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By | December 17, 2014

Who will win the fight between Grizzly Bear and Western Gorilla?

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The King Kong movie may have created a bad impression about Gorillas but that is absolutely exaggerated. Gorillas are friendly animals and can easily interact with people and other animals without any altercation. Unlike their chimpanzee relatives, gorillas rarely attack even when feeling threatened or uncomfortable.

Grizzly bears on the other hand are aggressive creatures that can snap and kill any living being in their vicinity. When aggrieved, bears sometime kill one of their own in the fit of rage. It would be a good idea to avoid any contact with grizzly bears as the encounter may turn out to be a death trap.

When confronted by this deadly creatures, climbing a tree might not be the best idea. Though rare, bears sometimes climb trees. It would be best to lay down still and use palms to cover the neck. This way the bear won’t feel threatened or aggrieved and will therefore simply walk away.

Grizzly bear vs Kodiak bear Comparison

Grizzly bear vs Kodiak bear Comparison

Facts and information about Grizzly Bears

  • Also referred to as North American brown bear.
  • Native to and only found in North America mostly in the US states of Alaska and Montana, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Colombia.
  • Inhabit the arctic tundra, dense forests, open plains and sub-alpine meadows of North America.
  • Current population is about 1,800.
  • Lifespan is between 20 and 25 years.
  • Grow to a maximum length of 2.1 meters.
  • Maximum shoulder height is 1.1 meters.
  • Males are larger than females.
  • Mature male grizzly bears weigh between 135 and 380 kilograms while females weigh between 90 and 200 kilograms.
  • When running, the top speed is 55 km/h.
  • Bears are omnivorous animals that feed on plants and other animals including grass, berries, fungi, seeds, fish, insects (mostly moths), elk, deer, bison, mice and dead animals.
  • Gain as much as 1.5 kilograms per day during late summer and early fall. The weight is shed during the winter denning period when they can no longer hunt.
  • Are solitary animals but not territorial.
  • Sexual maturity age is between 4 and 5 years.
  • Mating takes place between May and July.
  • Gestation period is between 180 and 270 days.
  • Gives birth to a maximum of 4 cubs.
  • Males do not participate in raising cubs.
  • Female bears take care of cubs until the age of three after which the cubs move out to start life on their own.
  • Female cubs normally live near their mothers but male ones may live further away.
  • May be able to climb some trees depending on the size and orientation of the tree and the size of the bear.
  • Cannibalistic animals that occasionally eat one of their own.
  • Sometimes mate with polar bears.
  • Extremely intelligent animals. They have been observed to hide from hunters and remember perfect hunting grounds for more than 10 years after they last visited the grounds.

Facts and information about Western Gorilla

  • Scientific name is Gorilla.
  • Slightly smaller than eastern gorillas.
  • Males are bigger than females.
  • Males can grow to a height of 1.8m while females reach a maximum height of 1.5m.
  • Males weigh up to 140 kilograms while females weigh up to 70 kilograms.
  • Lifespan is up to 50 years in captivity and 40 years in the wild.
  • Reach a top speed of 40 km/h.
  • Are blackish-grey in color.
  • Categorized as critically endangered species.
  • Herbivorous animals that feed on fruits, leaves, buds, bark, herbs, woody vegetation and flowers.
  • Though categorized as herbivores, they occasionally eat termites, caterpillars, ants, grubs and worms.
  • Are endemic to and only found in the tropical forests of western and central Africa in Congo, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Central African Republic and Gabon.
  • Live in groups of up to 20 individuals headed by an alpha silverback male gorilla and consisting of several female and baby gorillas.
  • Their population is about 90, 000.
  • Natural predators include leopards but their existence is highly threatened by human activity.
  • Ebola virus (also infects humans) has killed a significant number of Western Gorillas.
  • Male gorillas are kicked out of the group as soon as they reach sexual maturity age. Female young ones also normally leave the group and join other groups.
  • Take between 8 and 9 years to reach sexual maturity age.
  • Gestation period is about eight and a half months.
  • Give birth to only one baby but in rare occasions twins may be born.
  • Females take care of their young ones for up to 5 years.
  • Can walk for up to 4 kilometers each day as they search for food.
  • Are not aggressive or violent animals. When defending themselves all they do is bluff by standing on two legs and thumping chest with both hands.
  • The dominating alpha male is the only male that mates with all the females in the group.
  • Breed throughout the year.
  • Males do not participate in taking care of babies.

Grizzly Bear vs Gorilla Comparison

AnimalsWestern GorillaGrizzly Bear
Average Length6.5 ft
Average HeightHeight of 6 ft102 cm
AreaCentral AfricaAsia, North America, Canada and Europe
OrderPrimatesCarnivora, Omnivora
HabitatTropical or subtropical forests in AfricaIn Alaska dense near the coast, continental United States
Teeth32 large canine teethLarge and sharp incisor teeth
Weight480 pounds80-360 kg
Average Life Span35 – 40 years22 for females and 26 for males

The duel between Grizzly Bear vs Gorilla

Western Gorillas and Grizzly bears live in totally different geographical and climatic conditions. That however doesn’t mean that they cannot engage in a vigorous fight. If they were ever brought to the same battle field, they will put up a strong fight that may be fatal to one of them.

The Grizzly bear is a strong animal that is known to kill even humans. It has strong canine teeth that tear their prey’s flesh.

Western gorillas on the other hand are very flexible, fast and can climb up a tree within seconds. This means a gorilla can strategically place itself in a position that gives it an advantage during the fight. The western gorilla will be able to rely on its speed and flexibility to strike and hit the bear from any direction.

The bear on the other hand is so strong that it can easily crash the gorilla if it captures it. A war between the two will be a fierce one that includes ‘cat and mouse’ chases. Western Gorillas are also more intelligent than Grizzly bears. This means they can easily monitor the bears and know when, how and where to strike.

It is hard to predict the outcome of a duel between these two animals. Each one of them has equal chances of winning the match. The loser will most likely come out dead.

Videos of Grizzly Bear and Gorilla

207 thoughts on “Compare Grizzly Bear vs Western Gorilla

  1. James W.

    The data fields require correction, gorillas do not have “32 canine teeth”..

    I would suggest that the gorilla does possess the potential to defeat the bear in combat,
    but would have to be properly prepared & trained in specific skills – by human intervention – to do so..

    There are historical accounts of human trained primates doing well in fights pitted against game dogs,
    so that with careful combat training a gorilla could learn to master his positive natural attributes,
    & negate both his disadvantages, & exploit the bears weaknesses.. by using all means, fair & foul..

    This could make a great reality TV project for say, Mike Tyson – to develop, huh..
    He’d train up a bad-as beasty gorilla to take out a dumpster-diving downtown brown bruin- in a mega MMA deal..

    1. Josh Allen

      The grizzly bear would crush the western gorilla in a fight. It would be more fair if it was a silver back gorilla. And no the lion is not the strongest animal the elephant could take down any animal.

  2. Michael

    True gorillas have amazing strength. However leapords often kill them so I’m thinking since leapords have no chance against a Grizzly, then yeah grizz is just more powerful with huge claw swipes. Grizzly for the win

    1. me

      I have to disagree. I’m 100% sure that leopards prey on small or infant gorillas. But against a full grown gorilla that leopard wouldn’t stand a chance

    2. me

      Also leopards will almost always avoid Silverback gorillas. Unless they find a nest with infants they’ll stay the hell away. The only gorillas that leopards kill are smaller mountain gorillas, and infants of all species of gorilla. The mountain gorilla is a smaller species of gorilla by the way

  3. James W.

    Do your research Mikey,
    since the – leopard sized – Mountain lion is def’ on record as
    defeating grizzly bears in combat, the leopard surely
    could too..

    I doubt that leopards “often kill” a big silverback though..

    A prime pride-boss male lion would handily defeat any of them, of course..

    1. Undoomed

      OH MY GOD JAMES YOU AND YOUR LIONS. Let me ask you; what land predator could beat a lion to you?

    2. Tristin

      Grizzle is a big win against a gorilla. Grizzles have 5 inch claws and skull crushing teeth. Gorilla is no mach for a grizzle.

    3. AP

      James W,
      Mountain lions killing bears is rare – it can happen in a straight up fight, but it is unlikely.

      I would not choose a leopard to fight a grizzly bear…

    4. Jason Adams

      No mountain lions are not on any record of defeating a full grown me grizzly bear and even male alpha lions would not be able to take on a full grown grizzly, only on a very few occasions has a Siberian tiger ( which is much bigger and stronger than lions) ever defeated Russian brown bears that are much smaller than their North American cousins the grizzly

  4. James W.

    “Troll” ?
    That beasty couldn’t even beat a Billy goat..
    But you of course, fit the ‘bill’ for ‘troll’, though eh, undeaded..

    1. Undoomed

      “Deaded”. Yep. Totally makes sense. However, the reason I’m starting to think you’re a troll is because you still have not answered what mammalian land predator could beat the male lion. Also, what ‘beasty’ couldn’t beat a billy goat?

  5. James W.

    U – only need to look in a mirror,
    & you’ll see a troll.. thats you, beasty..

    The lion has been known as ‘King of the Beasts’ since Roman times at least..
    & the Romans would know, since they learned their habits, up real close.

    1. Undoomed

      At least I can form a coherent sentence. Either way, just because ancient Romans called the lion “the King of beasts” doesn’t really mean anything. Plenty of animals could CRUSH lions in a fight, and have. A Cape buffalo would crush a male lion in a fight, as well as white rhinos, elephants, hippos, etc. That’s only in the lions native habitat! I have a quick question for you; do you think a polar bear could beat a male lion? If you say no, I will be utterly convinced you are a troll. Please stop using “…” Please.

  6. James W.

    Underthings, it is you..
    ..who appears as quite self-evidently being – the ‘Troll’ , here..

    Of course a polar bear loses.. it hides up in the frozen north, except to raid garbage..
    ( it can’t beat a boss lion anyhow – as shown in circus/zoo confrontations)
    & they certainly could not compete in a lion habitat..

    Lions habitually prey on “”…rhinos, elephants, hippos etc.”
    How do you not know this, or is is it just more “troll” stuff?
    Give the stupidities a rest, can ya fella, huh..

    1. Undoomed

      Male lions do not regularly prey on any of those things, at all. It is nearly unheard of for lions to kill rhinos or elephants, and hippos dry up on land. Polar bears rarely raid trash cans, as they most often are not in areas to be able to raid trash cans. They hunt very large and dangerous prey, like walrus. Why don’t you give up the stupidities that the male lion is the most powerful creature on earth. It isn’t. They do not regularly kill any of those things, especially male lions, Jamesy boy.

      1. joshua

        i like a bears more but the lion fights to the death and a bears runs away when they know the target is to hard and even though bears are strong, there is no way in hell a bear can take down a lion or a gorilla easly, even though there stronger but they hunt to eat and lions hunt to eat and show there there dominit. and dont even talk about poler bares we all know a poler bare could easly take down a smaller cat. but a gorilla lion could take down any type of bear, a gorilla and a lion is the strongest.

      2. Patrick Clarke)

        You are mistaken about the diet of the Polar Bear, James. Although you are correct about a full grown polar bear besting a full grown lion.

        -> Polar bears DONT regularly hunt walrus, they do that because food options are scarce in the summer months. In fact I recall seeing a desperate polar bear being killed by a walrus recently; on the brink of starvation the bear attempted to kill one and was gored.

        just like the trash-can the polar bear would rather hunt seal.

    2. Undoomed

      I’d also like to see how long a lion would survive in a polar bears habitat. Oh wait, it wouldn’t because it would freeze to death and couldn’t catch any prey. Also, you put quotation marks in the wrong place and forget a question mark. Circus and zoo confrontations aren’t reliable, as the health of the animal is always in question. Besides, by your logic Bengal tigers would wreck lions, because in a zoo confrontation in Turkey a Bengal tiger destroyed a male lion in a fight.

      1. AP

        Please read on tigers before you disrespect… I don’t want to explain but a Tiger would destroy a lion any day … Bigger faster stronger and solo hunters …

        1. James W.

          Wrong, apey..
          Boss lion is ‘King’ cat..

          Fact checking – will educate you,
          & you’ll revise your ideas accordingly.

          That is.. if you are actually prepared – to accept facts..

          1. marvel2007210

            hey James. The lion Is definitely not the strongest beast. Seriously did you know a gorilla can crush the skull of a leopard easily, and although lions would probably beat leopards in a fight, lions usually go for the neck and gorillas barley even have necks. And also their necks are very protected and the gorilla would probably just jump onto the lion putting its weight on it and pound the lion to death with their powerful arms. And don’t even get me started with tigers. They would absoloutly destroy even a male lion. They have bigger teeth. They are stronger, and more muscular, and they are smarter. And polar bears are one of the biggest bears in the world and bears don’t run when they attack they charge for the enemy and polar bears teeth are powerful specialized for cutting and slashing through the thick blubber of seals so the flesh of a lion would obviously not be a problem so don’t think the lions are the kings there are many animals that can overthrow a lion so the lion is not the”king” it is just a lion that can be beaten by many creatures so do you’re research and if you actually knew anything about animals you would respect all of them equally and not say that the lion is the best and strongest and fastest so hope you get yourself straight with your lion problem and not respecting any animals because any of those animals could destroy you anytime if they wanted to.

        2. AP

          Yo AP,
          Quit stealing my name. And James W, have you seen my post on “African Lion vs NIle Crocodile” and “African Lion vs Hyenas?” Check them out please.

  7. James W.

    Underdone.. too funny,
    So polar bears wander about the icy wastes picking up seals..
    like over-sized fat furry twinkies.. big deal..

    Lions in Africa that live by the beach catch seals too..
    Lions prefer to live where they do by choice, unlike the bear,
    relegated to the wastelands, or the nearest convenient dumpster..

    & you are so stupidly wrong in your – no evidence, no research – trolling..
    See here, male lions.. taking buffalo, hippo, elephant, duh.. its what they do..

    1. Undoomed

      1st: Lions catching seals is BS, it never happens

      2nd: Most polar bears do not live near dumpsters, and I’d like to see a male lion catch a seal where the polar bear loves

      3rd: That elephant was tiny, I said that a male lion couldn’t kill a fully grown lion. It takes a good sized and healthy pride of lions to kill a female adult elephant, let alone a male.

      4th: I already said that hippos dry up easily on land, and that is the only opportunity the lions have to kill them. I’d like to see a male lion, or any lion kill a hippo in the water, even shallow water.

      5th: I know lions kill buffalo; once again, this is about a male lion. I’d like to see a male lion kill a male Cape buffalo, by itself.

      6th: I don’t even comprehend your reasoning, Alfred

      1. James W.

        Underdunger don’t comprehend much..

        Like a typical troll.. just change your story, ignore facts & make stuff up..

        The lion in the vid you posted was far from prime condition,
        yet the buffalo it attacked, still died too.. or did you miss that..

        Look up lions of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast, they take seals off the beach..
        ..try to learn something real, can you eh, Underbrained..

        I’d like to see how a polar bear goes hunting any African mega-fauna.. chance, since they get stabbed to death by ungainly walrus tusks..

        1. Undoomed

          Lions have been known to avoid and sometimes be killed by honey badgers.

          How will he kill the bear and eat it when the bear has already thrown the lion to the moon? Polar bears can drag beluga whales out of the water, and battles between polar bears are intense. Their claws are hooked, and their flesh is thick. They can run up to 30 mph for moderate times. Their claws are larger than the lions, as well as their bite force. Their canine teeth are around the same size. Their fur is 1-2 inches thick, and that is just the outer coat. This is thicker than the length of the claws of a lion, which is 1 1/2 inches (on a large male). I see no way why the lion would win. In the animal kingdom, animals have respect for larger animals, especially predators. The polar bear is by far the most aggressive bear, and the least likely to back down. Male lions back down to larger male lions, so what reason would a male lion have to not back down to a behemoth, aggressive boar polar bear? Either way, if the male lion attacks the polar bear will rip it to shreds with it’s greater than 2 inch claws. You must not know anything about polar bears. They aren’t dumbster divers; they are expert hunters. They live 6 months in pitch blackness in the harshest place on earth, without hibernating, still hunting prey. Polar bears are some of the toughest creatures on earth, so I’d like to see a male lion try.

        2. Undoomed

          Why do you ignore the rest of what I said? Oh wait, because you’re an ignorant, moronic person who just cherry-picks parts of posts that you can attempt to disprove.

        3. Undoomed

          Africa has no mega-fauna. That’s simply ludicrous. Nothing in Africa is perfectly evolved, that’s why they’re changing.

          1. James W.

            More Undung..

            Lions find seals super-easy as prey..
            ..since even humans can simply club them to death..

            & FYI..
            Elephant/Hippo/rhino ARE mega-fauna.. “dumbsters” are not..
            & as for.. “cherry-picks” that is your game, troll-boy..
            ..such as the ‘lion cubs’ vid link..

          2. Undoomed

            How are polar bears dumpsters? Let alone dumpster divers. Polar bears should be considered mega-fauna, as they live in one of the harshest places on earth, hunt hard to catch prey, and are the largest land predator. What lion cub link? I posted no lion cub link, as in neither of the videos was there a lion cub. The polar bear has every advantage against a male lion. They live harder lived, as not only do they have to hunt prey and battle rivals, they also have to survive in a harsher environment, and they also can’t sleep 18-20 hours a day. *Cough* male lion *cough*. I don’t understand your bias towards the lion. Also, people may club seals to death, but people spear and club lions to death as well. Once again, lions mainly hunt the villagers live stock on the skeleton coast.

            Also, seals where the polar bear lives are nearly impossible to catch, as they are very wary, and usually come up for split seconds to breath.

          3. Undoomed

            Besides, polar bears also hunt beluga whales, which weigh as much as hippos.

          4. James W.

            Links to polar bear/lion interactions have been posted.
            Polar bears mostly lose, since they have must less fighting
            capacity than lions, including only 1/2 the bite strength,
            & overheat rapidly.

            Note: this is the gorilla vs grizzly thread, too..

          5. Undoomed

            I am aware this is the gorilla vs grizzly thread. I brought this up because you have this…delusion in your mind that the lion is some unbeatable super-predator. I’m just trying to prove that other predators can beat it, which I have. You just refuse to accept that.

          6. Undoomed

            Also, you stated that polar bears have half the bite force of a lion. It is actually quite the opposite; lions have 600 PSI and polar bears have 1200 PSI.

            Lions bite force:

            Polar bear bite force:

            You also stated that polar bears overheat rapidly, which I don’t deny. However, lions freeze quickly due to their short and coarse hair. Neither of them could survive in each other’s habitats, simply due to the climate differences.

          7. James W.

            Unreliable asks,
            “what links?”

            Check the link to the University site put up by ‘Monarch’..
   lion vs bear, here..
            Therein is a historical literature review of such encounters,
            & makes evident just why lions are truly – ‘King of the Beasts’..

            But no doubt, you’ll attempt to do a troll-type gainsay, sans validity..

          8. Undoomed

            Health is unreliable in those encounters, and those were grizzly bears, not polar bears. I have proven time and time again that the polar bear would beat a lion. They have 1250 PSI, lions have 600 PSI. Polar bears have longer claws, fur thicker than how long the lions claws are, and are much bigger. Polar bears are also much more muscular than other bears. Polar bears have no natural enemies, and don’t have a natural fear of humans. Also, lions are the king of beasts? Really? I could think of plenty of animals that could kill a lion. Like, for example, the killer whale, the black mamba, the honey badger, and, oh yeah, the POLAR BEAR. You stated that a polar bear would lose to a killer whale. Well, I’d like to see a lion take on a killer whale. James, you’re just a preposterous, ridiculous, asinine fool who claims to have evidence and that mine is false, when all you do is prove to me that you aren’t worth my time. If you respond to this, I probably won’t respond because your response will probably be too moronic for me to understand.

          9. Undoomed

            Ok, that was so incredibly stupid that I have to respond. Once again you avoid responding to the things that you know are true, like how a killer whale would destroy a lion. Polar bears are not refugees, and they do hunt.

            I don’t deny that lions are hunters, but you claiming polar bears aren’t is ridiculous. Also, you call me a fanboy? Really!? You are so biased towards the lion it’s unbelievable. I have not seen a single animal you claim the lion couldn’t beat. Also, what a MAROON? Like, the color? James, you’re one of the most biased and stupid people I’ve ever met.

        4. Undoomed

          Also, no. Lions live on the desert of skeleton coast, but very rarely kill seals there. They most often prey on the livestock of the villagers that live there, like cattle and donkeys.

          1. James W.

            unscientific, & unable to fact check/accept reality.
            Lions are late evolved primary obligate carnivores, &
            polar bears are refugees that prefer to eat garbage rather than hunt.

            Too hung up on fanboy favouritism to comprehend the basic anatomy.
            & simply put, a wilfully uninformed troll, thankfully only fooling itself.
            As Bugs Bunny would say, “What a maroon!”

          2. Undoomed

            Ok, that was so incredibly stupid that I have to respond. Once again you avoid responding to the things that you know are true, like how a killer whale would destroy a lion. Polar bears are not refugees, and they do hunt.

            I don’t deny that lions are hunters, but you claiming polar bears aren’t is ridiculous. Also, you call me a fanboy? Really!? You are so biased towards the lion it’s unbelievable. I have not seen a single animal you claim the lion couldn’t beat. Also, what a MAROON? Like, the color? James, you’re one of the most biased and stupid people I’ve ever met.

          3. Undoomed

            Also, you don’t understand basic anatomy. You have all of these grandiose claims about lions, when polar bears spar with each other, have double the bite force, thick fur and strong bones, and their claws are more than 2 inches long. You are the one who doesn’t understand simple anatomy.

          4. James W.

            imagines his fantasies are facts..
            “Slippery seals”? leopard seals, fur seals, even elephant seals,
            sure, but aint no such animal as “slippery seals”.. hilarious.

            Bears are, essentially, a cross between a pig & a dog, all of
            which love to raid garbage, & eat – & stink of it, just like Udo…

          5. Undoomed

            I WASN’T SAYING SLIPPERY SEALS ARE A SPECIES. I WAS SAYING THE EXPRESSION THAT SEALS ARE HARD TO CATCH. Just like lions, polar bears smell like rotting flesh. You think that lions smell nice? Polar bears hunt all of the food they get, or eat carcasses.

          1. James W.

            you cannot be serious..
            That is spurious & unscientific.. much like the rest of your stuff.
            Do actual valid data set fact checking, rather than utter troll nonsense.

            By polar bears iceholes are frequented.. to grab hapless marine mammals
            which have to come up to breathe.. hardly even a hunt..

            & yes, they are a pest, scavenging around garbage dumps in Canada’s north..

          2. Undoomed

            Not even close to being true. It is extremely hard to catch a seal where the polar bears live, and considering the deterioration of ice flows, the breathing holes are less common. Also, I love how the person who has posted no evidence is accusing me of having no evidence, where I have posted YouTube videos and articles proving you wrong. There are some polar bears in Canada, but live very high in the arctic circle, where there are very few people. What is also really funny that you call polar bears pests, where as lions are pests to the people where they live, as they prey on the people’s livestock and are then killed.
            Read the first part of the article

          3. Undoomed

            Why do you think they call seals slippery seals?

          4. James W.

            Your so called links – are just more trolling,
            & too funny, since you fail to comprehend the meaning..
            ‘Wrong link’ , more like ‘missing link’..

            Seals are far from formidable, as are beluga..
            lets see a polar bear try & take on an orca..

            As if.. L.O.L…

          5. Undoomed

            I love how you call my links jokes (which they aren’t) when you STILL haven’t provided any evidence yourself. How could a lion beat a polar bear? I have already stated my case, which is that the polar bear weighs more, has longer and hooked claws, lives in a harsher environment, and has a stronger bite force. Once again, you doubt the wariness and speed of a seal.

            Also, how is a beluga not formidable? Besides, polar bears drag them out of the water. They are much stronger than lions, as they are able to drag more than a ton out of the water. I also love how you keep purposely messing up my name as a joke to affect me, but it does nothing.

          6. Undoomed

            Also, let’s see a lion take on an orca

        5. Aka/Tony

          Like a lion wouldn’t get stabbed to death by a walrus. Oh, I forgot. Nothing can kill male lion, except another male lion. Because according to you, the male lion alone can beat a elephant, a rhino, a hippo, a grizzly bear, a polar bear, a buffalo, a tiger etc.

  8. Anonymous

    Oh this is Grizzly Bear vs Eastern Gorilla why bring lions, tigers, hippos and rhinos here?

    If you are asking who’s strongest, it’s the blue whale, by sheer power. A baby blue whale can weigh 2000 kg, for starters.
    If you’re asking land animal, it’s Elephant. Trunk alone has 100,000 muscles, need I say more? It isn’t just a bunch of fat, it’s really strong.

    As far as answering the question is concerned, a Grizzly Bear takes this.

    1. Orcacrusher333

      No for land it’s the anaconda that can squeeze 19 000 psi. Pythons, monitor lizards, and crocs beat elephant And saltwater crocodile is strongest overall

  9. Horuos

    A polar bear will win against a lion. No questions, head-on. Polar bears will back down Undoomed, but only after giving their all. Male lions fihht rivals, but will back down if there is a clear difference in power. Polar bears are also more aggressive, which means that when it really counts, they get a larger boost of adrenaline, which would make them more powerful. However, it is likely we will never know thr true outcome for they will meet unless either animal adapts to the others habitat.

    Hail Odin.

    1. joshua

      lions fight to kill not run away, they dont back down from what they started “sometimes”

  10. Horuos

    My god James youre one of the biggest trolls I’ve seen in a while. You know eho would win

    1. James W.


      I am neither god nor troll,
      & if you check the historical facts as noted,
      – you’ll see you are wrong.

  11. Derek

    In no way shape or form could a lion win against a grizzly,Or polar bear, Infact it would be nearly impossible for a lion to kill them for many factors, One a lion cannot get close enough to the bear without being mauled, Bears weigh nearly if not more then twice the lion male or female, And ontop lions have low stamina as most big cats do they run out of energy fast, while bears are known to have enormous amounts of stamina and could fight full strength for hours while the lion will basically become so exhausted it wont be able to move, No matter how it’s played s lion could never kill a grizzly bear or a polar bear they simply do not have enough stamina to do do and anything a lion did wont be effective enough to kill the bear due to its tough skin and layers of fat

    1. James W.

      Derek, your opinion, as posted
      – is of no value, to this thread

      If you bothered to do basic fact checking – you’d know this.

      Perhaps you are simply trolling, since if you had read the thread,
      you’d know this already.
      Check the links to the historical record, if you do want to learn something,
      & correct your erroneous beliefs, (which I doubt you want to, or will do).

      1. Undoomed

        Well James, I can see you’ve finally given up on responding to me. Either way, let me once again state that polar bears are much large than lions, have double the bite force, are much stronger than lions, and hunt all of their food, despite what you would suggest.

        1. James W.

          Uneducated, wrong again!
          As usual…

          Bear dentition/bite force is markedly inferior to that of the largest cat species..
          Bears are closer to pigs, & readily scavenge garbage in preference to hunting..

          1. Undoomed

            Damn, I thought I had gotten rid of you! Oh well, as usual, I will have to prove you wrong AGAIN. Could you please just do a simple Google search and see that a polar bear has around 1,200 PSI, while a lion has 600 PSI? Once again, bears are not AT ALL related to pigs, at least not closely, especially polar bears who are pure carnivores. Added to the fact that a vast majority of polar bears don’t even have access to dumpsters, that is ridiculous. Polar bears almost exclusively hunt their prey, as opposed to your ludicrous fantasies. I am sorry James, but it looks like you’re wrong again.

          2. James W.

            Uninformed, again..

            You are wrong about lion bite, check some real data..
            (& this is the gorilla thread, anyhow).

            Bears are closer to pigs in lifestyle/garbage grubbing,
            if less successful, due to slow breeding rates..

            Try & get ‘rid of ‘ your own ignorance/trolling propensity.

          3. Undoomed

            James, no. Oh my god, no. Would you PLEASE just look up lion and polar bear bite forces, and see that polar bears have around 1,200 PSI, while lions have around 600 PSI? All you have to do is a simple google search, that is all it will take. Bears are not closely related at all to pigs, and in fact, are more closely related to dogs than pigs.



            There you go, polar bears have stronger bites, ya wanker.

      1. James W.

        Not true,
        at all..
        & those lame-as sites linked must really attract bears,
        ’cause they are all garbage..

        In fact, the gorilla out-bites the bear, & would
        bite the fat-as grizzlies dumpster sniffing nose
        clean off, while choking it out in a head lock,
        jest like a bad-as nigga rappa- pimp, training his bitches..

        & if the dirty down-town brown got uppity, the G-beast
        would go upside the dumpster boy’s head – with de big bamboo..

        1. marvel2007210

          James you Are one very ignorant and rude person and you are right a gorilla would beat a bear but not by biting it the gorilla would simply beat it with shear strength but since bears are literally stronger than lions do you think a lion has a chance against a gorilla and bears are not even close to pigs the closest thing to a pig that is not a pig is you

  12. Newman

    You guys should really just stop acknowledging James. It is horrifically obvious he is a troll.

    1. James W.

      Alfred E,
      Do you ever provide a post of value?
      Or is lame trolling – all you can do?

      Bear fanboys are so unrealistic..
      & those dumpster-diving, fat-as fur-bags are so over-rated..

      A big ol’ gnarly ape with a filthy ‘tude would rip that stupid
      snuffling garbage grubbing nose – right off the brownies face..

  13. Paulo Veloso

    In nature size and strength really matter boys and talking 1 v 1 a grizz vs silverback would be compelling…What wouldn’t be as compelling is a lion bc even their big prey could fuck them up!!! It takes 3 or more lionesses to finish off a Cape Buffalo!!!

  14. Mitch

    A gorilla would win. As for cats killing them they fight in groups against a single gorilla. And… fy fucking I! You know those windows at the zoo? The 6 inch thick ones that house every type of animal that is dangerous and capable of killing humans in seconds? I said humans. Not human. Well.. you don’t see many grizzlies doing that. In fact the real challenge should be a western vs a polar bear. Polar bear would annihilate the gorilla. But let’s be real here. There is nothing stronger on land than the tiger, lion. However new breeding and hybrids show promise for new favored future species. The black cheetah.
    Just picture it. A hybrid cross of a black panther (the most agile and graceful of all cats, the true inspiration for ninjas and the silent night time active assassination…) and a cheetah (the fastest of all animals on land. Clicked at over 60 mph. Some even faster!!)
    Black Panther = Natures Jungle Ninja Power married with grace, agility, super senses, and instinct. Speed and agility help explain why the cheetah is one of the most successful hunters. They’re success rate on the other hand? Go figure .. the third best out of the world!!
    Now… just mix the two together and what do you get?
    Only the world’s most adaptive feline hunter that ever lived!
    Like assassin’s creed kitty! Climbing and jumping and running! It would be incredibly smart too! I bet it just could become the world’s most deadly cat!!

  15. michael

    i think james is right i mean sure a polar bear has massiv eclaws ectbut polar bears have long THIN skulls lions can easily break it…………

  16. Leonard Cardell

    Aint no damn gorrilla been born that can lift two tons,much less 8…lmfao

  17. tjm

    Spider Man would beat all the above with his awesome speed and strong webbing.
    You guys are hilarious

  18. Fuck James.

    Id imagine a lion is in better shape, seeing as how it sees itself as the top of its societal construct as to the the bears loner mindset, bears eat to survive, lions eat to protect, and i know males tend not to hunt to much with the rest of the pride unlike females but i do know that males when they do work with others are pretty fluid in their decision making and synergy with the others.

    Btw, you guys need to put a setting to these match ups, climate can affect how the 2 act, a gorilla in the north with snow would freeze in the face of a bear.

  19. Dockles

    Lmao… Lions aren’t that tough. Male “Pride Boss” Lions rarely have to fight, or Hunt, for that matter. Male Lions generally only fight for territory and breeding, rarely do they fight to the death against something that can hold its own. Hyenas, in groups of three, can typically scare off a male Lion. This has been documented, and is shown on youtube with a simple search. Male Lions are known for being big, loud, and Lazy.

    If you’d like a big cat to Idolize why not the Tiger? (Siberian or Bengal) both have been shown to defeat Lions in captivity (encounters in the wild would be rare if not impossible.)

    The Tiger(male or female) is larger, stronger, faster, possesses a higher intellect and has more experience fighting when compared to a Male Lion. Tigers are known to, when desperate, hunt and even sometimes kill full grown Grizzly Bears.

    Do any research at all and you’ll see this is VERIFIABLY accurate. Tigers>Lions 9/10. The original Tarzan movie even went through multiple Lions because THE TIGERS KEPT KILLING THEM.

    1. James W.

      Total fanboi fantasy, & utter spam.
      Useless/stupid tiger-worship propaganda..

      Anyhow, wrong topic, this is big angry ape vs dumpster diver.
      Our cuz can take this contest, if he has developed fightin’ skills.

    2. marvel2007210

      although tigers are stronger than lions bears are stronger than tigers and no way a tiger can kill full grown grizzlies

  20. Undoomed = aggressive troll

    Get a life losers who gives a fuck what animal would win, I know who would win in a punch on James or Undoomed? I say James cause undoomed sounds like the alias of some bed wetter still living at home with his Mama

  21. Brandon

    Way to ruin a good thread with all this talk about tigers and lions. A grizzly would eat that big ape no problem.

    The bear has CLAWS and a think hide
    The gorilla has nails and a thin hide

    The bear is BIGGER
    The gorilla is smaller

    The bear is a killer. Killing and eating smaller things is apart of its nature.
    A gorilla is a herbivore. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  22. AP

    The Grizzly wins this one. Make no mistake about it, Gorillas are ridiculously strong. They can bend bananna trees in half, flip over small sedans, etc. However, the Grizzly is everything the Gorilla is, except it is many times larger and stronger and is armed with large claws and canines.

    Unless the Gorilla does not land a very solid, purposeful blow on the Grizzly’s skull or spine, the Grizzly should win this more often than not.

  23. James W.

    I seeit goin’ down like this:
    The big ape pretends to be the greedy bruin’s buddy,
    promising him rich pickin’s from a KFC dumpster,
    just when brer-bear is all salivatin’ in expectation,
    the dirty ape – sucker punches him, wraps his huge bicep
    round ol’ Boo-Boo’s neck in a fierce sleeper hold,
    then Kong’s fithy rear paw-hands control the bear’s
    forearms, & in one fluid act, the mean-as ape, malicious as hell,
    breathes his foul breath into bruin’s face, then savagely human-like,
    sinks his massive canines into the snout of the hapless grizz..
    & bites his snuffle-snoz clean-off, – spits it out.. booming out his victory!

  24. AP

    James W,

    Dude, you should be making movies man! That sounds like an awesome plot!

    Unfortunately, it does not work out like that in real life.

    Here is how I imagine it:

    The gorilla charges at the grizzly and lands some mean hits. The grizzly gets on it’s hind legs, puts some nasty lacerations on the gorilla’s body, and knocks the gorilla out cold with some hard paw swipes.

    If the gorilla is lucky, it will may break the grizzly’s spine or skull with a few good hits – otherwise the bear wins.

  25. James W.

    What you don’t figure on..
    is that the big apes’ good Afro-bro, ol’ Leo – has done put him up to it,
    & has been training Magilla in MMA skills for a ‘thrilla to schizilla’ death match hit on da bruin..

    Once the fat-as brownie is lying all dislocated & wrecked – bein’ savagely torn up & strangled down
    by the furiously vicious great ape frenzy , Leo has to admit – he was wrong to dis’ him for bein’ a vego!

    So, per their deal, Leo expertly butchers the still groanin’ & profusely bleedin’ bruin..
    & afore tucking in to a meal so greasy.. it makes KFC seem like a stick of celery,
    he flays off a finely crafted bearskin sleeveless muscle jacket, for Magilla to strut around in..
    jest like the ice-cold gangsta – he’s done proved hisself to be!

  26. AP

    James W,
    You are clearly joking around… I doubt an African lion would spend time teaching a gorilla MMA skills… In fact, the lion would see the gorilla as a prey animal and attempt to hunt it… If that was true, you can also say that Siberian tigers would teach brown bears MMA…

    You have to put away your disgust for bears aside for a moment, and think of this fight from a scientific point of view.

    The gorilla is more than capable of killing a healthy bear, no doubt. However, the bear would win most of the time because it is basically an upgraded version of a gorilla. It as strong (if not stronger) as the gorilla, but has huge claws and canines, and fur/loose skin to protect it from life threatening injuries.

  27. James W.

    No AP,
    a bear is more akin to..
    a ‘pig-dog’, having a blend of the attributes..
    (& filthy habits ) of both canid & suid..

  28. AP

    James W,
    I have now understood that you are letting your disgust for bears get the better of you and you refuse to look at this fight from a scientific standpoint.

    That being said, bears are related to dogs, but they are NOT even closely related to pigs…

    1. James W.

      I was not referring to the bear as being an actual/literal, Dr Moreau-type ‘pig-dog’ cross-breed,
      but in its opportunistic ( & filthy) habits of grabbing & eating anything remotely edible ASAP.

      Both pigs & bears have very effective noses for sniffing any ‘food’ sources out, & the abilty to
      move large amounts of soil & detritis to get them, along with a voracious hunger to grow
      big enough to get more.. than most any rivals.. that they are likely.. to have to compete with..

      1. AP

        James W,
        To be fair, all predators sniff. Even lions and tigers do it – not always, but sometimes. But yes, I agree with you, bears do have noses from sniffing.

          1. James W.

            yeah, bears & pigs can sniff ‘n’ snuffle things out, even better than dogs..
            but big cats do know how smell works, & do use it to their advantage – for hunts.

            Russian naturalists noted that tigers will carefully stalk bears & pigs silently
            from downwind, because they know how easily they can pick up scent.

            Male lions will sometimes roll in elephant dung, to disguise their distinctive
            odour, & so – quite cleverly, allay the fears of potential targets.. to ambush them..

          2. AP

            True. But keep in mind that bears – on very rare occasions, this does help bears catch their prey.

  29. rob

    Sorry guys,
    I admit I was a fool. A lion would destroy a bear

    1. James W.

      Yeah rob, ok.. ’bout time..

      Now admit this too..
      The big ugly ape also got the goods..
      to be putting ol’ bruin down for the count.. as well..

  30. rob

    Wait, WTF?

    That was NOT me – just some troll impersonating me.

    Oh yeah, meanwhile Kodiak and Polar bear are laughing at all of them.

    1. James W.

      no.. its hyenas who laugh, you jack-as..

      1. marvel2007210

        James W.

        hey remember me oh well ya know I have a question could you beat a bear?

        and bears are nothing like pigs

        pigs they eat garbage and stuff cause they evolved to doing that

        but bears they don’t even eat garbage they usually go to a restaurants garbage dump so they can get in on all

        the meat, fruit, etc… when there is not enough food to hunt and bears are equally good at using their sense of

        smell as tigers or lions also I agree gorillas would beat a bear but not how you picture it I picture it like this

        bears stand on their hind legs and roar to show strength and stuff but that is an advantage for the gorilla

        because when the bear is standing the gorilla could jump on the bear and knock it down to the ground and

        pound it a few times to kill it or tear it apart but James please respect every animal cause if you have a passion

        for learning about animals then why do you act like only animals you like are the best but that some animals

        you don’t like suck I respect all animals and like all animals unlike you please stop this bad habit

  31. James W.

    Say whaaa..
    Look dude, it aint about “like”, or “respect”.
    Why don’t you begin, & stop your own “bad habit” ?

    Bears are ‘greedy pigs’ & pigs are big bullies like bears.

    Both are good eatin’ due to all that grease on ’em.
    Bear meat & wild pork, is so meltingly luscious, do try some,
    slow cooked – in a sweet maple smoke barbeque, mmm..

  32. AP

    James W,
    He has got a point, if you ask me. It is okay to dislike an animal (I dislike reptiles and house cats), but insulting them does not make your argument stronger…

    1. James W.

      is it that “house cats” actually ‘dislike’ you?

      I find myself likeable to more of them,
      than I can honestly find reasons to be reciprocal with.

      But IMO, dogs are worse.. with their innately filthy habits,
      & propensity towards attempts to either fawn, or be pushy-aggressive..

      1. AP

        James W,
        Ah… no. I dislike houscats, not the other way around. Dogs are not filthy if you take proper care of them.
        Plus dogs are more friendly and show more emotion. I guarantee you that if your house cat was the size of a Bull Mastiff, it would try to eat. And here is another fact: God forbid this from happening to you, but if you were die at home and nobody was there to call 911, you house cat would eat your dead body. A dog would never do that. Granted, I would rather keep a house cat than a pitbull or other species of dog, but generally speaking, dogs are better.

        1. AP

          In fact, even wild lions and tigers show more love than cats. Search up “Kevin Richardson the lion whisperer” on Youtube. I am yet to see a house cat provide that much affection.

          1. James W.

            no, your experience/understanding is wrong.

            Even a domesticated ‘housecat’ shares ~95%
            of its genome with the tiger, & cats for sure are
            more honest with their expressions than dogs.

            Dogs are ‘hardwired’ to be pack animals, cats generally, are not.

            & if you let your freshly washed dog outside, off the leash,
            doggy ways take over, & the filthy animal habits begin again,
            with the dog sniffing around to find a feed of garbage, harass
            other animals, & find some shit to roll in, to come home stinking..

            FYI, here’s a link to bear research, cites speed as ’30mph max’:

          2. AP

            James W,
            I am well aware of the fact that house cats and lions and tigers share 95% of DNA. However, that “5%” is what makes lions and tigers completely different…

            Also, while cats are more hygenic than dogs – they do disgusting things too. For example, as a cat owner, I am sure you will agree with me that cats tend to bring prey like rodents and snakes inside, right?

            And please read your link carefully. It says that only THREE species of bears were documented running 30 MPH. Under the “African lions vs hyenas” thread, I provided a second link with experts saying that bears have been documented running up to 40 MPH.

  33. James W.

    Do try to comprehend/keep up.

    Facts are, properly.. neutral, per scientific rigour.
    Facts are the true strength of any worthy, evidence-based – discussion points.
    Fact is, bears-dogs-pigs are all habitually.. & by any standards – filthy animals..
    Got that, by now.. have you.. AP?

  34. AP

    James W,
    You are missing the point … again. It does not matter whether bears are filthy or not – insulting them does not make your arguments stronger.

    1. James W.

      no.. apt descriptions are not “insulting”, its a matter of fact – bears are habitually filthy.
      Whereas your emotive bias – shown via your defensive attitude – is for you to own, & deal with..
      It is not reducing the validity of views I express, which are based on the natural facts.

  35. AP

    James W,
    There is no “emotive bias” or “defensive attitude.” I hate to say it, but the only “emotive bias” and “defensive attitude” is the one you have with lions. After reading through most of your posts, it is clear that anybody who believes that a tiger/bear/jaguar/any animal can beat a lion – you end up insulting their name – this is why you are making so many enemies on these forums. You think a lion can beat any animal on Earth.

    And you certainly don’t give “apt descriptions.” They are called “insults.” Any sane person will tell you that calling bears “lardy lumps” , “fat-as dumpster divers,” and “fat-as bruins” are insults, not “apt descriptions.” An “apt description” would be something like, “oh, bears sometimes eat from trash cans – that disgusts me” or “bears are strong animals, but their belly fat may be a weakness in combat.” That is called an “apt description.”

    1. James W.

      your whole argument is predicated on your false perception ( bias)
      that emotive ‘feelings’ somehow hold weight or determine value in these
      animal conflict sceniarios.. they most certainly do not.

      That I find certain habitual attributes of some animals disgusting,
      is neither here, nor there.. neither does ‘like’ or any other childish stuff.

      That bears present as boorish buffoons & duly draw criticism, is on them,
      & not the observer, who reports their conduct & properly calls them out on it..

      The same applies, but on the added credit side, to the ‘Kingly’ attributes
      seen in lion behaviour, regarded as admirable & reported/recorded by humans
      since ancient times..

      I am ‘not making enemies’, as you so grandiosely put it, I correcting the flawed
      opinions repeatedly expressed by the ignorant, & by wilful trolls..
      & those fools surely deserve the derision they attract – by their own stupidities..

      You yourself have learned some things, too.. even if you still seek to salve your
      own pride by falsely conflating ‘feelings’ – as equivalent to validated facts, for merit..

      1. AP

        James W,
        Ok, I believe that you misinterpreted my previous post. I am not using “emotive feelings” at all – nor am I saying that they play a role in these arguments. I am just stating that you should present your claims in a more professional manner. Also, I am NOT biased – quite frankly, it is the exact opposite. I am the most unbiased person in these threads because I address both sides of the debate. To repeat myself, it is okay to dislike bears and love lions – all I am saying is that you should present your arguments in a more “classy” or “professional” or “unbiased” manner. That way, people will take you more seriously. If you don’t want to that, then people are just going to ignore your claims and think you are some sort of troll.

        1. AP

          James W, Ok, I believe that you misinterpreted my previous post. I am not using “emotive feelings” at all – nor am I saying that they play a role in these arguments. I am just stating that you should present your claims in a more professional manner. Also, I am NOT biased – quite frankly, it is the exact opposite. I am the most unbiased person in these threads because I address both sides of the debate. To repeat myself, it is okay to dislike bears and love lions – all I am saying is that you should present your arguments in a more “classy” or “professional” or “unbiased” manner. That way, people will take you more seriously. If you don’t want to that, then people are just going to ignore your claims and think you are some sort of troll. I don’t care if lions are more respected than bears. If you want people to take you seriously, address both sides of the argument. And, actually, James, you are making enemies on these forums. Honestly, I feel sorry for you. You are a smart guy who knows a lot about animals – just the way you present your claims makes people dislike you.

          1. AP

            Now, lets analyze why everybody dislikes you on these forums by taking an example: To quote you: “I am ‘not making enemies’, as you so grandiosely put it, I correcting the flawed opinions repeatedly expressed by the ignorant, & by wilful trolls.. & those fools surely deserve the derision they attract – by their own stupidities.. ” Here is the problem James: In your eyes, anybody who does not support the lion is a troll/fool/ignorant. I bet if I were to say that a lion is 80% muscle and a tiger is 30% muscle you would be okay with that. But if I stated the opposite, you would get angry – tell me I am wrong James. Now, lets get to the example. In the “African lion vs Siberian tiger” thread, anonymous gave many evidences to prove his point about tigers winning in a fight with lions. Instead of debunking his claims, you started talking about IQ, fanboys, how Indians are dumb, etc. Do you see the problem here?

          2. James W.

            no.. you are incorrect about ‘anonymous’, & my responses/replies.

            I rightly rejected his unfounded fantasies, & directed him to linked
            citations which showed reports, & suggested methods by which
            all claims may be parsed for validity, – but he was not interested in
            anything but pushing his purview.

            If the preponderance of evidence supported the notable superiority
            of tiger over lion, or bears over big cats, I would of course concur,
            & reset any misapprehension on my part, stand corrected, & accept the facts..
            as a ‘mature’ mind surely must.. but as so few here, (inc’ ‘anon’ et al) actually do..

            However, as the facts – from many sources, over thousands of years, clearly show,
            lions had developed a natural dominance over the worlds richest hunting lands,
            – a state only fairly lately disrupted/destroyed – by the rise of technological humans.

          3. AP

            James W,
            No, I am not “incorrect” at all. You did not “rightly” reject his “fantasies.” You started making racist comments about how Indians have an IQ <90 (as an Indian, I will tell you that is completely BS).

            I am guessing that you directed him Ross Wind's links? None of his/her links are accurate because they all either show videos of sick/malnourished/unhealthy captive animals, or they are edited movie clips. Ross Wind is one of those people who tries to look unbiased – but actually is the opposite.

            Fine, let me take your word for it and assume that Anon was BS-ing. You claim that " sources from thousands of years ago" show that the lion is superior to tigers and bears. So why didn't you cite any sources? Instead of spending time talking about Indian IQ and fanboys, citing some sources would have helped your case.

  36. AP

    And yes – your so called “apt descriptions” do reduce the validity of your arguments. Because to you, the term “apt descriptions” is synonymous with “insults” – whether you admit that or not.

    1. James W.

      no.. what you claim as ‘insults’ is actually a figment of your bias..
      & an emotive reaction to my expressed ‘feelings’ of disgust.

      Try to refute my statements of fact, you cannot so simply reject or discount
      them on the basis of your own ’emotive’ reactions to mine.

      My emotive feelings are mine, yours are yours, & neither are subject to
      ‘fact checking’ because they are not relevant facts, even if they are direct
      reactions to actual observed conduct, & due to the subject under discussion.

      Some people are freaked out that gorillas are so human-like, but I accept
      that we are, as confirmed by the genome tests, indeed – quite closely related.

      & FYI, many humans disgust me more than animals, because people really
      oughta know better, & not be acting so blatantly basely..

      1. AP

        James W,
        Once again, there is no bias in my statement. Proof? I always address both sides of the debate. And there are no emotive reactions either – quite frankly, I don’t care if you dislike bears – I am just giving you tips on how to make your arguments stronger. I am sorry to say James, but there are no “statements of fact” – you just hate bears. If you bothered to do some research, you will learn that bears are good hunters and they RARELY eat from trash cans. You will also learn that the bears fur and loose skin protects it in combat – it is not there to process garbage. You don’t have any “statements of fact.” You are just expressing your hatred for them in a very immature way.

        1. AP

          And I am not “fact checking” your so called “emotive feelings” – I am just letting you know how immature your “apt descriptions” towards bears are. You are free to hate on bears – but do it in a classy and mature way. Your gorilla analogy does not prove anything either. You just like gorillas more than bears – there is nothing wrong in that though.
          One thing I will agree with you on – yes, humans are far more digusting than many animals. Animals kill because they need to eat or they need to protect their young. Humans are a*sholes. Humans do rape, murder, etc. just for the sake of entertainment. The world would be better without humans.

          1. AP

            I don’t want our disagreements to become personal – so on a lighter note, happy late 4th of July 🙂

        2. James W.

          no.. tips.. please..

          & an Indian boy can scarcely grasp the fact that the usual contents of North American
          food scrap dumpsters – would frankly amaze – the sadly mal-nourished average Indian..

          That poverty of basic nutriment – goes some way to explain why the Indian IQ mean
          is – in fact – closer to 75, than it is to 90.. so it seems.. I was actually being too generous..

          Best you let a jolly decent Britisher tell you.. how it goes down..

          1. AP

            James W,
            Of course, why do you need tips? After all, it would sink your lion fantasies, won’t it… LOL.

            So, are you gonna keep making racist comments about Indian IQ? Or are you going to contribute something meaningful to this discussion?

  37. James

    I went to the zoo the other day. A lion and a tiger charged at me. My pet pitbull got the jaw lock in and the lion and the tiger were forced to retreat.. So a gorilla would destroy a lion a tiger or a grizzly bear.

  38. James W.

    hey, settle down fella, you are getting a bit too Aka/like – with your “everybody dislikes you” claims.
    As I stated, it aint about like/dislike, for animals, & not even for stupid people.. that’s “immature”.

    I do not “hate” bears, nor do I “love” lions, & (other than for an obviously absurdist laugh), I do not
    make or support unrealistic claims to denigrate, or inflate – the natural capabilities of either animal.

    You only need to see the foolish voting, & ignoramus comments of stupid people posting messages
    here to figure that far too many just have no idea, nor real interest in – getting a realistic awareness
    of the actual, natural facts of the matter, & bears are notable ( not mention honey-badgers) in being
    subject to high levels of fantasy/nonsense ideation..

    & FYI AP, bears – including even polars, DO seek out human garbage as a preference, since they well
    know that it to be a concentrated source of high calorie ‘food’.. & its much easier than scrounging
    in the natural environment, or hunting – which is both energy sapping, & way less certain to succeed.

  39. AP

    James W,
    Nah “fella,” you need to “settle down” a bit with what you post on these forums. Aka/Tony might cuss and make ridiculous claims – but he is right about everybody going against you in these threads. Do you understand why this is James? You conveniently ignored the part where I said that you insulted Anonymous for merely explaining why a tiger would beat a lion in a fight. That in a nutshell, is why nobody takes you seriously. You spend way too much time talking about how bears are fat, fanboys, IQ, etc.

    “I do not “hate” bears, nor do I “love” lions, & (other than for an obviously absurdist laugh), I do not
    make or support unrealistic claims to denigrate, or inflate – the natural capabilities of either animal.”

    Good ol’ James W, that is exactly what you do. You clearly hate bears and love lions. This is something we both know pretty well. You certainly do inflate the natural capabilites of bears, and you over rate lions – take it from a guy who loves both animals.

    Oh yeah, and: “As I stated, it aint about like/dislike, for animals, & not even for stupid people.. that’s “immature”. ” The problem is James, as I mentioned earlier, you dislike bears and like lions – if you deny this, than I know that you are lying.

    Now, I will agree with you on one thing. Yes, there are a lot of people in these threads who make ludicrous claims. However, there are a few intelligent ones (like anonomyous) who merely explain their point of view. But you insult them anyway. You pick up fights with anybody who does not support the lion – that is your problem. And that is “immature.”

    “…& bears are notable ( not mention honey-badgers) in being subject to high levels of fantasy/nonsense ideation…”
    You understand that lions get far more “fantasy/nonsense ideation” than bears and honey badgers, right? I love lions, don’t get me wrong, but dear lord, they are one of the most overrated animals on this planet. Kids LOVE lions because they are in everything from story books in India, to tales in Africa, to Disney movies (Lion King and Madagascar come in mind), etc. Lions get far more respect and admiration than bears and honey badgers ever did. Plus, James, you treat them like perfect killing machines (you claimed that a lion could run faster than a cheetah in one of these threads).

    Polar bears, as a matter of fact, any species of bears, RARELY eat from trash cans, if ever. The problem is James, your dislike for bears, prevents you from understanding that they are capable of hunting on their own. They can take out large prey like Moose.

  40. James W.

    spare us the ‘holier-than-thou’ – pontification.. what an over-inflated ego you have..

    Attempting to claim “everybody” – c’mon, dude.. seriously, best change your sign-in from AP,
    to ‘Max Hubris’!

    Now, because you ‘feel’ smalled-out emotionally, due to being ‘schooled’ on a fact-basis,
    you slyly resort to attempting some adhominem ‘troll-lite’ ploy, all the while missing
    the glaring ‘pot/kettle/black’ hypocisy – dripping unctiously from your self-satified spiel..

    You present just like Lewis Carrol’s ‘Humpty Dumpty’ – another bombastic, fence-sitting egg..

    What you signally fail to realize – likely due to your own fug of post-modern equivocation &
    cogntive dissonance, is that the merits duly earned by lions are as ‘in your face’ – as the
    animals themselves, & this is confirmed by many sources, from video clips, through
    scientific investigations to studious review of the historical record..

    I reply to you AP, idiomatically – just as I do to rabid fanboi fantasists.. so wear it..

    1. James W.

      Also AP, don’t you try & tell me about what I like,
      I find that – a most disagreeable trait, too.

      As for bears, here’s one I like, in a youtube clip..
      & this cub, for sure, its ‘cute’ & so.. duly gets ‘schooled’
      for trying to be ‘too cute’ – by a responsible ‘boss’ housecat..

      1. AP

        James W,
        I am only telling you facts. If you can’t admit that…well… that is on you…

        Awesome! So you showed me a video of an aggressive house cat disciplining a docile bear cub…cool – that does not prove anything because you have not provided any links showing a lion or a tiger taking down a bear one on one.

        (P.S. A fight can between a lion/tiger and a bear can go either way)

        1. AP

          I am not telling you what you like and dislike. Here is how it all went down:

          1) You give your so called “apt descriptions” of bears, IMPLYING that you hate them.
          2) I confront you about your “apt descriptions” and you deny that you hate bears – when what you posted says otherwise…
          3) I take you back to step one, and you start getting defensive, telling me not to tell you what you like/dislike.

          See how it all works? LOL

          1. AP

            James W,
            Ah… no… that article was complete BS. It had no evidence whatsoever supporting it’s point of view.

            In case you did not know, Indians and Chinese are considered to be the smartest people on this Earth.

            That article was made to make racist people like yourself happy…LOL

        2. James W.

          the vid showed a staunch Russki housecat caringly
          ‘schooling’ a bear cub.. & the cub accepted it – as needful.

          Both cat & bear cub show a greater level of understanding..
          – than you do.. L.O.L…

          1. AP

            Hey James W,
            Are you going to provide evidence as to why you think a lion would destroy a bear in a fight? Or are you going to keep repeating the same shit again?

        3. James W.

          you’d best add some..
          So far, you’ve only provided – blather..

          1. AP

            James W,

            “So far, you’ve only provided – blather..”

            Yup, says the guy who talks about IQ and fanboys instead of formulating an argument of his own…

          2. James W.

            awww.. all upset by the facts..
            IQ of 82! As proven by test results of Indians..

            Funny, but that cat & bear cub interaction was analogous
            to the British Raj in India.. they had to ‘school’ them too..

            Just as I’ve duly ‘schooled’ you, boy… L.O.L…

          3. AP

            Is little Jamesey sad that his IQ is ~ negative infinity?


            Hey, here is a fun fact for you: The only reason Britain was able to take over India is because they attacked India without India knowing. If those British motherf*ckers had the balls to confront Indian face to face, India would have slaughtered them – about as easily as I am slaughtering you in these debates… LOL.

  41. AP

    James W,
    Wow! Are you a Literature major? You sure as hell use a lot of big words! For starters, I don’t have an “ego.” As I have stated at least a million times, I am unbiased – unlike you, who blindly supports the lion because it is your favourite animal. Unbiased =/= High ego.

    You obviously don’t understand exagerrations do, you? No sh*t, there are a couple of dumba*ses on these threads who agree with you, but most sane and logical people, don’t.

    “Now, because you ‘feel’ smalled-out emotionally, due to being ‘schooled’ on a fact-basis,
    you slyly resort to attempting some adhominem ‘troll-lite’ ploy, all the while missing
    the glaring ‘pot/kettle/black’ hypocisy – dripping unctiously from your self-satified spiel..”

    Really James? This describes you better. If anything , YOU are the one who has been “schooled on a fact-basis” – but your lion fantasies prevent you from accepting the truth and make you “resort to attempting some adhominem troll-lite ploy, all while missing the glaring ‘pot/kettle/black’ hypocrisy – dripping unctiously from self-satified spiel..”

    “What you signally fail to realize – likely due to your own fug of post-modern equivocation &
    cogntive dissonance, is that the merits duly earned by lions are as ‘in your face’ – as the
    animals themselves, & this is confirmed by many sources, from video clips, through
    scientific investigations to studious review of the historical record..”

    Hey James, if I have a “cognitive dissonance” , than why don’t you cite some links backing your claims … as if… LOL.

    “I reply to you AP, idiomatically – just as I do to rabid fanboi fantasists.. so wear it..”

    No, James W, it is the other way around. I am the unbiased guy who always addresses both sides of the argument, while you are too lost in your own fantasy world of lions – refusing to accept any facts. Clearly, you are the “rabid fanboi.”

  42. AP

    Oh yeah, and using big words to SOUND knowledgeable does not make your posts more valuable…

    1. James W.

      Too funny AP!
      I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, vocab-wise..

      & FYI, denlal of own biases, & ego.. is a sure-fire sign of the ‘egotist’..
      ( along with the morbid sensItivity shown, when confronted about it). L.O.L…

      By all means, try & cite-link some real data to support your position too, dude..
      you’ve again provided ‘bugger-all’ – of any value so far.. & ‘google scholar’ awaits..

      1. AP

        James W,
        Oh, really? You were giving me the benefit of the doubt?! Aww… that is so nice – listen dude, if you want insult me, just do it – I don’t give a crap.

        “& FYI, denlal of own biases, & ego.. is a sure-fire sign of the ‘egotist’..
        ( along with the morbid sensItivity shown, when confronted about it). L.O.L…”

        I am not showing any “morbid sensitivity” at all … LMAO. Now, you claim that I am biased and have an ego, right? I have given you proof as to why I believe you are biased – why don’t you give me some proof as to how I am biased – of course, granted that you have any in the first place … LOL.

        1. James W.

          sez.. “Waaa… I’m not sensitive! Waaa..”

          Typical.. a poorly developed level of self-awareness,
          & no sense of the inherent irony, either..

          AP, you’d be the type of kid whose dad’ll give him a T-shirt
          to wear – emblazoned with “I’m not conceited, I’m PERFECT!”,
          & then wear it – taking the message literally – at ‘face-value’,
          only to get upset when he’s laughed at.. & not getting why adults
          ( & smarter kids) who know him – would laugh..

          & yeah AP, in case you still don’t realize, its happening here too.. L.O.L…

          1. AP

            James W sez waa…
            So instead of giving me evidence as to how I am biased, you start spitting out a bunch of stinkin’ lion spoor…

  43. AP

    Also, if you want some evidence, I provided some under the “Grizzly bear vs Siberian tiger” and the “Grizzly bear vs African lion” thread .

    1. James W.

      did you really.. & was it.. “40mph” bear-shit?
      It was, right.. be honest now, ego-boi..

      Well, anyhow kid.. you’d better step it up, in quantity & quality..
      esp’ since.. you are so far up yourself, & way, way up..
      – on your ‘high horse’ too! L.O.L…

      1. AP

        Hey James W,
        Bears are “fat-as dumpster divers” , right. So why don’t you go beat up a bear than, dumba*s?


        1. James W.

          so, you are.. yet another ‘stupid boy’..
          & just like Aka/dumb-as.. firmly fixed in denial… L.O.L…

          1. AP

            Now that I think about it… Aka/Tony and everybody else on these forums were right about you the entire time, Jamesey… LOL.

  44. AP

    Hey James W,
    Did I sink your lion fantasies with evidence I provided under those threads?… LOL

    1. James W.

      to summarise your posts..
      (& courtesy of old India hand, Spike Milligan)

      ‘500,000 ancient gods sitting down to lunch,
      gobble gobble, slurp slurp, munch munch munch…’


    1. James W.

      did you know..
      some dumb-as Indians were so stupid about
      tigers, that they wrote a book claiming that
      lions were never native to India!

      Foolishly, they held that it was the British
      who imported lions from Africa for sport hunting!

      Too bad for their puny plan, DNA research proved
      them wrong.. & ironically, the reality was.. the
      British exported Indians to Africa, where the lions
      hunted the hapless coolies! This is a fact..
      (See ‘The Ghost & the Darkness’ movie).

  45. AP

    Did you know that your IQ is ~ negative infinity … LOL.

    Get real racist boy. “Some dumb-as Indians” do NOT represent the IQ of the entire nation…

    (P.S. The fact that you can’t spell *ass properly proves my point about your IQ… LOL)

    1. James W.

      you are the dumb arse,
      who does not know the difference.. L.O.L..
      What a dumb-as.. jack-ass!

      (Just like many hundred million other dung-wallahs).

      1. AP

        Lames W has been destroyed by reality, but he is too busy weeping in his mommy’s lap… LOL

        Thus, he resumes being a racist troll… LMAO.

  46. AP

    Did you know that your IQ is ~ negative infinity… LMAO.

    Now, get real you racist piece of crap. “Some dumb-as Indians” don’t represent the IQ of the entire nation…

    (P.S. The fact that you can’t spell *ass correctly proves my point about your IQ… LOL).

  47. AP

    Did you know that your IQ is ~ negative infinity? … LMAO.

    Now, get real you racist piece of crap. “Some dumb-as Indians” do NOT represent the IQ of the entire nation…

    (P.S. The fact that you can’t spell *ass properly proves my point about your IQ – wait, you know what negative numbers are, right?… LOL)

  48. AP

    JAMESey the joker,
    Fine, lets ASSUME that your idiotic and ridiculous claims about Indian IQ being < 90 are true.

    You understand that the greater the population (India is the second most populated country in the world), the more likely it is for the average IQ to come out lower? China is the only exception to this.

    India has made many contributions in fields like mathematics, medicine, language, etc.

    Check this link out:

    Now before you start running your mouth about how Wikipedia is not a reliable source – check the sources under the article I linked you – they are reliable and should clear your doubts.

    Knowing you, you will refuse to believe anything I said and start ranting your own bullshit… LOL (FYI: that is a sign of low IQ)

    1. James W.

      you don’t even..
      know what average/mean actually indicates!
      A sure sign of sub-normal mental development..

      & by all means – compare your puny list
      of achievements to that of a tiny island..
      Britain.. & then weep… L.O.L…

      1. AP

        I knew it. Yup, I sure as hell knew it.

        Lames W once again got destroyed by the facts – so resumes being a “stupid boy.”

        What has Britain accomplished? Oh, stealing the Kohinoor from India… LOL

  49. AP

    Anyways, this thread is “Grizzly Bear vs Western Gorilla” not “JAMESey the joker’s racist claims about Indian IQ vs AP’s intelligent and meaningful thoughts.”

    As I mentioned before, unless the gorilla does not land a solid blow on the bear’s skull or spine, the bear should win more often than not.

    1. James W.

      ‘the stuck-up fat head,
      who cannot admit he’s wrong,
      way more often than not’.

      Pig-headed, like a defunct Indian god..

      1. AP

        Lames W is too busy weeping right now… He thinks Indian gods are “defunct” – until one of those gods comes in his dreams (nightmares) and haunts him… than he will again cry and sleep in his mother’s lap while she is breast feeding him… LMFAO.

        1. James W.

          is a typical..
          superstitious coolie..
          who still believes in arrant nonsense
          stories – which were told to frighten him,
          as a child, by his ignorant mother! L.O.L…

          No wonder his intellect is still so infantile..

          He cannot accept facts, his childmind is too filled
          with so many laughably ancient fantasy tales..

          Go back to your fatuous ‘Temple of Doom’, kali-wallah..
          & pray for your soul, to be saved from the wheel… L.O.L…

          1. AP

            Try and comprehend…

            The Indian Gods are gonna come and haunt you…

            Then they will take you to the “Temple of Doom” …

            They will fill your mind with fantasies about lions…

            Than they will take you to Africa…

            Than they will call a “pride boss” male lion…

            The lion will rape you…

            Than the hyenas will scavenge on your bones…

            It is a reality which you can’t deny…

          2. James W.

            is just so laughably arrogant..
            to fantasize that his ‘imaginary friends’..
            his defunct gods in their supposed multitudes..
            will plague anyone.. but himself.. L.O.L…

            Keep dreaming, bozo.. & maybe a real leopard
            will come to your filthy hovel.. in the night..

            Or.. if you sleep in a nice grubby dumpster..
            maybe a bear.. will find you there.. L.O.L…

          3. James W.


          4. James W.

            NO! I DON’T WANT TO GET RAPED BY LION! NO I DON’T PLEASE! I DON’T WANT INDIAN GODS TO HAUNT ME! NO! THE AFRICAN LION IS 300 POUNDS! THE PANTANAL JAGUAR IS 550 POUNDS! PLEASE FORGIVE ME! I HUMBLY APOLOGIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          5. AP

            I have said it before and I will say it again…

            Acceptance is the best medicine (laughter comes second….)

            Understand that the Indian Gods are pissed off right now… at you… and they will punish you….

  50. AP

    Lames W,
    I never wanted our debates to escalate this far…

    But unfortunately, your racist comments about Indians and your incompetance in general has forced me roast you again and again and again…

    Just remember that you brought this upon yourself – you still have a chance to win my respect back. All you have to do is humbly apologize for you rudeness. If you do this, I might apologize for roasting you too…

  51. James W.

    devoid of any..
    grasp on reality,
    so typical of his depraved,
    deeply dysfunctional cult-culture,
    self-deluding via an infantile ego state..

    & afraid to accept facts, he wallows in fantasy,
    since his whole rotten edifice will tumble down..
    utterly disgraceful, & awfully like..
    Indian infrastructure – since the British left..

  52. James W.

    is so sorely sub-normal..
    he attempts to hide his shame..
    behind spurious claims of ‘racism’..

    Real hilarious, esp’ coming from a
    ‘Dalit-walloper’.. pot/kettle/black..

    1. AP

      Look Lames,
      To be fair, the only shameful thing is your existance….

      Oh yeah, and them zombies are looking for humans because they want to eat their brains – but don’t worry you are safe… LOL.

  53. James

    No, don’t worry,I fucked James W’s mom in bed last night. Than I cut her vagina off and stuffed it in her mouth. Now, I am going to cut W’s penis and stuff it in his mouth.

  54. Troll

    no no no james tiger destroy every animal. i went to zoo and saw great white shark rape lion. lion too weak. Why? he have no mane. b ut tiger destroy grate white.

  55. James W.

    sub-normal troll from sub-continent,
    ganges up thread like river fouled..
    corruption-raddled poacher sell tiger parts..
    & bad-as primate rips bear a new blow-hole..

  56. Troll

    no no no,
    I fucked the jame w in bed. my wife doctor. she want to cut you penis.

  57. James W.

    is converting..
    to Mohammedian?
    & must get “cut you penis”?

    How the other ancient gods will howl..
    just like a dirty ol’ bear.. when whipped..
    as harshly as.. a de-bollocked.. slum-dog..

  58. James W.

    NO! I am the real James W! DON’T LISTEN TO HIM! HE IS A TROLL!


    1. James W.

      YES I’M!
      Trollie sucks apey’s blow-hole…
      for fun..
      plus also – for several rupees..

      Gorilla is higher IQ than either!
      but not me, I’m a preson..

  59. I’m a person

    Grizzly would destroy a gorilla no offense to gorilla fans though. Bears are predators they are double the height of the average gorilla and also double the weight. They also have claws while gorillas don’t. Gorillas may have thumbs and can grab but grizzlies can partially grab using there claws. Bears don’t have as hard a bite but grizzlies jaws are more adapted for fighting.

  60. I’m a person

    A grizzly would definitely win very smal chance for the gorilla to win no offense to gorilla fans though.

  61. Gianluca P.

    Seruiously I think King Kong could take down a grizzly, but a normal gorilla would not, it would last 30 seconds against a bear, his skin does not have enough protection against the long and strong claws of the bear

  62. Cera Winters

    You guys argue with James W for months for no reason he’s an obvious troll.


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