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By | December 13, 2014

Who will win the fight between King Cobra and Green Anaconda?

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Two of the deadliest snakes on the face of the earth are the King Cobra and Green Anaconda. They are also the largest too in terms of lengths and if you measure them, then you will find that they measure almost the same. If you want to get an idea of how long the snakes are, then it is almost three times the length of an average man. Though they are quite similar in length, but their action is all different and they have different physiologies too.

They are found in two different continents and that is the reason you will not find them coming together at any stage. But, as they possess some common features and at the same time have some different traits as well, therefore a comparison is always drawn. Moreover, they are also considered to be the most deadly of all the reptiles and if you by any chances you come closer to them, then it is highly that you will not stay to share the experience with others.

If you take the average height of a man to be 5ft. then the snakes are almost 18ft. in length. The lengthy Green Anaconda that has been captured till date was in Brazil and it was of almost 17ft. long. Anacondas have the potential to kill the pythons and eat them up and they do that at regular interval. When you compare the lengths of Green Anaconda and King Cobra you will see that the King Cobras are more than 18 ft. long. The venom potential of king Cobra is much more powerful than others because it has the capacity of killing a big elephant with a single bite. The venom that is passed on to the body of an elephant on a single bite is strong enough to bring down such a big animal within a matter of 3 hours, in case the bite is placed on its trunk.

The comparison between King Cobra and Green Anaconda

King cobra vs Green anaconda Comparison

King cobra vs Green anaconda Comparison

King Cobra vs Green Anaconda Comparison Table

AnimalsKing CobraGreen Anaconda
SpeciesO. hannahE. murinus
Average Adult Body LengthAverages at 9.8 to 13.1 ft 9.8 ft on average (Male), 15.1 ft on average (Female)
Average Weight13 lb66 to 154 lb
AreaForests from India through Southeast AsiaSouth America
WeaponsAnaconda is not a venomous snake. It uses strong and muscular body to kill its prey.Venomous fangs have half an inch in length. With just one bite, cobra can kill large elephant.
Average Life Span20 years10-12 years

Green Anaconda is said to be way heavier than that of King Cobra, so it is said that Anaconda has the power to crush the King Cobra. But, on the contrary, if King Cobra bites Green Anaconda, then it will be finished within a matter of time because it is not immune to the venom of King Cobra and this can be proved from the fact that King Cobra does digest smaller pythons easily.

King Cobra has quick reflexes as compared to that of Green Anaconda, but the mass of Green Anaconda is unimaginable because it weighs around 550 pounds and the diameter is about 12 inches. King Cobra only weighs 20 pounds, so that is the reason they are more agile and swiftly turns to capture the prey. The anaconda crushes its prey to death, but on the other hand King Cobra’s venom of 1/5 oz. has the potential to kill almost as many as 20 people.

You will find the Green Anaconda feeding on the larger animals like deer, wild pigs, turtles, jaguars and caimans as well. But the King Cobra’s diet includes rats, lizards, other venomous snakes, reptile’s egg. The Green Anacondas lives generally in streams that are slow moving, marshes and swamps, but on the other hand you will find King Cobra in the water, trees as well as on the land. King Cobra is found in India, China as well as Southeast Asia, whereas, Anaconda is found in the Amazon rain forests as well river basins of Orinoco. They stay too far from each other and that is why there is no chance that they will come in close contact of each other at any point of time.

91 thoughts on “Compare King Cobra vs Green Anaconda

    1. Michael siebert

      It’s easy to know who wins this fight, just as in anything in life experience is the most important factor to health in a fight between these snakes, but chance is in the cobra, And it’s simple, if the cobra bites the anaconda the anaconda will die 100% certain. Chances are they both die, the anaconda will grab the cobra wrap it up and crush it to death so easily it would be like a human crushing a mouse. But the king cobra will bite the anaconda and several min after the death of the king cobra the anaconda will die, So why chance is in the king cobra is it’s needs to bite and flee and the king cobra wins, the anaconda has to bite and then wrap it’s body around the cobra which is actually two events and the anaconda isn’t an experienced snake fighter like the cobra leaving experience, and events the factors in evaluation. The king cobra wins outright 50% of the time they both die 40% and the anaconda wins 10% if the time, please add the factors do the math and see the answer. you will see a dead anaconda.. Sorry folks. Mike

  1. Orcacrusher333

    Female anaconda wins she’s 30 feet and has a squeeze force of 19000 psi and Anaconda stronger than elephant and kingcobra.kills with venom and an anaconda.has more bite force

    1. Harmeet Singh Bons

      No, if anaconda first bites him then jaguar can’t do anything because anaconda have a special attack that he crushes every thing in one time.
      But if jaguar attacks on the head of anaconda then anaconda will die.

  2. Tony/Aka

    Jk, anaconda could take a jaguar. But a king cobra will not beat the thing that is 25 times heavier. How about the anaconda just lay down on it, and crush it.

  3. Tony/Aka

    Jk. Anaconda would take jaguar. But a cobra?! Are you serious?!

    1. James W.

      You are now the “joke” – here..

      Jaguar naturally preys on anaconda & other large reptiles..

      The King Cobra is a snake hunter-killer too, but would only hunt
      a smaller anaconda for food, since even if it could kill a large one,
      it could not swallow it whole.. while a big cat will rip a large snake apart..

      1. Aka/tony

        Yes, Jaguars do prey on anacondas, but from behind, not head on. And anacondas to but rarely prey on Jaguars. Now, pantanal jaguar will easily beat anaconda.

        1. James W.

          Try & get some education..
          Cats, many of which – include snakes as prey, do specifically target the head..

          Even my pet housecat does so – when he hunts the local venomous snakes..
          ( I’d rather he didn’t proudly bring them indoors to show me them, though).

          Cats have highly evolved eye-to-muscular coordination/ rapid reaction times,
          & proprioception facilities, enabling them to beat the striking speed of snakes..
          ..then attack with their own quicker paw strikes, so – once the snake is beaten down,
          application of a killing bite to the head , &/or severing the vertebrae – is duly made..

    1. James W.

      No Tiny..
      K-C is a specialized snake killer..
      K-C venom can kill an elephant – let alone an anaconda..

      1. dragonking

        what kind of snakes can it kill i know more about then you can dream of

  4. Aka/Tony

    Yeah, I forgot something though. Anaconda weighs freaking 500 pounds. I wonder how that cobra will win

    1. James W.

      Small cats – which have a long history of hunting snakes..
      ..have developed a natural resistance to snake venom..
      & this indeed – still applies to domestic cats, too.
      There are many youtube clips of housecats dealing to snakes.

      As for the anaconda being resistant to K-C venom, I doubt it..
      K-C’s would hunt a partly grown anaconda, as they do pythons..

  5. rob

    My money would be on the cobra. One bite and the Anaconda is dead within a matter of minutes. If the Anaconda did manage to get the cobra in a death squeeze,the cobra could still bite.

  6. Aka/Tony

    A anaconda would just crush the puny Cobra with it’s weight. According to you, a mega-fat 1,800 pound will laugh at a tigers efforts to kill it, yet you think a 20 pound king cobra will beat a 500-550 pound anaconda. Anaconda>Cobra Tiger>bear in my opinion.

  7. Aka/Tony

    Anacondas are extreme killers, can kill a jaguar (they hunt each other, but i’d probably say jaguar>anaconda). Anacondas are known to reach 500-550 pounds. King cobras are roughly 20. Also the cobra can’t bite if the huge anaconda encircles it’s neck, where it can’t bite the cobra, due to the head moving with the neck. Anaconda’s are stronger, have more stamina, way bigger, hunt more dangerous prey, they feed on jaguars for peats sake. The biggest thing a cobra hunts are pythons. Also anacondas are more fierce, more dangerous. They’re also lightning fast when they want to be, also they have a squeeze force of 19,000 psi. So the anaconda defiantly has the upper hand over a king cobra. It’s just a true killer.

  8. rob

    come on Tony, you are sounding like James now. Bears are not venemous like Cobras. A cobra can still bite before he’s enetered into a death squeeze. Cobras have been known to kill elephants and lions with a bite. A 500 Lb Anaconda would succumb in minutes.

    You have accused James ( truthfully) I might add, but the last few posts sounds like you are coming off as a tiger fan boy. If that’s the truth, you are no more intelligent than he is. Once again man, you are better than this.

    Do some research. A 1800 Lb Kodiak is neither fat nor slow. They are big,bad,and mean. A tiger half or 1/3 their weight cannot match them in Stamina,Size,bite force, paw force,nor size. You know this already man. Once again, you’re better than this. I’m starting to believe you are an alternate acct. of James. Prove me wrong,but you sure sound like it

    1. James W.

      you & tiny..L.O.L…
      Bears are big fat buffoons, no way could they beat a snake or croc in strike speed..
      ..either to avoid, or apply a deft, powerful counter-strike..
      ..but cats can, & do..

      The really big boys, lion & tiger – can & do so routinely – to big prey animals ..
      & strike/parry with much greater speed, accuracy, power, & weaponry..
      than any stumble-bum, pig-eyed, fish-flippin’ fat-as bear. can or does..

      That you seem to be wilfully blind to facts about basic cat capabilities,
      esp’ with regard to anatomical, musculo-skeletal, sensory & endocrine
      powers – all way in evolutionary advance of the bear – for killing prowess.. real weak rob,
      & so you are lost, gone..way too far.. into troll-mode, eh, fella.

    2. Aka/Tony

      How am I a tiger fanboy if I admitted the tigers defeat to a polar bear? I think the anaconda would win because it’s 500 pounds! Cobra is 20. Supporting an animal in a fight does not make me a fanboy.

    3. Aka/Tony

      Again why do you keep saying kodiak and polar bear? They nothing to do with this fight. Yeah, grizzly be a average 600 pounds. The average ones anyones. Dang, a mega-fat 1,800 pound bear isn’t supposed to be that big! That’s 3 times the size of average brown bears. Male: 600 lbs
      Inland area population
      Female: 290 – 440 lbs
      Adult Yeah, look up grizzly bear weight. That’s what it says. Besides, the tiger is too agile for the bear. Adventually it will deliver a killer bite to the throat. And once it’s done that, it’s game over. I like how I’m just stating my opinion, and I get badmouthed by you and James.

  9. rob

    Again why do you keep saying kodiak and polar bear?

    Because it’s the truth. They are the largest sub species of the Ursidae family. Research would tell you this

    1. Aka/Tony

      I know but they have nothing to do with this fight. It’s grizzly bear vs Siberian tiger. Research doesn’t tell me that.

  10. rob

    How am I a tiger fanboy if I admitted the tigers defeat to a polar bear? I think the anaconda would win because it’s 500 pounds! Cobra is 20.

    Cobra is also armed with neurotoxins that an Anaconda would have no rresistence too. When you debate an animal armed with venom vs one with a size,strength,stamina advantage, it’s a totally different debate. All the cobra has to do is spit venom into the anaconda or place one single bite. If he does, it’s game over

  11. rob

    July 16, 2017
    But the fast anaconda could easily crush it with it’s weight.

    Anacondas aren’t fast though. Even if they get the cobra in a death squeeze, the cobra will still be able to bite the anaconda. Size doesn’t matter when one participant has enough poison to drop an elephant, That isn’t the Anaconda young man.

    1. dragonking

      size dosnt matter when one participan has enogh poison to drop an elephant

      1st its venom 2nd you are wrong its possible for the anaconda to the cobra and kill it instantly or hit and shatter the king cobra

  12. Aka/Tony

    But the according to you size matters a lot, as it does here.The cobra may have venom but it won’t immediately kill the anaconda. The poison has togged to it’s system first. Than the anaconda would I’ve it a death squeeze or just crush it. It would be a tie.

    1. James W.

      Jeeze kid..
      What makes you even imagine..
      ..that a fat-as anaconda could ever out-manoeuvre an athletic K-C?
      K-C’s are professional snake killers, so the advantage is def’ with it..

  13. rob

    But the according to you size matters a lot, as it does here.

    No Tony, when one combatant has enough venom to drop an elephant, size doesn’t matter. it does when it’s a lion vs an elephant, but the lion is not venemous. Use common sense young man. You are getting sidetracked.

  14. rob

    Tony, I suggest you google box jellyfish or cone snail. This is a good example of why size doesn’t matter if one combatant is venemous. The Box Jelly fish is nearly microscopic in size. The cone snail or blue ringed octopus can fit in the palm of your hand. The same with the funnel web spider. If either of these bite you, 6 pallbearers would be carrying your coffin

  15. Aka/Tony

    I say it would be a tie. The venom throughout times will kill the anaconda, but the anaconda will adventually get ii/crush it or just give the cobra a death squeeze.

  16. rob

    I say it would be a tie. The venom throughout times will kill the anaconda, but the anaconda will adventually get ii/crush it or just give the cobra a death squeeze.

    perhaps, but keep in a cobra can also spit venom from up to 7 feet away from their target. If that venom hits the eyes or the open mouth of the anaconda, it’s taking a dirt nap.

    1. James W.

      Too funny, usual.. don’t even know how envenomation works.. L.O.L…

      Sure, a ‘spitting cobra’ can spray venom into eyes, & may cause blinding..
      ..but to kill, venom must enter the body system directly, which is why – it is injected,
      & unless you had a major cut in your mouth to allow entry, you could gargle with the stuff..

      Curiously, the big cats are, (unlike the smaller felids) fairly vulnerable to snake venom,
      ..likely due to such snakes not being a usual prey item.. unlike the python, which they do hunt..

      Even the fattest anaconda would be readily snapped up by the real big panthera boys, lion & tiger..

      1. Aka/Tony

        But James, anacondas do hunt jaguars. (Jaguar also hunts them). Also the anaconda can weigh more than the average lion. Also tigers don’t mess with rock pythons in Asia. Lions don’t either in Africa. And tigers certainly don’t mess with king cobras and that big bad reticulated python. Lions don’t mess with cobras in Africa. If any of them came across a hungry Australian brown or sea snake, they’re as good as dead!

        1. James W.

          ..try again kid..
          Rarely, an anaconda might grab a jaguar cub,
          ..but if the mother jag finds the snake, it’ll kill it, for sure..
          Big male jags actively hunt such snakes..

          FYI, my pet housecat adeptly hunts brown snakes, amongst others..
          & even the smallest ones – are still highly venomous..

          1. James W.

            & Tony..
            get real, kid..

            Even leopards..
            ..actively hunt huge pythons, both in Africa & Asia..
   such, these snakes are just a snack for the really big cats..

            & kid, no way known.. do anacondas get anywhere near as big..
            – as adult lions.. dunno where you got that dumb-as idea from..

          2. Aka/Tony

            Brown snakes are in Australia, you idiot. That’s all I have to say about that comment.

        2. James W.

          Funny kid..
          The beach approach paths through the sand dunes over here..
          ..have signs warning about being aware for brown snakes,
          & I’ve seen sea snakes washed up on the tide-line too..

          The fortunately rare – taipan – is a venomous problem,
          due to lack of readily available antidote treatment..

          There are some big pythons over here too, which will take dozy
          pets if they can sneak up on ’em.. & big ‘ salty’ crocs too..

          Unfortunately, the big crocs down here are now dangerous to humans,
          due to being fearless.. after enjoying 40+ years of being protected from
          human hunting, & of course, with no lions here, unlike in Africa
          – to keep the scaly buggers – in line & circumspect, either..

          1. Aka/Tony

            I guess you live in Australia. Sea snakes don’t wash up on the other side of the earth! You’re pet cat wouldn’t stand a chance against a brown snake, which lives in Australia. So this proves you’re making up hoepless lies.

          2. James W.

            Wrong again,
            ” you stupid boy”..

            & all you have to do..
   hit the search button.. for..
            ‘pet cat catches brown snake in Australia’
            Its actually pretty common down here, in actual fact, dummy..

  17. rob

    If any of them came across a hungry Australian brown or sea snake, they’re as good as dead!

    A hungry snake will never kill an animal to satisfy their hunger if the prey is too big. They only strike those types out of fear and self defense. A King Cobra can kill a 450 Lb. Lion,but they won’t be able to eat them. In this type of confrontation, the Cobra merely wants to be left alone.

    1. James W.

      Hey rob!
      You’ve actually posted something sensible.. bizarre..
      So now rob – do try & make a habit of it..

      & mother lions do try to teach their cubs..
      .. to avoid hassling venomous snakes, & suffer the consequences..
      – so its fairly rare for adult lions – to be a victim of venomous snakebite..

      1. James W.

        “You stupid boy!”
        Show evidence of one natural wildlife example of..
        .. where “baby snakes” are “defended”..

        Croc hatchlings, yes.. but snakes? I doubt it..

          1. James W.

            Jeeze kid..
            Just too lazy to check it out..

            No snake the Harpy eagle might encounter..
            ..can or will – do anything to protect its slithering offspring..

            The only snake known to provide any kind of support for its
            “babies” is the African python, which may allow its squirmy brood
            to crawl up close in its lair, for warmth, when it gets cold overnight..

  18. rob

    Hey rob!
    You’ve actually posted something sensible.. bizarre..
    So now rob – do try & make a habit of it..

    James, I’ve posted nothing but the truth since I’ve been here. I’ll ask you to do the same. Tony is showing his lack of knowledge on venomous animals on this thread. You know I’ve posted credible evidence a Kodiak Grizzly would defeat a Lion or Tiger. I’ll keep posting more, but that’s another thread. A Blue ringed octopus or a Cone snail would drop any Kodiak or Polar bear that walks the earth. The same with a Cobra or Fierce ( Inland Taipan ) snake.

    The above said, the Cobra, black mamba or Inland Taipan is no match for a mongoose. The latter’s reflexes are just too fast for the snake to land a fatal bite. The Mongoose will toy with the snake until it makes a mistake. When they do, the mongoose will pounce and give a fatal bite to the neck and then consume their prey. Nature is beautiful. It’s all a system of checks and balances. Every animal has an achilles heel. It’s us humans that upset that balance.

  19. James W.

    you have to admit,
    you’ve done far too much trolling..
    now the kid’s taken over, it good you’re giving it a miss..

    But seriously ‘ The Great Bear Alamanac’ & the like, are just trash..
    If you check actual scientific appraisals of exactly how much more highly
    evolved cat morphology is – at a primary killer carnivore role – than a bears..

    Like how the skull/jaw/teeth arrangements with muscle & leverage favour
    the lion with far more killing power/capability than the general purpose bear..
    ..then you’ll learn.. the bear is really no match.. for the true top carnivores..

  20. rob

    What do you mean? I thought we bother agreed it would be a tie!

    only if and only if the anaconda got the cobra in a death squeeze at the same time preventing a strike. That’s not going to happen, A cobra and black mamba are too fast and quick. Once the bite is applied, the 300 lb Anaconda would be dead within 10 minutes

  21. Aka/Tony

    It will take no less than 20 seconds for the anaconda to kill the cobra. Without venom, the king cobra cannot defeat a anaconda. Like you said, it will take a while for the poison to kill the anaconda because poison doesn’t kill you right away. Also, if the cobra spit venom into the anacondas eyes, it could still sense the cobra. If it spits venom into the mouth, yeah the anaconda is finished. Because the poison would get into it’s lungs.

  22. rob

    Without venom, the king cobra cannot defeat a anaconda.

    but they do have venom. If my aunt had balls,she’d be my uncle.

    Like you said, it will take a while for the poison to kill the anaconda because poison doesn’t kill you right away

    no Tony, the neurotoxin begins to work immediately. The Anaconda isn’t going to behave like normal for 20 minutes before the effect takes place. Muscle fiber begins to atrophy once venom is injected.

    if the cobra spit venom into the anacondas eyes, it could still sense the cobra.

    Eyes are still mucous membranes.Absorbtion is one of the ways poison can be applied.

    Try again

  23. Aka/Tony

    The anaconda doesn’t need to encircle the cobra, he simply crushes it with it’s weight. The poison won’t kill him right away. It’s simple. He walks up to the cobra, and crushes it. Then they both die!

  24. James W.

    Too funny!
    The huge snake:
    “…walks up…”
    How, its a snake.. It has NO LEGS!
    You just have no idea, do you – kid..

    The KC is a specialist snake hunter-killer.. is far quicker in reacting & more mobile..
    & it makes its living around huge pythons,
    easily avoiding them, while still taking their young..

    1. James W.

      yeah, right kid..
      ..of course you are..L.O.L…

    1. James W.

      jeeze kid..
      why are you are being so childish?
      Next.. you’ll have the anaconda..
      ..”suck so much” venom out of itself..
      ..that it can just shrug off what will kill.. elephant! L.O.L…

        1. James W.

          Try to comprehend..
          Smaller cats which have been snake hunters for untold generations..
          ..have developed a natural resistance to snake venom..
          & they are taught how to hunt & use their feline attrbutes accordingly..
 their mothers, who learned the skills likewise..

          Lions are very adaptable to learning the skills to prey on a very large..
          ..variety of animals, & generally prefer bigger ones – which can feed the pride..

          Since there is not much meat for even a 1/2 grown lion in a venomous snake,
          & due to the risk, female lions teach their cubs to avoid them, as not worth it..
          Venomous snakes avoid big cats too, since they can gain nothing from a fight,
          & do not want to risk being harmed, either..

          However, big cats do hunt very large snakes, & have both the reaction times to
          beat snake striking speed/the ability to counter-strike & body muscular flexibilty
          plus strength – to cope with constriction attempts, even by real big snakes..
          & flexibilty

          1. Aka/Tony

            Cats are not immune to snake venom. That’s insane. Very few creatures on earth are immune to venom. How do you not know this? Must be lack of research again… of course. What else would it be?

          2. James W.

            Jeeze kid..
            just drop your ignoramus ‘opinion’..
            & go look it up..

            As for how small cats take venomous snakes..

            There are heaps of examples on youtube..
            ..such as ‘bobcat vs rattlesnake’..

  25. rob

    The anaconda doesn’t need to encircle the cobra, he simply crushes it with it’s weight. The poison won’t kill him right away. It’s simple. He walks up to the cobra, and crushes it. Then they both die!

    No Tony, james may be sarcastic, but he is right here, The anaconda is slow and lumbering. The Cobra strikes with lightning speed. You are right that poision won’t kill him in a matter of seconds. You’re wrong when you think a cobra will act normally until the poison takes affect. Once he’s bitten, the Anacondas muscles will begin to atophy. He’s useless at this point. He’s not going to think how do I kill this cobra. He’s going to think why do I feel this way. He’s simply going to slither away and die within 1/2 an hour

  26. Aka/Tony

    He’s right next to the cobra one move onto the cobra and he’s going down. The anaconda might not even realize he had poison inside him in one second, and it only takes one second to kill it.

  27. rob

    He’s right next to the cobra one move onto the cobra and he’s going down. The anaconda might not even realize he had poison inside him in one second, and it only takes one second to kill it.

    No Tony, A cobras venom takes effect immediately. I don’t care how big and bad you are, if you get struck by a cobra, you know it.

    I used to have a lot of faith in you. You really are no different than James. You have a stubborn one track mind that is already made up.

  28. Aka/Tony

    Fine fine fine! The cobra wins. Wanna rub it in now? You’re still wrong about tiger vs bear. I don’t see why you just don’t get it.

  29. rob

    You’re still wrong about tiger vs bear. I don’t see why you just don’t get it.

    I think the same about you. You have said and I quote ” A Tiger stands no chance against a Polar Bear”

    The average Tiger weighs only 150 Lbs more than a lion. You’ve made several statements dissing the Lion. I can look them up if you desire 😉 . I can bury you Tony. Don’t make me do that.

    A Tiger is not going to beat a Kodiak Grizzly or Polar Bear. Take off your tiger boy shades and do research. You can also use common sense.

  30. Aka/Tony

    HA HA! The troll still thinks the Kodiak bear, which is only slightly larger on average than a Kamchatka bear, will defeat a Siberian tiger. You just have no idea, do you. You must think bears will a pride of lions.

  31. Goldie

    Ok first of all there are no 500lb Anacondas…this isnt a hollywood movie….those are myths. The largests anacondas that have been weighed are around half that size (250lbs). So if an adult Cobra was to face an adult Anaconda….in reality itd be facing about a 200lb snake. But for arguement sake lets say it encountered an Anaconda that was a 1000lbs. The Anaconda is still nothing to an elephant as the AVERAGE elephant weighs 12,000 lbs… so about 24x larger than your mythical 500lb Anaconda. However it takes an elephant a few hours, a human about 15 mins. So a 500lb Anaconda would probably last 30-45 mins before it died but make no mistake if the Cobra bite it (which would almost certainly happen) that Anaconda is done. What happens next determines the winner. If the Cobra can escape which is probably can due to its much smaller size, its a Cobra victory. If the Anaconda did get a hold of it, it would make short work of it…then itd crawl into a hole a die.

  32. AP

    Generally speaking, I would put my money on the Anaconda. It’s true that the Cobra’s venom could kill the Anaconda, but it would take time for the venom to go through the Anaconda’s body. The Anaconda may die due to the venom a few days later though

    1. James W.

      The ‘conda would still have to catch the cobra..

      Cobras live in the same habitat as large pythons,
      but does the cobra feature in the python’s list of usual prey?

      I dunno, but I doubt it, since even while swallowing the cobra
      whole, the ‘conda might still risk being envenomated by its fangs,
      – as it goes down inside..


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