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By | December 20, 2014

Who will win the fight between African Lion and big group of Hyenas?

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In the vast savannahs, two eternal enemies resides, who at times steals each other’s food and also kill the younger ones too. They are none other than African Lions and the Hyenas. Sometimes, it happens that lions get exhausted after killing a prey and so they decide to rest for a while and get back their breathe before they enjoy their meal. But, in the meanwhile, the hyenas smell the fresh blood and spring into action to have it and for that they are ready to challenge the big cats as well.

The only advantage that hyenas have is that the lions are tired after such a big kill and another thing is that hyenas have come in a big group. Generally, when the hyenas attack the lions, they do it in a huge group so that they can outnumber the lions.

African Lion vs Hyenas Comparison

Hyenas vs African Lion Comparison

Though the Lions are considered as one of the most powerful animals, but still they are also forced to face competition from the hyenas and it is mainly for the food. The problem is that both the lions and hyenas hunt similar preys, cover almost the same ground as well as are the scavengers of the same animal remains, therefore, both possess competition for each other. Whoever wins the duel can feast on the huge meal.

Hyenas and the African Lions Comparison

Animals African Lion
African Lion
Striped Hyena
Striped Hyena
Species P.leoH. hyaena
Average Head & Body Length 6 ft 1 inch33 to 51 inch
Tail Length 3 ft 2 inch9.8 to 15.7 inch
Shoulder Height3 ft 8 inch24–31 inch
Average Weight180 kg35 kg
AreaAfricaNorth and East Africa, the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Indian Subcontinent
Average Life Span13 years12 years

The interesting part is that they do not kill each other to meet their requirement of food, but what they do is fight with each other to get the possession of a big meal that has already been hunt down. Lions are bigger in size than the hyenas and have great strength too as compared to that of hyenas. A male lion can grow up to the weight of almost as much as 500 lbs and its length can go up to 8 ft.

Moreover, the African lions are hardly found alone, making it even more difficult for any predator to hunt them down. So, their big size and walking together, though makes them unbeatable, but at times a big group of hyena can kill a lion. The pride of a lion can be of 2 members or they can go up to 40 members as well. The lioness can easily camouflage and go into the herds of animal without their notice and when a target is set, they spring attack all of a sudden. The maximum speed that they can attain is near about 50 mph despite their huge size. They are quite agile and they do not have any problem in sprinting long.

In case of the hyenas, they can go up to the length of 5ft. A single hyena might not scare any prey, but when they are in a group they are a herd to be scared of. The hyenas pride is just the double of lions that is a group of hyenas consists of 80 animals. They have quite a powerful jaw and when they attack in a group they are the most deadly creature on the face of the earth.

In the hyena clan you will find the female hyenas to be more dominating and active. Hyenas can quite easily eat the hooves and bones of the prey because of the strong jaws that they have. Though they consume everything, but they are not able to digest the hooaves and the horns completely, therefore, these are broken into small materials. Don’t go over the size of the hyenas because size alone cannot define the immense power that the hyenas possess as a predator. They put up a strong fight against the mighty lions.

121 thoughts on “Compare African Lion vs Hyenas

  1. James W.

    Female hyenas sport massive quantities of testosterone, this enables them to bitch down their own males, & even intimidate female lions at kills..

    ..Unfortunately for these butch-as female hyenas, male lions tote maximum testosterone, & seem to take pleasure
    in going out of their way to fearlessly beat down hyenas – on basic principle..

    See the awful/awesome youtube vid where the male lion deliberately & malevolently ( you can literally see the murderous intent in his eyes) digs out the hyena den – to haul out.. one-by-one.. with his vicious meat-hook claws, the helpless baby hyenas – to bite & kill, just for killings sake, not for food, sure in the knowledge that none will dare challenge his ‘kingly’ right – to do it..

  2. LittleHazey

    You missed a large set of Hyena facts here, they have pound for pound the strongest bite force of any mammal on the planet.

    Most animals are terrified of hyenas even if one is alone, because it means there are always more around. Hyenas have a 50-70% successful hunt ratio where as lions only are successful at about 15-22% of the time. The male african lion is typically successful in fighting off small packs of hyena between 6-10 members. But if the hyenas are more aggressive or hungry they will just as well kill the lion. Though the lion typically is successful in chasing off hyenas the more members or more females present the more and more dangerous that pack becomes. Female lions typically will allow their kills be taken by hyenas if the male is too far away. Because fighting them isn’t worth the risk of injury.

    While male lions will resort to killing hyena cubs in their dens. Smaller Hyena clans will even allow it to happen, because each member of the pack is considered to be functional the moment they can walk properly and if they don’t the hyenas will kill the weak pups them selves.

    The vs. is also misleading. You prefaced the vote by saying a african lion vs. a large group of hyenas. If you talking about a whole pride vs. a whole pack, it’s all about numbers. If it’s a larger pride of 20+ lions vs a large pack of 50-70+ hyenas. it’s no question, the hyenas will tear them apart.

    1. Orcacrusher333

      Did you forget the hippo which has 1800 psi, the jaguar which has 1110 psi, and the Siberian tiger which has 1300 psi and the Buena only has 1000 psi

    2. Rafael Ramirez

      Interesting comment, but in my opinion i strongly believe that a pride of 20 lions can and could out muscle a clan of 50 or 60 hyenas, it also depends on how many adult male lions are in a 20 pride bunch, cuz if its three, then there could be 70 hyenas and they won’t be able to handle the mighty lions!

  3. James W.

    Nah, no way is a 3-to-1 ratio nearly enough for hyenas to ‘tear them apart’..

    Remember that male lions have to look after themselves in between being
    ejected from the pride – at reaching sexual maturity, & being up for challenging
    – to lead a pride of their own.

    In the meantime these the bachelor guy lions basically thug around, taking down real big prey,
    & beating down hyenas – for sheer fun & for profit in meat.. they be the true gangstas of the African bush..

    However, even grizzly bears would have real trouble hacking life in that context, for sure..
    Aint been no bears gettin’ down in Africa for a long time, & not due to the poor quality of dumpster fillin’s either..

    1. Tony\Aka

      This fight is completely ridiculous, lion will rip them apart one by one. But it also depends on how many hyenas, and where they attack from.. 1v1 lion would annihilate hyena. 4 or 5 50-50. 10 or 12 hyenas. That might happen. But leopards sometimes destroy hyenas when they go crazy, so lion would probably beat hyenas. But if 10 or 12 hyenas attack in all directions, lion has no chance. But if they all go head to head, lion wins. So I did vote hyenas, but know I think it depends.

  4. Anonymous

    You need to specify the number of hyenas.
    Even that won’t help, I guess. Hyenas are absolute cowards. if the lion killed just one of them, they are going to run away. They don’t think that they are in huge numbers and can attack the lion. They aren’t as intelligent as wolves.

    And 3 hyenas definitely can’t make short work of a lion. You need about 10 of those. Perhaps many more.

  5. Anonymous Teacher

    A Hyena has much more stamina and force than a lion considering a lion only has a bite force of anywhere from 500-600 lbs per sq inch whereas the Hyena has anywhere from 1000-1400 lbs per sq inch. Secondly a Hyena will never take on a lioness or a lion if the odds aren’t 4 to 1 even then if they call members to the spot a single hyena can call for other members up to 4 miles away, which is one of the best hearing out of all the land animals. Another thing about the Hyena is its part of the cat family which means the Hyena is the strongest cat in BITE FORCE. Now I say Bite force because they have the strongest bite however the lion and most other cats are stronger with muscles in the limbs. For instances getting hit by a cougars paw is like getting hit by 2 full grown male MMA fighters in the chest, hell even a domesticated cat can give you a small wallop. Lets talk about that stamina part, well one thing is lions are meant for speed they run fast and fast being 81 km/h or around 50 mph for a short distance like a cheetah, just not as fast, however the hyena can run up to 64 km/h or 40 mph for up to 20 miles.

    It may sound like I am for hyenas and that would be right I am I love the hyena, but I also know that there are things that lions are better at however I connect on a hyenas level because like a hyena I am viewed as weak or not recognized as much.

    Anyways back to the debate. As I quote the author “An African lion” which means the male lion from Africa correct. Well here’s the thing about those to fighting for the most part an African lion will not attack a single hyena unless it deals with territory or its really hungry and even then if they are really hungry they will only attack the young pups because big kitty knows better. Another thing is lions don’t rely on a group I mean of course they will use them if they are present but they don’t work as a team nearly like the hyena considering the hyena is one of the most social intelligent creatures on this planet due to the complexity of their language.

    I can’t think of anything else but I hope you all learned something new about hyenas. Okay bye!

    1. James W.

      A-Teacher eh?

      Well you’d best remain anonymous, ’cause your strange
      claim of “love” for hyenas – is actually devoid of hard data.

      You need to look up accurate bite capability, lions are equipped
      kill & eat meat primarily, & their jaws/teeth are not relegated
      to bone crushing as a scavenging need, unlike hyenas.

      Hyenas are NOT cats, & lions are a much more recent
      evolutionary development, & have the adaptations to
      dominate the African plains, inc’ hyenas.

      Male cats are high in testosterone, whereas for hyenas, it is the females
      which are sexually dominant. This may serve to intimidate some female cats,
      but not pride boss male lions, who routinely seek out others predators,
      inc’ hyenas, to persecute – claiming their food & hunting territory.. right of main force..

      Leopards, with their strengths & arboreal skills in stealthy ambush attacks
      can usually make a living by avoiding direct conflict with lions & hyenas in groups,
      but a big prime tom-leopard can & will choose to assert his powers against individual
      female hyenas, & lionesses, as can be seen in numbers of wildlife videos.

      Bears however could not realistically make a living on the plains of Africa against this competition,
      & so have long since been extirpated , although the fossil record shows bears used to live there .

    2. Manaf

      first of all Hyena are nit cats ! second the only thing i m sure of and witch everybody is sure of is if we set a one on one fight between lion and a hyena , simplly the lion will win in matter of minutes not more that about 3 minutes or something that s for the killing part bit fo the winning part it s gonna take just seconds maybe 20 seconds one hit with the big sharp claws take it to the ground bite it in the neck and you can kiss you hyena goodbye !

    3. neutral fucker

      dude i think you lost your brain for a moment, you do know that hyenas are not cats right?
      and that a pride does function together and only bachelor male lions are those who hunt alone


    A pride of lions feeds on a baby giraffe kill, as dozens of hyenas and jackals arrive on the scene to scavenge.
    Great interaction between the species; several times the male lions go after the hyenas.
    Things get interesting at 6:11 (sorry, I know it is a bit long) when another unrelated male lion shows up.

    1. James W.

      If you check the vids
      showing interactions between
      boss male lions & hyenas, often
      the lion will inflict grievous hurt,
      but not then go on to kill the hyena..

      These bashed over hynea , if they recover, for sure, never want
      to feel that level of brutal power again, & will run in fear when
      the pride lion males show up.. making their fellows fearful & run too..

      This lion dominance by intimidation & (very real threat of actual violence),
      is a well known method by lions in keeping social control of what they claim,
      & they roar out a loud warning challenge – to let all know what’s coming…

    1. James W.

      Oh no, not another lion fanboy! L.O.L…
      ( I’m only funnin’ with ya kid..)

      Lion does indeed make it his business – to ‘out-thug’ the hyena gang..

      Hyenas would gang up on & rip a grizzly apart though..
      That is- if the lions lions had left them any..
      The African plains were far too tough a place for the bear to survive in..

  7. David

    In my 50 years of watching wildlife video, my conclusion is that one female lion most often can chase off one female hyena or kill it if the hyena stayed to fight. Cats are generally your best fighters because of their superior quickness and athleticism. The female lion is bigger. The only weapon the hyena has that is superior is the jaw crushing power.
    All animals will first kill at the neck. Size, strength, and quickness give the female the upper hand here. In my humble, opinion the female hyenas only shot is to grab a small part of lion’s leg and crush it without having its throat ripped out. Once the lion is crippled the female lion would be hopeless. I have never seen this happen but the logic is good.
    In the video I have watched it takes at least 3 hyenae to chase off 1 female lion. 2 hyenae do not attack because they are too leery of having their throats ripped out. I think 3 hyenas coming from 3 different directions would be too much. It takes a far superior number of hyenas to run off a pride of female lions. I have seen single lions in pride continually charge and several hyenas from the pack give ground. Once the odds get to be like 30 hyenas compared to 15 female lions the Lions may give up the kill. I think part of the dynamic is whether the Lions have had a good feed from the kill.
    Now a full grown male lion is a completely different story altogether. If you have a pack of hyenas not yet strong enough to overcome a pride of female lions at a kill and the male lion shows up it is no contest. I have seen this in several videos in the last decade. The huge pack of hyenas does not gather to stand their ground but disperses immediately. Nevertheless, the huge male lion runs down 3 that hung around too long. In seconds they are hanging from his mouth.
    It is still puzzling to me that the 35 pack cannot surround and kill the male lion. Regardless, of his might, there must be a sheer number that overcomes his dominance. In the three of four videos, I have seen he is never contested but they all disperse like a bat out of hell.
    The battle between animals depicted on this page should be one male species vs another male species. An exception needs to be made for the hyena since the female is larger. If one is going to compare fights of more than one against one it should be spelled out.
    The most competitive matchup for the hyena would be the leopard. Neither one is going to push it in a fight because if either gets hurt seriously it was not worth it. Most people favor the hyena in that matchup. I have seen the two in confrontations but have never seen a full fight. I do not know the winner here but I am hesitant to bet against any ferocious big cat.

  8. Aka/Tpny

    Wait, I said two words: Lion wins. Why are you replying to that? Whatever. I agree with you on the first part. Lion is the clear winner in this fight, because sometimes leopards destroy hyenas, so lion wins. But the hyenas are as good as dead if they so much of touch a bear. Also, bears do not live in Africa. Also, when was funnin’ a word? Not trying to be rude or anything. So, I guess I agree with you.

    1. James W.

      Jeeze kid..
      ‘ stupid boy’ does it again..

      How do you not get it? Bears simply could not survive in sub-Saharan Africa..

      Each & every mother bear & her cubs – would be swiftly torn apart.. lions, hyenas, wild dogs, crocs..
      – hell kid, even a leopard would deliberately kill the cubs..

      A bear can.. ah, barely – cope with a few wolves..
      & even if you dropped off a full grown grizzly in the Serengeti..
      he’d be boss lion meat in no time, & the hyenas would fight over his bones..
      a gr

      1. Aka/Tony

        Grizzly bears have been known to fight off wolf packs. You say the lion will win against the hyenas… yet you say something twice it’s size won’t. You disrespect bears in every way. You also think the lion can beat every animal on the face of the planet, ALONE, even an ELEPHANT.

        1. James W.

          Its a fact – a pride boss male lion makes it
          his business to intimidate any creature that
          intrudes into his zone of authority..

          Hyenas respect & fear that authority, due to living
          via experiences they have from such encounters..

          They would not fear a bear, they’d see him as food,
          & kill him – that is, if the boss lion left any for them..

          A grizzly bear, unlike the loner leopard, cant climb,
          & is too slow to escape hyenas,
          – or hunt the prey lions do..
          Buffalo, giraffe, hippo, rhino, elephant, crocs would
          smash a bear & plus it would never find the grade
          of garbage it needs to get fat on,- in Africa..
          never grow big enough on the garba

          1. Aka/Tony

            Dude, the hyenas would be intimidated by the bears huge size. Lions aren’t good climbers either, they can barely climb while grizzly bears can climb. Both bear and lion can climb, but they’re not good at it. Yeah, all those animals you said, hippo rhino etc would absolutely annihilate a lion. Yet you seem to think a male lion alone can defeat every animal on that list, because you’re not a person. That’s the only logical explanation. Either that, or you went insane.

    1. James W.

      No, yes.. the lion climbs far more athletically than the fat-as bear,
      ..he uses his much more powerful type of muscle fibres, superior
      skeletal morphology, & his super-sharp, strong, extensible claws..


      He’d leap up a flat-footed, bow-legged brownie & put a
      stunning, shocking & crippling spine bite on him, just as easily..

      1. Aka/Tony

        They both can climb but they’re not as good as jaguars and leopards. Yes, lions climb more athletically than the bear, but the bear can climb as well. Sure, I guess lions are better climbers, due to being lighter.

        1. James W.

          “..Due to being…”
          Cats.. cats are way better adapted as climbers – in evolutionary terms..
          & so, cats – which share the same body morphology, even if scaled up..
          from tiny to big.. will always be quicker, more agile climbers – than bears..

          Individually, really big cats, the lions & tigers..
          .. may – or may not – learn to confidently climb trees..
          .. as a regular behaviour..

          But there are vids of lions climbing trees to steal leopard kills..
          .. which leopards have stashed up there.. & even huge male circus lions
          have learned to enjoy showing off their inherent cat balance/agility..
 walking on tightropes as – a performance feat..

          1. Aka/Tony

            Yes lions are faster and more agile climbers, but they’re still not as good as jaguars and leopards. Don’t even deny that. Plus it would be almost impossible for the lion to catch the leopard on a tree, the leopard is much lighter and can stand on smaller branches while the small branches might break if the lion goes on it. Leopards escape lions and lioness’s that way.

          2. James W.

            Leopards can & will escape up a tree..
            & usually speedily enough to get away, even from a lion or tiger,
            .. but a fat-as bear – surely could not..

          3. Aka/Tony

            Lion and tigers are not great climbers. due to their heavy weight. But a bear wouldn’t run away from a lion. He’s twice the lions size. (He’d probably run from a tiger though, though.) The bear knows he could easily smash the lion. The lion isn’t very intelligent like the tiger, he’s just going to go head to head with it. And no, the lion isn’t going to kill it with one swipe. It’s the other way around. The tiger is very technical and will use his speed and agility to an advantage, and jump on the bears back then bite the throat. Bears and tigers simply are too tough for lions to compete with.

  9. rob

    How do you not get it? Bears simply could not survive in sub-Saharan Africa..

    What makes you think Lions would survive in the Artic and dominate Polar/Kodiak Grizzlies? James, you are the stupid boy and have been for years on this forum 😉

    1. James W.

      OK, ‘stupid boy’ stuff from you too..

      Lions are adapted for generally hotter conditions,
      but their stripey cousins have got the colder climes covered..

      In northern Asia the Amur tiger is top predator, if these big cats were
      introduced to North America, your “beloved” fat-as brownies would be
      preyed upon by them there too..

      1. Aka/Tony

        Also known as the Siberian. And yes, it is really the top predator.

  10. rob

    n northern Asia the Amur tiger is top predator, if these big cats were
    introduced to North America, your “beloved” fat-as brownies would be
    preyed upon by them there too..

    I disagree ,and most people with common sense do as well. Thank you for playing,but once again, you strike out on 3 pitches

  11. rob

    July 17, 2017
    Yeah, well it’s true.

    No it isn’t. I commend you on helping bury the idiot James, but I beg you please don’t fall into his category of seeking conformation bias. The Tiger loses in size,intelligence,power,bite force,paw and swipe force. A Kodiak/Polar bear would make mincemeat of any Lion or Tiger. Don’t be James tony. I can bury you easily as we did him. Research with an open mind. I know you are capable of it. James isn’t.

  12. Aka/Tony

    Intelligence? No. Tigers are more intelligent than bears. If the Amur/Siberian tiger was introduced to America yeah, it would prey on black bears and brown bears, as they do in Siberia. As for paw force, bears have heavier paw swipes, but tigers have more force. So they’re equally as strong, basically. Bears that are 1,600+ pounds, live near a lot of salmon.Average 600 bears are yes, mostly made of muscle. But with all that salmon, the bear would get 1,000+ pounds. That’s weigh more weight than muscles. I don ‘t mean to be blunt, but they’re fat. A big wall of fat will not defend itself against a Siberian tiger. The Siberian tiger is 72.6% muscle. By the way, you are showing James how it’s done. I’m enjoying his lame argument. I truly, do, enjoy toying with him.

    1. AKa/Tony

      Fine fine fine fine! The tiger loses to an 1,600 bear. Anything below that weight though is tiger food. But thats way above average. This might sound insane, but I’m pretty sure on average brown bears are 600 pounds, while Siberian tigers are 700-800. So an average bear vs an average tiger, tiger wins. Although the bear would still be a formidable opponent if it was average. It’s also a little unfair to compare a 2,300 bear against a 800 pound tiger. Tigers wins in speed, strength, intelligence, hunting skills (which matters a lot) and hunting grizzly bears. (Which also matters a lot).

  13. James W.

    Kid.. “You stupid boy”
    “72.6% muscle” – where did you get that figure from.. the back of the box – in which your ‘ fave’ toy tiger was packaged?

    Anyhow, bears “swipe” garbage as a preference- to get themselves, fat-as..
    Big cats prefer meat, to which they are both physically attuned & adept at getting.. killing..
    & lions add to that – by being boss of the most meaty environment in the world,
    the African herd-lands.. & bears would be just another menu item, if they were there..

  14. Aka/Tony

    That lion wouldn’t survive a few minutes in Siberia. That big bad Siberian tiger would come and kill it. (Plus the environment would kill the lion). If bears lived in Africa, they would probably be fine. No lion pride would go for one. Male lions would be intimidated by it, just as buffalo intimidate them. Lions rarely help out on the fight t defend the cubs against the buffalo, because hey, why would they? Theres a pride of females right there. Bears rarely eat garbage. What you said about bears living off of garbage, is bullshit. As for the tiger made out of 72.6% muscle… yeah, well it’s true. Check out the answer down below. Lions are only 60% muscle, like you said, because they din’t get any exercise. They sit around all day and then eat what the females caught. Tigers are stronger than lions.

    1. James W.

      wrong again, kid..
      That “72.6%” figure is just fanciful, made up, tiger fan-boy “bullshit”!
      Try & cite some real scientific research instead, sonny boy..

      You know you are trolling, you’ve seen the vids..
      Getting to be a boss lion is real hard, & to stay boss,
      a male lion has to stay hard & prove his merits too..

      A pride boss lion who goes on a summer vacation
      to Siberia to stay with his stripey cousin..
      .. would boss the tiger & kill the brownie bears too..

      As for bears in Africa, life is far too tough for them..

    1. James W.

      Jeeze kid,
      now you’re an ostrich fan..
      ..bury you head in the sand.. to avoid reality..

      & you sure don’t read much.. either.. L.O.L…

      Hyena gangs would rip a mother bear & her cubs to shreds..
      Buffalo herds would stomp them into the dirt..

  15. AKa/Tony

    James, I’m not listening to what you say. Because it’s crazy! You’re telling a me a male lion ALONE will defeat a HERD OF BUFFALO! Okay, that is most insane thing I have ever heard. Yeah, not that many animals can defend themselves from buffalo, only nile crocs (in a group), hippos, rhinos, giraffes (due to being in herds) and elephants. Hyenas wouldn’t attack a bear if they don’t attack lions. Bears roar too. That will be enough to scare them away, as lions do by roaring (and other intimidation signs). You still haven’t answered the question: In water, orca or lion which wins? Stop dancing around this, because you know the answer. Don’t even deny the orcas easy easy easy easy victory.

      1. James W.

        Wrong again kid..
        Bears don’t roar.. they grunt & groan.. like ‘Chewbacca’ from Star Wars.
        Funny thing is, movies often overdub a lion roaring sound on top of bear footage..
        ..because the director knows people actually respect the lion’s roar..

        & even big bull elephants know the boss lion is ‘King’ – see Cecil do his stuff:

        Poor ol’ Cecil.. but at least he got to prove that dumb-as rob – wrong..

      2. Aka/Tony

        Congratulations, James. You’re precious lion managed to kill a buffalo by sneaking up on it and biting it’s throat. But that does not mean it will win in a head to head fight with one. The buffalo’s only defense is size and horn, but that is enough to defeat a lion in a head to head fight. The bears has size, intelligence, strength, stamina, bite force and thick skin. Also, how do you know that video isn’t fake? it seems a bit too easy for a lion to kill a buffalo that easily. The buffalo would not likely run either. How are you’re videos you post real, but mine are just tiger propaganda-like fanboy garbage? They are both videos. If anything I post better stuff than you. I posted National Geographic opinion.

        1. James W.

          Jeeze kid..
 are more likely to be “fake”..

          Cant you even tell CGI from real – wildlife?
          & good CGI costs a bundle, yet it still aint as real..

          Nor are the ‘cut ‘n’ paste’ amateur tiger fan-boy videos real..
          You really ought to be able to see that by now, kid..

          Also try & learn – accept the facts when they are irrefutable..
          & change your ‘precious opinion’ when it is wrong, wrong, wrong..

          You are still wrong, as it happens.. wrong about male lions being “dumb”..
          & wrong about them not being able to go head-to-head with buffalo..

          Seems you are the real dumb-as here – tiny, (along with rob/troll, of course)..

          You’ve been wrong plenty, about male lions.. just admit it..
          & you still are..

          1. Aka/Tony

            They did’t go head to head, you idiot. The buffalo ran away and the lions quickly sprinted after it, then killed it. (Which proves how powerful they are). but they didn’t fight. The lion can’t go head to head with a buffalo, the buffalo has horns! Lions don’t. Also the buffalo is 6 times the lions size so the lion can’t win.

          2. James W.

            Jeeze kid..
   -you really are acting the moron..

            LOOK again – at the vid – SEE the big buffalo bull..
   turns to confront the lion HEAD-TO-HEAD..
            ..but when the lion – with his cat-quick reactions..
            anticipates & dodges around to grab him, the bull..
            stupidly runs back on the road, & is promptly skittled..
   the much smarter male lion.. &, ..gottim!

            Sure seems, lions are more intelligent hunters – than you..
            Obviously you’ve got no athletic talent either, have you kid..

  16. rob

    You still haven’t answered the question: In water, orca or lion which wins? Stop dancing around this, because you know the answer. Don’t even deny the orcas easy easy easy easy victory.

    on land the orca would lose. I know James is a moron,but this isn’t a fight that should be debated. Orcas dominate the water. Bush Elephants dominate the land.

    Don’t let James twist your argument. All you have to do to make him a fool is state facts. Easy peasy young man 🙂

    1. James W.

      Amazingly you actually got something right – for once..

      About the silly orca thing.. & about sticking to facts..
      ..but the facts show you & tiny’s fan-boy ‘faves’ – both..
      ..must bow before the reality.. of who rules.. as..
      “King of Beasts” – yes – its the mighty boss lion.. L.O.L…

  17. Aka/Tony

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! You’re garbage man. A lion has zero chance against a orca in water. You are the most unrealistic person I’ve ever met. You are also insane if you think a orca will lost to a lion.

    1. James W.

      Reading is difficult..
      ..for you anyway – eh kid..
      & dumb-as.. too.. talk about “unrealistic” – a lion & orca meeting in the ocean..
      ..let alone wanting to ‘duke it out’ – what a ‘stupid boy’ you are, kid..

  18. Aka/Tony

    Yeah, well it’s also pretty unrealistic for grizzly bears and brown bears to meet. The fact that you say the lion will beat the orca, proves you are an idiotic lion fanboy who does no research, whatsoever. If a lion fell in the ocean and some orcas were hungry, that lions as good as dead!

    1. James W.

      Jeeze kid..
      Grizzly bears are brown bears..
      How can you not know that?

      & why would a lion ever even be – in the ocean?
      Its far more likely that the orca would run aground..
      & in that case – the lion would “win”.. so what?

      I note you still can’t admit that video evidence of real wild lions shown in action..
      ..prove you were very wrong in your dumb-as assertions about them, too, eh kid..

    1. James W.

      These days, yeah..
      Sadly, humans have done a lot of environmental damage.

      But both lions & brown bears do still live in India..
      ..although no brownies are in ( or could live in) the small zone left for lions..

      In the historical past, before humans extirpated them, lions were indeed
      much more widely spread, right across from Europe/Africa through to Asia..
      & yes, they did dominate the brown bears – which lived there too..

      Just as lions dominated & pushed tigers into the jungle regions & the colder north.. tigers, in their turn, dominated the bears in their territory & pushed them even
      further north into the arctic – to become polar bears..

  19. Aka/Tony

    You’re an idiot lions didn’t push the Tigers into the jungles, Tigers prefer it there. Get this Asiatic lions top 400 pounds. Bengal tigers top 750. Don’t even say Asistic lions are bigger than Bengal tigers. Lions didn’t dominate brown bears, they never have. You just make all this garbage up.

  20. James W.

    Wrong again kid..
    & as if you an “expert” anyway.. L.O.L…

    Look, kid, if you actually interested in learning something..
    ..instead of spouting bear-grade garbage – at nearly every opportunity..

    You’d best look up what the scientists who examine the historical record..
    .. do in fact know.. .. & you’ll see, I didn’t make any of it up.. its a fact..

    & as for knowledge.. FYI boy – its a damned sight more real that what
    you, plus your dumb-as buddy rob, both – are posting here..

    Come to think of it, kid, you’ve been proved wrong on so much.. so often..
    ..its time you took your dumb-as “opinion” off & washed the crap out it..

  21. Aka/Tony

    I”VE BEEN PROVED WRONG?! James, link a site that says lions were responsible for driving bears and tigers north. I know you won’t find anything. Bears are very intelligent so thank you for saying bear grade. You, are as intelligent as a lion, which are probably the dumbest cats in the world. In a matter of fact, they might be the dumbest cat in history.

  22. James W.

    Jeeze kid..
    So you’re just trolling only now then, huh..

    Lions as a rare example of a social cat species, & are
    notable for their adaptive intelligence.. unlike you..

    Which you would know, if you could put your ‘ignoramus’
    attitude away, & actually learned something, “you stupid boy.”

    Look up the map which shows the historical range of lions, kid..
    & you’ll see I’m correct..
    ..again unlike you kid, you have been wrong about so much, so often..
    ..that it sometimes seems you do it deliberately as a troll, just like rob does..

  23. Aka/Tony

    LINK IT! Dude, you’re just talking nonsense! I liked the good old days when you ACTUALLY LINKED STUFF. You are the biggest lion fanboy I have ever met, to believe a lion alone will win in a head to head fight with an elephant.

  24. James W.

    Troll on.. boy..

    You claimed male lions didn’t even hunt!
    & that they def’ didn’t hunt alone..
    & def’ didn’t hunt big dangerous prey..
    & most def’ didn’t hunt hippo/rhino/elephant..

    But you were proved wrong – over & over again..
    .. by real wildlife vids.. which I linked..

    Its your turn kid, try & prove me wrong.. but you can’t..
    Search/find the historical range of lions – see it for yourself..
    Then check it against the range for brown bears.. its too easy..

  25. Aka/Tony

    You asshole. You haven’t proved me wrong at all. Hippos rhinos and elephants would all literally annihilate a lion.

  26. James W.

    Jeeze kid..
    I stated the facts, you disputed them.
    The EVIDENCE proves you wrong..

    There are plenty of real wildlife videos..
    (as linked already)
    & from reputable sources, showing male lions..
    successfully hunting hippo/rhino/elephant..

    Your still attempting to deny this reality..
    really shows you to be – yeah, you know it..
    “You stupid boy!”

  27. Aka/Tony

    Find me a video of a male lion alone hunting and killing a fully grown hippo, rhino or elephant.

    1. Aka/Tony

      Dude, how do you know that rhino didn’t survive? Also the lions backed off whenever the rhino faced them, because they know if they mess with it head to head, they get the horns.

      1. James W.

        Jeeze kid..
        There are plenty more vids..
        .. of lions taking rhino.. look ’em up..

        Lions, being cats, are far more agile than a rhino..
        ..a bow-legged, flat-footed bear though, would – get skewered..

  28. Aka/Tony

    Again, that elephant was not fully grown!Also theres no way a lion alone can defeat an elephant. Do you know how ridiculous you sound right now? There is nobody in these threads… that thinks a lion alone can defeat an elephant or rhino.

    1. James W.

      Jeeze kid..
      You do realize..
      ..its only you – who was making such dumb-as claims..

      The EVIDENCE shows what a ‘stupid boy’ you are..

      Male lions do hunt, & esp’ help prides with killing really big prey..
      Its a fact..
      ..but hey kid, stay in denial if you like ..
      & if you like being seen as a mental case..

    1. James W.

      Jeeze kid..
      How can you possibly imagine..
      ..that posting a link to a bunch of pictures.. any way.. negates the true facts.. as shown by..
      ..actual video EVIDENCE of lions hunting..

      & boss lions rule a pride, so why would he ever need to?
      Fact is, & as the EVIDENCE shows – he does intimidate,
      so that even “6 ton” bull elephants cannot prevent lions
      from taking the juicy juveniles – as they do, & will..

      But no bear could do this..

  29. Aka/Tony

    Yeah, no lion could drop a fully grown elephant. The average lion is 410 pounds. the average elephant is 6n tons. Also if a lion and elephant fight, you know who’s going to win. Stop denying this, JJ. You know a lion alone is no match for an elephant. Don’t fall in love with you’re favorite animal and never admit their defeat to all the WAY bigger animal that walks the earth. Oh, wait, you already have.

  30. James W.

    aka /idiot..
    Jeeze kid..
    Try & get it..

    I NEVER mentioned, or made any claim at all..
    ..about a single lion “fighting” a single elephant..

    But you kid, have made all kinds of bullshit claims..
    & the provided EVIDENCE has proved you.. wrong..
    & your infantile.. “opinion” – to be utterly worthless..

    Obviously, you are now either simply trolling,
    or mentally underdeveloped, likely/maybe both..

  31. James W.

    Jeeze kid..
    You have SEEN the EVIDENCE!

    Male lions do regularly hunt the real big prey herds..
    ..including buffalo/giraffe/hippo/rhino/elephant..
    Stop being such a ‘stupid boy’ – & do a fact check..
    ..of the field science reports & see how wrong you are…

  32. Aka/Tony

    Yeah, I have seen a lion take down a defenseless calf. You really need to show a male lion alone kill a hippo, rhino girraffe or elephant. Lion stands no chance against any of them. Even buffalo can easily kill them. I have a question:What would win, a 300 pound lion or a 300 pound jaguar? Please, say jaguar. Because on equal weight the jaguar would win.

    1. James W.

      Jeeze kid..
      How is it – you can’t figure things out?

      A 300 lb jaguar is a large full-grown male..
      ..but a 300 lb male lion is only a juvenile, on his way to being a big boss @ 550+ lbs..

      Hyenas won’t show fear, & respect – even for a big 300 lb jag..
      .. but big boss lion dominance forces them to.. whether they want to, or not..

      1. Aka/Tony

        You idiot. Hyenas would not mess with jaguars that have jaws as strong as them. Jaguars gave driven away packs of wolfs effortlessly. Hyenas wouldn’t mess with lions, either. They don’t mess with big cats. Even leopards intimidate them (well, only big strong ones.) James, you are the behest lion fanboy I have ever seen.

        1. James W.

          Watch your language! L.O.L…
          Ok dummy, cite a “proven” example..
          of a jaguar/wolf interaction..
          Where, when, & what wolves were involved?
          Boy, you really have to stop making shit up..

          The only other predator which a hyena clan respects..
          is the aggressive power of the prime boss male lion..
          Face the fact, kid..

          1. Aka/Tony

            You idiot hyenas are vicious and deadly. They show respect for nothing. A lion is no match for a pack of hyenas.

          2. James W.

            Right back at ya, kid..

            There are untold vids, inc’ from Nat Geo..
            ..that prove you wrong.. as it happens..
            So – you won’t wnt to see them, of course.. L.O.L..

            Look up the vid which shows the boss lion..
            ..vindictively digging into the hyena den, reaching in,
            & hooking out baby hyenas to kill, one after the next..
            ..while the adult hyenas are too fearful to intervene..

            No way known – would any hyena attempt to kill lion
            cubs – when their father, the boss lion was present,
            that is, unless – the hyena was totally suicidal…

      2. Julian

        James is kind of true that a lion can beat jaguar but he does not research enough if he thinks a single lion will take an elephant. A rhino or hippo

    2. James W.

      Jeeze kid..
      ..since you are so limited in your capacity for understanding..
      ..think about this analogy..

      If I just really felt like simply punching someone’s lights out..
      & you Tony – were right there.. being such a typical dumb-as, cheeky brat..
      .. yet if Mike Tyson was there too, naturally, rather than risk taking on Mike..
      .. I ‘d still be satified with decking you.. see how that works.. kid..

      Now.. can you try & get it.. at last.. the priority for the lion – is to eat..
      & if the best eating is easier to kill, then obviously, its a win-win..
      ..even if the boss lion has to put fear into the whole herd, to get it done..

  33. James W.

    Jeeze kid..
    You are so infantile..
    & idiotic..
    The EVIDENCE shows that lions routinely hunt big beasts..
    & even a juvenile elephant is a huge animal.. watched that 1/2 grown elephant try to stomp..
    ..that pair of brother lions, who promptly taught him who was boss..

    & you saw that boss lion alone, run off a herd of buffalo..
    ..then take one down expertly.. which was much larger than him..

    & why do you keep bringing up ‘ stupid boy’ irrelevancies?

  34. rob

    don’t try & claim you aint seen ’em..

    Lion hunts elephant:

    come on James. Is this your research? A Lion taking on a juvenille? I’m trying hard to respect you, but you keep posting bullshit. Show me a video of a 450 Lb Lion taking on a 6 ton Bull. Please don’t post a pride taking on a baby or a juvenille. I’ll destroy that in a matter of seconds. These are one on one debates. These are not 20 on one. Hell, 20 humans with spears is a formidable opponent for any animal that walks the earth or swims the seas.

    1. James W.

      Bull elephant..
      ..was not able to effectively protect his herd.. why not?
      Because the boss male lion intimidated him,
      & took what he wanted.. a juicy juvenile..

      & 20 spearmen are not needed.. back in the old west..
      Mexican cowboys would hunt big bad grizzlies..
      ..using only their horsemanship & lasso skills..
      ..they’d literally drag those roped down, hog tied,
      fat-as brownies behind their horses.. to death.. a ‘showing macho prowess’ – ‘sport’!

    2. James W.

      Just ask yourself.. is it that a ‘puny’ lion..
      ..can dominate a “6 ton bull” & kill the herd juveniles?

      & 20 spearmen are not necessary..
      In the old west, Mexican cowboys would
      show how ‘macho’ they were, by hunting mean ol’ grizzlies..
      .. with only a lasso, & horsemanship..
      & once they’d roped ‘ em down..
      they’d drag them poor bears.. to death.. all just for ‘sport’ ..

  35. James W.

    You are not keeping up..
    You & the kid are off-topic..
    This is lion vs hyena..

    However, boss lion dominance exends to..
    ..intimidating even “6 ton bull” elephants..
    ..even though poor ol’ Cecil wasn’t a ‘puny’ 450 lber..

    Any bear that attempted to ‘stand up’ like Cecil,
    would promptly get stomped into a greasy spot..

    Whereas boss lions habitually enable their prides.. take advantage of the bull elephant’s ‘lion angst’,
    & grab a huge meal – since even a 1/2 grown elephant..
    is much bigger than what a grizzly could possibly hunt..

  36. Sher Khan

    You fools are delusional if you think one lion can kill 10-20 hyenas like they are twigs. Just because you’re able to chase off an animal does NOT mean you can kill it. I’ve seen one hyena chase off a herd of zebras, lion chase off a herd of buffaloes but the fact is one zebra or buffalo can kill a lion and a hyena.

    But back to the question, explain to me why lions are the only cats in the world to live in groups? Their hunting sucks compared to hyenas or wild dogs. The only reason why lions live in groups is because of the fierce competition they get from land predators, especially hyenas. As for lion-hyena conflict, it is proven that lion cub mortality is nearly 90% whereas hyena cub mortality is usually 50% (based off liter).

    Hyenas also have stronger stamina, larger heart and stronger jaws than lions. One good bite from a hyena can severely injure a lion. While lions are big fat cats, hyenas are more intelligent and have better group coordination than lions. That’s why in groups, HYENAS kick lion ass….even if it’s a male lion, hyenas will give way but if the lion does attack, wtf you think that a hyena will just lay there and not fight back? Bitch please…..go watch Eternal Enemies…the commentators admit that the lion, Etwaindemula…was nearly killed as a bachelor male by hyenas

  37. Gary

    James do you have any idea what a 1200 pound Grizzly would do to a lion if he got a hold of one.? Their strength is so immense they move 500 pound rocks with one paw. You know what happens to a single wolf if it messes with a hungry grizzly?. A hyena would get it’s head knocked off within seconds. You are truly brainless to think a single hyena could kill a grizzly bear.

    1. James W.

      Grizzlies that fat,
      just squat down, flippin’ fish all day..
      their so-called fights are more like the disgusting
      squabbles of two fat-chicks over ordering at Mc Donalds..

      Those big-as bears never have to contend with
      the likes of a big wolf-pack, let alone a hyena clan..

      Mean bitches those hyenas are, & they’d harry the hide
      off’n a fat-as bear, esp’ since, unlike with the big-boss lion’s roar,
      they won’t fear the bear’s loud moanin’, groanin’, bawlin’ at all,
      nor his hapless attempts to see them off, or flee for his life..

      & only a big bad lion arriving to duly claim the bear as his meat,
      would prevent them hyenas from tearin’ that poor ol’ bear apart,
      – yeah, & while he’s still alive..

      The pride-boss lion makes it his biz.. to ruthlessly deal to hyenas,
      along with dominating any/every other moocher in his ‘hood..

      Grizz’ sent to ‘try out’ – in bad ol’ Africa, well.. for sure..
      he’d stand an gangsta nigga’s chance – in a rich white cop precinct..

  38. Partha sarathi sarkar

    Fully grown male lions average between 190 to 250 kgs in Girl and 250 to 310 kgs in the African wild.The spotted hyena matriarch weight around 70 kgs- 2 and a half times smaller than an adult female lion.Find better ways to over-estimate your tigers.

  39. AP

    James W,
    Do you seriously think that a hyena would take down a grizzly bear?

    Now if the bear was a cub or a juvenile, maybe.

    But a full grown one? It aint gonna happen…

    Also, what do you have against bears man?? You disrespect them like hell. Calling them “fat-as dumpster divers” does not make your arguments stronger…

    1. James W.

      Try & comprehend..

      Bears surely do disgrace themselves,
      & fully earn such “disrespect” – by prefering..
      to seek out & consume stinking human garbage.

      Ok, its in the bear’s interest to get fat-as for winter,
      & if its easier to do so by dumpster diving.. so be it..
      but.. yeah.. its still a disgusting habit..

      A big bear could contend with a lone hyena ok, sure..
      but a shrieking mob of ’em – would def’ tear a fat-as bear
      apart.. bears have enough problems with wolf packs..

      Nor could a mother bear defend her cubs against that
      vicious mob of ruthless hyenas..

      But the pride boss lion – makes it a core part his part of his business..
      to intimidate, dominate, & thrash hyenas to death, on sheer principle..
      so they duly fear him – & when confronted, they’ll flee for their lives..

      No way known.. will a fat-as dirt-snuffling garbage-stinking, bear..
      be getting that kind of respect – from a hungry hyena clan..
      bear going to

  40. James W's mom

    James sweetie,
    You need to understand that a Grizzly bear would destroy a lion. Please accept the facts honey!


  41. AP

    James W,
    I am not going to condemn you for disliking bears.

    However, you are underestimating them A LOT. Bears are not “fat-as dumpster divers.” Their fur allows them to stay warm in freezing cold conditions (just like a Siberian Tiger). They don’t get “fat-as” during winter. The scientific term for that is “hibernating.”

    Also, bears RARELY eat from dumpster, if ever. Hell, Polar bears don’t even have access to trash cans!

    For hyenas, a full grown grizzly/kodiak/polar bear can easily fight off 10-15 hyenas (you are delusional if you think otherwise). 10-15 hyenas won’t dare f**k with a mother grizzly. It will take at 20+ to even stand a chance.

    FYI: It takes a LARGE LARGE pack of wolves to take down a grizzly. 5-10 are not going to do jack sh*t.

    (P.S. Bears can hunt for themselves – not just fish, but large animals like Moose and Bison. Also, their bellies might be “fat” but their arms, shoulders, backs, and legs are pure muscle. Proof? See the hump on a grizzly’s back – that is pure muscle)

  42. AP

    Also, a word of advice: If you want people to take your arguments seriously, quit insulting other animals. It does not make your post more valuable. Hell, I dislike reptiles and house cats. Yet, I don’t insult them when I am making arguments against them…

  43. James W.

    Your rants are off topic..
    & so, here’s some ADVICE..
    Go do some PROPER research.

    Hey, I don’t dislike any animal..
    Including even those which – frankly – disgust me..

  44. AP

    James W,
    My “rants” are not off topic. I have done a lot of PROPER research FYI. You just refuse to accept the facts. In fact, YOU should do some research. If you are UNBIASED and have done PROPER research, you will agree with everything I said

    Also, who are you kidding? You say that you don’t dislike any animal, yet you insult bears in every way possible. Quit BSing man.

  45. AP

    And trust me dude, there are A LOT of animals who are disgusting, not just bears.

  46. AP

    One on one, even a Lioness could take out a large female Hyena (female Hyenas are stronger than males).

    A male Lion could probably handle 10 to 15 Hyenas, while a Lioness could handle about 5 to 8.

  47. AP

    James W,
    I got a question for you. Why do you always drag Bears into an argument?


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