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By | June 3, 2021

Who will win the fight between Andean Condor and California Condor?

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Andean Condor is the largest extant flying bird in the world which can weigh up to 14 kg or even 15 kg with the body length of 4 ft and it also has the largest wing span in the world of near about 10 ft 5 inch, it is the only living bird in genus Vultur. As the name suggested Andean condor which means they are mainly found in Andes mountains region.

California Condor is the largest bird in North America and it is slightly smaller than South American Andean candor, California candor can weigh up to 12 kg with the wing span of 9 ft 8 inch and a body length vary from 3 ft 4inch to 4 ft 5 inch. It posses longer tail and beak than Andean condor but still it is not the largest bird in world because of weight and wing span.

In 1987 California condor has been extinct in the wild but they have been reintroduced in wild especially in North Arizona, southern and northern California. They are still under the ‘critically endangered’ species as declared by IUCN (International union for conservation of nature) and Andean condor is also in the status of ‘near threatened’ by IUCN.

Andean Condor vs California Condor Comparison

Andean Condor vs California Condor Comparison

Andean condor males have the unique white color wattle on the neck with red caruncle on head like a crown while the male California candor does not have such caruncle and wattle but there is a similarity between both of them that males are larger than females unlike other raptors where females are larger than males.

Both Andean and California condor feed on carrions of animals and for that they both travel a lot in a day near about 200 to 250 km per day. California condor may travel longer than Andean candor because of the insufficient food or carrions. Andean candor also feed on plants material that’s why they are known as scavenger’s that means they eat both carrions, dead animals and plant materials.

Andean condor reaches the sexual maturity at 5 to 8 years while California candor reaches at the age of 6 years, both lay only one egg at a time and the incubation period for both vultures eggs is same i.e. 55 to 60 days.

Andean and California candor are the longest living birds on the planet while in the Guinness book of world record Andean candor has the record of 72 years of survival in captivity.

Let’s compare Andean and California candor facts, information, physical dimensions and behavior in below given chart on compare Andean condor Vs California condor.

Andean Condor vs California Condor Comparison

Birds Andean Condor
Andean Condor
California Condor
California Condor
Average  Body Length 3 ft 2 inch to 4 ft 2 inch3 ft 4 inch to 4 ft 5 inch
Wing Span 10 ft 5 inch9 ft 8 inch
Average Weight14 kg12 kg
AreaSouth AmericaUSA (California)
StatusNear ThreatenedCritically Endangered
Average Life Span55 years60 years

Final Verdict:

If there is a fight between Andean condor vs harpy eagle or California candor vs Harpy eagle then I would easily say that Harpy eagle will win the fight quite easily in every attempt because Harpy eagle is very aggressive and have more powerful talons that can kill the condor easily but it is difficult to say that who is going to win the fight in Andean Vs California candor because both vultures are naturally calm and both have the lack of aggression to show but still due to body mass and size I will go with Andean condor and the another reason for winning the Andean condor is that they lives in dangerous habitat.

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