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By | December 20, 2014

Who will win the fight between African Lion and big group of Hyenas?

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In the vast savannahs, two eternal enemies resides, who at times steals each other’s food and also kill the younger ones too. They are none other than African Lions and the Hyenas. Sometimes, it happens that lions get exhausted after killing a prey and so they decide to rest for a while and get back their breathe before they enjoy their meal. But, in the meanwhile, the hyenas smell the fresh blood and spring into action to have it and for that they are ready to challenge the big cats as well.

The only advantage that hyenas have is that the lions are tired after such a big kill and another thing is that hyenas have come in a big group. Generally, when the hyenas attack the lions, they do it in a huge group so that they can outnumber the lions.

African Lion vs Hyenas Comparison

Hyenas vs African Lion Comparison

Though the Lions are considered as one of the most powerful animals, but still they are also forced to face competition from the hyenas and it is mainly for the food. The problem is that both the lions and hyenas hunt similar preys, cover almost the same ground as well as are the scavengers of the same animal remains, therefore, both possess competition for each other. Whoever wins the duel can feast on the huge meal.

Hyenas and the African Lions Comparison

Animals African Lion
African Lion
Striped Hyena
Striped Hyena
Species P.leoH. hyaena
Average Head & Body Length 6 ft 1 inch33 to 51 inch
Tail Length 3 ft 2 inch9.8 to 15.7 inch
Shoulder Height3 ft 8 inch24–31 inch
Average Weight180 kg35 kg
AreaAfricaNorth and East Africa, the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Indian Subcontinent
Average Life Span13 years12 years

The interesting part is that they do not kill each other to meet their requirement of food, but what they do is fight with each other to get the possession of a big meal that has already been hunt down. Lions are bigger in size than the hyenas and have great strength too as compared to that of hyenas. A male lion can grow up to the weight of almost as much as 500 lbs and its length can go up to 8 ft.

Moreover, the African lions are hardly found alone, making it even more difficult for any predator to hunt them down. So, their big size and walking together, though makes them unbeatable, but at times a big group of hyena can kill a lion. The pride of a lion can be of 2 members or they can go up to 40 members as well. The lioness can easily camouflage and go into the herds of animal without their notice and when a target is set, they spring attack all of a sudden. The maximum speed that they can attain is near about 50 mph despite their huge size. They are quite agile and they do not have any problem in sprinting long.

In case of the hyenas, they can go up to the length of 5ft. A single hyena might not scare any prey, but when they are in a group they are a herd to be scared of. The hyenas pride is just the double of lions that is a group of hyenas consists of 80 animals. They have quite a powerful jaw and when they attack in a group they are the most deadly creature on the face of the earth.

In the hyena clan you will find the female hyenas to be more dominating and active. Hyenas can quite easily eat the hooves and bones of the prey because of the strong jaws that they have. Though they consume everything, but they are not able to digest the hooaves and the horns completely, therefore, these are broken into small materials. Don’t go over the size of the hyenas because size alone cannot define the immense power that the hyenas possess as a predator. They put up a strong fight against the mighty lions.

13 thoughts on “Compare African Lion vs Hyenas

  1. James W.

    Female hyenas sport massive quantities of testosterone, this enables them to bitch down their own males, & even intimidate female lions at kills..

    ..Unfortunately for these butch-as female hyenas, male lions tote maximum testosterone, & seem to take pleasure
    in going out of their way to fearlessly beat down hyenas – on basic principle..

    See the awful/awesome youtube vid where the male lion deliberately & malevolently ( you can literally see the murderous intent in his eyes) digs out the hyena den – to haul out.. one-by-one.. with his vicious meat-hook claws, the helpless baby hyenas – to bite & kill, just for killings sake, not for food, sure in the knowledge that none will dare challenge his ‘kingly’ right – to do it..

  2. LittleHazey

    You missed a large set of Hyena facts here, they have pound for pound the strongest bite force of any mammal on the planet.

    Most animals are terrified of hyenas even if one is alone, because it means there are always more around. Hyenas have a 50-70% successful hunt ratio where as lions only are successful at about 15-22% of the time. The male african lion is typically successful in fighting off small packs of hyena between 6-10 members. But if the hyenas are more aggressive or hungry they will just as well kill the lion. Though the lion typically is successful in chasing off hyenas the more members or more females present the more and more dangerous that pack becomes. Female lions typically will allow their kills be taken by hyenas if the male is too far away. Because fighting them isn’t worth the risk of injury.

    While male lions will resort to killing hyena cubs in their dens. Smaller Hyena clans will even allow it to happen, because each member of the pack is considered to be functional the moment they can walk properly and if they don’t the hyenas will kill the weak pups them selves.

    The vs. is also misleading. You prefaced the vote by saying a african lion vs. a large group of hyenas. If you talking about a whole pride vs. a whole pack, it’s all about numbers. If it’s a larger pride of 20+ lions vs a large pack of 50-70+ hyenas. it’s no question, the hyenas will tear them apart.

    1. Orcacrusher333

      Did you forget the hippo which has 1800 psi, the jaguar which has 1110 psi, and the Siberian tiger which has 1300 psi and the Buena only has 1000 psi

  3. James W.

    Nah, no way is a 3-to-1 ratio nearly enough for hyenas to ‘tear them apart’..

    Remember that male lions have to look after themselves in between being
    ejected from the pride – at reaching sexual maturity, & being up for challenging
    – to lead a pride of their own.

    In the meantime these the bachelor guy lions basically thug around, taking down real big prey,
    & beating down hyenas – for sheer fun & for profit in meat.. they be the true gangstas of the African bush..

    However, even grizzly bears would have real trouble hacking life in that context, for sure..
    Aint been no bears gettin’ down in Africa for a long time, & not due to the poor quality of dumpster fillin’s either..

  4. Anonymous

    You need to specify the number of hyenas.
    Even that won’t help, I guess. Hyenas are absolute cowards. if the lion killed just one of them, they are going to run away. They don’t think that they are in huge numbers and can attack the lion. They aren’t as intelligent as wolves.

    And 3 hyenas definitely can’t make short work of a lion. You need about 10 of those. Perhaps many more.

  5. Anonymous Teacher

    A Hyena has much more stamina and force than a lion considering a lion only has a bite force of anywhere from 500-600 lbs per sq inch whereas the Hyena has anywhere from 1000-1400 lbs per sq inch. Secondly a Hyena will never take on a lioness or a lion if the odds aren’t 4 to 1 even then if they call members to the spot a single hyena can call for other members up to 4 miles away, which is one of the best hearing out of all the land animals. Another thing about the Hyena is its part of the cat family which means the Hyena is the strongest cat in BITE FORCE. Now I say Bite force because they have the strongest bite however the lion and most other cats are stronger with muscles in the limbs. For instances getting hit by a cougars paw is like getting hit by 2 full grown male MMA fighters in the chest, hell even a domesticated cat can give you a small wallop. Lets talk about that stamina part, well one thing is lions are meant for speed they run fast and fast being 81 km/h or around 50 mph for a short distance like a cheetah, just not as fast, however the hyena can run up to 64 km/h or 40 mph for up to 20 miles.

    It may sound like I am for hyenas and that would be right I am I love the hyena, but I also know that there are things that lions are better at however I connect on a hyenas level because like a hyena I am viewed as weak or not recognized as much.

    Anyways back to the debate. As I quote the author “An African lion” which means the male lion from Africa correct. Well here’s the thing about those to fighting for the most part an African lion will not attack a single hyena unless it deals with territory or its really hungry and even then if they are really hungry they will only attack the young pups because big kitty knows better. Another thing is lions don’t rely on a group I mean of course they will use them if they are present but they don’t work as a team nearly like the hyena considering the hyena is one of the most social intelligent creatures on this planet due to the complexity of their language.

    I can’t think of anything else but I hope you all learned something new about hyenas. Okay bye!

    1. James W.

      A-Teacher eh?

      Well you’d best remain anonymous, ’cause your strange
      claim of “love” for hyenas – is actually devoid of hard data.

      You need to look up accurate bite capability, lions are equipped
      kill & eat meat primarily, & their jaws/teeth are not relegated
      to bone crushing as a scavenging need, unlike hyenas.

      Hyenas are NOT cats, & lions are a much more recent
      evolutionary development, & have the adaptations to
      dominate the African plains, inc’ hyenas.

      Male cats are high in testosterone, whereas for hyenas, it is the females
      which are sexually dominant. This may serve to intimidate some female cats,
      but not pride boss male lions, who routinely seek out others predators,
      inc’ hyenas, to persecute – claiming their food & hunting territory.. right of main force..

      Leopards, with their strengths & arboreal skills in stealthy ambush attacks
      can usually make a living by avoiding direct conflict with lions & hyenas in groups,
      but a big prime tom-leopard can & will choose to assert his powers against individual
      female hyenas, & lionesses, as can be seen in numbers of wildlife videos.

      Bears however could not realistically make a living on the plains of Africa against this competition,
      & so have long since been extirpated , although the fossil record shows bears used to live there .


    A pride of lions feeds on a baby giraffe kill, as dozens of hyenas and jackals arrive on the scene to scavenge.
    Great interaction between the species; several times the male lions go after the hyenas.
    Things get interesting at 6:11 (sorry, I know it is a bit long) when another unrelated male lion shows up.

    1. James W.

      If you check the vids
      showing interactions between
      boss male lions & hyenas, often
      the lion will inflict grievous hurt,
      but not then go on to kill the hyena..

      These bashed over hynea , if they recover, for sure, never want
      to feel that level of brutal power again, & will run in fear when
      the pride lion males show up.. making their fellows fearful & run too..

      This lion dominance by intimidation & (very real threat of actual violence),
      is a well known method by lions in keeping social control of what they claim,
      & they roar out a loud warning challenge – to let all know what’s coming…


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