Philippine Eagle vs Bald Eagle Comparison

By | September 5, 2015

Who will win the fight between Philippine Eagle and Bald Eagle?

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Philippine Eagle vs Bald Eagle is the battle between the two of the most powerful birds in the world. Due to different habitat or natural environment these two eagles are never been met in the wild but we are here going to compare both eagles facts and information.

Fight between Philippine Eagle vs Bald Eagle

Philippine Eagle vs Bald Eagle

Philippine Eagle Facts and Information

Philippine eagle is from the Accipitridae family and have a Pithecophaga genus.

It is one of the largest and strongest powerful eagles in the world.

According to the report of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), Philippine eagles are in list Critically Endangered species.

It is the national bird of Philippine.

It has the thick powerful talons which is used to crush the prey bones and muscles.

They are also known as Great Philippine Eagle and monkey eating eagle.

Like other eagles, female Philippine Eagle is larger than male Philippine Eagle.

Philippine Eagle weight varies according to their natural habitat and prey, larger prey means heavier Philippine Eagle. Their average weight is around 6.8 kg for females and 4.8 kg for males.

Philippine Eagle has the wide wing span ranging from 6 ft to 7.4 ft.

At present they are found only in Philippine, especially in four major island of Philippines which are Mindanao, Samar, Luzon and Leyte.

Philippine Eagles are the most endangered species of eagle left in the world, only few eagles are left in the wild.

They have a life span of 32 years in wild and 40 years in captivity.

Philippine Eagle has the variety of prey on the islands of Philippine ranging from bats to big Philippine dear.

Longest eagle ever measured is Philippine Eagle with the total length of 3 ft 8 inch.

Philippine Eagles are also the tallest from all other eagles.

They are the world strongest eagles who depend on larger prey like Philippine deer, large snakes, flying foxes and monkeys etc.

Bald Eagle Facts and Information

Bald Eagle is also known as American Bald Eagle found in North America only, mostly in Alaska and Canada.

It also from the same family from which Philippine Eagle belongs i.e. Accipitridae and have genus Haliaeetus.

It is the national animal and national bird of United States of America.

Average weight for female Bald Eagle is 5.6 kg where male Bald Eagle average weight is around 4 kg. Females are generally 20 to 25% larger than males.

Their nest is recorded as the largest tree nest ever made by a bird.

It has a wing span of near about 5.8 ft to 7.5 ft.

Average life span for Bald Eagles in wild is 25 years and in captivity it is 38 years.

They are sea eagles and mainly prey on fishes, apart from fish they use to feed on carrions, other birds and small animals.

At the time of mating both male and female Bald Eagle make the nest for their babies.

Bald Eagles are excellent swimmers which helps them to hunt fish under the water.

On average Bald Eagle lay 1 to 3 eggs.

At the age of 5 and 6 they are ready for mating and pair remains together tills one dies and they mate throughout the life.

After reaching the age of 4 or 5 years Bald Eagles develop their distinctive white head and tail.

Philippine Eagle and Bald Eagle Comparison Table

AnimalsPhilippine Eagle
Philippine Eagle
Bald Eagle Bald Eagle
Average Length34 to 39 in34 to 43 in
Average Weight10.4 to 17.6 lb6.6 and 13.9 lb
AreaThe Philippines North America
HabitatDipterocarp and mid-montane forests, particularly in steep areasBald eagles live along the coast and on major lakes and rivers
BillAverages 2.84 in lengthAverages 2.8–3.5 in length
Average Life Span30 to 60 yearsUp to 28 years

Philippine Eagle vs Bald Eagle

No doubt Philippine Eagle is strongest and powerful than Bald Eagle but Bald Eagles is intelligent enough who can defend himself from getting hurt by dangerous Philippine Eagle. If both eagles fight with each other then probably Philippine Eagle will win the battle.

22 thoughts on “Philippine Eagle vs Bald Eagle Comparison

    1. Vera

      If only the PH eagle is not extremely endangered, I would love the PH and Bald eagles fight though I already know which one will win.

  1. Sydney Russel

    How do you do your force rankings? In this battle you say the Philippine is stronger and more powerful, but you have the Baldy listed as a 4 in force and the Philippine a 3.

  2. DaoDao

    The battle between the two of the most powerful birds in the world?

    Bruh, look up the Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle. It would eat these 2 alive.

  3. ThePersonWhoNeverLies

    Ya. I did a report on the Wedge Tailed Eagle, it would eat those 2 i****** Birds with no problem.

  4. Tyler

    HA wow, Bald Eagle all the way, I’d be surprised if it was even close. This would be an aerial dogfight, people. Therefore, agility is paramount. As the Philippine Eagle preys on large shit on the ground, it typically just drops in and kills it. In the air, baldie would get the advantage, as it’s hunt requires more acuity and skill.

  5. marlon

    Forget the fight!! I wonder how the two would come if combines for breeding and experimental studies? You never know, although I have seen one particular eagle like bird in the Philippine island and is called “lawin”. She has the white feathers on her head going to neck just like the American Eagle and I believe also the tail (not sure on rail. With the body color of the Philippines eagles. She was beautiful but short and about 15″ in legnth and about 7″ in width.

  6. Manuel

    There is no real biological comparison here.. you guys just boosted bald eagle specs because it’s very popular around the world, because of USA movies and everything

    Bald eagle have no chance against PH eagle, neither against australian wedge tailed eagle or rainforest harpy, the only 2 birds of prey that can be compared to PH eagle.

    1. Zachay4

      I believe a phillippine eagle can kill a bald eagle in just 55 secs because they have a manevrable body more like a hawk and can hunt down real cow and chase small sparrows through dense forest and catch it and never cheat on ther partner and is more intelligent than bald eagle because they hunt in pairs to catch dangerous and aggressive prey and is immune to the Philippine cobra venom which is the third most deadliest snake venom so there PH eagles can wipe out every bald eagle

  7. ignatio

    I like the Bald Eagle , besides the filppy pidgin has a toupee on and looks generic.

  8. Joey

    I think it will depend on whose territory they will be fighting that will impact the result of who will win between the two. but if you let them fight in a contain area with no environmental advantage just an enough room for them to fight the PH eagle would win due to size and talon force

  9. TexasPet

    I’m with Crocidile lover123, I like crocodiles i think the crocodile will win.


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