Poison Dart Frog vs Cobra Comparison

By | August 16, 2015

Who will win the fight between Poison Dart Frog and Cobra?

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Poison Dart Frog vs Cobra is not a fight but it is a deadly competition for both the creatures. One is the most venomous snake and another is the most poisonous frog in the world.

This is a big debate whether Cobra can eat Poison Dart Frog or not because it is not an easy task to eat the most poisonous frog of the world. And to know it better lets first look a brief description about both Poison Dart Frog and Cobra.

Fight between Poison Dart Frog vs King Cobra

Poison Dart Frog vs King Cobra

Poison Dart Frog Facts and Information

It is the most poisonous frog in the world and they are also known as poison arrow frog.

There are almost 175 species of Poison Dart Frog from which only few species are dangerous and poisonous to humans.

Golden Poison Dart Frog is the most poisonous in the list of Poison Dart Frog.

Indigenous people of America or Amerindians use Poison Dart Frog toxic on the tip of the blow dart to kill the animals. Because of this they are known as Poison Dart Frog or poison arrow frog.

Almost all frog of this species are small ranging from 1.6 cm to 6.1 cm in length.

They are found in the rain forest of central and southern America.

Their bright colour on the body indicates that this frog is so poisonous which keeps them safe from other predators.

Some species of Poison Dart Frog are vanishing from earth due to loss of their natural habitat.

They got the poison from the insects they eat in the wild.

Cobra Facts and Information

Cobra is the most venomous snake on the planet, though their venom is not so venomous but they inject so much venom at one time that can kill a adult grown elephant easily.

They are mostly found in Africa to Asia continent.

Cobra has the strongest appearance from all other snakes i.e. their hood. Because of their hood they look bigger and dangerous.

Cobra smells better than human beings and also has good hearing sense unlike other snakes.

In wild they can live up to 19 years.

Only mongoose and human are dangerous to them apart from that, they are at the top of food chain.

Cobra can split their venom unlike other snakes and if this venom is split over eyes then the victim is blind for sure. They use this technique to avoid themselves from bigger predators like elephant or tiger.

Naja naja is the pure Cobra species which is also known as Indian Cobra or spectacled Cobra and they are mainly found in Indian sub continental.

King Cobra is the largest Cobra in Cobra species. From all venomous snakes king Cobra is the longest venomous snake in the world with the length up to 20 feet.

King Cobra is the most aggressive snake in the list of Cobra species and rest Cobras are shy in nature who keeps themselves out from human beings.

Cobras are the most intelligent snakes in the world that learn quickly and adopt themselves to live with human beings.

One interesting facts about Cobra is that the baby Cobra who is just come to the planet is the equally dangerous to adult grown Cobra.

Poison Dart Frog vs King Cobra Comparison Table

AnimalsPoison dart frog
Poison dart frog
King Cobra
King Cobra
Average Length0.59 in9.8 to 13.1 ft
Average Weight1 oz.13 lb
AreaTropical environments of Central and South America Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and the southern areas of East Asia
HabitatTropical or subtropical forests in AfricaIn Alaska dense near the coast, continental United States
PoisonHas enough venom to kill 10 grown menEnough to kill 20 people, or even an elephant
Average Life Span3 to 15 years20 years

The duel between the Poison Dart Frog vs Cobra

Not all Cobra able to digest this poisonous frog but Cobra like king Cobra can easily kill and digest Poison Dart Frog because they are known for killing and eating other venomous snakes. Poison Dart Frog may be dangerous for Cobra (excluding King Cobra) especially the golden Poison Dart Frog. Cobra can easily kill this frog but he will also die after eating the Poison Dart Frog.

11 thoughts on “Poison Dart Frog vs Cobra Comparison

  1. Samantha

    How d o you know who will win? Test it. My money’s on the frog!

  2. Horuos

    Poison darts have enough nerotoxin to kill a cobra, however a cobra will probably kill it. Ultimately, I would say both would die, one of being killed, another of venom. It would be a tie.

  3. James W.

    How do you know if the cobra has resistance to the frog venom?
    Do cobras take venom warning coloured amphibians in Africa/Asia?

    It seems even pet cats can & do hunt venomous snakes ( & such snakes of any continent)
    though, having a natural venom resistance, as inherited from their wild forebears..

    Domestic dogs are much more vulnerable to snake venom..

  4. Aka

    Hello? King cobra can kill black mamba no problem. A poison dart frog isn’t going to be a problem for the almighty king cobra.

  5. Tony/Aka

    Actually, it would be a problem for the cobra to kill the mamba. Cobra would probably win but mamba could win.

  6. James W.

    & yet the smaller species of wildcats can best these snakes,
    by beating their best strike speed.. & by being venom resistant..

    1. AKa/Tony

      Domestic cats are not resistant to snake venom. No domestic cat could take on the big boys, king cobra anaconda, much less not a see snake.

  7. rob

    The cobra could easily kill the frog. The problem would be if the cobra tried to eat it. Cobras have no resistence to the frogs neurotoxins. They live on different continents and have never been exposed to it. If the cobra ate the frog it would also die.

  8. John Castro

    well dart frogs can kill with one touch so the frog can touch the cobra right before the cobra can bite it.


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