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By | June 14, 2021

Who will win the fight between African Lion and Siberian Tiger?

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Compare African Lion Vs Siberian Tiger, African Lion is the second largest living felid or cat after Tiger (Siberian tiger and Bengal tiger) which can weigh up to 180 kg with the head & body length of 6 ft 1 inch. It is the tallest cat in the family felidae with the shoulder height of 3 ft 8 inch, unlike tigers the male lions have the mane which makes them unique from lioness and because of that mane they are known as the king of jungle.

Siberian Tiger or Amur Tiger is the largest extant cat species ever exists on earth with the head & body length of 7 ft 4 inch and can weigh up to 310 kg. It is the second tallest cat in felidae family just after the African lion with the shoulder height of 3 ft 3 inch. If the male lion have the mane which makes him the king then the tiger has the marking of 王, a Chinese character on his forehead which means King. Now the question arises who is the real king of jungle whether it is African Lion or Tiger (Siberian and Bengal Tiger)? As the article progresses you will able to know who is the real king?

African Lion Vs Siberian Tiger Comparison

African Lion Vs Siberian Tiger Comparison

African lion found in Africa continent only especially in sub-Saharan Africa where they prey on wildebeest, zebra, wild pigs, deer, antelopes and other small and large size animals like wild buffaloes etc. African lion is an apex predator and they hunt in group called pride and female mostly hunts the prey.

On the other hand Siberian tiger found in Russia especially in Siberia only, it is the solitary hunter which hunts alone and prey on musk deer, stag, goral, wild pigs and ox etc. on hungry they even killed wolf, black and brown bear for food in Siberia which makes him the most fiercer land animal on earth. Like lion they are also the apex predator and are on top of the food chain in the wild.

Now let’s compare both cats’ physical measures, behavior, habitat and facts in given below table on compare African Lion Vs Siberian Tiger.

African Lion Vs Siberian Tiger Comparison

Animals African Lion
African Lion
Siberian Tiger
Siberian Tiger
Species P.leoP.tigris
Average Head & Body Length 6 ft 1 inch7 ft 4 inch
Tail Length 3 ft 2 inch3 ft 1 inch
Shoulder Height3 ft 8 inch3 ft 3 inch
Average Weight180 kg305 kg
Average Life Span13 years14 years

Head to Head Fight:

In history both animals have been involved in fight many times and each time tiger has the dominance over lion. If you don’t believe then read the below given facts why Siberian tiger has the dominance over big African lion and even Bengal tiger who is just slightly smaller than Siberian tiger is capable of killing the African lion because in recent Bengal tiger has killed the African lion in Turkey zoo.

Why Tiger is dominant?

  • Tiger has strong muscular body than African lion.
  • Tiger have bigger canine teeth than African lion.
  • Tiger have powerful forelimbs and paws than African Lion.
  • Unlike other cats tigers are very good swimmers which helps them to fight or hunt even in water also.
  • African lion have bigger skull than Siberian tiger but tiger have bigger cranial volume than African lion means they have bigger brain which makes them far intelligent and clever than lion.
  • Tiger have stronger hind legs through which he can stand and can maul simultaneously with both paws where African lion needs one paw and both hind legs to stand. Lion can also stand on hind legs but for a few seconds only because they have weaker hind legs.
  • Tiger is a solitary hunter and lives in more dangerous habitat than African lion where he has to travel a lot for prey which makes him the true king.

Final Verdict:

According to experts of cat species, Siberian Tiger will always win in every fight whatever the condition is.

614 thoughts on “Compare African Lion vs Siberian Tiger

  1. Anonymous

    siberian tiger is far stronger and larger than african lion so you can guess how easily tiger can defeat lion

    1. ApexBigCatWarrior

      The Asiatic Lion intimidates Siberian Tier—there no need for the African Lion.

      1. I'm just coming throught

        I have read all of those comments. Anonymous gave so many evidences to prove his thought, while James W can’t even give one, Jame W just talked about IQ, or fanboys, or how Anon loved himself, but I can tell that James is a Lion fanboy and has blind faith in lions. I do research myself, all evidences prove that tiger won more than lion, physical or instinct, tiger is overrated. Tiger is perfect killer, male lion is lazy king with an army.

        1. James W.

          A fraught second coming?

          You produce no such “evidences”,
          only opinions – & mainly about other contributors.
          You “can tell” nothing of value, quite apparently.

          You are poorly informed, & have no depth of learning.
          Male lions must fend for themselves between reaching
          sexual maturity, & fighting to win a pride for themselves.

          If you are in fact interested, check out the well documented
          “Tiger vs Lion” thread on the ‘All Empires History Forum” ,
          “so many evidences” are listed there, so fan boy opinions are demolished.

          1. Dr. Sharma

            So very true… Lions are the truest warriors…and are relentless in fights…

            Tigers winning against male lions are just theories on paper…check out most of the animal combat videos and see the dominance of the male lions over the tigers..

            Lions have just too much heart!!

          2. Don

            Male lions rarely get into fights not on a daily bases. They spend most of there lives wondering around scent marking there territory. When they decide to meet up with the ladies they will join a kill But most of the time females do on a regular basis hunt/kill. Females would have the wisdom of fighting do to tactics and strategies employed during hunts. Male lions are only good for scent marking breeding and a scrap or two. No offence.
            However they are truely powerful animals.

          3. TrueEnglishFoxhound

            Yet again, you show a “misunderstanding of” air quotes.

          4. Josh

            You are aware that the tiger has almost twice as much bite force as a lion right? I would bet that tiger’s fight other tigers for females and territory. So they are evolved, equipped to withstand the bites of other tigers, which again almost twice as much force. So how is it that a lion would even hurt a tiger? Especially since the tiger is about twice the size of a lion. Most of the time in nature, size win’s. I’d have to say unless the lion is tickling the tiger to death, I don’t see it.

        2. Siberian tiger fan

          Haha. Dude I like how u said that. The lion is lazy and has a pride. U right make lions with prides rarely hunt. They sit around and let the females do all the work. Do 1 might assume. Just by judgeing
          The fax…. Female lions might be more feroucious in a fight then a make lion. That makes sense 2 me. The tiger is a lo,e Hunter. And the females do hunt in packs but they do a lot of they have exp in deleiveribg the crucial bite. I’ve seen 1 video of a Bengal tiger getting beat by a lion but it was a good fight at first the lion took over the tiger used it supperior intellect and ran away. Its on you tube I do t feel like getting link

          1. Tony\Aka

            Siberian tiger would win. Lions are very powerful, but Siberian tiger is way to strong. The only land carnivore that can stand up to a Siberian tiger, is the polar bear.

          2. anaonomyous

            I saw this video too however in zoo Bengal Tiger kill lion with one paw swipe

        3. Arctotherium Angustidens

          Average African Lion is 20 times stronger than a man.Lion’s ML femur is bigger than Tiger.This says Lion is more stronger.Tiger is 13 times stronger than a man.A Lioness can carry 3.5 ton Male Hippo(I watch this in a documentary)

    2. Darryl Andrew

      Are they serious???? Yes the Siberian tiger is larger but to say they live in a more dangerous habitat is a bit far fetched . Come on now lions have to deal with fucking way more dangerous animals than tigers. Haynes, hippos, elephants , water buffalos, and last but not least they have to go to the river’s or lakes edge. And you know whats lies beneath there. It aint no freaking mugger crocodile its that big bad Nile Crocodile . We all know wht that croc is about. And with all that they still dominate. That solo tiger whould get its ass handed to him or her . And thats just some real stuff lol

      1. Tony\Aka

        Yeah I agree with that but I still say tiger would win. Tiger is much larger, it also gets a lot more exercise than lion. I can’t agree with a lion beating a Siberian tiger. This is why I think this: A) Siberian tiger is far stronger than African lion. B) Siberian tiger is much more intelligent than African lion. C) Siberian tiger is far better hunter than African lion. D) Siberian tiger is much larger than African lion E) Siberian tiger is more agile while the African lion is faster with straight ahead speed. F) Siberian tiger has a stronger bite. I get the lion has a protective mane, but still. It will adventually die from severe wounds. So… sorry lion fans.

        1. Vasa

          Larger does not mean it can win a fight against a Lion – we humans actually can’t understand animals
          we assume because a tiger is larger he will win, well I’m a small guy and beat up a few bigger guys
          all the time. so you see our metrics don’t count

          There have been accounts where lions killed Tigers, now there have been accounts where tigers killed bears, but these bears were old sick females, so it is very difficult to know outcomes
          i would say lion + tiger both have a 50/50 chance of winning

          Also as Tigers weighting 310 kg is a Myth? they don’t exist – maybe 1 or 2 in all of Siberia

          1. George

            A professional analysis on discovery channel zoologists explains that the African male lion has a larger stronger neck and shoulder structure specifically designed for fighting along side with his brave fearless heart they are renound for. Basically they are built to fight , just like mike Tyson ain’t the heaviest guy but built to fight .
            Trust me I love all the big cats but I must say the lions are designed for fighting more so than the tiger.
            I spoke to many zoologists who say the same things

          2. Kebantshitse dallars Otukile

            What people don’t take into account is most lions used in arena were the European Lion a subspecies so many were trapped they went extinct! They were much easier to get than African lions there are a very few left in India they are smaller!
            AFRICAN lION is strong and has more endurence than Siberian Tigers

      2. anaonomyous

        Dude Tiger have to deal with Bear, snakes sometimes Jaguar territory overlap Tigers and Tigers have tofight where as, Jaguars kill Caiman, killing a Nile Crocodile would be an easy task for Tiger if a Jaguar could do it, however Jaguar does have advantages, but none the less Tiger would beat lion easily.

          1. Sher Khan

            True. The fight can go either way, but in a prime male to male battle, the tiger holds the winning cards.

      3. IAMPATTHAAN2306

        The Amur Tiger does live in a way more dangerous habitat. They live in an area with a freight road running through it and can sometimes be killed by speeding trucks. Poachers use this road as an advantage. Also i don’t think that any day that an African Lion can take a Brown Bear down by itself. The Siberian Tiger has a bite force almost twice as big as an African Lion’s. Even female tigers that are about 3 quarters the size have a bigger bite force.

      4. Gigi

        Why almost all male Lions die, after they get kicked out of a pride, because they are to weak survive without females. And, yeah they might have more competition but, they live in prides, that makes then almost untouchable. And what about food? They can fucking hunt everything, I mean there are zebras, buffalos, fucking antilopes, millions of them, food is surrounding them, while Siberian tiger should travel miles to hunt their pray, like a polar bear. There’s is no debate, lion can’t compare with tiger. Tigers are larger, stronger, smarter, better swimmers and climbers. Comparison between Bengal tiger and lion would be more correct, but even Bengal tigers are bigger smarter and faster.

        1. Kebantshitse dallars Otukile

          Male lions don’t depend on females, Males lions excel as ambush hunters
          OKAVANGO DELTA, BOTSWANA — It ain’t easy being king. Take a look at a pride of lions, and it becomes obvious that there are more females than males, usually at a ratio of about 2- or 3-to-1. Considering that male and female lions are born in equal numbers, the question arises: What happens to the missing males?

          That’s the question explored by a new film called “Game of Lions” (premiering Sunday (Dec. 1) at 10 p.m. ET on Nat Geo Wild), filmed here in the Okavango Delta, a lush wetland where the Okavango River collides with the Kalahari Desert. The area is home to a great variety of animals, such as lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo and hippopotamuses.

          It’s no easy feat finding lions. But under the guidance of Dereck and Beverly Joubert, filmmakers and National Geographic explorers-in-residence, it’s a cinch. On the first afternoon of a three-day safari here, the couple located a group of five lions, including two cubs, as a group of four journalists drove to see them.

          The first sight of wild lions is stirring, for a number of reasons. The cubs themselves are adorable, but the adults — each of which easily outweighs an offensive linemen and sports paws the size of small dinner plates — elicit a sort of tense wonder consisting of awe, respect for these powerful beasts, and something resembling fear but more like an awareness of one’s mortality. They could easily kill us. But there are no words in the moment besides exclamations of disbelief.

          But none of that matters to the lions, who live on this land and don’t seem to pay any attention to visitors, driven about in a couple of Toyota Land Cruisers that are completely open to the air, no windows for separation.

          The lion cubs seem happy and carefree, but their lives are not easy. Only about 1 in 8 male lions survive to adulthood, Dereck said.

          Tough childhood

          All lions face high mortality as cubs, for a variety of reasons, including injuries, lack of food, illness and being killed by adult lions — more on that later. But when male lions begin to reach sexual maturity around age 2, the older males within the pride kick them out, Dereck said. The female lions, which are usually all related to some degree, typically stay behind.

          For a young male, “the betrayal by his own blood must be confusing to him, but this is an ancient rite — the casting out of young males into a world of unknowns — a world where he will be able make it, or die,” said Dereck, 57, who sports a white beard and looks every bit the wilderness gentleman. Dereck and Beverly, 56, seem to belong here in Duba, where they made other films about lions, including “The Last Lions” and “Relentless Enemies.” [In Photos: A Lion’s Life]

          A young cub in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.
          A young cub in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.
          Credit: Beverly and Dereck Joubert / National Geographic
          After being kicked out, the young males roam the countryside solo or in small bands, often with their brothers or cousins, negotiating the no-cat’s-land between territories of other lions, said Luke Hunter, the president of the big cat conservation group Panthera, in a phone interview. If they stray into these territories, they are likely to be attacked and/or killed. A majority of male lions die during this time, said Gabriele Cozzi, a researcher at Zurich University who wasn’t involved in the film.

          This odyssey also puts them into contact with humans, due to expansion of rural populations, Cozzi said in an email, increasing the chances they will be killed in a wire snare trap (a non-selective, widespread method of catching African game).

          If they survive long enough to find a promising new area, the next step is to take over another pride. But of course resident males will have none of that, and so they end up fighting, often to the death, Dereck said. They usually do this as a coalition, often consisting of three or four “big, bruising males,” Hunter said.

          When male lions take over a new territory, they almost always kill the prides’ cubs, since they are not biologically related and do not want to spend energy ensuring that other lions’ genes will be passed on. “They can’t be stepfathers,” Hunter told LiveScience. Female lions also will not be receptive to mating while they are nursing, so killing the cubs enables the male lions to procreate, said Beverly.

          The Jouberts have had their fair share of close calls, and Beverly has saved Dereck’s life many times (according to Dereck). They have survived several plane crashes, being charged by a wounded elephant and, most recently, Dereck was bitten by a boomslang, one of the more deadly snakes in Africa. Dereck nonchalantly points to the scar left by the bite, saying that he still lacks feeling in the area. The bite occurred days before a visit from the television program “60 Minutes” — but instead of canceling, Dereck went through with the interview. He eventually sought treatment at a South African hospital, he said.

          Filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert, in their natural habitat, in Duba Plains camp, Botswana.
          Filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert, in their natural habitat, in Duba Plains camp, Botswana.
          Credit: Douglas Main
          Lion hunting

          Only physically strong, intelligent and fit males survive to become adults in charge of a pride, Dereck said. And these Okavango lions are probably the largest lions on the planet. That’s because there is an abundance of buffalo and other animals to prey upon, and the fact that the animals often walk through water in the delta’s many streams, building up their muscles, he said. [Photos: The Biggest Lions on Earth]

          But male lions, for all their hardships, are sought after by trophy hunters. “Every now and then, a cub emerges as a battle-scared warrior, and then gets shot for the very qualities that have allowed him to be a survivor,” Dereck said.

          There are only about 20,000 lions left in Africa, Beverly said. Other estimates put the number slightly higher, closer to 30,000. Regardless, their numbers are declining at an alarming rate, experts agree. About 50 years ago, there were 450,000 lions — a decline of more than 95 percent, Beverly added.

          Trophy hunters, mostly Americans, kill nearly 700 lions per year, typically males, Dereck said. Perhaps an even bigger problem is the use of wire snare traps by expanding rural populations in Africa, Hunter said. These traps catch a variety of animals, which then die, attracting lions, which then fall prey to the traps themselves, he added. [7 Iconic Animals Humans Are Driving to Extinction]

          Spreading awareness

          The Jouberts said they hope that the film will help people appreciate how difficult it is for male lions to survive to adulthood, and in turn discourage hunting of these animals. Viewing the animals up close shows just how easy it is to approach them, and makes it clear that lion hunting wouldn’t be particularly challenging.

          The killing of an adult male in a pride can throw the group into chaos, Dereck said. For example, this makes the pride more vulnerable to attack from an outside group of males, leading to upheaval and the almost certain killing of any young cubs, Dereck said.

          In a typical natural population of lions, about 23 to 30 percent of the animals are males, Hunter said. But hunts geared toward males can skew that balance. In Zambia’s Luangwa Valley, for example, hunting recently decreased the portion of males to 8 percent of the population, at least four times lower than it would normally be, he said.

          Beverly and Derek live among the iconic big cats in Botswana, often spending days out in the bush living in their specially modified Land Cruiser, which can handle deep puddles and rivers. They spent 18 months filming “Game of Lions” — which is less than one hour in length — and another five months editing.

          After visiting Duba Plains, the Jouberts’ dedication to saving lions and capturing them on camera becomes more impressive. Most of the time, lions lie around, acting very much like big cats. In one instance they came right up next to the safari cruiser, in search of shade, within an arm’s reach. The lions made one successful kill during the trip, but it was at night in a marsh, just after a terrific thunderstorm and the beginning of the rainy season, Dereck said. In other words, the lions’ true nature doesn’t necessarily come out upon first glimpse, at least not to the extent that it does in the Jouberts’ films. But it’s more than enough to respect their massive size, power and grace. And also their vulnerability.

          “We want this film to be the beginning of the conversation” about lion conservation, Dereck said. Concerning the fate of lions and other wildlife, the biggest problem is a lack of awareness and ignorance. “Once people have good information, they usually make good decisions,” he said.

      5. Rifst

        The most hostile and dangerous terrain is the cold frozen ice lands.

        There There can only be A Tiger here.

    3. riley garraway

      I believe lion would win in fight against tiger because lions have manes to protect themselves from tiger bites and any animal bites i know all this because documentery said all of it plus they said lions are bigger

      1. David Vios

        Number 1 Facts that SIBERIAN TIGER can beat an AFRICAN LION

        Paws Swipe

        “Die Pride with stupid Mane”

    4. andreasandre

      Tiger is more intelligent than lion; that is why more covered than lion.
      Both are dangerous, however when lion well fed never attack, but tiger always attack.
      Lyon live with prey’s which is common to the dogs, however tiger pure feline. This means dogs are braver than cats. Therefore, scientific classifications ignored this main point and classified lions as a pure feline which it not completely right. Take all dogs families, wolfs, hyenas, wild dogs, lions all lives with families as befit to dogs. In another hand all-feline; cats, leopards, jaguars, tigers live alone as befit true cats/felines.
      That is why; the scientific classification missed this very important point.
      Conclusion: both /the lion and the tiger/ are the king on the place they live.
      Who is the stronger; it is depends on the circumstances, age and time. However, lions are face-to-face fighter as stupid predators. Tigers are ambush fighters as clever/sneaky predators and very rarely fight face to face.
      I like both predators as a powerful fighters.

      1. Davis

        Lions only sleep that much because of so much heat and their body get hitted fast and lions have bigger body which make it hard for them to sneak.and Africa is much harder,for tiger it is way easy to sneak in a jungle and for lion hard to sneak in a savanna which is plane with less grasses and lions have been seen making a fool out of elephant which indeed have one of the biggest brains.tiger kill lion in zoos but African lions from the wild are way different level zoo lions are weak they don’t go through hard time at all but wild lions are different level,

      1. Davis

        Lions have way stronger bones and are power compare how much they eat and see how much protein the get and compare to tigers who eat one time in about 9 days how much protein the get,lions are way stronger and brave than tiger but the may loose because of how shape a tigers claws are but in a fight tigers may find it hard to breath if the target a lion at the neck and get hair full in the mouth

        lion advantage
        Taller:could pawn a tiger
        Stronger paws:stronger blows
        Stronger muscles: can lift better weight
        Strategy:lions live in prides were individuals share talents in hunts
        Experience: lions fight very often to defend their legacy
        Bravery and roar:imaging a 3 foot animal roaring with a loud sound like that of a chain saw
        All cats respect black maned lions,blonde lions will avoid black maned lions,even tiger respect black maned lions

        Let’s make it fair
        Tiger are bigger
        Agile due to swimming experiences
        Shaper claws and teeth
        and cut and gorgeous but lions are handsome and look majestic

  2. Karl Hughes

    Siberian tigers are bigger but do not possess all the advantages..male lions are more natural fighters; they fight more frequantly and are more experienced in this because they need to protect the pride, mainly from other males taking over and hyeanas; their manes also give them protection during these territorial fights..
    female tigers will fight a male who threatens her cubs but they do not fight nearly as much as lions…Also, Siberian tigers are said to be not as naturally aggressive as their Bengal cousins e.g.. only 2 or 3 people have ever been killed by a Siberian tiger in modern times while a few hundred people annually are taken by lions&Bengal tigers…this is not just because Siberian tigers are rarer and live in remote regions away from people, they are not as aggressive genetically… being not as naturally aggressive and with less fighting experience as lions, Siberian tigers would probably back down from a confrontation with an adult male lion if they shared the same environment…on the other hand a hungry Siberian tiger would kill a lion if it were desperate is a larger animal…in a head to head fight it could go either way despite the Siberian tiger’s size advantage

    1. Ayushman Arun

      A Siberian Tiger would literally annihilate a full grown African Lion 1v1.
      It won’t even be that much of a competition!

      Even a Royal Bengal Tiger would crush an African Lion…
      Siberian Tigers = 310 – 345kgs
      Royal Bengal Tigers = <290kgs
      African Lions = 160 – 210kgs

      Tigers are better swimmers, has an attack rate (paw punch/swipe) double that of a Lion. Far more intelligent. Deadlier Bite force (deadliest bite force among all carnivores(Amur Tigers) Beefier than Lions, which would make the Lion harder to grab the Tiger by it's neck.
      Clearly superior Hind and Foreleg power. Jump higher and longer than Lions
      ….absolutely superior to Lions.

      Only thing against a Tiger is it will try to flee from the battle if it came across an African Lion being far more intelligent; which people would interpret otherwise!

      Also Lions vs Tigers was a common spectacle during the Roman Rule in the Colosseum!
      The winning rate of Tigers was 95%. Sounds like an exaggeration but it is what it is.

      1. Kenneth venezia

        didn’t know the romans kept statistics of tiger and lion kills. that sounds utterly ridiculous.

        1. cjt

          There are no statistics except when an animal wins almost everytime no one ever remembers the Lion coming out on top because the tiger is usually the winner. They are the TRUE KINGS!

          1. JT92

            You must be the one of them who read from edited wikipedia…if tiger always come on top, why Roman uses lion as “king” symbol, even lion statues is everywhere to show the power. you can see it till now, then where is the tiger if tiger always come on top just like you said?? Use your logic please. Come on nerd never trust internet all the time. I used to work in zoo 3 years ago and I know it better if lion will dominance over tiger…even a couple of big male lion will make 5 till 7 tigers run…and one more thing, every time we feed them in big cats area, lions always eat first and nobody would stay near ’em..amur, bengal, sumatran tigers, they will just wait till the lion finishes. And about agression, I can make sure in almost situation, lion would be the most agressive one and they are stubborn. That’s why it’s harder to play around them than the tigers…If you want to keep them as a pet, trust me pick tiger, they’re smart and more easier to handle than the lions, and somehow I can trust tiger more than the lion to be around. Just dont turn back on them because maybe they will leap to you and cause an accident, just keep them on your eyes then the ratio of their attack would be much smaller. Lions are smart also but they are stubborn and sometimes tricky, they have unpredicted behavior sometimes that could lead into death, bad injury. Never turn your back against big cats, almost of time they will leap on you, keep them on your eyes, but, Sometimes you can stare their eyes and it’s ok, sometimes they will accept it as challenge. That’s why its better to stare down all the time, unless you can trust them.

      2. big cat lover

        u said what i mean but a small mistake is tigers have the 2 nd highestbite force after jaguar king of beasts tiger most beautiful cat has the highest worth than no other animal it’s precious and valuable animal it’s worth millions in asian black market

      3. andreasandre

        If dimorphism is completely developed for lions it doesn’t mean that lions are stronger than tigers and vice versa.
        Both are strong and unexpected.
        The nature gave lions worm savana and tigers cold forest.
        Only, people bring them together for the circus and pleasure.

      4. Kebantshitse dallars Otukile

        You are right it sounds like an exaggeration. the reason is that you forgot to mention advantages of Lions and the disadvantges of Tigers. You only see the advantages of the animal you love, anyway you are not wrong is just because you forgot that lions has great satmina for prologned fight than tigers. Tigers are calcuting introverted animal, they are natural assasins and killers but they luck stamina for prolonged fights which they generally avoid.
        (1) YOURS
        (3) THE TRUTH
        Don’t say you are not judgmental if you only listen to one side of the story.

    2. John Molloy

      I agree with you fully! It depends on the condition of the cat as with any fighter. It could go either way ( funny, I worded it just that way on another post) , and either way, win or loose, they’re both going to know they were in a fight!.

    3. Tony

      You all have blind faith in lions and think they are the biggest and strongest. Siberian tiger easily takes lion look at the chart dumb asses

    4. Tony\Aka

      Well, lion fans can shut up now. Darryl Andrew has blind faith in lions. So what if a lion deals with more dangerous animals? Does that officaly make the lion win? Siberian tiger would annihilate African lion.

      1. James W.

        TONY/AKA S-B..
        Get real kid..
        ..its not blind faith.. its the opposite, in fact..

        Lions who grow to adulthood as males must fight..
        ..fearlessly & skilfully, to eat, & to earn a place as a pride boss..

        Jeeze kid, just look up the case study of ‘ Notch’ – he was such a boss
        beast/thug.. & duly raised his sons – to support him in his mob-style rule..

        No tiger, or grizzly bear would stand a ghost’s chance to challenge him..
        & his boys – in their territory.. & even 1-to-1, Notch was a real – born killer..
        ..who knew how to lay waste to those who opposed him.. inc’ other lions..

        Tigers (nor bears either), cannot hope to match that ‘Mafioso’ boss style..
        ‘ Game of Thrones’ activity by lions – which was well recognized by human Kings..
        ..going back thousands of years..

        Ross Wind is quite correct..

        & the lion was justly accorded ‘ King of Beasts’ status ..

        1. cjt

          They ONLY name them king of beasts because the Americans want THEIR animal to be iconic. Of course they’re not gonna support the Asian/European animal. And the Lion has the maine so it looks like the king or whatever which is probably why it got its title in the first place.
          The bottomline is, the superior warrior is the tiger. Just remember…the asians called Bruce Lee the TIGER for a reason!
          Ross Wind is just another American Lion fanboy. The thing is, if you put a starving Lion vs a starving tiger in the ring the tiger would obliterate the Lion with its speedy swipes across the face. The tiger fights to the death! The Lion usually just play fights.

      2. dallars kebantshitse otukile

        Yah Siberian Tiger would annihilater African Lion outside Africa, because all lions outside Africa looks unhealthy and tiny.

    5. Tony\Aka

      You have no idea clearly what a Siberian tiger can do. How many people live in Siberia? NOT THAT MANY. Siberian tigers are known to kill brown bears. Siberian tigers have killed hundreds of people when there was more people in Siberia.

  3. Ross Wind


    The mighty lion the “KING OF THE BEASTS” according to the National Geographic 2012, is on the list of the ten toughest animal on earth. The tigers are not on the list. The National Geographic also said that no animal on earth are safe from lions. Lions are design to hunt the largest preys on land. That’s make them the world’s very top predator. The male and female lion make a formidable duo. The very athletic lioness is the second fastest big cat behind the cheetah and her top speed is on the world’s top 10. Again the tiger is not on the list. In a hunt, the lioness will usually show more courage and perseverance than tigers. Few people know that lions have a greater hunting success rate than tigers.

    Pound for pound there are no land mammalian more muscular than the male lion. Surprisingly males are good hunters too, they are large preys specialists. But what cut thousands of years ago, the imagination of early civilizations is the extraordinary bravery and fighting skills of the male lion. They are no invincible predators, but in a fair fight, it is almost overwhelming for a tiger to defeat an healthy born in the wild male lion of equal age and size. All feline have poor stamina. But lions have more stamina and will power than tigers. The lion is a all around more formidable animal. WHAT IS STRONGER THAN A MALE LION, IS ANOTHER MALE LION. Perhaps it is better to compare tigers with the lioness. The male lion is unique, he belongs to a higher league.


    1-Black and white film tiger lion fight. Tiger loose retreats lion running after.

    2-Black and white film lion wins, run after tiger, tiger laid down injured or died.

    3-Jungle Jim black and white movie lion winner run after tiger

    4- Black and white film Sub adult male lion with little mane defeat tiger, again lion run after tiger

    5- 1929 black and white film Gir forest old lion kill tiger


    First found the whole scene clean images versions. In the Big Cage scenes in few occasions the tiger tried to escaped but the lion ran often him. In nature when a tiger face serious opposition he retreats. The tiger (s) did the same. He knew he could not defeat and sense his life was in danger. A frame by frame examination on versions that have clear images, shows in a few occasions, the tiger retained momentarily the lion on the grown by his mane. Details of this scene was lather explained in the newspapers (The Milwaukee journal July 18, 1962 ). The black mane lion face not one but three tigers in a row. The lion killed so fasts the first and second tigers that they did not have enough footage. A third tiger was send and the male lion still had enough of energy in him. If I remember correctly, the last tiger tried to escape too. The keepers manages to stop the fight when the lion was held down by his mane again. Now all 4 performing male big cats used by Beatty were born in the wild and were in top shape.


    One of the greatest tiger expert was Kailash Sankhala (1925-1994) known as “The Tiger Man of India”. The tiger was his favourite animal. From his 1970’s book, he had studied tigers for many years and when to the Gir forest too. There are only 10 to 12 regions in the whole India that can suits the lions needs. Once, these few dispersed places were eventually all occupied by lions. To do so lions had to pass through the tiger’s moist regions first. Kailash Sankhala wrote that the lions took the territories away from the tigers. Before lions were exterminated by men, tigers totally disappeared from these regions. On page 119 Kailash Sankhala had the honesty to state in a fair fight on a one on one combat a tiger is no match for a lion he added that a tiger will avoid a lion.

    The title lion “king of the jungle” come from India a tiger land. The Lion “king of the beasts” comes from “Mesopotamia” a tiger land too.


    WEIGHT the 2009 tiger study of Ronald Tilson and Philip J. Nyhus. All the records since the 1800’s until around 2008 were revised. Past lions and tigers weights evaluations were over rated. All numbers had been revised. Surprisingly in average male lions are a little larger and lionesses and tigresses about the same. The lion and tiger average are much lower. In the wild 500 lbs big cats are very rare. Look at “The Russian wildlife Organization” site. who known’s more about they native Siberian or Armor tigers than the Russians.

    In nature social animals are more intelligent (intelligence is not related to relative brain size). Lion’s have greater memory and memory is related to intelligence. Lions do coordinate witch need great communication skills. Lions use a lot more hunting and killing tactics techniques than tigers. Success tigers rate 5-10%. Lions what ever in pride or alone 15% in day time at night 30%. Male lions hunts larger preys and are equally successful.

    LIFE SPAN This is to debate too. Each sources as different statistics. Since lions are on the list of the toughest animal on earth (National Geographic 2012. tigers are not on the list) we can presume that they have the capacity to live longer. In the other hand, lions live a more brutal and dangerous life than tigers, they have more occasions to get killed.

    1. Prashant

      I am sorry, your post is full of factual errors. I am an Indian & actually tiger has over the course of time chased away lion from the wild and pushed it to extreme west corner of the country. A lion is no match for the tiger. Both are majestic animals but the author is right, it would be instant death for the lion in a contest.

      1. Ross Wind


        One of the greatest tiger expert was Kailash Sankhala (1925-1994) known as “The Tiger Man of India”. The tiger was his favorite animal. From his 1970’s book, he had studied tigers for many years and when to the Gir forest too. There are only 10 to 12 regions in the whole India that can suits the lions needs. Once, these few dispersed places were eventually all occupied by lions. To do so lions had to pass through the tiger’s moist regions first. Kailash Sankhala wrote that the lions took the territories away from the tigers. It was for the lions “a walk in a park.” What ever the tiger had killed so the lion. Before lions were exterminated by men, tigers totally disappeared from these regions. On page 119 Kailash Sankhala had the honesty to state in a fair fight on a one on one combat a tiger is no match for a lion he added that a tiger will avoid a lion. Sankhala witnessed lion/tiger combats too and the male lion was victorious. This world renown tiger specialist was convinced that lions are the superior fighters. Sankhala was also a tiger/lion trainer. It is believed that Lions invaded India a tiger land passing by the Hindu Valley. The tigers could not stop the invasion. So what in the world some people pretend the tigers pushed the lions away! It is because of over hunting, the improvement of firearms, the fact that the fearless lions are very visible in open fields. As social animals hunters could find several of them at a same time. The black mane lion was the most challenging, prestigious and desirable trophy.

      2. Sher

        That’s show u nothing..know about lions and tigers….if tiger winning in this fight…..ur mother is ur sister…..and who fucked by ur elder brother…and then born by ur sis….

      3. Dr. Sharma

        Nonsense…no cat…big or small can defeat the male lion…

        Lions are maniacs when it comes to fighting…their perseverance and will has no match..

        The tiger often backs down and retreats in a fight against the maned bigcat…

      4. Aj

        You are the only blind one here,the statistics of the tigers are far over exaggerated,on average a bengal tiger is heavier,siberian is only genetically bigger meaning if they were somehow good hunters to feed their stomachs or in captivity,the lions forarms hit with a lot more force when punching while the tiger just jabs to keep distance,lions can stand up on hind legs it’s proven they just rather not because lions wrestle,the weigt difference is very small on average siberian and African is 5 to 10 kgs so that don’t determine shit in a fight,lions are much better fighters and more agressive as lions need to defend their pride from nomads,they fight much more often while tigers barely fight,a lion also has more confidence and stamina in the longer fights while tigers are very shy and rather not injure themselves as they will be unable to hunt and end up dieing of starvation,lions don’t give a shit and fights to the death all these things including his majestic mane makes the lion the ultimate cat.

          1. AP

            I suggest you cease the troll act, and do some research.
            Lions are not stupid. They are intelligent animals – they have to be, since they are social creatures.

    2. Cat Lower

      Those videos are anecdotal at best, and to my understanding some of them show a male lion vs a female tiger (and rarely if ever a Siberian tiger). Because they travel in prides, I don’t doubt that lions are “more dangerous.” But the question at hand is: how does a wild adult male African lion stack up against a wild adult male Siberian tiger. I do agree that not all of the advantages go to the Siberian tiger, and that the male lion’s propensity to fight other large make lions probably does give it some cat vs cat advantage over the solitary Siberian tigers who would prefer to avoid fighting large animals if they can help it. But lions are built to fight other lions and the tactics of the S tiger are a bit different given that they can stand on two legs and freely inflict damage with both forelimbs. And the size differentials is just too much for the lion.

      1. Ross Wind


        First let make a point very clear. In those historical videos there were all fair fights one on one male tiger against male lion.

        1) What are the tendencies of both cats? As a general rule, a tiger used swiftness more than power in hunts and in most tiger to tiger fights. In both cases he search for a fast result. In hunts he want a fast kill if he fails he rarely do a second attend. In fights he will try to get a immediate advantage what ever he can by attacking by surprise his adversary preferably by the back. A tiger will give everything he as at the start for swift results using is quickness of movements. 2) Contrary to the popular believe tigers rarely strikes a prey in a hunt and in most tiger to tiger fights don’t give a great amount of strikes. Tigers use more their paws the grip a prey or adversary and go the throat bite or keep a grip until is adversary loose his energy by trying to get free. A tiger will avoid to be too close to the stronger male lion. He will fight at a distance. Against a lion he will used more his paws.

        3) Fights is the male lion domain, a male lion fights more calmly. A lions do fights standing on two legs too. When they do, their swipes are as fast as the tigers if they wish too. In hunts Lions are known using their powerful front paws as sledge hammers. Because male lions are not as fast as lionesses or swift as tigers, they generally favour power over speed. That means they often do frontal attacks on large and dangerous preys with tigers hardly never do. In fights they use a 3 leg stand giving them greater center of gravity and stability. These blows can create great internal damages. At 4 feet the adult male lion have the high advantage over a tiger. On two feet the length of the tiger’s body will make him taller. This may impress another tiger, but have no effect on a male lion. This gives to the tiger the advantage of fighting at distance avoiding to get too close to the stronger lion or go by the back. The tiger gives a greater number of strikes trying to create great damages at the start. These swipes rarely have great success on a adult healthy male lion. A two feet stand as a cost. The tiger’s center of gravity is greatly weaken, his strikes are less powerful. This technique use greater cardio efforts to a animal that already as low stamina then a healthy lion. Sooner or later a tiger will realize he can’t win this way he will attack by the back and sooner or later will try to run away before it’s too late. The tenacious lion will run after him.

        4) With the exception of cats that are use to each other. Look at the instinct of both animals. Male lions don’t fear tigers, but tigers do fear a lion. They are very nervous when they are close to them. What appends when a male lion is inside with tigers? He generally will control the food. In nature the alpha controls the food. Nature don’t lie. So in most fair fights a healthy male lion will be the winner.

        1. leoleo

          Ross Wind,

          You describe perfectly the situation between lion and the tiger, tiger is so COWARD !!!!!!

          1. Shere Khan

            1) I have no idea where you are getting this whole swiftness bullshit from, but tigers use BOTH swiftness and power – they have to, in order to take down large prey like gaur or water buffalo. One paw swipe from a tiger can break a gaur’s skull.

          2. Shere Khan

            2) And, no, just no. Like all big cats, a tiger will position himself in a way so that their prey can’t fight back. If he is fighting with a male lion, his longer, more muscular, and flexible body will allow the tiger to land harder blows.

          3. James W.

            Shere Troll,
            AP sez repeatedly..
            you should be ignored..
            because you are a troll..

            Now that’s irony..

            However, you are an ignorant coolie..
            who fails to comprehend.. the natural facts..

            Male lions have more recent evolutionary developments
            that tigers, which factor in.. fighting prowess.. & so, they
            must fight, often & well, to prove themselves worthy
            of the Kingly role..

            The tiger has not had to do this,
            nor does he relish the prospect.. this disadvantages him,
            & so he lacks the vital edge in combat capability..

            Male lions have higher hormone outputs, which give
            him greater powers, both testosterone & adrenaline,
            along with higher cardio-pulmonary capacity..

            & these advantages, along with an indomitable will to win,
            most certainly give him the combat edge.. over his stripey cousin..

            These are natural facts.. & while you can ignore them, as a fanboi,
            they are research validated, whether you like ’em or not..

          4. Shere Khan

            Lames W/ aka troll,
            Look, I don’t give a crap about what AP says. And no, nothing you said were “facts.”

            “Male lions have more recent evolutionary developments
            that tigers, which factor in.. fighting prowess.. & so, they
            must fight, often & well, to prove themselves worthy
            of the Kingly role..”

            Funnily enough, even AP said that when forced to fight, tigers are deadlier than lions. When you provoke a tiger, it will fight like there is no tomorrow. It will stop at nothing. Thus, this neutralizes the lion’s fighting prowess.

            “Male lions have higher hormone outputs, which give
            him greater powers, both testosterone & adrenaline,
            along with higher cardio-pulmonary capacity.”

            Please provide links for this James. Tigers swim 30 km during summers in India. They patrol their territory which can be 100 miles long if not more. Lions, on the other hand, spend 20-23 hours a day sleeping, while the lionesses do all the hunting.

          5. James W.

            @ SK,
            don’t be such a lazy coolie..
            Lions are not layabouts like Indian men.

            & you can do a search, rather than trot out
            moronic crap like ‘male lions just sleep 24/7’

            For example look up Bruce Patterson on researchgate,
            his studies cite instances of male lions actively providing
            for their cubs, & in the absence of the females.

            Here’s an example of what you can find, if you look..


    3. Ravi B

      Sorry to say, but most of your facts are wrong. Tigers are more agressive and they are more muscular. That is why they weigh more. Siberian tigers are rarer, so there is rarely a pure Siberian tiger in captivity. These tigers in the films are probably mixed. They can weigh up to 800 lbs. These films are fake and they were just made for the animals to be killed. ☹️ Tigers are stronger than lions. It is proven. Most of this chart data is correct except the tiger being smarter because of its brain size. I am not for tigers. I like both animals, both are beautiful cats, and I want to save them from becoming extinct.

      1. Ross Wind

        The male lion is very aware of is power that’s gives him a self assurance. In contrary the tiger is very nervous by nature. He will show his teeth and growl more often. To a human eyes it may be very impressive but in the world of cats its another story. Put healthy mature lions and tigers together and throw them a good piece of meat. You’ll see who is the most furious. Lions will dominate. In nature tigers avoid frontal attacks (unless it is safe) but male lions will do frontal attacks on a more regular basic. You need to have a greater among aggressiveness to willingly face danger. Lions face danger a lot more often than tigers. It is not rare to see a male lion fighting two males at the same time. It is not rare to see a male charging alone a large hyenas clan. Lions fights regularly and tigers rarely.

        About the tiger’s weight. FROM WCS RUSSIA (wildlife conservation society)

        Siberian tigers are often considered the largest of the tiger sub-species, although they are in fact about the same size as the Bengal tiger. An adult male usually reaches a body length of 2 meters, with his tail adding another meter. Average weight for males is 160-190 kg (353-419 lbs), while females are smaller, weighing in at 110-130 kg (243-286 lbs). The largest male captured for scientific research under the Siberian Tiger Project weighed in at 206 kg (450 lbs). The Study was done from 1992 to 2011. The Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society referred to the 1981 study (Sunguist 1981) the Siberian tigers previous to 1981 were no bigger than the Bengals its very similar to the Russian study isn’t it? Truth is in the wild, most tigers and lions don’t reach 500 lbs (227 kg) for a strange reason some people focus on exceptions instead of the norm. In captivity tigers tend to heat more. Some of them get more weight than lions. It is more frequent to see over weight tigers in the wild and a lot more often in captivity tigers than overweight lions. But in the wild a average African male lion seems to be a little bigger than the average tiger. The internet propaganda focus a lot on the exceptional size of some Siberian male tigers had reached. That created unrealistic expectancies. So when they see on several historical films a male lion defeating (often easily) a tiger they presume it’s a tigress. Actually it just a normal tiger. You cannot fake a combat. In many cases the tigers had a way out provided for them with the exception of the 1929 Gir Forest fight in a den where a skinny old black mane Asiatic lion killed a Bengal tiger. Clyde Beatty trained over 2000 big cats most of them were born in the wild. In average his lions-tigers were about the same weight. Last point. In the past a lot of tiger weight where over rated by hunters, many of them were only a visual estimation.

      2. Sher

        Lions have bigger skull…than largest tiger…even Asiatic lion scull….bigger than biggest amur tiger….lions canine wide from each other..tigers canine near to each other….lion can open their mouth upto 30cm…where tiger only 20 cm…that means tiger mouth no use against lion….the second paw nails…tiger nails just 1cm long from lion nails…..but lion nails harder than tiger nails…lion nails like hook …means u can watch when lion go for hunt…they landed over bull and elephant with their nails ..even bull is running..that show how the nails of lions strong…tigers nails little long ..that makes them weak as compared to lions….and lions bone one of the hardest bone on earth….and lions front too strong……for a tiger…..and another thing wild tiger not having courage against wild lion…

      1. Paul

        Siberian tiger is the biggest strongest and they say most intelligent. I have seen individuals like this get there head kicked in. It’s all bs. Every animal like a human has different upbringing temperament heart etc. they say the tiger always wins well by that statement you know that’s bs. The underdog never wins! Can you tell a male from a female tiger? Right Siberian tiger has about 100 lbs of fat to keep his ass warm in the winter like a polar bear . You don’t thing a grizzly bear would all ways loose to a polar bear, right. The animal that wins on these videos is usually younger better shape wild as opposed to a zoo or domesticated animal . It’s all staged you want the tiger the other guy wants the lion Drug the loosing animal like I said it’s all bs. These animals would never meet in the wild and why fight them who cares which one is stronger than the other less he be an idot

      2. Kebantshitse dallars Otukile

        30 second is half of a minute, Now let me know how many times do you blink your eye per minute?
        No animal can kill another big animal in a seconds and that will never happen.
        So stop day dreaming

    4. pravin patil

      Its true lion is real king I saw in video 3to4. lioness killed buff.8to10 hyinas came and they try to take possetion on hunt but as soon as Lion the king enter in the battel field he roar all hyinaes run away from field

  4. Janindu galaxy

    Tigers are bigger and stronger than Lions.But Tigers aren’t built to fight.They are built to hunt.But male Lions are built to wrestle.So the Lion will be more aggressive in a fight with a Tiger.Anyhow the Tiger is more than capable of killing a Lion.I will say it can go either ways in a fight between these two beasts.

  5. Ross Wind

    There are so many evidences about the lion’s superiority.







    5-Why the Koreans did this? One caged lioness with 3 most likely tigresses. Outnumbered and trap in a cage. The lioness showed great ferocity, making the tigers back off and showing submission to her.


    7- TWO INTIMIDATED MALE TIGERS (notice these two tigers were in a high position, perhaps first and second dominant male tigers)



    1-Male lion control the food tiger force to back up.

    2-Male lion control the food tiger force to back up.

    3-Male lion steal the tiger’s food, tiger force to back up.

    4- White male lion and three white tigers. Lion inters first, tigers keep distance from the lion.

    5- At 8:30 min. of the video. Koreans gave enrichment ball toy with a chicken inside to 3 or 4 tigers, probably attracted by the smell, one male lion and two lionesses came in the tiger’s side and took the ball from the tigers who immediately had retreated. The lions brought the ball to the lion’s side. When it comes for food, tigers knows that the male lion mean business. Another example of lions in control.

    6-Male lion control food force Indian bear back off (male lion and a three legs lioness vs. two bears.

    1. waqar khan

      are you dumb. in the roman arenas tigers always won period.the king of oude had one tiger called gunga that killed 30 lions and destroyed another one after being transported to the zoological garden of london. titus the roman emperor had bengal tigers compelled to fight barbary and african lions and the tigers always won. go look up atlas the barbary lion vs the bengal tiger from shimla. the gaekwad of baroda had to pay 37,000 rupees because his lion was mauled by the tiger.thats a fact.the lion got a royal burial and the tiger got a royal cage, he also stated after the fight that the tiger is the king of the cat family. you also mentioned that big cage fight, that tiger was fukin small and still easily overpowered that lion. remember all i have to do is shave that lions mane and it would be a very swift kill for the tiger. all you can post is captive tigers submitting to lions. in the roman times they pitted wild tigers vs wild lions and the tigers dominated period. go look it up. obviously a timid tiger would submit to an aggressive lion.but if you got an aggressive tiger vs an aggressive lion the tiger would tear the lion apart its as simple as that. clyde beatty had a sumatran tigeŕ named sultan that fought off 7 lions at once and left the cage unharmed. the reason lions are called king is because of their lifestyle and mane. they sleep all day or patrol their territory while the females do all the hunting, the dirty work. they live like kings thats it period. the tiger is a lone assasin that depends on no one. tigers kill adult gaur which are 1000kg and bigger than cape buffaloes. they kill it singlehandedly, a lion could never accomplish this period. you also said lions are pound for pound the strongest hahahaha are you dumb. lions are taller than tigers at the shoulder but the tiger has more mass. tigers are way more stocky,compact and powerfully built than lions. even craig packer the worlds leading lion expert and scientist said a tiger would kill a lion. if lions are soooo powerful then howcomes male lions cant even climb a tree, and tiger in 3 bounds are higher than 40 ft up a tree without the help of branches. now thats a superior combination of strength and agility. 90 percent of lion fights are in coalitions while the tiger always fights alone. dont ever compare a group hunter that relies on numbers to kill to a solo killing machine like the tiger. lions cant even stand on their hind legs when they fight because they lack the strength. tigers are far superior in size,strength,power,agility,speed, ferocity,skill, biteforce and intelligence. tigers also have longer canines than lions even claws. lions are notoriously lazy animals. tiger travels hundreds of miles for prey , their wayyy more active. one more fact tigers are also known to kill adult crocs in the water in india , while a lion would never even attempt such a thing. tigers are the lords of the jungle period. stop being biased. even david attenborough and other predator experts say the tiger is the most powerful land killer in the world. go do real reasearch. remember if you shave that mane the tiger would take the lion apart swiftly. a liond whole dignity lies behind that mane. thats just the truth.

      1. James W.

        Waqued out on dakkah.
        Proof of sadly low IQ in South Asia..

        Boss lion puts bash on stripey cuzzy bro, simple fact of life, so
        even functionally mental deficient sub-continental can get this.

        1. James W.

          Sheer Khrap,
          seems you really are a typically ignorant, sub-normal IQ,
          rabid tiger fan – from the sub-continent.. Ross Wind is correct.
          So, its probably.. best.. if you go cuddle a porcupine, dhobi-wallah..

        2. James W.

          Shura Khunt.
          Mmmm.. hot red curry..
          The Tsavo lions couln’t get enough!
          They kept coming back for more sub-continental coolies..
          (See ‘The Ghost & the Darkness’) those haplessly stupid navi-wallahs
          needed a ‘great white hunter’ or two to save them – from those tawny boys..

        3. James W.

          Shitta Khrud,
          Your sub-normal IQ is showing..

          If – as you so ludicrously claim, ~80%
          of a tger’s weight is skeletal muscle & fat,
          then all the rest of the tiger, such as its bones,
          integumentary system, internal organs inc’ gut,
          cardio-pulmonary/central nervous system, &
          connective tissues.. will only amount to 20%!
          As if!
          & its def’ proof – of your sub-normal IQ.. L.O.L…

        4. James W.

          Shur Khant,
          sub normal can’t add up his own figures,
          73 + 7 = 80, tardo.. L.O.L…

          Tigers don’t have manes either.. so did those
          stupid sub-continental coolies think the Tsavo
          lions were tigers on vacation, wearing a safari suit?
          So they invited them in for a feed of curry? L.O.L…

          & hey, what is your deal – with all the foul pervo-sex stuff?
          Seems likely you are one of those disgusting slum-dog
          rapists – who infest those filthy low caste-ridden shit holes..

          Best you leave your telemarketer-scam hole, & find your place..
          & stay there, all the way.. down a long-drop dunny,
          where you truly belong – you dirty dalit-wallah.. L.O.L…

        5. Shere Khan

          Oh yeah, are you part of the Klu Klux clan, you racist piece of shit?

          1. James W.

            Sheer Kharp,
            Yeah, for sure, I ‘d figured you couldn’t grasp real scientific research..
            your sub-normal cognitive developmental deficit.. makes that way too hard..


            ‘Oh dear, how sad, nevermind’ – as the sardonic Britisher with extensive
            experience on the sub-continent – was wont to dismissively remark..

        6. James W.

          Sheer Blather..
          foolishly sub-normal, sub-continental..
          Why do you “every bother”, except to embarrass yourself?
          Even your troll attempts are super-lame..

          Best you go back to your slum, dog.. tail between legs..

        7. James W.

          Sheer Filth..
          Too funny, you depraved dung-wallah!
          & such a slimy ingrate, too..

          You & your cur-kind would still be wallowing even more
          deeply than you are today – in your cruel & decadent ‘cult-culture’
          – if those kindly Britishers hadn’t booted your lazy dumb-as
          superstition-raddled arses hard over a few centuries..

          Just as the mighty lion advanced from the west, deep in to the
          sub-continent, & duly established his rule, so did the British Raj.

      2. Fareeh

        Tiger defeated 30 lions in different fights not in one fight. Lions don ‘t like to kill tigers they only chase him away but sometimes lions kill tiger. Male lion protect its prey and female lions hunt most lions are social ,tigers are not . Tiger hunt even they are not hungry.lions travel in serch of food but siberian tiger not need so lions have right to be the king of jungle and beast siberian tigers are larger because they live in cold realgion lions like to live in groups and tiger dont.there are videos that lions save other creatures from predoctors and protect them so they have right to be king tigers never saved any animals.lions are lazy because it rest 16-20 hours a day to get more energy and they are active at night they have great night vision .lions also defeated seberian tigers there are vidioes to prove it. Male lions protect lioness and cubs from other animals .They are faster than tiger.lions have more fighting expirence. They defeated huge animals like elephants e.t.c. lions are toughest animal on earth . They have right to rule jungle. It doesnot mean tigers are bad they are larger and may be strong but lions are better in some features. Cave lions and barbarian lions are biggest lions.

      3. Ross Wind


        What would you say when you see a strong football team that had dominates the league gets beaten by another team that never had done it before? You would say it’s a surprise! What would you say if a unknown boxer with a poor record had defeated a world champion? It is a surprise!

        Some people take as proof in a very twisted way a similar even. A fragment of the roman poet Martial was found. We don’t know what was written before or after. In this portion he mentioned without given many details that a tiger had killed a lion. But it was also said later that it was a surprise. In 99.9% of the time, any people will conclude that normally it was not the case. If tigers were winning in a regular basics, he would not use the word “surprise”. If fact this proof the lions were the dominators. Plus, Martial qualified the lion as “king of the beasts” not the tiger. What the people in the Coliseum saw is the same thing as today’s historical films, (Everland’s numerous submit tigers to male lions as well) Romans will normally see in fair fights lions running after tigers in panic in the arenas and eventually get killed.

        Does a tiger is able of killing a male lion? Yes of course. There are always exceptions. Sometimes swiftness wins over power. Records shows in the wild some tigers were killed by leopards. But in general a healthy tiger will defeat the smaller leopard and in most fair fights a healthy male lion will defeat a healthy male tiger. In 2012, the lion figure on the top ten of the National Geographic list of the toughest animal on earth. The tiger is not. What does this mean? The lion is stronger built.

        Your examples are very questionable. 1) In the case of “the gaekwad of baroda” it was done during the awakening of Indian nationalism. It could had been a political propaganda against the British rulers and this story may never append. A lion-tiger organized combat where betting was involved between some British officers and a Indian ruler. Notice the Indian maharajah, who gamble for the tiger, had the complete control of the selection of the two big cats. The large size tiger was freshly captured. Instead of choosing a native Asiatic wild lion also freshly capture. He wanted to get the largest lion possible so he sent one of his man oversea to make the choice. The lion was a African captive lion in a cage (in those days 5×7 feet) no information how long the lion was in the cage neither his age. This lions had to travel weeks in a ship. Big cats get sick in ships. He must have throw up often not able to keep his food. When arrived the maharajah had complete control of the lion’s food. It does not appear to have any independent confirmation of this even. What is certain there is a clear conflict of interest.

        2) The tiger gunga case. Actually the owner of this tiger had only 3 young lions. Now we saw on many films how difficult it is for a tiger to fight a one on one battle with a mature healthy male lion. In each fights he would had some wounds (and tigers are not as tough as lions). The only way a tiger could have killed 30 lions it would have to be very young lions. Thirty victories from the same tiger over adult male lions in fair fight is not realistic. This is an invention. Watch your sources of information more carefully.

        About the male lion. A recent study shows that the male lion is as successful hunter than the lioness. Males can’t hide in open fields. Regions were they are enough vegetation they prefer to hunt alone or in duo. They have the same success rate as the lionesses. The differences, the heavily built male lions hunt in general larger preys. They favorite prey is the adult cape buffalo bull one of the most aggressive animal on earth. Do you think that a lazy animal would make that choice?

      4. Kash

        We are talking about Rome here, if they don’t like something; they change it. How do you know that the Romans weren’t biased. Were you there when it happened? No so do not speak unless u truly know so

        1. James W.

          Actually Kash, the Romans were biased..
          Such as – they didn’t sent wolves into the arena to fight,
          because a wolf was an ancient symbol of nurture to the Romans.

          But the Romans did respect certain attributes in animals, & for them the
          lion stood out as being openly ‘bold’, rather than ‘sneaky’ – like other cat species..

    2. e

      Those are movies that the director made I could make a movie about a baby leopard winning a lion in a fight although that wouldn’t happen in real life

  6. James W.

    Ross Wind has clearly & comprehensively demolished Eaglesong’s flawed premise.
    Good effort, & well done there Ross.

    Fact is, humans have, for recorded history – rightly admired & respected the lion as
    ‘King of the Beasts’ due to the bold leonine attributes which humans see as magnificent.

    Tigers, by contrast – while feared due to their ferocity – were despised for being perceived
    as cunning , cruel & treacherous in human terms, & these characteristics are confirmed by
    human beastmasters who have kept & trained captured animals.

    It is, apart from fairly minor morphological differences, quite apparent that the major distinction
    between the two largest of the wild cats – is a matter of cultural/lifestyle living patterns, & lions
    have evolved to cooperate – whether in family prides, or in developing male coalitions to dominate
    all other creatures that are potential prey, or rivals, including their own kind.

    The development of the large mane in prime male lions gives a fundamental advantage in conflicts,
    both as psychologically imposing, & as a practical defensive adaptation for combat.

    Only the spread of technologically adept & aggressively malevolent humanity checked the primacy
    of the two biggest cats within the scope of their environmental adaption, with the lion having previously
    effectively pushed the tiger into the heavily forested regions via competition,
    & ousting bears from most of Africa, & the middle east, likewise..

    The wild dog species were relegated to also rans – as apex predators – wherever these big cats live too..
    ..with dogs being enslaved by humans for purposes of domestic servitude.

    Ironically, while humanity has severely constrained the big cats from their past natural ranges,
    they have adopted the diminutive felines as furry home companions of choice, & consequentially
    introduced them to most everywhere humans live, evidently to have some vestige of cat character about..

  7. Ross Wind

    In addition to my other comments, we can easily arrived at the conclusion that the male lion is superior to a male tiger by looking at the way these two cats behave in the wild.


    Many says because the tiger is bigger he is stronger. The tigers average weight is often overrated. Secondly the supposedly tiger’s weight advantage did not stop the lions to defeated them in historical films in fair fights in one on one combats.

    To dominate an animal must be strong, tenacious, courageous, great fighting and dodging skills, tough, ferocious and great will power. That’s what the healthy male lion as. In the films, some tigers were killed but all tried to escape from the lions. If you take away from tigers the element of surprise, the back attacks what do they have as principal asset? Swiftness. In this the tiger as the upper hand, he is strong but not strong enough his strikes don’t create the same damages.

    The life of lions are much more brutal and violent than tigers. Look and compare how both cats fights. Tigers are more oriented to long intimidation and avoids as possible combats. Lions will give few warnings and will generally settle with several violent strikes. The lion’s brutal territorial fights are notorious.

    Many times tigers don’t event strikes each other they only use their paws to hold each other and that’s it! Other fights a tiger will get a grip on one and hold it until the other one use all his energy. In these cases too little paws strikes are given. It is the quickness that matter the most. Only occasionally a great amount of strikes are given. In all cases tigers will try to attack his opponent by the back. On one on one lions will do frontal attacks and blows are given even in minor fights.

    Now look the way tigers hunts. To be successful they must do swift kills. If a tiger finds serious opposition he will retreat. If a tiger fails at his first attend, he generally retreat too. Unless there is no danger, tigers very rarely do frontal attacks on a prey it is generally by the back. Again few strikes are given. Generally they used they paws to hold a prey or as knives to make cuts. But rarely as a main weapon unless perhaps the prey is small. The tiger’s main (and only) killing tool is neck bites.


    Lions are not as swift as tigers to get the job done in hunting they use power more often. They use theirs front legs as weapons. They do frontal attacks on large animals. They may pull down heavy animals or used one leg while biting the muzzle or neck to bring a buffalo down. Lions use in average their front legs much more often and in a much more violent way.

    Now think a bit. Lions wouldn’t be able to do all this without an extraordinary muscle power. No males would survived all the hits and wounds he got since a cub with out an extraordinary toughness. The fighting and dodging skills of a male lions are so great they are able to combat more than one adversary at the same time.

    Nature don’t give things without a reason. If lions are capable of doing all of those things it is because their are built for it. Tigers quit easily went confront with serious opposition because they are not as tough as lions. They are not built for a sustain physical effort but for a fast result. Don’t get me wrong tigers are powerful but are not to be compared with the male lion. The lion the king of the beasts in a whole is a more formidable animal.

    In fair fights between these two great cats, the male lion will win most of the time. It is better to compare tigers with the lionesses than with the male lion. The fighting skills and will power of male lions is just to much for the tiger.

  8. Giuseppe

    305 kg is not the average weight of siberian tigers, overstimated. The average w is around 240 kg. You’re tiger fans, you’re not reliable.

  9. Stefan Steyn

    The african lion would as being a pride animal he would bring friends while the tiger being a loner would be overwhelmed. Numbers over whatever slight advantage a single tiger may have over a single lion.

    1. Ross Wind

      The numerous historical male lion victories over male tigers was a one on one fair fights.

  10. This Is Interesting

    If we’re going at top weights and sizes, the tiger stomps. Lions are lucky to get 4-500 lbs, while there have been records of Siberians hitting 6-700. So we’re most likely talking about equal weights, which would mean 3-400 lbs, most likely. A tiger is used to hunting and fighting alone while a lion usually has some form of backup. If we get two adult, extremely large male individuals that have fought large amounts of challengers, the tiger stomps as well. On equal footing for weight and experience, the tiger is going to win, because we’re talking about one tiger versus one lion. And the Siberian tiger has been known to eat sub adult and female brown bears.
    The tiger is going to win, but the match will be close.

  11. James W.

    This is interesting, a fixation on putative weight differences..

    How ever did Mike Tyson in his prime – beat down all those huge muscle-mutt palookas?

    Obviously, lions & tigers are so similar under the skin that a top tiger could whip a lion of lesser ability..
    However all other things being equivalent, & “weight” notwithstanding, & the historical record shows,
    & more often than not – by a big margin, tawny Leo’s special attributes will in fact – see him deal to his stripey cousin..

    Ask yourself why bears do not/cannot cut it ( or even now, exist) in Africa, where Leo is proud boss predator..

  12. Keith Tu

    as tiger fan I would say many people way over estimated tiger’s power, Siberia tiger used to be wide spread throughout north China, Korea…in wild, many of them are even little smaller than Bengal tiger, average Siberia tiger in wild NOW lower than 195 kg in male and 145 kg in female.
    Africa lion has way more aggressive on fight, I believe their average weight are almost same with Bengal tiger – 180kg, but tigress are even lighter than female lion.
    in other Asian subspecies tiger are average 50 kg lighter than African lion.
    so tiger is biggest tiger in cat family category but average they are little smaller than Africa lion in term of ALL IN species comparison.
    Lion hunt as packed group and they are more experience to catch bigger prey.
    male lion’s mane protect them from other competitor’s bite.
    over all, lion and tiger are very close on size and weight, but lion take slight edge over tiger in many view.

    1. Dr. Sharma

      The male lion is the ultimate fighter n the world of bigcats..

  13. Ross Wind


    One of the greatest tiger expert was Kailash Sankhala (1925-1994) known as “The Tiger Man of India”. The tiger was his favorite animal. From his 1970’s book, he had studied tigers for many years and when to the Gir forest too. There are only 10 to 12 regions in the whole India that can suits the lions needs. Once, these few dispersed places were eventually all occupied by lions. To do so lions had to pass through the tiger’s moist regions first. Kailash Sankhala wrote that the lions took the territories away from the tigers. It was for the lions “a walk in a park.” What ever the tiger had killed so the lion. Before lions were exterminated by men, tigers totally disappeared from these regions. On page 119 Kailash Sankhala had the honesty to state in a fair fight on a one on one combat a tiger is no match for a lion he added that a tiger will avoid a lion. Sankhala witnessed lion/tiger combats too and the male lion was victorious. This world renown tiger specialist was convinced that lions are the superior fighters. Sankhala was also a tiger/lion trainer.


    1- White male lion and three white tigers. Lion inters first, tigers keep distance from the lion.

    2- At 8:30 min. of the video. Koreans gave enrichment ball toy with a chicken inside to 3 or 4 tigers, probably attracted by the smell, one male lion and two lionesses came in the tiger’s side and took the ball from the tigers who immediately had retreated. The lions brought the ball to the lion’s side. When it comes for food, tigers knows that the male lion mean business. Another example of lions in control.

    3- Male lion steal the tiger’s food, tiger force to back up.

    4- Male lion control the food tiger force to back up.
    5- Male lion control the food tiger force to back up.

    6- Male lion control food force Indian bear back off (male lion and a three legs lioness vs. two bears.

  14. Anonymous

    WRONG!! Tigers hunt largest prey on Earth, not lions. They do so very rarely and that too in prides. A tiger does it all alone and routinely.
    Ha, the African Bison can’t be taken down by a single male African Lion, but the larger and muscular Indian Gaur is regularly taken down by a single Bengal Tiger.
    And it can hunt adult elephants, rhinos and crocodiles alone.
    Its cousin, the Siberian Tiger preys on grizzly bears and grey wolves too.

    Tigers have twice as long canines, twice as long claws. Further, lions have only 58.8% muscle, tigers have 72.6% muscle. Muscles= more strength+ more mass+ more agility.

    People say that jaguars have largest bite force but that’s only relative to their size. That is if all big cats were the same size, then jaguar has highest bite force. Also perhaps the most strength if that’s the case.

    But actually it’s the Bengal Tiger at 1050 psi. Even the larger Siberian Tiger is at 900 psi and African Lion has the least- 600 psi. (Jaguar is at 700 psi). Do RESEARCH!! PhD requires that!!

    Tigers are really capable of killing ANY animal. They are rare combos of massive, graceful strength, immense reflexes, agility, courage, ferocity, intelligence, speed, supple energy and royal aura.

    There’s a reason why tiger is the 4th strongest animal in the world and lions come nowhere near.

    1. James W.

      Dude, get some education..
      Your lame comedy routines won’t cut it here..
      Lions & tigers are very near cousins, under the skin, fact.
      & the differences are mainly in the lion’s favour, in a fight.

      This is clearly shown by any meta-analysis of the literature showing actual eyewitness accounts..

      1. Anonymous

        Then your research is wrong, for sure.
        Check ANYWHERE on Google. Everything is in the favor of the tiger.

      2. Anonymous

        Moreover, there’s a thing such as “Keeping Up Your Strength.” I don’t see how a look keeps up his strength by sleeping for 20 hours a day. The sleepiest of those things sleep upto 22 hours.
        But tiger sleeps upto 18 hours. 20 is rare. And it hunts on its own and tours his territory REGULARLY. Lion does not do so regularly. Sometimes tigers walk A LOT more than 20 miles.

        1. Anonymous

          Sorry I mean a LION keeps up his strength……………

    2. ApexBigCatWarrior

      Anony-ignoramouos, yr wrong. Example, Lionesses, occasionally, solo hunt Buffalo. YouTube it. Those television show polls are a joke. Lion has substantially higher muscles thickness in upper forelimbs, etc.

  15. Roberto

    La TIGRE è il vero re degli animali! ! Il predatore Alfa!!! La tigre può uccidere tutti i più grandi animali sulla terra , elefanti inclusi!!! Il leone , al massimo in un uno contro uno può uccidere solo un bufalo , ma anche il bufalo spesso uccide il leone!!! La TIGRE è il felino superiore e, come detto prima, è il predatore all’apice!!! Tutto nella TIGRE è superiore al leone: maggior muscolatura, maggiori riflessi, artigli retrattili ( il leone non li ha) canini più lunghi , zampe anteriori e posteriori più grandi e potenti, torace più ampio, maggiore intelligenza, miglior combattente, migliore cacciatore, migliore nuotatore, migliore Saltatore, e potrei continuare fino a domani….. la tigre ha 72.6% di muscoli in tutto il corpo!! E solo 7% di grasso!! Il leone ha 58.2% di muscoli in tutto il corpo, quindi è meno muscoloso e potente, e già questo , a parità di peso ,dice che la TIGRE è più forte! !! E il leone ha anche 13% di grasso, quindi è meno atletico e potente della TIGRE! ! Come ho detto prima, la tigre è più intelligente del leone!!! Il tigre maschio ha 35% più massa cerebrale del leone, la tigressa ha 26% più massa cerebrale della leonessa, inoltre la TIGRE è un felino molto più atletico, scattante, e migliore saltatore e nuotatore del leone!! Se poi pensiamo che la tigre ha anche una tecnica di combattimento migliore del leone, ecco perché la TIGRE vince 70-80 % dei combattimenti con il leone !!! La tigre può combattere in piedi spostandosi sulle zampe posteriori , e in questa posizione, può fermare con sue zampe anteriori le zampe anteriori del leone , e , piano piano può arrivare alla gola o alla pancia del leone e ucciderlo!!!! Riguardo alle dimensioni generali , la tigre siberiana e la tigre del bengala hanno una Media peso maggiore del leone di 45-80 kg , la tigre indocinese è simile al leone, ma più muscolosa e forte, la tigre cinese è solo un po’più piccola, la tigre di sumatra e la tigre malese sono più piccole del leone , ma relativamente! !! Comunque, tutte le 6 sottospecie di Tigri , vincono il più delle volte con il leone, per la migliore tecnica di combattimento !!!!

  16. Rahul

    Lion fans are giving very weak arguments. While all numbers right from size to canine length to bite force to fighting records favour Tigers, Lion fans have very lame arguments…that a Lion is more ‘courageous’…Lion is a ‘fighter’. Lol. No facts, just lame adjectives.

  17. James W.

    Kindly do attempt to get some reality-based education.
    You are just embarrassing yourselves with such naive fantasies..

    Its a bit sad really, how foolish you kids today make yourselves look, & in public..

    1. Anonymous

      Why are you not ready to accept the facts, James W? On what basis are you SO biased towards the lion?
      I am a fan of all big cats. All are majestic in their own way, but facts are facts. Tigers are stronger than lions.

      I agree, lion can win, but tiger has much more chances. There’s a reason why tiger is 4th strongest animal and was voted the world’s most favorite animal.

      My answers are on the basis of hell lot of research. I’ve been through numerous websites. Understand?

      I have no intention of disrespecting you, but I’m not the ignorant kid you think I am.

      1. Fareeh

        I like all cats . Lions don ‘t like to kill tigers they only chase him away but sometimes lions kill tiger. Male lion protect its prey and female lions hunt most lions are social ,tigers are not . Tiger hunt even they are not hungry.lions travel in serch of food but siberian tiger not need so lions have right to be the king of jungle and beast siberian tigers are larger because they live in cold realgion lions like to live in groups and tiger dont.there are videos that lions save other creatures from predoctors and protect them so they have right to be king tigers never saved any animals.lions are lazy because it rest 16-20 hours a day to get more energy and they are active at night they have great night vision .lions also defeated seberian tigers there are vidioes to prove it. Male lions protect lioness and cubs from other animals .They are faster than tiger.lions have more fighting expirence. They defeated huge animals like elephants e.t.c. lions are toughest animal on earth . They have right to rule jungle. It doesnot mean tigers are bad they are larger and may be strong but lions are better in some features. Cave lions and barbarian lions are biggest lions.tigers are larger but not strong.
        Lions are stronger than tiger

  18. Undoomed

    Ah, good ol’ James W. I have a quick question; what can’t the lion beat? Besides anything obvious, like an elephant. What land predator can the lion not beat? According to you, that is.

  19. Anonymous

    I’ll send you a long article. Just wait. It is long, but read it.
    Most of the information is gonna clarify your doubts. It is an article on the tiger, but has answered many questions.

  20. Anonymous

    The majestic tiger is a rare combination of speed, agility, size, authority, ferocity intelligence, supple energy, royal aura and pure, graceful strength and is the uncorroborated ruler of the jungles.

    Ruler of jungles? Wasn’t a similar title given to the lion? But hell, lions don’t live in jungles. We’ll come to that shortly.

    Let’s see how fit a tiger is. Its fitness, strength and agility puts the strongest of bodybuilders and fittest of athletes to shame.

    The tendons and ligaments of a tiger as well as the muscles are super tough and hard as stone, while dragging carcasses weighing over a ton, but can be soft, relaxed and loose otherwise. So their muscular control is super high and tuned in.
    Its front and back paws are exceptionally strong. It is very agile, flexible and mobile. It itself is ferociously strong and gifted with immense reflexes.

    Interestingly, a tiger’s legs are so strong that they can remain standing even when dead!! Even elephants can’t do that.

    One paw swipe from a tiger can break a bear’s neck and damage its spine. Or it can smash the skull of the strongest bull.

    An important fact is that a tiger has same size front and back paws. Because of this, it can run fairly fast and easily accelerate to 65 kmph, despite its weight.

    It can also jump very high- 36 feet in an excellent jump and also far, due to the same reason. It has mastered the principle of Fight or Flight.

    Its neck is also very strong, tough, flexible and supple. This is an excellent advantage in fights with other creatures because it doesn’t give up if its neck is injured, as normally animals give up if their neck is bit. It also knows how and when to attack.

    Its strong tail lets it balance very well while it itself supports itself on the back paws, while it punches the HELL out of other animals. Its laser-like deep focus and concentration on the task at hand is par excellence.

    Infact, the tiger is a symbol of concentration too.

    Tigers regularly take on prey six to seven times their own size. The Indian gaur is the largest type of cattle prey on Earth and can be many times heavier than tigers. Still, tigers manage to regularly hunt them single-handedly.
    Some Bengal tigers even kill bull-elephants weighing 6 ton!! Tigers themselves don’t even weigh 0.6 ton! However, this is very rare. But cases aren’t negligible. And they do it all alone.

    The most classic fight is between a lion and a tiger.
    As kids, we always imagined the lion to be stronger than the tiger, but in fact it’s completely the reverse!!

    In terms of physical fitness, a tiger leaves a lion far behind. The lion is just a lazy cat. It sleeps 21 hours a day and sits looking BIG and BAD to remain dominant. The lionesses do all the hunting. The male lion hunts very rarely.

    On the contrary, the tiger sleeps for about 18 hours, but atleast it hunts on its own. Unlike male lions, the tiger hasn’t got a bunch of women to hunt for the pride and itself sit playing XBOX!! It is every tiger for itself. As mentioned earlier, tigers regularly take on prey six to seven times their own size successfully. So naturally it is physically more fit. And considering that out of 1902 fights, tigers won 1732 but lions won a poor 170, the tiger got the greater muscles!!

    And oh God, it’s just a misconception that lions are warriors while tigers are hunters. Infact, a tiger may have to fight other tigers more than a lion fighting other lions. Fights between lions aren’t to the kill. Cases are rare, because the lion would prefer sleeping.

    Lions preferably bluff, that is, it mostly tries to appear a bit taller and imposes his mane to make the challenger think that it’s better not to mess with it!! Thus, lions don’t fight as much as many people think.

    The tiger is a hunter AND a warrior. When a tiger fights, it fights to KILL and not just to push someone aside to get good food.

    Moreover, tigers are nicer than lions. The male lion won’t share the food with his women, though he MIGHT share it with those cute cubs. But a tiger can share even with other tigers!!

    In terms of ferocity too, the tiger is the winner. A tiger directly goes for the enemy’s throat, while a lion is more like, “I will just play and pound with you.”

    I mean just look at the face of a furious tiger, and it will scare the shit out of you more than those Hollywood horrors did, especially when the tiger is just a few feet away from you………..

    Lions are quite lazy but they are courageous (though Bengal tigers are the most courageous of all big cats). Lions don’t leave a fight even if there’s an escape route and fight till the end even if it realizes that it shall lose.

    Comparatively, a tiger prevents unnecessary mess. It normally tries to prevent fights with a lion if there’s an escape route. It is its natural instinct. If it feels unnecessary, it will prevent even those fights which are quite easy for a TIGER to win, such as against a leopard, cheetah, puma or jaguar. And that is NOT cowardice.
    This is because a tiger is a cunning fighter. It plans first; how, when, where to kill. But lions blindly attack.
    (A Bengal Tiger shows even more courage than a lion, but in general, tigers as a species, don’t show such courage unless provoked. That’s what makes Bengal tigers special).

    But if it realizes that there is no escape route, it shall fight like a demon and show the opponent who the king is!!
    If the strongest lion is matched up against the strongest tiger, there are 100% chances that the tiger would win, if both have good experience in fighting. Ferocity alone also gives the tigers an edge more often than not.

    The average lion vs average tiger will end up producing 80% victory for the tiger. And if you use a full grown African Lion vs full grown Bengal Tiger, the victory for the tiger shoots up to 90%.

    Moreover, tigers keep exercising their paws by swimming. And like humans they don’t just swim ponds, but swim rapid-flowing rivers that can be 7 kilometers wide and regularly swim 30 kilometres in summer. This provides a lot of exercise. They also regularly climb the tallest and straightest of trees, which means even more exercise for the paws and muscles, especially Bengal tigers, who climb the straightest of trees after killing the livestock of local people, to hide.

    An interesting fact: If you keep a well-trained lion and a well-trained tiger in a cage and sit inside the cage and stare at the lion adamantly for sometime, the lion looks away and even walks away. But if you stare at the tiger, it will stare right back!! But both need to be well-trained, that’s the important point.

    Note that this is just a fact; not really a relevant feature.

    The most important fact is that the lion is more packed with fat, while the tiger is more packed with muscles. And muscles mean more strength than fat. Muscles also weigh more than fat. This explains the tiger’s extra pounds.

    Another very important advantage for the tiger; it can balance itself on its two back paws and punch with the two front paws while fighting. The lion can’t do this. It needs to balance on three paws and punch with only one paw, coz a lion has very weak rear paws, while those of a tiger are very strong.

    The Siberian Tiger regularly preys upon the terrifying Ussuri brown bears and mostly succeeds.
    Its cousin, the Royal Bengal Tiger, has started killing bull-elephants, adult rhinos and crocodiles for food!!
    Adult brown bears, bull-elephants, enraged rhinos and crocodiles are terrifying, but nobody messes with the Big Kitty!!

    Note that the Siberian Tiger is the largest and heaviest tiger, but only usually! Because some Bengal tigers tend to be even larger and are stronger. The North Bengal Tiger is the strongest tiger.

    In size, Siberian Tiger is larger (infact, the largest of all tigers) but muscle-wise, Bengal Tiger is stronger.

    Bengal Tiger has the strongest bite force of all big cats. Actually, it was supposed to be the jaguar, but it was relative to its size. That means if all big cats were the same size, the jaguar would have the most powerful bite.

    And tigers are capable of killing nearly every other animal in the world.
    The tiger is a symbol of graceful and massive strength, supple energy and royal aura. The strongest tiger would require 20 men which are exceptionally strong for a fair fight. And I’d still bet on the tiger!!

    Anyways, throwing more men at the tiger isn’t a good option, coz the men would simply run for their lives seeing the first few ripped to shreds by the tiger.
    A tiger won’t hesitate before charging after a thousand men too.

    Wanna be as strong as a tiger? How about jumping over a 10 foot fence with 450 kg buffalo in your mouth? Or win in a fight against 40 average men simultaneously? That’s strength!!

    Tigers have multiples of human strength (all big cats, for that matter, but more so with tigers). The tiger is the second strongest land animal, after the African Elephant.
    If we compare ALL the animals on Earth, then the tiger is the 4th strongest (including insects) Lions come nowhere near Tigers in this category.

    A tiger is built with 72.6% muscle and 7.7% body fat.
    A lion is built with 58.8% muscle and 13.7% body fat.
    Clearly the tiger is far more powerful. In the shoulder joints, it is 30.1% stronger than a lion and in hip joints, it is 34.7% stronger.

    Another advantage of the tiger is that its mass is more evenly distributed. If you take a full grown lion and a full grown tiger, the lion LOOKS heavy, even if the tiger is heavier by a hundred kilos, because the lion is stocky; its mass is unevenly distributed. This explains the greater agility of the tiger.

    A lion tries his best to stay away from a crocodile, unless it got its other guys, but a tiger isn’t afraid of that!!
    And yes, I’m not talking only about strength. Tigers got better weaponry too.

    Their canines are longer than our fingers, and twice as long as those of lions.
    They can make things happen with those canines, and including their nails, you get a perfect killing machine!!

    Therefore, it comes to no surprise that these things crunch up fully grown tortoises like they were nothing. And lions try, but just don’t get it.

    Face the reality: A hyena is the worst enemy of a lion. Though stupid and cowardly, these hyenas of Africa have a bite force far greater than that of a lion. Some have succeeded in chasing lions away.
    But Bengal tigers ain’t afraid of anything. A hyena would only make them laugh.

    What with Bengal tigers killing crocodiles, they surely ain’t afraid of anything.

    CROCODILES!! Those brutes are the last descendants of the strongest creatures which ever walked on the Earth, the DINOSAURS!! With skin that can literally take bullets, knives and sword abuse, the crocs got to be super dangerous creatures.

    And still these Bengal tigers are like- oh man! Another croc for breakfast!!!

    And now, the King of the Jungle? The tiger of course!! The lions used to rule the Indian jungles, but tigers tore them apart. It’s a reality, check Google please.
    The tiger became the real king of the jungle.

    Lions were called King of the jungle because their manes are somewhat reminiscent of crowns. But manes were evolved for protection against other lions, for the neck, for they live in prides. They are also known for ganging up, so it is better for a male lion to survive this ganging up, which is why the manes evolved.

    Now some guys argue that lion’s mane is gonna save it from a tiger’s bite. Tigers can crunch up fully grown tortoises like they were nothing.
    If tiger can crunch up hard shells, surely a mane is nothing for it. After all, mane is just a mass of hair.
    What’s hair compared to a hard shell?

    For starters, you gotta dwell in the area
    whose king you claim to be, preferably in case of animals!! And for another, you gotta be pretty impressive and no one must dare to intrude in your territory, no one but your own species.
    A hyena has the guts to intrude in the lion’s territory, but no one intrudes in the tiger’s territory!!
    Moreover, the lion always sleeps in its territory, but the tiger tours its territory daily just like a true King.

    And if you think that a King must have an army, let me tell you that a tiger does have. Tigers are extremely cunning and intelligent and if faced with a very grave situation, solitary tigers are known to gang up to kill the problem off!!

    In history, many cases were such that caged tigers formed a coalition to escape. The tigers were known to complete their jobs without arousing any suspicion and successfully escaped to the jungle!!

    Another fact is that tigers aren’t purely solitary. A male tiger’s territory can overlap with the territories of about eight females. They come together during grave situations.

    And recent research shows that a tiger is a better learner than a lion. It perfectly knows HOW and WHERE to attack. A lion attacks just for the heck of it.

    People also have another interesting question. Whether a lion roar is louder than that of a tiger.

    Lion roar is the loudest of all big cats- being heard as far as 8 kilometers on a still night in the African Savannah.

    But a tiger has its own contribution to its roar, and its the INFRASOUND!! Tigers normally let out audible growls and hisses and rarely roar. Children are taught animal sounds where “Tiger roars” is a common word, but they actually roar very rarely. They normally growl and his.

    However if it decides to use infrasound for extra measure, then there’s no telling how far the roar can reach. Because infrasound can pass through buildings too!!

    Therefore, if a tiger was to live in the clear Savannah and roar using infrasound every still night, its roar would travel longer distances and its effect would be felt.

    A lion roar is more majestic to hear, but a tiger roar is DEFINITELY SCARIER!! When a tiger lets out a thunderous roar, almost everything in its territory knows that the true Emperor has come.

    Lion roars have caused monkeys to fall off their trees in fright.
    Tiger roars have caused all guys in their territories to freeze!!

    If the lion is still the king of the jungle for you, then for me the tiger is the lord of the jungle. People hail the king, but worship the lord!!

    Frankly, the tiger is the lord of ALL animals. It is capable of killing ANY animal.

    (1) Once 5 wild buffalos engaged in a fight with one enraged tiger. With one paw swipe, the tiger killed one of them and finally killed the other four. The tiger was bleeding, but it survived. This happened in India.
    (2) This incident also happened in India. A Bengal Tiger was reported to chase off four elephants.
    (3) Yet another incident in India. 50 elephants had surrounded a tiger. They didn’t even touch him, but ran away, scared, when the tiger roared thunderously and five other tigers reached the spot.
    (4) Red dholes are the biggest enemies of the Bengal Tiger. A pack of 24 of these dogs attacked a lone tiger. Before the tiger got killed, he had sent 18 of them to doom!!
    (5) A Sumatran Tiger named Chester once fought off seven lions. Another Sumatran Tiger named Sudan fought of six lions. This incident happened in 1900s. This incident was recorded by Clyde Beatty, a biologist.
    (6) In 1900s, once 20 lions ganged up against 9 tigers, and the tigers managed to tear them apart!!!! This incident was also recorded by Clyde Beatty.
    (7) Around the same time, in a circus, a tiger killed two lions with amazing quickness. The lions saw the tiger approaching and both roared loud as thunder but the tiger lunged with mouth wide open, bit the first lion to death with his powerful teeth and broke the other lion’s neck by a paw swipe simultaneously.
    (8) In Coney Island animal show in 1909, a powerful lion was set upon a chained tiger. Despite being in its chained state, the tiger proved to be too strong and it mangled the lion to death.
    (9) In 1857, an 18-month old Bengal Tiger killed an adult African Lion while fighting. This took place in a zoo.
    (10) The latest was the Ankara Zoo Incident, Turkey, in 2011, where a tiger killed a lion with one paw swipe, breaking the lion’s neck.
    (11) If history interests you, then let me tell you that AKBAR THE GREAT arranged fights between a tiger and a lion. He always bet on the lion, and lost HUGE amounts of money.
    (12) There was a fierce zoo lion in England who killed anything and everything coming in its way. Ben, a Bengal Tiger, ended that lion’s reign of terror.

    When tigers have greater number of enemies to deal with, they become more and more ferocious.

    (NOTE: I don’t discriminate against lions. I’m a fan of all big cats. But since these facts about tigers are very less-known and usually the lion is considered as a symbol of strength, I have therefore given the idea of the strength of a tiger by comparing it with a lion.
    A lion is majestic in its own way, with a mane that terrifies any creature and a roar that can be heard for miles across the Savannah, but in comparison to a tiger, its majesty is nothing.)

    (1) The majestic tiger is a rare combination of speed, agility, strength, intelligence and ferocity.

    (2) The true uncorroborated ruler of the jungles.

    (3) Super high and tuned in muscular control.

    (4) Legs are so strong that they can remain standing even when dead.

    (5) One paw blow can break a bear’s neck and damage its spine severely, or also smash the skull of the strongest bull.

    (6) Same size front and back paws therefore can run fairly fast- max 65 kmph.

    (7) Can jump 36 feet high up during excellent jump.

    (8) Super tough neck, but flexible at the same time.

    (9) Very strong tail and deep focus, concentration on the task at hand.

    (10) Can take prey six to seven times their own size successfully and regularly.

    (11) Tigers are twice as strong as lions. Longer canines, more agility, more physical strength, better claws, higher intelligence. Tigers are also nicer than lions; share food even with other tigers.

    (12) Powerful swimmers; 30 kilometers in summers.

    (13) Bengal tigers are second largest type of tigers, next only to Siberian tigers, but tend to be much stronger.

    (14) Bengal tigers are most wonderful tigers. Regularly climb straightest and tallest of trees exceptionally fast so get more exercise and therefore strongest tigers.

    (15) Strength of a tiger= Jumping over a 10 foot fence with a 450 kg buffalo in its mouth. (From ground level).

    (16) Tigers are more packed with muscles, lions with fat. Muscles= greater mass+ greater strength.

    (17) Diet of Siberian tigers includes reindeer, lynx, Gray wolves, terrifying brown bears etc.
    Bengal tigers have most varied diet. They eat deer, Indian Gaur, leopards, pythons, bears, rabbits, wolves, wild boar, crabs, pangolins, monkeys, baby elephants, baby rhinos and even CROCODILES!!!! If they are hungry, they’ll kill ANYTHING.

    (18) Tiger Roar contains infrasound, which can pass through buildings. If a tiger roars powerfully, every creature in its territory and beyond freezes!!

    (19) Tigers are capable of killing almost ANY animal.

    1. James W.

      Anon is too afraid to present himself as a partisan Asian-Indian,
      lest he be laughed at for showing the Indian IQ average of < 90..
      He does it anyhow, with his useless rant.. too funny..

      That Ranji cannot comprehend that tigers & lions are so similar under the skin,
      but the environmental adaptations effected by lions are to their significant advantage,
      is truely indicative of his sadly subnormal mental development..

      1. Undoomed

        James, would you kindly actually make an argument of your own and present facts instead of just making some arbitrary argument? Also, what mammalian land predator could beat the male lion to you?

        1. Anonymous

          Undoomed is absolutely right. James W doesn’t present any facts.
          And mind yourself, Indian IQ is not below 90.

          Why don’t you understand? I said I have been through HEAPS of websites. If you are so lazy that you can’t check them, then nothing can be done.

          Just coming here and ranting like a kid. Infact, your IQ is much less than 50, I’d say. OTHERWISE YOU MIGHT HAVE PRESENT FACTS OR A WELL RESEARCHED ARTICLE LIKE I SENT.

          Everybody knows that to prove a point, facts and research must be given. You don’t even understand THAT much.

      2. Anonymous

        All animal experts with PhDs will agree that my article is a thoroughly researched one. I haven’t added facts of my own.

    2. Kebantshitse dallars Otukile

      WHERE DO YOU GET THIS INFROMATION SIR—>15) Strength of a tiger= Jumping over a 10 foot fence with a 450 kg buffalo in its mouth. (From ground level).
      * Are you serious or you are joking, how big is Tiger’s mouth?
      * (12) Powerful swimmers; 30 kilometers in summers.—->How many hours do tiger spend in water to cover 30km?
      * (5) One paw blow can break a bear’s neck and damage its spine severely, or also smash the skull of the strongest bull.
      —>How hard is a Tiger’s paw, is it hard like a harm or is it more powerful than horse kicks?
      (4) Legs are so strong that they can remain standing even when dead.—-> does this makes sense according to you?
      If all this info is true then a tiger is 100 times stronger than any Lion.

        1. Kebantshitse dallars Otukile

          Mr Khan will you answer me, I hope you have the answers of your comment.
          —>how big is TIGER’s Mouth?
          —>How many hours do tiger spend in water to cover 30km?
          —->How hard is a Tiger’s paw, is it hard like a hammer or is it more powerful than horse kicks?
          * Legs are so strong that they can remain standing even when dead.—-> does this makes sense according to you?
          Khan i know you love Tigers but do you believe that every word you read and hear about Tigers and Lions are all True?

          1. Sher Khan

            Mr. Otukile,
            Let me assure you that all of that is true.
            1) Tigers have very large mouths. They also have very powerful jaw muscles to. They can indeed jump over a 10 ft fence with a buffalo in their mouth.
            2) Tigers spend a lot of time swimming – in fact, tigers love water – more so than other big cats.
            3) I don’t know if a tigers paw is more powerful than a horse’s kick, but it VERY VERY powerful. Tigers have killed buffaloes with paw strikes.
            4) Yes – here is the link. Read the first fact.
            Yes, I love tigers and lions – but all of these things said about them are factual.

  21. James W.

    Sure Ranji,
    so why don’t you cite some PHD’s ‘opinions’ too then.. as if..

    As for Anon.. he hasn’t even bothered to read through this thread,
    he’s too busy blathering out a bunch of stinkin’ tiger spoor..

  22. Anonymous

    Stupid James, I’ve read through ALL the threads.

    Kindly state the research with its source if you have any, or if you have the guts to.

    Let me see on what basis are you SO hell bent on being biased towards the lion.

  23. James W.

    Evidently Anon,
    either your reading comprehension is lacking,
    or your rampant tiger fantasy-mindset blinds you to the facts.

    Ross Wind has kindly provided the citations which debunk your illusions.
    & I am not biased, as I have stated, lions & tigers are very similar, under the skin.

    It is a matter of fact however, that lion adaptations make them the better fighter.

  24. Anonymous

    Now let me arm you with some facts.

    Firstly, there’s a VAST majority of animal experts who favour the tiger for obvious reasons, which I’ve given in my lengthy article.
    Secondly, lions do not fight as much as we imagine. They normally bluff, i.e one tries to appear a bit taller and imposing by showing off his mane to the opponent.
    This trick doesn’t work with tigers. They always fight for the KILL and not just to push someone aside to get good food.

    Thirdly, are you so stubborn only on the basis of one citation??? Lol.

    And its been proven by many researchers MULTIPLE times that because of larger cranial volume, tigers are more intelligent than lions.
    It’s been seen practically too. Because tigers in captivity have cunningly escaped into the wild. Multiple records of that have been documented.

  25. Anonymous

    I don’t think this test is reliable to measure ANIMAL INTELLIGENCE. That is something which can’t be measured by such easy tests.
    Their real intelligence can be seen only when they face dire situations and how they react to it, preferably in the wild, because they develop most of the intelligence on their own.
    Tigers have been known to cross hundreds of miles even through densely populated areas unseen by anyone. That’s the biggest example of their intelligence.

  26. Anonymous

    And one more reason. Tigers live ALONE. So they learn nearly ALL things on their own and do not depend on help from anyone.

  27. Feline Fanatic

    I have studied and researched large cats since I was a child. I love big cats! All big cats! My personal favorite is the Snow Leopard, but we’re not talking about them here. What we are discussing is a one on one battle between a fully grown MALE AFRICAN LION pitted against a fully grown MALE SIBERIAN TIGER. Not a Bengal Tiger, not a Sumatran Tiger, a SIBERIAN TIGER. A fully grown MALE SIBERIAN TIGER is larger and heavier than an AFRICAN LION. Is an AFRICAN LION larger than a Bengal Tiger? Yes! Is an AFRICAN LION larger than a Sumatran Tiger? Yes! Is an AFRICAN LION larger than a SIBERIAN TIGER? NO! There seems to be a lot of loose usage of just the term Tiger. There are more than one species of Tigers, and the SIBERIAN TIGER is the largest of all cats, period. That’s not an opinion, that is a fact! An AFRICAN LION would never come in contact with a SIBERIAN TIGER in the wild. It is very likely that neither animal would survive if their environments were swapped. It is far too cold for an AFRICAN LION to survive in the snowy tundra of Siberia, and far too hot for a SIBERIAN TIGER to survive in scorching heat of the African plains. There would never be a scenario where these two animals come in contact with each other in the wild. Again, that is a fact!
    However, in a controlled environment (which would have to be produced by human interference) if these two predators were forced to fight to the death, the SIBERIAN TIGER has the upper hand in size and strength.
    We’re not talking about two animals of the same size. A fully grown MALE SIBERIAN TIGER that would be equal to the size of a fully grown MALE AFRICAN LION would be undersized for its species.
    SIBERIAN TIGERS are solitary creatures, they hunt and kill alone. AFRICAN LIONS are pack hunters, they hunt and kill in packs. Using examples of AFRICAN LIONS taking down larger prey than that of SIBERIAN TIGERS is illegitimate. Do AFRICAN LIONS take down enormous prey like Giraffes and Elephants? Yes, but not alone! And very seldom (not never, but rarely) are the males involved in the hunt. MALE AFRICAN LIONS primary purpose in a pride is to fend off other MALE AFRICAN LIONS that want to take over their pride. When another MALE AFRICAN LION defeats the patriarch of a pride he kills all the cubs and mates with the females so that his offspring will prosper. It is true that MALE AFRICAN LIONS from practically birth train to fight, so that when they are old enough to have their own pride they will be skilled enough to protect it and ensure their genetic longevity.
    Though some of these male on male fights end in death, it is not very common. Often the loser of the battle leaves the pride and looks for another. If it is unsuccessful in finding another pride it will likely die, either from starvation or from other predators. Without the protection of a pride, a solitary MALE AFRICAN LION doesn’t stand a chance in the Savannah. Compare that to the SIBERIAN TIGER that survives solely on its own predatory capabilities, and it is obvious of the SIBERIAN TIGER’S predatory superiority.
    Still, this isn’t a competition of who’s the better predator, this is about who would win in a battle one on one. I have never seen any footage of a battle between a fully grown MALE SIBERIAN TIGER against a fully grown MALE AFRICAN LION, probably because of the rarity of the SIBERIAN TIGER, and the unlikliehood of these two animals ever coming in contact with one another. Still if I’m going on what I know about these animals, the SIBERIAN TIGER would be the victor. Not only is it larger, stonger, and more agile, its canines and claws are larger. It’s stealthier, and doesn’t fight for dominance. It doesn’t fight to try to get its opponent to submit. No, a SIBERIAN TIGER kills! It’s not a bodyguard, it’s a killer! It doesn’t rely on the support of other animals, it is self sufficient. If you put a trained MMA fighter (AFRICAN LION) in the ring with a trained killer assassin (SIBERIAN TIGER), who would you bet on?

  28. James W.

    Anon wrote bulk fertilizer,
    for rabid tiger fans – yet with zero linked citations of value in support.
    So much for that waste of column space.. typical of SUB 90 IQ ( measured: ~85, in fact)

    Tigers are raised in nuclear family settings, which enables experiential learning..
    & like male tigers, male lions are ejected from their prides, on reaching sexual maturity.
    Never-the-less, to survive & pass on their genes, male lions must master a much tougher life..

    1. ghost hunter

      hmm…a physically weaker, less intelligent, lighter FIGHTER/BRAWLER with a mane vs a physically superior, smarter, heavier AND QUICKr ASSASSIN/KILLER who focuses on KILLING you asap in the most cunning vicious way. Yea I would go with the fkin Tiger.

  29. Pilot18

    Siberian Tigers will win because they are bigger and stronger than lions

  30. Anonymous

    Ironically, you yourself aren’t a good reader. I clearly mentioned that I’ve been through HEAPS of websites. Do you expect me to provide links of all of those websites?

    Its my many websites against your citation of a poor experiment.

    Lol, even kids in India realized what a stupid experiment that was.

    They came up with another experiment. They said that a better experiment would be to separate the cubs from their parents. NOW THEY DIDN’T SAY REALLY DO THAT. They said that assume such a hypothetical case.

    Tiger cubs, being more of planners by nature, will carefully investigate any situation before acting, even if they are alone. But lion cub won’t survive unless it had its sisters or brothers with it. Because they depend on a pride, especially males. That makes the tiger more intelligent.

    Now, I know you’ll start ranting about Indians possessing less IQ, but let me remind you, this is all HYPOTHETICAL. This was also approved by their neighbor, a qualified zookeeper who knew wild animals well.

    Though a hypothetical situation, he agreed that this is what would happen. Simple, its just PLAIN COMMON SENSE.

    Now do you understand why I’m in favor with the tiger in a fight? Lions are majestic in their own way- the loudest roar that carries for miles across the Savannah etc etc but sorry, no comparison to a tiger.

  31. James W.

    Anon simply makes his stuff up.
    Zero links to any research based validated facts, at all.
    Fanboy nonsense, & a purblind, pigheaded refusal to accept reality.
    Such as the < 90 average IQ Indians have repeatedly shown via actual testing.
    Ross Wind provided many links to valid data, but Anon won't even read them, since they sink his fantasies.
    Lion environmental living situations have boosted their adaptive evolutionary responses, so lion wins, fact.

    Anon is clearly bogus, a fanboy who lamely maintains his emotive delusions, & refuses to face facts..

  32. Anonymous

    Btw seeing how much you and I argue, we’d make good lawyers at the top court.

  33. Anonymous

    How many times should I tell you this?

    If you are so lazy that you can’t check all those websites and come here ranting like a kid, then nothing can be done.

  34. Anonymous

    Indian IQ is not below 90.
    Otherwise India wouldn’t taken such quantum leaps in development in only 50 years of independence (now 69 years)

  35. Anonymous

    Another fact- Siberian Tiger got 76% votes in this poll, African Lion only 24%. That explains it.

    Moreover do you think that you alone are right and all other animal experts are wrong?

  36. Pilot18

    Lion’s biteforce is weak the lion’s biteforce is 650 or 630

  37. James W.

    Votes by fanboys are not a realistic substitute for actual facts either, Anon..
    ‘Google’ facts are only as good as their evidence-based source..
    Nor were there any substantive facts cited as support/linked – in your fanciful fanboy rant.
    Ross Wind has already linked the material proof, & a prime lion will generally whip his stripey cousin, fact.
    & IQ tests have for decades been standardized educational assessment criteria.. even in backward 3rd world India..

  38. Anonymous

    Let me tell you you’ll definitely agree that the lengthy article is completely correct, based on those websites.
    Problem is, you haven’t bothered to read my article completely.

    There are so many websites,, how can I provide links of all of those?

    Anyways, I’ll try. Busy right now. Shall do later.

  39. Anonymous

    My statements aren’t fanciful fanboy rants. They are based on evidence. Now, if you’d just bother reading that lengthy though well-researched article, it’d be much better.
    I’ve gathered facts from so many websites it’s very tough to provide links of the hell lot of those.

    PLUS, another common sense statement. No one would waste his time typing that lengthy article for his favorite animal if he wasn’t well-informed.
    That article just COULDN’T be that lengthy if I hadn’t researched. Not even fake research could lengthen that article.

    Just look who’s talking about Indian IQ. LOL!!!!!

  40. Anonymous

    And about IQ? You didn’t read well.

    The greater the population, lesser may the average IQ come out to be. That doesn’t mean people are stupids.
    Because stupids can’t develop a country in 50 years which had been looted and plundered for 300+ years.

    Considering Indian population to be 1.252+ billion, it’s just natural that individual IQ comes out less.

    The only exception is China, which has more population than India but still high on IQ list.

    Anyways, this isn’t a topic for debate over here.
    Just telling.

  41. Anonymous

    Sorry I mean its natural that AVERAGE IQ comes out less

  42. Mr.kennedy

    James.w ur so salty dude Tiger>lion this is not a mistery if most of expert agree on a Tiger Would beat a lion most of the time and + 76% on this pole voted the tiger accept fact and do not eat that much salt even if the lion fanboy inside y dream got crush

    1. James W.

      Kennedy compound,
      when will you learn?
      Fanboy votes do not equate to facts,
      not even about sodium compounds.
      “Experts” do not agree with you,
      I suggest you just read the links Ross Wind cited.

  43. Horuos

    The tiger no doubt. Siberians are massive animals, known for taking down bears not often, but when a male is pushed to the brink of starvation, they can and will take down a bear. SO naturally, it can take down a lion. I feel like I do not need factual evidence because the original post and Feline Fanatic say everything I would have said.

  44. Chielo

    I really don’t understand how foolishly arrogant and ignorant people can still be in this world when all the information is out there. Why the hell would you still ague about something when nature already showed you who would win. The video clearly showed that the lion is the winner and always will be. Yes the tiger is bigger and this and that..and all your stupid human favoritism. What the hell is wrong with you always act like you created these animals and this world, but you were born and found everything here, even the 1st people came and found these animals here and that animals where set to have a particular kind of life and a level in the animal kingdom and with that they were equipped with special abilities according to their surroundings, appetite and level in the animal kingdom, just because the tigers tooth is longer than other does not mean he would win, see how you people take in information and still keep on arguing just to satisfy your selfish you stupid humans have learned something and think you know it all and go and run around and talk about a sentence when they didn’t even read the whole book, and is so stupid to argue with the one who read the whole book with patience and understand the way of the life and what he has experienced and seen with his own eyes and has no lack of acceptance..stop accepting things with just what you read. What you have learned is what is written and written by people who also thinks they know it all and also has that stupid selfish animal favoritism when it comes to animal debates(not all of them). You people will never know how to agree on something because of your ignorant and arrogant selfish boring useless personalities, which leads to a lack of acceptance and understanding and this just makes you a fool. The scientists gave up when they were convinced about the biblical creation of all thing. Stop taking information in and even the things you see with your own eyes the way you are taking it in…you are human beings, with a brain and a heart and dominance over all things on earth. Learn how to take in information and how to make use of it without controversy because it can bring harm to yourselves, learn to accept things..stop always arguing over something that you don’t have any facts of..a real fact in our reality world is a video. THE DAMN VIDEO CLEARLY SHOWS WHO THE WINNER IS..So what the hell are you people still arguing about. For e,g. I like the Rottweiler dog and always thought that it would beat any dog but it can’t because the Turkish Kangal showed me that it does not only beat the rottweiler but all types of dogs…i confirmed that by watching all the videos on the internet..the Kangal has never been beaten by any other dog besides his own why the fffffuck would i still be arguing when i was already convinced with my own two eyes..even 1 eye is enough to be convinced. Yes my favorite dog has been beaten and i accepted that. I watched 1 video and did not accept it because the rottweiler was a bit smaller and not fully grown..which means not fully mature to use its full potential…but than i saw another video to confirm who would beat who in a fight if both the kangal and rottweiler where fully mature, and they both must have or must not have fighting experience. The kangal dog convinced me and i gave up. You people go through your days arguing over something that has already convinced every1. If you have seen the video/s and you have accepted it..doesn’t matter which animal you like more, just don’t argue with these fools.. don’t comment on their shit, just show them the video/s. These people are to stupid to see there own stupidity. The lion wins and that’s saw it with your own eyes and if you did see the video/s and you still cannot accept it……………..

  45. Ricardo

    Will I can say Lion is built to fight to prevent his pride from other lions, but the fact that Tiger are more aggressive, brutal and fiercer than Lions and also muscular, heavier and big than lion once they fight it is just like a situation of PRIDE of BUFFALO fights with A PRIDE of ELEPANTS where the ELEPANTS are TIGERS and BUFFALO are LIONS where we can say ELEPANTS will be the winner. Lions are just to built to fight other Lions to prevent his pride but if Tigers, it is a difference situation. In history of Rome in their ancient coliseum they they fought Tigers and Lions and the 95% of the winner are the tigers so it is proven no need to bias, I’ll say it again Lions are built to fight with other lion to prevent his pride but if it fight with Tigers it is a difference situation it like fight of pride of ELEPANTS vs pride of BUFFALO i compared elephants to tiger only the situation because tiger are not social.

    1. James W.

      Elephant versus buffalo?
      Dude – are you high?
      They are completely different animals, they cannot mate & produce hybrid offspring,
      Lions & tigers can & do.

      Elephant & buffalo – is like comparing watermelon & pineapple..
      Lion & tiger – is like comparing two apples, golden versus red delicious…

      You spurious percentages are just as nonsensical as your animal comparisons.

      1. Sher Khan

        You are incorrect. Amur tigers have less than 10% body fat and are 72.6% muscle. Lions have 13.7% body fat and are only 58.8% muscle.

          1. Kebantshitse dallars Otukile

            Ok i accept that you false information is correct.
            From now and on, words speaks louder than action.
            1)One paw swipe of Tiger can break guar skull ( it makes sense because tiger’s paw is hard like a harm and it is more powerful than horse kick)
            2)Lone Tiger killed adult elephant and rhino ( I have to believe this without quistioning
            3)Tiger killed a Lion with one swipe ( It makes sense because Tiger’s claws are sharper than any sword or spear because African people stab a lion more than 3 time before it dies but tiger killed a lion with one swipe.
            4) Lone lion can’t hunt it depends on females, papers proved that,
            All this false information makes sense and now i believe it

          2. Sher Khan

            You are really turning into a troll..

            “1)One paw swipe of Tiger can break guar skull”
            Yes, that is true.

            “2)Lone Tiger killed adult elephant and rhino”
            Yes, it has happened in the past.

            “3)Tiger killed a Lion with one swipe”
            Yes, it happened in Ankara zoo in 2011.

            “4) Lone lion can’t hunt it depends on females, papers proved that”
            Actually, lions can hunt, but the females are the main hunters.

  46. Kash

    Anonymous, we get it, you spend way toooo much time of your “life ” if you do have one, but you just say the same things over and over again and again. If it wasn’t right the first time why would it be right the next 10 times you say it? Please use common sense before writing such stuff.

  47. Janindu Galaxy

    Tigers are bigger and stronger than Lions.But Lions are the better fighters.Tigers are built to hunt. Lion gets the protection of his main in a fight with the Tiger.Both the predators have advantages over each other.It can go either ways in a fight between the two.

  48. Swapnil G.

    There are no chances for the Lion to win against the Tiger. Ok so in this fight we will use Bengal Tiger instead of much larger Siberian Tiger so we can give the poor Lion a chance. The facts is that lion still stood no chance against the Tiger. The Tiger is just a far superior animal

  49. Swapnil G.

    There are many facts and studies conducted that prove the Tiger is superior than Lion.

    1. The Tiger is not significantly bigger than a Lion even if it had several pound of more weight. It is important fact because it indicates the phenomenal strength of Tiger is much greater due to dense muscle. Denser muscle is stronger muscle.
    2. The Tiger is built with 72.6% muscles and 7.7% fat.
    The Lion is built with 58.8% muscles and 13.7% fat. Have you seen that in terms of Strength Tiger is much superior. Even at equal weight the Tiger will still be much powerful.
    3.The Lion had bigger and Longer skull. While the Tiger had short but stouted and broader skull. The animal which have round and broader skull have stronger jaws.
    4.The BFQ ( Bite Force Quotient )of the Lion is 112 and the Tiger had 127. The Tiger not only have longer and sharper canines than Lion but also have higher bite force.
    5. The Tiger have better weaponry too… the canines of Tiger measures 8 to 10.5 cm and claws are 6.4 to 7.6 compared to Lions 6 to 8 cm and 60mm.
    6. Another advantage for the Tiger have is it can balance itself on it’s hind legs during the combat and can block the swipe of Lion and throw it’s own blow at the same time. And most experts favour the Tiger on these reasons because fighting with two paws is always effective than fighting with only one paw. It increases the force, increases the reach.
    7. The Lions are opportunistic hunters. While Tiger travel miles in search of prey so basically Tiger will be in better physical condition than a Lion.
    8. Compared to Lions the Tigers are…
    30.10% stronger in shoulder joints
    34.7% in hip joints
    31.91% in forelimbs
    34.90% in backlimbs.
    9. The Lions are not stronger than Tiger at the shoulder. The Tiger had much stronger backlimbs and forelimbs.
    10. Lion fighting often is an exaggeration. Lion as a fighter is somewhat exaggerated by a lot of peoples and some so called experts. From play fighting of cubs to territorial fights of males, these people see a glorified ‘fighter’ attitude. The exchange of territory takes place in every two to three years, and there is no other predator that is as big as Lion that he has to face. Even the nomads form the coalition and may help each other in hunting. The reality is Lions are just like other animals that tries to avoid fight.
    11.On the other hand, the Tigers solitary life means it faces lot more challenges in the serious condition than a Lion has to. The Tiger predates and Fight! It faces challenges from
    Bears ( of several kinds ), Wolves, Hyenas, Wild Dogs. Sub adult Tigers may even faces competition from Leopards. The Lion’s lifestyle is completely different it does not have to worry about the supply of food. But the tiger has to tackle the bears. The Tigers habitat is much more tough and harder to live in than the Lion’s habitat.

  50. Swapnil G.

    WOW James W. so my article is ‘unscientific’ and ‘nonsense’ YES! Then what about the evidence, study, experiment, and data that all the experts have find out. You should have read my full article. Actually read first eight points it will clear your doubts.

    And your naive logic about the extinction of bears is kind of laughable. They didn’t exist because of the competition from Lions but because of the change in climate and their natural habitat. Stop being biased.
    In cases of hyenas/dogs they don’t readily attacks Lions. Because they know that the Lion had higher chances of being either in pride or coalition.

  51. Swapnil G.

    Many people associating with Lions being most skill full fighters of all big cat is utter rubbish.

    Let’s talk about the fighting skill, The Tiger is the kung fu master in the animal world. While fighting the Tigers tend to throw their head back a little, obviously to avoid attacks. And when not bipedal they tend to crouch a little to dodge attacks, while Lions does the completely opposite making themselves even taller the only reason you would do this is to intimidate. While using two paws at combat the Tiger actually implements a ‘footwork’ to keep balance. On the other hand, Lions have minimal use of fighting on three legs. Lions are like dogs, they have no fighting skills they must have at least three paws at the ground.

  52. Swapnil

    The outcome of the fight completely depends on aggressiveness, health, sex, age, fighting style, experience and strength of the individual. The Tiger posses advantages on these factors. The Mighty Beast Tiger is true ruler of the forest.
    Many people believed that ‘ lion is born to fight ‘ which is quite stupid. No animal is born to fight. Living in prides the lion does develop an attitude to dominate the other members of his pride. But that’s not a huge advantage for him how an Lion behaves in the pride and against an formidable opponent is completely different. This is a huge advantage for Tiger.
    Aggression is very important for the winner. Asiatic Lions lacks the aggression than their cousin in Africa. African Lion which in back lack the aggression the Bengal tiger has.

    If we talk about the fighting skill the Tiger has an upper hand on Lion. The Tiger is a careful strategists that plans first how and when to attack. The Lion is relentless he attacks blindly he don’t have any strategy or back up plan for the upcoming events. This is the typical attitude of Lion if it realized that he could not win he is most likely to give up. The Tiger is completely different, if drawn in a fight he is a formidable fighter. When a Tiger fights he fights to kill. He is not a bodyguard he is a killer. Even Clyde Beatty agrees to this. The Lion doesn’t gets serious from the beginning and took things lightly. In a fight between these two we may assume that Tiger will be more dominant throughout the fight.
    The Tiger is a Lone Assassin that depends on no one and rely solely on strength. The Lion will be a ‘fighter’ but the Tiger is a professional killer. He will completely dominate and kill the Lion in a fight. In the historical staged fights and captivity fights it was the Tiger that had putten the Lion to sleep.

  53. Swapnil G.

    ” Gir Forest battle, confirmed tigress against male Lions ”

    This website has clearly explained that a single subadult Tigress was used in a fight against 5 male Lions and 1 lioness. It was done to create a propaganda that Tiger would run. In that fight they tried everything to stop the Tigress from winning. You see the Gir forest fight was propaganda for British, to establish the supremacy of Lion over Tiger, they wanted the lion to win so badly, even after throwing multiple male Lions against the mighty tigress, but they still couldn’t get the job done, how sad is that. If the Tigress still won, they had a back up plan, they had 5 male Lions and 1 lioness.

    The first male lion was killed by neck snap by the tigress before it was replaced by the much larger Lion, however the poor beast suffered the similar fate and was completely dominated and killed by fierce Tigress. This brave hearted tigress fought several lions simultaneously one after another. But still British couldn’t get any close to propaganda.
    Come on buddies I am not gonna explain the whole thing to you, check it out.
    Lion’s whole dignity lies behind it’s mane, he has enjoyed too much undeserved glory during the past century.

  54. Swapnil G.

    In addition to my other comments we easily arrived at the conclusion that the Tiger is superior to Lion in every aspect. And Tiger would kill the Lion in a fight.

  55. James W.

    Your repetitive posts amount to trolling,
    & your ‘comments’ are point-by point, unscientific nonsense..

    Ludicrous Indian tiger fanboys are notorious fantasists, who
    habitually dodge actual evidence & ‘inconvenient truth’ at all costs.

    The fairly minor morphological differences between lion & tiger
    as cousin species, together with lifestyle/environmental adaptation
    all favour the lion – if it comes to mortal combat between them,
    & this is a fact, borne out by the historical record, so learn to accept it..

  56. Swapnil G.

    Why are you not ready to face the actual facts James W? On which basis you are claiming ” The lion has an edge “. The Lion have absolutely no chance against the Tiger. The Tiger is just a far superior animal. Tiger>Lion in avery aspect.

    And at least present your own facts and try to prove your point. Instead of ranting around.
    Anonymous has provided more evidences and references than any other viewers in this forum.
    If you are so lazy that you can’t read them then nothing can be done.

    “Gir forest battle, confirmed tigress against male Lions”
    Chech out this website, it explained a Tigress was pitted against the male lions and a lioness.
    And killed 3 male Lions and a lioness.
    Lions are overrated piles of weak shit. And owes his reputation to his imposing mane.

  57. Swapnil G.

    Why are you not ready to face the actual facts James W? On which basis you are claiming ” The lion has an edge “. The Lion have absolutely no chance against the Tiger. The Tiger is just a far superior animal. Tiger>Lion in avery aspect.

    And at least present your own facts and try to prove your point. Instead of ranting around.
    Anonymous has provided more evidences and references than any other viewers in this forum.
    If you are so lazy that you can’t read them then nothing can be done.

    “Gir forest battle, confirmed tigress against male Lions”
    Check out this website, it explained a Tigress was pitted against the male lions and a lioness.
    And killed 3 male Lions and a lioness.
    Lions are overrated piles of weak shit.

  58. Swapnil G.

    Why are you not ready to face the actual facts James W? On which basis you are claiming ” The lion has an edge “. The Lion have absolutely no chance against the Tiger. The Tiger is just a far superior animal. Tiger>Lion in avery aspect.

    And at least present your own facts and try to prove your point. Instead of ranting around.
    Anonymous has provided more evidences and references than any other viewers in this forum.
    If you are so lazy that you can’t read them then nothing can be done.

    “Gir forest battle, confirmed tigress against male Lions”
    Check out this website, it explained a Tigress was pitted against the male lions and a lioness.
    And killed 3 male Lions and a lioness.
    Go do some real research everything is in the favour of Tiger.

  59. James W.

    Do check the accurate citations provided earlier,
    & listed above in this thread by Ross Wind…

    That is, if you really are actually interested
    in knowing the facts,
    rather than nonsensical fanboy trolling..

    Otherwise you are just making a fool of yourself,
    & demonstrating the effects of malnourishment
    in the Indian diet, on mental faculties/cognitive function.

  60. Swapnil G.

    Kindly do attempt to get some education James W. You and Ross Wind are the ones that are ranting about Lion fanatics with zero evidences at all.
    Your naive excuses and lame comments won’t cut it here. Most experts will favour the Siberian Tiger and Bengal Tiger over an African Lion. Come on… it’s not is a mystery if most experts will agree that tiger will win.
    And if you really want some ideas based on Tigers and Lions. Then check
    ” Lion Tiger strength comparison ” this website contains tons of evidences. And single detailed life of Tiger and Lion. So the fanboy fanatics are demolished.

  61. James W.

    Best call yourself on “loose”.
    You have no grasp of the facts,
    nor awareness of scientific validity..

    Making spurious claims about what “most experts” reckon
    is yet another indictment on your ( lack of) credibility
    on this topic… its beyond pathetic, its trolling..

    Get a copy of ‘Roar’ by Tippi Hedren, she has literally lived
    with lions & tigers for decades & knows how similar they are,
    & yet also what effects the small differences make – in real life.

  62. Swapnil

    I agree that there are probably evidences of Lions killing Tigers but the truth is that the Tigers have killed lions far more than the lions have killed tigers. This is the truth.. learn to accept reality James.
    Will you just resorting to insult and present the facts of your own rather than throwing a tantrum.
    Nobody here cares about your nonsensical lame post and temperament comments.
    However, I would not be surprised if Tippi Hedren will root for Lions because the European’s over fascination among the Lions was greatly enhanced during the past centuries thanks to Britishers. The poor tigers never had a chance against the British’s cruel propagandas which was often “designed” to establish Lion’s supremacy.

  63. James W.

    fanboy ranting, & deliberate misrepresentation
    will not help your case here..

    Lion attributes were well established in human records
    from ancient times, & current research/empirical data,
    generally confirms it as ‘Kingly’ in comparison to the historical
    reputation for cunning sneaky stealth shown by its stripey cousin…

    Your infantile emotive attachments cannot alter these findings.

  64. Swapnil

    Funny… James is too afraid to face the actual facts. He is simply making his stuff up with that useless tantrums of his.
    The truth is… in the historical accounts the Tigers have beaten lions far more than the Lions have beaten tigers.

    The Lion’s hairy shield doesn’t stop the Tigers to beat them in the historical accounts.
    But those accounts were dug deep by the Britishers. They blissfully ignored the Tiger’s vitality to establish Lions as the King of Beasts.

  65. James W.


    Those ancient civilisations who wrote down
    their own accounts – can be translated verbatim.

    They knew, as anyone knowledgeable today knows (via a realistic fact check)
    that what you present here – is well into the far realms of fantasy.

    What you accuse “Britishers” of, & “those accounts were dug deep by Europeans”
    is the same kind of irrational fanboy nonsense, & also devoid of credibility.

    You are so deep in denial over your ‘favourite’, that scientifically validated reality is
    enough to cause a level of cognitive dissonance which overwhelms your limited intellect.
    Such fanatics as yourself Swampy-anon are useless trolls, & a pestilential plague here.

  66. Swapnil

    James Our beloved James is far away from facing the reality. You will never learn even if the absolute facts are displayed right in front of your eyes.

    Such fanboy rants will not help you to prove your point. One on one the Tiger is usually a better fighter.
    They are agile, swift, powerfull and much more aggressive than the Lion.
    Tigers also have better weaponry.

    While performing in the cage the Lion will always give Tiger the most room.

  67. James W.


    Again you trot out your merely ignorant,
    & fanboy ‘tiger is best, no matter what’ – useless opinion..

    Check with those who have lived/worked closely with these beasts…
    The famed circus beast-masters, & Tippi Hedren do agree..

    Lion is boss, & takes the ‘lions share’ or dies trying,
    & it takes another ‘lion king’ – to beat him for that crown..

  68. Swapnil

    Why are you not ready to face reality James? Tiger > Lion.
    The Tigers from Kaziranga National Park could rape any Lion with a single breath. The Tiger could like away the Lion at best day he ever saw.

    1. James W.

      You are making – nil- sense, as usual.
      Your sickening fantasies are best kept to yourself..

      If you do read Tippi Hedren’s book, you might learn something,
      she describes a situation on her ranch where a group of female
      lions took up a male tiger as their ‘pride boss’ quite amicably,
      except when he’d go for a midnight swim & come back wet, then want
      to cuddle up for warmth, & the lionesses objected to getting soaked too..

  69. Swapnil

    Tigers are strongest of all big cats. However, jaguars and leopards have higher strength to weight ratio than tiger, but in still in terms of pure strength tigers are far superior.

    Tigers hunt the largest prey on earth. Siberian tigers are known to kill Ussuri brown bear. While it’s cousin in south kills Gaur, Water bufallo, Bears (of several kinds), neelgai, spoted dear, wolves, leopards, Crocodiles, wild boars etc.

    Tigers from kaziranga national park started killing Indian rhinoceros. By reading this you can sense how dangerous animal a tiger really is.

    Several big cats experts have mentioned that tigers are more aggressive than lion. If a gir lion fought a Bengal tiger it will be overwhelmed by the sheer strength and mass of tiger. There’s no contest. If you took a average African lion against average begal tiger my take is the tiger will still win because of the upper hand in strength. The match will be closer though. Because lion is a formidable cat himself.

  70. tigerlover

    lions are cowards, leoleo, not tigers. lions may have larger skulls, but tigers can crush a leopard tortoise with their jaws while a lion cannot. lions can be beaten by hyenas, wish are much smaller and lighter, but still lion are strong. but tigers kill and eat bears, but a tiger can also kill a polar bear.

      1. James W.

        you’ve obviously mis-spelled “kick”..
        L is next to K on the keyboard, so what you wrote
        does makes sense if written as – lick – & not – kick..

        Tiger will lick the boss lion’s butt ’til its cleaned off , as required,
        & must accept that be-aitch role, or be beaten down, no question..

        Tiger won’t lick a bear’s butt hole, but will readily rip him – a new one..

  71. Tony/Aka

    Ah, james W. Who would win, lion alone or fully grown male African bush elephant?

  72. Aka/Tony

    I’m pretty sure Siberian tigers kill full adult male grizzlies… where lion got completely dominated by the grizzly bear. So the favor is defiantly in the tigers direction. Lion won’t even put up a fight to a Siberian tiger. Lioness’s are sometimes dominated by leopards, but a leopard would probably get miserably crushed by lion. Honey badgers sometimes kill lions if they get aggressive. So this will be an easy win for the Siberian tiger.

    1. James W.

      See the data linked above in this thread – by Ross Wind.
      Lion is the habitually dominant big cat.. against bears, & tigers too.
      Honey badger stands zero chance – if a boss lion is in a mood to destroy it..

  73. James W.

    Your assertion is not correct.
    Do the research.. start by a review of the data linked – as suggested..
    & once you have the actual facts.. accept them, accordingly..
    Opinion is worthless unless supported by a valid evidence base..

    Read Ross Wind’s posts & check the linked data sets..

  74. James W.

    Well, if you can’t tell “a bunch of shit from youtube” & a list of primary sources..
    then.. you are really not interested in “research” at all, & such a claim is.. yes..
    “Absolutely ridiculous. ”

    If really are only ’11” then its best you ‘pull your head in’ – kid, & stop embarrassing
    yourself, we have rob & Swampy-G along with Klendathu -G here already in that role..

    You clearly have no idea.. if you cannot comprehend that a lion & a jaguar are very
    similar, except the male lion is 33% larger, & habituated to conflict with his peers.. would be too easy.. .. like you beating down an 8 year old kid..

    But it seems you have no real interests in learning, either.. eh.. Tony.. get just lost – until you grow up, sonny..

    (& FYI – “SHOUTING” adds zero value to your post)..

  75. James W.

    Do tell.. & which extant big cat is “300 lbs bigger” than a lion?
    It seems you are simply trolling now… & getting things wrong, on purpose..

    & boy.. for sure – you need to learn.. no quantum of stupidity from trolls..
    ever outweighs real data, based on actually validated evidence..

  76. James W.

    Aka/ T
    Do the “research”.. instead of trolling..
    ..check your figures, more accurately..

    The largest prime lions recorded in wild settings easily match tigers on size..
    @ ~800 lbs.. as do recently measured weight means – shown by in-field research..

    Lions & tigers are in fact very similar in bodily morphology..
    ..but their particular attributes of difference.. say, such as chest size.. which is
    bigger in the lion, so as to accommodate the lion’s larger capacity heart & lungs,
    all actually favour the lion when it comes to combat..

    Again this list of particular developmental advantages.. as comprehensively
    shown by the current research & historical evidence, via reputable sources..
    .so lion combat superiority is borne out too in these reports..

    The term ‘Lion Hearted’ as a positive quality – is both a metaphorical & literal, truism..
    Your fan boy ‘faves’ & pig-ignorant troll-type assertions, are bear-food grade.. garbage..

  77. James W.

    Can you read?
    Lions can, & do – grow that large.. as stated on that site..
    & as for mean/average measures, as I have previously noted,
    tigers lately weighed in the wild, are yes – smaller – than lions, also as measured..
    This is likely due to human interference with habitat & sadly, poaching too.

    Lions do grow particularly big – where they can readily take domestic cattle..
    but doing so – gets them killed, by the ranchers..

    Interesting fact, grizzly bears in Alaska are not such a threat to cattle..
    ..since they are inept killers, compared to big cats..
    & especially the super fat-as “1,800 lb” dumpster divin’ bears, of course..

  78. James W.

    Instead of posting bear-grade garbage..
    (& that Y-tube song just whines on annoyingly) – like you do..

    Find some thing relevant to see, like ROAR! or this..

    Ironically, those African lions gobbled up more Indians than
    any two man-eating tigers ever did, let alone grizzly bears..
    .. so they must’ve got a real taste for curry, eh kid..

  79. James W.

    A hilarious list of tiger fan-boy sites!
    & what “professional biologist” ?
    More like a fan-boy blogologist..

    ( Hey kid, sorry that my previous Y-tube link didn’t play)..
    ..try this: http:/

    1. James W.

      c’mon kid, surely you realize..
      ..there is plenty of garbage on youtube..
      ..after all you found & posted it here..

      & yet.. even infinite quantities of such crap does not best..
      ..a single quality citation – of proven factual validity..

      Try to comprehend, boy.. emotive-based votes for fan-boy ‘faves’..
      are worthless as evidence – in establishing factual answers..

      Careful examination of useful data derived from reputable sources, is..

      & the reality shows, the lion duly earns its ‘ King of the Beasts’ title,
      just as the tiger does its ‘King of the Jungle’ crown & the bear its..
      ‘disgustingly fat-as, dumpster-diver’ reputation..

  80. James W.


    Rhino.. is natural prey for lions..

    & how is it – you do not know this?
    More ‘stupid boy’ stuff?
    Or are you just trolling now like a mini-rob..

  81. Aka/Tony

    Somebody’s salty. Lions don’t hunt rhino’s. Find me a video of a lion surviving 30 seconds against a rhino. Lions son’t hunt, like every other feline does. They are fat and lazy sleepers, they sleep 20 hours a day. THEY DON’T HUNT. They suck. If there was prey across a river, he wouldn’t go for it. In a matter of fact, if there was prey right in front of him, he still probably wouldn’t go for it. You are the only person in every article here that says a lions bigger than a tiger. Face reality, person who has so much salt they make all the oceans combines look like a tablespoon of salt. Lion stands zero chance against a fully grown male Siberian tiger. It’s a fact.

  82. rob

    But that has nothing to do with this fight. Also tiger beats kodiak bears. But, not polar bears.

    No Tony, a Tiger cannot defeat a polar bear nor a Kodiak Grizzly. Have you not researched the Kodiak young man? You keep saying a Tiger would lose to a polar bear, but the Kodiak Grizzly is nearly the same size on average. It it also more compactly built. The Tiger loses badly to both. Learn, and accept it young fella. Please don’t make me bury you like james.

    1. Aka/Tony

      If they had Amur tigers to contend with, like their Siberian bro’s..
      ..they’d be in conniptions.. at being on the menu for those cunning cats..

      Lie their Siberian bro’s? They are the same animal.

  83. James W.

    AKA/No expert..
    Jeeze kid..
    Do you ever actually read anything properly?
    Not that article, obviously..

    The guy that stated the boss lion wining as a “no brainer”
    was the guy with the actual experience/expertise in the field..

    Whereas the journalist who wrote the main article is a ‘ no brainer’
    who simply swiped a bunch of guff from tiger fan-boy sites without
    doing a proper fact check.. funnily enough, just like you, eh boy..

  84. Aka/Tony

    That was a different guys opinion. Look at his profile picture. A stronger, faster, fiercer opponent is a stronger, faster, fiercer opponent no matter if they are both in a zoo or both in the wild. That is what the author said. That other guy actually said the tiger would win in a zoo, yet somehow the lion will win in the wild. They are both fighting, I don’t see why the tiger would lose to the lion in the wild, if he doesn’t lose to him in a zoo.

    1. James W.

      Jeeze kid..
      Just put your dumb-as ‘opinion’ away..
      ..& actually try to learn something..

      How can you not get it?
      Being zoo-raised is totally different, than wild living..
      ..big cats raised in zoos even show skull deformities..
      ..due to not hunting, killing & butchering their own prey/food..

      & the boss lion learns his skills & role in the wild too, of course..
      This makes him far more formidable than the tiger, let alone any bear..

      The vastly experienced circus beastmasters knew this well, they chose
      wild-raised animals deliberately, & well knew, lions are the boss beast..

  85. Aka/Tony

    So you’re saying being in the wild, lions are far more formidable than a tiger. That is ridiculous, because tigers also live in the wild. James, do you know how stupid you sound right now? It’s beyond stupid. It’s insane. Their is literally no one else in all these threads that think a lion alone can kill an elephant. You are also the only person in this thread who says lions are bigger than tigers.

    1. James W.

      Jeeze kid..’re losin’ it..
      See this:

      As I wrote before kid, its not about my ‘opinion’ ..
      scientist who have actually weighed the animals.. field studies report it, the mean ( average to you)
      weight/size of extant lions exceeds that of tigers in the wild..

      & anyhow, a wild pride boss lion is indeed ‘ King of Beasts”..
      Those who make it their professional business to know..
      ..confirm this fact kid.. so just get over yourself..
      & give your childish, petulant ranting a rest, huh..

  86. James W.

    Jeeze kid..
    You do need therapy..
    Its you – who is the nobody in these threads..
    ..buzzing around like a filthy fly, annoying a mighty lion..

    Go look up some real scientific research kid,
    you’ll find out about the actually measured
    physiological findings that show just why its..
    Lion>tiger>bear – in this context/contest of killers..

  87. Ross Wind

    In addition to the many videos showing the lion superiory. Artefacts confirm the lion’s superiority also. There are several old sculptures, images showing a male lion defeating a tiger or two tigers. With the exception of the Tower of London fight lion against two tigers. The lion was born in captivity and isolate in cage all his life. The two tigers were born in the wild. Here some examples.

  88. Swapnil

    Well, I am an Indian myself, and I have the time of course witnessing Tigers destroying lions and forcefully pushing to the extremely western part of country called, Gir forest, Gujrat state.

    Asiatic lions are no match for bengal tigers, tiger can tore them apart just as easily as we chew the carrots.

    1. James W.

      ..still with nil idea..
      Do some research & stop trolling..

      Until the advent of powerful firearms in the C19th.. was lions who were the apex carnivores in Asia’s open areas too..

      No tiger, or bear, can make a living in pride lion country..
      & there are currently fears expressed, that by reintroducing lions.. India’s National Parks – where tigers now live – will show this again..

  89. Swapnil

    Damn right Aka/Tony, we are going to prove him wrong. And, I am male. 😉

    Listen up, James we have been already over this thousands of times before and I am sick and tired of your ignorance.

    If lions were really the top carnivores of Indian grassland then what on the earth happened to them? Just take a look at their conditions and you will get your answers. You are not going to find any Asiatic lions in any other reserve you can find them only in Gir forest.

    And what fear? 😂😂 The reintroduction you’re talking was already cancelled in 2013-2014. And that’s the very same world you are living in right now James, always lagging behind.

  90. James W.

    India’s P.M…
    Modhi has the call.. & a personal interest.. so keep up..

    & apparently you read about as well as that..” imbecile” boy, Tiny..

    As I wrote: ” …the advent of powerul firearms in the C19th.”
    ..was the major reason for the widespread extirpation of lions in Asia..
    ..just as it was for the grizzly bear, in the CONUS…

    1. James W.

      Jeeze, kid..
      That video.. is just so lame..

      You still don’t know faked tiger fan-boy bullshit..
      ..even when its.. in your face.. try, & grow up, eh kid..

      Accept the reality.. boss lion dominates his stripey cuz.
      Its a natural fact, kid.. & no amount of fan-boy fave fantasy..
      ..can alter that fundamental natural reality..

      1. James W.

        “You stupid boy!”
        Tiny intellect does not even know what..
        the terms ‘mean/average’ actually indicate.. L.O.L…

        Try to comprehend, if you can.. ( its doubtful)..
        There is a larger variation in size difference between
        the tiger sub-species, whereas lions are much more uniform..

        As for the largest specimens, you fail ( as usual) to get that
        Amur tigers carry more weight in fur & fat than lions – due
        to the cold climate they live in.. & lions carry a greater % in muscle.

        A really big boss lion who has claimed the ‘lion’s share’ of meat,
        will naturally grow to a much larger size than the ‘average’..
        & he will be far more adept in application of violent dominance.. its a natural fact kid, & no fanboy ‘fave’ crap – can alter it..
        Boss lion > tiger..

      2. James W.

        dumb-as kid..

        To be pride boss.. the male lion has to prove himself..
        to be a bold fearless & aggressive fighter, from cub stage..

        He must defeat any/all intrusions into his territory, having
        successfully fought to establish & keep his dominance there..
        & earn the respect & devotion of his females too..

        Yet as a ‘Kingly’ beast, he may carefully raise his sons
        as a loyal entourage – to fight alongside him..
        & to later – continue his ‘royal’ lineage..

        Such a level of brutal dominion is unknown to tigers,
        let alone bears – which would be more ‘meat on the table’
        to a pride boss – who has to be an expert hunter/killer..

      3. James W.

        Wrong again kid.. usual, & also as usual..
        .. you simply cannot admit it..

        Evidence proves you wrong..
        & the boss lion is the champ.

        Boss lion’s well-honed fighting skills,
        plus that renowned ‘lion-heart’ attitude..
        gives him the edge, as shown in reality, &
        confirmed by experienced beastmasters..

        Time you put your childish ‘opinion’ to bed,
        huh, kid.. &, just accept the natural facts..

      4. James W.


        Try Google Scholar.. its there, if you look..

        & if you can possibly grasp the reality..’d realize that pride boss lions – are indeed.. upbringing, experience, aggressive temperament, &,
        sheer talent, is well able to defeat his stripey cuz, no doubt..

      5. James W.

        Kid, your ‘evidence’ actually just childish trash..

        You seriously fail – to comprehend..
        ..a big-as pride boss male lion..
        ..has to earn his ‘Kingly’ position..
        by his competitive attributes,
        ..including size, power, & aggression..
        ..resulting in a real adept fighter/killer..

        Cease the imbecilic ‘stupid boy’ act, huh kid..

      6. James W.

        Nat Geo/Smithsonian articles..
        are only as good as the data on which they are based..

        If the article writer is ill-informed, or is simply writing
        a ‘puff-piece’ then its still another worthless ‘opinion’

        But you kid, with your undeveloped child-mind..
        cannot grasp that the expert views of experienced
        hands-on people, & actual real-time video of animals
        is far more valid, scientifically, than your fantasy-faves..

        Thus, as the EVIDENCE shows, the pride boss lion is the
        King cat, & will dominate his stripey cousin.. FACT..

    2. James W.

      Hey, ‘stupid boy’..
      Tiger loses to pride boss lion..
      & your ‘opinion’ loses to reality..

      These are the natural facts, kid..

    3. James W.

      AKA/Pacifier-diaper user..
      As Capt Mainwaring so cogently put it..
      “You stupid boy..”
      & it really does apply – to you, kid..

      You have ‘proved’ nothing, ‘cept how immature..
      your painfully insecure, & fantasy-prone – ego – actually is..

      Try & learn how ‘fact-checking’ works kid, & put your emotive
      based ‘opinion’ away, ‘ til you learn something, other than..
      fantasy-type ‘confirmation bias’ derived from ludicrous crap..

      Do yourself a favour Tony.. seriously.. before its too late..
      & the AI Singularity uses your posts as reason – to delete you..

      1. James W.

        Your posts are largely trash..
        ..trash ‘opinion’; trash links; trash ‘talk’..

        You are merely a troll, when you stupidly
        deny EVIDENCE from reputable sources..
        ..then lamely claim that your trash = proof..

        & you are being a hypocritical wimp, when you
        started with the insults, but whine about it,
        when you get ’em served up – in return..

        Boss lion beats down his skulking, sneaky, stripey cuz..
        This is the fact of the situation.. whether you like it or not.. just put aside your childish fantasies & accept it, huh, kid..

      2. James W.

        Your momma!
        Go ahead Tony.. you just slink off now kid, like a sneaky stripey panthera boy..
        ..who has gotten fresh with, & a beat-down from – the King of Beasts..

        A ‘stupid boy’ – just like a tiger who is outmatched by a boss lion..
        ..has simply gotta learn his limitations.. or get a beat-down too.. L.O.L…

    4. James W.

      Hey kid, just wait ’til.. finally get to high school..
      ..with your dumb-as ‘tude, you’ll get an “education” – for sure, L.O.L…

      & you wouldn’t know what ‘evidence’ was – let alone proper scientific study.
      Hell kid, you likely wouldn’t get it, if’n a large angry tomcat jumped on you..

      Boss lion uses his life-long attributes of pitiless dominance, to waste stripey cuz..
      & that’s the fact.. Jack..

    5. James W.

      Too funny kid..
      You aint even graduated high school.. ( watch ‘Dazed & Confused’)
      & certainly – for sure, you cannot perceive the difference between..
      ..actual scientific research, & the sloppiest type of populist trash..

      Anyhow, boss lion takes this match-up, its his game..

    6. James W.

      No way you’ve “won” anything kid,
      ‘cept maybe.. the award for being ‘Most Pigheaded Poster’ L.O.L…

      You have consistently failed to understand the fundamental
      difference between valid scientific/expert knowledge..
      & farcical opinion based on fanboy fantasy, or acknowledge
      the facts of the matter even when repeatedly pointed out..

      So to summarise, the prime pride boss lion, who has extensively developed
      fighting skills overlaying his natural born aggressive drives to succeed.. the winner takes all – stakes of apex predator/top carnivore lifestyle –
      on the plains of Africa, has the tools & the talent – to whip his strpey cuz..

  91. James W.

    AKA/Sad boy..
    Jeeze kid..

    What is “…sad, sad, sad…” your inability to tell the difference..
    ..between trash & actual expert, & scientific articles..

    How is it.. that you cannot comprehend.. that the weak
    & trashy article you linked just above, is simply a lazy
    copy of the ‘Huffy Post’ article – you linked earlier?

    “Research” – it is most def’ not.. kid.. do try & get this..

    The literature search listed in the ‘allempires’ forum.. far more thorough, since it lists both direct references,
    & quotes from actual hands-on experts in the field..

    1. James W.

      Jeeze kid..

      Are you really such a “stupid boy”?
      About that 25+ page ‘allempires’ lion vs tiger thread..

      Kid, if you truthfully can’t determine the difference between..
      ..valid evidence-based posts.. such as entered by ‘Prime’ there..
      & the typical unreasoning fantasy tiger fan-boy crap..
      .. such as the likes of say.. Swapnali .. posts here..

      Then Tony, you’re (sadly) – just proving rob right..

      IF you do take the time & effort to read through the useful..
      ..properly referenced.. posts on the ‘all empires’ forum..
      ..such as ‘Prime’ has put so much diligent effort into..
      .. by determining the evidence base, & linking real literature..
      which reveals actual/known/proven – facts of the matter..

      Perhaps Tony, you then may develop the maturity needed..
      ..for you to even amend your “opinion” – so that it.. will..
      ..accord with reality.. & not your childish fantasy ‘faves’..

      Boss lion whips his stripey cuz in combat kid.. Fact!

  92. James W.

    Jeeze kid..
    You ARE such a “stupid boy”!

    How is it.. that you refuse to acknowledge reality?
    The lion & tiger are close cousins.. in the Felis Panthera line..
    & only fairly small differences exist between them..
    ..this is scientific fact, well established..

    However, those differences ( such as cardio-pulmonary capacity),
    favour the lion, along with its mane, & social living attributes..
    ..which are due to lifestyle divergence, but given the boss lion..
    ..his due title, long-recognised, as ‘King of Beasts’ .. like it or not..

    & kid, those labels ( Nat Geo, Smithsonian Huf’Post) ..
    ..which you choose to – blindly – put so much store into..
    ..are only as good as the references – which support what they write..

    Clearly.. the Smithsonian article is NOT a scholarly scientific piece..
    &,since it isn’t even properly referenced/sourced.., its.. simply popularist trash.. regardless of its fancy ‘label’..

    You are “delusional” kid, if you think a ‘ label’ is a valid substitute..
    ..for proper “research” , or validated data sets, via literature review..


  93. James W.

    Look joker..

    If you are actually interested in what went down in Rome..
    ..way back in the day.. check out what ‘Prime’ found..
    .. in his comprehensive literature review..

    Your quoted numbers are simply ludicrous nonsense.. such specifics exist verbatim – from Roman times..

    ‘Prime’ even showed the surviving ancient Roman art..
    ..which depicted such animal combats..
    & as per – nearly every – lion vs tiger contest shown in art..
    .. over the ages.. lions were the superior fighter.. as in reality..

  94. James W.

    Jeeze kid..
    You have got so many things wrong, kid..
    All 26 letters to head the list.. wouldn’t be enough..

    Such as “male lions don’t hunt” L.O.L…
    Let alone, heaps of other ‘stupid boy’ stuff..
    ..such as “76.2% muscle” ( you actually ‘believed’ that!)..
    &, yeah.. lions not hunting elephants.. L.O.L…

    Lions are the naturally dominant big cat.. Fact..

    1. James W.

      Jeeze kid..
      How can you not get it?
      Facts are established by scientific enquiry..
      ..not by votes.. “You stupid boy”.

      & repeating utterly unscientific nonsense..
      such as “72.6% muscle” is more “imbecile” stuff..

      You have seen the EVIDENCE of male lions hunting..
      ..that you deny this reality, shows you to be “deluded”..

      In all, Tiny.. your “opinion” on this topic.. is worthless crap..
      & your credibility is sub-zero, being that of a junk-troll..

      In reality kid, whether you like or not, its lion>tiger in combat.

      1. James W.

        Jeeze kid..
        Nat Geo just blew your dumb-as “opinion” away..

        Male lions do hunt, & to get what they want..
        ..will intimidate even the biggest elephants..

        But your childishly immature ego won’t let you..
        ..accept the facts.. even with EVIDENCE in your face..

        Boss males lions are the ‘King of Beasts’.. Fact..

      2. James W.

        Troll on kid..
        You’ve seen the EVIDENCE..
        ..but remain in denial..

        Male lions openly & habitually..
        ..use their roar to intimidate, & dominate..
        & all animals, in their territory know this..
        ..even bull elephants, & huge crocs..

        & they’d dominate tigers – the same way too..
        ..male tigers rarely roar, & cant match the boss lion..

        Its time you put away your childish fantasies kid..
        ..showed some “common sense” & accepted the reality..
        Boss lion is ‘King of Beasts’, & dominates his stripey cuz..

      3. James W.

        ..dumb-as, or what?

        You don’t even read your ‘beloved’ Nat Geo site..
        If you did.. you’d see the item uderlined (quoted below)

        “…lions getting better and better at hunting elephants…”
        & that links to the RESEARCH- which shows that lions do hunt all
        elephants (inc’ bulls) , but ” 2/3rds were aged 4-15 y/o ” – which
        are of course – much larger than bears..

        & how did you miss the bit about the male lion charging/smashing over
        the elephant – many times bigger than him ( or any bear) – all by himself?

        Thus your “opinion” is proven to be worthless crap, yet again..
        & you’ve been shown up.. as consistently wrong kid.. unlike me..

      4. James W.

        Read the data, kid..
        Researchers noted it.. the
        elephant taken down by the male lion.. a fearsomely bold crash-tackle..
        was a “6 year old”, & that’s real impressive..
        so just admit it..

        However your “opinion” remains worthless,
        as any others, which rely on fanciful nonsense,
        rather than properly researched evidence-based facts..

        & this applies to Nat Geo – just as much as every other site.
        Its a plain sign of emotional maturity to align your “opinion”
        with the facts, as they stand, & your failure to do so is sad, kid..

        If you cannot grasp this now, you are presenting as a prodromal
        psychotic, & are heading for an awful future.. as mentally deranged..

        Face the facts, boy – the big bold boss lion, out-beasts his stripey cuz..

      5. James W.

        Wrong.. yet again.. huh kid..
        oh dear.. how sad.. nevermind..

        & FYI dummy, lions have been the dominant cat..
        yep, & going way back.. See below:

        & some of those prehistoric lions – cubs frozen in permafrost..
        have been found, & may yet be cloned.. for the new park in Siberia..

        So.. any tigers there’d better watch out, at risk of being caught, skulking around..

    2. dallars kebantshitse otukile

      Tigers are bigger than lions but in Africa male lions hunt do hunt.

  95. rob

    Once again, The Kodiak and Polar bear laugh at both. You feline fan boys may carry on. I’ve been quiet recently, but I love seeing ignorance arguing against each other

    1. James W.

      Too funny..

      Hey rob.. you could always link a video..
      ..showing a couple of fat-as brownies..
      ..playing ‘pat-a-cake’ with each other.. if it was a real fight.. L.O.L…

      Those lardy lumps last about a minute & a 1/2..
      ..leaning on each other, with stinking fish/garbage paws..
      ..before the exertion causes one, or both, obese fur-bags.. begin liberally frothing drool, & then.. literally crapping itself..

      Real territory boss big cats would turn up their noses in disgust..
      ..before expertly executing an adept killer attack..
      .. on those hapless.. jokers.. just fat-as, circus-clown candidates..

  96. Giantbuttholenipple6

    Can people just stop being so damn ignorant and just leave these animals at peace?! You should appreciate them before they’re extinct in the next few generations instead of comparing them. You kind of people call this “Science” but really “Science” is just a poor excuse to create bullshit like hybridization with animals or stupid articles like these. Just stop.

  97. Byron

    A bear is not just a fat ass brownie. It is actually very fast ,agile and intelligent. Even if the tiger more aggressive it doesn’t mean the Kodiak won’t fight back. Animals become ferocious when fighting for their lives. A Kodiak also has a really strong bite. It can crush a bowling ball. They are very powerful and have been known to take down 1500lb moose. A single swipe from their paw could kill a tiger or lion. Even though I agree that size doesn’t matter ,in this situation it does come into play.

  98. Byron

    A bear and lion is not really a fair fight. A better fight would be a lion vs a silverback gorilla

  99. James W.

    Yeah, for sure,
    most of the stuff you two post is laughable, true ’nuff..

    But fat-as fur-bag will wish he had a big ol’ dumpster to hide in,
    when an ornery territory boss cat, with a vicious killing on his agenda,
    & naturally loaded for bear, relentlessly hunts for him..

    Bruin will be crapping himself, & way worse than he does in bear vs bear contests..

  100. Ross Wind

    Tigers are not fearless they are rear attackers don’t generally do frontal attacks unless it is very safe and when they do there are generally not very good at it. Tigers hunt and fight mainly with swiftness more than power.


    (1) Tiger run away from sloth bear

    (2) Two tigers fail to kill a female sloth bear. (Mail Online July 15, 2011)

    (3) Young tiger and young Himalayan bear playing together. We see the tiger avoiding frontal attack; he doesn’t strike use swiftness and always going by the back. Even if the tiger is mush larger and taller, it does not strike or use power. In real hunts it’s the same. Tigers don’t out power bears they use the element of surprise and attacked them by the back.

    (4) Sloth bears need to always watch their back

    (5) Two TIGERS FIGHTING A SLOTH BEAR with no element of surprise. Slot bear watch his back.

    (6) Two young adult tigers facing female sloth bear

    Male tiger vs male slot bear at night

    (7) Males Lions will confront a bear by the front (obvious staged fight)

    (8) TIGER FACE TO FACE WITH YOUNG BROWN BEAR (obvious staged fight).

    (9) Old male lion control food force a large Himalayan bear to back off with a frontal attack (male lion and a three legs old lioness vs. two large bears).

    **If tigers have so mush difficulties vanquish or out power small sloth bears what do you thing it would be for mature brown! It is only by surprise and by the back. Mainly the young bears or rarely a mature female.**

    1. AP

      Ross Wind,
      All of your video clips show sub-adult, inexperienced tigers – and it’s not like they can’t kill the sloth bears either, they just were not interested. Adult tigers have been documented taking out large prey like gaur and water buffalo – do you seriously think that they would struggle against a sloth bear?

      And check out some Russian studies too. Siberian (Amur) tigers have been documented taking out large male mature brown bears FACE TO FACE.

  101. Ross Wind



    1- Black and white film tiger lion fight. Tiger loose retreats lion running after.

    2- Black and white film lion wins, run after tiger.

    3- Jungle Jim black and white movie lion winner run after tiger.

    4- Lions defeat tigers. Tiger jumped on the roof of a tent to escape.

    5- The Lost Jungle 1934 part 3 black and white film at 7:33 min. to 8:19min. Male lion winner run after the tiger.


    7- Two lion cubs (adolescent, not sub adult yet) killed a tiger (actually one male lion made the throat bite) the zookeeper and crowd were panicking the tiger on his side not moving.

    8- 1929 black and white film Gir forest lion kill tiger.


    10- Single male lion inter a group of 7 tigers or more and made than all retreat.

    11- Lion not using the 3 position stand gave couple of fast blows to a Siberian tiger.



    14- Why the Koreans did this? One caged lioness with 3 most likely tigresses. Outnumbered and trap in a cage. The lioness showed great ferocity, making the tigers back off and showing submission to her.


    16- TWO INTIMIDATED MALE TIGERS (notice these two tigers were in a high position, perhaps first and second dominant male tigers)



    19- Lioness chase white tiger

    20- Male lion control the food tiger force to back up.

    21- Male lion control the food tiger force to back up.

    22- Male lion steal the tiger’s food, tiger force to back up.

    23- White male lion and three white tigers. Lion inters first, tigers keep distance from the lion.

    24- At 8:30 min. of the video. Koreans gave enrichment ball toy with a chicken inside to 3 or 4 tigers, probably attracted by the smell, one male lion and two lionesses came in the tiger’s side and took the ball from the tigers who immediately had retreated. The lions brought the ball to the lion’s side. When it comes for food, tigers knows that the male lion mean business. Another example of lions in control.

    25- Male lion control food force Indian bear back off (male lion and a three legs lioness vs. two bears.

    26- A lion cub swipe makes an adult tiger back off

    27- A submissive male tiger to a lioness and a submissive tigress to a male lion. As soon as the lioness made a growl the male tiger showed and immediate submission posture. The male lion came between the tigers and the lioness. The tigers back off and showed a submission posture to the male lion.

    28- Male lion, lioness and male tiger same enclose. Male lion warn tiger not to come close lioness and tiger obey.

    From an article of journal named Council Bluffs Nonpareil of the September 15, 1955, page 9. In a place called Playland Park in a small town in Iowa. A male lion named France during a circus performance had killed two tigers in a ring and still had enough of energy to fight other lions as well.

    The Milwaukee journal July 18, 1962, the Burlington Hawk Eye Journal and the May 27, 1933, Santa Cruz News, page 3, explained the making of the 1933 Big Cage film shows that a single male lion had killed one by one in separately battles 3 male tigers. After the hose sequence the Lion bite the tiger through the tiger’s kidneys and killed him.

    1. AP

      Ross Wind,
      Sorry to say, but your links are not valid. They are fake/edited clips. And as far as the journals are concerned, well, there are many records of tigers killing lions too. For example, in Ankara zoo in 2011, an 18 month old tiger killed a male lion with one paw swipe.

      And fights from captivity are not reliable because none of the animals are in healthy conditions. If you take a wild lion and a wild tiger, the winner depends entirely upon the individuals.

  102. Julian

    yes true lion’s are very weak Siberian tigers are rated 1st biggest cats in world which weigh up to 900lbs lions only about 520 lbs i agree with tony

  103. Roberto


  104. James W.

    & you are wrong, the boss lion has all the attributes necessary to beat down the tiger.
    Weaponry, cardio/adrenal output, & will-power – all give the ‘King’ – his rightful spot.

  105. James W.

    Kid, you only ‘prove’,
    that you are a pig-ignorant fanboi.

    Ross Wind found, & presented the natural facts; lion>tiger,
    which you cannot accept, due to your mental incapacity.

    Time you faced reality & grew-up some huh, Tony – seriously..

    1. James W.

      Foolish boy.
      You quite evidently, simply cannot tell – fact from fiction.
      Offering your childish opinion as “evidence” – is just – laughable.

      “Roman stats” – regarding tiger versus lion? There is no such thing – in reality.
      However, the Romans did rightly regard the lion as ‘King’ – of course.

  106. Swapnil

    Guys why to debate when we already know the winner of the fight. Of course a Tiger.

  107. Swapnil

    Guys why are you arguing when we already know who will be the winner of this contest? Of course a Tiger. Let these Lion tamers scream all they want it ain’t gonna change anything.

  108. joseph

    James be a grown adult and accept when you’re wrong. if you don’t have the courage to do that , please stop commenting and show yourself some respect. I’m crueless about cats but the arguments put by everyone you’re opposing are just overwhelming

  109. Vicgy

    Surely in many videos, lion fight tiger with hatred seeing it as its strongest enemy not prey
    LIon is more tough and fierce never accept defeat
    But if tiger comes to kill, it wont miss
    Tiger have great stamina and strong deffence skill

  110. declan

    wait… are you telling me now that God made a mistake for calling lion as the king of the jungle and the most strongest of all beast, even Samson the strongest man which no one has never meet his record on earth said in the Bible, he make it a proverb “what is more stronger than a lion” now you’re there judging with height or size that’s bullshit, haven’t watched any video where the tiger beat or killed a lion, have watched over 50 videos bout their fight where the lion always prevail either kill the Siberian tiger or scare him away after beating the hell out of him, the last one I watched a African lion vs 2 Siberian tigers and after a long struggling, one of them ran away for his dear life while the other one is dead although lion was weak and can hardly walk due to the injuries he got from those two tigers, if you wanna talk anything bout that prove to us with a real video of it where a Siberian tiger killed a full grown lion, not with some fucking theories.

  111. Raven

    Winner is.. unknown.. depends on the animal.
    1. Recent researches about Amur Tigers show they are averaging 176kg , less than Bengals (190+ kg)) while in the wild. Those 300+ kg ones are either overfed captives or older weight-ins. The average historical wild male Siberian tiger weighed 215.3 kg (475 lb) and the female 137.5 kg (303 lb); the contemporary wild male Siberian tiger weighs 176.4 kg (389 lb) on average with an asymptotic limit being 222.3 kg (490 lb); a wild female weighs 117.9 kg (260 lb) on average
    2. Lions have more stamina than any other big cat… They last longer while hunting.
    3.Lions are slightly smarter… sure their coordination is big hint about that, however circus trainers have say for a lion it takes 3 weeks to learn a trick… tiger needs 4. If you count that tigers are more stuborn and egotistical by nature (less prone to follow orders, lions have in their genes organised hunting) … i’ll call it even…
    4. lions are faster. Much Faster. Tigers have longer leap…each has its advantages, depending on the scenario.
    5. Most things we know are from confrontations in the zoos…However, in nature lions have to combat other lions occasionally… Tigers avoid conflicts as much as possible… And experience counts if you have a wild animals face off… Male lions have better combat instict…tigers have much better hunter instict.
    6. Siberian Tiger has more fat in those kilos than a lion or Bengal. And is more slaggish as a result. IF you ask me Bengal vs Siberian…i’ll call Bengal. Same if Lion vs Bengal. Not easily , but 6/10 Bengal would win vs a lion…

    say what you want, in my eyes it’s an even match…mostly depends on the indivitual animal. However vs an Indian Lion most tigers would have an advantage.
    In the little we know about confrontations of Lions and Tigers in the wild, they are 50-50%

  112. James W's mom

    James sweetie, you must understand that a Siberian Tiger will destroy an African Lion in a fight.

    Don’t be sad honey!!

    1. James W.

      just.. so lame..
      & troll sez whaaa..

      The facts speak for themselves..

      Lion is King.. regal, majestic..
      Tiger is sly.. skulking, sneaky..

      Boss lion beasts down – his lesser, stripey, cousin…

    1. AP

      I agree, there are many things wrong with Lames…L.O.L…

  113. James W.

    AKA – the ‘stupid boy’.

    Alas, there are so many things
    “…wrong with you.”!

    So yeah, you just got whipped.. by the facts..
    once again.. as usual.. L.O.L…
    Awww.. now, nevermind.. go & cry.. to mommy..

    (Hey kid, why not join that forum – which I’ve just linked..
    & see how your dumb-as, ‘stupid boy’ – routine.. fits in there.)

  114. James W.

    You lose..
    on the facts..

    So..’stupid boy’ runs to mommy.. waaa..
    & its ’bout time.. you got her titty out yo’ mouth, boy..

    Typical.. tiny Jackie lamely resorts to infantile claims
    about ignorant ‘opinion’ (esp’ his own!) being somehow
    superior to established, validated facts.. which he ignores..

    Well animal fans.. the facts are – boss lion truely is the ‘King’,
    & he being so combative, really relishes outbeasting – his stripey cuz..

    You can accept the reality kid.. or remain deluded.. its your call..

  115. Shere Khan

    A large male Bengal or Siberian Tiger would kill an large male African Lion within minutes. The Tiger is a larger and stronger animal and is armed with larger claws and canines. The Lion’s only hope is it’s mane .

    In fact, check this video out. Here a large male African Lion is pitted against a small to medium sized Tiger. Despite being smaller, the Tiger manages to flip the Lion on it’s back several times, while the Lion is not able to do the same to the Tiger. At 2:50 exactly, the Tiger pins the Lion by grabbing it’s head. The only reason the Lion survives is because the humans seperated them using water:

    Also, the Tiger is 72.6% muscle with 7.7% body fat, while the Lion is a mere 58.8% muscle with 13.7% body fat.

    1. James W.

      Sheer Khrap.
      Get real kid,
      & get your numbers right..
      That “58% -” is lion skeletal muscle..
      Tigers are very similar, but a bit less..

      As for combat prowess, nevermind
      referencing a staged, edited movie stunt..
      check the reality of the natural world.

      (& nevermind the title, this vid shows two brothers
      ‘sparring’ to learn combat skills to be the pride ‘boss’)

      Fighting prowess to attain & hold dominance..
      is a subject of much more rigour/skill for lions..

      Lions also possess the stamina/will to fight on bitterly,
      whereas a tiger must win quickly, or he loses his nerve
      before he becomes exhausted/over-heated..

      Tigers cannot match their tawny cousins in
      this aspect.. a too bold tiger gets injured,
      & starves while unable to hunt..

      Whereas a lion pride is sociable,
      & will support the timely recovery of
      a pride boss wounded in the course of his duty..

      1. Shere Khan

        Jamie Wasabi,
        By all means, please do some research. Everything from canine length to bite force to SKELETAL MUSCLE mass to fighting records favor Tigers.

        That scene is not from a movie – it is a real life incident in which the Tiger got the upper hand despite being smaller.

        The video you posted of the Lions fighting is, nevertheless, impressive, but you need to show me an UNEDITED fight in which a Lion dominates a Tiger of SIMILAR SIZE or LARGER in order to prove your point.

        FYI, Lions and Tigers have similar levels of stamina.

        Also, Tigers DO fight. Male Tigers often have to fight to death in order to win the heart of a female (and vice versa). They avoid conflict, because, like you said, a Lion has a pride which it can rely on, while a Tiger does not have that sort of back up.

  116. Shere Khan

    Also, Tigers are not cowards. When you see them retreating in a fight, they are planning their next move. Experts agree that Tigers are master planners when it comes to fights.

  117. Shere Khan

    Sorry, my bad. That incident was from a film, BUT, they till used two real animals, and the fight was legit

  118. James W's Mom

    Oh, Shere Khan, thank you very much! My sweetie James W just can’t except the facts! He always cries in my lap at night when he sees a Lion losing a fight!

    Don’t worry James Sweetie! You can watch Lion King while I breastfeed you!
    Take care honey!


  119. Royal Bengal Tiger

    Lion: King of the Jungle/King of the Beasts in story books.
    Tiger: King of the Jungle/King of the Beasts in real life.

    Tiger: 72.6% muscle with 7.7% body fat.
    Lion: 58.8% muscle with 13.7% body fat.

    Get wrecked Lion fans.

  120. AP

    Both Lion and Tiger fans are producing valid arguments.

    However, the truth of the matter is, the winner of this fight depends on the species. An Asiatic Lion will have difficulties against a Bengal/Siberian Tiger, while a Sumatran Tiger won’t fare too well against an African Lion.

    But what about an African Lion vs a Bengal/Siberian Tiger? Than, the fight can go either way. The Tiger will be slightly larger and stronger – but not by a margin that could easily defeat the Lion. The Lion has a mane which protects his neck – of course, it does not make it impossible for the Tiger to get a throat bite, but certainly more difficult to hold and achieve.

    If you put a gun to my head, I might say Tiger because they tend to go straight for the kill in a fight, whereas Lions like to like to slowly maul their opponents to death – however that is just me. Generally speaking, each animal has a 50% chance of winning.

  121. AP

    Also, some people are talking about fights in captivity. Note that the outcomes of these fights are NOT an accurate representation of what would happen in the wild. This is because captive animals are sick, unhealthy, and malnourished. Their wild counterparts are a completely different story.

    1. James W.

      some fights recorded – those using captive reared animals,
      who do not develop properly, physically or experientially,
      or involving sick/injured/drugged animals, are indeed bogus.

      However, there are the accounts from vastly experienced
      circus beastmasters, who kept their wild-caught performers
      in top condition, to provide the best possible showing, as
      the big cats themselves liked to do..

      & the longstanding repute of the lion, as ‘King’ was certainly
      demonstrated – since time-after-time, the boss lion proved
      his indomitable will, & yes, his good nature too.

      Such as boss lion was invariably the senior cat in the performing
      troup, & he laid down his authority by force of his will, & power.
      This is reported by many different circus beastmaster accounts,
      & they also mention the communal lion’s propensity to gang up
      on the tigers, who would not support another of their species.

      This aspect, the social ability of learned cooperation, is a marked
      reason as to how/why lions took the tiltle of apex land predator..

      Tigers had to retreat into deep jungle, to avoid persecution by them.

      1. AP

        James W,
        Loved your post! But I have a question: Were there any fights in circuses where lions got the upperhand over tigers in fight? Your post talks mainly about how lions established their king like status, but not about fighting.

        Keep in mind, that both lions and tigers are apex predators of their own territories. Tigers can also work in groups too – solitary tigers have been known to gang up in order to kill a problem off, and there have been cases in history where tigers have formed a coalition to escape from captivity to the jungle – check out that video of two Siberian tigers escaping from a zoo in India and encountering a Bengal tiger in the wild. In fact, a group of tigers are known as a “streak” or an “ambush.”

        Also, tigers did not retreat into the deep jungles. In India, lion and tiger’s territories did indeed overlap, but they don’t anymore due to habitat destruction and poaching.

        1. AP

          And ignore SS and Shere Khan. They are trolls. Kind of a shame that troll went under the name Shere Khan. Shere Khan, the tiger from Jungle Book, is actually one of my favourite Disney characters.

        2. James W.

          I suggest you follow up the relevant citations linked by Ross Wind,
          & since many of those famed circus beastmasters wrote memoirs,
          you should be able to check them via ‘google books’.

          AFAIR, the dominance of the boss male lion in the big-top was
          determined by his ability to prove his power by beat-downs,
          just as it is in the wild..

          & any wild tiger ( or bear) who attempted to contest territory
          with a powerful lion pride, is either suicidal, a fool, or both..

          1. AP

            James W,
            Ross Wind’s citations are not accurate because they are all fake video clips. Not to mention that they feature sick and injured animals…

            Are you aware of any specific books which talk about beast masters and their experience with big cats?

            Indeed, it would be suicidal for a lone tiger or bear to go after a lion pride, but a single tiger or bear could hold their own against a single lion…

    1. James W.

      No & no..
      Your brain appears to be ~98% mush.

  122. SS

    Lames W,
    No, sorry. The tiger is 95% muscle while the lions is 15% muscle.

    1. James W.

      sadly, your troll-fu is.. 100% lame..

      As ‘comic book guy’ would likely say..
      “Worst lion vs tiger troll-attempt, ever!..”

  123. SS

    Lames W,
    Look kid… You need to accept reality…
    A tiger is actually 130% muscle while the lion is only 10% muscle.
    Plus, the tiger has a mane to protect it’s neck – the lion does not

  124. James A

    No SS!
    The tiger is actually 150% muscle while the lion is 5% muscle

    1. Flyingtiger21

      Siberian tigers are lot bigger than lions I think it would have been more fair if you compared lions to Bengal tigers.

  125. Troll

    James W,
    A tiger has magical powers so he can beat a lion.

    1. James W.

      No way trollie-trolls, common sense tells us..
      only the liger has such supernatural abilities,
      & he gets them from his father.. who is always – a lion.

  126. AP

    Why are mentioning bears? This is a lion vs tiger thread.

    James W,
    Ignore Shere Khan and SS. They are trolls.

  127. James W's great grandpa

    Listen guys,
    A tiger would destroy a lion.
    Too big, too strong, and too powerful for the lion to handle.

    James W, look great grandson, I have worked with both animals my entire life, and each time the tiger destroyed the lion.

  128. Troll

    No James W,
    Lion is 4% muscle while the tiger is 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% muscle

  129. James W.

    no.. fool, them’s jellyfish %
    – you gobblegook turkey.

  130. Troll

    James W,
    Tigers swim in the ocean and prey on jellyfish.
    Lions try but they can’t.
    Why? Because tigers have mane to protect their neck. Lions don’t

  131. Troll

    And tiger can beat a turkey, but lion can’t – lion have no mane, tiger do. Tiger king of jungle and king of beast. Tiger beat every animal on earth. I went to zoo yesterday and saw tiger kill a large dinasaour.

  132. Troll

    There video on Youtube of tiger flying to Africa using it’s wings and killing a pride of lions, elephants, hyenas, and crocodiles. The tiger than went to Walmart, bought a gun, and killed lions to extinction. The lion is now extinct. Also, lion only 50 pounds, while tiger is 2000 pounds. Even leopard kill lion. Gorillas prey on the lion to

  133. James W.

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  134. Troll

    No No No
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  135. Troll

    Lion can’t kill goat but tiger can because tiger have mane

  136. Royal Bengal Tiger

    A tiger would win 9/10 times. It is simply to powerful and it’s large canine teeth could easily penetrate through the lion’s mane. Plus, a Royal Bengal/Siberian tiger has at least a 100 pounds of muscle on the largest male lion.

    The tiger is larger, stronger, faster, agile, smarter, etc. The one and only advantage a lion has is a mane – which a tiger’s teeth can easily penetrate.

  137. James W.

    are you losing your cool..
    too bad, for you, punkah-wallah..

    Are you upset ’cause Asiatic lions
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    Your sub-normal intellect precludes your
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  138. AP

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        1. James W.

          Rumours Apey?
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          India is on the official POTUS ‘shithole list’
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        2. AP

          There is a lot of corruption in India, indeed…
          However, the media only focuses on the negative, not the positive…

  141. AP

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    1. James W.

      you do realise..
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      Jaguars & leopards are not infrequently.. notably
      marked alternatively – as melanistic.. but not so tigers..

      Even so, the mighty, golden hued ( & sure, inc’ males with dark manes)
      lions are without doubt.. the deserved ‘Kings’ – of the cat family..

      1. Tiger Black

        James W. I know man. I put this name here because it sounds cool.

  148. AP

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  150. James W.

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  151. AP

    Can’t promise anything…. I gave you a chance already under the “Grizzly vs Gorilla” thread….

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    As of now, we are neutral…

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  157. James W.

    it would indeed be possible..
    for a tiger to defeat a lion..

    In certain circumstances.. where
    the lion is at a notable disadvantage, of some kind,
    &/or – when the tiger is a proven champion fighter.

    But.. as hugely experienced beastmasters confirm,
    a true boss lion in his prime, can & will.. brutally utiize
    his more recent evolutionary adaptation advantages..

    & beat down his stripey cousin.. even a tiger of ostensibly
    equivalent power & ferocity.. lacks the boss lion’s combat edge..

    So ok, yes.. “the fight can go either way”, yet.. on an assumed basis
    of ‘all things being equal’ – then for sure, the King – justly, rules..

    This is quite simply, a natural fact, borne out by careful observation,
    & documented over time.. in the order of dozens of centuries..

    A natural fact – which no quantum of ‘opinions’ – posited by biased
    interweb fanatical fantasists.. can ever override – in reality..

  158. AP

    James W,

    “it would indeed be possible..
    for a tiger to defeat a lion..”

    Absolutely, I agree with you. And in all fairness, a lion can also defeat a tiger.

    “In certain circumstances.. where
    the lion is at a notable disadvantage, of some kind,
    &/or – when the tiger is a proven champion fighter.”

    This is where, unfortunately, you are wrong… The lion does not need to be at a “notable disadvantage.” Both of them can be full grown adults in their physical primes and the tiger still has a 50% chance of winning.

  159. AP

    “& beat down his stripey cousin.. even a tiger of ostensibly
    equivalent power & ferocity.. lacks the boss lion’s combat edge..”

    Again, you are incorrect. Okay, fine, I get it. Lions always go out looking for fights whereas tigers choose to avoid conflict. Tigers avoid conflict, NOT because they are cowards, but because they are solitary hunters who can’t afford injuries, unlike lions who have a pride to support them. BUT… here is the BIG BUT… all wildlife biologists and experts who have spent decades studying these magnificent beasts agree on one thing: When PROVOKED, a tiger will make sure that his opponent is DOOMED (especially Bengal tigers). When provoked, a tiger will stop at NOTHING to absolutely annihilate his opponent. The tiger will have NO MERCY. So if a lion crosses the line and provokes the tiger too much, the “pride boss” male lion will have quite a fight in front of him…

    1. James W.

      No apey..
      wrong again..
      do at least try & learn..

      It takes a remarkable tiger to defeat an ordinary lion..
      just as it takes a particularly adept bear – to fight off a tiger..

      The bear who is fighting for his life.. has to prove to the tiger..
      it just aint worth it.. & the tiger most likely.. will relent.. for now..
      (Yeah, tigers are notorious for being bad losers, & ah, bearing – grudges}..

      But for a boss lion.. who has only got to where he is by NEVER
      doubting his capabilities to dominate.. he’s literally.. ‘do or die’,
      & that’s that.. like the movie ‘Terminator’, he just won’t stop..
      until he’s wrecked his adversary or is.. destroyed himself..

      &, if he’s in his top combat prime.. he’ll win.. he’s got it all,
      the tools, the talent, & the ‘tude, too.. its a natural fact..

      1. AP

        James W,
        I don’t think you read my post carefully…

        Of course, an aggressive lion who is ready for combat will easily defeat a tiger who is docile (and vice versa).

        What you don’t understand is that this is a hypothetical scenario in which both animals have been pressed to fight. And, as I mentioned in my previous post, when pressed to fight, a tiger can be just as dangerous as a lion if not more.

        Check this link out:

        1. AP

          And, you are wrong in declaring absolutes such as “it takes a remarkable tiger to take down an ordinary lion.” I guarantee you that a Kaziranga Bengal tiger would EASILY take down an Asiatic lion whereas an Okavanga African lion will defeat a Sumatran tiger…

          1. AP

            And please don’t say that link is unscientific. Live Science is most certainly a reliable source…

          2. AP

            Nor does it take an “adept” bear to take down an ordinary tiger. A healthy adult bear can hold it’s own against a healthy adult tiger.

            Check this video out:

            Now, don’t get me wrong. Literally any species of tiger would annihilate a sloth bear (the species of bear in the video). However, this desperate mother sloth bear managed to fend of a sub-adult tiger. It was indeed rare, and an exception too, but it goes to show what animals are capable of.

            (P.S. The mother sloth bear would have done the same thing to a sub-adult lion)

          3. James W.

            if that poor old malnourished, in-bred Asiatic lion..
            was still in the prime physical state his kind was properly due,
            – when many millenia ago, they swept west across southern
            Eurasia, he’d for sure.. back his chances.. & be proven right.. as it happened..

            & a big-as, buffalo-fed Okavango boss lion.. would still.. deal to the RBT..
            Its a natural fact.. & no bear would argue the point with either breed of brute cat..
            well, not more more than once, anyhow..

          4. James W.

            Sadly AP, again..
            you can’t seem to grasp.. just what you’re viewing..

            The tiger was only sufficiently affronted by the dumb-as termite bear..
            to inflict a mere taste of the force – of which he was fully capable..
            but for whatever reason.. of his own.. he simply.. left it at that..

            You can be absolutely certain.. that if a bad-as boss male lion was the intruder,
            instead of a stupid, lowly, peg-toothed sloth bear, there’d be ‘bloody hell to pay’..
            & that’s a natural fact..

            The bear

          5. AP

            James W,
            Umm… no. That tiger was trying to kill the sloth bear but was absolutely exhausted at the end of the fight, as the video states at the end. The tiger was trying to eat the sloth bear cub, but it could not fight off the mother.

            That being said, it was an inexperienced, sub-adult tiger. A fully grown male (or female) tiger who had good experience with hunting would have probably killed the mother sloth bear and taken the cub.

          6. AP

            The same thing goes for lions too. An inexperienced sub-adult lion would have suffered the same fate as that sub-adult tiger. But a fully grown male (or female) lion who had good experience in hunting would have likely killed the sloth bear.

          7. James W.

            seems its..
            ‘schooling’ time, once again..

            Do try & understand the difference..
            between ‘givens’, & ‘absolutes’..

            You are incorrectly conflating these terms..
            “I guarantee you that…” – for real..

  160. AP

    Also, can you please provide some links from beast masters? AFAIK, fights in captivity (or in any unnatural setting) tend to favor the tiger more often than not…

    However, I don’t like to rely on fights from captivity because none of the animals are in healthy conditions. So, from my speculation, if you take a healthy wild lion and a healthy wild tiger, both have an equal chance of winning.

    1. James W.

      look ’em up..
      I’ve read ’em online..
      Try ‘google books’, check for memoirs of people like Clyde Beatty,
      & for the the accounts of ‘gentleman adventurers’ from ~1800-1950..

      Ok, so some of those more lurid stories are overt bullshit, usually tales in
      newspapers from 2nd hand sources, or in the ‘That’s what I heard’ category..
      but for those ‘old-school’ real-deal dudes who’d developed a ‘reputation’,
      one that lion-like, they’d certainly – fight a deadly duel over – to defend..
      well for sure those guys knew what they seen & done, & described it rightly,
      true enough..

      The remnants of fierce wildlife which still exists.. to be caught on video, today,
      is only a fraction of what was always going down, way back in the day..

      & you really can only make educated guesses ’bout what was happening..
      way back , at the point when men developed the weaponry & combat skills..
      to wrest the rightful title of top predator, from those formidable beasts..

      1. AP

        James W,
        Sure, I will indeed look up some of those on google books.

        But let me correct you on one thing: Don’t rely on Clyde Beatty. That guy was EXTREMELY BIASED towards lions. In fact, he would do ridiculous things such as pitting seven male African lions against a 100 lb Sumatran tiger.

        1. James W.

          No AP,
          about Beatty, funnily enough – if you check..

          You’ll find his experience, to a certain extent.. confirms your impressions..
          & he freely acknowledges that indvidual big cats have mightily impressed him,
          with a top tiger truly able to hold his own against most lions & best bears..

          But his decades of fearlessly living, & working performances with, & caring for..
          real wild-captured beasts, who would not be forced.. must be given due respect..

          & he was able to confirm the ages old status accorded by mankind, to lions, of King..
          ( & in fact he reveals that his life actully depended.. on his ‘deal’ with his ‘boss’ lion,
          who would step up & beat down.. any & every other beast who disrespected Beatty
          inc’ his most ferocious bloody-minded tigers.. it was simply ‘in them’ – to do so)..

          1. AP

            Of course, there is no denying that Beatty should be respected for what he has done.

            But unfortunately, that does not change the fact that he always had a bit of bias towards lions. Plus, in those types of fights, lions would usually gang up on a single tiger…

    2. James W.

      & sorry AP, ’bout your ‘Livescience’ link..
      but in reality its a ‘puff-piece’ of populist trash..

      & its certainly not a peer-reviewed science journal article..
      it has in fact, been written by a mere undergraduate.. in physics.. not zoology..
      who duly namechecks a zookeeper.. for an opinion.. which is based on..
      no actual combat evidence, nor real wild-lived experience, nor research.. either..

      So yeah, ts basically worthless ‘junk’.. as ‘dumbed down science’ typically.. does go..

      1. AP

        You understand that while he may have majored in physics, he has actually had experience in zoology? And he is making his claims based on OBSERVING both animals in the wild. So honestly, that link certainly has some truth to it…

        Plus, I guarantee you that he is FAR more reliable than Clyde Beatty…

        1. James W.

          no.. again.. just no way known..
          Beatty learned & knew.. more about the ways of those real wild beasts..
          than any dozen dilletante-wannabe big-cat onlookers..

          & in fact, Beatty’s views are indeed.. duly confirmed by Tippi Hedren..
          who just like Beatty.. has actually had the benefit of hands-on.. life
          or death experience with these big cats – over many decades..
          which is a major.. something.. your cited ‘expert’ – certainly aint done had..

          1. AP

            Well, for starters, the guy who I cited actually spent time OBSERVING animals in the wild. So, he knows what he is talking about.

            I am not trying to say that Tippi Hedren is not reliable, but keep in mind that she was a huge lion fan…

  161. Tiger

    The tiger is the most majestic of all the big cats.
    The tiger is the REAL king of all felines.
    The tiger is nicer than a lion – tigers always share food with their cubs, wives, and even other tigers!
    The lion many be known as the “king of the beasts” but the tiger is more awesome. The tiger is a stronger and heavier beast than the lion. Bengal tigers can weigh up to 575 lbs, and the Siberian tiger is even heavier.

    1. James W.

      ah.. no..

      Your fantasy-hook blinds you – to reality..

      Lion has been respected as King, by people, for tens of centuries..
      even in places where lions did not occur naturally, & tigers did..

      Lions are generably more likeable with humans, & are trustworthy,
      this is a big reason why they are preferable in regular contact settings.

      Along with the bold, regal bearing & luxuriant mane, too.. of course..

      1. Tiger

        No and no,
        Tigers are nicer than lions. Lions are overrated and tigers have never been given the respect that they deserve. It has been observed that male tigers are very humble and they always let the cubs and the females feed first at a kill. Lions do the opposite. Tigers attack more people because human settlements overlap with their territories. This usually does not happen in the African savannah with lions.
        Tiger: Royal, regal, majestic, and humble.
        Lion: Royal, regal, majestic , but incompetant, greedy, kingly in a bad way, etc.
        The lion’s glory lies entirely behind it’s mane. Shave the mane of, and the lion would not be nearly as respected.

        1. James W.

          no.. no..
          & no..

          Look up ‘Born Free’, its about a lioness.. no mane..
          & she was a true friend to her human companions..
          as well as an excellent mother to her own cubs..

          Also look up ‘Christian the Lion’, about a male lion
          raised as pet by men, but duly returned to the wild..

          The men who cared for him returned years later..
          They found ‘Christian’ remembered them fondly,
          & he even introduced them to his fully wild lioness
          partner, in a kindly, decent & yes, Kingly manner..

          In history, it is the tiger who’s earned the reputation for
          wanton cruelty & malice, plus vanity & bravado, while
          always hiding under the surface, ( no matter how ‘tame’ he
          seemed) & remaining a sly, treacherous brute..
          who will savagely kill & maim, for the sheer hell of it,
          & just ’cause he could..

          Such as how ‘Sher Khan’ is so accurately portrayed..

    2. James W.

      the largest big cat ever..
      is in fact.. Panthera Leo Atrox..
      The American lion.. & now extinct, sadly..

      1. Tiger

        Umm, I think the Nangdong tiger (don’t know if I spelled that correctly) was the largest of all cats…

        1. James W.

          ah, no..
          sorry old chap.. but.. no..
          wrong, on both counts..

          1. Tiger

            Google it. Those tigers would easily cross 900 pounds, whereas those lions who max out at like 800 (850 was rare).

          2. James W.

            you’d need..
            to ‘google scholar’ it..

            Look up Wheeler’s 2009 study via ‘researchgate’
            examining Panthera Atrox body size..
            those real big lions.. likely grew as large as.. “450kg”!

  162. AP

    Cody Shit,
    Please provide citations for your ludicrous claims.

    AFAIK, scientific studies have shown that both lions and tigers are ~60% skeletal muscle.

    Both lions and tigers sprint between 35-50 MPH.

    Both lions and tigers have 3-4 inch canines.

    I await your response…

    1. I’m a person

      AP but Siberian tigers are much larger than lions and are also smarter.

      1. James W.

        check the research
        done by ‘Yamaguchi et al’.

        The largest lions do grow to ’bout the size
        as the big ol’ tigers, & the smallest tiger
        breeds are much smaller than lions..

        & as for ‘smarter’, cats are all ‘smarter’
        than most people realize, ’cause they only
        show it, when they want to, if they want to..

        But lions habitually live in groups, & are
        socially cooperative, which requires development
        of a kind of ‘intelligence’ that tigers do not use..

        For example, scientists have shown that lions
        do actively count, & use these figures in planning
        activities, both in hunting, & for territorial claims..

  163. Tiger

    This whole “tigers being evil, sly, cunning” is complete bullshit. Shere Khan is NOT an accurate representation of what tigers are in real life – the same can be said about Scar also… For the trillionth time, it has been observed that male tigers are A LOT more caring and humble than male lions. Male tigers always let tigresses and cubs eat first. Lions ruthlessly beat their own females and even kill their own cubs just for food. Indeed, there have been cases of lions forming bonds with humans, but the same can be said about tigers to. Go on Youtube and check out that video where a family keeps a pet tiger. The tiger shows NO signs of being “evil, cunning, sly, etc.” The facts of the matter is that tigers have never gotten the respect that they deserve. And even in the Jungle Book, if you truly understood the story, you would understand that Shere Khan was actually, secretly, a good guy. He wanted to kill Mowgli because Mowgli’s father tried to kill him. He feared humans. On the other hand, Scar, from Lion King, was just downright evil…

    1. James W.

      & get some education..

      Lions live in extended family groups, habitually..
      & cubs are cared for – fed, raised & taught the ways of life,
      by the whole pride..

      Male lions do not kill their own cubs.. they, like all male cats,
      inc’ tigers.. do kill the cubs of foreign males..

      In actual fact, pride boss males will indeed specially invite
      their tiny cubs to feed 1st at kills, with them, for ‘the lion’s share’..

      The ancient obsevations of men who recorded the habits of big
      cats were of course, predicated on their own beliefs & values,
      (along with primitive superstitions & ‘evil spirits’ ideation),
      & today.. we do not accept these views at ‘face value’ anymore..

      However, the actual descriptions of cat conduct, & the contrast
      between the ‘bold’ lion, & the ‘lurking’ tiger, can still be clearly seen,
      even if we no longer ascribe such emotive-laden motives to them.

      1. Tiger

        Of course it does not regularly happen, but lions do kill cubs:
        And Bengal tigers are the most bold of all cats. Bengal tigers hunt rhinos, elephants, and crocs all by themselves. They sit in the middle of highways and eat lunch.

        1. James W.

          you do realize..
          the vid-link you posted..
          proved my point..

          The male lions protected & provided for,
          their own cubs..
          but.. they will kill.. the cubs of other males..

          & tigers may sit on the roadways of national parks,
          as do lions, as tourist view them, safely..
          ( & lions in fact, utilize the tarmac roads for hunting
          hard-hoofed prey, who will lose their footing, & fall),

          But be real..
          any cat dumb enough to lie “in the midddle of a highway “,
          is a soon to be.. dead cat.. & even huge bears are killed, in this way..

  164. Tiger

    And this whole, “lions are brave and tigers are evil” is human made up bullshit. It is what humans have named them. No animal is nature is “evil.” They all kill to survive. And while the lion has been respected by Indians for many centuries, many humans also respect the tiger. In fact, the Indian godess Durga rides on a tiger, not a lion. Again, no animal is evil. They all kill to survive. There has been NO scientific evidence stating that tigers are evil. It is just human made up bullshit.

    1. AP

      Siberian tigers are indeed larger than African lions, but this is because it’s extra pounds come from the extra fur and fat they carry. Siberian tigers have more fur and fat because they live in colder temperatures. In terms of strength and muscle mass, both animals are very similar (in fact, lions and tigers are the same animals under the skin).

      As far as intelligence is concerned, tigers do have a large cranial volume in their brains, but both animals, again, are very similar here to. Both animals are capable of working in groups (yes, tigers have been documented doing so), and both know how to kill well.

      1. I’m a person

        AP a Siberian tiger has a stronger bite though so I think the fight leans more towards the tiger though if the lion was a Barbary lion it would be a even fight.

        1. James W.

          too funny..
          the power of the bite of lion & tiger..
          is ’bout the same, & really only differs,
          based on the size of the individual’s skull..

          The Barbary lion’s massive mane makes it very
          difficult for the tiger to hook his claws onto,
          & thus exert control over, & to then put a
          killer bite into.. the lion’s vital head/neck zone..
          but.. the tiger has no such useful defence himself..
          & the lion knows it..
          But of course you surely realise , big cats do habitually..
          bite.. way harder than grizzly bears can.. L.O.L..

          1. AP

            James W,
            A Barbary lion’s massive mane does indeed protect it’s neck, but it does NOT make it impossible for the tiger to establish a killer bite to the neck. Keep in mind that while big cats do go for the neck when killing prey, they will attack attack every body part in a fight. If a tiger can not establish a killer bite to the lion’s neck, it always has the option of ripping it’s stomach open (in all fairness, the lion can also do that)
            And only lions and tigers have the ability to bite harder than grizzly bears (maybe Pantanal jaguars). But forest jaguars, leopards, cougars, cheetahs, can’t. So, I would not say “all big cats”.

          2. I’m a person

            Tigers can but grizzlys bite harder than a lion

          3. I’m a person

            James you realize that the mane while protective can’t hold up to claws ripping it out

          4. Troll

            no no jamez w is rong. bear bite harder than lion. bear to strong. but nobody take down jagu. jagu to strong.

            the lion not cat. the lion is dog. the lion bark. lion not cat. lion dog.

          5. AP

            James W/ aka “stupid boy” and “dumb-as”,

            No, it is not that Nat. Geo. is unreliable. It contradicts most of your fantasy notions, thus, you don’t buy what it says. When Nat. Geo. shares the same belief as you, you state that it is one of the few things they get right. Ironically, even Ross Wind (the one who blindly supports the lion, like you) has even relied on Nat. Geo. – but you don’t object it. Why? Because Ross Wind, just like you, is a lion fan… very funny…LOL.

            “& dumb-as.. big cat species that grow jaws to anywhere near to the size of bear jaws, have much more forceful bites..”

            You just proved my point about lions and tigers being the ONLY big cats having more forceful bites “dumb-as.” Jaguars, leopards, cheetahs don’t have more powerful bites, “dumb-as.” And even for lions/tigers, it depends on the individuals. A large bear is capable of biting harder than one of them.

            FYI: Your “link” about jaguars having more forceful bites was faulty…so…try posting the link again…

        2. AP

          While hunting, most tigers do exert a greater bite force than lions. However, this is primarily because lions never bite to their full potential. They only bite with enough force to kill their prey. In fact, National Geographic 2012 stated that “lions, tigers, and hyenas generate ~1000 PSI.”

          I think a Barbary lion would probably best any modern day Bengal/Siberian tiger. HOWEVER, if you pit a a Barbary lion against a PREHISTORIC Bengal/Siberian tiger, than that would for sure be a hell of a fight…

          1. James W.

            oh dear..
            once again..
            with the dumb-as absolutes..

            “…lions never bite to their full potential.”

            since.. in a true death-match combat.. lions mos’ def’ put all..
            the power they can possibly muster, into ensuring victory..

            & prehistoric Leo Atrox.. had to contend with huge
            sabre-tooth cats, & giant bears, too..

          2. James W.

            you do know..
            Nat Geo is ‘dumbed down’ stuff..

            It fails to delineate the difference between the power
            of killing bites carefuly applied to selected areas by big
            cat canines, & the forces applied by crushing, grinding,
            chewing teeth used for eating bones & by hyena/pigs/dogs/bears..

            The leverage at jaw angles used, is quite different..

            & big cats also use their jaws to exert their bodily massive power, in
            order to effect control, & pull down, then kill large prey animals, unlike
            the technique of many snapping cuts inflicted to cause culmulative injury,
            used by lesser predators..

          3. AP

            Seriously… did you not read my post properly? I said they don’t bite to their full potential while HUNTING NOT FIGHTING… geez…

            And… you understand that statement plus National Geographic actually supports your point about lions and tigers have similar jaw power, right?

          4. James W.

            I read what you wrote..
            “never”! ( not sometimes, or if, while “HUNTING”)..
            & that is yet another ‘absolute’..
            which you are so hyper-fond of.. so.. busted again..

            & so, Nat Geo actually stated an obvious fact,
            amongst their ‘trash’ – big deal.. its surely not like we..
            should be amazed.. they’d gotten something right? L.O.L..

          5. AP

            James W,
            Did you learn about using context while reading passages in school? Notice how I started by post with “While HUNTING, most tigers do exert a greater bite force than lions.” Then, I stated, “However, this is primarily because lions never bite to their full potential. They only bite with enough force to kill their prey. ”

            So clearly, if you just read those two sentences properly, you would know that I was talking about the lion’s bite force while it was hunting, NOT fighting. Understand?

          6. AP

            I just love how you say that Nat. Geo is trash, but when one of their facts are in favor of the lion, you admit that they are right…”busted” for being a fanboy…L.O.L.

          7. James W.


            Your brain function is awry..

            Nat Geo sites although ‘dumbed down’
            for ‘stupid boy’ level kids – like you & Yap..
            incredibly enough.. do sometimes get a few basics right..

            & dumb-as.. big cat species that grow jaws to anywhere near
            to the size of bear jaws, have much more forceful bites..

            & even the ‘puny’ big cat – jaguar outbites a grizzly, as it happens,
            shown per bite force study figures.. which I’ve already cited..


          8. AP

            James W/ aka “stupid boy” and “dumb-as”,

            No, it is not that Nat. Geo. is unreliable. It contradicts most of your fantasy notions, thus, you don’t buy what it says. When Nat. Geo. shares the same belief as you, you state that it is one of the few things they get right. Ironically, even Ross Wind (the one who blindly supports the lion, like you) has even relied on Nat. Geo. – but you don’t object it. Why? Because Ross Wind, just like you, is a lion fan… very funny…LOL.

            “& dumb-as.. big cat species that grow jaws to anywhere near to the size of bear jaws, have much more forceful bites..”

            You just proved my point about lions and tigers being the ONLY big cats having more forceful bites “dumb-as.” Jaguars, leopards, cheetahs don’t have more powerful bites, “dumb-as.” And even for lions/tigers, it depends on the individuals. A large bear is capable of biting harder than one of them.

            FYI: Your “link” about jaguars having more forceful bites was faulty…so…try posting the link again…

          9. James W.

            You saw the N-readings, dumb-as..
            & hilariously.. you so quickly ‘forget’..
            that you were also ‘rooting’ for the jag..
            as ‘top cat’ – in the biting power dept.. L.O.L…

            But, of course, you’ve sadly, never even reached..
            the cognitive function level needed to perceive..
            just how.. ‘dumbed down’ – Nat Geo actually is.. L.O.L…

          10. James W.

            & AP,
            fo be “frank”..
            you have been duly schooled here..

            Yet.. you have signally failed..
            to provIde even the merest fragment.. of actual evidence..
            by which you can realistically dispute.. my quite correct assertions..

            So you habitually resort to scamming.. & other foul propensities..
            its piss weak, kid.. & you’ve ‘shit in your own nest’ too.. as it happens..

          11. AP

            “to provIde even the merest fragment.. of actual evidence..
            by which you can realistically dispute.. my quite correct assertions..”

            LMFAO… just look who has the nerve to accuse me of not providing evidence, when he himself, spends more time talking about IQ and fanboys – what a hypocrite.

            YOUR “correct assertions”???? LMFAO, that is the joke of the century…L.O.L..

  165. AP

    James W,
    I am not trying to state that tigers are nicer than lions (or vice versa), but “Tiger” is right about how there is no scientific evidence that tigers are evil. He is also correct about how “tigers being evil” is complete bullshit. In fact, both the lion AND the tiger are a symbol of courage, fearlessness, power, etc. Lions are more respected in Western and Middle Eastern cultures, whereas tigers are more respected in Eastern cultures. In fact, in my country India, there have been villagers who believe that tigers protect their villages and the jungles from evil spirits. The Indian goddess Durga, has been though to have fought of a monster with buffalo horns while sitting on a tiger.The fact of the matter is, both animals have been respected by humans from different parts of the world. There is no scientific evidence stating that lions or tigers are evil. It is all bullshit which humans have made up.

  166. James W.

    if you do..
    read the memoirs of people,
    such as Tippi Hedren, or Craig Busch,
    who have many years of hands on living with big cats..

    You will learn that – all nonsense about ‘evil’ & such – aside..
    there are certain attributes ascribed to these anaimals that
    do hold up to scientific scrutiny..

    Tigers do in fact, tend to be more ‘surly’ than lions..
    & are more sensitive to percieved ‘slights’, or ‘insults’,
    they do also hold ‘grudges’ & ‘resentments’ in their memory,
    with a view to ‘ getting even’ at a later date.. whereas lions
    do get angry/aggressive there & then, but ‘get over it’ quickly, too..

    Animal behaviour studies suggest that these characteristics are
    due to the essential differences in lifestyle between lions & tigers,
    the more complex habitual social patterning of lions, makes them
    more gregarious, & generally ‘easy going’, being more receptive to,
    & accepting of, humans as being on their level..

    Whereas tigers.. will eventually want to assert their dominance.. violently..
    sooner or later.. hence their rep’ for being less ‘trustworthy’ – than lions..

  167. AP

    James W,
    I guess you could say that tigers like to get revenge whereas lions let go of things more easily? This is not exactly a bad thing. Though they always say that “revenge is not the best answer”, this attribute would actually prove useful In the wild. If tigers get revenge for being wronged, it decreases the probability of them being wronged again. Plus, this likely happened because the tiger was provoked. It has been proven from time to time by experts that tigers, when unprovoked, are actually nice, warm-hearted animals. They are very humble, and not only do the let the females and cubs eat first, but they also share food with other tigers!

  168. AP

    Now, at the most basic level, it is true that wild lions are calmer towards humans than wild tigers. BUT, there are several things to keep in mind:
    1) It depends on the species of both animals. Siberian tigers are just as calm and collected as African lions. In facts, Tsavo lions have gotten a bad reputation for being man-eaters…
    2) Other species of tigers like Bengal, Sumatran, etc. are more aggressive towards humans because their territories overlap with human settlements. Lions, if they still lived in the dense jungles of India (Asiatic lions live in more open terrains – though prehistorically, lions did live in jungles), would be just as aggressive towards humans.

  169. AP

    And, I don’t know about the captive tigers which those memoirs from Tippi Hedran or Craig Busch talk about, but wild lions assert their dominance FAR more violently than wild tigers…

    1. James W.

      I want to smell my wife’s feet after taking off her boots and then clean her vagina.

      1. James W.

        I am a pervert.
        I am a rapist.
        I love raping.
        I love the feeling of my semen going inside my victim’s vagina. It is the best feeling ever.

  170. Tiger

    A large male Bengal/Siberian tiger would kill any large male African lion within minutes…LOL… the lion does not stand a chance.

    1. James W.

      it sure seems..
      the shit-heel scammer identity-thief..
      is now trolling you, too..

      What a puny plan..

  171. James W.

    I want to become a doctor so I can touch my sister’s vagina.

    1. James W.

      @ fake ‘James W’..
      apey, you ol’ monkey..
      back to your dirty ‘identity theft’ tricks.. huh..

      Be advised, your dishonest proclivities & conduct..
      are being noted..

      Too bad you’re too much of a dumb-as.. to realize..
      that even scam-running such openly criminal intent.. here..
      will have you auto-selected on a ‘watch list’ for dirt-bags..

      & so.. yeah.. you’ll now.. inevitably.. be tracked by security agencies..

      ‘Oh dear, how sad.. nevermind.’

      1. James W.

        Damn.. fool..

        Gitmo is ’bout already expectin’ yo’ dumb-as.. shit-stained hide..
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        & yet yo’ is still.. somehow fantasizin’ & so cretinously imagine..
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        Yo’ is righteously busted.. fool.. hey, best pack yo’ shit.. then git.. to Gitmo.. L.O.L…

      2. James W.

        Jeeze, just how dumb-as.. can you get..

        not only, as a foully perverted, & depraved creep,
        & a stupid-as scammer-identity thief, but now you’ve
        ‘come out’ here, as an ‘undesirable alien’.. L.O.L…

        You’ve earned yourself a security investigation, fool..

        1. AP

          Yup, you sure did get up on the wrong side of the cage. Thanks for proving my point.

  172. James W.

    widdle apey is shittin’ hisself..
    & mayhaps his ol’ green card is gonna git shredded..
    yeah.. so he’s lookin’ at bein’ sent back to the filthy shit hole.. that spawned him..

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    Guess that’ll learn ya good.. for bein’ a natural born.. shit-heel.. heathen scammin’ pervert, huh..
    Busted, like you so richly deserve.. go on.. git now.. you dirty lil’ scum-caked.. slum dog cur..

    1. James W.

      Too funny..
      look, monkey-boy..

      Its you.. who’ll be fully ‘schooled’..
      on the true meaning of..
      “butthurt” – in a cage, in Cuba..

      Then, as a depraved pariah dog..
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  173. Sanju

    king of all land beasts THE TIGER strongest land predator on the planet weighing upto 470 kg(nearly a half tonn) kills every animal on land kills (black bears ,brown bears ,polar bears in some cases),crocodiles,biggest bovide gaur(1500 to 1700 kg) and second biggest wild water buffaloes ,leopards,antelopes,deers ,rhinos ,hippos and even elephants in rare cases has no worthy opponent in wild while some like elephants bears and lions some worthy opponents that can somewhat compete with lord or emperor of beasts noone need not give any title to it as himself is king as it was mentioned on its forehead in chinese many people believe tiger as king of jungle perhaps it lives in jungle or forest and tundra swamps marshes like mangrooves tropical deciduos forest and rain forest somepart of grasslands in india and also now living in africa wild as per save chinese tiger project in the worthy opponents lion is most worthy as it has >95% morphological and anatomical similarity as it is also a panthera big cat has most similar behavior and skills like tiger but in a combat tiger ha >87.5% of chance to win and lion has around 10% chance to win coz of its mane or taken tiger species is of island subspecies or female or sick or old or injured and wound it depends on the tiger individual orelse tiger is 100% certain winner lion is 4 th strongest predator in yhe world 1 st position taken by croc and tiger

  174. Serge Elia

    A fully grown male tiger in his prime would destroy a fully grown male lion. Tigers are superior in every way – larger, stronger, more muscular, faster, smarter, more aggressive, etc. The lion’s only advantage is it’s mane – which a tiger’s huge 4 inch dagger like canines can penetrate. Plus, tigers have been documented munching on fully grown tortoise shells. A mane is just a mass of hair. What is a mass of hair compared to a hard shell?

    1. James W.

      Oh no!

      ‘The Attack of the Tiger Fanbois!’

      Hilarious.. such ludicrous fantasies..
      such inept trolling.. fully lame..

      Thankfully, tigers can stand on their merits,
      & do not nearly require such lurid trash..
      ( Only bear-fans seem more self-deluded).

      However, the mere existence of nonsensical
      shit like this, shows that, on a very basic level..
      even these dozy tiger fanbois.. do really know..

      Boss Lion is King.

  175. AP

    Hey James, did you know that formulating an argument to support your point of view instead of trolling MIGHT help your case?

    And, I am going to ask you the same question that “Undoomed” used to ask you. What animal can’t the lion beat, huh?

    FYI: Both the lion and the tiger are the kings of their own territory…

    1. I’m a person

      James this isn’t a fight with lions in it so just chill your tits.

      1. I’m a person

        I’m in the wrong fight aren’t I but still chill your tuts James

  176. AP

    James W,
    Ok, sure, there is some truth to what you mentioned, BUT, keep in mind that no animal (including lions) is perfect. All animals have some sort of disadvantage whether it is hunting/combat/mating, etc.

  177. AP

    And James, be honest here man. You accuse people other people of tiger/bear “fanbois”, but you are a lion fanboy, right?

      1. AP

        Yeah, I just want to know what James has to say about that. Good to see you posting again 🙂

        1. AP

          What do you think about this fight? I think that it can go either way with a slight edge to the tiger.

          1. James W.

            trying to suck
            yap’s ‘tits’..

            Your claim to be unbiased..
            well, that’s yet another delusion..

            Lion takes this on solely on merit, & this is..
            for sure, a matter of validated evidence..

            & c’mon kid.. fan boyism aint got no say.. in reality..

          2. AP

            James W,
            Don’t worry…I am not gay…

            You need to understand, I claim I am unbiased because….ready for it….I am unbiased. I ALWAYS address both sides of the debate. I don’t blindly follow a chosen side (cough cough)…

            So, answer my question. Aren’t you a lion fanboy?

          3. AP

            “Lion takes this on solely on merit, & this is..
            for sure, a matter of validated evidence..”

            Would you mind citing some links which show “validated evidence”?

          4. I’m a person

            Yeah tigers got this one but it could still die from blood loss after but tigers are more aggressive and larger on average than lions.

          5. I’m a person

            It’s tiger the lion still has a chance though but tigers are more aggressive and muscular on average.

          6. AP

            Yeah, that is why I have the edge to the tiger.

    1. James W.

      for you, you are..
      incapable of grasping the fundamentals,
      being stunted in your emotional development.

      Hence you openly express bias towards small cats,
      while claiming admiration for the biggest of them..
      even though science via genome studies show that all
      modern cats.. are in fact very closely related..

      & you watch a video, but cannot comprehend what
      is actually happening..

      You have overweening ‘confirmation bias’
      along with such angst-ridden ‘cognitive dissonance’
      over learning/accepting new information..
      that you immediately go into infantile ‘troll-mode’
      – rather than actually being capable of..
      taking the reality onboard..

      You are clearly.. not interested in anything, other
      than remaining stuck in your own mindset..
      The information you claim to seek is evident,
      & available, but you reject it, since you only
      want to have your ignorant notions.. maintained..

      & that’s a pretty pathetic state of morbid ego
      sensitivity.. which augers badly for your future..

      There it is..

  178. AP

    James W,
    There are so many flaws in your post, it a’int even funny…

    “for you, you are..
    incapable of grasping the fundamentals,
    being stunted in your emotional development.”

    “Emotional developement”? Dude, are you doing okay? Where did you get this ludicrous notion from?

  179. AP

    “Hence you openly express bias towards small cats,
    while claiming admiration for the biggest of them..
    even though science via genome studies show that all
    modern cats.. are in fact very closely related..”

    It is called an “opinion” my friend, not “bias”. You have the right to hate bears, I have right to dislike house cats. Its not rocket science. I am aware of the fact that big cats share 95% of DNA with house cats. That 5% is what makes them different…

  180. AP

    “You have overweening ‘confirmation bias’
    along with such angst-ridden ‘cognitive dissonance’
    over learning/accepting new information..
    that you immediately go into infantile ‘troll-mode’
    – rather than actually being capable of..
    taking the reality onboard..”

    “Confirmation bias”? “Cognitive dissonance”? “Infantile troll-mode”? Wow, such strong words, huh? YOU seek “confirmation bias” by always supporting the lion. You claim that historical records show that lions were dominant over every other land carnivore, yet you CAN’T provide a single piece of evidence showing that this is true. This is a result of you “cognitive dissonance”. And when people call you out on this, you go on “infantile troll-mode” by talking about IQ and fanboys, when clearly your IQ is less than 50 and you are a lion fanboy…too funny…

    1. James W.

      you seek & accept effective Tx,
      before you meltdown.. completely..
      & go really full-on.. loser-psycho..

      Go on, git.. go now..
      you’re a menace to society..

      1. AP

        As usual, you run your mouth and spout foolish nonsense…too funny..

        1. James W.

          ‘apes’ on..

          & as usual, he’s got nothin’
          ‘cept his pervasiv rank stench..
          he’s completely devoid of merit..
          what a lowly, sub-normal.. crawlin’ troglodyte..
          turd burglar.. scum bucket.. stinkin’ sewer rat..

          I spit on you.. contemptable curry-stained creep..

          1. AP

            Looks like Lames is butt hurt because he can’t counter any of my arguments, thus he escalates from troll mode 2.0 to troll mode 3.0! LOL, too funny.

            I would tell you to eat trash, but that would be cannibalism…L.O.L…

          2. AP

            Now admit it Lames, you are a butt hurt lion fanboy right? Aww…L.O.L…

  181. AP

    “You are clearly.. not interested in anything, other
    than remaining stuck in your own mindset..
    The information you claim to seek is evident,
    & available, but you reject it, since you only
    want to have your ignorant notions.. maintained..”

    Are you sure James? Are you really sure that this does not apply to you? Because, quite frankly, it very much does. It is a 100% evident that YOU are stuck in YOUR OWN “mindset” of lions being invincible. You refuse to acknowledge that lions DO NOT possess all the advantages in combat against tigers/bears/jaguars/etc. You claim that historical records show that the lion was the most dominant land carnivore, but you CAN’T cite one validated source which says that.

  182. AP

    YOU reject all available evidence. Literally no amount of evidence is enough to convince you. YOU choose to live by your “ignorant notions”. It baffles me how you have the nerve to make this statement.

  183. AP

    “& that’s a pretty pathetic state of morbid ego
    sensitivity.. which augers badly for your future..”

    No James, YOU are in a “pretty pathetic state of morbid ego
    sensitivity.. which augers badly for your future..”

    So…”there it is”… I “duly” await your response…

  184. James W.

    in summary..

    All you’ve proven..
    is yourself.. to be..
    a nasty sociopath..

    & yeah so dumb-as, regardless of
    your utterly childish tantrum..

    The reality is.. it goes lion>tiger>bear,
    as per the objective evidence,
    (& already cited)..

    Only fools, trools & rabid fanbois deny it.
    ( APU is all 3, & then some..).

  185. AP

    James W,
    “So.. in summary.. all you’ve proven” is that I have destroyed you in this debate, and you have no way of countering my statements, thus, you resort to running your mouth as usual.

    YOU have not cited any “objective evidence.” Now, I am gonna keep asking you this question: You are a lion fanboy, right?

  186. Tiger

    We can clearly see from that data that tigers are 34.1% stronger at the hip joints than lions, and 47.89% stronger than a lioness at the hip joints. Tigers are 30.7% stronger at the shoulder joints than lions, and 48.55% stronger than lionesses at the shoulder joints.

    1. James W.


      As if posting that dumb-as..
      totally unscientific, made-up shit..
      from a book.. publshed like..
      way, way back..
      ’bout a century & a 1/2 ago..
      is anything near being relevant..

      What a full-on buffoon… L.O.L..

  187. Tiger

    Did I hurt your feelings by citing a credible source? Would you like to cite some sources to prove your point? You can’t, right? Now, James is gonna cry to his mommy…Lol.

  188. Tiger … gwrXzOCcit

    In this link, a animal expert named Haughton says this:
    “It shows that a lion’s strength at the hip joint is around 66% of that of a tiger while the lion’s strength at the shoulder joint is around 70% of that of a tiger. The study had been conducted using an “adult African lion (magnificent specimen)” and a “Bengal tiger (magnificent specimen)”.
    Later on, Haughton also mentioned that “five men can easily hold down a lion but it requires nine men to control a tiger. Martial also states that the Tigers always killed the Lions in the amphitheatre. The lion is, in truth, a pretentious humbug and owes his reputation to his imposing mane, and he will run away like a whipped cur, under circumstances in which the tiger will boldly attack and kill” (Page 495, Ref 76)”

  189. Tiger

    Would like to cite some sources to, James? You can’t, can you? Aww… now James is gonna cry…LOL.

  190. Tiger

    The first link says that a tiger’s BFQ (Bite Force Quotient) is 127, while that of a lion is 112.

  191. Tiger

    The second link, a Youtube video, explains why a lion’s bite is in the 600 PSI range, while that of a tiger is in the 1000 PSI range.

  192. Tiger

    Hey James,
    So.. are you gonna refute any of the links I provided? Or, are you gonna keep trolling?

  193. Tiger … gwrXzOCcit

    In this link, a animal expert named Haughton says this:
    “It shows that a lion’s strength at the hip joint is around 66% of that of a tiger while the lion’s strength at the shoulder joint is around 70% of that of a tiger. The study had been conducted using an “adult African lion (magnificent specimen)” and a “Bengal tiger (magnificent specimen)”.
    Later on, Haughton also mentioned that “five men can easily hold down a lion but it requires nine men to control a tiger. Martial also states that the Tigers always killed the Lions in the amphitheatre. The lion is, in truth, a pretentious humbug and owes his reputation to his imposing mane, and he will run away like a whipped cur, under circumstances in which the tiger will boldly attack and kill” (Page 495, Ref 76)”

    What do you have to say about that?

  194. James W.

    @ Tiger-spoor..
    aka/apey/trollie & whatnot..

    You’ve been.. totally..
    busted, fool.. so..
    just do yourself – a favour..
    & slide away..
    on your own dysenteric slime..

  195. James W.

    Hey dumb-as..
    “prathap” is Indian..
    & stupid-as.. just like you..
    you lousy pissant scam-wallah…

  196. James W.

    @ fake ‘james w’.
    so APU, et al..
    still at your infantile ID scam..
    how utterly pathetic.. grow up kid..
    Juvie is beckoning..

  197. AP

    Too funny Lames, as if I would waste my time scamming under your name…L.O.L…

    1. James W.

      Apu, you deceitful, sly, sneaking scammer..
      you are utterly full – of bullshit.. just lying & lying..

  198. AP

    For some reason or the other, this whole “lion vs tiger” debate seems to raise everybody’s blood pressure…

    “Tiger” did an awesome job of providing evidence as to why he believed the tiger was the superior cat (Lames was butt hurt when “Tiger” did that, so he resorted to trolling…L.O.L…).

    The only thing I would like to add is that when “Tiger” said that tigers are over 30% stronger in multiple limbs than lions and have a higher bite force, this data was based off an comparison between a single lion and a single tiger. Usually, it is better to have a larger sample size. A tiger could indeed be that much more powerful than a lion, but a larger sample size would be needed in order to jump to that conclusion.

    A fight between an African lion and a Bengal/Siberian tiger is simply too close to call, and the fight would depend entirely upon the individuals.

    1. James W.

      Apey.. yeah, nah..
      its worthless Indian-grade shit.. like you..

      1. AP

        Hey Lames,
        Would you like to cite some sources? You can’t right? L.O.L…

        So I have two questions for you:

        1) What source is scientific, huh?

        2) How is a source which has opinions from experts, unscientific?

        The true troll that you are, you are probably going to ignore those two questions and start your own bullshit rant, L.O.L…

  199. James W.

    @ Apu..
    Too funny..
    you still don’t know..
    & apparently cannot tell.. the difference..
    between mere opinion..
    & peer-reviewed scientifically validated journal articles..

    1. AP

      I dun know man, a website which has opinions from EXPERTS (not ordinary people) and references should be considered scientific…

      I challenge you to cite a scientific source which supports the lion…

  200. AP

    If you have the nerve to call that site unscientific, at least, for your own sake, let everybody know what information, specifically, in that website, you find unscientific.

    1. AP

      “& peer-reviewed scientifically validated journal articles..”

      You are aware that everything in that site has been validated by experts (and their names are given for proof), right?

      The problem is James, that you have not taken the time to thoroughly read and comprehend what that source says.

  201. Sher Khan

    My money is on the tiger. Tigers tend to be considerably larger, stronger, and more powerful than lions. Lions are ~190 kg of pure muscle while tigers are ~225 kg of pure muscle. The largest lions are ~250 kg, while the largest tigers are ~300 kg.

    Tigers possess most physical and intellectual advantages. Also, most people associate lions with being bold and courageous, and tigers being sneaky, sly, cowardly, and cunning. This is NOT true at all. Lions are indeed bold, but tigers are too.

    AP’s link quotes an animal expert named Haughton, who says the following:

    “The lion is, in truth, a pretentious humbug and owes his reputation to his imposing mane, and he will run away like a whipped cur, under circumstances in which the tiger will boldly attack and kill” (Page 495, Ref 76)”

    So, actually, it is the other way around.

  202. Dan Adams

    Here’s the mistake though. In a one on one fight, the tiger has all the advantages. But tigers are solitary hunters, while lions are pack hunters. Sure if a zoo accidentally allowed the two in contact with each other, the lion likely loses. But if the two encountered each other in nature, a pack of lions would slaughter the tiger. It would be unfair not to consider this. By the way The Ghost and The Darkness lions were much larger (some lions can be) given a superior size the advantages become more limited for the tiger

  203. AP

    Dan Adams,
    Good post, but this fight is about a single lion versus a single tiger – that is why nobody took into account the fact that lions have strength in numbers and hunt in prides. Plus, due to habitat destruction and poaching, there is almost no chance of lions and tigers meeting in the wild today. They both live in India, but they never meet because lions live in the western side of the country, while tigers live in the eastern side. BUT, their territories did overlap at one point in time, so it would be interesting to see if there are any documented fights between the two in the wild.

    1. James W.

      ignorant coolie..
      Lions invaded Eurasia from Africa,
      & swept right across India.. tigers
      had to retreat into the deep jungle..
      or be destroyed by the rampant lions..

      Tigers never made it to Africa..
      & even if they did.. they’d still be
      dominated by lions.. its a natural fact..

  204. AP

    You are clearly a bear fanboy – there is nothing wrong in that, but don’t go around claiming that you like lions and tigers more. Why are you bringing up bears in a lion vs tiger fight?

    And a large Kodiak/Polar bear does have the potential to kill a lion or a tiger, but the opposite is also true. You have to understand that size is NOT everything. Sure, a lion/tiger is not going to overpower a six ton bull elephant, but the bear’s size advantage is not enough to guarantee it a victory. Plus, the majority of the lion/tiger’s body weight comes from skeletal muscle, whereas the majority of a bear’s body weight comes from body fat, and heavy, dense bones. I suggest that you put your love for bears aside for a moment, and do some unbiased research.

  205. AP

    James Wu,
    Do some research, instead of being an “ignorant coolie”…OR… do kindly provide citations for your ludicrous claims (as if!).

    Lions were, indeed, one of the most (if not the most) widespread land mammal at one point. But your fantasy notions of tigers retreating into the deep jungles in order to avoid persecution from lions is simply…wrong (unless, of course, you can provide evidence- which you won’t).

  206. AP

    Surely, tigers don’t live in Africa. And the only reason they would be “dominated” by lions is because lions hunt in prides.

    And FYI James, your precious lions would not last a minute in the freezing cold temperatures of Siberia, where the Amur tiger is the top predator…

  207. Sher Khan

    My money is on the tiger. Tigers tend to be considerably larger, stronger, and more powerful than lions. Lions are ~190 kg of pure muscle while tigers are ~225 kg of pure muscle. The largest lions are ~250 kg, while the largest tigers are ~300 kg.

    Tigers possess most physical and intellectual advantages. Also, most people associate lions with being bold and courageous, and tigers being sneaky, sly, cowardly, and cunning. This is NOT true at all. Lions are indeed bold, but tigers are too.

    AP’s link quotes an animal expert named Haughton, who says the following:

    “The lion is, in truth, a pretentious humbug and owes his reputation to his imposing mane, and he will run away like a whipped cur, under circumstances in which the tiger will boldly attack and kill” (Page 495, Ref 76)”

    So, actually, it is the other way around.

  208. Sher Khan

    My money is on the tiger. Tigers tend to be considerably larger, stronger, and more powerful than lions. Lions are ~190 kg of pure muscle while tigers are ~225 kg of pure muscle. The largest lions are ~250 kg, while the largest tigers are ~300 kg.

    Tigers possess most physical and intellectual advantages. Also, most people associate lions with being bold and courageous, and tigers being sneaky, sly, cowardly, and cunning. This is NOT true at all. Lions are indeed bold, but tigers are too.

    AP’s link quotes an animal expert named Haughton, who says the following:

    “The lion is, in truth, a pretentious humbug and owes his reputation to his imposing mane, and he will run away like a whipped cur, under circumstances in which the tiger will boldly attack and kill” (Page 495, Ref 76)”

    So, actually, it is the other way around..

  209. fuckmyassyoudirtynigga

    Although I like tigers better. Lions spend their entire lives fighting other lions whereas a tiger just sneaks around all day it may be larger but lions have experience fighting other large cats sooooo…

    1. Sher Khan

      Actually, that is incorrect. Yes, male lions have a lot of fighting experience – no doubt. BUT, it is a misconception that tigers do not.

      See this study conducted on the tiger:


  210. Robert

    The tiger is the REAL king of beasts and the REAL king of the jungle – the tiger even has a Chinese symbol on it’s head which means king!
    Tigers are nicer than lions – they share food with their cubs and wives – unlike lions who do the opposite. Tigers are also nicer to their care givers – lions are asocial and like to harass smaller animals.
    The lions might be known as the “King of beasts” for its mane and proud carriage, but the tiger is more awesome – Bengal tigers in India can weigh up to 575 lbs – and the Siberian tiger is even larger and heavier!

  211. Lion

    You guys are wrong lol. Lions have been respected as king for many centuries. James W. is indeed correct. Lions are the most dominant extant big cat today.

  212. leo tigris

    According to a recent research by Russian zoologists, the size of wild Siberian tiger is not so large. Actually, Siberians are smaller than Bengalis. Therefore, the size and power advantage of the Siberian tiger does not make sense.

    In captivity, Siberians grow huge, but no rival to ligers. Think again. Why does this hybrid cat grow much larger than both parent species, if the tiger is so advantageous in size? The lion-tiger matchup is more neck and neck.

  213. Theron

    While I believe the Tiger would beat the Lion he did injustice for it saying that Tigers and Lions reach 7 ft and 4 inches and 6 ft and 1 inch. Most Lions actually get up to 8 ft and Tigers are actually ridiculously long getting up to 13 feet. Jaguars belong in the 7 ft 4 inch range, just a little smaller than Lions.

    1. I’m a person

      Including the tail yes but not then no. The average length of a male lion is in the 6ft range. But they could still get that large not including tail but they normally don’t. Tigers on the other hand are generally larger than lions. But they don’t grow 13ft that is bigger than a polar bear which is the largest terrestrial predator with either a Siberian tiger or brown bear being second.

  214. ali

    Hi Dears. i have researching about that almost 10 years. i have watched many moves and study about that.the contents of this site about superiority Siberian tiger are bull sheet. 305 kg is the max of Weight of male Siberian tiger not average !!! you can study the Wikipedia about barbary lion king. the males reached to 320 kg.dont say bull sheet please

  215. Goku

    Does size metter??? Pitbull also smaller than many of the dogs 🙂 male lion have a verryyy big adventege they have mane… Male lion can easily win agains tiger… Tiger can be more skillfull and more speed but in a fight lions have the adventage

  216. Zdenek

    It is obvious that you are expert. It is not true that T, Siberian always defeats the lion. I saw the interference that it was mostly a draw. Only foolishly can you think that more raving. If you hold a title in zoology, please ask it back. Just what it is to know, that you are a fan of a tiger. When i enter these beans i have seen most of them be remiz, so please do not lie to people. Thank you and do not take it badly. My frendless is zoologist and he did not believe what you wrote.They say: lion is short and light,but it is higher against t.siberian, barely 15-20cm.In a direct fight it most likely resulted in a draw. Sometimes he won a tiger, sometimes a lion. It is not unambiguous. Thats the real truth! Im from the Czech republic, so sorry for any grammatical mistakes.

    1. Sher Khan

      Zoo encounters are worthless. In a fight to death, a prime male Bengal/Siberian tiger would defeat a lion.

  217. Zdenek

    The final verdikt is not true.The experts should return the title.I have seen a lot of fight and mostly ended with a draw.

  218. Sher Khan

    Zoo encounters are worthless. In a fight to death, a prime male Bengal/Siberian tiger would defeat a lion.

    1. Kebantshitse dallars Otukile

      TIGERS and LIONS are not DEATH resistant and no one of them is programmed to kill and not be killed.
      If TIGER put its JAWS around LION’s THROAT he must make sure that LION don’t put its JAWS around his THROAT
      War always costs more than you expect.

      1. Sher Khan

        The fight could go either way, but if I had to, I’m putting my money on the tiger.

  219. Go Ear

    siberian tiger is far stronger and larger than african lion so you can guess how easily tiger can defeat lion

    1. Sher Khan

      Yes Mr. Otukile, I agree. There is indeed deep disappointment where there is deep love.

      But what you fail to take into account is that “love” has nothing to do with “facts.” It just so happens that tigers are bigger, stronger, faster, and more intelligent than lions – this a’int “love” – these are scientifically proven facts.

        1. Sher Khan

          The truth is a fact and fact is the truth.

          The truth is that tigers are bigger, stronger, heavier, faster, more intelligent, nicer, more majestic, and have a stronger bite force compared to lions. Therefore, the truth is tiger > lion.

  220. Marrissa Rod

    NO, a tiger will NOT beat a lion. Tigers do NOT weigh 305 kg.

    Historical records favor the LION.

  221. Sher Khan

    Mr. Otukile, my good friend, may I please ask you two questions?

    1. Why do you deny all the evidence in front of you about tigers?

    2. Why are you so desperately trying to underrate tigers and overrate lions everywhere?

    Mr Otukile, I understand that you may like lions more than tigers. I know that you are from Africa and that in Africa lions are respected more than tigers. I am sure you even grew up learning that lions and the “kings” and that lions are the toughest and mightiest among all animals, right?

    But my good friend, you must understand that your lion is not invincible. The TRUTH is that tigers are bigger and stronger than lions. The TRUTH is that tigers in Kaziranga National Park have started killing adult rhinos – while there is not even one verified account of a lone lion bringing down an adult male cape bull buffalo.

    Mr. Otukile – though I am a tiger fan – I still like and respect lions – I NEVER underrate lions. I politely request you to show the same respect towards tiger.

  222. Kebantshitse dallars Otukile

    You are right friend Tigers are powerful than Lions.
    But i still disagree with anyone whoa says Tiger Killed or it can kill adult elephant or rhino even two African lion can’t kill adult elephant or rhino.
    I respect all animals and i don’t see the reason why i have to magnify any animal beyond its limit. If i do that i will be trying to shrink myself to fit places i outgrown.
    I’m one of the people who hate exaggaration, i always make sure that i have the answers of my comments. If i once said that lone Lion can kill or bring down adult buffalo bull then my words should be followed by actions or else call me a liar, can i send you a video of lone lion taking down adult buffalo bull?
    Exaggeration cause overthinnking and overthinking uses energy and leads to activity with no action, that is one particular porblems many will face, so question is the answer to cure this brain cancer. If i read or hear something i don’t just believe it, i ask deeper question because i understand that lies spread like veld fire.

    1. Sher Khan

      Thanks for your honest response.

      But Mr. Otukile – you must understand that videos are not everything – the reason why there is no verified account of a lion bringing down a cape bull buffalo is because Craig Packar (top lion expert) said so – not because there is no video.

      The reason why there is no video of a tiger bringing down an adult rhino is because of two reasons:
      1) It is very rare (I never said they bring down adult rhinos regularily).
      2) Tigers live in forests, are endangered, and have good camaflouge – making it difficult to record them.

      But still, there is evidence that tigers have killed adult rhinos.

      You should read through these articles – though rare (very very rare I’d say) – tiger predatation on adult rhinos has indeed happenned.

  223. peter parker

    Both lions and tiger fans are giving valid arguments.
    But in my opinion the tiger is the winner
    Because its larger and thus stronger(albeit slightly)
    and it has longer claws and canines.
    An argument lion fans use is the lions mane, but while it is
    good protection against the tigers claws, I dont see how
    its gonna protect the lions neck fully, i mean hair is rippable.
    I think if its a Barbary lion it would probably win against an even a very large Amur tiger.
    But that is my two cents on the topic.
    Tiger wins 55-45 against the African lion

    1. Kebantshitse dallars Otukile

      The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd, indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widely spread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.

    2. Kebantshitse dallars Otukile

      The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd, indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widely spread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible.
      What one thinks is right is not always the same as what others think is right, no one can be always right.

        1. Kebantshitse dallars Otukile

          What people don’t take into account is most lions used in arena were the European Lion a subspecies so many were trapped they went extinct! They were much easier to get than African lions there are a very few left in India they are smaller and weaker than Afrcan Lion.
          AFRICAN Lion vs SIBERIAN Tiger is just opinion, That is why i said what one thinks is not always the same as what others think is right, no one can be always right.
          Mr Khan my friend are you telling me the truth that tigers in Kaziranga National Park have started killing adult rhinos and elephants, if that it is true why we don’t have any real footage of this happening? All claims needed to be supported by Facts otherwise it is irrelevent, the best way to make a judgement is to see them in Action.

    1. Sher Khan

      Or maybe, you are just living in denial.

      I have read your posts, and it seems like you just can’t admit the fact that tigers are capable of hunting down fully grown male rhinos – the top experts agree with me, btw.

      Saying, “give me a picture/video” is a logical fallacy. This is a very lame way of ignoring validated sources and trying to boost your opinion.

      Best you start accepting facts – or you can live in denial, your choice.

  224. Kebantshitse dallars Otukile

    I don’t accept nonses.
    Whenever people tell a lie, they enter a vicious circle. Especially if they are influential people, their lies are always taken as truth and proliferated to larger scales. The more outrageous a lie, the easier it spreads around. Once a lie is repeated enough times, people will confound it with a solid truth.
    NONSES REMAIN NONSES, EVEN WHEN TALKED BY WORLD-TOP EXPERTS. Don’t be fooled, take care of the sense and the sound will take care of themselves

  225. Sher Khan

    Look dude, I don’t need your stupid lecture, ok? If you are so interested in “philosphical talk” than go to you nearest university or community college, and get a degree in philosophy.

    The only *nonsense here is what you are spouting. Bengal tiger experts Sunquist and Karnath have SEEN with their own eyes tigers killing adult rhinos and elephants. It is just a fact.

    Here is what I think – I think that you are jealous of tigers. I think, you are jealous that the tiger dwarfs your precious lion in sheer size, strength, musculature, intelligence, and hunting prowess. I think you are jealous that lions are not able to accomplish the same feats as tigers.

    Look, I’m not trying to convince you or anything – don’t even think that. But, it gets annoying when you run around this site and quora constantly spreading false BS.

    You can believe in whatever fairytale you want to – but always remember, that the truth will not change according to your liking.

    Take care.

  226. Sher Khan

    Dumb? Pretty funny coming from the guy who denies ALL the evidence in front of him.

  227. Kebantshitse dallars Otukile

    Khan you are not stupied but you have got a bad luck when it comes to say anything that involves intelligence.
    With lies you will go far but not back again, lies has speed but truth has endurence. I’m ready to expose lies whenever they are told and i don’t care wheather you are a Tiger/Lion fanboy. All fanboys must learn how to think not what to think. I don’t deny anything i need an enlarged view of a fact as any statement about the real world that can be shown to be true. If you can’t show the world what you are talking about then you Facts are nothing more than Lies.

  228. Sher Khan

    “bad luck saying anything intelligent”, huh? Well that is pretty funny coming from you.

    I’m sure you can expose lies – the trouble for you, is that there are none.

    Facts are facts. Period. There are no lies – the top experts agree with me.

    You are free to believe whatever you want, but the facts will remain the same. Period.

  229. Kebantshitse dallars Otukile

    I fully agree with you when you say a Tiger can kill or killed a Lion but i only disagree with you and your Experts when you say a Tiger killed adult Rhinos and Elephants. ITS PRETTY STRANGE HOW COMMON SENSE IS NOT COMMON SENSE ANYMORE. Don’t just read facts and end there , question everything you hear/read. the word WHY will not only teach you to ask but also to think.

  230. Sher Khan


    Of course you should question everything you hear/read/write.

    However, there is a difference between doing that and blatantly denying all the evidence in front of you.

    You are doing the latter. If the top Bengal tiger experts Sunquist, Karnarth, Thapar, etc. agree that tigers are capable of hunting down fully grown rhinos and elephants, than there must be some truth to it, right?

    Stop, do yourself a favor, and take your time to do some real reading on the subject. I know it is hard to believe such stories, but if you dig deep enough, you will find out that they are true.

    I’m not trying to be rude or combatative. I understand why you are skeptical about such stories – in fact, believe it or not, I was to at first. But some serious study of the subject cleared my doubts.

    I suggest you do the same. If you want to continue denying it, than that is your call my friend. I’m only saying this for your good, nothing else.

  231. Sher Khan

    So, I see you are not interested in learning anything new, aren’t you?

    Thats fine dude – perfectly fine. You can keep living in your own fantasy world.

    You see, I can’t agree to that deal – the reason being that I have not been spreading or believing in any lies. And you have not been saying anything true either.

    So, again, here is some advice: Go do some real reading on the subject, educate yourself on the topic, and come back to me. If you can’t do that, than there is no point – and I can’t do anything about it. But you will be depriving yourself of real facts, that is the only sad part.

  232. Sher Khan

    At this point, I think you are trolling.

    You refuse to do research, and you keep repeating the same nonsense over and over again.

    Your choice mate – do/believe whatever you want/like.

  233. Kebantshitse dallars Otukile

    I have read up and studied a lot on all animals and speciallyrics on big cats, but majority of these accounts claiming that TIGERS have killed rhinos and elephants are not reliable because all we have is pics of dead rhinos that happened to be discovered by a tiger which then leads the tiger to feed on the carcass. So how will we know that this written words are true? I have read all this accounts and all of them doesn’t make sense at all because all i see in this accounts is pic and words with no killing process.
    *Tigers kill six elephants in Kerala’s Wayanad as drought triggers fierce water war
    –> I think in a larger sesnse that those elephants were killed by drought not Tiger.
    *Kaziranga National Park had lost as many as 472 rhinos due to “tiger predation” between 1982 and 2014. (AP Photo/Uttam Saikia)
    –> Statistics shows that there are more than 472 rhinos killed by Tiger and still there is no video evidence or photo that shows Tiger killing one rhino out of 472. from 1982 to 2014 is 32 yrs. but no one managed to film or photograph tigers killing Rhino and elephants. There are plenty videos of Tiger hunting different kinds of animals in India, but you can’t see a single video of Tiger killing this 3 animals: Guar bull, Rhino and elephant.
    You are right its my choice to believe whatever i want and i suggest you to do the same friend, but remember that it is one thing to know and it is another thing to exhibit it, right?

  234. ross wind

    To no surprise, recently in a South Korean zoo a male lion killed a Siberian tiger. This tiger had no blood marks on his neck and the veterinarians were pointing towards the tiger’s nape. The tiger had most likely a broken neck. With no marks it appear to be an easy and quick kill for the mighty lion ‘the king of the beasts.” Trainers did reports in the past lions brook necks of tigers with a powerful blow.

  235. Kebantshitse dallars Otukile

    The debate argument right now is, (1) who’s got the truth and, (2), who’s got the facts. Until we can manage to get the two of them back together again, we’re not going to make much progress. Now my question is what do you do if trainers ‘s reports dont agree with the vidoe you have shown in your comment? I thought i will see a part where a Lion broke tiger’s neck unfortunetely there is nothing like that in this clip. I don’t think that a Lion can kill a Tiger with paw strike or Tiger can kill a Lion with paw strike. the main weapons of big cats is claws and teeth, there is no way a Tiger/Lion can kill each other without tearing each other skin, yes they use paws to wrestle down thier opponent or thier prey and then broke wind pipe or spine. A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices. 5% of people THINK, 10% of people think they THINK and the other 85% would rather die than THINK.
    So, what a lot of people are doing, is simply applying one adverse judgement (formed without having examined the facts) in place of another. This differs from actual thinking because thinking is based on an examination of the facts, and coming to a logical or informed decision based on those facts.
    Absent the facts, one cannot actually have an intelligent discussion, much less perform logical thinking. Everything becomes conjecture and hypothesis. While something can come of such theoretical thought, that requires a lack of preformed or preconceived notions about the topic. To think you must have facts, and must leave preconceived notions or prejudices behind. Without both conditions, you’re not really thinking, but simply moving your prejudices around.

    To recap, Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense. I know there are some people who always say TOP experts so and so said that. The most important part of my personality as far as determining my success has been questioning conventional wisdom, doubting experts and questioning athority.


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