Compare African Bush Elephant vs White Rhinoceros

By | December 26, 2014

Who will win the fight between African Bush Elephant and White Rhinoceros?

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If these two animals are put together to see who will win the fight, then it seems that both of these animals will put up a strong fight and would possess a great challenge for each other. The African Bush Elephant is almost 3 meters in height, which is equal to something around 10 Ft.

The most interesting thing about this Africa Bush Elephant is that though they are named differently, but till few years back people used to believe that African Savannah Elephant and African Bush Elephant were the same, but this misconception was broken when a study in 2010 confirmed that these two are different species and there are several proofs of that too. The African Bush Elephant has round ears, which is completely different from that of African Savannah Elephants and even their toenails are different too.

African Bush Elephant vs White Rhinoceros Comparison

African Bush Elephant vs White Rhinoceros Comparison

On the other hand, if you look at the White rhinoceros, then you will find two subspecies. One is the Southern White Rhinoceros and the other one is the Northern White Rhinoceros. The Southern White Rhinoceros are still present in large numbers, but if you look at the Northern Whit Rhinoceros, then you will see that their numbers are soon decreasing.

There are 5 species of Rhinoceros and the White Rhinoceros is the largest of all the species. It is not only the largest one within the rhinoceros community, instead it is also considered to be the largest mammal as well. If you look into account, then you will find out that the largest rhinoceros weighs around 4500 kgs.

African Bush Elephant vs White Rhinoceros Comparison Table

Animals Asian Elephant
White Rhinoceros
African Elephant
African Bush Elephant
SpeciesC. simumL. africana
Average  Body Length 12.1 to 13.1 ft16.4 – 24.6 ft
Max Tail Length28 in2.3 – 4 ft
Shoulder height5.58 to 6.10 ft10.8 on average
Average Weight5,100 lb12,130 lb
AreaSouthern AfricaEastern, southern and western Africa
Skin ColorRanges from yellowish brown to slate greyGrey/Brown with smoother
Average Life Span40 – 50 years60-70 years

The duel between the African Bush Elephant and White Rhinoceros

The fight between these two will prove to be an interesting sight because both of these animals are strongly built and that is why it won’t be such an easy affair at all for both the parties. But, it seems that the speed and the horns that rhinoceros possesses will give him an upper hand and it will surely be able to strike first and that too quite hard.

The horns of the white rhinoceros are built of solid keratins and that is why you cannot compare it with the horns of other cattle. The front horn of the rhinoceros is bigger than the horn that is just behind the first horn. The White Rhinoceros though have such a huge body and strength, but it is herbivores and feed mainly on the shortest grains and grass and it is also known as the pure grazers amongst all its species. It has wide mouth, which is used for grazing and not for biting down the head of the predator because it is herbivores.

Now if these two kinds of animals of Savannah come face to face, then Rhinoceros will have an upper hand. If it uses its speed and horn, then the elephant will also have hard time protecting itself from the attacks of a white rhinoceros. The White Rhinoceros can run up to 50 km per hour of speed and if it uses its speed against the Elephant, then it is bound to bow down.

Though the elephant is strong enough and is quite large too, but of the rhinoceros goes under the belly of the elephant and strikes it with its horn, then the elephant will find it difficult to recover. Even the skin of the rhinoceros is much tougher as compared to that of African Bush Elephant, so even though elephant can use its 5.5 tonne of feet to get even with the rhinoceros, but that wouldn’t be too easy because the rhinoceros is much more agile than the Elephant.

11 thoughts on “Compare African Bush Elephant vs White Rhinoceros

  1. Sydney Russel

    The elephant is the largest and the strongest land animal on the planet. Wild rouge males have been known to kill rhino’s. The rhino is faster and does have armor. The rhino would have to get to the elephant’s side in order to get major damage in. Head to head the rhino stands no chance. Elephants can kick and stomp. The tusks can gore and lift the rhino. We haven’t even mentioned the trunk, which is all muscle. They use it to pull down large branches from trees.

    Elephant wins!

    1. Julian

      BULLSHIT SYDNEY rhino’s horns are a lot bigger and they have more power when they charge and more speed rhino wins

  2. menios

    The elephant easily, ανεξάρτητα αν είναι bull or cow. Μάλιστα, a bull elephant can kill two bull rhinos, αν και ίσως να τραυματιστεί κάπως και σπάσει λίγο one of its tusks. The rhino stands no chance.

  3. Anonymous

    Elephants are extremely muscular animals. So when you hear the fact that their trunk alone contains forty thousand muscles (40,000) your jaws definitely drop.
    So elephants aren’t only bunches of fat, they have muscles and are really strong.
    Plus, elephants are a lot smarter to avoid those nasty sword on the rhino’s head. OK not a sword, a horn.

  4. George Paul

    Elephant would win 9/10 due to huge size difference. A Rhino can beat a cow elephant, but not a bull elephant

  5. John Ringo

    Head to head,
    the bigger, smarter, trunked pachyderm would win,
    but in a dirty fight – if a nasty rhino whopped his big
    horn right up the ‘phants pants into his sensitive
    ‘gunga downunder’ parts, then the bigger beast..
    ..would be well buggered, for sure..

  6. Andy

    These stats are poor, both animals 5 stamina only 3 intelligence, compare this to other where a wolf got a 5 force as well.

    Force 5 5
    Stamina 5 5
    Intelligent 3 3

  7. AP

    The Elephant would win. It is larger, stronger, and can easily gore the Rhino to death with it’s massive tusks. The Rhino’s only hope would be to hurt the Elephant’s belly with it’s horn.


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