
Average Tail12-30 cm17-26 cm
Average Height23-27 cm30-45 cm
AreaSub-saharan Africa, Indian peninsula, western capeNorthern hemisphere, Europe, US, Canada, Siberia, Russia
HabitatElf-dug holesWintry habitat in northern rocky area
TeethPowerful jaws, irregular developmentStrong teeth and claws
Weight9-16 Kg9-25 kg
Average Life Span24 years5-13 years

Who will win the fight? It is interesting to know who will win the fight between wolverine vs honey badger. Both animals have mustelids and hunt in same way. One thing which goes in favour of wolverine is its strong size. We know that Honey badger can handle the larger preys as well like lions, leopards and tigers but after seeing same specifications of immune system and hunt capability, people go with wolverine but it is not over yet.

In my opinion- Honey badger would win the fight as American porcupine once killed wolverine and I have seen a video in which in African porcupine cannot penetrate its quills in honey badger body and African porcupine are 3 times the size of north Americans porcupine and second point is tirelessness; Honey badger fight for hours. So, it is difficult to get control over it. It attacks on groin of larger preys and its gland produces suffocating smell as well.

There are some other fights as well which are listed below. It would be interesting to know about all these fights:

  • Honey badger vs black mamba: Here, Honey badger would win the fight as it has immunity against poisonous venom.
  • Honey badger vs leopard: Here, Leopard has more chances to win the fight. Either, Honey badger would survive or Leopard would win.
  • Honey Badger vs. Porcupine: Here Honey badger would win the fight.
  • Honey badger vs Tiger: Here, Tiger would win or Honey badger would survive.
  • Wolf vs Honey badger: here, fight would be very tough. Anyone can win the fight but my vote goes to Wolf because of its strong teeth.
  • Spotted Hyena vs Honey badger: Here, Fight would be tough, Either spotted hyena would win or Honey badger would survive.
  • Honey badger vs crocodile: Crocodile would be winner.
  • Anteater vs Honey badger: Honey badger would win the fight
  • Honey badger vs zebra: It is tough fight and after seeing a video, I can say that it is difficult for zebras to win the fight against honey badgers.
  • Aardvark vs Honey badger: It is Honey badger who win the fight with Aardvark.
  • Mongoose vs Honey badger: It is again Honey badger who will the fight.
  • Honey badger vs king cobra: Honey badger would win against the king cobra
  • Honey badger vs python: Honey badger would win against the python
  • Harpy eagle vs Honey badger: Honey would win against the Harpy eagle if harpy eagle is on land.

We have many more fights like this. As we said Honey badger is fearless species and can win any unexpected fight anytime.

55 thoughts on “Compare Wolverine vs Honey Badger

  1. Ethan Charlette

    what the hell man? I don’t mean to be rude but, we are talking about wolverines and honey badgers, not porcupines! I mean c’mon a wolverine can beat a polar bear,lion, tige, even black panthers, I dont think a badger who be that hard. Ask an actual scientist if you think i’m rong!

    1. Allan

      All the animals you’ve mentioned would crush a wolverine. Furthermore a wolverine has less thick skin as the honey badger, scientists believe that evolution of this extra thick layer of skin adds to the feisty animal’s resilience, so the honey badger definitely takes it.

      1. the real bz

        Dude, it doesn’t matter if they could crush it, wolverine take on bears. A bear would crush any of the animals on that list. A wolverines are bigger, stronger, and bolder then honey badgers. It would be a hell of a fight. Honey badgers are more agile, thick skinned, and tolerant to pain. They bring many things to the fight, but I would favor a wolverine because I live in an area heavily populated with wolverines and I don’t care how good the honey badger is, nothing can kill these motherfuckers. I had one break a trap desisgned to hold a black bear…… good luck with that honey badger.

        1. Ian Stotts

          Thank you “the real bz!” At least someone has some common sense! read my comments.

          1. Pcjdjd

            Well let me say this about all of that.
            A Xenomorph can simultaneously take on and kill both the wolverine and the honey badger to boot; and just to make it even more interesting throw in a few black mambas the the victor will be the Xenomorph. So stop arguing already❗️

      2. Ian Stotts

        Wolverines have the attitude of a angry hippo, and the strength of a gorilla, they have been known to best grizzly bears through skill, ferocity and brute force. As for weak skin, they have a tough hide which allows them to block out temperatures of up to -10f. the reasen the [porcupine pieced it was it had 1 foot plus needles covering it’s back. If a honey bager attacked a wolverine, the wolverine would simply club it over the head with a half – a – foot paw. it would then crush the honey badger’s scull with massive 1.8 inch canines backed up by jaws capable of splintering bone. The wolverine would then live up to its name (Gulo Gulo) which translates to Glutinous Glutton.

      3. Jay Kolodne

        Actually, a wolverine is ON RECORD having killed a polar bear.

      4. Hyaenidae

        Everything on the list would crush a wolverine. But in THIS case, wolverine has the advantage.

    2. Jon Kerr

      Seen a rhino run from a honey badger. Watch it twice as I didn’t believe it. Also there omnivores not carnivores

      1. Raahym

        Rhinos aren’t very smart and will even runaway from a mongoose

    3. Rhian Arbonies

      Here’s the thing, honey badgers hide is thicker and looser meaning when grabbed they can wiggle tonpuvot stretching the skin and instinctively attack the eyes. Also when attacking larger prey they attack their genitals waiting for the animal to bleed to death. Both of their claws can’t penetrate the others hide but in terms of survivability he honey badger has a track recors of fighting till death at any means possible.

  2. Sydney Russel

    I am starting to question your judgments on these fights. The badger vs wolf you pick he wolf because of strong teeth, but you don’t pick the hyena (who has the strongest bite force of all of these animals), the tiger (who will definitely kill the badger), and the Leopard (who is bigger and stronger than the wolf). The badger can win against a small python, but a large reticulated python would pop the badger like a zit. The wolverine is just as fearless as the badger, just as resilient, tireless, bigger and stronger than the badger. The teeth and bite force would be the deciding factor here. The wolverine’s teeth are designed to break bone and ice. If the wolverine get’s hold of a limb on the badger, it’s broken.
    I like the wolverine vs the honey badger.

      1. Mpb

        Hyenas have 21,000 lbs per square inch bite force guy THE strongest bite force of all the mammals on the planet.

        1. Crixe

          That’s not quite right…

          saltwater crocodiles bite force is a crushing 3,700 pounds per square inch (psi), or 16,460 newtons, of bite force. By contrast, you might tear into a steak with 150 to 200 psi (890 newtons). Hyenas only do 1,000 psi (4,450 newtons). Not sure where you are getting 21,000 pounds but at that force it would break it’s own jaw literally it would kill itself.

    1. James W.

      Hah, hilarious fanboy comment!
      Pet pooches stand no chance against such true killers of the wild,
      one-on-one, let alone two-on-one…

      Take your dumb-as dog to a lion safari park & let him go for it..
      The screams he makes – as the lions have fun toying with him – will amaze you..

      1. RKC 46

        @James W. Thanks for putting the pitbull lover in his place, people tend to think those dogs are superman.

      2. Ian Stotts


        Your dog would be delicious to a wolverine, a “hot dog” with two fat “buns”

    2. semus

      You’ll never see any Pit Bull beat a Wolverine or a Honey Badger. Bob cats prey on Pit bulls they run from the Wolverine, there’s a reason for that.

    3. Ian Stotts

      False, You’re pit bull would be reduced to hundreds of bone shards, as a wolverine is the same size, has paws 3 times as big backed up with two inch claws, not only that but if your dog couldn’t stand up to a bear, it most likely would be in your house exhausted from running faster than it ever had before, or it would be dead. (If it was stupid enough to stand it’s ground when most grizzly bears would run away.) (Yes look it up, wolverines often challenge bears for food, and the bear usually runs away…)

    4. Hyaenidae

      Reminds me of an old thread of pit bull vs hyena… hilarious how many thought a pit would win! But the dog might have a chance against these two…

  3. Timothy Nolan

    The porcupine killing a wolverine was because he are the porcupine without bothering with quills. Killed from the inside. Wolverines hide in trees and drop down on deer. A wolverine was seen killing a polar bear by biting its throat til it suffocated. If a wolverine can choke a massive bear out…..

  4. Aka

    Honey badger. Wolverine is like, a dog that is small. Polar bear would crush like 5 at a time. Honey badger would destroy their entire species! Jk, but honey badger would win. Wolverines are so overrated.

    1. Hyaenidae

      Wolverine has a legit advantage here (I say “legit” because every other fight with a wolverine here is against something that would demolish it).

  5. Mpb

    Aka………. really!!!! The Mongoose would be a good snack for the honey badger but not a good fight. Mongoose don’t win ever fight with the Cobra ya know, but the badger can be bitten pass out from the venom and wake up and continue the hunt if they haven’t already killed the snake. If the Mongoose gets bit he’s dead. Watched a honey badger get bit by a puff adder pass out from the venom, after killing the snake woke up and went right to eating the VERY poisonous snake.

  6. Gary

    Honey badger vs Apache helicopter? The honey badger would win due to hide and stronger bite force.

  7. John

    Jadgterriers have killed wolverines and three Rhodesian Ridgebacks have killed a pack of five lions.

  8. SP

    I think it is awesome that the HB lives in a hole dug by an Elf… are they cousins of the Keeblers?

  9. Johnny Walker

    Are you kidding me?! three Rhodesian Ridgebacks killed a pack of five lions?!

    1. Hyaenidae

      No. Their job is to hold the lion there until the heavy artillery gets there, not kill it themselves.

      1. AP

        No, not hold. *Distract. Even ten huge kangals would be no match for an adult male lion. One swipe from a lion’s paw will severe the head of the world’s largest and most powerful dog.

  10. Abu

    Wolverine easily. Often times the argument is mentioned that people have seen large predators run from honey badgers, but that just means, more often than not, that the lion/leopard/tiger suspects the HB of being infected with disease i.e. it’s a bluff from the badger. This is totally different than the wolverine who actually intentionally takes on, and mauls a stag.

  11. Steve Chavez

    Badger tejon in spanish. Como texan. Badger pound for pound a badass.

  12. Kira

    Well honestly, when it comes to the HB VS Wolverine, i would say 50/50 as both have advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of the wolverine being size and strength and the HB being it’s defensive fur. While an HB’s fur can protect it from claws and teeth, against a powerful bite force. Not so much. Overall,it’s based on which creature has the more fighting experience but i would lean more towards the wolverine.

  13. Jay K.

    I’d give it to the wolverine for a few reasons. In no particular order, –

    1) The wolverine can spray “stink” to so that’s doesn’t work in the honey badgers favor like they say above.
    2) The wolverine can crush bone, which it doesn’t need to break skin to do. All it has to do is latch on to the leg or (“God-forbid”) the neck of the honey badger and it will incapacitate/kill it.
    3) In that same vein, it’s not necessary to get through the thick skin of the honey badger for the wolverine to clamp onto the carotid artery and suffocate the honey badger
    4) The wolverine is capable of walking insane distances on snow, so it could EASILY “outrun” the honey badger tiring it out.
    5) The honey badger has been known to “fend off” really large animals, but the wolverine has been known to KILL animals as large as moose and bears.

  14. Jay Kolodne

    I’d have to give it to the wolverine – especially if it was a mother with her babies. You might be thinking “but females are smaller” and you’d be right (in this case I believe the size matchup would become roughly equal based on stuff I’ve read about their sizes), BUT not only do we all know better than to mess with a mother animal when it’s protecting it’s babies, BUT I mainly said this because females have no testicles for the honey badger to go after, yet still have the special molars with which a wolverine could break the bones of the honey badger, regardless of how thick the skin is (you don’t have to puncture skin to break bones).

  15. dai

    my miniature poodle and italian greyhound will maul all the animals above and pee on the helicopter rendering it stinking useless

  16. AP

    Uh, no..
    A honey badger is not taking down a lion one on one. Leopards have taken down honey badgers, and lions are 4x larger, stronger, and more ferocious than leopards.

  17. BlueSeaSlug

    I think it would be tough but the honey badger would be able to take some bites from the wolverine with it’s thick skin. But the wolverine has some sharp claws as well. I would be rooting for the honey badger though

  18. James W.

    so, you just couldn’t wait..
    for me to squash you like a
    dirty lil’ stink bug.. here, too..

    So, instead, pull your typical useless scammer..
    routine, as ID thief.. & fake.. a ‘james w’ post..

    What a puny plan.. L.O.L…

  19. Hyaenidae

    Well, for once James would be right. Lion beats two overgrown weasels, but not grizzlies and tigers.

    1. AP

      Good comment, but I believe that a lion has a 50-50 chance with a grizzly or tiger.

  20. Realist

    If leopards flee from honey badgers, what’s a wolverine going to do?

  21. bear man

    ok one a honey badger is got a thicker hid that can withstand being bitten by a rattlesnake so a wolverine will have trouble penetrating its hide. two a honey badger is master at getting away it’s too fast to catch. three it fights dirty it will go for the groin causing the wolverine to bleed out.


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