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By | June 27, 2021

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Being a member of cat family, many are searching for comparison and difference Puma and Cougar. Through this article, I am going to compare Puma vs Cougar. We explained about many animals on compare animals.

Before knowing about Puma vs cougar comparison, know some facts of Cougar and Puma.

Cougar facts

Cougar is second largest cat of North America. Most big cats roars but Cougar does not roars and it resembles like a house cat. The body also looks like house cats. Cougars have slender bodies, round heads and pointed ears.

The length of cougars is 1.5-27 m including its tail. The male weight is of 68 kg and females are less in comparisons to male cougars. The females weight around 45 kg. Body color and textures is grayish tan and tail has black spot on it.

They are often found in mountains, deserts and also at sea level places of North America, Florida, south America. They are always looking for preys and shelter and habitat is quite close to prey.

Cougar diet includes deer, insects and other smaller preys like livestock and domestic animals. Cougars attacked on preys when their claws are fully stretched. The good thing about cougars is that, they can even climb upto 6 meters. They used to hide the carcass in some area and eat them later.

Cougars have no enemies and they do not compete with bears and wolves but some hunters and farmers killed them to their live stock from them. Cougar population has decreased lot due to loss of habitat. They are solitary animal and life span of cougars is around 10 years. In captivity, they live max at 20 years.

Puma facts

Puma are found in southern Canada and their size is same like larger cats. There are 7 sub species of Puma and all are them looks similar but some difference comes in color and size.

Puma have thick coating of fur which helps them to keep warm in winters. Fur comes in various colors and this is biggest reason that Puma comes under a great brand for fashion industry.

Puma is very powerful predator, with muscular legs. Paws are large in comparison to body size. They have large size which enables them to see ahead. Pointed ears help them to detect preys easily.

Puma diet includes animals like Mice, rats, fish, birds, rabbits, raccoons, goats, sheep and livestock. They do not roar and comes under endangered animals due to loss of habitat.

Puma vs Cougar Comparison

Many are looking for some difference and comparison between Puma vs Cougar. I have complied whatever information I have. Both are almost same but there are some differences between Puma vs cougar, which I mentioned above.

7 thoughts on “Compare Puma vs Cougar

  1. Sydney Russel

    To my knowledge a Cougar, Puma, and Mountain Lion are the same animal.

    1. Ayub

      I know right people always say puma vs mountain lion but they are the same animal I’ve also heard panthers are the same thing too ? Correct me if I’m wrong

      1. wynter

        actually there all sub species from eachther exept for th epanther the only exeption for the panther is the florida panther which looks like the puma exept for a few markings so if you want to be sur real about it there not the same things kinda just copies from each other

      2. Edgar Azevedo

        Actually we call it Onça Sussuarana in Brazil. Just like we call Jaguar as Onça Pintada and the Black Jaguar as Onça Negra.

  2. Adelbert Byttebier

    The animal talked about is a ‘Puma concolor couguar’ or ‘Cougar’ in English.
    Puma and Mountain Lion are different english names for the same animal.

    It is one of the different subspecies of ‘Puma concolor’. Others occur in South-America while also the Florida panther is considered a different subspecies


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