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By | April 24, 2021

Who will win the fight between Bull Shark vs Tiger Shark?

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Compare animals is place of comparison of similar species in which people often confuses? This time, I am coming with very interesting comparison between bull shark vs tiger shark. Yes, you heard right, I will compare bull shark vs tiger shark and mark differences between them. Go further to know about them in more detail.

Some people want to know comparison between White shark vs Bull shark or white shark vs tiger Sharks. So, in upcoming posts, I will compare them. Sharks are exceptional species as unprovoked attacks are associated with these animals. The brief analytics has shown us that it is human beings who make mistakes during any encounter with sharks.

Tiger shark facts

Tiger shark comes under requiem shark species. It is also known as sea tiger because of its length of attaining of 5 meters. It is commonly found in tropical in central pacific islands. In western Pacific Ocean, it is found far north from japan and far south from New Zealand.

Sometimes, also found in Gulf of Mexico, South America and North America, India, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Australia. It has dark stripes on its body which looks like tiger pattern and thus it is known as tiger shark. With the passage of time, tiger type patterns on shark fades.

It has wider food spectrum among all sharks which includes seals, fishes, birds, turtles, dolphins, squid, small shakes and sea snakes. It is also refer as garbage eater. Tiger shark is largest member of order Carcharhiniformes with 270+ species. The recent size recorded for tiger shark is 350 m. The sharks can attain length of 10-15 Feet and weighs around 485-635 Kg.

Tiger shark

The skin color of tiger shark range from blue to green and they are quite sensible to dark spots and stripes. They can easily detect vibrations in water even hunt in darkness.

Tiger sharks are least described species of shark family. They found in large numbers in comparison to white sharks. Tiger sharks have most perfect teeth structure among all sharks. As far as the size of the Tiger sharks are concerned then they are most successful to kill almost every species.

They are not much choosy about their diet. They can adjust the food supply such that when food supply is low, they change their diet as well. Tiger sharks prefer to live in warm water and more often seen in contact of humans. Due to uncommon diet, it becomes competitors of humans.

Bull shark facts

It is also known as one of the dangerous sharks among all water species. They are known for their speed; it is fast and has strong teeth which are less in comparison to tiger sharks but not less for humans. They spend majority of time in shallow water close to shore and most often found in rivers which carry fresh water and when they come in contact with salt, they dies.

It can even sustain in brackish water with adaptations which can produce stress in bull shark body. The mixture of salt and fresh water produces limited visibility and also causes electric fields overdose. This is big harm for humans as of unrealistic environmental conditions.

Bull shark

Bull shark is known as Zambezi shark and often found in Africa and Nicaragua in warm, shallow water across rivers and fresh water. It is of aggressive nature. The shore attacks which take place near banks, it is bull shark which causes most of the attacks. Bull sharks are large sharks with size of 8 feet and maximum of 11 feet and weight of 315 Kg. Bull sharks are heavier and wider than requiem sharks. It has bite force of 600 Kgs.

Bull shark is best among 43 species of elmobranch and they hunt in pairs and their diet includes bony fish, birds, turtles, dolphins, sharks, terrestrial mammals and stingrays. They found in swallow waters. So, pose dangerous threat for humans.

Bull shark vs Tiger shark Comparison

If you are looking for comparison and difference between Bull shark vs tiger shark and want to compare Bull shark vs tiger shark then read the complete below.

Bull shark vs Tiger shark Comparison

Bull shark vs Tiger shark Comparison
AnimalsBull sharkTiger shark
Average Length8-11 ft10-15 ft
Average Weight Around 315 kilogram 385-635 kilogram
AreaSouthern Brazil, Angola, Australia, India, Morocco, Indian Ocean, South Africa, Kenya and VietnamPacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, China, Africa, India, Hong kong, Australia, Indonesia, south America and North America
Waterwarm coastal water, fresh water and salt waterTropical and temperate waters
Habitatcoastal areas, warm oceans, rivers and lakes, salt and fresh waterTropical and sub-tropical water throughout the world
Teethtriangular, serrated and very sharpSlice flesh, bone, and turtle shells
Average Life Span14 years plus12 years plus

Who will win the fight? The comparison and difference between Bull shark vs tiger shark are explained above. I have compared both Bull shark and Tiger shark. Now, come to final verdict- Tiger shark are more in size and length and thus, I will Tiger shark would win the fight. It is no doubt Bull shark would give tough competition but my vote goes to Tiger shark.

I hope above tutorial on Tiger shark vs bulk shark would help you.

16 thoughts on “Compare Bull Shark vs Tiger Shark

  1. Jack Stroldon

    Both these sharks are dangerous. The Great White, Tiger and Bull Sharks are the three main killer sharks. These are all aggressive, strong and large predators with massive bite force. I think, tiger sharks are most notorious among all three. These sharks often attack dolphins without any reason. So, dolphins does not come near the region of the oceans where a tiger shark lives.

  2. Shark fan

    I would rather be alone witha great white and a raft rather than alone with bull/tiger sharks

  3. irene

    Bull sharks are alse in the Cortez sea (Cabo Pulmo) a lot, and the Pacific Ocean. Dr. Mauricio Hoyos is making a deep study about them

    1. James W.

      How deep?
      Full fathom 5,000?

      APU foul stink goes MUCH deeper..
      All the way to hell.. L.O.L…

      1. James W.

        A prime pride boss male lion would destroy everything…

  4. Orcacrusher333

    It’s hard to admit this because I like bull sharks better than tiger shark but the tiger shark is stronger and has better bite.

    1. James W.

      Boss Orca is King!
      Sharks fear him and flee…
      at hearing his mighty roar!

      Boss Orca has polar bear on toast!
      He squashes them up like avocado!
      This is a true fact, so bear fans can suck it!

      1. James W.

        A prime pride boss male lion would destroy both…

  5. John Castro

    i got an idea. first heres what i think. the bulk shark is cruising along the ocean then a tiger shark attacks from below the bull shark fights back he bites on the second dorsal fin then he charges then rams the the tiger shark then the tiger bites the tail the bull shark is bleeding and can’t swim as fast then the tiger shark bites a few more times the bull shark is defeated other sharks can smell the meal. now what about shark ultimate rumble with every shark ok.

  6. Riley

    Bull Sharks are most angry with highest testosterone levels of all sharks!

  7. No

    Pound for pound the bull shark is a lot stronger and has a stronger bite force. If the same size I’m going bull shark all day, they’re also far more aggressive. If not a 12 ft bull shark would likely loose to a 18 ft tiger shark.

  8. Ashley

    I love this website. Please post more! I beg you.

    P.S. My coworker asked for more bears, please.


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