Compare Wolverine vs Gray Wolf

By | June 20, 2021

I am going to compare wolverine vs gray wolf. Both Gray wolf and wolverine are similar looking species and it would be difficult to know who will win the fight between wolverine vs gray wolf (timber wolf). Wolverine is smaller in size in comparison to wolf and many people are favoring it and some are still with wolverine. So, read further to know comparison and difference between wolverine vs gray wolf.

In last post, I compared Wolverine vs Honey badger; it is also a tough fight. Moreover, also know African wild dog vs Gray wolf.

Wolverine vs Gray Wolf Comparison

Wolverine vs Gray Wolf Comparison

Wolverine facts

Wolverine comes under largest land dwelling species of mustelidae family. It is very muscular carnivore animal that looks like a small bear. It is very aggressive and stronger animal with ability to kill the largest preys. In one documented report, I read that Wolverine killed the polar bear. So, it is very surprising fact for me but wolverine can do anything.

Wolverine found in areas like Canada, Alaska, Europe, Siberia and Russia. The wolverine numbers are reducing day by day because of global warming effect. Wolverine has short legs, small eyes and rounded ears. The short legs help wolverine to get deep snow. The wolverine length is of 65-107 cm with tail of 17-26 cm and weight around 9-15 kg.

It has special molar in his mouth back which can be rotated 90 degree and through which wolverine can tear off flesh from preys. The diet includes woxes, wolf pups, coyote, shrews, mice, rabbits, porcupines, squirrels, beavers, deer, moose, Canada lynx, seeds, roots, weasels etc.

Moreover, Wolverine armed with strong jaws and powerful claws through which they can kill even larger preys.

Gray Wolf facts

Now, comes the turn of wolf facts, It is gray wolf which is also known as timber wolf. It is found in areas like North America, north Africa and Eurasia. It is largest member of the family. Gar wolf has weight between 43-45 kgs.

Gray wolf can also hunt larger preys and known for his advanced expressive behavior. Wolf diet includes smaller animals, garbage, carrion and livestock. It is well research animal as many books are already published on wolf. It is like an ancestor of dogs.

It attacks on humans as well and causes them rabies. They fall under carnivorous and have board snout, short ears and long tail. It is powerful animal with deep ribcage and heavy muscle neck. The longer legs enable gray wolf to move swiftly and overcome snow. It has heavy teeth, strong jaws which help them to crush the bones.

The Gray wolf jaws have double the crushing pressure of German shepherd. They are known to cover long distances. They can attain speed of 50-60 Km/h. Gray wolf length measures 105-160 cm with tail of 29-50 cm. The height is of 80-85 cm. It has very dense and fluffy winter fur which is high resistive for cold season.

Wolverine vs Gray Wolf Comparison

The detailed comparison and difference between wolverine vs Gray wolf/tumber wolf is given below:

AnimalsGray wolfWolverine
Average Length 105-160 cm65-107 cm
Average Tail29-50 cm17-26 cm
Average Height80-85 cm30-45 cm
AreaNorth America, North Africa, EurasiaNorthern hemisphere, Europe, US, Canada, Siberia, Russia
HabitatGrasslands, deserts, arctic tundras and forestsWintry habitat in northern rocky area
TeethCusp pattern, heavy and largeStrong teeth and claws
Weight43-45 kg9-25 kg
Average Life Span6-13 years5-13 years

Who will win the fight? Many people want to know about wolverine and gray wolf who would to win the fight. My vote goes to wolverine because of its ability suffocate the larger preys. I have read stories of wolverine in which wolverine killed the black bear. So, it is not difficult for wolverine to kill a gray wolf. Although, Gray wolf is larger in size but still wolverine would win the fight.

47 thoughts on “Compare Wolverine vs Gray Wolf

  1. Jeff

    If it was a very large wolverine, say around 60 pounds and a large gray wolf of say around 150 pounds it could be a toss up. The bite force of a gray wolf is around 1500- pounds. Wolverines have larger clawed paws than a gray wolf, however both animals have thick fur, which doubles as protection during combat. Wolverines have a bite force of around 224 pounds. I want to side with the wolverine, but I have to say a large gray wolf has the upper hand. I wouldn’t say the wolf would beat the wolverine every time, but possibly 70% of the time. The terrain and the weather could also play factors in this battle.

  2. Droog

    Actually, wolverines are some of the most ferocious animals on the planet. There is actual video footage of a wolverine killing a polar bear. Which, as far as bears go, a grizzly bear is the assumed top in it’s class, when in fact polar bears are far more dangerous. As far as wolves go, they’re typically pack hunters so they will likely win. However if you managed to get a 1 on 1, my vote goes for the wolverine. While the wolf, the largest in it’s class, and by coincidence, likely the most powerful of them, is not going to be as agile as the wolverine. I’m only responding to what I’ve read on various forums and various documentaries. Wolverines feed on Caribou for God’s sake. If a gray wolf pack does the same thing, can you imagine a 1 on 1? No doubt a coin toss, but I’d still bet on the wolverine.

    I’m not here to fight anyone or argue. Just my two cents. If you disagree, say so I suppose? But let’s please leave the insults out of it. The world really has no need for more hate.

    1. jack

      There is video footage of a wolverine fighting a gray wolf over a deer that two wolves have killed and the wolverine is the only one that get to eat . That’s two gray wolves .

  3. Hyaenidae

    Yukon, that’s ridiculous. Wolf has a bite at LEAST as strong, but is also three times bigger. He would throw that oversize badger over his shoulder and turn him into a tea cozie.

  4. Ceasar

    You people are stupid. It aint about size. Speed and Intelligence out weighs Size and power.

  5. jack

    Maybe you should take a look at the videos connected with wolves and wolverines , I would take a wolverine over any two wolves .

  6. Danedales Flowers

    Wolverine is fast and strong, I agree.Now taken down a polar bear that’s a wonderful story.That just a story don’t think it really can.Now against a grey wolf,u will have a dead weasel.Wolf will fight to the death but sometimes move away from most, went it not worth fighting.Wolverine beautiful and will fight but it ran away too.Taking on fully grown wolf or a bear.Think it not a fight it will win if the bear is hungry enough to risk it all, not to mention the wolf.

  7. Pranav.D

    Ya all are stupid.y not do the math and get that the wolf would be victorious.#WolvesRule

  8. Raven

    No winner…. Wolverine has insane durability and stamina, it will escape at some point as wolf doesn’t want to get much injured.
    But if an alpha goes all out in a deathmatch it will win.
    I say no winner because in anture you won’t see winner… wolf is stronger all around though. Wolverine has enough durability to fend a wolf off…Not kill him.

  9. AP

    I think the fight would be close, but 6/10 times I would give it to the wolf.

    1. James W.

      no.. ( yet again)..
      You are such a tiresome ‘fence-sitter’.

      Try some facts..

      Wolves are above wolverines on the food chain..
      & generally harass them, as lesser competition..

      A lone wolf won’t likely pick a fight with one,
      & he is fast enough to avoid an attack, but.. if
      forced.. he has the tools, & the talent to take this..
      no question..

  10. AP

    James W,
    Did you fail reading in school? I clearly gave the victory to the wolf…

  11. James W.

    did even you make ‘C grade’ in school..
    viz: your ludicrous numeric guess, “6/10”.. L.O.L…

    That is clearly within your typical – ‘fence-sitting’ zone!

    The wolf clearly calls the shots here, just as
    its African canid equivalent, the wild dog does
    to the ratel, or the d’hole does to a mongoose..

  12. James W.

    goes back to trolling..
    typical of such a petulant childmind..

    When his fanciful notions are swept away by facts..
    he resorts to his usual moronic comments..

    Ask yourself why there are no large -bodied ( ~400 lb) wild
    dogs/wolverines – still extant? & why do bears live like pigs?

    I duly await your.. hilariously inept answer.. L.O.L…

    1. Hyaenidae

      sigh… AP, you are testing EVERYONE’S nerves. This is a website for talking about who would win in an animal fight. NOT for personal attacks because they don’t agree with your shaky theory. Please, stick to the subject, before you make everyone sink to your level.

      1. AP

        Damn.. you fool. Really man? You clearly don’t know the context behind why I said that to James. I always like to have friendly debates with people, but James is an exception. You should look at the types of comments that James has made in all these threads. If you side with him for a second, than there is something wrong with you.

  13. James W.

    Ask your foolish mummy..
    about when she squeezed you out..
    along with various other disgusting parasites..

    & how much she regrets saving the wrong turd..
    out’ve so many.. she’d dumped in such a filthy shit-hole..

    ‘spose you’ll soon enough.. in turn..
    be dumping her in the turd-fouled ganges..
    anyhow.. L.O.L…

  14. AP

    Did I hurt your feelings little Jamesey… LOL GTFO

  15. AP

    Even Lames W’s mom confirmed that she wanted to have an abortion!!

    1. James W.

      stupid mother was rapt..
      when she saw her newly spawned..
      sprog.. was as dark as an ape.. meant she didn’t need to wash him..
      since the filth & dirt .. is a natural blend..

      & that’s why she named him Apey..
      for sure, he was always a ‘cheeky monkey’..
      sly, cunning & dishonest.. like all his breed..

      1. AP

        Oh little Lamesey,
        Whats the matter sweetie?… Are you sad because your mommy called me last night and said that she wanted to have an abortion when she was pregnant with you?…. awww…

        Also, I flushed you down the toilet this morning…. jeeze… you are “dark as an ape.” Wait, nevermind, you were darker…

          1. AP

            YELLING DOES NOT HELP!!!

            I just love how you never get mad at James for doing personal attacks, but when I do it, you get pissed. What a hypocrite you are.

  16. Troll

    did yous them guys sees thems video of tiger kils lion in africa? tiger flys to africa using wings and kills hyenas, leopars, eleiphants, crocodules.

  17. Troll

    No no no,
    Put james w uncle in enclosure with lion and tiger.

    1. James W.

      no.. you are..
      Modhi running dog..

      Panthera enclosure
      is Daniel’s gig..

      Samson & Hercules next..
      to test IQ of stupid coolie..

  18. James W.

    so, you like to lick.. dick..
    sniff sniff snuffle sniff,
    & eat shit.. yum yum..
    then you grin grin..
    heh heh hee..

  19. Hyaenidae

    Really unnecessary, ULL. True, the wolverine can chase away wolf packs. There are also video of a hamster chasing a dog away. The wolves run because they think something this small would be afraid of them. In areas where wolverines are common and wolves would see them much more often, they are MUCH less effective in scaring off larger predators. One report in particular: pair of wolves walking back to moose kill from earlier find a wolverine eating from it. Wolves fan out and start trotting towards it, heads low. Wolverine sees them and hauls himself up a spruce sapling like an overgrown cat. Male wolf pulls him down by the tail, and proceed to curb-stomp him. After the fat weasel is effectively pulped, they calmly return to their meal.

  20. King Arthur

    Wolverine wins one on one with wolf I’d say 9 times out of ten. It can use it’s limbs way better than a wolf can grapple and bite Wolves head on the side of mouth throat. Wolf just can not wrestle like a wolverine . Wolverines have endless stamina quick reflexes size dose not help wolf much in this fight once wolverine has neutralised bite of wolf.

  21. pius Emmanuel

    dude it’s really silly and annoying to think a wolverine would kill a wolf that would be next to impossible . a grey wolf is almost three times the size of a wolverine not to mention it’s also far stronger. anyone who thinks a wolverine would win must be really crazy.

  22. Johnny Lednik

    I’ve been researching and studying these type of animal battles since I was in the 5th grade. And from the video footage I’ve seen and from what I’ve read and been told from true experts That lone Wolves even alphas can not handle Wolverines in 1 on 1 fights Wolverines like all the others in the weasel family are freakishly stronger and are extremely vicious for their size they have the ability to take down animals many times their size. The Wolf will have a huge size advantage and are a lot longer and taller than the Wolverine however The Wolverine is very stocky compacted and lower to the ground which is going to make it a lot harder for the Wolf to get ahold of plus the Wolverine has way better grappling ability with it’s forelimbs that possesse very sharp claws something the Wolf and other Dogs don’t have. Wolverines have explosive athleticism and are way more agile than Wolves all these advantages well definitely overwhelme the Wolf. In every one on one fight that’s been documented or witnessed states the Wolverine always destroyed the lone Wolf if it didn’t have it’s pack with him and when Wolverines were killed in battles with Wolves it’s by packs of Wolves never a lone Wolf. I personally love both animals and not committing on this to argue I’m just sharing the knowledge I’ve got


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