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By | December 13, 2014

Who will win the fight between King Cobra and Green Anaconda?

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Two of the deadliest snakes on the face of the earth are the King Cobra and Green Anaconda. They are also the largest too in terms of lengths and if you measure them, then you will find that they measure almost the same. If you want to get an idea of how long the snakes are, then it is almost three times the length of an average man. Though they are quite similar in length, but their action is all different and they have different physiologies too.

They are found in two different continents and that is the reason you will not find them coming together at any stage. But, as they possess some common features and at the same time have some different traits as well, therefore a comparison is always drawn. Moreover, they are also considered to be the most deadly of all the reptiles and if you by any chances you come closer to them, then it is highly that you will not stay to share the experience with others.

If you take the average height of a man to be 5ft. then the snakes are almost 18ft. in length. The lengthy Green Anaconda that has been captured till date was in Brazil and it was of almost 17ft. long. Anacondas have the potential to kill the pythons and eat them up and they do that at regular interval. When you compare the lengths of Green Anaconda and King Cobra you will see that the King Cobras are more than 18 ft. long. The venom potential of king Cobra is much more powerful than others because it has the capacity of killing a big elephant with a single bite. The venom that is passed on to the body of an elephant on a single bite is strong enough to bring down such a big animal within a matter of 3 hours, in case the bite is placed on its trunk.

The comparison between King Cobra and Green Anaconda

King cobra vs Green anaconda Comparison

King cobra vs Green anaconda Comparison

King Cobra vs Green Anaconda Comparison Table

AnimalsKing CobraGreen Anaconda
SpeciesO. hannahE. murinus
Average Adult Body LengthAverages at 9.8 to 13.1 ft 9.8 ft on average (Male), 15.1 ft on average (Female)
Average Weight13 lb66 to 154 lb
AreaForests from India through Southeast AsiaSouth America
WeaponsAnaconda is not a venomous snake. It uses strong and muscular body to kill its prey.Venomous fangs have half an inch in length. With just one bite, cobra can kill large elephant.
Average Life Span20 years10-12 years

Green Anaconda is said to be way heavier than that of King Cobra, so it is said that Anaconda has the power to crush the King Cobra. But, on the contrary, if King Cobra bites Green Anaconda, then it will be finished within a matter of time because it is not immune to the venom of King Cobra and this can be proved from the fact that King Cobra does digest smaller pythons easily.

King Cobra has quick reflexes as compared to that of Green Anaconda, but the mass of Green Anaconda is unimaginable because it weighs around 550 pounds and the diameter is about 12 inches. King Cobra only weighs 20 pounds, so that is the reason they are more agile and swiftly turns to capture the prey. The anaconda crushes its prey to death, but on the other hand King Cobra’s venom of 1/5 oz. has the potential to kill almost as many as 20 people.

You will find the Green Anaconda feeding on the larger animals like deer, wild pigs, turtles, jaguars and caimans as well. But the King Cobra’s diet includes rats, lizards, other venomous snakes, reptile’s egg. The Green Anacondas lives generally in streams that are slow moving, marshes and swamps, but on the other hand you will find King Cobra in the water, trees as well as on the land. King Cobra is found in India, China as well as Southeast Asia, whereas, Anaconda is found in the Amazon rain forests as well river basins of Orinoco. They stay too far from each other and that is why there is no chance that they will come in close contact of each other at any point of time.

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  1. Orcacrusher333

    Female anaconda wins she’s 30 feet and has a squeeze force of 19000 psi and Anaconda stronger than elephant and kingcobra.kills with venom and an anaconda.has more bite force


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