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By | May 25, 2021

Who will win the fight between Philippine Eagle and Harpy Eagle?

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Compare Philippine Eagle vs Harpy Eagle, Philippine eagle also known as the Monkey eating eagle is the most amazing and one of the largest extant species of eagles in the world it is just behind the American harpy eagle. It is also known as “Haribon” which means king of the birds because it has the mane like lion which makes him/her unique from all other birds.

Like other species of eagle in Philippine eagle males are smaller than females, where female weighs about 7 kg and male weighs around 4.5 to 5.4 kg, according to research they are the tallest eagles in the world although some of the experts says that harpy eagle is the tallest one but we have found that some Philippine eagles are taller than harpy eagles, on average height harpy is the tallest ones.

Looking at the length then Philippine eagle is the largest one which is holding a record of 3 ft 4inch where it’s near competitor’s harpy and steller’s sea eagles are just behind with a length of 3 ft 2 inch for harpy and 3 ft 1 inch for steller’s sea eagle.

Philippine Eagle Vs Harpy Eagle Comparison

Philippine Eagle Vs Harpy Eagle Comparison

As I mentioned a harpy eagle physical measurements facts and features in previous article on Compare Harpy eagle Vs Steller’s sea eagle but still I have mentioned all the physical measurements in below given table for clearing your views about Harpy Vs Philippine eagle. According to IUCN (International union for conservation of nature) Philippine eagle is in ‘critically endangered’ status where as harpy eagle is in ‘threatened’ status.

Harpy eagle lay only two eggs from which if one is hatched then the other is ignored by the female harpy eagle on the other hand Philippine eagle may lay only one egg and two eggs occasionally.

So without wasting much of your time let compare both eagles physical measurement, diet, habitat and behavior, before moving further take a glance at below given table on compare Philippine eagle Vs Harpy eagle.

Philippine Eagle Vs Harpy Eagle Comparison

Birds Philippine Eagle
Philippine Eagle
Harpy Eagle
Harpy Eagle
Average  Body Length 3 ft 4 inch3 ft 2 inch
Wing Span 6 ft to 7 ft 3 inch5 ft 10 inch to 7 ft 5 inch
Average Weight7 kg7.6 kg
AreaPhilippinesMexico and South America
StatusCritically EndangeredThreatened
Average Life Span40 years30 years

Comparing both eagle’s diet and habitat we have found that both are apex predator where there is no natural predator above them. Philippine eagle found in Philippine only, mainly in Leyte, eastern Luzon, Mindanao and Samar on the other hand Harpy eagle found in Mexico and South America it is also known as royal hawk in Brazil. According to habitat Harpy eagle have more prey than Philippine eagle because of deforestation occurrence in Philippine. Philippine eagle hunts larger prey like monkey, Philippine dear, flying foxes and large snakes etc. on the other hand harpy eagle hunts both small and large prey extended from lizards to monkey and sloths, it mainly hunts the tree dwelling mammals.

Harpy eagle’s talons are the most powerful comparing to any other eagles in the world with the size as same as of grizzly bears claws which helps them for crushing the bones of it preys.

Head to Head Fight:

At last it is very difficult to say who is going to win the fight if these two incredible eagles will be in head to head fight but still my vote is for harpy eagle because of its strong physical structure and it developed himself as the true natural raptor or predator in the wild for years.

50 thoughts on “Compare Philippine Eagle vs Harpy Eagle

  1. Anonymous

    Crowning the largest eagle in the world is not a clear cut. In zoology heaviest means largest. The stelker’s sea eagle is the heaviest living eagle on ave. making it the the largest. In terms of sheer size or total pgysical dimensions the Philippine eagle is the largest in the world. If you put 3 of them i one cage ovbiously the Philippine eagle is the largest coz of its physical dimensions what makes stellers tje largest is its ave. weight..if you try to look in wikipedia philippine eagle is second to stellers in terms of ave weight. According to that table by frg. And crst. The philippine eagle and the stellers sea eagle has tje highest claim for the largest despite that there are rare philippine eagle and very few specimens have been measured. In trms of force and power well i think it is just a matter of big debate…philippine eagle had the most impressive prey takings among the three giant eagles, far more impresdive than the harpy eagle. Recorded inccidence also occur when tje philippine eagle almost kill a man(biologist) entering its cage. Well as a conclusion if you look for haviest go for stellers sea eagle if you are looking for largest in size go to philippine eagle….if you are looking for the strongest and most powerful the philippine eagle and the harpy eagle are two of the strongest in the world. Crowning which is the strongest among the two well i think it depends on the individual specie.

    1. BielVMdS

      Its easy… Philipines eat monkeys… Harpies eat sloths… big sloths

      1. Chickono

        It just so happened that theres no slots in PhiLs.
        It doeantean ph eagle cant eat your slots haha

    2. Person

      I think the harpy eagle would win, not because it’s larger on average, but because it has insanely large claws. (They are about the size of a grizzly bears)

  2. Anonymous

    The Harpy eagle is arguably the bulkiest eagle still alive. Of all the world’s largest eagle the Philippine eagle is the only living eagle specie to surpass Harpy eagle in size, hence it is larger than the Harpies.

  3. jone last

    yes steller sea eagle is the world heaviest eagle but if we compare three of them which are harpy, philippine and steller then harpy will always be the first in case of strongest and powerful eagle then philippine and then steller sea eagle. its very hard to know the largest one because i had read somewhere that one of the philippine eagle is measured as the largest one in captivity. but in wild I think it is the steller or philippine.

  4. Anonymous

    philippine eagle is one of the powerful eagles and i don’t think harpy eagle will dare to face dangerous philippine eagle. above written article is quiet interesting but according to me philippine will always win the fight against any other eagle in the world. harpy eagle is the second powerful eagle in the world after philippine.

    1. Young Han Lee

      No harpy claws are bear claw-sized and can literally crush their preys skull
      Also note that they prey on larger monkeys like the howler the largest of all new world primates and they are so powerful they can kill ocelots that raid their nests for hatchlings and prey on adult ocelots and even prey on the capybara that can weigh almost 150 pounds and can run as fast as a small horse so their prey is also faster and harder to kill than those of philippines’ but they can still kill it because their talons are huge and can crush mammal skulls

  5. Anonymous

    As i have researched educational sites, schools organizatins etc that have very high standards of competency, reputations and respect like WWF world wildlife fund, ADW animal diversity web, EOL encyclopedia of life, ARKIVE image of life on earth BBC. these are only few sites that claims that the philippine eagle is the world s largest living eagle specie. According to David Attenborough of BBC wildlife specials featuring EAGLES. The Philippine Eagle is the GREATEST of all eagles, its HEADDRESS is a flamboyant crown that OUTCLASSES all other eagles in the world while it enhances its RECORD BREAKING SIZE. These are the people who spend all their life in wildlife documentaries they have seen each of them in real flesh and they themselves and with accordance to their experties can prove and say those words and published it world wide. With their very high standards of experties and reputation one wrong word will put all their hardships in just a second…i think they will not published these things if they aren’t true….and base in my own opinion as i have seen these three eagles in real the largest and the most majestic without a doubt is the Philipiine eagle. Even male Philippine Eagles is as large or even bigger than a female Harpy eagles or Stellers sea eagle considering male eagles of all specie is 10 – 20 percent smaller than the female. If you have time try to visit DAVAO , PHILIPPINES , JAPAN and PANAMA. Their you can see plenty of these 3 large eagles and believe me by the end you obviosly you can testify that the Philippine eagle is the largest upon looking them in flesh. One thing which is very obvious is the size and the beauty. Mark my words…try to see them in real with many individuals to compare not just 2 or 3 pairs then you can conclude by yourself that what these reputabke sites published is perfectly true.

  6. Anonymous

    It depends what you mean by ” strongest ” . First of all, Eagles are the strongest birds of prey because they are the largest. Harpy eagles have the strongest talons, and they can carry over half their own body weight in flight. Philippine eagles and African Crowned eagles can lift something 4 times their own weight in flight, but the Philippine eagle have stronger talons than the African Crowned eagle. So all in all, Philippine eagles are the strongest of all birds of prey. Vultures are usually not considered as birds of prey because, they do not hunt their food.

    1. Fermín Betancourt

      As far as eagles yes they are the largest, but the largest og all birds of pray is the andean condor, or south American condor.

  7. Anonymous

    You’re right looks can be deceiving. The large talons of harpy doesent meant its the strongest. If you compare the prey records of harpy and philippine eagle anyone can say that philippine eagle has more impressive prey taken than hatpy eagles. Its not about the looks its about what they have proved .

  8. Anonymous

    Philippines eagle is the strongest!it hunts larger and stronger preys

  9. Anonymous

    Harpy is not the strongest eagle.The strongest is the phillipine eagle!It predates larger and stronger animals.

    1. danny

      ” It is also known as “Haribon” which means king of the birds because it has the mane like lion which makes him/her unique from all other birds.”

      the term “haribon” is a portmanteau or combined words, ” Hari ng mga ibon” which means your right “king of the birds”

  10. david

    Philippine eagle has a slight advantage over Harpy eagle It’s the largest eagle in physical dimensions, longest legs, largest head and beak almost 3 times the size of Harpy’s beak… although both are Forest eagles, Philippine eagle is more agile than harpy eagle with a broadest wings and longest tail an adaptation for great maneuverability when flying, hunting in thick forest, It’s more of a giant gosh hawk than a regular large eagle. Taking much larger and heavier prey than Harpy eagle.

  11. david

    Intelligence… I think Philippine eagle also has the edge in this department it deploys different tactics in capturing its prey, they are also known to hunt in pairs when taking on a dangerous prey like Macaque, one will distract a potential monkey prey while the other will swoop down from behind to go for the kill.

  12. Greg

    No doubt Philippine eagle is the winner. It’s prey including, deer, monkey, python, flying lemurs and other large animals. Compare to Harpy’s bill, Philippine eagle is bigger and broader plus powerful crush!

  13. levi

    I heard when i was a little boy my father told me the indigenous tribe who lives in mt. APO in davao call this predator a child snatcher that why tribesmen hunt this eagle down even their chick.

  14. Tod

    I think the person who wrote this article also is commented as all of these ppl. It’s all the same person. Who clearly likes phillipine eagle, however…. harpy is the ultimate bird of prey… its talons are bigger than grizzly and muscles in feet are capable of 800 pounds of force. It would kill phillipine eagle quickly with talons and grip. Phillipine eagle is magnificent. Taking nothing away from it. But it is 2nd most dangerous bird in the world.

    1. Ragtime dandies

      Really? You have no idea about PH eagle. There are a report before in samar that ph eagle fataly injured a farmer, and killed his dog as a prey. Lol

  15. Eric

    Harpy eagle is strong no issue about that..but have u seen the Philippine eagle snatch her prey from the’s very rare sight I know but once u see it u will know for yourself that she (philippine eagle) is the real raptor queen of air

  16. JusssThinnn

    The only advantage of harpy eagle over philippine eagle is the talon. But no doubt the philippine eagle has overall advantage over harpy eagle; it beak/bill, size, wings etc.

  17. Carl Moni

    What? Harpy wins the head to head fight? Lol, the Monkey Eating Eagle is by far the most powerful living Eagle in the world today. Harpy Eagle won’t be a thing to worry about for the fiercest eagle existing right now. You should compare their way of hunting, Philippine Eagle is obviously the strongest living eagle today. Haast eagle was, then it handed down to the apex predator, Philippine Monkey Eating Eagle.

  18. Griffin RMRP

    it would be super close no doubt but Philippine would win. i work for the rocky mountain raptor program side by sid with golden and bald eagles the Philipine has longer tarso metatarsus aka feet which is fused to one bone in birds as well as longer talons so longer feet longer reach both are equal strength tho if you thru a golden in there it would be a contender too

  19. Patrick Kobernus

    I’m content with saying the Philippine eagle, the harpy eagle and the Steller’s sea eagle are the largest eagles in the world, and it depends on what characteristic you are measuring (wingspan, height, or weight) to say which species is the largest. Instead of spending time making these dumb arguments over which eagle is the largest, or which one would win in a ‘fight’, why don’t you instead spend this time trying to educate others on the species, or do something for their conservation before they go extinct? Especially the Philippine eagle, which is on the edge of extinction. It is an amazing animal, worthy of greater protection. If you protect vast areas of habitat for this species, you undoubtedly protect habitat for many other Philippine endemic species.

  20. David

    Looking to all the comments above looks like we have a clear winner most of the comments here favors the Philippine Eagle… just wondering where did the author gets his data especially to the Stamina and Intelligence (intelligent) Records shows that the Philippine eagle has one of the largest skull among extant eagles, more likely it also has a bigger brain, Im not sure about stamina either they both live in almost the same Hot, humid environment. Philippine eagle is more of a Giant goshawk than to a regular large eagle according to experts, Its a fast flier and Harpy eagle may not able to keep up with the Philippine eagle.

  21. James W.

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  22. James W.

    trolls on..
    just so..

    What a caboose..

    1. James W.

      Hah! Busted.. again Apey/Apu..
      you fatuously ‘fake ID’
      scammin’ fat-headed phillistine..

  23. James W.

    Apey you ol’monkey. What a top drawer scammer you are! Don’t worry, the Paki-Tali will deal with you…L.O.L…


    Poor little bald eagle! Harpy Eagle is the largest eagle in the Americas!


    For me Philippine Eagle is the most powerful eagle species… Because it’s lightweighted, and it can handle a large prey like mongrel dog, deer, civet and macaque(long tailed monkey)

  26. Michael Edwards

    Harpy Eagle wins.. bigger, stronger, faster .. althou close the Harpy would crush its skull since it is slightly smarter


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