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By | November 23, 2014

Who will win the fight between African Lion and Nile Crocodile?

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It is a close call because both have their strong and weak point working against and for each other. Everybody believes that crocodile will be too slow on land as compared to that of a lion, but there are some videos, which prove that they are quite agile on land as well.

A Nile crocodile, the largest one, weighs around 2400 pounds, but if you compare it with the African lion, then you will see that the largest male weighs only around 550 pounds. If you feel that crocodiles will only be strong when they are in water and their slow pace will be a huge disadvantage for them on land, then it is not true completely. The crocodiles use mainly their tails and due to this reason even if a lion gets closer to the Nile crocodile it will just swing its tail to get rid of the lion comfortably. It is not that easy to attack the crocodile on land because they can run remarkably fast.

They are strong enough to intimidate the lioness and no matter how strong a lion or lioness may be they are not that strong when it comes to defeating the crocodiles. Moreover, you will see that the bite force of the crocodile is the strongest amongst all the animal of the world. Though the crocodile has the capacity to strike an attack at the rate of 35 mph, but it is not that forceful attack when it comes to the lions because they can successfully dodge that. On the other hand, it is said that the claws of lion or the teeth are quite strong and can pierce crocs hide, but still it is hard to take down the crocodile all by themselves at a go.

African Lion vs Nile Crocodile Comparison

African Lion vs Nile Crocodile Comparison

The African Lion and the Nile Crocodile

In case, the lions have to hunt down a crocodile, it will only go for the one which is smaller in size because the bigger ones are too strong and puts up a strong fight and at the end of it nobody emerges as the winner. The fight seems endless and that s the reason both of the back off, when they see it has no outcome.

It is reported that lions pride attack small crocodiles and kill them and at the same time it is also seen that the crocodiles drags a lion to the water and make them their prey successfully. Both of them are skilled hunters and both of them use their intelligence to hunt the other down. They are both strong and powerful and are equal match as challengers, so at times crocodiles win over lions, whereas, at times you will see the lions winning an upper hand over the crocodile and hunt them down.

They are the apex predators, but if you need to choose one of them, then it would be the crocs because if the crocodile can get a paw of the lion in their jaw, then they will drag the lion in the water and kill it comfortably. On the other hand though lions are quite tactful and strong, but they really have to fight a lot in order to get even with the crocodile and for that they have to wrestle a lot with the crocodile. By doing so, even when they are successful in killing a crocodile they will also suffer severe injuries as well before they can actually affect the crocodiles to a major extent.

Compare African Lion Vs Nile Crocodile:

AnimalsAfrican LionNile crocodile
Average Head & Body Length6 ft 1 inch19ft 8 inch – 20ft
Average Weight180 kg900-1000 Kg
AreaAfricaAfrica and Nile delta
Weapons3 inch canines
3 inch claws
66 teeth
Average Life Span15 years70-100 years

Video of African Lion vs Nile Crocodile Fight

61 thoughts on “Compare African Lion vs Nile Crocodile

    1. Orcacrusher333

      Croc has 5000 psi lion has 650 really, and the crocs force should be more than a lion which proves the editor is a stupid idiot

  1. James W.

    The ludicrous ‘Animal Face-off’ imaginary simulation vid – is included as a lame joke – right?

    There are real African wildlife encounter vids that show pride boss male lions regularly intimidating crocs..
    & even quite remarkable vids of lions shrugging off croc attacks while swimming.

    Obviously both creatures have the capability to harm each other, & to disrespect the weaponry of the other
    carelessly could be fatal for either protagonist.

    I think its fair to state that the comfort zone for each beast is when each is in their natural element, but
    the reflexively powerful strike from a lion’s sharp clawed paw, follwed by a crushing bite with deeply penetrating
    canine teeth – certainly capable of punching into the crocs brain case – is for sure – in a different league from a panicked antelope’s attempt to flee, & the video evidence confirms that crocs respect this.

    The amazing spectacle of a large male lion facing down a huge croc at rivers edge, literally roaring straight
    down the crocs gaping maw, quite fearlessly, & forcing the croc to back down – is far more real than the silly ‘Animal Face-off scenario.. obviously the croc feels the aggression in the sonic force of that roar – as really intimidating..

    Hassling most every other potential prey animal – or rival animal – they come across – is lion SOP..

    1. Undoomed

      WHAT COULD BEAT A MALE LION TO YOU JAMES? That is, a mammalian land predator. I can see that you are quite biased towards a lion. I have no doubts that a lion could defeat a nile crocodile, but you’re ludicrous claims about lions roaring down the croc’s maw is…simply wrong. I’ve seen documentaries where lions have not crossed rivers because crocodiles are prowling the waters. Lions almost never tangle with gigantic crocodiles like indicated in this thread. The crocodile in this thread weighs 900-1000 kg.

    1. Undoomed

      Are you aware of how small the crocodile is? I’d call that thing more fearless than the lion for taking on the lion, as that crocodile was outweighed in that scenario. However, here is a different story. The crocodile here MASSIVELY outweighs the lion, and no crocodile with that weight advantage would surrender.

  2. James W.

    I didn’t measure the croc..
    & nor did you, but the boss lion backed him down, anyhow..
    You couldn’t/wouldn’t.. do it. eh, Underling..

    The croc learns early that he durst not challenge the pride boss “King of Beasts” either..
    Since he knows that he’ll never live long enough to breed – if he does anything so rash..


    Crocs also understand , fear, & respect..
    .. the “infrasound” power of the mighty lion’s roar..

    1. Aka

      Yeah, that whole video was B.S. A nile croc could pulverize a lion in a matter of seconds.

      1. James W.

        = ‘also known as’ – the ignoramus..
        Find & post a video of that actually happening..

        The croc felt the power of the lion’s roar,
        right down his throat, knew what it meant,
        & was intimidated by it..

        1. Aka/Tony

          I don’t need some stupid video from youtube. The croc is the clear winner, as the article supports.

          1. James W.

            Wrong again..

            It is not the video that is “stupid”..
            Stupid is – espousing an opinion that
            is clearly contradicted by the available evidence..

            & videos surely do provide evidence, which clearly shows the reality..

            Crocs which share habitat with the dominant predator in Africa
            – lions – will only live long enough to grow to maturity,
            if they demonstrate the proper respect & caution towards lions..

            Once mature, crocs well know lions are violently aggressive creatures
            which are not to be trifled with, since lions are both well armed &
            by nature, boldly disposed to express their powers – in an instant..

  3. Undoomed

    Have you even seen how crocs act around lions? Lions will choose not to cross rivers because of crocodiles. Once again, a crocodile of this size would be just as willing to kill as the lion. This croc wouldn’t care if the lion roared at it; it would just rip it’s head off. This size of crocodile would kill anything it could catch. Including lions.

    1. James W.

      Unsupported by any facts,
      as usual.. just look up the provided youtube link,
      & there are vids of 1/2 grown lions swimming
      across rivers & being grabbed by a croc, which promptly lets go when
      it gets viciously clawed by such a powerful predator..

      Do try & educate yourself, rather than Undertrolling..

      1. Horuos

        The Nile Crocodile has a way stronger psi then a mere lion. If a lion is brave/ stupid enough to actually attack a crocodile, the claws wouldn’t even pierce its scales. Crocodilians have been evolving for millions of years. DO you think a lion could really beat a reptile, that outlived, and outclassed the dinosaurs?

        1. James W.


          Do try & give the troll act – a rest..

          The Crocodile knows it is outmatched by the lion,
          even if you don’t..

          Those scaly creeps back down in confrontations,
          because they know the facts, unlike you.

          Crocs do not like being bitten or viciously struck,
          kicked or clawed, any more than you do.

          You would not like a pet housecat to do those things
          to you – let alone a lion – THE dominant apex predator.

          1. Undoomed

            This crocodile is the size of GUSTAVE, who took a hit from a f***ing ROCKET LAUNCHER! How could a lion even hope to hurt a crocodile of this size? Also, no, lions are not “THE dominant apex predator”, as they are killed by many things. That would be killer whales. You are wrong James and have not proven anything to the contrary. You are simply a biased, preposterous fool. Do you understand the size difference here? Most likely not, considering you cannot count higher than 10, but try to understand. This crocodile is 5.5 TIMES the size of the lion. This is like you fighting a toddler with a knife. Oh, wait, you are a toddler so that example doesn’t work. It would be like me, in full body armor with a gun, fighting a toddler with a knife. Sorry James, but you are wrong once again.

          2. Aka

            James w, do me a favor, shut your ass up. You think a lion could beat anything.

      2. Undoomed

        1 YouTube link shows a lion roaring at a small crocodile, and the other shows a crocodile killing a lion in animal face off. Once again, a crocodile of this size is as large as the largest Nile crocodile ever recorded, Gustav. Gustav would be able to easily break a lions neck with one bite, considering the Nile crocodiles bite force is 3,700 PSI. It would be able with 1 bite cripple the lion, while the lion would have to claw and bite the crocodile many times to do any damage. Crocodiles backs are BULLETPROOF, and I’d like to see the lion flip a <2000 pound crocodile without getting bit, you moron.

        1. James W.


          Now you are delving into the realms of fantasy..
          Crocs are not “bulletproof” – you are just embarrassing yourself..

          As a matter of fact, years ago, when I lived in Darwin, I’d hunt huge
          saltwater crocs with a club..

          Of course, there were a bunch of us in the club, & we all had high-powered rifles..
          As befits the ‘top predator’ status of real men…

          1. Undoomed

            James, now you are just bolstering your own credentials and making yourself sound like a ‘real man’. Why don’t you look up Gustave and see for yourself? Do some fucking research for once and actually look into things. I am getting so tired of you just denying, denying, and denying while I continue to prove you wrong, and you continue to deny it. A nile crocodile of this size would DESTROY a lion. I am so tired of your ridiculous posturing, self-aggrandizing bullshit, as well as you ignoring facts and the massive weight difference. James, you are so stupid and wrong it continues to amaze me, and I will continue to prove you wrong until you concede.

      1. James W.

        That croc’d bite your head off boy, if you tried to be as bold as that boss lion..
        & any bear that tried it, would get dragged under & be croc-tucker too..

        But that croc could feel the power of the lions mighty roar.. right down its guts..
        ..& trembled in fear.. before being forced to step off, – by the dominant predator…

        1. Aka/Tony

          Bear destroys lion. That croc could rip your head off to, James. If it was a fully grown croc, that lion would dead.

        2. Aka/Tony

          James wabawa,

          That croc would rip your head off too, James w. In the video the article represents, the nile crocodile is the winner. So do me a favor and shut your ass up.

        3. Aka/Tony

          James wabawa,

          That croc would rip your head off too, James w. In the video the article represents, the nile crocodile is the winner. So do me a favor and shut your ass up, you slimy son of a bitch.

        4. Aka/Tony

          James wabawa,

          That croc would rip your head off too. In the video in the article the croc wins. Nilecrocalwayswinsoratleastthatshowitshouldbe So do me a favor, and shut your ass up, you slimy son of a bitch.

          1. James W.

            You’re wrong… again.. &, again..
            & it seems the ‘stupid boy’.. does not comprehend.. what he sees..

            Look properly – you’ll see, the croc backs down, clearly intimidated..
   the boss male lion.. & pretending otherwise, is just trolling, kid..
            Infantile profanity is lame too, surely your momma wouldn’t approve..

            I challenge you to post an actual real-life ( not CGI) video..
            ..of a crocodile making a meal of a healthy adult lion..

            If you search, you’ll find a fair few vids showing lions hassling crocs,
            & even defeating the croc’s attack – while swimming..

          2. James W.

            Still the ‘stupid boy’ then, huh..

            Crocs get ‘wrecked’ by aggressive lions,
            just like you get wrecked here.. by the facts..
            & for your imbecilic ‘opinion’ too, eh kid.. L.O.L…

          3. James W.

            Like you do, huh kid? L.O.L…
            See the actual/real wildlife video footage..
            (Not BS mash-up stupidity, if you can tell the difference)..
            That’s EVIDENCE…

            & post some here – which clearly shows what you claim – happening..
            You cant, can you kid.. & its simply that you haven’t/can’t disprove..
            ..any of the fact-supported data, which I have listed here, already..

          4. Aka/Tony

            Yes, like me. I proved to you national Geographic and Smithsonian. But you will not accept them. Why, I ask? Just use a little common sense for once. Enough common sense to accept the evidence. Idiot.

          5. James W.

            ..the only thing you have..
            ..proved.. is what a whiny little bitch.. you are..

            Get back on topic, or get lost, eh kid..

            Boss lions naturally put crocs on their list..
            ..of animals.. to be intimidated/dominated..

          6. AKa/Tony

            You just called a 12 year old a beach. As far as I’m concerned, thats child abuse. You wouldn’t like to face the police, would you?

          7. James W.

            Look kid.. “…you slimy son of a bitch.”
            If you want to play with the big boys..
            ..then you gotta take in turn, what gets dished out..
            ..without going cryin’ to momma.. L.O.L…

            Now boy, the same thing is learned by crocs..
            ..they grow much more slowly than lions..
            & to get to be the big boss of the river, must learn about them..
            ..such as how to avoid getting killed by the boss male lions..

  4. James W.

    Unbelievable, the troll,
    thinks Animal Faeces, ah Animal Faceoff, is real!
    & that crocs are bulletproof! Too funny..

    Crocs that do grow big, do so by being wary of lions,
    since being careless/bold around them is fatal, &
    this is something they don’t forget, & so they remain.

    1. Undoomed

      When they’re small they’re wary. Also, no I do not think Animal Face Off is real nor do you know that large crocs are partially bullet proof. Look it up. Lions are wary of crocs when they’re small, as crocs kill small lions.

    2. Undoomed

      Also, why the hell do you treat lions as unkillable, perfect killing machines? They don’t kill many people per year, and many animals DESTROY lions 1 v 1. Yet, you don’t understand this. You seem to think that lions are the king of beasts, which is a joke. A pure, unadulterated joke. By the way, crocodiles have been around FAR longer than lions, before the dinosaurs even. This would hint that crocodiles are perfectly evolved killing machines, not your overgrown kitty cats.

      1. James W.

        I agree, you should change your ID to ‘Faeces’,
        – it would be more a more accurate nomenclature.

        Caesar would also approve.. as would ‘ King Richard the Lionheart’.

        1. Undoomed

          I was correcting your spelling moron. The rest of the post made no sense whatsoever, so I won’t bother refuting it like everything else.

  5. James W.


    It is quite evident that your comprehension that is lacking.
    It appears you are not much interested in learning, either.

    You miss the point about evolutionary advancements.
    Prior to humanity developing technology, big cats were boss.
    Crocodiles have their niche, but it is circumscribed by their limitations.

    1. Undoomed

      It is quite evident that you have no evidence, and don’t care to have any. You have no proof whatsoever of ANYTHING you say, at all. Crocodiles have been around for millions of years, far longer than lions, proving how they are superior from an evolutionary standpoint. Oops, sorry, I just turned your ‘evidence’ around, because it was bullshit. Big cats have plenty of limitations, like how 1 v 1 many prey animals can own them you fool. Just stop man, you are making a fool of yourself.

  6. James W.

    rudely pig ignorant as you are,

    I suggest you try to grasp the basic concepts of evolution..
    Cats, like humans, are a recent development, with adaptations
    which grant superior functional characteristics, which is why they
    are to be found in most zones suitable to functional habitation…

    Unlike crocodilians, which, even as an evolutionary exemplar of their type,
    are necessarily self-limited to a mandatory niche existence.

    & in the co-habitation zones of lions & crocs, lions are boss, period.
    Crocodiles who fail to be circumspect around lions do not reach maturity,
    & those who do, certainly recall why it is unwise to challenge the ‘King of Beasts’!
    Or, suffer the consequences, just as all others do – when confronted by the primary predator,
    esp’ when arrayed in his ‘Kingly’ pride boss/male coalition social configuration..

    Observe some cogent data sets, such have been recorded, of a truly dominant lion pride,
    the frankly awesome nature of this situation is undeniable, even for a willfully purblind ‘fool’..

    Yet even when solitary, or in a pair unit, as was the case for ‘Barbary lions’ – historically, the ‘King’
    was not to be trifled with, & also did not besmirch his rep’ by creeping around filthy garbage dumps…
    Do a bit of dumpster-diving yourself, do you – Unwashed?
    Yeah, that figures..

    1. Undoomed

      Would you look up Gustave, please? PLEASE? Nothing you say means anything because none of it has any evidence and all you do is repeat the same thing about dumpsters. Why are you so obsessed with dumpsters? You said I dumpster dive, but I think that might be you, based on your obsession with them. How about Deinosuchus? Those things would own any cat that has every existed. Do you know what Deinosuchus was? A fifty-foot long crocodile. Literally, a Gustave sized crocodile would have no problems killing a lion. In fact, Gustave actively hunts HIPPOS.
      Check out that link and see what I mean. This size of crocodile would have no quarrels or problems killing a lion. You wish to bring up extinct lions? I’ll bring up extinct crocodiles, which would own extinct and modern lions. The reason crocodiles have never evolved is because they are apex predators, and have no need to evolve.

      1. James W.


        Of course crocs evolved, they had to, as they survived &
        filled the ecological niche left by the larger, but extinct reptiles.

        However, they are limited to that niche, whereas humans & cats,
        being so functional with a later, more adaptable evolutionary lifestyle,
        are far more successful/formidable… than those scaly old creepy-crawly crocs..

        1. Undoomed

          All you are doing is ad hominem attacks on crocodiles, but present no evidence on how they could not beat a lion. Crocodiles haven’t evolved very much because they haven’t needed to. They are apex predators.

          1. James W.

            Hypopcrisy much?

            No real citation references, ‘cept kids sites sans credibility,
            & resort to ad hominem insults such as “idiot?

            FYI, ‘ad hominem’ means ‘against man’, crocs are fair game..

            No doubt a croc would scavenge the body of an incapacitated lion, when & if
            given the opportunity, but in the case of massive clawed paw strike to the head 1-1 confrontation, the croc knows its going to be getting a hiding, & will retreat to the depths, ASAP… just how is it you don’t get this…

            More proof?
            Skilled men can take control of a croc – with a roll of duct tape.. they’d never try that
            trick with a wild pride boss lion, though – would they…

          2. Undoomed

            No you moron, as hominem means changing the subject into personal attacks, or attacking the subject. Not against man. Why are you insulting my evidence when you have not put a shred of evidence yourself? But, I honestly don’t have time for this. You are so obviously a troll that it hurts. I will not be speaking to you again, as it is a waste of time.

          1. James W.

            I suggest that you cease the troll act,
            & do some reviews of proper scientific data,
            your resort to emotive rants & low value “evidence”
            simply to back your slanted opinion – does you no credit.

            Fact is, lions are the dominant land animal predator,
            other than for the advent of technology, by humans.

    2. Undoomed

      I recently saw a video, which I will try to find and link here, where a mega pride of 17 lions could not take down one female hippo, while a crocodile of this size (Gustave) actively hunts hippos. So, based on logic, you could say that a crocodile of this size is greater than 17 lions.

  7. James W.

    Wasn’t ‘Gustave’ in fact, killed by a hippo…
    That big old croc lived by bullying smaller crocs from their food.

    You haven’t found a single video showing a prime lion being
    the subject animal predated upon by a croc.

      1. James W.

        Actually – do a fact check rather than be an “idiot” ,
        Gustave hasn’t been seen for ’bout a year & a 1/2 now..
        & nor were any of your fanciful stories of his supposedly
        preying on adult hippos – ever scientifically validated..

        Stop reading trash sites & then citing them (referenced or not), here…

  8. Dinosaur

    James why don’t you compare your little yellow cats PSI and size to a crocodiles.


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