Compare Honey Badger vs Komodo Dragon

By | May 20, 2021

Who will win the fight between Honey Badger vs Komodo Dragon?

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Who will win between Honey badger vs Komodo dragon and many people are asking same question and want to know who will win the fight. So, I am coming with detail comparison of Honey badger vs Komodo dragon.

Honey badger facts

Honey badger is ratal mammal found in Africa, India and mainly in Southeast Asia. It is carnivorous species having thick skin which act as defensive weapon for Honey badger.

There are 12 sub species of Honey badgers and all of them is of different size and have different color on the back side. It has a long body with very broad from back. The skin allows honey badger to turn and twist easily. It is noted that Honey badger skin around neck is of 6 millimeter.

Honey badger

They have small eyes, head is flat and main thing is that- Honey badgers are fearless species and very aggressive and can start fighting with predators without knowing about their size. They can even start fight with Lions. So, have a look at Honey badger vs Lion comparison.

Honey badgers claws and teeth are very strong that they can hunt the tortoise along with their shells. Now come to size, Length is of 55-77 cm and tail adds another 12-30 cm, height is of 23-28 cm and weight around 9-16  kg. The large mustelids act as great strength for Honey badgers.

Finally, I am coming to Honey badgers diet, they like to eat rodents, birds, lizards, eggs, snakes, insects, turtles, frogs, tortoise, honey bee, beehives, roots, berries and bulbs. The best way to attack Honey badger is blow hard on his skull and if possible grip it from his neck otherwise you cannot catch this fearless creature.

Komodo dragon facts

Komodo dragon is known with name of Komodo monitor. It is largest species of lizard found in Indonesia with max of 3 meter in length and weight around 70 kilograms.

They rule and dominate the islands and areas in which they live. They hunt on birds, invertebrates and mammals. They are known for their venomous bite which secretes various toxic proteins. They hunt in exceptional way in comparison to other reptiles. Komodo diet includes deer, reptiles, birds, mammals, bird eggs, monkeys, goats, horses and water buffaloes and sometimes humans as well. The estimated life span of komodo dragon is 30 years.

Komodo dragon

Komodo dragon is blood tinged because of its teeth which are completely covered with gingival tissue and it naturally lacerated while feeding. It is ideal place for bacteria to live in its mouth. Komodo dragon has long forked tongue with scales skin which contains small bones( osteoderms) which works as natural chain-mail. The see vision of dragon is 300 m but very poor vision at night time.

They can differentiate in colors but cannot see stationary objects visually. It uses tongue to detect smell and taste. They prefer to stay in hot and dry places like savanna, trophical forests, and open grassland and digs holes of 1-3 meters. They have speed of 20 km/h and even climb on trees (when they are young) using strong claws. They can even stand on its legs using tail support.

Honey badger vs Komodo dragon Comparison

Yes, I am going to compare Honey badger vs Komodo dragon. I already explained Honey badger and Komodo dragon facts.

Honey badger vs Komodo dragon Comparison

Honey badger vs Komodo dragon Comparison

Now, it is high time to know comparison table and difference between them.

AnimalsHoney badgerKomodo dragon
Average Length55-77 cm3 meter
Average Tail12-30 cmLong tail
Average Height23-27 cm———-
AreaSub-saharan Africa, Indian peninsula, western capeIndonesia, savanna, tropical forests and grassland
HabitatElf-dug holesDig holes
TeethPowerful jaws, irregular developmentSerrated teeth
Weight9-16 Kg70 kg
Average Life Span24 years30 years

Who will win the fight? Know who will win the fight between Komodo dragon vs honey badger. Honey badger is fearless species and good immune system which can even withstand a bite of King cobra while Komodo dragon has saliva which is very toxic( poisonous bacteria) but I have a doubt whether this poisonous saliva would make any difference on Honey badger body?

High resistance on honey badger immune system and very strong claws( through which honey badger can eat tortoise shell). So, I think Honey badger would be winner. I have also seen a video in honey badger easily killing a monitor lizard and other reptiles. So, it is not a hard task for honey badger to kill Komodo dragon.

22 thoughts on “Compare Honey Badger vs Komodo Dragon

  1. James Kulling

    You seen a honey badger kill a monitor lizard. We’re not talking about a monitor lizard we’re talking about a fucking komodo dragon!

  2. Ruben mejias

    It would be a battle but honey badger would tire it out. And gnaw head off ultimately. If dragon is able to grab badger good then badger may be finished and be swallowed whole. Dragon also won’t let go. Both have pit bull tenacity.

  3. nate toma

    Komodo dragons are have a more damaging bite than a crocodile, the animal with the strongest of all animal bite forces. How can a honey badger survive that? Ever thought of that? Also, the dragons can crush the badger with it’s weight and/or tale.

    1. Don't reply

      If a Crocodile has the strongest bite force in the animal kingdom than how would a komodo dragon have a more damaging bite? Smart one. And the komodo dragon would not even be able to put itself on top of the honey badger because of the honey badger’s speed. Ever think about that?

      1. Mr. Axolotl

        Well the crocodile does have a more powerful bite than the Komodo dragon if your just talking about pound per square inch, but the komodo will do more damage due to the fact of the very potent venom it has stored in it’s venom glands. The komodo also has nasty bacteria in it’s mouth too, the komodo dragon as better stamina than the honey badger. At short burst the honey badger is faster as it can run from 16-19mph, while the komodo dragon reaches 12mph, but the komodo dragon as a whip like tail and have very fast reactions. The komodo dragon also weighs more. All the komodo has to do is bite the honey badger once and it will die 3-4 hours later. If the venom doesn’t kill it than the bacteria will, and even though the honey badger can withstand venomous snakes in Africa. All venom is different. So the honey badger can fight back but one bite from the komodo and the honey badger dies, even with their tough hide. Even if the honey badger tries to sleep it off it will leave it’s body exposed and the komodo dragon could kill it right there. it’s clear who the winner is…… The komodo dragon.

        1. Josh

          Honey badger’s aren’t even effected by King Cobra venom lol And somehow the dragons venom is more lethal? lol

    2. Quame Jeff

      The crocodile has the strongest bite amongst all animals so check your facts well. A bite of 3700 Psi (Salt water crocodile) which can crush a tortoise shell easily…

    3. CK

      Lol, you’re talking about fire breathing flying dragons or actual Komodo Dragons?

  4. nate toma

    The biggest thing a badger can eat is a carcass and the biggest living animal it can eat, a tortise.

  5. Billard

    This is a no-brainer: honey badger allday. The honey badger is faster, stronger, smarter, and more aggressive than any reptile. It would annihilate any komodo dragon 10 times it’s size. The only reptile that can probably give the hb a challenge is a croc.

  6. jelani

    well the monitor lizard that was killed by a honey badger wasn’t even full grown let alone a full grown komodo dragon
    and they don’t need venom to kill the honey badger all it has to do is maul and bite the honey badger to death until it is ripped apart and monitors can also eats turtles and tortoises and can bite and claw through bone.

  7. CK

    Well, recent studies show that the bite of a Komodo Dragon is actually not that much of a bacterious nature, but of a venomous one.
    The Honey Badger, being resistant to a lot of stronger poisons, would probably recover quickly to a Komodo Dragon’s bite (assuming the Komodo Dragon is able to bite it at all) due to it’s similar feeding habbits.
    Just to name an example: Rats are hard to kill with most diseases because of the way they live, in a bacterial environment – Honey Badgers are very similar in that manner.
    Honey Badgers are also known to easily kill other monitor lizards, so combat wise a Komodo Dragon wouldn’t really stand a chance if not for the debatable effect of it’s toxic bite.

    Source: Just reading a lot of scientific articles about the Honey Badger and (different types of) Monitor Lizards.

  8. iuri

    Don’t think so, a komodo dragon is too much for the badger. Bigger, heavier and stronger. Size by size, it would be a different outcome.

  9. AMRT

    A Komodo dragon’s bite isn’t “venomous,” it’s bacterial. The badger’s injury would get infected and rot, rendering its resistance to poisom completely useless.

    That, and one bute from the dragon could easily tear limbs off the badger. Thrashing of the body and tail could shatter the badger’s bones… and it’s not like KD’s are slow on land like crocs..

  10. Animal Lover

    While honey badgers do punch above their weight and have utilized their aggressive and feisty nature to fight of larger predators, they (along with wolverines) get overrated.

    While an aggressive honey badger could potentially scare of a Komodo dragon in a natural day to day confrontation, they lack the weaponry and physical strength to cause any meaningful damage in a fight to death. Conversely, a single bite from the Komodo dragon would kill the honey badger almost instantly – the nasty serrated teeth and venom would get the job done rather quick.

    This is a mismatch in favor of the reptile.


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