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By | May 16, 2021

Who will win the fight between Honey Badger and Lion?

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I have seen a video of 6 lions vs Honey Badger fight and still Honey Badger manage to survive of it. So, I thought of compare Honey Badger vs Lion. It would be great to know comparison and difference between Honey Badger vs Lion.

Honey Badger facts

Honey Badger is known with name of ratal and often found in India, Southeast Asia and Africa. It comes under category of carnivorous species. It has thick skin and defensive abilities. It has 12 sub species with different size and different color textures on the back.

Honey badger has a long body with thick and broad from the back. The loose skin allows it to turn and twist freely. The skin around the neck is of 6 millimeter. The head is flat and with short muzzle. Eyes are small and eyes ridge on skin. The features supporting honey badger as fearless species against predators.

Honey badger

It has short legs with 5 toes and very strong claws that can even break the shell of tortoise. The length of Honey badger is 55-77 cm and height is of 23-28 cm and tail adds another 12-30 cm. The weight of Honey badger is around 9-16 Kg. Large mustelids of large size calculated as their strength and even help them to stand strong against any attack. They hunt on honey bee, beehives, insects, frogs, tortoises, turtles, snakes, eggs, lizards, rodents and birds.

Honey badger also like fruits like bulbs, roots and berries. The only way you can grip honey badger is on the back of neck. Blow hard on skull to kill it otherwise skin does not anything to penetrate it. It comes under fearless creature because their skin help them to protect from teeth of larger animals.

Lion facts

Lion is known as king of the jungle. Lion is of 250 Kg in weight and second largest cat after the tiger. It often found in Africa and Asia( especially in Gir forest of Gujarat). Lions are most widespread large land mammal.

African lion

It falls under vulnerable species and most of the population decline taking place in African region. The main reason for decline in numbers is habitat loss and conflicts with humans. The western African lions are almost endangered. Normally Lion live for 10-15 years.

Honey badger vs Lion Comparison

The other facts are known to my readers. So, I am coming to direct comparison between Honey Badger vs Lion.  Compare both of them; know difference and comparison between them.

Honey badger vs Lion Comparison

Honey badger vs Lion Comparison

Comparison of Honey badger vs Lion is as follows:

AnimalsHoney badgerLion
Average Length 55-77 cm170-250 cm
Average Tail12-30 cm90-105 cm
Average Height23-27 cm100-105 cm
AreaSub-saharan Africa, Indian peninsula, western capePendjari national park, Gir national park, kruger national park etc
HabitatElf-dug holesShade, Dry scrub forest
TeethPowerful jaws, irregular developmentPowerful sharp teeth
Weight9-16 Kg250 Kg
Average Life Span24 years10-15 years

Who will win the fight? After seeing above comparison between Honey badger vs Lion. Many of you are with Lion but I have seen a video in which Honey Badger is surrounded by 6 lions and they want to kill Honey badger but they struggle to kill him as it is difficult to rip the skin the honey badger even King cobra venom does not work on Honey badger skin.

From those Video, I can judge that Lion would win the fight, only if Lion pick the honey badger from his neck such that its arms fly in air otherwise you have to blow it skull very hard. That is only way to beat Honey badger.

Honey Badger has very powerful jaws which can even hunt tortoise with shell but Lion is larger animal and I will go with Lion.

44 thoughts on “Compare Honey Badger vs Lion

  1. Anonymous

    we know honey badger can’t beat the lion in dream also but its amazing to see small honey badger is giving competition to big lion

    1. Legolas the brave

      You have to give these little guys some serious credit!!!
      These little badgers can withstand the bite of a black mamba and win the fight! honey badgers may not have the toughest name but that’s because they take honey from the African killer bees by spraying a chemical into the hive and taking the comb while being stung repeatedly. These toughies can withstand more stings than it would take to kill a full grown man! Watch out lions this little killer can take you out!!!

  2. Neil

    What’s next, honey badger vs polar bear, honey badger vs great white shark, honey badger vs werewolf?

    Enough of the unrealistic fight scenarios, honey badgers are so overrated

  3. James W.

    What you saw in the video,
    was a bunch of lion cubs messing with
    the Ratel, for sport, & practice/experience.

    Mature lions usually don’t bother with H-B’s
    because they ain’t good eatin’, & don’t really compete
    for the same prey, unlike Cheetahs, leopards, hyenas & wild dogs..

    But if a ‘bloody-minded’ lion decides to destroy an H-B, well, despite it
    being an hornery, combative, & tough little stinker, its game-over..

  4. Simon

    There have been recourded times when Honey badgers have sougt to fight a PACK of Lions and won the first time, but the secound time the Honey badger lost.


  5. Aka

    HONEY BADGER FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!! Honey badger beat up one lion, and it took four males to take one down with several wounds!

    1. James W.

      try & comprehend..
      In the vid – they were lion cubs messing around, like a kid teasing a dog..
      If the pride boss lion wanted to stomp on their sport, the H-B would be..
      .. brutally transformed into a greasy spot – in the dirt.. & quick-smart..

  6. James W.

    You have no idea what you are going on about..
    Watch the movie “The Ghost & the Darkness.”
    It is based on an actual event, & shows the intelligence of lions..

    Those in the vid playing with the H-B, were not fully grown male lions.

  7. James W.

    You are such an ignoramus.. have another look at the video..
    Don’t you even know what testicles represent? Those cubs are male..
    Is it because you are still an underdeveloped boy – with a girls voice?
    Grow up, kid..

  8. James W.

    you write yet another stupid comment..
    & pitifully, as to be expected, from such a ‘stupid boy’..

    Opinion that backs a ratel – over a dominant boss lion – intent on killing.. ultra-stupid fanboy fantasy.. with a reality basis of zip,zero, nada, nil,..

  9. James W.

    Funny kid, I see you didn’t put a comment in with the vid..
    ..but the comments on the vid itself say enough.. ‘dumb-as’..

    & while those lions were not really interested, there are indeed..
    quite a few vids of unfortunate H-Bs being chewed-up & torn-apart
    by ornery, bad-tempered lions, who are intent on destroying H-Bs..
    ..regardless of the H-B.. giving off that awful.. skunk-like.. stink..

  10. AP

    There have been a few cases where Honey Badgers have killed Lions, but more often than not, the Lion would win. The Lion is simply too strong for the Honey Badger to take down.

  11. AP

    Well, generally, technique>strength.

    However, here strength matters because the lion is over 30x stronger. That is an overwhelming strength advantage for the lion.

  12. James W.

    Just check youtube.

    See the vid showing a mere leopard..
    killing a ratel, after it has dragged it up a tree..

    If an adult lion can be bothered with, or is sufficiently
    bloody minded, or gets riled up enough, by a ratel..
    – to get all savagely vicious-like & ultra-violent..
    well.. yeah, then.. the feisty wee fella is.. TOAST!
    Full stop..

  13. AP

    As biased as James W is towards the lion, I have to agree with him on this one. In addition to being more than 30x stronger than the honey badger, the lion has 3 inch claws and 3 inch canines. One paw swipe from the lion would kill the honey badger.

    Unless the honey badger does not latch itself on the lion’s throat and choke it out without being clawed to death, the lion would win 10/10 times.

  14. AP

    As biased as James W is towards the lion, I have to agree with him on this one.

    The lion is 30x stronger and has 3 inch claw 3 inch canines. One paw swipe would kill the honey badger.

    Unless the honey badger does not latch itself on the lion’s throat and choke it out without being clawed to death, the lion wins this 10/10 times.

    And James W, why do you get pissed everytime someone says that a lion will lose a fight?

    Grow up KID. LOL.

    1. James W.

      Get some learning skills, & education..

      Lions fight a lot – pretty much over anything
      of interest to them, & sometimes just because
      they are in a pissed-off mood, & they do this,
      from cubhood to decreptitude.

      Lions practice fighting with other lions most of all,
      so yeah, they learn to fight hard, & how to give/take
      power.. then they apply it to other creatures too..
      (& even the ratel, if the foul little thug – gets uppity).

      This attitude, plus the power they can/do apply,
      makes them formidable creatures, which is why
      they were dominant ’til men developed weapons..

  15. AP

    James W,
    Dude, I agree with you on this one. Why are you getting so defensive?

    I was just asking why you get pissed when someone says that an animal would beat a lion?

    1. James W.

      that question is irrelevant.
      The animal that kills more lions ( other than us),
      is another lion…

      Some lions do grow large.. in areas where they get
      well fed on huge quantities of meat, & for which
      they must wield their prodigious power – to kill..
      see link:

  16. AP

    James W,
    I don’t see how that question is irrevelant…

    But thanks for the link.

  17. James W.

    AP, try & be serious..
    There is no way known.. that an angry ratel..
    is going to defeat an adult lion – who really wants to see that stinker dead..

  18. AP

    James W,
    Not sure if you are following this thread…
    I NEVER said that a HB could beat a lion…

    1. James W.

      actually, yeah you did..
      “…latch on to the lion’s throat.”

      But I guess maybe you were just funning..

      ..since there’s no way known that a puny H-B’s
      jaws could get past the mane – of even a sleeping lion..

  19. AP

    James W,
    Come on man! Really? That was just a hypothetical statement – just like you claimed that a 100 lb leopard can kill a 500 lb tiger with jaw lock in the jaguar vs Bengal tiger thread…

    But, yeah, a lion would beat HB in a fight.

  20. James W.

    dude, yeah..

    I guess the only difference is, that even being so unlikely, as it is..
    there is still some reasonable possibility – in the case of the two big cats,
    whereas – it is zero reasonable possibility – for the H-B, on the lion..

  21. AP

    James W,
    You present a valid point, but I wont say “zero reasonable possibility” because there was a video on Youtube (Aka/Tony provided the link) where a lone HB fought off four lionesses…

    Under normal circumstances though, a lion would win 10/10 times in a fight with a HB.

    1. James W.

      it is you, quite evidently..
      who has not been “following this thread”..
      since.. as I’d noted, the vid posted by Aka/turkey..
      clearly showed MALE lion cubs messing about with ol’ stinky..

      If the parents.. of those curious cubs.. had been in the least bit concerned..
      – about the dirty little ratel.. maybe was going to perform a sneaky orchidectomy,
      ( as the luridly ludicrous myth – would have us believe),
      then they’d surely & promptly.. stomp it into a greasy spot.. right there & then..
      Tout suite!

  22. AP

    Wait, nevermind, that is the same video Aka/Tony posted…

    However, James, you are wrong when you say that those lions were cubs. They certainly were NOT. If you listen closely to what the guy was saying, two of the lionesses were adults, and the other four were sub-adults. A sub-adult is NOT the same thing as a cub…

    1. James W.

      Too funny!
      You always go on about animals that are selected as prey by lions
      being mere ‘babies’, but now you try & claim lion cubs are NOT!

      A small maneless male lion.. who is still under parental tutition..
      is of course.. per se, a CUB..

      So, you’ve done again apey, you prove yourself.. dumb-as dirt..

  23. AP

    Are you trolling? Or are you both deaf and blind?

    Let me address your first comment. If by “mere babies” you mean hippos, rhinos, and elephants, than yes, a lion will only go for the calves. However, I have already admitted that a lone lion can take down an adult Cape buffalo…

    Saying that a juvenile lion who does not have mane is a “cub” is like saying that a twelve year old is a toddler… that is simply ludicrous… got that, you “dumb-as dirt” ?

  24. AP

    Also, I love how you ignored the fact that there were two ADULT lionesses in that group and the honey badger still held it’s own…

    1. James W.

      you are blind one..
      but its a potentially healthy sign..
      that you are ready to accept some learning..

    1. James W.

      some links maybe fail..
      here, & there..

      But you.. habitually.. fail..
      & then, rather than duly stand corrected..
      with good grace.. you get all bent out of shape..
      & go full-troll/scammer/ID thief.. shit-heel.. LO.L…

  25. AP

    LOL, c’mon Lames. Spare us of the “holier than thou” attitude of yours. You are proving that you are a hypocrite…LMFAO.

  26. Observer

    This thread is a joke 😀 Honey badger is for lion just like a mouse for a cat 😀 When lion chooses to kill a honey badger, it does it. When just playing around, badger can survive 🙂


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