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By | August 14, 2014

Who will win the fight between African Lion and Grizzly Bear?

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Compare African Lion Vs Grizzly Bear, Here I am going to compare two powerful predators one is from Africa and another is from America. American grizzly bear is one of the most dangerous bear in the world mainly found in Alaska & Canada and on the other side African lion is the most successful predator in the world also known as King of the jungle.

Grizzly bear is the sub species of brown bear and it is mainly found in northern USA (Alaska) and Canada. An adult male grizzly bear can weigh around 340 kg with the shoulder height of 3 ft 6 inch to 4 ft 1 inch and the head & body length is ranging from 7 ft 1 inch to 7 ft 8 inch.

African Lion the apex predator of African jungle is found in sub Saharan Africa, it is one of the dangerous predators in the world which can weigh up to 180 kg with the body length of 6 ft 1 inch including head and the shoulder height can be vary from 3 ft 4 inch to 3 ft 8 inch.

Male African lion has the mane which makes him the King of all animals in the jungle.

Grizzly bear known to be prey on musk deer, white tailed deer, birds, salmon fishes and some time black bear also whereas African lion mainly prey on deer, antelope, wildebeest, zebra, impala and wild buffaloes. Comparing both animals prey we have a conclusion that lion preys are more difficult and dangerous than grizzly bear like wild buffaloes but these are almost done by the lioness so it is interesting to know how African lion deals with Grizzly bear.

Before going further let’s take a glance at characteristics and information of lion vs grizzly in below given a table on African lion vs Grizzly bear comparison.

African Lion vs Grizzly Bear Comparison:

African Lion vs Grizzly Bear Comparison

African Lion vs Grizzly Bear Comparison
AnimalsAfrican LionGrizzly Bear
SpeciesP.leoU.arctos ssp.
Average Head &  Body Length6 ft 1 inch7 ft 8 inch
Shoulder Height3 ft 8 inch4 ft 1 inch
Average Weight180 kg340 kg
AreaAfricaUSA and Canada
Average Life Span15 years25 years

Winning Facts for Both African Lion and Grizzly Bear:

African lion muscles are stronger than grizzly bear.

Grizzly is taller, longer and heavier than African lion.

African Lion is the better fighter and hunter than grizzly, as he has to face bigger challenges for its food in African jungle. Male lions help the pride when lionesses is unable to takedown the bigger prey like wild buffaloes and on the other side grizzly always prey on easy and small animals (big animals rarely if found in surroundings).

Grizzly paws are bigger than those of African lion and helps him to swipe stronger while fighting with its competitor.
Grizzly can stands on its hind legs for a long time while African lion can stand and this is the very big advantage for grizzly.

African male lion has the mane which protects its neck from the heavy swipe from grizzly bear.

Grizzly bear posses so much fat which help him to get rid of lion paw swipes and grip.

There are many such cases where grizzly bear completely dominated the male African lion in zoo as well as in circus also, one of the incident was happen in circus where grizzly bear kill the African lion in just a few minutes only with its paw swipes. After the death of lion his face was badly wounded with the grizzly powerful swipes and according to doctors report it was said that grizzly paw swipes were gone into the lion’s skull which cause him to death immediately.

Grizzly bear can fight till their death which makes him the true dangerous predator in the world which lion or other big predators can’t do.

Head to Head Fight:

Grizzly bear will always win in head to head fight with African lion because grizzlies are stronger, taller, and heavier. They also have the bigger paws with stronger deadly swipes than lion, though they are smaller than polar bear but still they are the stronger and dangerous than all other bears in the world.

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  1. Anonymous

    bullshit no way grizzly gonna beat the apex predator male lion, heavier doesnt mean that they will win always.. technique and skills are the main weapons for every living being whether the are humans or animals. so african male lion will beat the fat grizzly bear easily.

    1. et

      I always thought tigers where the king until I saw a lion kill a tiger and a trainer that had both animals for years tell that the lion always win. The thick hair around his neck protects him from the lions death grip, the lion refuses to be taken down. He has way more endurance than the tiger. I was shocked. I do not know of any actual fights between a grizzly and a tiger or lion, just smaller black bears. I am from the USA and would love to think a huge grizzly could beat a lion, but after seeing the endurance and strength of a big male lion I would have to say the lion. And for those of you that think male lions cannot hunt, they have to hunt about 2 years on there own after leaving there mother before they join a pride, they can hunt but there job is protection.


        I have seen many videos that show lions losing to the siberian tiger but lions win because of the main. Not only that it is saying that the fat of the bear help protect it from a lions swipe. What it don’t mention is that bears fight each other all the time during mating season so that shows that bears do have skills in fighting. Plus where they are at they must fight off wolves and mountain lions at times but no mention of this at all. I think the size of the grizzly alone would beat the lion because it knows how to use it to wrestle not just sit on a lion. bears are great fighters just like lions but you must understand how do tigers fight and bears fight. A tiger usually don’t stand on it’s hind legs to fight another one they pounce and they try biting the neck of their opponents and usually from the back. I seen buffalo kill lions and a giraff and zebra head kick one and kill it too on discovery channel baby lol a bear fights on his hind legs and swipes down why it haves a fierce swipe its the muscle, down swipe, weigh and gravity all working on a swipe to a crush opponents like a lion or even tiger. Also this is wrong I looked up 340 kg to lbs and it is only 940 where many articles I read say 1,000+ lbs so even heavier than what this one is saying. I think a huge bear can beat a huge lion it is possible ; ) and I mean 8 out of 10 times 🙂

        1. Arrestedawg101

          Get out of here. I just saw a small female cougar bite swipe and scare or a huge male grizzly on National Geographic’s ‘Animal Fight Club’. He couldn’t stand the tactical and calculated bites as swipes of the way smaller cougar, as well as its agility. The bear literally gave up and run off, after relying on brute strength which didn’t do him any good. How can he stand the king of the beasts? Look a powerful male Lion is way stronger and way more powerful and stronger than a little female cougar (American mountain lion). The only land carnivore that can stand and maybe beat the lion on occasions are the larger Tiger. Period.

      2. boen

        It probably was a Bengal tiger rather than a Siberian tiger. Thats would have made things a little different I feel.

        1. Gary

          If both animals were starving there is no way a lion would take a Grizzly Bear. Think of the way a single bear fights off a pack of wolves. When a bear is hungry they are deadly.

          1. dejuan barnett

            Grizzly bears are simply too big and strong for a lion. It wouldnt be close. The way bears fight it would simply throw a lion like a rag doll.

        2. Jens

          Yeah (male)lions beat tigers. They dont hunt, or do anything but fight competitors and protect the Pride. They are built for fighting. While the tiger is built for hunting.

          1. Mike

            A lion won’t beat a tiger. Tigers are killers, lions are wrestlers. A lion’s mane won’t defend him from a tiger’s claw, nor a grizzly bear’s claw. People who say that a lion can beat any of those 2 in a 1v1 have no clue what they’re talking about. In the Roman Empire times, the colosseum fights involving animals, tigers vs lions, the tiger won most times, there are even old paintings depicting tigers on top slain lions in the colosseum.

            One could debate that the lion’s agility would give him an edge over the grizzly, which fair enough, he might, it really depends on the individuals fighting, however when it comes to a tiger, a tiger would rip him to shreds.

        3. sal principato

          I saw one video where a male lion killed a Tiger. I am not sure if the Tiger was female or male. Also I am not sure if it was a Bengal or Siberian Tiger but I would guess it was a Bengal as it looked to be too small to be a Siberian Tiger.
          The Tiger attacked the lion. The Zoo keepers had to get a long pole with a loop and drag the poor tiger out of it’s enclosure. The Tiger may still have been alive at that point in time but was not responding to the Zoo keeper throwing a loop over his neck. Very sad video to watch.

      3. Florie

        It takes a lot more to kill a grizzly than it does to kill a lion. Weapon-wise, the bite of a lion is stronger but not by a big margin, and the grizzly’s claws are much more deadly than a lion’s. A lion’s claws are powerful, without a doubt, but they’re often used to grapple onto the prey. The grizzly’s claws are like sharpened meat cleavers. When it comes to hunting, lions are unmatched; but a grizzly (I believe) has the upper-hand here. However, if these two animals were to meet in the wild somehow in a 1 on 1, I think the lion would end up escaping.

      4. KERSHEN

        yes true bear killing lion is bullshit if these 2beasts had to fight it it wil be 1hell of a fight that shud end in a draw remember the lion has all the 4SSSS STRENGH STAMINA SPEED AND SKILL

      5. J

        Loool you obviously don’t know about Siberian tigers, they would make a lion look like a puppy.

    2. goobz

      They already have, a lot and quite easily. Modern lion skulls are thin enough that one decent blow from a bear will crush it, killing the lion instantly. California settlers during the Gold Rush found this out the cruel way, as they organized fights between bears and various other animals as a rather sick way to pass the time, eventually shipping in African lions in a futile attempt to give the bears a challenge.

      1. James W.

        That BBC show is comedy, & the biggest
        joke on it is the ‘quality’ of the ‘research’!
        Goobz, that claim was long since debunked..
        ..try & get yourself some real data/fact checking..

        In fact, the realityof the case are linked below
        by ‘theguywhois’ – if you are interested..
        ..including the actual newspaper reports of
        the fight itself..

        Bears were so hapless, that bulls had to have their
        horns sawn off to give the fat-as furbags even 1/2 a chance..

        By contrast, back then, a German woman took her circus lions
        on a tour of Latin America to make money from betting that
        they could beat the best Spanish fighting bulls – in combat
        in the bull ring – which they did, being adept real beast killers,
        – of course…

        1. Bill

          Considering lion are use to hunting bovine creatures, this doesn’t surprise me at all. Regardless, a 1000lb grizzly would destroy a lion in any fight. In an enclosed space, the lion is dead. In the wild, the lion runs away. They’re twice the size and can stand on their back legs.

        2. Julia

          It’s *helpless* and *ass*, James. A bull is a good match for a grizzly. That doesn’t mean a grizzly couldn’t kill it, and it doesn’t mean the bull couldn’t kill the grizzly. Why don’t you stop?

        3. Ryan

          A. Bears arent built to fight bulls
          B. If a bear was to happen upon a bull in a woodland/highland environment which is where most bears live the tactics it would use on the bull taking advantage of the terreain it would out match the bull 9 times out of 10 since bulls are built for flat terrain which is what you would get in a bull fighting arena

          1. Klugey One

            Watch the Alaskan show with the KIlchers. The Grizzlies kill their bulls all the time. They claw into both side of the bull’s back and kind of ride the bull for a bit while they tear into it. The Romans used to have these two creatures fight in the Colosseum, but they didn’t have Grizzlies. I think the Lions and the Black Bears were fairly evenly matched…so since Grizzlies eat black bears… Enough said?

    3. M

      Its happened and the grizzly killed the lion. It was in mexico about 100 years ago. Lion was unable to cut the grizzly deep enough to hit vitals while the grozzly would throw the lion downbreaking it.

      1. stephen

        realy;;;;; you know ms.M IF the grizzly killed the lion as you say…..that’s not means that she always will wins…..i know because recently in circus male lion killed adult polar bear……wich is much more powerful than grizzly…..even the african buffalo is far more powerful opponet than grizzly…..and also many baffaloes was killed even by lioness

          1. James W.

            A “professional biologist”?
            Who “guesses”?
            This IS some kind of a lame joke, right?

            That dude has no direct experience, has done no research,
            not even a literature review, thus his opinion is of no value.
            He is just a lazy, out of his depth embarrassment, really.

            & so – your post citing is also void of any use here too, Victor,
            except perhaps as a exemplar of how stupid opinions are,
            even when made by a “professional” – if unsupported by facts.

          1. Jens

            and a polar bear Would kill a grizzly in 2 minutes

    4. Randall Shaw

      Its evident you don’t know much of a fully grown grizzly the strength alone would handle a lion easily. Then you add size and intelligence and you got the most dominant animal to walk on land since the dinosaur. Did you know just one swipe from a grizzly could crush the head of a buffalo. Imagine what it would do to a lion head. The stamina of a grizzly is unmatched by any predator. That mean even when the lion try to tuck tail and run from death blows the grizzly unleashes upon him. The grizzly would still chase him down to finish him off ……. If it is the whole pride of lions against one grizzly then the lions win. But one on one the lion don’t have a chance. It would be over in minutes and a grizzly can fight for hours.

      1. James W.

        Shaw got fantasies..

        No way can a bear “fight for hours” with a severed spine,
        or a crushed throat, as received from the way more hard-biting lion.

        Going blow for blow against the lion – would be like you trying it with Mike Tyson,
        you’d lose, just as surely as the big bag of fat would..

        1. Greg

          You my friend have never seen a grizzly in the wild pissed off. Stop. Youre embarrassing yourself.

      2. Jens

        So the ussuri bear (BIGGER and stronger Than a grizzly, almost kodiak size) are prayed on by tigers

        Ofc a lion Would win, a lion WHOs Only purpose is to FIGHT

    5. ron piasta

      when you mention height of a bear you should mention it also when they stand on hind legs.

    6. rob

      Once again,this is one of the silliest arguments on the internets. A 1200 lb+ Kodiak Grizzly will easily dispatch a 450 lb Lion. It’s simple physics. It’s why Humans have weight classes in sports like boxing. All Felines from the house cat to the Bengal tiger use their teeth to kill prey. A Grizzly has 4 inches of hair plus another 6 inches of fat protecting their throat. No feline has teeth that long to penetrate that protection.

      Discovery channel had a program called animal face off. They chose a Tiger vs a Grizzly over a Lion because the Tiger typically weighs 250 lbs more. The battle was a walk through. The Tiger jumped on the Bears back and tried to bite his throat. The Bear easily shook him off and then snapped the Tigers spine with a paw slap. The muscles that control the bears paws weigh more than the Lion does in total.

      1. James W.

        What 1200lb+
        wild grizzly rob? Where was it weighed?
        Who measured it? What proof do you have?
        On average, science show that weighed in the wild
        grizzly bears don’t get much past ~400-to-500lb..

        & FYI a big wild lion was scientifically measured at ~600lb!
        (the evidence, including the specimen skeleton is in the
        National museum of Kenya, to this day.)

        You ludicrous claim about the bears paw ‘swipe’ & the
        muscles that propel it are utter hype taken from a BS
        TV show.. that you buy & repeat that garbage rob, shows just how
        gullible, & lacking in credibility to comment here – you really are..

        Just look up the historical evidence, cats will use their ( real )
        anatomical advantages to strike harder, with fore-paws,
        to shred with independently functioning super-sharp claws,
        including invisceration by rear leg kicks, & use grasping holds,
        which allow deep hard bites to specific crippling/killing
        zones such as penetrating vertebrae, throat & skull bones..

        A lion which is practised on doing this killing routinely
        to much tougher bodied creatures than a bear,
        will rip through that funky fat-as fur-bag, like a kid
        greedily devouring a 1st Easter-egg..

          1. James W.

            You “shut up” kid.

            Seems you didn’t even read your own link!
            That citation notes that stuff like Rob’s claims of “1,800lb” grizzlies
            were NOT validated by actual measurements, but were only guesses!

            Buffonery & boasting – aint science, you stupid boy.

        1. Florie

          You sound like an old guy set in his own ignorant way, calling everyone “kid” lol

          “Rob’s claims of ‘1,800lb’ grizzlies” okay first he said 1,200lb. Maybe you forgot to look through your bifocals while reading, but double check next time you’re arguing against a point. That said, the heaviest Kodiak grizzly ever recorded was over 2,000lbs. Check these links if you’re open to actual facts about these monstrous bears, instead of making your up own info.

          You can spend literally 10 seconds finding more solid evidence proving what you’ve been arguing against is actually fact, not fiction. I’m talking about the weight of the Kodiak grizzly, as Rob mentioned, not his other claims.

    7. James W.

      Anyone who does not want to read
      the rest of the thread can stop here,
      ’cause – Anonymous Aug’ 26 2014 –
      has done summed it all up, succinctly…

    8. Tony\Aka

      You think the lion will beat the grizzly… the the tiger will beat the lion… and the bear will beat the tiger. How does that add up?

      1. James W.

        No boy, try to understand the reality..
        Its a fact.. lion beats both tiger & bear..

        While tigers do for sure – naturally prey on bears..
        ..lions done got greedy & ate all up their bears – already..

        1. Aka/Tony

          NO! You actually think a lion can beat a tiger! I thought you were joking at first! Explain to me something: How does a lion beat a fully grown male Siberian tiger with this size difference: Jeez, man lion fanboy is the perfect term to describe you, just please mature already. Don’t you see, that 96% of people here say that you are a complete idiot and everyone disagrees wit you.

          1. James W.

            When will you get it..
            Facts trump fanboy fantasies..

            There is a thread for lion beats tiger already..
            As for the actually listed supporting data, see here:

            & kid, just making stuff up – only reinforces your childish reputation..
   a mini rob/troll, like that “96%” comment.. try to do the maths..
            ..instead of pulling the ‘stupid boy’ act.. eh, kid..

        2. Omar

          bear beats lion and lion and tiger are the same strength so the bear beats the lion and the lion beats the tiger and the tiger beats the lion but lion wont beat bear but sometimes tiger beats bear but usually bear beats both Confusing right?

    9. Dan

      You are stupid North America still wins I will take brown bears and wolves over any combo of animals out there toss in moose game over suck it Africa lol

    10. Byronwilson

      man u out of ur damn mind ain’t nothing on earth beating no African male lion in no fight period he has a pride 2 protect a bear just it self his prey fish deer get the fuck out of here lion prey buffalos crocodiles rinos elephants he’s a fighter he have 2 everyday he has the most violent life of all animal period punk ass bear would get his ass wup or take off running if he smart

    11. Ashley Leigh

      Actually the grizzly bear will win nearly every time against a lion. Most bear species would because lions have very fragile skulls and a hard, well placed blow with a simple stick is enough to kill a lion. Because of the attack method bears use as they stand on their hind legs and swipe at a target with their paw, the lion would not be able to withstand the damage dealt and die from a crushed skull or bleeding, whether internal or external. However, in a fight against a tiger the odds are less certain for the bear. The fight could go either way.

    12. marvel2007210

      I am sorry et but tigers are way stronger and more powerful and even smarter at fighting the lion and the mane of the lion is not even thick it is regular fur that won’t do ANYTHING TO STOP THE TIGER

    13. Anonymous

      Dude a grizzly will easily crush the skull of a lion with their swipes are you actually retarded

    14. Christopher Howes

      I think the lion would win because they are faster and more fierce than the grizzly bear but also lions most of the time fight in prides and grizzlies fight alone so if they were to meet in the wild the lion would win but one lion on one grizzly grizzly would win.

    15. Steve

      Grizzly bears are too thickly boned/densely muscled, when they swipe and connect with the lion or tigers (who have a much less robust skeletal structure) head, the neck breaks. This is not an opinion, in every single documented case of a male grizzly attacking a lion/tiger, this is the end result. It’s like a house cat fighting a pitbull, I’m sure some are able to scare a pitbull away, but if they fought to the death, that cat would be killed 10/10 times.

  2. Sydney Russel

    In your comparisons section you have a “Force” category. In the battle lion vs grizzly. you give the lion a 5 and the grizzly a 4. In the tiger vs grizzly you give the tiger 5 and the grizzly 4. In the lion vs tiger, lion 4 and tiger 5. I don’t understand your force category. A grizzly bear is stronger than both of the cats. So what is your force category measuring? In a fight the grizzly should take down the lion. The tiger and the grizzly would be an awesome fight. The tiger’s intelligence may win out in this battle though. If the tiger can be evasive enough to land the killing blow, it can win. The tiger cannot just go toe to toe in front of the stronger heavier bear.

    The Kodiak Brown bear would beat all of these combatants.


      the problem is that everyone keep thinking bears are stupid or something, they are very intelligent and not just stronger but they climb trees too and they run about 35 miles an hour and can stay that pace longer than a lion or most cats. So stop saying that cats like tigers are smarter than bears bears are just as smart like me 🙂

  3. rob

    This is one of the silliest debates on the internet. The muscles that control the Grizzlies front paws weigh as much as the lion itself. It’s no contest. One swipe from a Grizzlies paws would shatter the spine of the biggest male Lion. Think of this in human terms. It’s why we have weight classes in organized boxing and martial art matches. The best flyweight fighter in the world would stand no chance against a journeyman heavyweight. The heavyweight would simply walk through the smaller mans punches.

    Discovery had a show called animal vs animal. They used a Tiger because he outweighs a Lion by 200 pounds. It still wasn’t close. In the simulated battle, the tiger jumps on the back of the grizzly and attempts to kill him with a bite to the neck like they do regular prey. The Bear easily tosses him to the ground and then breaks the Tigers back with a single paw swipe.

  4. James W.

    The King of the Beasts – will shred the the fat-as dumpster diver..
    Just as a professional hitman – easily destroys a skid-row bum.

    The lion is an oligate carnivore who has one duty in life – to dominate all other animals, including his own kind..
    Lion is stronger, more powerfully muscled & with superior weaponry ( harder bite/sharper teeth & claws, quicker striking speed/faster reactions. A bear who has only wrestled with others of his kind will be in for a real shock.

    Ask yourself why bears were unable to retain their ancient place in Africa – after lions arrived, they were history.

    There is a famous account of a big game hunter who made a significant wager on the outcome of just such a
    match-up, & he imported a prime lion from Africa which promptly won his bet.. likewise there are numerous accounts from circus beastmasters who back the lion, having been eyewitness to such conflicts..

    Americans naturally favour their symbolic beast, but in reality, the bear is really a kind of cross between pig & dog,
    so is no match for the sublime evolutionary prime land carnivore – that is the lion.

    1. Andrae

      The grizzly bear would tear the lion apart and there’s proof dating back hundreds of years back to roman times furthermore there is actual video of a small young Russian brown bear killing a fully grown Siberian tiger which is much larger than the African lion for all doubters out there the bear wins the fight and the tiger submits and runs off but it doesn’t run very far because it dies meanwhile the bear took a swim in a lake nearby this isn’t opinion it’s a fact

      1. Expectation

        So how do you know. You told that 100 years back. In that era , there was no camera

        1. Tony/Aka

          Grizzly bear would win lol

          Grizzly would win. They have way stronger bite force, have thicker skin, and have stronger paw swipes with intelligence and stamina on their side.

          1. James W.

            Wrong again boy..
            Lions have much stronger teeth & bite..
            .. proper carnivore jaws, not for chewing grubs & berries..

            Lion skin is much tougher than bear skin too..
            & “stamina” for “paw swipes” into garbage dumpsters will..
            ..count for nothing, if a boss lion wants to kill & eat fat-as bear meat..

            “Intelligence”? debatable.. cannot help the bear evade a prime killer lion..
            ..a fat-as bear cannot out-fight, or out-run – such a devastating assault..
   is too slow, too hapless, & too much of an amateur, vs lion – expert killer..

            Bear is dead meat, its a natural fact – due to adept lion predatory dominance..

          2. Aka/Tony

            You never learn idiot! Lion skinIS NO WHERE NEAR AS STRONG AS A BEARS! Can I ask you a question? Which would win, lion or rhino? As for the bite force, just give it up.

    2. Roman Vasquez

      In the Roman Empire history those people would pit fight the Grizzly Bears against the Lion’s and Tigers in the Coliseum the outcome was if a Lion or the Tigers lasted 2 minutes it was pure luck but the outcome was the same Grizzlies destroyed the big cats ripped the cat’s to shreds . I thought the opposite that the Big Cats would win but nope. 800-1100lbs of Predator vs 450-650lbs of predator no comparison.Hunters said where they came upon a Grizzly kill caribou carcass the ribs were completely broken in half where they Grizzly swipe at the body

      1. James W.

        What’s that disgusting exudate drippin’ from your nose,
        & running down your chin?

        Try & get with the program eh, Coozers,

        The topic is lion versus bear, not dumb-ask troll-vs-science..
        & so, have you anything meaningful – to contribute to the topic?

        Or are you simply an ignoramus fat-as fur-fancier,
        & dumpster-diving aficionado, like bear-rug rob?

        Well, anyhow, here it is…
        Lion calls the shots, bear get beat – its a natural fact, like it or lump it,
        & Go-onz – clearly, it is you – who is being “silly”.. if you think otherwise..

        1. Florie

          I like how you never provide supporting evidence for the things you say. You just spout nonsense, opinions, and insults to people. It’s funny how you’re acting, really. You’re either a troll or actually stupid.

        2. AP

          Lames W,
          What is that disgusting, rotten, thing that died on your neck? – “oh dear, how sad, nevermind..” it was your head…L.O.L…

          “The topic is lion versus bear, not dumb-ask troll-vs-science..
          & so, have you anything meaningful – to contribute to the topic?”

          Yes Lames, I agree. Do you have anything meaningful to contribute to this topic? Or is lame trolling all you do?

  5. William

    Sad people know nothing about lions … Everyone who votes for grizzly killing a lion? Is logically retarded … Lions were made to be kings of all animal kingdoms a mere grizzly wouldn’t stand a chance against a alpha male lion… No matter the size .. Lions have the strongest bites that could easily use his agility to jump and bite a bears head off in a instant if it wanted to… A bear is smart but not stronger … Lions will fight till the death especially alpha males … Lions will always be kings of all animals above water

    1. Andrae

      The grizzly bear would tear the lion apart and there’s proof dating back hundreds of years back to roman times furthermore there is actual video of a small young Russian brown bear killing a fully grown Siberian tiger which is much larger than the African lion for all you idiots out there the bear wins the fight and the tiger submits and runs off but it doesn’t run very far because it dies meanwhile the bear took a swim in a lake nearby this isn’t opinion it’s a fact

      1. James W.

        & Andy is trippin’..
        see, here’s proof, that even a bloody Russian housecat
        – is clearly caring, but fearless in disciplining an unruly bear cub… of many times its size..

        Seems like its Andy the “idiot” – with the opinion & no facts..

          1. James W.

            How do you not know?
            Asses are ON the lion prey list..
            See youtube.. you ‘stupid boy’..

            But also on record are instances of mules killing bears..
            ..which were busted while marauding livestock cattle.

        1. Dakota

          You are taking the worlds largest lion against and average bear that’s an unfair match right there as the average male grizzly weights 600 pounds and the average lion at 420 still giving the grizzly a weight height and strength advantage. If you are gonna take the largest of both I’ll put my money on the 1,500 pound grizzly vs your 600 pound lion.

  6. Ayushman Arun

    It’s beyond funny reading these comments about people being butt hurt as their favorite animal “The Lion” clearly loses the battle…

    Lions don’t have uber strong leg muscles like the Tiger, which allow Tigers to stand on it’s hind legs, climb trees even though they are way heavier than Lions and they can swipe their paws at twice the rate than Lions!
    Bears are no different!
    Bears might be bit slower than Lions and Tigers but they make that up for being outrageously heavy & beefy!
    Their paws hold more muscle and strength than that of Lions… Siberian Tigers have the most!

    Even the Teeth of the Lions are no where close enough to that of Grizzlys!
    In every possible way Grizzly is superior…
    It’s not even a fair comparison!

    A fair comparison would be a Royal Bengal Tiger vs an African Lion & a Siberian Tiger vs a Grizzly Bear…..

    The major strengths of these 3 badass carnivores/omnivores are:-
    African Lions – Fight in Prides to rip apart heavy preys like Wild Buffaloes. Has the loudest roar in the animal kingdom.
    Grizzly Bear – Super beefy with the massive amount of fat it has in it’s body.(Downside = Requires Hibernation) Paw swipe strength and bite force stronger than African Lions. Lone warriors like the Tigers although slower. Excellent swimmers.
    Siberian Tiger – The largest canines & the greatest bite force(carnivorous) in the animal kingdom with the greatest paw swipe strength any carnivorous animal holds. Truly overpowered with Hind Legs so powerful that it can climb up trees. (It’s almost 2 times heavier than the heaviest male African Lions!)
    It’s brain is larger than that of an African Lion, hence more intelligent. Can jump longer because of the explosive power in it’s hind legs. Excellent swimmers.

    I would say Siberian Tigers = Grizzlys > African Lions

    Plus the guy should have kept in mind; the ratings he was giving each and every animal, as viewers would obviously get skeptical over it; just like me.

    Those ratings (“Force”) are purely based on those particular animals b/w whom the comparison is being done in that particular post. In that sense, the values will differ for the same animals in different lists.

    Guys please do a little more prior research and come back to realistic facts! …
    All this coming from one of the biggest Lion King Fanboys as I used to think otherwise!

    1. Suren

      Arun don’t know anything…here even Asian lions were known for killin Siberian tigers from north in winter seasons…and its well documented in indian history with pictures .everyone can search on typing Asian lion were known as killer of Siberia tiger….The most important u forget that lion skull much bigger than tiger..coz lion can open their mouth upto 30 cm while biggest tiger just 20 cm and who say Asian lion 170kg .our national zoological surevy ..mentioned their weight of adult lion 170-250kg ……even the biggest Bengal tiger scull smaller than smallest lion scull

      1. Aka/Tony

        If anyone, you don’t know anything. Asiatic lions stand zero chance against a big boss male bengal tiger… I don’t understand why lions are so overrated theses days. It’s just crazy. So do some actual research, instead of making up lion propaganda, for his faves.

    2. Chris

      Actually, bear are much faster than people give them credit for. For about 100 yards or so, they can keep up with race horses.

      Without actually seeing them fight, I would guess the bigger and stronger bear would won.

  7. James W.

    A. Arun’s comments listed above are too funny!
    A comedian who surely makes such ludicrous stuff up as a crudely obvious joke..
    But quite useless as meaningful/topical information , otherwise..

    An examination of the valid data-based published material available shows that
    the two largest cats are in fact physiologically quite similar, for example taking expert
    examination to tell apart skinned specimens & with size variations between individuals
    also being greater than those between the two species in general.

    True enough the certain marked differences are largely due to evolutionary adaptation
    towards environmental habitat & indeed, cultural/social lifestyle.

    Hugely experienced beastmasters with decades of hands-on experience working with these
    animals do confirm in their memoirs the long-standing characteristics attributable to these
    differences, & favour the lion in general, with regard to its inherent/habitual fighting abilities,
    The lush showy, but effectively protective mane grown by prime male lions – is a key attribute lacking in tigers.

    Lions carry a far greater % of their body weight as muscle (~60%) than fat-laden bears,
    & those fast twitch muscle fibres allow a much more powerful ability to sprint, leap & strike likewise,
    – as needed by obligate/apex carnivores at the top of their food chain, rather than dirt-grubbing omnivores..

    Lions habitually dominate other carnivores, & would no doubt do this to any bears that appeared
    in their habitat too.. simply see what became of bears in Africa..

    The ‘lion hearted’ aggressive stance is both a physiological & psychological phenomenon
    that has been shown in research studies to be a difference between the 2 big cats.
    & this keen spirit for combat & endurance shown by lions is in contrast to the “sneaky &
    treacherous hit & run” style shown by tigers, & reported by observers.

    This boldness can be seen in numerous videos showing lions confronting & backing off huge crocodiles..

    As for bears, compare their circus performances, trained to be riding bikes around with clown-like
    aplomb – not in the ilk of the fearsome displays put on by the big cats..

  8. Ivanhoe

    A grizzly’s shoulder muscles weigh as much as an entire lion? That’s absurd. In any case, I don’t think anyone argued the point that the lion is as strong. However, the claim that it is as simple as “weight classes” in human fighters is nonsensical to say the least. We’re not talking about two of the same species. A 150 pound man and a 200 pound man are essentially the same, other than weight. Completely different animals have completely different strengths and weaknesses. If weight carried the day, then how are lions able to ever kill buffalo? While it is typically a pride effort, single males have been seen killing buffalo as well. Or if you just want to consider predators, how are tigers able to hunt and kill asian brown bears or crocodiles that substantially outweigh them if all that matters is overall weight?

  9. Barry H

    A Kodiak Grizzly bear would destroy the biggest African male lion or Siberian tiger.They have a huge layer of muscle and fat to protect their internal organs.Added to that their brute strength and powerful paw strength,bite force and added weight would be too much for both lion and tiger to handle.9 times out of 10 the bear grizzly wins over the Siberian tiger.

  10. Michael Woolley

    I’ve never seen a website with such uneducated people. I understand if somebody simply doesn’t know alot about animals, but i am completely baffled when people who dont, choose to comment their opinion despite te fact that they have no idea what theyre talking about. I love tigers, lions, and bears equally, therefore there is no bias in my statements. The fact of the matter is that cats arent built for fighting, cats are built for hunting, cats have lightweight bones, and powerful muscles, and to refute one of the above statements, no, siberian tigers do not have the strongest bite force of any carnivore, saltwater crocodiles hold that title. In fact, the bite forces between lions, tigers and bears are all roughly equal. Anyways, back to my point, cat fights are short, and theyre short for a reason, cats dont like to fight, this is because any injury it may sustain in battle could hinder its hunting abilities. Bears on the other hand, are built for fighting. Male bears go at it for sever minutes at a time, and are able to sustain high levels of impact. Bears have short, dense fur, and loose skin to go along with it. This loose skin ensures that they dont receive any life-threatening wounds when fighting. Bears have the strongest bones in the entire order of Carnivora. Theres dozens of stories online about hunters who shot bears in the skull with high-powered rifles, and to their dismay, the bullet was deflected off of the bears skull. Bears are the strongest animals in the order Carnivora, and they are also some of the most intelligent. Several studies have proven that bears are as intelligent as some of the great apes, look it up. Bears have incredible problem solving skills. And for those of you who want to claim “siberian tigers hint brown bears” , you are correct, however, these are european brown bears, which weigh an average of 250 pounds, less than half the size of a siberian tiger. If a tiger/lion were to come across a bear of equal size, and they fought, the cats wouldnt stand a chance. Here’s why—The cats lack the ability to stand on their hind legs. Yes, tigers can fight sufficiently on their hind legs, but this is only for short periods of time, and its much more of a forward fall than it is a stand. Bears on the other hand, have leg muscles developed to stand without anything else supporting them. This gives them an advantage in a fight with a big cat, because as soon as the cat was no longer able to support itself and dropped back to all fours, the bear would have a clear shot at the cats spine/neck. To continue, a big cat isnt nearly as strong as a kodiak, grizzly, or pilar bear. Their paw swipes would be nothing more than a waste of energy. They wouldnt be able to break, or even bruise the bears thick bones, and even if the claws were lucky enough to break skin, it wouldnt be anything more than a scratch on the bears loose skin, a sufficient injury would be out of the question. Furthermore, bears are alot quicker and more agile than most people would believe. Grizzly bears have been clocked running at 40mph, which is faster than a lions top speed, and nearly as fast as a tigers. Bears may look like fat, lumbering garbage disposals, but they too have fast twitch muscles, easily comparable to those of a big cat, so the whole “speed and agility” argument, is highly disputable. The bottom line is that, dare i repeat myself, cats are built for hunting, and bears are built for fighting. Therefore, when the question being asked is “who would win in a fight?” The answer is obvious, for the above-listed reasons. If the question was asking who the more efficient hunter was, the answer would be the tiger/lion. But when it comes to brawling, the bear has a clear advantage over any felines, and most animals of a comparable size, for that matter, yes, even gorillas. And to the creator of this site, come up with some realistic battles, and do your research before opening your mouth, your crappy excuse of the English language, along with your constant unknowledgable “i think” , “in my opinion” type answers, show that you lack the information and the will to find the information, necessary to running a site like this. Almost every fight scenario ive read, makes absolutely zero sense to me, and your answers are representative of an elementary school child’s. I recommend fixing this if you want this site to reach its truly amazing potential.

  11. James W.

    Michael Woolley really shows his ‘woolly’ understanding of the animals under consideration..

    Fighting is exactly what lions are born to do..
    From cubs fighting over food, up to pride boss males fighting for dominance, it is exactly what they do..

    Even domesticated pet cats seek territorial fights,
    & tomcats especially will fight vicious battles for territory/mating rights dominance.

    As for his ignorance of basic physiology, it is laughable..

    Lions as apex predators/obligate carnivores have major advantages over the garbage grubbing bears..
    Lion muscularity means unmatched strike force, with proper flesh grasping/shredding claws, superior dentition & bite force from their massive skull, (which also enables bigger eyes with much better binocular vision, allowing depth perception, & faster reaction times with more accurate, well timed hits & blocks).

    The flexible feline spine allows full-bodied blows to be speedily made ( by very powerful high-protein fed fast twitch muscle fibres ) with the forelegs & gut-ripping kicks from the sharp clawed hind legs, like-wise.

    Lion bones are materially denser & stronger than those of the bear, & most of the bear’s extra weight is a penalty.. – – in useless fat, & in a large complex digestive system, which is needed – to process all the garbage they eat.

    Find a picture of a shaved down bear, compared to a prime lion, when bereft of its fur, its a shameful looking thing..
    Whereas the magnificent mane of a prime male lion provides significant protection to his throat & neck zones.

    Woolley’s fanciful notions of the bear’s sumo-style hug-fest bitch-slapping ‘combat’ style are also quite hilarious..
    & even then, the blunt, fixed, dedicated to dirt grubbing – bear claws can tear bear skin.. so that skin’d stand no chance against a lions sharp, hooked & extensible claws, which must slice through the tough hide of African megafauna..

    All Woolley needs to do is check out the youtube vids of ferocious wild lion vs lion combat in Africa, & then see actual (note: not ludicrous California pro-bear propaganda bullshit – tall stories) historical 1st hand accounts from real circus & zoo beastmasters who actually witnessed lions & bears fighting..

    Yes Woolley, lions take the, ah, ‘lions share’ of those confrontations too..

    Ironic indeed that Woolley goes on a rant about “opinion” being “crappy”, & then serves up just that.. hilarious..

    1. David

      A little comment here, the cat with the highest kill % is the American Mountain, the cat with the strongest bite, the Jaguar, Brown bears though smaller than the Polar bear has proven itself to be superior in fighting having driven off male polar bears for the right to make with female polar bears creating another cross breed of bear.
      Yes male lions were designed to fight, but only those of the same species or the smaller hyena.
      It is a silly argument to speculate which would win, or even to say that the African lion drove out all bears in Africa, as silly of argument of what happened to the much smaller Asian Lion.

  12. Sam

    A lion not a Kuga which you people call a lion,breaks a full grown buffalo bull ‘s neck solo African lions are bone fighters and killers grizzlies are nothing but fatties.

  13. James W.

    & yeah, for sure, the irony is… even the cougar, or mountain lion – which is not even officially rated as one of the ‘big cat’ species , is on record in North America – as dealing death to the fat-as dumpster diving bruin, more often than you’d imagine..

  14. Mark Bearlion

    Well it’s all about one mans opinion. If you matched them up like took the Grizzly to the Lions home turf or the Lion on over to Mr. Grizzlys hood the home boys would win in most cases. Sometimes the Bear would win and other times the Lion would take it. The Grizzly has the height, weight, and the strength but the Big Cat has the speed. If the Cat could jump on the Bears back he could pretty much rip him up right there. If the Cat went down and the Bear jumped on him I don’t think the Lion would be able to get back up. Even in a neutral war room, it just depends on what type of day each one is having. The winner vs a Great White Shark. But where? Water or land?

  15. peter muchiru

    im from africa,,.and if you dont know anything about the mighty beast ie The lion.please dont comment.Thats why we have the lion of juddah.Rather than the bear of judah or the tiger of judah.

    1. rob

      You are from Africa Mkay. So, tell me why a 450 Lb Lion doesn’t take on a 12,000 Lb Bull Elephant one on one? King of the jungle my ace.

      1. James W.

        Ah, rob,
        wrong again, lion is “King of the Beasts”.

        Tigers are the jungle dominating big cat, just as
        their feline cousins – lions – do so, in more open terrain..

        & elephant meat is eaten by both of ’em, FYI…

  16. peter muchiri

    in kenya only stupid rangers kill lions in public and so were the morans maasai but no other beast can give a trial

  17. Michael

    Lions are my favorite animals by far. There majestic, powerful and against an American grizzly pretty much dead. Male lions has a chance mind you if they get the neck bite. But against the grizzly this will be incredibly difficult. Someone mentioned the lions mane as protection. A grizzly also has protection around the neck as is far stronger. I’d give the lion the edge against tigers etc but not against the grizzly. Grizzlies are very aggressive and will win 88% of the time. Much respect to both.

    1. James W.

      Do some actual research Mikey.
      It is lions are who are more powerfully muscular,
      both in fast twitch type, & in skeletal capability,
      with quicker reaction times, & superior fighting skills & weaponry.

      Lions routinely hunt & kill far bigger prey than a bear,
      & must bite through much tougher animal hides – to do it..

      So your idea that the bear “…will win 88% of the time.” is utter fantasy.

      1. Youkeepusingthiswordidontthinkitmeanswhatyouthinkitdoes

        You keep bringing up fast twitch muscle fibers, you do realize the more fast twitch fibers one possesses the less stamina it would have. Yes it would have a quick powerful blow but it would quickly gas. Hence the reason most fighters in mma or prolonged sports train their bodies to fight slowly and methodically rather than a single quick burst of activity. Lions are built for speed and agility to ambush and chase prey over short distances, have you ever wondered why you don’t see a lion chase a zebra for two or three minutes? Because it would require less muscle mass and the lion wouldn’t be able to bring down the big prey. If you watch those
        YouTube Male lion fight videos you see they last only a couple minutes consisting of short bursts of activity followed by long periods of intimidation like roaring or posturing. Not a great tactic for an opponent known for its stamina. However an ambush would be a good tactic for the lion to use, but this is a head on fight unless I misinterpreted the point of this discussion.

        1. James W.

          Reality check,

          Lion physiology enables massive impact power.
          Look up lion adrenal response/cardiac output/ lean muscle mass..
          Its an order of magnitude more athletically advanced than a dirt scratchin’ bear..

          Like Mike Tyson in his prime, the boss lion would make short work of smashing over
          the impact-shocked dumpster-diving bruin, & be stripping the fat off his back, quick smart..

  18. Undoomed

    Although I do agree that lions do regularly hunt and kill animals that are larger than what the grizzly bear hunts, no lion is doing this by themselves. Male lions are not picking fights with cape buffalo when they are on their own; that would simply be suicide. Nor are they picking fights with any other large prey, such as hippos, elephants, or anything else of that matter. Male lions may have a larger muscle-body mass ratio, but in this case it will not matter near as much than if they had similar weights. Their weights in this situation are not similar; the grizzly bear quite easily outweighs the lion, which is a huge advantage. Their reaction times are not that much faster; they may be faster, but it will not be some massive advantage like the lion seeing the grizzly bear in slow motion. The fighting skill of either is in question, as both possess fighting skill of fighting members of their own species. The lions fighting skill to fight other male lions will not be near as helpful against a grizzly bear, as the grizzly bear fights much different than a male lion. Their weaponry is….the exact same. Except the fact that the grizzly bears weaponry is superior, as they can stand up on their hind legs for stronger swipes, which would easily allow them to crush or cripple a lion. Lions deal with NOTHING that stands up on their hind legs, besides humans. However, a grizzly bear is quite different than a human. The grizzly bear also has nearly double the bite force (psi) of a lion, male or not. Although lion prides must bite through tougher hides while hunting, male lions are not hunting animals with thicker hide than a grizzly bear. A grizzly bear will win a majority of this encounter, as they have all of the necessary tools to succeed against the male lion. Come at me m8

    1. James W.

      Too funny ‘Undoomed’ – you are so wrong on all counts..
      Just check the link cited by ‘Monarch’ above your post.. you may even learn something..

      & do try to educate yourself on how male lions live – in the time between being ejected from
      their birth pride – at reaching sexual maturity, & winning over a pride of their own..

      1. Undoomed

        Also, I checked the link. Virtually useless to the discussion at hand.

      2. Undoomed

        Also, I know plenty about how lions lives go. However, that doesn’t have very much relevance to the discussion at hand. James, all you do is just swiftly state that someone is wrong and don’t say anything past that. I’ve seen you on other threads, and you do the same thing now. You also rarely respond to people. So, I will state this question again; what mammalian land predator could beat the lion? Riddle. Me. That.

  19. Mario s

    I’d rather see a silver back gorilla vs a grizzly bear, a male african lion would look at any bear as a meal whearas any bear would look at a lion as a threat i mean i would like to think that a grizzly could fight off a lion just like i would like to think a man could fight off a bear but in most cases we would lose without a weapon just like in most cases a bear would lose against a lion. Plus lions inspired thundercats! What did grizzlies inspire care bears , so in the immortal words of Mr.T “i pity the fool” who picked bears for the win

  20. James W.

    “Useless”’bout sums up undead’s contrubution to discussion here..

    You are right Mario, to ‘pity the fool’..
    Men have fought off grizzly bears, even women have, but lions…yeah right.. Tarzan maybe..

    1. Undoomed

      Oh, PLENTY of people have fought off lions. Part of initiation for some tribes into manhood is to kill a lion. And they do it often! It is not unlikely at all for people to kill lions. Also, Mario just made arbitrary assumptions. ‘Lions inspired thundercats and bears inspired care bears, so get rekt m8!’ That means nothing. I saw a video where 1 mongoose fought off FOUR LIONS. Man, your brave ninja-lions from hell who can destroy anything in their path are pretty afraid of a weasel. Mongoose must be just the most powerful creatures of all time if they’re able to fight off lions! You’re one to talk about being useless to the discussion; I can’t even find a time where you haven’t just said that what they said isn’t true. I can’t stand you James, when confronted you just state the same thing over and over again. I will ask this question one more time; what mammalian land predator could beat the male lion?

    2. Aka/Tony

      James this is literally what you do with your life

      Troll on a silly debate that is obviously in the bears favor.

      What’s next, lion vs rhino?

  21. James W.

    Again, Unknowledge,
    – you simply display your opinion – its basically worthless..
    Do some fact checking about unarmed human survival rates – when attacked by real predators..
    Lions are dedicated killers, & dumpster diving garbage guts grizzly bears – are not.

    The only predator that regularly beats the male lion is..
    – yeah you guessed it, the male lion..

    1. rob

      james, not sure if you are still following this thread. You’ve been educated and still refuse to accept facts. By definition that means you are stupid.

    2. Aka/Tony

      Tiger is literally an upgraded lion
      Polar bear is literally an upgraded brown bear
      James I think your comments from two years ago are hilarious

  22. Jordan

    Personally i would like to believe a bear would win. However from videos ive seen it looks like Bears dont really have expeirence going one on one with lethal animals other then other bears. Lions are very agile and strategic with every swipe. A lethal blow from a bear is a game changer but watching the few animal fights ive seen it looks like the lion ovepowered it with speed, fear and lack of hesitation. The lion takes down larfe animal at full speed but mannnnnn. Lets hope it doeant happeb but hell of a fight tho.

  23. James W.

    Jordan “personally” wants to “believe”
    “a bear would win”! Too funny..
    Jordan, so why do you have such a fetish – for big fat hairy stinky dumpster divers?

    What you choose to “believe” really has no – ah, bearing – on the facts..
    That you did get the intent of lions to dominate &/or eat any animal they find,
    kind of cuts to the chase.. & grizzly bears couldn’t hack the pace in Africa, that’s a fact.

    1. Undoomed

      Yep, that’s why male lions as well as females we most often avoid honey badgers. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  24. James W.

    Yeah right.. if a pride boss male lion – eating his share
    will let a honey badger come steal his meat..

    He’d stomp that pesky stoat quick-smart. but
    as for a bear, he’ll strip the fat off’n its back,
    & eat it with relish, or maybe some BBQ sauce..

    1. Undoomed

      Lions have been known to avoid and sometimes be killed by honey badgers.

      How will he kill the bear and eat it when the bear has already thrown the lion to the moon? Polar bears can drag beluga whales out of the water, and battles between polar bears are intense. Their claws are hooked, and their flesh is thick. They can run up to 30 mph for moderate times. Their claws are larger than the lions, as well as their bite force. Their canine teeth are around the same size. Their fur is 1-2 inches thick, and that is just the outer coat. This is thicker than the length of the claws of a lion, which is 1 1/2 inches (on a large male). I see no way why the lion would win. In the animal kingdom, animals have respect for larger animals, especially predators. The polar bear is by far the most aggressive bear, and the least likely to back down. Male lions back down to larger male lions, so what reason would a male lion have to not back down to a behemoth, aggressive boar polar bear? Either way, if the male lion attacks the polar bear will rip it to shreds with it’s greater than 2 inch claws. You must not know anything about polar bears. They aren’t dumbster divers; they are expert hunters. They live 6 months in pitch blackness in the harshest place on earth, without hibernating, still hunting prey. Polar bears are some of the toughest creatures on earth, so I’d like to see a male lion try.

      1. James W.

        someone is the.. “dumbster” L.O.L…
        & that vid you linked shows lion cubs playing..

        Polar bears are over-rated, all they do is grab at huge lumps of lard,
        lying about on the ice, & if they try to get a walrus, they get stabbed..

        Lions have extensible claws.. that spread out & hook/slice right through tough
        hide, ligaments, & tendons to seize & cripple their prey, grizzly bears have dirt-grubbers,
        & fish-flippers that they use for turning over garbage dump piles to find full baby diapers..

        Do learn try & learn something, huh, rather than blathering on & on..

        1. Undoomed

          It’s extremely funny that you call polar bears overrated, when you are rooting for a lion, the most overrated animal on the face of the planet.

    2. Undoomed

      Even with a grizzly bear, look at Alaska. In Alaska, bears have no dumbsters and must fight for dominance in fishing streams, as well as for mates.

      1. James W.

        Lions may be over-bearing over-lords, & all over anything they find in Africa..
        ( ‘cept dumpsters) .. my pick though, for most over-rated – is – trolls, – like you..

  25. Horuos

    Grizzly weighs a lot more, fight goes to the the bear. Lion stands no chance whatsoever.

  26. jc

    First of all the King of bears is a Kodiac (which basically is a Grizzly plus 500 lbs )Male Kodiac Bears often exceed 1500 lbs with 6 inch claws .A large Kodiac can run with a racehorse for short bursts and break the back of a 1000 lb bull with a single swipe of its paw (Google Bart the Bear) I dont care what kind of cat your referencing nothing remotely could give a adult male Kodiac a run for its money in any type of fight

  27. Allan

    African lions are voracious predators, and in the case of such a battle, the lion would almost always win. The bear holds the advantage in terms of size, but the leaner lions are more agile than the fat laden bears….on your point about fights to the death, most of the lion’s battles end in the death of the loser. About the circus and zoo example, you cannot compare a wild lion’s temperament to a captive,… a lion’s day is basically fight fight fight, so wild ones are more honed for a face off against adversaries.

    1. Dakota

      A lion might be leaner but would he use it in a head on fight, most likely not as this isn’t a hunt this is a fight so it would be much more direct, and bears are often though of as slow but that bear could keep pace with the lion and can stand on its hind legs making it difficult for the lion to get anywhere useful

  28. Keagan brandon

    Bears are not built to be apex predators their built to be survivors the only hope a bear has is to to either try and outmuscle the predator who fights like a gladiator(don’t see how his going to get that right) or to try and intimidate the smaller animal(again don’t see it happening 80% of the time as a protective male lion will not stand down to stampeding buffalos or even elephants)…see there’s a reason that lions are named the king of beasts its because unlike North America where competition is not strong and prey are generally small so the bear easily intimidates or overpowers any threat in the area Africs is known as the land of giants and survival of the fittest as competition is strong,prey are powerful and massive and survival is harsh and in a land of bruisen brutes and mighty predators the lion(forget the notion of prides)rule over all it is their instinctive nature to be the apex predator and will not miss a chance to exert this power whether in a pride or as lone male,born to fight,raised to dominate the lion lives in a world of predators larger and stronger than its own kind yet displays such aweinspiring attributes whether in a pride or alone that have the world calling them the mightiest of predators…and I’m sorry but its because of their ability to stand against the opposition that the simple human brain would think heh the bigger one and prevail not doing so like a tiger thinking of the most effecient way to finish off or out manuver its challenger but facing up to the brunt of things see this is why we all believe lions to be overrated a hundred years ago man knew all beast but hailed the lion as the mightyest of them all and not without good reason today we in our world of oversimplification we think it to be the bear because of size but the truth will always be the truth and that’s that the lion as history depicts will always will always win majority of the time and thus keeps its reputation as king of all beasts because of its ability to rule even against the bigger more powerful and unlikely oppostion

  29. Janindu Galaxy

    Although the Grizzly bear is heavier than the Lion l don’t think it will defeat the Lion always.Lions are built to fight and they can be more aggressive than Grizzly bears.So I think the Lion has a 50/50 chance with the Grizzly,

    1. AllTheseStupidLionLovers

      Funny bitch!
      Brown bears are BORN fighters. they fight over mates, fishing spots, even just intrusion on territory. Lions may be fighters too, but when facing an opponent with surprising speed for their sise, intelligence, experience, and raw strength, they will be demolished.
      Lion has NO CHANCE.

      1. James W.

        @ ATSLL,
        Typical bear fanatic delusional fantasy..

        Only in your ignorant dreams – will such ludicrous ideas exist..
        In reality – however, the pig-eyed, dirt-snuffling, dumpster-diving
        fat-as bruin – is way out of his league versus the killer-elite, big boss lion..
        & so, quite predictably..

        The bear is dead meat, yet another juicy treat, for King Leo..

    1. James W.

      Plan 9,

      Dunno what you’re smokin’..
      As if ‘votes’ matter here!
      The only thing that those ‘votes’ really show,
      is that bear fans – are not interested in the natural facts of the matter..

      Just as in a real good human heavyweight boxing match,
      the lion would emphatically KO the bear,
      & no need to count any biased votes, either..

    1. James W.

      Kodiak = big fat brown bear
      ’bout the only bad thing about them fish-fattened fur-bags,
      apart from their fish-breath, ( & being cannibals)
      is all that fish eatin’ spoils the taste of the bear meat…

      Cats generally like that fishy flavour though..

      1. rob

        James, you have been proven wrong so many times I can’t count them. A kodiak grizzly will easily dispatch any lion without the help of a pride. It’s been said a million times,but i’ll repeat it here. A lions teeth aren’t long enough to penetrate a Grizzly’s hide and strike a vital organ. A Grizzly would rise on its hind legs and kill the lion with a paw swipe to the spine.

        It’s obvious you worship lions and you’ll probably post some obscure opinion stating the opposite of what 99% of wildlife biologists would tell you. I’ll ask you this question and ask you be frank with me. Why doesn’t a 450 lb lion pick a fight with a 12,000 lb Bull Elephant one on one? I’ll save you time and answer it. He’ll get killed in a matter of seconds. Size does matter. It’s the only reason we aren’t on our pet house cats menu ;).

        1. James W.

          So wrong, rob,
          so very wrong…

          Click on the link ‘Monarch’ cited ’bout 1/2 way up the page,
          you’ll get yourself some evidence-based education,
          & I don’t ‘worship’ man, beast or imaginary things, I like facts..

          Lion teeth & bite are well capable of penetrating bear fur, &
          severing tendons/ splitting vertebral joints & punching through skulls,
          even Mountain lions ( Puma) can do this, & they are much smaller..

          Lion striking power is also far superior to the bear, since they just play at
          sumo wrestling, whereas lions throw haymakers, & the bear would be toast..
          Too fat, too slow.. outgunned, dead meat..

          A full-sized bull elephant would squish the biggest bear, in a head-on confrontation,
          but an orca would rip the same elephant to shreds, if it foolishly went for a swim, &
          orcas were about.. So what?

          1. rob

            James, you are wrong and you know this. please answer my question. Why doesn’t a 450 lb Lion pick a fight with a 6 ton + Bull Elephant? King of the jungle? the elephant says FU

          2. Julia

            Everyone, I say we work together to ban James, I cannot stand the bastard, asswipe, whore, and dumbass all combined. His petty “insults”. We should do it.

        2. freeman

          lion has agility and speed very sensitive more strategy and brain wise , bear are lazy the hunt small animal , lion hunt buffaloes, bear fight around wolves , hyenas and wide does, wolves , hyenas and wide dog disappear when they see the king , just one male lion they will disappear , bear are bigger buy lazy, who say male lion dont hunt , they do hunt when the female fails to bring down buffaloes just that they dont hunt all the time but they fight all the time , they defend the pride and their Arena , they fight till death . only one male lion all the hyenas , wolves and wide dogs will disappear, just 2 wolves will chase a bear and take his food, bear are lazy and sluggish and slow

  30. rob

    James, I know your type. You are an internet flamer. You avoid straight on questions and direct the debate away from the subject at hand. I can play this game too ;). A Grizzly or Lion wouldn’t stand a chance against a box jellyfish. They have enough poison to kill 30 humans with a single tentacle bite. Does this make them the baddest animal to walk the planet? no, it doesn’t. The Lion loses to the Grizzly. Accept this fact and be happy man. The truth will set you free :P)

    1. James W.

      Jeeze rob,
      that is such a lame excuse for not
      even bothering to do a fact check..

      I reiterate – click on the link cited by Monarch…
      Read it, & weep – for your circus clown brownies..

  31. rob

    Kodiak = big fat brown bear
    ’bout the only bad thing about them fish-fattened fur-bags,
    apart from their fish-breath, ( & being cannibals)
    is all that fish eatin’ spoils the taste of the bear meat…

    Cats generally like that fishy flavour though..

    James, with these types of asinine comments, it’s obvious you aren’t seeking truth. You are just here to badger

    1. James W.

      “Asinine” rob?

      You simply display your ignorance.. so, here’s some learnin’ for you…
      Bear meat has always had a regular place in the game, as tasty wild kill,
      but – bears which fatten on fish have a tainted taste, & are not favoured,
      by humans, that is…

      1. rob

        you’re an idiot james. I ask you how would a 450 lb lion face off against a 12,000 lb elephant. You twisted it and said a elephant would kick a 1500 lb grizzly’s ass. No shite dude. The elephant weighs 8 times the weight of the grizzly. The grizzly weighs 4 times the weight of the lion. It’s the same thing as a 250 lb man punching out a 60 lb child. Once again quit worshipping lions and accept the fact they aren’t the baddest animal that walks the planet.

        1. James W.

          Wrong again rob,

          Your analogy is flawed, biased, & silly..

          Since when did carrying around excess fat
          in bulk – make for a better athlete/fighter?
          (Except for stupidities like Sumo wrestling)..

          To be generous ( unlike you, rob) I am going
          to relate the bear in human terms, to a Sumo wrestler,
          ( rather than an obese dumpster diving, skid-row bum),

          Trouble is, a boss lion is like Mike Tyson in his prime,
          & the Sumo wrestler/Bear is going feel that real killer force,
          that is, until his lights go out.. shortly afterwards..

          & “worship” aint part of the equation, its basic, natural, fact…

          1. rob

            James, when you say Bears are dumpster divers,fat slobs etc. you are really weakening your argument. Several posters here have already told you Grizzley’s are born fighters. Lions are hunters and need a pack to bring down larger prey than themselves.

            A 450 lb male lion just doesn’t go around picking fights with cape buffalo,rhino’s,hippos,or elephants one on one. His niche in nature is to protect the pride and their cubs against other male lions who want to take it over. He’s also used to deliver a killing blow to larger game once the lioness’s have brought it to the ground.

            There is also a flaw in your elite boxer vs a sumo wrestler. During the 1970’s it was common to see boxers and pro wrestlers engage in staged fights. most followed the script and played their acting roles. That said,there were 2 instances where the wrestler got mad and took matters into his own hand. Gorilla Monsoon picked up Muhammed Ali,put him in a airplane spin and then body slammed him to the mat hard. Andre the Giant picked up Chuck Wepner and tossed him over the top rope onto the hard concrete. Wepner broke protocol started fighting for real. Andre made him pay dearly.

            You say you are seeking knowledge. I believe you are seeking conformation bias based on preconceived beliefs a lion would win a battle with a animal 4 times it’s size

          2. Dakota

            James the hippo kills more people then any lion and uses its fat to protect its self from the crocodiles in the water that it lives in that fat if you can carry it acts like a shield and teeth only dig so deep. Your lions claws won’t hit any tendons or arteries as they are inside the fat, it will literally be only a flesh wound. Bears aren’t slow they can run 35 miles an hour just like your lion can and for longer.

  32. rob

    james, here is your beloved lion in a one on on fight vs a 1300 lb cape buffalo. Fvck with the bull and you get the horns. A grizzly outweighs the buffalo by an average of 200 lbs. Lions are cool,but they need an entire pride to bring a bigger opponent down. one on one they don’t stand a chance.

  33. James W.

    Look bro,
    selection biased much?
    Your cited vid does not feature a prime boss lion..
    ( & as for “beloved” – see the ‘Christian the lion’ vid,
    he really loved those guys who cared for him,
    & showed it, even after living for years in the wild)..

    So for real lion feats, check this vid out:

    Compare to this one, which shows how lame bear fights really are..

    Note how tough that male lion skin is, resistant to their real sharp claws,
    & how easily shredded the bear skin is, even by their blunt dirt grubbers…

    Bear is more fatty meat on the table, for a big boss lion..

    1. Dakota

      A bear doesn’t use his claws, he uses force so while a metal helmet protects against blades a baseball bat will shatter your skull.

  34. rob

    james, once again,you skirt the debate. The 2nd video of bears fighting you posted are bears that weigh less than 300 lbs. of course a 450 lb lion will have the advantage. I’ll ask this question again and please don’t say a elephant will stomp a grizzly. I know he will. He outweighs the grizzly by 7 times. Why doesn’t a 450 lb male african lion pick a fight with a 6 ton bull elephant? He’ll get curbstomped and you know this

  35. rob

    james, discovery channel had a program called animal face off. They chose a Bengal tiger because they are 200 lbs heavier than a African lion. The experts in these shows specialized in the species they studied. Mechanical engineers built models based on abilities scientifically proven by the combatants. Grizzly vs Tiger was a walk through for the bear. The Kodiak Grizzly Bear is simply much bigger and more powerful than any feline that walks the planet. it’s the same reason a chihuaha has no chance against a rotweiller

    One paw swipe from a Kodiak Grizzly or Polar bear and a tiger or Lion is taking a permanent dirt nap.

  36. James W.

    Wrong rob,
    Do try & stay on topic..
    You really have no idea..
    Fat bears playing ‘pat a cake’
    will get severely bitch-slapped by a hungry big cat..

    & you really have no idea about weight/size/power either..
    Do a literature review of actual scientific studies, rather
    than citing TV ‘entertainment’ nonsense such as that crude,
    ignorant & poorly thought out ‘Animal Faceplant’ show..

    In fact, the sizes of lions & tigers overlap, with most wild
    lions being larger – on average – today & most brown bear
    species that do not have masses of salmon to fatten up on,
    do not grow 1/2 as large as those rare/exceptional Kodiak bears.

    A bear which has only done its 1/2-arsed sparring – with its own kind
    will be stunned by the power/weaponry/speed/mobility/ferocity/killer expertise
    of the big cat, & will naturally try to run, but it is too fat & to slow to escape.

    The teeth/bite of the lion, which developed to penetrate the much tougher
    hides, tissues & skeletal structures of large ungulates – will find a bear to be,
    much easier to separate – skin/bone/ & meat – to chow down on..

    Your spurious conflation of tiny dog versus big dog is meaningless,
    as is your ludicrous idea that bear body morphology , which is
    in fact more like a dog/pig cross – as befits a dirt-scraping scavenger,
    can match the recent evolutionary developmental prowess of the
    obligate carnivore, the cat, which in the lion, is the prime land predator.

    Bear cannot compete, it loses.. its tough on grizzly fanboys, but true, none-the less…

    1. rob

      You really have no idea..
      Fat bears playing ‘pat a cake’
      will get severely bitch-slapped by a hungry big cat..

      James,you just lost any shred of credibility you had. Those “pat a cakes” have been known to snap 4X4 support post in Alaskan homes and storage barns. How do I know this? My Father lives there 6 months out of the year.

      It’s obvious you are going to ignore every FACT presented you. Once again, you seek conformation bias,not knowledge. Lions and Tigers are magnificent and beautiful animals. They aren’t going to kick a KodiakGrizzly/Polar bear,Rhino,hippo,cape buffalo,or elephant’s ass in a one on one fight. hose animals are just to big and strong. What’
      s so hard to understand?

  37. James W.

    Big deal rob,

    I spoke with woman who lived in Alaska, I was amazed when
    she told me she’d been using a ride-on mower when suddenly,
    a huge bear attacked her & – tried to bite through her skull.

    Naturally, I doubted that she could survive that, but she lifted
    up her hair-line & showed me where she’d been partially scalped,
    with the furrows rent by the bears teeth, either side of her skull, quite visible..

    In fact, the bear was then scared off by her dog – which belatedly showed up in
    response to her screams..

    Now, try & tell me that a huge lion on a mission to kill -would fail
    like that, or be frightened away, by a mere dog, once he’d tasted blood..

    The bear simply lacks the intensity & skillfully applied killing power, it is totally
    is out matched by the tiger, let alone the lion, as a dominant predator..

    Watch “The Ghost and the Darkness” – if you want to see how ruthlessly lions operate..

  38. rob

    James, quite frankly,you have began to bore me. It’s obvious you seek conformation bias and not knowledge. You never answered my question about why a 450 lb lion won’t attack a 6 ton African bull elephant. Your answer was the elephant will easily defeat the bear. No shite Sherlock. Only a moron would think a kodiak bear would win that fight. Size matters man. If you can’t see that,you are hopelessly lost.

  39. rob

    one more thing, I have researched power vs weight ratio. The strongest animal on earth using that formula is the dung beetle They can carry over 1000 times their body weight. I think both of us agree a human can easily stomp one and make that beetle a grease spot.

    Your lion or tiger isn’t even in the top 10 when it comes to bite force. The polar and grizzly bear make this list.

    once again, if you discount the insects, Tigers do win the paw swipe category by average weight. The problem is a kodiak or polar bear would simply absorb the punch. It’s the same thing as a heavy weight boxer walking through the punches of a middle weight. Size matters my man. learn it, love it, live it.

    1. James W.

      Poor ol’ rob,
      those sites you put up are unscientific,
      & are nonsense, do at least try go a bit deeper &
      find some realistic/substantiated zooological data..

      You credibility at this point is on par with your
      credulity, & to try & equate the scale of insects with
      large mammals shows you to be utterly foolish..

      FYI, just ask a surgeon how easy fat tissue is to cut,
      & how vascular ( prone to bleed out) fat is.. it might
      be needful for a bear to overwinter, but is a liability
      for any confrontation with a harder, deeper, biting,
      superbly sharp articulated cutting claw set, as wielded
      by the big cat – that is dedicated to carving him up…

      Bear is gone-burgers, if a prime lion gets his meat hooks into him..

  40. James W.

    right back at ya.

    You fail to comprehend the fundamental difference
    between am opportunistic part-time predator looking
    for any easy guts-filler, & a dedicated apex predator,
    which specializes in living on raw meat, by dominance.

    Being fat won’t help the bear in this confrontation, it is too slow,
    out of its depth in the fight, out gunned, & is going down to the lion,
    – like a skid row bum/mugger, targeted by a professional hit man.

    If you watched the posted video, you would see that pride
    lions will confront any potential prey, including elephant
    & all other African mega-fauna, even crocodile,
    – quite frankly, you know bears could not do this..

    But this thread is about lion vs bear, & the evidence is clear,
    boss lion whips the dead beat dumpster diver bruin..
    The size difference between bear & lion won’t alter this..
    A fact shown by the historical record, which you won’t check..

  41. rob

    >>>>>You fail to comprehend the fundamental difference
    between am opportunistic part-time predator looking
    for any easy guts-filler, & a dedicated apex predator,
    which specializes in living on raw meat, by dominance.>>>>>>

    you fail to comprehend the Kodiak/Polar bear is the largest land carnivore on the planet. They outweigh any feline on earth by three times. Sorry to burst your bubble,but those bears are the apex land predators in North America. No feline in Africa will stand a chance. Try again Bro

    >>>>>Being fat won’t help the bear in this confrontation, it is too slow,
    out of its depth in the fight, out gunned, & is going down to the lion,
    – like a skid row bum/mugger, targeted by a professional hit man.>>>>>

    lollolololol, where to start? hmmm. lolololololol. sorry, I had to bust a gut again. lolololololol. you just showed conformation bias again. lololololololol. In your world a lion could kill 3 Bull elephants with no help. lololololololol.
    not gonna happen bro.


    yes the evidence is clear. You’re an idiot.

  42. James W.

    Oh dear…
    Who’s the “idiot” now, rob?
    You are unable to accept/check facts,
    so you resort to an infantile lolololol… response,
    & about 3 bull elephants full, of blather..

    Your fat-as bears wouldn’t stand a chance in Africa, now,
    & their ancestors DID live there before lions showed up,
    but clearly couldn’t hack the pace, once lions took over..

    Brown bears which live in an especially favourable
    niche environment – which lacks such competition,
    do grow big & fat as – on Kodiak Is, just like the monitor
    lizards on Komodo Is do, & they too – are anomalous.

    Try & learn something real, rob, rather than blathering BS..
    Check lion adrenal hormone release & muscle response/power.
    Lions don’t have to pack on fat for winter, or carry the massive gut
    needed to process all the garbage bears must eat to put on the fat..

    Lions are lean, muscular-ripped, cat reflex, beast-killing machines,
    & bears are opportunistic stumble bum-clownish, yet cannibal mean..
    So get real rob, fact is – grizzly inevitably goes down to defeat,
    & the King takes the.. yeah you guessed it.. lion’s share..

  43. rob

    James, you really need to educate yourself and stop seeking conformation bias. I’m sure if I dug deep enough into the internets, I could find a blog that says a leaf cutter ant could defeat a 6 ton African bull elephant. What’s the point?

    Ignorance is defined as not having having knowledge due to the lack of being taught. Stupidity is defined as being taught and not being able to comprehend facts based on said training. You are the latter man. You’ve been schooled and still refuse to accept facts.

  44. James W.

    Hey rob.
    did you even bother to check the useful
    links cited in thsi thread? Guess not..

    Scroll up to the entry by ‘Theguywhois ‘,
    his link provides an excellent historical
    review of the literature of lion vs bear combats.

    One such example was of the King of Sweden,
    who received a ‘Barbary’ lion as a state gift,
    & as a spectacle, he decided to pit it against
    the best specimen of local wild forest brown bear.

    King & court were all surprised at how readily the lion
    despatched the bear, using his power/weaponry skills.

    But then, Barbary lions dominated the Atlas ( brown) bears
    which had shared their habitat, back in those times, naturally..

    Read it, rob – & the other published instances , & then – as I do,
    you will be able to present facts, instead of fanboy fantasy hype..

  45. rob

    James, I’ve done more reading on this subject than Carters have liver pills. I’m quoting my beloved late grandfather here. African and Asian bears are not in the same area code of size and power as the Kodiak grizzly or Polar bear. You discount the Tiger vs Bear video I posted,but this is really how both animals fight and attack in nature. A feline from the house cat to the Siberian tiger pounce. A bear will stand on their hind legs in an attempt to absorb said pounce.

    There is no feline on our planet currently who has the size and power to take on an adult male Kodiak or Polar bear. You know this,but won’t admit it. What you have been skirting in every comment is that fact. Tigers or Lions can easily dispatch any species of bear weighing approx. the same weight. Sloth bears of India are a good example. That species tops out around 400 Lbs. Kodiak grizzlys and Polar bears weigh 1500+ lbs at maturity. No lion or tiger is going to stand a chance against those species.

    You’ve still not answered my question. Do you think a 450 Lb lion can take out a 6 ton African bull elephant one on one? I’ve already said the elephant would crush any bear including the Kodiak and Polar bear. Why do you keep avoiding this question? I believe it’s because you don’t want to admit you’re wrong

  46. James W.

    your grandfather never weighed a 1500lb bear,
    such stories are not scientific/validated evidence.

    Cats use different techniques for different animals, I
    keep a housecat that shared a home with a Jack Russell
    dog, – when the large cat became irritated by the tenacious
    terrier, he would out wrestle the dog & get a throat bite choke
    hold on him, the family was concerned that the cat would
    decide one day, to not let go , & kill the dog.

    This same cat employs a very different technique against snakes,
    it utilizes its excellent vision & eye-coordinated paw striking speed to
    repeatedly beat the snake into flaccid submission.

    I once accidentally stood on this ( 7kg) cat in the dark, he reflexively struck
    me on the ankle, & it felt like being hit by a well swung golf club…
    The strike power a massive lion can apply is something also on record
    as a very dangerous attack technique.

    You can review the historical records of bears being killed by
    Spanish fighting bulls, being too vulnerable to those horns,
    & too fat/cumbersome to avoid them, yet also on record
    is the 19th century German woman, who toured Latin America
    with her lion troup, taking on local champion bulls to make
    a living, & successfully doing so, as the lions knew how to
    control, & beat the bulls..

    So rob, do read the linked/cited historical accounts, which
    indeed do also show, that lions have killed polar bears
    more often than you imagine, usually defeating the bear,
    & rarely losing..

    Likewise, there are accounts of big cats deliberately hamstringing
    large elephants, which then succumb to their injuries, & when it is
    unable to walk, it goes down & is eaten.. it is of course, a matter
    of developing a method of coping with such large prey items,
    & a size of walking beast – no bear ever has to contend with.

  47. rob

    James, this will be my last post. If others read this,and want to comment ,so be it. Your Feline bias is so showing it’s not even funny anymore. Yes, I have researched this topic. A larger animal is going to win a one on one fight you idiot. What can’t you understand? You’ve evaded my question about a 450 Lb Lion vs a 6 ton healthy African bull elephant for several posts now. You are not going to misdirect me away from that question. The fact that you keep avoiding it proves you seek nothing but conformation bias.

    You are not seeking knowledge James 😉

  48. James W.

    Purblind rob..
    “idiot” with bear-bias..
    Typical fat-boy fantasy, it seems like..

    Your woefully uneducated/plainly ignorant bias toward fat-as
    bears – does make me wonder if you are somehow attempting to
    mentally compensate for the shame/cognitive dissonance felt
    – over deep self-disgust at your own morbid obesity..
    & unresolved guilt about all the garbage you eat, so you
    are bound to emotionally associate with fat-as garbage-guts bears…
    So reality sure aint gonna get a look in there, now – is it – rob..


    The thread topic is quite clear, it is bear vs lion, & clearly here,
    the dominant lion wins – due to highly evolved killing prowess..

    Elephant is on the lion menu though, – along with all African mega-fauna,
    just as I have also previous noted..

    & bears would be too..
    ‘cept in Africa, they done been all ate up, already..

    Chew that over rob, lets see if you can bear it..

    1. James W.

      Again rob,

      Do yourself a favour,
      instead of “idiot” remarks..

      Do some actual subject study..

      Lets see..

      Bear VS lion

      Bite power- jaw opening angle/teeth size & strength/ with multiple attack/biting point options- lion wins..

      Muscular %/skeletal-morphological evolutionary adaptation for killing large dangerous animals – lion wins..
      ( including much tougher skin, & selectable, independently functional super-sharp hook holding/cutting claws)

      Aggression/ power-hormone ( testosterone/adrenaline) capacity for killing LDA – lion wins..
      ( including well-practised stealth approach, high speed/ impact sprint assault/attack technique)..

      Eye size-view angle/resolution power-coordination/reaction time paw strike advantage for killing LDA – lion wins..

      Body manoeuvre -agility plus strike power to dictate fight, & a really fundamental hunger for meat – lion wins..

      Got it now, bear-as?
      You’ve been done – like a bear-meat dinner..

      Game over…

  49. Fro Jenkins

    Bears are there own people and so are lions. If they fight and get hurt then the balance will be bad in nature. Food will be harder to be found by everyone and could lead to more widespread problems in general. Leave the animals home.

  50. Swapnil

    Guys you need to face the reality.. a lion is no match for a Grizzly bear. The bear will just torn apart lion within few seconds even lion’s hairy shield can’t do a damn thing about it.
    If bear chooses to fight toe to toe using his paws then the lion is done for. FOREVER.
    Bears are just as smart as tigers and there’s no denying in it. The fair match would be a Kaziranga Tiger vs Grizzly Bear. The Lions does not have forelimbs and backlimbs as heavyli muscled as tiger. If lions are really “fighter’ then why there are only handfull of accounts of lions killing tigers. The larger, heavier and stronger bear will win every time. I knew a account where a Grizzly bear made short work of a Lion and yet you dare to label lion as king of the beasts, How pathetic

    1. James W.

      Swampy’s back!
      Trollin’ on…
      He’s learned nothing… producing another garbage post
      & still with nil understanding of animal physiology.

      Anyone who IS interested in real encounters,
      can read the published accounts of lion VS bear, then
      check them for validity, such as if the age & sex were noted..

      These have been listed & the reference site is linked above
      in this thread… viz: the post by ‘Monarch’..

      Then you will see, ludicrous bear fan-boy fantasies – are trumped by facts,
      just as bear attributes – as an adept killer of large animals – are, by the lion.
      Lion is King.
      Bear is dead meat, when prime pride boss lion wants to eat. Fact.

  51. Swapnil

    Jamea when will you learn? It is a common knowledge the larger animal will win every time. Grizzly possess almost all the advantages, compared to its size grizzly has amazing agility. One strike from grizzly is enough to put so-called king of beasts out of action.

  52. James W.

    you must be ‘trolling’,
    you can’t really be so vacant IQ-wise..
    I mean, seriously…
    “…common knowledge…”
    Only a buffoon thinks that..

    So, more facts then, is it?
    ( Not that you’ll comprehend them, apparently..)

    Bears cant do massive leaps, from a run, or still..
    Bears cant land real powerful ‘haymaker’ blows..
    Bears have no real biting prowess,or power..
    Bears have blunt, fixed claws..
    Bears can’t sprint fast & do leap attacks..
    Bears can’t crouch low, then silently approach,
    – to launch a stealthy, yet super quick, accurate attack..
    Bears are fat-as garbage chasers…

    Lions are so much more adept at domination,
    & killing, – for males – its its their primary deal..

    A bigger, stronger lion will likely beat a smaller,
    less experienced lion as a rival… but this of course,
    is competition between big cats, & not a much lesser killer …

    Bears are nowhere near being in the same league as lions,
    lions are specifically adapted, recently evolved – natural born killers,
    bears are not, & being fat-as – won’t help them against a prime lion…

    Just look at video of bears attempting to prey on the occasional
    large ungulate, bear ineptitude would have a lion laughing in its face,
    – just before the lion would literally rip the bear’s stupid looking face,
    right from its skull, – just as it does – to much tougher built hyenas…

  53. Swapnil

    “Natural born killers” seriously! lol. No animal is born to kill, your comment is full of fanciful fanboy rant.
    Grizzly’s advantages are more relevant obviously a simple grizzly bear would annihilate a full grown male lion in few seconds if he tried. Rob is right you will never seek knowledge. Because lions don’t have heavy body like bears, stronger bite force, powerful jaws etc. it will be overwhelmed by the sheer size and superior strength of bear.

  54. James W.


    Just too funny..

    Look up ‘obligate carnivore’..
    The reason why the lion must
    indeed be a ‘natural born killer’..

    They cannot live on dirt-grubbing & dumpster diving,
    as bears do, & your ignorant repetition of false attributes
    per bear abilities is a pathetic reiteration of your own poor
    ability to mentally grasp these fundamental differences…

    Look up the annals of Davy Crockett, he made a living by
    hunting big-as grizzlies for their meat & pelts, armed only
    with a muzzle-loading single-shot rifle & a Bowie knife…

    Crockett rated the American native puma as a more dangerous
    animal, & its not even a big cat, & nowhere near the killing capability
    of the ‘fightinest’ & most openly aggressive one, the lion..

    Do yourself a favour & stop embarrassing yourself with stupid fanboy
    garbage, or a bear might sniff you out, & ineptly savage you..

  55. Swapnil

    Ummm I changed my mind, there are accounts of cougars and bears calling out draw so the bigger and stronger lion is expected to put up a good a fight.
    But still I think the bear had more chances of winning, obviously because they are far bigger and owes greater strength.

  56. James W.


    Whaaa.. you are actually learning?
    Amazing.. you do note that pumas are
    reported be difficult for a bear to combat,
    so a real lion, twice as big & a habitually super
    violent, aggressive & dominant apex predator,
    will do its thing, & have a bear-meat meal..

    Just check some vids of bears..
    & I don’t mean of them performing as circus clowns,
    – not that lions are ever humiliated like that..

    Bear weight gain – as fat, is of no fighting value..
    if you read Davy Crockett on hunting huge grizzlies,
    he comments that the heavier fat-as bears were easier
    to hunt down due to being weighed down & lacking
    the running & evasion skills of smaller, fitter bears..

    Those huge fat-as bears could not climb to escape his dogs,
    & once the bear was breathless /worn out from attempts to
    defend from the dog attack, Crockett could even kill them with his
    hunting knife.. no way you’d try that – more than once – with a big boss lion..

    A wild lion never gets fat, in fact it has ~60% muscle by weight,
    & since as an obligate carnivore, it does not need a huge gut
    to process the vegetation & various garbage bears eat..

    That 60% is the most of any large mammal, & it is very powerful muscle,
    supplied by massive cardiac output, & adrenal gland response.. & working
    around a very effective skeletal structure, as befits a recent evolutionary
    specialist killer, & one which is adept at taking down huge animals, & very
    dangerous ones, including crocodiles, as well as combat with their own kind..

    Honestly – check the vids of bears confronting large animals – bears are amateurish..
    Could a bear face down a crocodile, or aggressive cape buffalo, as boss lions do?
    No way…
    & no way could a fat-as, uncoordinated for fighting, bear – unused to real combat,
    – match a beast-killing pride boss..

  57. rob

    James W.
    May 25, 2016
    Too funny ‘Undoomed’ – you are so wrong on all counts..

    Actually James, he took you to school and you failed his course. I took the time to read the entire comment section again. It proves what others and I have been saying all along. You don’t seek knowledge. You are a lion fan boy caught up in a fantasy that doesn’t exist in the real world we live in. A 450 Lb Lion is not going to win a fight with the largest carnivore that walks the planet. It doesn’t matter if the fight is on the African plains or the Alaskan hills. The Grizzly or Polar bear is going to crush a lion. They are just bigger,faster,and stronger than any lion. BTW, don’t bring up speed again. It shows your ignorance. Lions run at 30 Mph. Grizzly’s can run 45 mph.

  58. James W.

    played himself the last post..
    yet now he’s back, as a ghost…
    Too funny..

    Still has no idea though. bet its
    all just another turkey fantasy..

    Fact is..

    Grizzly bears are not true carnivores, they’re like pigs,
    they are generally basic dirt grubbing opportunists..
    & unlike the lion, bears, just like pigs, prefer eating garbage,
    as it seems, does rob – all due to hunting being hard work
    for a fat-as , ill-equipped, too slow , furry lump of lard..

    See any video of a bear trying to catch a bison on the
    plains, its pathetic, no way can a grizzly run at “45 mph”…
    They are slow to accelerate, slow to change line on the run,
    & their dirt-grubber claws are too blunt to hook a tendon on
    a fleeing beast.. Nor can they leap out in ambush, or sprint…
    Lions sprint quicker than a cheetah – from a standing start..

    Check the video of lions taking down huge giraffes, by running/leaping
    up on to their neck, & tackling ’em to the ground.. a slow, fat-as bear
    would simply get its goofy head kicked in – if it tried to take a giraffe..

    A 550+ lb lion sprinting full-on at & charging down a grizzly bear would
    smash it down, & work it over hard, in the same motion as the tackle..
    & using its much more highly developed striking, clawing & biting
    prowess would shock & awe the bear, which is used only to ‘pat a cake’
    scuffles with his own kind..

    Fat-as grizzly might get a brief moment to think,
    “Hey that’s a huge cougar, & he means business!”,
    & get a moment of fear in his bully-cannibal coward’s heart..
    but he’s in for far worse, & he can’t even fend or run…
    He’s meat on a plate, for a real deal apex predator…

    It s a fact rob.. not fantasy.. for sure – you’re worse with them than
    even Swappy is, at least he read some evidence, & saw his error..

    1. Dakota

      A giraffes center of balence is much higher than that of a bear just like it’s easier to tackle a tall person because the majority of their weight is high off the ground, I’d love to se your lion charge at a bear and move him more than an inch, that’s like running into a brick wall.

  59. rob

    no way can a grizzly run at “45 mph”…

    You are a true moron James. I’m still here. This statement just blew every point you tried to make out of the water. Research man, knowledge is a beautiful thing. It’s obvious you don’t. Conformation bias. That’s all you are.

    1. James W.

      so, back to trollin’ on with the Swampy , eh..
      Despite your “last post” & “bye bye” B-S..
      Your credibility is on a par with Swampy’s – nil – in fact..

      You claim to have read the posts & supporting data cited,
      but continue in denial, as a fanboy/troll must..

      As for the matter of “conformation bias” rob, you
      the one are doing it, with a hefty dose of ‘projection’
      to boot..

      & its you who prefers to believe ‘tall tales’ about grizzlies,
      wallowing in fantasy – as a fat bear does,
      in a dumpster load of soiled diapers..

      Like it or not rob, the bottom line is..
      Boss lion beats & eats brown bear..

  60. Swapnil

    James I never said Lion will win the fight, I only said that lion is expected to put up a good fight. Otherwise, lion isn’t worth of putting a scratch on Bear.

  61. Swapnil

    James I never said Lion will win the fight, I only said that lion is expected to put up a good fight. In truth a Lion can never win this fight.

    1. James W.


      Repeating the same nonsense
      does you no credit..

      “In truth” – you’re both a troll & an ignoramus, on this subject..
      Lion is a far more proficiently adept & athletic killer than a bear.

      See here:

      Grizzly would have no chance against that speed & power…

  62. James W.

    do you reckon the US Fish & Wildlife Service
    might know more than you – about how fast bears can run?
    Or do you think them to be in the “moron” category, too, – L.O.L…

    USF&WS lists the grizzly as incapable of running at your fanciful “45 mph”,
    but only able to achieve ..
    “…speeds of up to 35 mph.”
    Yeah, so in fact – some 15 mph slower than the lion…
    ( & never mind acceleration rates.. eh rob, since the bear is too slow there, too).

    Of course rob, you have shown yourself incapable of providing any reputable data,
    or even links – to such..

  63. Dee

    James who would win in a fight between a Lion and a elephant

  64. rob

    james,do the math, that’s all i’ve ever said. A 450 lb lion with a lesser paw and bite force is not going to defeat a 1500 lb + Polar or Kodiak bear one on one. The Bear is bigger,stronger,has denser bones,and more stamina. You have ignored these facts the last two years. Once again,conformation bias not knowledge.

    1. James W.

      rob, rob, rob…
      Wrong again… & again..
      Your lame “maths” simply does not ‘bear out’ – in reality..

      Lions routine kill & eat animals larger than bears,
      & they fight & defeat more dangerous animals than bears too,
      viz: other lions…

      To a boss lion, the grizzly bear is meat to be taken down, whether fat-as for Xmas, or not..
      To the bear, such a lion is its worst nightmare, being the professional ‘terminator’ of beasts..

      But hey rob, you are clearly not interested in the facts anyhow, are you – rob, since evidently
      you much prefer being an ignorant bear fanboy troll/circus clown, & thus refuse to face them…

      Regardless of how stupidly like a ‘bear with a bad head’.. your own posts reveal you to be…

      1. Dakota

        Your boss lion would be in a group to take on a lone deer because they aren’t fast enough, then they still have to hunt as a group for bigger prey because the size does matter, a water buffalo will kill your lion one on with any of its appendages or head. Even if the lion got the first pounce, I’ve seen discovery channel you can see a group of lions take down a buffalo but it took 6 lions to get the weakest one in the group the lions got shrugged off and kicked off.

        1. James W.

          Do check some – actual verified/validated evidence-based, science.
          You can then revise your ill-informed views about lions, accordingly.

          Big male lions specialize in taking down big prey, so they can obtain
          the amount of protein to grow sufficiently big bold & powerful, so as
          to wrest a position as pride boss, & demonstrate their primary killer
          prowess, & protector of their family & hunting grounds against any.

          Such a prime big-boss lion ( & a reliably examined example, weighing
          272kg – is on record as a specimen – at the museum in Nairobi, Kenya)
          will not hesitate to destroy a grizzly dumb enough to enter his space.

  65. Rob

    wild grizzly rob? Where was it weighed?
    Who measured it? What proof do you have?
    On average, science show that weighed in the wild
    grizzly bears don’t get much past ~400-to-500lb..

    James this is why you are no biologist,full of BS and a Lion fan boy who is mad because his beloved feline would get crushed by a Kodiak grizzly or Polar bear who can weigh in excess of 1500 Lbs. You have the knowledge to do a little bit of research . Take off the blinders and do it.

    1. James W.

      you obviously have no idea about research,
      since the sites you linked were just garbage,
      like the food of choice for bears, & yourself..

      The continued fantasy of the “1500 lb grizzly”,
      very few of which have ever existed, & all of which
      were hugely obese at that point – fat-as, for sure,
      & needed for hibernation – but useless for defending
      itself against a true beast killer carnivore, in the lion..

      Face facts rob, your “beloved’ fave – is just a fat, juicy feed, for the King..
      Fat-as bear can’t defeat the lion, or run away at “45 mph” ( L.O.L..),
      & is too fat to even climb – or evade at all, there’s no escaping his fearful fate..

  66. rob

    you obviously have no idea about research,
    since the sites you linked were just garbage,
    like the food of choice for bears, & yourself..

    The continued fantasy of the “1500 lb grizzly”,
    very few of which have ever existed, & all of which
    were hugely obese at that point – fat-as, for sure,
    & needed for hibernation – but useless for defending
    itself against a true beast killer carnivore, in the lion..

    Face facts rob, your “beloved’ fave – is just a fat, juicy feed, for the King..
    Fat-as bear can’t defeat the lion, or run away at “45 mph” ( L.O.L..),
    & is too fat to even climb – or evade at all, there’s no escaping his fearful fate..

    Reply ↓

    Jams, this is why A biologist would laugh at your ignorance/stupidity. A 1500 lb Polar/Kodiak Brown is not obese. He’s the dominant male at that weight. A puny 450 lb Lion would get crushed.

    Btw, what does an animals diet have to do with “superiorority” A 6 ton bull elephant eats nothing but grass and leaves. The same for a Rhino and Hippo. If you think for one second a solitary Lion stands a chance against those three, you need help bro. Take the blinders off man.

  67. James W.

    “A biologist”?
    Which one? Cite their findings..
    A zoologist, with specific research data, maybe..

    But you miss the point, as usual , since carrying a huge fat % is not athletic..’s a liability for a fat-as bear, & not a fighting advantage against a lion..
    High protein intake allows the superior muscle development of the lion,
    with its adept beast-killing capability, due to its recent evolutionary advent.
    Yet another point which you need to educate yourself on, rather than your
    blindly “beloved” bear fat adoration, & your pig-headed refusal to face facts..

    This thread is lion vs bear, its you who needs to “take the blinders off”,
    & cease such ignoramus-like trolling…

    Elephant, hippo, rhino, giraffe are all big prey items for lions,
    but are indeed taken down, these are feats of true hunting prowess,
    – at which the amateurish grizzly bear would be useless ,
    so even a fattest bear, which is much less impressive an animal,
    would present itself as just more tasty meat, thus to be relentlessly
    subjugated – by the real big boss of apex land predators, the lion..

    1. Dakota

      The bears he is referring to have a larger length, head, paws and muscle then the ones you are talking about if it was a fat bear then those would be the same as the ones in your fantasies

    1. James W.

      the irony is,
      “delusional” – fairly sums up your fan boy fat-fantasy approach.

      A reasonable inquiry, that reviews the relevant literature shows
      how foolish you are being , troll or otherwise, & beyond “help”..

      The bear is comprehensively out-gunned by the lion,
      as an expert killer of large animals, in every aspect,
      from aggressive temperament to natural attributes,
      including weaponry, resilience & experiential technique..

      That you consistently wish to match the fattest bear ( “1500 lb”)
      against a runty ( “450 lb”) example lion really shows both
      how weird your fat agenda is, & how you have to try & slant
      weights to give the bear – even if a fantasy – a fighting chance..
      ( & as if being a massive lard-ass is a combat advantage, L.O.L..) .

      rob, you are humiliating yourself here, & your fantasies are a joke,
      yet evidently you have no shame, as when you order massive meals
      of junk food, to better emulate your ‘fave’ – the obese grizzly bear..
      Just grin & bear it, like ol’ dumb-as yogi, don’t you – eh , rob..

  68. Rob

    James, it’s actually you that is humiliating and embarrassing yourself. You’ve proven yourself to be nothing more than a feline fan boy living in fantasyland.

    Kodiak Grizzly’s and Polar bear have superior size,strength,bite force and paw swipe force. The outweigh Lions by nearly 4 times. The fact you can’t get this through your blinders goes beyond ignorance. You are stupid if you believe a lion has a chance against the largest carnivore that walks the planet.

    James, the reason you lose credibility is you don’t respect all animals. I believe the Lion is a magnificant creature,but i’m also smart enough to know their limitations. They aren’t going to win a one on one fight with a Hippo,Rhino,Elephant or 1500 lb polar or Kodiak grizzly bear. Use common sense man. It’s really easy 🙂

  69. James W.

    Wrong rob,
    & wrong again as usual..
    “common sense” does not contend with facts..
    & “respect”? You have none, hence the pathetic
    attempts at cheap shots, & slanted parameters..
    It goes to your lack of credibility – that is quite shameful..
    Trolling is no substitute for a reality check,
    something – which you repeatedly fail..

    How do you not get that being massively fat is no use
    in a fight, in fact it is an impediment to effective combat..
    You really need to lose that fat-as fantasy realm of yours..

    You also need to understand that lion skull size, teeth & biting power
    exceed those of even the fattest grizzly bear, & by a serious margin..
    As for “swipes”, sure the bear likely “swipes”its own fat-as, when it
    takes a dump in the woods.. but it is hopeless as fighting technique,
    as clearly shown by the video evidence.. unlike the lion which can &
    does routinely put its very real smack down to killing use…

    So yeah rob, between the lion’s advanced specialised killing weaponry ,
    reaction speed, & eye-to- power coordination, all of which best the bear,
    & its regular/necessary skills honing of killing huge beasts..
    its a natural fact…

    For the lion, a bear = animal, soon to be a meat meal, & a fact check
    so “easy” rob, even if you cannot accept it, due to your mental state..

    but, hey get used to it..
    ..rob you are simply showing why grizzlies are just so overrated,
    & in a typically pigheaded way – by ignoramus fanboy trolls,
    who grizzly like, really bring nothing to the actual contest,
    ‘cept bluff & bluster,- then its back to the dumpster, for a dive in..

  70. rob

    Come on James, you really can’t be this ignorant.

    You also need to understand that lion skull size, teeth & biting power
    exceed those of even the fattest grizzly bear, & by a serious margin..
    As for “swipes”, sure the bear likely “swipes”its own fat-as, when it
    takes a dump in the woods..

    Come on dude, is this the best you have? You’ve denied facts and trying to pass of BS that nobody with the ability to research can disprove? I’m not going to do your homework again. The Polar/Grizzly have bite forces at 1200 PSI. The Lion is 800 PSI. Those species of bears have been witnessed decapitating a half ton moose with that “ass wiping” swipe. Felines have lightweight bones built for speed. It’s needed to chase down prey as nature intended. They are no match for the bigger and stronger Kodiak or Polar bear. If those species can decapitate a moose,what do you think they will do to a Lion or Tigers spine?

    Research Research Research. It really isn’t that hard James.

  71. James W.

    so you’re still trollin’ on I see..
    that’s lame dude, real lame..

    Posting utter nonsense as usual,
    ..totally unscientific, & without credibility..

    Your figures are wrong, of course, & as for your
    imagining that lions have “lightweight bones”,
    yet do take down far larger & more dangerous prey
    on a regular basis – than any grizzly bear ever does..
    ..its just pathetic..

    & especially since you were previously claiming
    that it was bears who were “built for speed”, capable
    of running at “45 mph” !
    Jeeze, c’mon rob, that’s just so stupidly ludicrous..

    Do at least find some actual research based data,
    its not too hard.. ( again – see the links cited by posters here,
    ‘Monarch’, & ‘theguywhois’ ) – rather than embarrass yourself
    with useless junk taken from ‘kids stuff’ sites – which clearly are
    devoid of any basis in reality..

    Except that wouldn’t suit your real agenda here,
    eh, rob.. ..which is actually that of bear-fat fanboy/troll..
    ..wallowing in garbage, like a grizzly in a dumpster..

    Fact is rob, you lose here, & you can’t bear it..

    & funnily enough, that’s just as the fat-as grizzly goes,
    like you, being beat down by the King of the beasts,
    & dominant boss of open ground carnivores,
    ..the mighty lion..

    1. Dakota

      I’m noticing that you have one solid source here and a bunch of biased YouTube videos

      1. James W.

        Actual footage, natural wildlife vids?
        Well, that’s pretty funny – coming from you.

        Your level of denial, is higher than the water level
        in the massive reservoir of the Aswan dam,
        – when de Nile is in full ‘100 year’ max-flood mode..

  72. rob

    James, this will be my last post on this forum. If others decide to chime in,so be it. This entire thread has shown you do not seek knowledge. If you did,you’d realize a 450 lb lion would get crushed by a much larger,stronger animal with superior bite and paw force. It’s the way of nature. Big fish eat little fish. I know you are a flamer and will try to misdirect the truth by saying a Pirranah eats much bigger fish. That’s true,but they do it in groups,just like Lions.

    There is no feline on this planet that’s going to defeat a healthy adult Polar/Kodiak grizzly,Rhino,hippo,or a bull elephant in an one on one battle. Wake up from your dream. It’s not going to happen.

    Have a good life. I’m moving on to more intelligent debate.

  73. James W.

    oh no, not yet more worthless promises..
    & especially, given your record of trolling, & lack of credibility,
    I doubt it.. you’ll likely troll-post again, under another name..
    & frankly, it is you rob, who refuses to accept reality here..

    Obsession with fat-as fur-bags blinds you to the shown facts..
    Strawman nonsense, cherry-picking, & ad-hominem abuse, is all you do..

    So rob, get this..

    The grizzly bear is a dumpster-diving moocher, & is poor-as game hunter,
    being just an over-bearing bully, an opportunistic stooge with amateur abilities ,
    & yet for sure, the grizzly is no match for the dedicated dominance of the lion,
    which is a real professional hunter-killer of beasts far more formidable than
    your over-rated fat-as fanboy fave, the grumbling, bumbling, grizzly bear..

    Do try to comprehend, rob.. given all the many well-listed advantages
    a prime boss lion wields, to it – a bear is simply another beast to be bested,
    & unlike when the lion habitually destroys other rival predators..
    ..its gonna eat bear meat, & savour its juicy fat – rewarding the joy of slaughter..

    1. Dakota

      Bears didn’t always have dumpsters to go to the had to scavenge and hunt fight other predators and bears, those little paw swipes can break though cars without hassle and can break bones like twigs

  74. Nick

    Head to head a bear wins easy…lions ambush.. and hunt in all the arguements are skewed because it would never happen anyway unless we really make it happen..bears dont need to be provoked because the are top preditors, and use much more well rounded hunting tactics..put it this way the bear is the fisherman he lurs the lion the straight over powers him..its like saying humans arent the top preditors…we have brains, siences says bears are more inteligent…yawn

  75. Nick

    It like saying a lion vs an eliphant..eliphant, bear vs eliphant the elipant wins, size strenth and IQ.. bear >lion, smarter, stronger

  76. James W.

    Lions have bigger & stronger heads, eyes, teeth, jaws,
    & yes.. brains – than a grizzly bear..
    Lions dominate the much tougher environment of Africa,
    they are born to kill & eat meat..
    ..lots of it, & habitually hunt beasts, many of them larger, &
    much more dangerous animals – than a bear might – rarely – face..

    So when the amateur, clumsy, blunt-clawed, dirt-scratching,
    fish-breathed, dumpster-diving, bully-cannibal ball of fat-as fur.. confronted by the lion, a professional killer of beasts,
    .. (inc’ any/all other rival carnivores)..
    .. the bear loses.. & badly, with any confrontation swiftly ended..
    .. by getting the fat flensed off his broken back..

    Yeah Nick, so forget your own ignorant opinions,
    & check the facts already posted here,
    & the excellent source sites linked by posters ‘Monarch’ & ‘Theguywhois’..
    & you might get it..
    Unless of course, you are just another fat-as furry fanboy troll..

    1. rob

      James, I can’t lie. I’m still drawn to this thread because you prove one thing. Every time you type a response shows just how stupid you are. Conformation bias. learn it, love it, live it

      1. James W.

        you are a classic troll, always unable to face facts..
        Fact is..
        Boss lion beats down dumpster divin’ fat-as bruin bum..

        & so bereft of data, rob – being typically troll-like,
        – resorts to cheap shot, ad hominem abuse..
        ..your most recent post is just so hilariously ironic, too..

    2. Dakota

      What you are referring to is instinct, the bears are clever and figure out how to open your dumpsters, where the best spots are for certain berries and fish, the bears instinct tells him I can catch those fish by grabbing then, you keep saying they are circus animals, they are smart enough to learn these things while your lion is to stupid to learn the simplest tricks

      1. James W.

        go watch ‘The Ghost & the Darkness”, see lion ‘smarts’
        & thereby educate yourself – on how “stupid” you’ve been..

    3. Julia

      James, I have had it. You know what you are? You are a pussy. You are a dreamer, a flamer. You are the one who is a amateur, clumsy, dirt-scratching, fish-breathed, dumpster-diving, ball of fat-ass* blubber. You like to mess around with people, and never admit that you are WRONG. You think you can insult people, but you never even use proper grammar! Such as: as, instead of ass. I’d assume that’s because you are too young to cuss? Way too short of paragraphs, thinking that makes you sophisticated. It doesn’t. Saying, “Tiny”, “Troll”, is all an example of flaming. You cannot roast or insult someone. Give up. You can do stuff in life, and I think you already are. You can be who you want to be, but just try not to waste this much time arguing about a lion. I’m sorry if I was harsh. Thank you.

      1. James W.

        Why are you such a pretentious hypocrite?
        This is..properly, what you should be.. “sorry” about..

        Ironically, your ‘holier-than-thou’ pontificating..
        & risible attempts at a ‘school marm’ type censure..
        only serve.. to identify you.. as a pompous poseur..
        with no valid substance, but an over-inflated ego..

        “Harsh” maybe, but you sure needed telling.. L.O.L…

  77. Trav

    According to ancient roman Colosseum fights, circus mishaps and cage fights in Russia and America during the 1800s, its that large male lions who almost always win against Black bears, Grizzely/Brown and even polar bears. It seems the Lion is super willing to engage in combat with other animals and usually rushes the bear head on and bites its neck until the bear gives in. Very rarely does the Bear manage to kill a Male african lion. Tigers also do very well agaisnt bears often killing them the same way the Lion does. And when it comes to Male lions vs Male Tigers the Lions usually win even though the tigers are generally abit heavier. The mane and the fact the lions are generally more willing to fight to the death is what gives them the edge.

    Heres the sources.

    1. James W.

      good post & link too.. & that’s real evidence for sure.
      Too bad if the trolls & bear-as boys won’t accept reality..

      Probear for example, who only puts garbage on his site,
      because that’s what fat-as bears, & their fanboys, prefer..

    1. James W.

      No Toby,
      no “real answers” there..
      That is a bear fanboy site,
      a vanity project which appears solely to project
      ‘brobear’s biased pro-bear baltherings..
      & is of no value to this thread.

      In fact ‘brobear’, ah, I mean – ‘probear’ – is almost
      as much of a pig-headed ignoramus as rob is, on here..

      1. rob

        n fact ‘brobear’, ah, I mean – ‘probear’ – is almost
        as much of a pig-headed ignoramus as rob is, on here..

        James, all I’ve asked from you is to provide truth, not opinion. Opinion doesn’t count in the scientific method. Unless you provide truth, you are a moron. It’s really that simple.

        1. James W.

          as a troll, you rob the world of oxygen..
 best – you offer such hilarious irony,
          since you seem devoid of self-awareness.. or shame at your hypocrisy..

          You quite have evidently no interest in ‘truth’, only your own
          useless ‘opinion’ which is – unlike the actual “scientific method”
          – solely based on your rabid fat-as fanboy fantasy bear focus,
          & thus not able to acknowledge the evidence, as has been shown here.

          Bear loses to the lion as superior apex predator, which is scientifically shown
          to be a more adept evolutionary form, & confirming its ‘king of beasts’ title..

          rob however, you present yourself here as nothing but unscientific opinion..
          Well, that & being a classic example of the degenerate interweb troll..
          you’re just so pathetic rob.. it’d be best if you do actually go now,
          & hibernate.. in the big, deep, bear-hole you’ve dug for yourself.. L.O.L…

  78. Swapnil

    Ah good old James, you haven’t changed a bit, did you?

    Can you tell me which animal will win a fight between Polar bear and African lion? 😀😀😁😁

    1. James W.

      if you really want to know about that,
      there are a number of accounts cited
      in the links posted by ‘Monarch’ earlier
      in this thread..

      Bears of any kind, white, brown or black,
      do not, & can not, – hack life in
      the lion’s zone of habitat..
      A pure fact..

  79. rob

    That is a bear fanboy site,
    a vanity project which appears solely to project
    ‘brobear’s biased pro-bear baltherings..
    & is of no value to this thread.

    In fact ‘brobear’, ah, I mean – ‘probear’ – is almost
    as much of a pig-headed ignoramus as rob is, on here..

    That is a bear fanboy site,
    a vanity project which appears solely to project
    ‘brobear’s biased pro-bear baltherings..
    & is of no value to this thread.

    In fact ‘brobear’, ah, I mean – ‘probear’ – is almost
    as much of a pig-headed ignoramus as rob is, on here..

    That is a bear fanboy site,
    a vanity project which appears solely to project
    ‘brobear’s biased pro-bear baltherings..
    & is of no value to this thread.

    In fact ‘brobear’, ah, I mean – ‘probear’ – is almost
    as much of a pig-headed ignoramus as rob is, on here..

    Still checking in James, you are such a loser

    “we are all born ignorant. Remaining an idiot takes a lot of work ” -Albert Einstein.

    That’s you in a nutshell James

    1. James W.

      Ah, rob,
      got nothing but cheap insults..
      useless rob, you are the loser in this debate,
      you’ve run away sulking – how many times now..
      whipped – just like the fat-as bruin is, versus the boss lion.

      Compare the sophisticated physiology of he lions paw,
      with its actively extendable stay-sharp claws, each operated by
      a discrete tendon, allowing independent & cooperative predatory
      function, enabling a both a hooking grasp while working a shear-like
      cutting motion to tear through hide & connective tissue.. a grizzly with its dumb-as, fixed, ground contact blunted dirt grubbers ..
      ..its no contest..
      & really, so like rob, with his risible & predictably inane blatherings..

  80. Swapnil

    Why are you not ready to face the reality James? A 170kg hairy predator is not going to win against a killer.

    1. James W.

      are you referring to rob as the 170kg hairy fat-as?
      So you have a thing for his homo-stereotype?
      He’s like a sad zombie troll on here.. dead & brainless-as..

      Ok, Swami with nil idea.. why is it that bears do not live
      in the Gir forest? Oh yeah, that’s right.. ’cause lions do..
      ..& lions – are the apex predator there.. so bears stand no chance..

      Howzat! – For a particular Asian sub-continent – reality check..

  81. rob

    Ah, rob,
    got nothing but cheap insults..
    useless rob, you are the loser in this debate,

    No James, you are the loser because you fail to grasp reality. You’ve been given fact after fact after fact. You still choose to ignore them and seek conformation bias. You’ve been owned,educated,and slapped up side the head with facts. Einstein is right. You’re putting in a lot of work remaining an idiot.

  82. James W.

    you jest keep on trollin’ along..

    Your lack of self-awareness is on par with your lack of credibility..
    It is you who both fails to comprehend the reality, or provide any
    real data, kiddies sites won’t cut it.. just as a grizzly cant..

    Up against the lion, a true obligate carnivore, & the apex predator
    which purposefully & adeptly kills much tougher animals..
    .. than the garbage stinkin’ bear.. bear loses.. just like rob..

  83. Rob

    Up against the lion, a true obligate carnivore, & the apex predator
    which purposefully & adeptly kills much tougher animals..
    .. than the garbage stinkin’ bear.. bear loses.. just like rob..

    Reply ↓

    Really now, So a 6 ton Bull Elephant is on the menu for a Lion? You’ve avoided answering this question for months.

    You are the troll and idiot James.

  84. James W.

    No rob..
    You have avoided leaving – as you have repeatedly claimed you would,
    but instead, you’ve reverted – typically, to basic trolling.. hence the off-topic ploy..
    & yes, FYI – as previously stated, lions prey on elephant herds, accept it, – its a fact..

    Grizzly bears however, would stand no chance.. even against a juvenile pachyderm..
    ..but then again of course, bears could not cut it in lion country.. & were extirpated by them..
    & so the bears in African grasslands & forests – ran out of skills, talent & luck, way back when..
    Just like you, rob.. L.O.L…

  85. rob

    , lions prey on elephant herds,

    you have totally lost it dude. Lions do not prey on elephant herds.

    You are grasping at straws man

  86. James W.

    you are really are such an ignoramus, even as a troll..

    Check the youtube clip of an elephant herd being
    played the recording of a boss male lion roaring.. they are real fearful..
    & look up the Kratt brothers clip on youtube, of lions hunting elephants
    it is just one one many – showing lions killing elephants..

    They’d naturally do the same to any bear they found on their hunts, too..

  87. James W.

    & something else..
    Its hilariously funny that Hollywood movies which feature angry bears..
    ..often find it needful to overdub the lame ‘Chewbacca’ type groaning
    sound that bears make – with the mighty roar of the lion, & so obviously
    in order to make it make it seem more threatening..
    See: ‘Without a Paddle’ – for example..

  88. rob

    Its hilariously funny that Hollywood movies

    That’s the world you are living in James. You are beyond ignorant. You are truly fucking stupid. Keep living in fantasy land man 🙂

  89. James W.

    Awww.. poor widdle wob butt-hurt, like the ‘bear’ in ‘Super Troopers’? L.O.L…
    & don’t you mean ‘Frontier Land’ – rob.. with Davy Crockett – bear hunter..

    Watch this big male lion easily leap up & climb a vertical pole – for meat..

    Only a Hollywood CGI grizzly could match that atheticism,
    & as for fat-as trolls like rob, absolutely no chance.. ‘cept in his dreams..

  90. Tony/Aka

    You know, this truly is silly. Lio has no chance against something 2 or 3 times it’s size. This battle is like harry potter vs percy jackson… lion (harry potter) is gonna get literally annihilated.

  91. Aka/Tony

    Boy, you really like lions. Can I ask you a question? What would win, lion or Asian cow elephant (completely random elephant)?

  92. James W.

    What’s not to like?
    Well, except of course the halitosis… is real bad, & stinks – as if it emanates from rob..

    Lion VS elephant is a natural event, yeah
    so some lions specialize in taking them on,
    as prey items, via apex dominance routines – yet also,
    other lions may avoid confrontations with elephants..

    But the fact remains that the big cats will make
    the choice to execute particular hunting schemes
    as a needful matter, since unlike bears, they will
    not live like pigs, rooting around in the dirt..
    ..& eating garbage – by preference..

    1. rob

      ut the fact remains that the big cats will make
      the choice to execute particular hunting schemes
      as a needful matter, since unlike bears, they will
      not live like pigs, rooting around in the dirt..
      ..& eating garbage – by preference..

      I still see you are living in fantasy land James. You are really, truly,unabashed fucking stupid

  93. Aka\tony

    Yeah but the problem is grizzly bear is twice the size of African lion. I agree the lion is the better fighter and hunter, but bear is to big, to strong. I mean they’re HUGE. Now were not talking Siberian tigers, were talking grizzlies! Now, I’m not trying to be like Swapnil or Anonymous who clearly argue a lot with you james. Even a pride of lions could without doubt miserably fail to catch Asian or African cow elephant. Can I switch the topic? Jaguars are boss cats and has a 50-50 against the lion. But I don’t think it could beat tiger. A warning, james. Don’t underestimate bears. They are ruthless killers that could smash only with it’s paw swipes a lion with a little luck. So lion is going down.

  94. Aka\tony

    Do you think a lion alone can beat a Siberian tiger?

  95. Tony\Aka

    Whats not to like? You think a lion can beat a polar bear! Even a grizzly would give a lion a beat down.

  96. James W.

    Again does a major fail.. as befits such a pathetic troll.. with zero topic credibility..
    rob cannot realistically dispute the facts, with his useless fat-as bear fantasies..
    & so predictably – as a troll, he then resorts to tedious repetition of lame insults..

    Bear loses to lion & rob loses to mental meltdown in the face of this reality..
    Too funny, – just like a bear doing its circus clown act, on a weeny bike..

  97. Aka/Tony

    I still think grizzly would win, despite what James said… I am only 11 years old, and I seem to know mooe than most of the people here… because I do research. So James, do you think a lion could beat a Siberian tiger?

    1. James W.

      You need to check the data links listed above in this thread..
      There are useful literature reviews provided for you to ‘research’,
      & so you can correct your erroneous assumptions.. since..
      ..these show clearly.. the bear will be the loser.. in a prime 1-to-1 fight..

      Although tigers & lions are very similar as ‘cousin’ species.. general, the essential differences do favour the lion – in a showdown..
      ..both in physical & temperament/social conditioning matters..
      & the historical record, ah bears.. this out..

  98. Aka\Tony

    Well, we do argue quite a bit… but there is no point in arguing here, the bear is twice the size of lion… and could go on all day while the lion would be spent in ten minutes. Please, don’t even go there talking about Siberian tigers. I have a question for you: Do you onpurposley spell everyones name wrong? Another thing… what is with the horrible english? Lion vs tiger would be like Michael Jordan vs LeBron James… of course Jordan/tiger wins… it won’t even be that much of a competition! You know it’s bad when you think a lion can beat a grizzly and Siberian tiger… true, bears are kind a lazy… but their incredible strength makes up for it. This really is ridiculous, every time the bear has encountered the lion, the fight hasn’t exactly gone in the lions favor… it was destroyed. There has been no case where the lion has defeated the bear. Even a black bear might put up a fight to the mighty lion… so the lion will get it’s ass handed to him. It’s not hard. Bear destroys lion.

  99. Tony\Aka

    No, James. Lion get’s annihilated by bear and tiger… major strength and size differential. Tiger destroys lion and bear destroys lion.

  100. Tony\Aka

    Sir I have one question for you. What can beat a lion? Answer: A jaguar! A bear! A tiger! A rhino! A hippo! A honey badger!

  101. James W.

    Are you really rob?
    Or just a punk kid – troll in training… L.O.L…

    Anyhow, best you stay away from McDonald’s ‘happy meals’..
    ..or you’ll end up a useless fat-as, & like rob, a garbage-guts grizzly, with it.. L.O.L…

    Lion deals to bear.. its a natural fact.. even if trolls are in denial*, along with crocs..

    * Denial = de Nile.. the African river.. geddit now.. do ya, eh, kid..

  102. Aka/Tony

    I have never ate from McDonalds. But you clearly have. I just agree with Rob on this fight. You are just trying to start an argument.

  103. James W.

    If you choose to “agree”with the troll rob “on this”,
    then you are clearly uninterested in the “research” – as you claimed to be,
    & are, in reality , just proving yourself to be a troll – like rob..

    Either that, or your child-mind cannot grasp the essential similarities
    between lion & tiger, ( with the few real differences being in favour of the lion),
    since you accept that the tiger preys on bear, but somehow imagine that the
    lion could not..
    & that “argument” – which you present – is simply put, dumb-as..

    Try again, kid.. & use a valid evidence base – for the natural facts of the matter..
    If you do, you’ll see the lion is the superior being, over the bear, apex predator-wise..

    ( & if you are really interested in research, then look up the excellently depicted
    lions in the 30,000+ year old cave paintings discovered in France, which show
    that even way back then – the lion was seen as ‘King of the Beasts’ by mankind,
    & particularly by those people – who knew the spirit of the lion – up close & personal).

  104. Aka/Tony

    Just cause the lion has some cheesy nick name doesn’t mean he can beat every animal. Bear destroys lion.

  105. James W.

    You have the “cheesy nickname”
    – its ‘Stupid boy’ – L.O.L…

    As Mr T was wont to remark.. ‘I pity the fool’…
    & I almost pity the fat-as bear – when a boss lion sees it..
    & decides he really wants to eat some of that juicy, fatty meat..

  106. Aka/Tony

    Nice comeback James. You still haven’t answered my question. How old are you? I pity the lion when he gets his heart ripped out. There have been so many cases of the lion getting destroyed by the bear. Lion has never beat a bear. bears aren’t prey (well they are to Siberian tigers but thats a different story). Bears are surprisingly fast and agile for their huge size. And do you know how big they an get? 1,200 pounds! Also they are stronger than grizzlies.

  107. James W.

    Do cite the “research”on which you claim to base your pig-ignorant views..
    It is evidently the kind of garbage that fat-as bears & bear fan boys – prefer..

    Since the actual data base of conflict between bear & lion..
    .. shows up your “so many cases” claim – & you too, as yet another ludicrous troll..

    Do some real “research” on the physiology of cats.. since their recent evolutionary
    advent as dedicated killer-carnivores puts them in a much more advanced league
    as adept apex predators.. & thus naturally far more capable in this role – than bears..

    Do yourself a favour boy, & grow by learning via reality, instead of trolling stupidity..

  108. rob

    ames W.
    June 11, 2017
    You need to check the data links listed above in this thread..

    Yes you do James. I still see you are a fucking idiot 😉

    1. James W.

      The ghost-troll still lingers on here, disgustingly like a garbage-guts bear fart..
      & with zero credibility , shameless in his pathetic claims – such hypocrisy..

      & rob is afraid to view the valid data-linked evidence, since he knows he’s a troll..
      ..with his bear-as fantasies being fed on as much garbage as his “1,800 lb” bears are..

  109. rob

    4. Noun
    A joke disguised as an outrageously stupid statement, intended to trap people into believing it is serious.

    James, this is the urban dictionary definition of troll. It fits you like a T Shirt I might add. You are a joke and no one takes you seriously, A 450 Lb Lion Vs a 1800 Lb Kodiak or Polar bear? Get real man

    1. James W.

      You are hilarious – since even a puny 450 lb wild lion would easily deal to such a fat-as bear..
      @ 1,800 lbs, that fantasy bear must be living in a Mc Donalds dumpster..
      & it’d be useless in combat against a boss lion.. just moaning/groaning in helpless agony..
      ..funnily enough – just like you, too – eh, rob..

      Best you look at those vids which show how a lion bites through the spine of hippos,
      & paralyses them before sitting down to eat..
      For sure, such a stupidly obese bear would go the same way..

  110. Aka/Tony

    You clearly are purposely trying to spell my name wrong… I forgot one really important piece if information. Not that I’ve said a million times… Bear and lion. Stupid. Of course bear wins, cause I forgot: HE”S TWICE THE SIZE OF A LION! James, you just think nothing can beat a male lion, cause you still haven’t grown out of your little kiddy lion beats everything.

  111. James W.


    How can you be so stupid – as to conflate obesity with combat capability?
    Lions are real muscular.. ~60% by weight, not just a stumble-bum fat-as, like a bear..

    Do try & learn boy.. do some proper literature review research.. rather than trolling..

  112. Aka/Tony

    Fat comes to an advantage, James. The lion will never be able to cut through the bears skin. Also Grizzly bears are much stronger than African lion. They are also more intelligent than the stupid African lion. Plus, bears have way more stamina than African lion. Lions just sit around all day, and the females hunt for them. Bears roam around a lot. So the lions going to get his ass handed to him.

    1. James W.

      Fat is not an advantage in combat – you ‘stupid boy’..
      & you evidently know nothing of muscularity either..
      Fat-as bears cannot leap, climb, or sprint-attack.. unlike big cats..

      If you stupidly imagine that lions are as stupid as you..
      ..then you’d best watch ‘The Ghost & the Darkness’..
      ..that’ll surely wake your ideas up.. if you are not too ‘frightened’ L.O.L…

      & lion skin is far tougher & more resilient than bear skin..
      ..while bears easily tear each other, wrestling with blunt dirt-grubber claws,
      lions can not only offer useful resistance to each other’s real sharp claws,
      they can penetrate the hides of much tougher animals than bears, too..

      The bear’s “ass”would be on a plate, & with all the trimmin’s – for a boss lion..

      Boy, try & learn – to do something other than stupid trolling, can you – huh?

  113. rob

    How can you be so stupid – as to conflate obesity with combat capability?
    Lions are real muscular.. ~60% by weight, not just a stumble-bum fat-as, like a bear..

    My dear James is still diving into stupidity. That’s not a surprise 🙂 If you’d actually do some research instead of posting words based on opinion, you’d find a Bears body fat is around 7%. That’s roughly the same percentage as a world class athlete in humans.

    James, you really need to pick another hobby. You have not only lost this debate, you have done it in embarrassing fashion. You just don’t have a clue,

    1. Aka/Tony

      Why do you have to be so wrong? those bears that get to be 1,200 pounds eat a bunch of salmon, which gives them Fat. Hoe do you not know this?

      1. James W.

        ..rob is trollin’ on, kid..

        He knows that brown bears that do not have ready access to a rich fatty diet..
        ..from salmon, or by dumpster diving.. do not get so tremendously obese..
        .. more usually, <600 lbs, (or similar total body weight – but not in muscle – to a prime big cat)..

        & the research clearly shows that such hugely fat-as bears are in fact, about 40% fat, by weight..
        ..which is of course, by no means – any kind of athletic advantage – in combat..

        Bear get dealt to.. harshly, by the boss killer carnivores.. Panthera rule is a fact, & fat aint…

  114. James W.

    Again with the stupidity., & inevitable bear-grade garbage..
    It is you rob, who fails to cite actual data – & thus loses, once again..

    The reality is: – lists fat% for fat-as bears as “38…49%.”

    Yeah, so real combat capable athlete territory that is.. most def’ not..

  115. rob

    Again with the stupidity.,

    Yes James, you’ve done this way too many times

  116. rob


    The jury has convened and the verdict is in.

    You have been found guilty of being a stupid son of a bitch. The more you type, the more you prove . It’s such a sad fate to be so dumb. I actually pity you.

    1. James W.

      Oh dear, how sad..
      Moaning/groaning like a dying bear, being flensed of his fat.. a boss lion, enjoying himself..

      & so you have finally descended into pure trollery now..
      ..posting pathetic abuse only.. how lame.. but typical, since you are..
      ..unable to even attempt – to address the thread topic.. L.O.L…

      Its well past time you dried up & waft away ghost-troll rob,.. you repeatedly claimed – you would..
      esp’since you aint got nothing of value – to contribute..
      “1,800lb” fat-as bears are “athletic” bears, what a joke..

  117. Aka?Tony

  118. Rob

    You’re an idiot James. Accept it, love it,and you are living it. Read through the entire thread. You are beyond a moron man. I honestly don’t believe you have the common sense to look both ways before you cross the street. It’s sad,but that’s you in a nutshell.

  119. James W.

    ..jest keeps on trollin’ on.. uselessly..
    & yet again, fails to even acknowledge the facts..

    Bear is outmatched by boss lion, & gets the beat down..
    ..but rob can’t bear this reality, & so trolls on in denial..
    ..with his credibility at zero, to match his level of topic understanding..
    ..poor ol’ ghost troll & rabid bear fanboy rob..

    & so.. I almost ‘pity the fool’..

  120. Rob

    James, it’s you that have acknowledged the facts, You are stupid man, just fucking stupid, I laugh at you man. YTou just don’t have a clue

  121. Rob

    James, honestly, you’ve lost this debate,and you’ve lost badly. All you’ve done the last few months is to misdirect the debate. You cannot answer a simple yes or no question. You lose lololololk. You can’t answer a simple question lololololol. You can’t answer a simple question LOLOL’


    1. James W.

      & you resort to YELLING now too?

      Hilariously, you still want to match a “puny 450lb lion”
      against the biggest possible extant land animal .. you’ve naturally conceded – the fat-as bear is no match for either!
      Lions hunt elephants, bears do not.. its a natural fact, rob..

      & rob you always quote a “puny 450lb lion”.. while your bear steadily
      fattens up from “1,200lb” – through – “1,500lb”, to “1,800lb “..
      & yet – it is still whipped.. as it must be, by the superior, killer elite carnivore..

      But the troll in you rob, simply cannot cope with such cognitive dissonance,
      which – via realization of the facts, results in – your deranged mental state..

      You have zero integrity, rob.. merely an echo here – as a lame – ghost troll..

      1. Dakota

        Please tell me how the hell a bear is supposed to hunt in Elefant in America and a lion has to have a lot of help to take on an elefant and they typically only go for the babies because they would get crushed and skewered if they got close to an adult

        1. James W.


          Bears live in other places than America,
          but could not cope in Africa, where lions live.

          & certain lion prides specialize in hunting elephants successfully,
          but even an Asian elephant would stomp a grizzly – into the dirt.

  122. Rob

    James, you have literally been bitch slapped upside your head> doubt this makes you bow out, but I have to admit I enjoy toying with youi

  123. Aka/Tony

    You are correct, rob. James, the lion will get beaten up. Lion fanboy! Why do you have blind faith in lions? If I may ask? The beat will win easily. And please, stop calling me stupid boy. I’m sure you have better insults than that. So of your going to assault me, do it right.

    1. James W.

      ‘Stupid boy’ comments about “blind faith”!
      You are proving yourself worthy of that nickname, kid..

      Like rob/troll, your failure to accept both the zoologically validated science,
      & the linked meta-analysis of reviewed literature of actual lion VS bear fights..
      ..puts you firmly in the bear fanboy/troll category..

      The bear gets beat down by the boss lion, so – get used to it..
      & no amount of “blind faith” by bear fanboys – will reverse that factual outcome..

  124. Aka/Tony

    There it is. BOSS lion. Please, spare me. The grizzly bear will defeat the lion. The author is right. There has been no case where the lion has defeated the bear, but there have been several where the bear won. Here are the facts: A) Grizzly bear is taller, longer and heavier than African lion. B) Grizzly bear possesses so much fat which helps him get rid of lion paw swipes. C) Grizzly bear has twice or more the amount of bite force than African lion. D) Grizzly bear is more intelligent than African lion. E) Grizzly bear has much more stamina than than lion. F) Grizzly bear muscles aren’t as strong than African lion, but he still is stronger due to his size. G) Grizzly can stand on his hind legs for very long time and can maul with his paws simultaneously. H) Grizzly bear has stronger, more deadly paw swipes than African lion. See, my facts went up to H. You don’t provide any facts to prove your point, you just bitter and batter your useless crap.

    1. James W.

      Wrong & wrong again..
      & you really have to be trolling now..
      ..for to claim such tripe as ‘facts’ – due to alphabetic listing.. surely cannot be that much of an ignoramus..

      ‘Stupid boy’ claims bear fat is proof against lion claws..
      ..& that bears have superior biting power..
      ..than a true carnivore with larger teeth & jaws..

      As for standing on hind legs – such a foolish posture..
      .. will present the lion with an easier throat bite..

      & to imagine a boss lion will waste much time smashing over a fat-as bear.. stupid.. read the annals of Davy Crockett, bear hunter.. he notes that
      such fat-as bears were easier to catch, because they LACKED stamina..

      Get some education sonny.. such as the facts on actual lion VS bear confrontations..

      See here; bear loses:

  125. Aka/Tony

    Yeah, cause lions are totally the size of bears. Lions aren’t going to tackle a giant, like a grizzly. Bears standing on their hind legs mean when the lion attacks they smash their paws against the poor lions back, and cripple it’s bone. Also, lions aren’t super heroes. Bears have much bigger claws, and so much fat that the lion will never be able to do any serious damage. Also herbivores can have much stronger bites than a ‘true predator.’ Think of hippos, for example. You can’t deny that hippos have a stronger bite than lions. Even bears, which are omnivores, have twice the bite force of a lion. It is scientifically proven. Here is proof: Also bears have lots of stamina.

  126. Aka/Tony

    Lions will never be able to dig their claws into all that fat. As for the him legs thing, lions don’t fight on all fours. It’s not a ridiculous posture. The lion will lose balance and the grizzly will smash it’s paws upon the lion. The grizzly bear will have smashed it’s paws down on the lion before the lion could even make an attempt to bite the throat. As for the bite force grizzlies do have the stronger bite, they have twice as much psi than a lion. It is scientifically proven here: Also bears have lost of stamina.

    1. James W.

      ‘Yeah… no. …bears have lost of stamina.”

      You just have no idea, do you sonny..
      & what a ‘stupid boy’ thing to post..

      Bear having supposed ‘stamina’ will count for nothing..
      ..when the bad-as boss lion smacks the bear’s stupid looking nose clean off his face,
      & then severs the bear’s spinal cord with a stunning power hit/precision vertebrae bite..

      Or the lion takes the other option – of applying a trachea crushing throat bite, all while working
      his mean-as extensible shear-cutter action claws – to literally flense the fat hide off’n the bear..

      Bear meat on the table, freshly dead & bleedin’- will rapidly be the lion’s for the eatin’..

      1. Aka/Tony

        I meant bears have lots of stamina. Please, give me some facts! I just gave you a bunch of facts. A lion isn’t just going to slap a bear in the face before the bear roars and if the lion still has some guts, it run right to it’s death. No lion would be stupid enough to take on a grizzly bear! Grizzly bear wins 10/10. Look at all the cases where the lion got crushed by the grizzly! The lion never won.

  127. Aka/Tony

    Lions will never be able to dig their claws into all that fat. As for the him legs thing, lions don’t fight on all fours. It’s not a ridiculous posture. The lion will lose balance and the grizzly will smash it’s paws upon the lion. The grizzly bear will have smashed it’s paws down on the lion before the lion could even make an attempt to bite the throat. As for the bite force grizzlies do have the stronger bite, they have twice as much psi than a lion. It is scientifically proven here: Also bears have lost of stamina. So the bear will win easily. Also you blame the bear for just sitting around all day, but they roam around a lot. Lions do nothing but mark their territory and from time to time have to fight another lion to keep his pride.

  128. James W.

    Do try & find some actual scientifically valid data..
    That site you post – certainly isn’t..

    Empirical field studies & zoological science – both confirm..
    Big cats beat bears in agility, balance, speed/reaction times,
    muscularity, striking/ biting power..
    & in brain/eye coordination of these primary predator functions..

    How ‘stupid boy’ do you have to be to imagine that fat-as bear skin
    can resist the penetrative grasp of lion claws when elephant hide,
    & scaly crocodile skin – cannot.. even blunt-as bear claws tear bear skin..

    Lions use all four meat-hook claw equipped paws for combat, in fact..
    & are far more intense in combat with each other – than ‘pat-a-cake’ bears are..

    As obligate carnivores which must be adept at taking down huge prey,
    & fighting/defeating rivals for hunting territory, big cats are in a combat league
    well above the amateur dirt grubbing, fish-swiping, dumpster-diving bears..

    Only trolls & rabid fat-as bear fanboys delude themselves & deny the essential fact..
    The boss lion dominates the fat-as bear..

    1. Dakota

      You are trying to tell me a lion is stronger than a bear, maybe for weight to strength ratio but all in all a bear is many times stronger than a lion

      1. James W.

        wrong again.

        Fat aint muscle ( bear gains up to 40% of its weight, as fat ),
        & science shows – the bear’s musculo-skeletal system is def’ inferior,
        to that of the more highly evolved big cats, in speed/agility/killing power.

    1. James W.

      Jeeze kid..
      ..between you & ‘ice hole’ rob.. are about as fat between the ears, as a 2,800 lb dumpster divin’ bear..

      Whitey bears are not true carnivores, you ‘stupid boy’ – they prefer garbage..
      & its tough on them – that their grizzly bro-bears will bitch them out of it.. the poor ol’ whiteys have to go back on ice, & to sucking blubber, instead..

      Boss lion fears no brownie, so to him, a timid, pale-as bear aint nothin’ .. ‘cept meat..

        1. James W.

          Jeeze kid..
          “…not a bear expert.”
          You sure aren’t.. are you boy..

          Polar bears are primarily blubber gobblers..
          ..but like their brownie bro’s – will go for garbage..
          ..when they can get it.. since they have the gut to digest it..

          Cats are actual ‘obligate carnivores’ & must have meat..

          Bears are not.. its just that polar bears live where there
          isn’t much non-animal based food – ‘cept for garbage..

          Got it now – this time, eh – kid?

          1. Aka/Tony

            Polar bears indeed, are not natural Carnivores, but they don’t really have a lot of options in the arctic.

  129. rob

    James W.
    June 25, 2017
    Wrong & wrong again..

    No James, it’s you who is wrong. You’ve been wrong since this thread started. It’s sad in a way. You preach science,but ignore facts that disagree with your feline love. We are not laughing with you. We are laughing at you. All we are asking is for you to gain a modicum of common sense. You’ve avoided that for 2 years. In essence, it makes you stupid. I know that;s not a nice statement,but you keep digging a bigger hole every time you type on your keyboard.

    1. James W.


      You – as befits such a mental pygmy of a troll..
      ..clearly display a classic example of ‘projection’
      – as a psychological defence mechanism..

      Such hypocrisy appears as ironic – & only confirms your paucity of self-awareness..
      Hence you are functionally incapable of resisting resorting to ludicrous fanboy rants.

      & as a contrast to nonsense from rob/troll.. &, back on topic.
      Here’s an apropos quote from an actual scholarly scientific article..

      ‘Craniodental indicators of prey-size preference in the felidae.’

      “However, all felids still use a single strong killing bite, combined with
      manipulation of the prey with their paws & therefore all display
      foreshortened skulls that optimize the bite force at the canines.”

      Such are the attributes of real apex dedicated killer predators..
      .. they are not garbage grubber fat-as bears..

      Hapless brownie bruin gets beasted down by the real boss, panthera leo..

  130. rob

    Empirical field studies & zoological science – both confirm..
    Big cats beat bears in agility, balance, speed/reaction times,
    muscularity, striking/ biting power..

    Bullshit James, but you know this already. So many links have been posted that you just ignore because it doesn’t confirm your feline love. Grizzlies and Polar bears have bite forces of 1300 PSI. Your beloved Lion is 800 PSi.

    Lions exceed Polar and Kodiaks in paw force? Jesus fing christ man, you are lost.

    BTW, google bone density for bears vs any feline. If you do have common sense it will tell you why a felines spine would be snapped when a Kodiak or Polar bear connects with a paw swipe.

    James, you are not posting empirical evidence. You are posting conformation bias.

    1. Aka/Tony

      Uh, no. James beloved lions bite force is 600 psi. But thank you for putting this idiot in his place. James, what the hell was that site? Seriously dude, grow up. I’m 11, I think you are the same number except with the 1 on the left takin away. Look at the damn facts James. You seriously, must learn to except those facts. And please, provide us with some facts, instead of bullshit. You called Rob a bullshitter but that is really what you are, you son of a bitch.

      1. James W.

        Look kid, you are making a fool of yourself..
        & you are becoming a mini-rob/troll too..
        That site you linked is just so ‘stupid boy’,
        its no wonder you can’t see through it..

        For example, given that lion & tiger jaw/teeth/bite morphology
        are in fact so similar, how can the tiger’s bite possibly be almost twice
        as hard.. well.. of course, in reality.. it isn’t.. as the actual science shows..

        Or most likely you didn’t even bother to read the linked scientific data,
        – as usual.. but hey, just go on being a ‘stupid boy’.. kid, that’s your problem..

        Funny, but the actual zoological research shows that the bear with the
        strongest bite – is the giant panda.. it needs powerful molar teeth to
        be able to chow down on bamboo..

        The grizzly bear is way less capable than a big cat – as a killer carnivore.. naturally.. the boss lion will chomp ‘n’ stomp the fat-as bear.. to shreds..

        1. James W.

          Hello everyone! I’m a complete and total idiot! I think a lion can beat an elephant. Aka/Tiny only says reality, which is totally fake. I make up my own stuff, so I can support my lion fanboy realm! Rob only speaks the truth, like Aka/Troll. I’m a fat obese American eating McDonalds right now! I weigh 500 pounds! What animal can defeat a lion?

          1. Aka/Tony

            How did you like that James? I still see you are living in a realm of fantasy, not excepting the truth. Since your still a total baby, here you go: Pandas bite force is not stronger than a grizzlies, pandas bites are specially made for biting through bamboo. Grizzlies bites kill. You keep saying my links are trash, but find me a source that says an African lion has a stronger bite than a grizzly bear. I’ll give you a brownie.

          2. Aka/Tony

            How did you like that James? I still see you are living in a realm of fantasy, not excepting the truth. Since your still a total baby, here you go: Pandas bite force is not stronger than a grizzlies, pandas bites are specially made for biting through bamboo. Grizzlies bites kill. You keep saying my links are trash, but find me a source that says an African lion has a stronger bite than a grizzly bear. I’ll give you a brownie, double chocolate.

          1. James W.

            Aka/Tony-troll/jagu/APu/ Iap/fake ‘james’ & all the other dumb-as aliases..
            Damn kid.. you really are..

            ‘One sick puppy.’

            Do go get some Tx, afore you go totally psycho, can you huh.. kid..

            About your stupidity, well, that’s another matter, sadly, no cure for..
            your kind of degenerative intellectual handicap.. ‘fraid its terminal..
            awww.. too bad.. just try 7 stay out of juvie, eh, kid..

        2. AP

          “For example, given that lion & tiger jaw/teeth/bite morphology
          are in fact so similar, how can the tiger’s bite possibly be almost twice
          as hard.. well.. of course, in reality.. it isn’t.. as the actual science shows..”

          The tiger’s bite is not twice as hard, but tiger’s have a larger saggital crest on the top of their skull.

          Larger saggital crest = stronger bite.

  131. James W.


    Your sources are unscientific.. try ‘google scholar’ eh,
    instead of such crappy kids stuff – suitable only for a ‘stupid boy’..

    & you are clearly, just a joke rob.. even as a lame fat-as bear fanboy,
    let alone as a 1/2-arsed troll.. & so unoriginal..
    I pointed out your evident “confirmation bias”,
    well before.. you even knew what it was..

    See actual scientific studies.. this one shows the bite force power
    at the canine teeth.. & a grizzly rates at a ‘puny’ 751 VS the lion @ 1768!

    Your foolish nonsense above bone density is also wrong.. & quite obviously..
    given the facts.. big cats are far more muscular than bears, & thus require skeletal
    strength, & agility, commensurate with their massive, & rapid, muscle inputs..

    ..& all this to habitually take down huge prey, not fish-flipping & garbage scraping..
    ..which is the normal occupation of fat-as bears …

    1. James W.

      It seems that you kid,
      are evidently developmentally retarded..
      since you are incapable of the reading comprehension required..

      I posted the scientific bite force data link in the post – directly above yours..

      FYI: lion=panthera leo, & it bites well over twice as hard ( 1,768) as the
      grizzly bear ( ursus arctos) at a ‘puny’ 751, as measured at the canine teeth..

      So.. the ‘stupid boy’ is proven wrong – yet again..
      Bear loses to lion, its a fact – as shown by actual evidence,
      & the reasons why – lion superiority as a primary killer carnivore..
      ..are well supported in the scientific literature.. even if fanboys whine on..
      ..funnily enough, emulating the lame moaning noises – that fat-as bears – make..

        1. James W.

          Kid, just try ‘ google scholar’..
          Check out a few actual scientific studies..

          The science confirms what is readily seen in videos..
          Big cat biting power- is yet another evolutionary adaptation
          which endows them with far superior killing capability to a
          dirt-grubbing,pig-rooting, fish-flipping dumpster diving brownie..

          Since even your ‘ fave’ Nat Geo makes it plain that
          lions & tigers are close cousins, the site which shows a
          tiger having a massive bite force advantage is – per se – unscientific..

  132. rob

    Your sources are unscientific.

    No james, they are not. It’s you who have decided to seek conformation bias.

    try ‘google scholar’

    I did,and it’s certainly not you. You’re a idiot who wants to own this part of the internet. It’s too bad smarter people started calling you out. Keep dancing man 😉

  133. James W.

    So, how many times..
    .. was it.. now.. you’ve stated you’d give up – the trolling act here?
    ..well, just goes to show, nothing you post – holds up to scrutiny..

    However, the scientific evidence is clear.
    Boss lion “owns” grizzly bear – period.

  134. Aka/Tony

    Wow, James. LOOK AT THE FACTS! Lion stands zero chance. There has been no case where the African lion has defeated the bear but there have been several where the bear has completely dominated the African lion. Grizzly bears do have the stronger bites than African lion, your lions bite force was way off. Grizzly bear bite force: 1,200 psi. Yay! Lions bite force: 600 psi. Boo.

    1. James W.

      Stupid boy fails..
      & resorts to trolling, again.. & again.. since the facts show him to be wrong..
      ..yet he imagines denial of the known reality.. on the basis of fatuous fan-boy fantasy..
      ..can somehow be made real by plaintive repetition.. this just so foolishly infantile..

      Especially, as the linked literature reviews reporting the known combats..
      .. between lions & bears.. so effectively demonstrates..
      ..the natural killer attributes of the dedicated carnivore – will defeat the dumpster diver..

      & stupidly repeating the ludicrous claims from nonsense sites while studiously ignoring..
      ..the actual scientific data – which provides confirmation of lion superiority in killing prowess.. validated by the empirical results from many reports of combat..

      Kid, you are being pathetically childish.. & thus emulating – your troll/mentor rob.. L.O.L…

  135. Aka/Tony

    james, can I ask you a question? Who would win in a one on one fight, lion or hippo? Lion or white rhino?

  136. rob

    was it.. now.. you’ve stated you’d give up – the trolling act here?

    I just cannot let a moron own this piece of the internet. you are dead wrong

    However, the scientific evidence is clear.
    Boss lion “owns” grizzly bear – period.

    Only in your wildest wet dreams man. You are hopeless man.

  137. James W.

    Jeeze.. you are getting downright creepy..
    ..give the pervert troll routine a rest, you weirdo..

    Dry up & blow away, rob.. linger on here – like nasty old dog turd residue..
    ..still sickeningly stinking up the discussion..

    Time you just wafted elsewhere rob, like you’ve claimed you would,
    & take your dumb-as/fat-as hairy bear fantasies with you too.. eh, joker..

    Bear inevitably loses badly to boss lion, as you lose like-wise – in this thread, rob.. L.O.L…

  138. rob

    Bear inevitably loses badly to boss lion, as you lose like-wise – in this thread, rob.. L.O.L…

    Click your heels together and perhaps your dream comes true James. I haven’t lost this debate. You lost the first time your fingers hit the keyboard. You literally have no clue. You cannot back up your hypothesis with a valid study. You haven’t since the thread started. You are the loser James. All we’ve asked for is fact,not opinion. You’ve only provided the latter. You also posted a BS link stating a Lion had a bite force of 1700 PSI. That’s nowhere near correct,and I believe you know this. Everytime you type,the deeper hole you dig.

    1. James W.

      So, your blatantly fraudulent troll-schtick .. shamelessly extends into a “deeper hole”.. link bogus sites purporting to show animal bite force.. which are B.S…
      & yet you appear to feign an inability to recognize..

      ..a reputable data table, which is clearly sourced from a peer-reviewed, scientific journal article..

      What a puny attempt at trolling rob, & just about as useless – as bear trying to stop a boss lion..
      ..from turning his fat-as furbag body inside out – & eat it, as a super-high calorie, junk food ‘happy meal’..

  139. rob

    Perhaps I’ve given you too much credit. You might be ten years old tops.

    1. James W.

      your lame attempts at trolling..
      .. are piss-weak fella.. ..nothing but bear-grade garbage..

      Best you go & watch the ‘ Paddington Bear’ movie again, & fantasize, eh rob..

      Or, for a reality check – watch ‘ The Ghost & the Darkness’ movie, & you’ll learn..
      ..just how much more formidable lions are than bears, as true killer-elite carnivores..

      & for funny – a current local TV commercial pokes fun at fat-as bear, filthy habits.. features a bear driving a regular car, with his horrendous garbage-grade farts..
      .. utterly disgusting the humans, who are stuck there for the ride, as his passengers..
      So rob, come clean now – it was actually you – stinkin’ it up – in the bear skin, right? L.O.L…

    2. Aka/Tony

      Dude, I read your previous comments. (Not you James.) Since when can a grizzly bear beat a Siberian tiger? Cause if you think that, you are WRONG!

      Truce James? I’m sick of going on this site EVERY DAY. Although the lion will be a bit tough in the end, I think it will eventually bow down before the heavy bear. But thats just my opinion, no offense. So yeah. Lion has a chance, but it’s clear the bear won the majority of fights between the two. At first I actually had a really hard time deciding, I basically said 50-50. But once I looked at the facts, I thought the bear would crush the lion. I respect your opinion for the lion winning, just in my opinion the grizzly bear would be the winner.

      Anyways, Rob… give me an excuse why you posted a comment that said a grizzly bear would beat a Siberian tiger. I rebel against that thought.

    3. Aka/Tony

      Dude, I read your previous comments. (Not you James.) Since when can a grizzly bear beat a Siberian tiger? Cause if you think that, you are WRONG!

      Truce James? I’m sick of going on this site EVERY DAY. Although the lion will be a bit tough in the end, I think it will eventually bow down before the heavy bear. But thats just my opinion, no offense. So yeah. Lion has a chance, but it’s clear the bear won the majority of fights between the two. At first I actually had a really hard time deciding, I basically said 50-50. But once I looked at the facts, I thought the bear would crush the lion. I respect your opinion for the lion winning, just in my opinion the grizzly bear would be the winner.

      Anyways, Rob… give me an excuse why you posted a comment that said a grizzly bear would beat a Siberian tiger. I rebel against that thought. Tiger wins.

  140. James W.

    ‘research’ the facts..
    Your ‘ opinion’ is worthless – without a basis in fact..

    Fan-boy hype, trolling, & ignorant assumptions – are of no value..

    Proper examination of the historical record, & zoological science clearly shows why..
    ..boss lion is the winner here, (& also beats tiger) , while both big cat cousins defeat bears..

    It is illogical for you to accept that tiger beats bear, but the lion does not..
    & holding such an ‘opinion’ is def’ in the ‘stupid boy’ zone, along with imagining that
    huge fat stores for over-winter hibernation – gives any fighting advantage – to the bear..

  141. Aka/Tony

    Actually… now that you think about it… the lion would win. The lion is too agile for the bear, and once he lands a solid bite to the neck, that bear will be running for it’s life. Sure bears are pretty tough… but there not made to fight lions and tigers. They’re meant to fight other bears. So the, I switch sides, lol.

  142. Aka/Tony

    Lol. You actually believed that? It was a joke. Bear wins easily.

    1. James W.

      ..what a joker.. ah, – a joke – you are..
      ..since in the event, once a boss lion has applied a killing bite..
      .. that fat-as bear.. aint running anywhere, ever again..

      Lion throat bite will be a ‘sleeper hold’ & then ol’ brownie is surely going ‘night-night’..
      & a vicious – back of skull penetration, or back-snapping vertebrae separation bite..
      .. will be quicker yet, but for sure – the hapless, fat-as bear is toast.. whichever way it goes down..

  143. Aka/Tony

    To the bear? The huge fat bear over winter hibernation gives any fighting chance to the bear? Lol. You really have to provide me with some facts. Yeah rob defiantly earned the grizzly bear fanboy award. But i’m not a ‘grizzly bear fanboy’ I simply think the bear will win the fight. I mean no offense to your opinion in any way. But if you want to persuade me, please list some facts why the lion will win. By all means the lion would certainly be a formidable opponent, but have you seen the grizzly bears in North America? They’re HUGE. Also in all the historical fights between the two, the bear has won every fight. So there really can’t be a way of the lion winning. No offense, I understand your opinion completely.

  144. Aka/Tony

    To the bear? The huge fat bear over winter hibernation gives any fighting chance to the bear? Lol. You really have to provide me with some facts. Yeah rob defiantly earned the grizzly bear fanboy award. But i’m not a ‘grizzly bear fanboy’ I simply think the bear will win the fight. I mean no offense to your opinion in any way. But if you want to persuade me, please list some facts why the lion will win. By all means the lion would certainly be a formidable opponent, but have you seen the grizzly bears in North America? They’re HUGE. Also in all the historical fights between the two, the bear has won every fight. So there really can’t be a way of the lion winning. No offense, I understand your opinion completely. As for rob… I don’t who told you a bear could beat a FULLY GROWN MALE SIBERIAN TIGER, but that is crazy.

    1. James W.

      ..the ‘stupid boy’ does it again.. L.O.L…

      Jeeze kid, you are a regular ‘spoiled brat’ – aren’t you..
      As if I have any concern about wanting to “persuade” such a ‘stupid boy’ – to get real.. haven’t even read the actual historical accounts – or you’d know – you are dead wrong..

      The facts are there, with you going on – in denial, or not..

      & anyhow, the record also shows – boss lion beats its stripey cousin, & yet both big cats..
      ..will of course – dine on brown bear for breakfast – if they get the opportunity to grab one..
      ..” North American” too ( but with maple syrup, for sure if its a salmon-fattened grizzly)..

      1. Dakota

        All of your souces are referring to circus type deals where the bear has never seen the wild and fought with other bears and truely be a bear all the bear knows how to do is tricks in those situations that’s not an even fight whatsoever

  145. Aka/Tony

    Yeah, cause a lion could TOTALLY beat a tiger. You insult me for no apparent reason, whatsoever… The grizzly bear won’t just sit there while the lion mauls it. It’s gonna pound it to the ground. This fight would be like Jordan vs Harden. You criticize the bear of being lazy, but they roam around a lot, while lions just sleep and mark their territories all day. Bears aren’t just heavier from fat. I bet you they weigh more than the entire lion just from muscle. So the lazy lion will get beaten easily.

  146. James W.

    “insult..”? Huh.. like “. ..son of a bitch,” – maybe?
    What is this about then kid, another joke?

    & FYI: the evidence does clearly show – boss lion beats his stripey cousin – tiger..
    ..see here:

    As for your ignoramus-like assertions.. a fat-as bear is about 40% fat, by weight..
    & the boss lion is nearly 60% muscle, by weight.. ..more ‘stupid boy’ from you kid..

    The bear also carries a massive gut complex, needful for it to digest a bunch of
    garbage such as found in the woods.. or preferably, in the nearest dumpster..

    Whereas the lion, as an obligate carnivore, derives its fearsome power via
    musculature powered by meat – which does not need a huge gut to process..

    The fight between fat-as garbage-guts fur-bag bear & pride boss lion – would be..
    like a young champ Mike Tyson – punching out a sumo wrestler – by head-shot K.O…

    1. Dakota

      Fun fact for you plants have much more energy then meat and bears don’t mainly eat garbage, just the ones near cities the rest mainly eat plants and fish, and fish has much better things for your body then red meat so a bears diet outranks a lions, they live in the cold not as developed areas as they don’t like humans and try to stay away so not that many bears eat this garbage you speak of

      1. James W.

        yet again..
        Bears have learned to seek garbage by preference,
        since high-calorie human processed food is routinely thrown out.

        & FYI, lions are obligate hyper-carnivores who must have – an animal protein,
        meat-based diet – indeed, (& unlike bears) their gut is minimised to do just this.

        Grizzlies wish they had the skill set to obtain large quantities of good meat,
        so they will routinely go cannibal on smaller bears, given the opportunity.

        Lions too, would routinely prey on bears, for food, if they were available..

  147. Aka/Tony

    Dude, at leat I don’t insult you in every comment. Check the African lion vs Siberian tiger page. I have proof that the tiger would win in my comments. I have like 15 videos of the tiger showing dominance over the lion. That empire forum is the biggest joke in the world. Mike Tyson wouldn’t punch out Andre the giant, and that is basically the fight: Mike vs Andre: Bear wins easily.

  148. Aka/Tony

    James w… check the Siberian tiger vs African lion page. I have stored my evidence there. I have a bunch of videos. So go there, and check the 15 videos i posted (5 may be in tiger vs bear). This fight would be like Mike Tyson vs Mohamed alee. Mohamed alee wins.

    As for lion vs bear… Dude, look at the facts. Eagle song, me and the majority of the people here have listed the same facts. Mike tyson would get jacked by Andre the giant, which is basically the case here. Andre vs Tyson: Andre wins because he’s so big.

    As for the insults, I beat I don’t insult you in every comment I post, like you do to me. Also that empire Forum is the biggest joke in the world, it’s far outshone by that BBC earth. unplugged show.

    1. James W.

      Do try & comprehend..
      Your opinion.. an opinion from a ‘stupid boy’ .. who is quite plainly not even..
      ..interested in the facts, or the considered views of those with useful experience.. just another form of stinkin’ bear-grade garbage..

      Lion beats bear & tiger.. both the historical record & beastmasters who trained them
      put their views supporting this outcome on record.. & the science backs it up..

      Votes by stupid fan-boys simply don’t figure – on a validated reality basis..

      & the BBC offers such shows as ‘ entertainment’ & are not interested in
      fact checking either.. see the BBC ‘QI’ program for its moronic view on
      lion versus bear, it is so stupid, it seems like rob wrote it..

      FYI, Mike Tyson in his prime was unbeatable, if he’d fought Ali at his best,
      Ali would’ve been decked, & the same goes for the frog with acromegaly..

      That same ‘killer’ spirit, & the urge to dominate & destroy opponents..
      is what the lion.. .. has over the bear,
      & with the heart to boldly carry it out, regardless.. the lion has it – over the tiger..

      1. Aka/Tony

        Oh yeah? Who’s the best boxer on this list? Mike Tyson was 23’rd on the list. So Don’t go around saying Mike Tyson would destroy Muhammed Ali.

        I’m not interested in the facts? Oh my god I’ve only been giving facts, your just talking some mad crap! Yeah, well that BBC earth show actually does their work in zoos, where the actual animals are so they can see every animals characteristics, so they can determine who would win in a fight. I’ve got proof of that down below.

        Please, explain to me why a lion ‘has it’ over the tiger. I really hope you mean a bengal tiger, not a Siberian tiger. Cause that tiger is a monster.No cat can beat it. From the animals that don’t even hunt, to the animals that hunt grizzly bears and destroy them in a head to head fight, the tiger defiantly has the edge. (Proof that show has solid information). Also in a Turkey zoo a Bengal tiger killed a lion with one swipe, it”s everywhere.

        1. James W.

          Jeeze kid, try & learn..
          ..votes by idiots who want to believe hype – are just spam..

          I agree that tigers naturally prey on bears.. in Asia..

          ..but in Africa where lions are dominant.. bears are goneburgers.. period..
          & in ancient times, lions pushed tigers out of prime lion country, too..

          & FYI kid, that poor ol’ zoo lion, was no tough-as pride boss male..
 well you know, eh.. & citing such.. only proves you to be a..
          .. ‘stupid boy’.. L.O.L…

          ( KId, learn something the fight where Tyson destroys Spinks..
          Spinks destroyed Ali – & so did Larry Holmes.. check what Holmes
          thinks about a Tyson- Ali match up.. & he should know, he fought ’em both).

  149. Aka/Tony

    That website also said the tiger would win. The bear vs lion empire forum was a complete and total joke, this one was okay.

    1. James W.

      ..Again kid.. fan-boy votes are worthless crap..
      – the valid evidence presented there shows this..
      & that evidence backs the lion over the bear (& tiger, too)..

      Look up the published views of Tippi Hedren, & Craig Busch for example,
      they know both species real well..
      .. so both unequivocally state, the lion is boss..

  150. Aka/Tony

    Then why did you link a site that said a tiger would beat the lion? Also most people here agree on one thing: Tiger beats lion as the bear does to. Why? Because they look at the facts. They present the facts they saw. The 27% of people who voted for the lion in this fight aren’t really giving facts, you certainly aren’t. And the facts say the bear and tiger will win. You realize size means a lot right? So it’s hard for the lion to win when the bear is three times it’s size. In the lion vs tiger page, 21% of the people were just lion fanboys and refused to except the facts that the tiger would win, while the rest of the people kindly present their reason why the tiger would win. They presented facts, unlike you lion fanboys who clearly know nothing about nature. See science backs this one up completely, and if you say the Huffington post is trash, you are a complete and total asshole.

  151. Tiger

    Dude James ur salty. Bear wins this fight because he’s bigger and stronger. Ur getting outclassed by an 11 year old kid, lol. You suck man.

  152. James W.

    AKA/Total A-hole..
    Fan-boy votes are only an indicator of ignorance..
    & you kid, still carry on – in such a ‘stupid boy’ mode..

    You obviously don’t read the cited data, either..
    ..since the validated data sets in the ‘ allempires’ threads..
    ..clearly showed lion superiority in actual combat performance.. noted via meta-analysis of published accounts parsed for reliability..
    & for the bona fides of those giving considered ‘ expert’ viewpoints..

    & you didn’t even read the ‘bottom line’ in the ( superficially researched)
    ‘Huffington Post’ article – ” A no brainer. A wild lion would win, hands down…”
    ( albeit, H-P is an entertainment site, not a reputable scientific journal).

    It is you kid, who suffers from ‘cognitive dissonance’ about the tiger* being
    bested by its close feline cousin, the lion – due to natural adaptations which
    necessarily favour – the boss lion in combat, so you too resort to lame insult,
    as a fan-boy, – instead of seeking to understand the reality of the matter..

    Fact is, ( & the H-P article acknowledges) boss lion really is ‘King of the Beasts’.

    *Just like rob does, about the grizzly bear

  153. Aka/Tony

    Yeah, but it said the lion would win in a zoo. Also by the way the empire site did say the tiger would win: the tiger will win because hes bigger, faster. Also, please check the link that said a tiger killed a lion with one swipe, and the youtube video. That is evidence. I linked that h-p site to be fair, and technically is was. The tiger will win in a zoo, the lion will win in the wild. I think tiger would win both times. Oh yeah, as for the A hole… I really think your talking to a mirror, like any son of a bitch would.

  154. rob

    Anyways, Rob… give me an excuse why you posted a comment that said a grizzly bear would beat a Siberian tiger. I rebel against that thought.

    I posted this before, but out of respect, Ill post it again. Siberian Tigers rarely exceed 700 Lbs. The average Kodiak and Polar bear exceed 1300 Lbs+. James will deny this, but size does matter in the animal kingdom. Several months ago, I asked him if a 450 Lb lion would kill a 6 ton African Bull Elephant in a one on one match. Like a true troll,James didn’t answer directly. He danced around and avoided a direct answer.

    The biggest reason those sub species of Brown bears would win is fat and bone density. No feline on earth has teeth long enough to bite through a Kodiak/Polar bears flesh and strike a vital organ/vein/artery. That fact is Jr. High biology. The bone density of bears is 10X greater than humans. In laymans terms, they are extremely hard to break.

    Feline bones are lightweight. They are built for speed and chasing down prey. The trade off is they are easily broken. A one ton kodiak or grizzly bear would easily snap the spine or crush the skull of any lion or tiger that walks the earth currently.

    Btw, you are taking James to school. I’m still chuckling at his feeble attempts to prove his inference

    1. James W.

      Jeeze rob, get some actual learning..
      & drop your ludicrous assertions – such as ” feline bones are lightweight.”
      into the dumpster, where even a real hungry bear wouldn’t swallow them..

      Lions habitually hunt – for a living, far larger stronger beasts than any bear..
      & brown bears, esp’ the very fattest Kodiak bears wouldn’t stand a chance.. Africa.. indeed, they’d be yet another prey item for lions..

      Re: rob’s pig-ignorance about big cat biology..

      The zoological research shows big cat evolutionary development has
      made such large prey a natural choice – due to wielding speed, power & strength,
      necessary for a true obligate carnivore..
      & not shuffling, dirt grubbing, fish flipping, omnivore bear-morphology..

      Any denial of these basic facts is utter trolling, & typical rob..

      1. Dakota

        You can’t say a bear wouldn’t stand a chance in Africa and use it as your point, a lion would never stand a chance in Alaska and Canada because it hasn’t evolved there it would starve as like you said there isn’t much prey and they would freeze from lack of fat and fur, even if they had big prey and didn’t die of cold, the lions camouflage wouldn’t work and the prey would see them from far away and get away without a scratch, you can’t put most large animals in a completely different climate and expect them to live they didn’t evolve there and don’t stand a chance

  155. Aka/Tony

    But Siberian tigers hunt grizzly bears. Also they have been known to reach the weight of 800 pounds. I think. It could go either way, but since the tigers muscles are stronger than a bears, seem to be more intelligent, and are faster, it looks like more advantages are in the tigers favor. But that’s just my opinion. If you think the bear would win, go ahead! I understand it completely! Bears are much bigger, and I hate to admit it, but a polar bear would jack a tiger. Grizzly bear though, maybe it’s because I love tigers so much I think a tiger would win. Btw, we are both taking James to school.

  156. Aka/Tony

    You need more than one person to take this stubborn brat (James) to school. I agree, the grizzly bear will easily snap a lion, but I don’t know about a fully grown male Siberian tiger.

    1. James W.

      ‘stupid boy’ Tiny,
      & troll rob..
      ..what a pair of utter fan-boy fantasists..

      Turkey, ah tiny Tony.. can’t get that tiger & lion are cousins..
      & that the few substantial differences between them,
      certainly in terms of combat capacity, are merits to the lion..

      & rob the troll, wilfully fails to comprehend that the brown bear,
      is more like a hog, & is more’n happy to wallow in garbage, than attempt
      to live as a true carnivore, esp’ since it hasn’t got the tools, or talent, to
      effectively do so, unlike the big cats.. which are dominant predators..

      1. Aka/Tony

        Oh my god no. Okay, Rob. This man thinks lions African lion are bigger than Siberian tigers. He won’t even believe national geographic.

        1. James W.

          Wrong again kid..
          Polar bears will go dumpster diving – by preference – for garbage, too..
          Its just that they can’t do much dirt grubbing, & berry picking – on the ice..

          &, unlike cats, which have fairly lately evolved as meat specific carnivores..
          ..polar bears are simply a very northern variant of brown bear, & keep
          all the same omnivore attributes, even if they only use ’em – on garbage..

          1. Aka/Tony

            Dude, polar bears don’t live near trash cans. And unlike you’re precious lion, polar bears hunt. Lions sit around all day, snoozing until he get’s some food back from the ladies. There are no trees on the ice, where the polar bears roam, so, yeah. Polar bears are carnivores, it’s a well known fact.

    2. James W.

      Aka/Tony/troll/APu/Iap/Tiger/jagu/fake ‘james’ & etc..

      Look, dumb-as.. it does not matter how many aliases you
      invent & post under.. ’cause they’re all.. naturally limited..
      by being the very same dumb-as ‘stupid-boy’ – as you.. LO.L…

      So, your pathetically psycho-pathological ploy has been busted,
      & you reveal yourself to be a proto-pending criminal.. & prison inmate..
      with your deviant-pervo proclivites & sly, devious dishonest-amoral..
      sneaky, rat-like scampering.. from sickening scam-to-scam..
      what a vile boy – you truly are – a repulsive-repugnant nematode.

      I do pity the gullible people.. who will encounter you in person.. for real..

        1. I’m a person

          Ap what are you doing if you know stuff about him and that he doesn’t know you in real life is very creepy

          1. AP

            Lets just say that James W needs to be careful about what he posts online 🙂

      1. AP

        James W,
        I know more about your personal life than you know about your personal life 😉

      2. AP

        Hey James,
        I know that you post under the name J.A.W. in the Allempires forum.

        1. I’m a person

          Ap stop this is messed up I know he said bad stuff but invading personal privacy is messed up

          1. AP

            As the saying goes, “treat others the way you want to be treated.”
            James treated everyone like shit so I am assuming that he also wants to be treated like shit to.

          2. I’m a person

            Still he never invaded peoples privacy. Plus we already treated him like shit now he’s leaving us alone so we should leave him alone

          3. AP

            Trust me Iap, if James got the opportunity, he would very much invade our privacy.

            But, out of respect for you, I will stop.

          4. I’m a person

            Thanks man I was worried that eaglesong might’ve banned you for that.

  157. rob

    looks like this site won’t let me post a long fact based response

  158. rob

    Tony, I had typed out a long response this morning, but the site was down. Unfortunately, the post wasn’t saved. I’m going to shorten it just a bit. It will still show why I believe the Kodiak/Polar bear will beat any feline.

  159. rob

    Kodiak Grizzlies grow much bigger than their North American cousins. In fact, the largest bear ever discovered was a Kodiak,not a Polar Bear. This Kodiak stood 13 foot high on it’s hind legs and weighed more than 2300 Lbs. A Lion or tiger would have stood zero chance against that giant.

    1. Aka/Tony

      No their not. Kodiak bears are not that much bigger than brown bears. 2,300 pounds? Thats a fat bear. That bear would be super slow, so slow he could never catch a tiger (judging by how stupid lions are he could probably catch one of those, though. A mega-fat 2,300 pound bear could not beat a tiger, the agile tiger would attack from the side or behind, and bite the throat. That’s how they kill them. It’s like a 500 pound obese American vs a 200 pound Japanese martial artist.

  160. rob

    Kodiak/Polar bears have a size,strength,endurance,paw swipe,and bite force advantage over Lions and Tigers. Sorry James, but saying a Lion would easily defeat them is not being intellectually honest. Throughout this thread, James has sought conformation bias,not facts. I started off giving him facts. Instead of strengthning his argument, he started raising his voice. In the rules of debate,he lost badly. That’s when I began toying with him. It’s like a political debate. The extremists are easily made fools of.

  161. rob

    James described bears as “fat,lazy,dumpster divers”. No true fan of nature would make such an asinine statement. I could have responded by saying a Male lion is fat,lazy,sleeps 20 hrs a day,and waits for the females to make a kill. That would have brought me down to his level though. It’s a line I won’t cross. He’s doing a magnificent job making himself look like an idiot. We’ll eventually give him enough rope,and he will hang himself.

    1. James W.

      Too funny rob,
      it was you who steadily inflated the weight
      of fat-as bears.. from “1200lb” up through “1500lb” to “1800lb”..
      as if these are regular brown bears.. when only dumpster divers,
      & those rare natural few who get to hog out on salmon – possibly get that fat..

      It is you rob, who has roped himself into a knot of trolling, & so have long since lost
      any meagre shred of credibility – that might once have been assumed, as a courtesy ..

  162. rob

    I’m also not a “Bear Fan Boy”. I actually love Lions and Tigers. I’m also blessed with common sense and have the ability to view unbiased research. The Kodiak/Polar bear is simply too big,too strong,and too powerful for any feline that walks the planet.

    1. Aka/Tony

      I know your not a bear fanboy. If a Siberian tiger and a grizzly bear go head to head, and the bear is twice it’s size, of course the bear wins, but he’s going to go through hell during the fight. But the tiger is smart. He’s not going to tackle a giant like that. He will probably go to the side and smash has paws against the bears neck or head, and with those powerful paw swipes, no matter how much possible fat the bear has, that is a K-O. He’s gonna have a bloody neck and back down. And if he keeps fighting, the tiger will just kill it by tackling and pinning it to the ground, and then just bite it in the throat and kill it. Now, the bear could easily snap it, but he’s gonna have to catch it first. So I say it could go either way, but it seems the upper hand is in the tigers favor. Also Siberian tigers hunt grizzly bears, which proves they can dig their canines into the bears neck and kill it. If you are interested on the article grizzly bear vs ‘Siberian tiger’ you might want to look at this.

  163. rob

    The biggest 3 reasons most biologists and myself believe that gives those bears the advantage is as follows

    1. Size- That’s obvious

    2. Stamina- Bears can fight for hours trying to exert dominance. Felines have lightweight bones built for speed,and quick kills. They tire easily.

    1. James W.

      “…most biologists.”
      Name them, & their relevant zoological credentials rob..
      You can’t though, can you rob.. because its just you – trolling..

      & as for ‘stupid boy’ stuff – like excessive bear fat being a combat advantage..
      ..or bear wrestling stamina being of use – against a proper adept, skilled, killer technique,
      which is the S.O.P. of big cats.. these ideas are just useless.. as empirical/experiential results of
      validated lion/bear conflict has regularly proven in reality – boss lion deals death to fat-as brownie..

      But of course, trolls cannot accept real evidence – which contradicts fantasy fan-boy hype, eh rob..

      1. Dakota

        I would love for you to name the biologist that you are getting your bear facts from

  164. rob

    3. Bone density- The Bear can stand on their hind legs for an indefinite period of time. Lions can’t,and Tigers can only for a few seconds. Standing on their hind legs give the bear an already substantial advantage in a paw force swipe. Bear bones are nearly impossible to break. Feline bones are easily broken. That’s why you never see an experienced lioness approach a Zebra or Wildebeest from behind and go for the leg. One well placed kick,and they suffer a broken leg. That’s a death sentence in nature. Injured hunters starve to death. A standing Kodiak/Polar bear would snap the spine of any feline who lunges toward them.

    1. Aka/Tony

      A grizzly bear would get his heart ripped out by a Siberian tiger. Size doesn’t mean everything, you know. Don’t you think strength, speed, hunting skills and intelligence matters too? Also, were comparing a average 1,200 pound bear against an average 700 pound tiger. I agree the bear is more capable of defeating the tiger if they go head to head… although the tiger wouldn’t go head to head with a fully grown brown bear, it would jump on it’s back or something.

      1. James W.

        FYI, average brown bear weight.. nowhere near “1200lb” – that is a fat-as bear..
        ..only garbage eaters & a few lucky salmon flippers get that fat..

        Not that being obese will help a bear, if a big boss lion wants to eat..

        1. Dakota

          Average Kodiak bear have you been paying attention at all the Kodiac has been the referenced bear the whole time

          1. James W.

            Brown bears, get all kinds of names,
            but are really – much the same species,
            from Norway across Eurasia to Canada.

            Before humans developed weapons though,
            lions were in fact the most widespread, successful large
            mammals, & they extirpated bears from the best zones,
            which lions naturally chose to occupy for hunting..

      1. James W.

        Yeah, rob.. some actual research..
        Lion fore-leg bones are denser/stronger than bear bone..
        ..this is due to evolutionary adaptation to hunting mega-fauna..
        ..your assertion that lions somehow have bones like turkeys is so..
        ..’stupid boy’ – its like you are developmentally retarded..

        There is just no way such powerfully built, super-muscular cats,
        with evident capability to sprint, leap, tackle, grasp & kill real
        big prey could possibly have “lightweight bones” – that’s dumb-as..

        & while a bear would be KO’d by an aggressive African buffalo,
        for a boss lion who takes ’em down, ‘ business as usual’- well, he’d
        gladly smash over a fat-as bear, to get a taste of that greasy meat..
        …jest like you rob, chowing down on a mess of slick-as BBQ hog ribs..

        1. Aka/Tony

          C’mon James… bears bones are way thicker than feline bones.

          1. James W.

            You “are way thicker” than bear turd..

            Check the research, real research.. if you really want the facts..

            Lion foreleg bones are indeed, as I wrote, another superior feature,
            & needfully so, given what they have to do to hunt, kill & eat..
            ( here’s a clue, lions aren’t dumpster divers)..

  165. rob

    Yeah, rob.. some actual research..
    Lion fore-leg bones are denser/stronger than bear bone..

    Another lie. Feline fore leg bones are the most dense ones in their body. They still aren’t as dense as a Bear.

    I’ve done plenty of research and so has Tony. That’s why you are getting schooled and being made a fool of.

      1. James W.

        funny kid..
        How’s doing 6th grade – again this year – going? L.O.L…
        Say hi to dumb-as remedial rob, too – won’t you..
        His champion fat-as grizzly is likely to “way” ~ 2,600lb by now..

  166. rob

    FYI, average brown bear weight.. nowhere near “1200lb” – that is a fat-as bear..

    I suggest you google Kodiak Grizzly and Polar bear. You are one dumb dude man.

  167. rob

    Also, were comparing a average 1,200 pound bear against an average 700 pound tiger.

    That’s all I’ve said since this thread started. A Bear/Tiger/lion fight could go either way if the bear were a comparable weight. I’d give the felines an advantage. All I’ve really said throughout this thread is no feline is going to defeat a 2000+ lb Polar bear or Kodiak.

    The title of this debate is compare African Lion vs Grizzly bear. I simply picked the 2 biggest ones on the planet. No Lion would stand a chance one on one. James is probably the only person who believes they would.

  168. Aka/Tony

    That would be a slow, fat-ass bear. Could never catch a tiger.

  169. Aka/Tony

    Out of all respect, yes, I agree with you a bear will win against a lion. But a tiger would be a far more formidable opponent than a lion. If they go head to head, yes, of course bear wins because he’s so massive. But the tiger won’t go head to head with a giant like that.

    1. James W.

      Now kid..
      ..either you really are a ‘stupid boy’..
      or, you’re just trolling, like a dumb-as mini-rob..

      Try & comprehend.. if you can.. big cats are an ‘order of magnitude’ more advanced
      in killing capability over bears.. no matter how fat-assed the garbage gutsers get..

      Seems like you are trying to compete with rob for an ‘order of magniturd’.. the ‘most stupid troll post’ – game – you two are playing – here..

  170. rob

    big cats are an ‘order of magnitude’ more advanced
    in killing capability over bears..

    Congrats on finally making a truthful statement. It is still misleading though. The feline with the best hunting skills is the common house cat. Their success rate on hunts have given the name of natures perfect killer. Lions,Tigers,Jaguars are not even close when it comes to success rate. That doesn’t mean a 10 lb house cat is going to beat a 125 lb wolf in a fight.

    Size matters in the animal kingdom James. It’s been that way since the beginning of time.

    1. James W.

      Oh dear, once again..
      ..rob reaches for a lame trolling technique..
      ..the classic ‘ strawman’ .. ” Size matters…” – piss weak, or what..
      & yet a hilarious ‘ hanged by his own rope’ moment..

      Since housecats & lions share some 95% of their genome, & thus body plan..
      ..but hey big cats are sized-up, & with certain adaptive features to take down big prey..
      & they do it far more adeptly than dog, or bear species.. which is why they are..
      top predators.. & why no bears can hack the pace of life in Africa, ( & even tiny cats can)..

      Look up the brutish rule of the Mangilane lions.. if suddenly presented with a huge Kodiak,
      – they would simply thug it down, just as they routinely did to buffalo/giraffe/hippo/rhino/elephant..
      (& every non-member lion – they found, too)..

      1. Dakota

        You say they as in a group this is a one on one and the only animal I believe one lion stands a chance against is the giraffe if it can get a lucky hit and knock it down

        1. James W.

          Nevermind what you “believe”, its wrong.
          Do a fact-check..

          Field researcher Joubert witnessed a male lion adeptly
          charge down & fell a 6 y/o elephant ( much bigger than a grizz),
          by himself, so a fat-as dummy-bear who just stood there – would
          get similar treatment, & be a fat, furry feast for the boss lion…

  171. Aka/Tony

    Size doesn’t mean everything in the wild. The tiger has plenty of other advantages.

  172. rob

    Size doesn’t mean everything in the wild. The tiger has plenty of other advantages

    such as?

    The only advantage a tiger would have is speed. They can run up to 50 mph,but only for short distances. Bears can run up to 45mp,but they can keep that speed up for much longer distances. They cannot match a Kodiak or Polar bear in endurance,size,bite,and paw force. Come on Tony, you are more intelligent than James. Don’t fall in love with your favorite animal and start denying scientific facts. No Tiger is going to defeat a Kodiak or Polar Bear. Those sub species are too big,strong,and mean for any feline. A 750 Lb Tiger would get mauled by a full grown Kodiak or Polar Bear. You in fact,admitted a Tiger would stand no chance against a Polar bear in an earlier post. The Kodiak is bigger and has more muscle mass than a polar bear. I’ll tell you the same thin I told James. Those facts are easily researched. Come on man, you are better than this 🙁

  173. Aka/Tony

    NOOO! You did not just say kodiak bear are bigger than polar bears. Such as? Hmm, strength, speed, intelligence agility, better hunter, HUNT grizzly bears. FYI jaguar is my favorite animal. I admitted a polar bear would deck a tiger, because the size difference is just to much. Polar bears are supposed to be 1,600 pounds. Besides a polar bear is a whole different story than a brown bear, that’s not the fight. It is grizzly bear vs Siberian tiger.

    1. James W.

      Kid, again, you’re wrong..
      ..why be such a pig-headedly stubborn ignoramus..
      ..all you have to do – is actually READ the validated accounts..
      .. of actual confrontations between big cats & bears listed in the ‘ allempires’ site..
      It goes.. lion>tiger>bear.. its a natural, & actual, fact..

      As for rob-o-nerd feigning ignorance about the long list of inherent big cat killing
      skill advantages over the stumble bum/dumpster diver fat-as bears.. he is just trolling..

        1. James W.

          aka/untold fake names
          You are “automatically” stupid,
          & nasty with it.. well, that makes you..
          “wrong” for sure, so grow up.. kid..

          Seriously, Jackie-boy.. try to redeem..
          your sad soul, before you are damned..
          1stly to juvie-then-jail, then down to hell..

          You’ve been duly.. warned..

          1. AP

            I know you live in Australia and that you weigh ~95 kg 😉

  174. Aka/Tony

    That all empires site is a complete joke. National Geographic far outshines it. You’re a pig headed stubborn ignorant person who only believes in lions. You think a lion alone will beat a hippo, rhino buffalo and elephant. How stupid can you be? Tigers have killed the lion more than the lion has killed the tiger. The website said the tiger won 100/100 in ‘favoring the tiger’. See, there were way more scientists and professional biologist favoring the tiger. They also listed way more accounts of the tiger winning in a fight. There are way, way more cases of the tiger winning. I din’t know how foolish and ignorant someone can be, but you’re pretty extreme on that level.

    1. James W.

      Oh no..
      Not wiki! L.O.L…
      Jeeze kid, don’t you even realize how wiki works?
      That wiki site is just a tiger fan-boy propaganda paradise,
      & with such blatantly bogus entries, it makes rob look 1/2 normal..

      FYI, since you claim to be interested in “research” – learn what
      ‘literature review’ & ‘primary sources’ actually mean.

      That ‘all empires’ thread carefully parses the reports of
      lion/bear/tiger encounters for their bona fides..
      & thus can validly confirm.. the fight outcomes overwhelmingly prove:
      Lion>tiger>bear, this is a fact..

      & yeah kid.. as you know – even Nat Geo acknowledges this..
      The tough-as pride boss lion – is the true carnivore combat “King”.

      1. Aka/Tony

        Please present me a link where National Geographic says a lion can beat a tiger. That all empires thing is a joke. Wikipedia is not a tiger fan-boy propaganda site. You honestly just don’t know how easily it is tell you made that up. Wikipedia didn’t favor any, it just listed the historical accounts of the two. The tiger won more. So lions are 60% muscle? Tigers are 72.4 % muscle.

  175. rob

    NOOO! You did not just say kodiak bear are bigger than polar bears.

    They actually are young man. Some research would tell you this. I’ve made a fool of James. Don’t let me do the same to you.

    1. James W.

      c’mon rob.. oughta know.. you are only fooling yourself..

      Flat-footed, bowlegged, & waddling, fat-as bears simply cannot run at 45 mph..
      Nor can those lard-as brownies.. do anything to match big cat athletic feats..

      Lions routinely sprint & leap up on to huge beasts, & bring ’em down..
      & a big, dopey brownie, just standing there – will be shocked & awed.. a true killer carnivore assault, & hapless to prevent his downfall..

      Dream on.. with your fool fan-boy fantasies rob, but reality crushes you..
      carnivore a

    2. Aka/Tony

      You can try to make a fool of me, but it’s gonna backfire. This is predator vs prey. More often, predator is the winner. Polar bears are larger than kodiak bears. Just because the largest bear ever was a kodiak bear doesn’t mean kodiak are bigger on average.

      1. James W.

        No kid.. wrong again..
        ” …the largest bear ever was..” a prehistoric beast..
        & yet they were preyed upon back then too.
        .. by cats – which were even bigger than today’s tigers & lions..

          1. James W.

            Wow kid..
   actually checked..
            ..that I was correct.. so now – just admit it, eh boy..

            & don’t be so ‘stupid boy’ mode in your assumptions..
            those prehistoric bears lived in Europe too, where
            there is evidence of them being preyed upon by lions..

            Same for Africa, as well, kid.. those big-as bears lived
            there too, but just could not contend with & were
            out-competed by, yes you guessed it.. lions..

  176. rob

    Flat-footed, bowlegged, & waddling, fat-as bears simply cannot run at 45 mph..

    only in your dreams James. Tigers can run faster, but only for short distances. A Grizzly can run full speed for miles.

    In spite of their size, some have been clocked at speeds in excess of 35 mph. Along with their strength and deceptive speed, Brown Bears are legendary for their physical stamina. They are capable of running at full speed for miles at a time without stopping.

    No feline on earth can match their power and stamina. Btw, 35 MPH is the top speed credited to your beloved Lion. Therefore the Kodiak wins in size, strength,speed,power,and stamina. The Lion or tiger stands no chance.

    1. James W.

      See here:
      Your “beloved” brownie, being a fat-as, bow-legged, flat-foot, – is way too slow..

      & cited from the study done by the Zoology Department of the University of Pretoria,
      “Lion Predation in the Kalahari…”
      “As far as large prey animals are concerned… 3 steps, stalking, running, killing…
      Kalahari lions have been noted running enormous distances at top speed…”

      Fatuous trolling attempts to portray “1800lb” brown bears running at “45 mph”
      of the type – you ladle out here – are just pathetic bear grade garbage..

      Do a ‘google scholar’ search on musculoskeletal/morphology comparisons..
      & you’ll see, ” beloved” bears are ‘also rans’ versus big cats – as true killer carnivores..

      For sure – simply no real match for the big panthera boys In a killing contest..

    2. Aka/Tony

      Utterly ridiculous. The lion top speed is 50mph. How do you not know this? I thought you were well informed, but you’re just like James! Hilarious… I thought you would support my facts, as I supported you’re so on bear vs lion. But now… you have come out just to be a bear fanboy.

  177. rob

    For sure – simply no real match for the big panthera boys In a killing contest..

    Why should a Kodiak run away when it could just stand still and kick the Lions ass ? Speed is the only advantage Felines have over Ursidae. Do you think Usain Bolt is going to kick Mike Tyson’s ass? Lol at the thought. Congratulations!!!!!, your beloved lion wins one category. They still suck hind tit when it comes to size,strength,endurance,bite force,and power. The Lion is also faster than a 6 ton African Bull elephant. That doesn’t mean it’s going to win a one on one fight with it. James, you really make this too easy

    1. James W.

      too funny, as usual..

      A fat-as brownie that stands still when a bull elephant charges..
      ..will be stomped into a greasy spot..

      & a fat-as brownie that stands still when a pride boss lion crash tackles
      him at speed is going down too, but he’ll have a set of longer, harder
      biting teeth than he’s ever felt – expertly penetrating his vital areas,
      while much sharper meat hook claws than he’s ever felt, grasp & shred..

      Fat-as brownie will be caught flat-footed, & expertly worked over into a
      bleeding carcase, then flayed & eaten.. by the real boss predator..

      To paraphrase Mike Tyson, the brownie has a plan – ’til the lion puts
      the professional hit on him, he’ll be shocked & awed – it aint no ‘ pat-a-cake’..

      &, Mike Tyson in his prime, with his finely trained speed, power, & ferocity,
      all functioning in superbly adept coordination..
      .. smashing over a 300lb pig-eyed obese amateur neighbourhood bully.. the correct analogy..

      Just as you rob, get such a flogging here.. L.O.L…

  178. Aka/Tony

    Speed is not their only advantage. Intelligence, strength, they hunt grizzly bears, are better hunters, better swimmers and climbers and are faster and more agile than tigers. A bear would K-O a lion, because the size difference is just too much for him. But Siberian tigers are much larger than lions, also they hunt bears while lions just sit around all day. They are the only feline that doesn’t hunt (in exception to the ladies). So the lion will get his ass kicked by the bear and tiger. Though tiger does beat bear, due to hunting them. Bears just rely on their size. So the tiger will be the winner against both lion and bear.

    1. James W.

      Again you’re simply uninformed..
      ..or a purblind tiger-fan..

      Do the fact check.. the literature shows,
      ( & yes, as your ‘fave’ – Nat Geo confirmed)
      a dominant pride boss lion > tiger, in a fight..

      Both big panthera cousins are well adapted,
      as adept – true killer carnivores – & will surely
      destroy the garbage-guts brownie, though..

        1. Aka/Tony

          Oh my god. Again with the youtube! Male lions don’t show females how it’s done, because they don’t hunt. Look everywhere. The male lion does not hunt.

          1. James W.

            ‘ stupid boy’
            does it again..
            Tiny, you surely are – just trolling now..

            Of course male lions hunt.. & specifically – they hunt the
            biggest game in Africa, animals more dangerous than a bear..
   can you possibly – not know this, – if you aint trollin’ ?

            Lions are smart too, check out the males who have learned
            that hooved quadrupeds are easier to ‘ bull-dog’ off their
            feet – rodeo style – on asphalt paved roads.. they take down
            big violent buffalo bulls & adult giraffe with a deft movement & boom,
            the prey is arse-up!

            Since a big boss pride male will leap up to grab the neck of a
            massively tall giraffe, doing so to a bear – would be a natural..

            A bear in Africa would have his dumb-as, garbage-snuffling snout
            kicked in by a giraffe though, being too uncoordinated & pig-eyed
            to dodge the vicious kicks & too slow – to effectively counter-attack..

          2. AKa/Tony

            You are the only person here who thinks that the male lion, hunts. DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a well known fact that female lions hunt, while the males just sit around all day. Everyone knows this! Except for you apparently. By the way, buffalo have easily killed male lions. Also male lions can’t really hunt because their camouflage is thrown away by the mane.

      1. Dakota

        Your talking about a boss lion vs your everyday tiger if it’s a boss lion that tiger better be just as boss

        1. James W.

          no way,
          Fightin’ your way through the opposition – to be boss lion,
          – is a way tougher task than what a tiger ( or bear) faces.

          The hardened spirit, vicious tenacity & bloody-minded killing skills
          are what puts such a lion into pride championship contention.

          & so, this aggression gets bred into his sons, who carry it,
          up through the next gen, a line of natural-born combat-keen
          professional killer big boss lions, rampant in the territory..

          Boss’d enjoy the opportunity to waste a fat-as garbage-sniffin’
          dumpster-bum, jest like squeezin’ a warm stick of butter, straight
          out its wrapper…

  179. Aka/Tony

    Again, provide me a link that says national geographic thinks a lion will beat a tiger. Supporting an animal in a fight doesn’t make them a fanboy. Now, thinking lions can beat elephants alone, because you know, the lion could totally kill the elephant with one swap of it’s paw, that makes you a fanboy. I admitted the tigers defeat to the polar bear, you didn’t admit the lions defeat against an elephant. Stop dancing around the important parts.

    1. James W.

      look turkey,
      you are so wrong.. & so – your precious “opinion” – is totally bogus..
      ..just do some basic searching in proper sources..
      or you’ll simply stay ‘stupid’, like rob..

      I’d link a Nat Geo vid for you, which compares lion-to-tiger..
      ..but you would not watch that one either, would you eh, kid..

      Polar bears are dominated by their cousin brownies.. fact.
      Boss wild lion out beasts both tiger & fat-as bear.. fact.

      1. Dakota

        Link the video because right now I think you’re blowing steam out of your ass

        1. James W.

          yo ax..
          Be blowing sumpin’, likely done been pumped up there,
          by a bad-as boss, & you’d loved it, all the same..

          Like’m lioness, who gits all hot ‘n’ bothered fo’ da boss lion’s doing..

  180. AKa/Tony

    DUDE! I WOULD WATCH IT! Please, tell me how a polar bear would lost to the brown bear. Polar bears are bigger, more aggressive, stronger with thicker fur. Now, of course if it’s summer than the grizzly bear wins hands down because the polar bear its in bad condition while the brownie is charged up and ready to go. By the way, my precious opinion? Dude, I’m not the one who said a lion alone could kill a fully grown male elephant. Stop dancing around this.

    1. James W.

      kid, get it right..
      I wrote that lions hunt elephant.. & they surely do..

      Scroll to to 23 mins,..
      The pride boss male intimidates the bull elephants,
      & this allows the exploitation of the younger, juicier ones..
      ..but if you watch further, at 45 min in, even a puny female lion
      boldly leaps out of a tree – onto a big bull elephants back..

      Wounds inflicted by lions teeth can cause systemic bacterial
      infections – which will bring down a “6 ton bull”, as it happens..

      This is a fact.. not mere “opinion”, kid..

      1. Dakota

        Oh no a bacterial infection. That would take days or weeks to set in so the entire pride would need to stalk the entire herd of elefants

        1. James W.

          Them lions done got a real dirty mouth,
          such as would make a hard-as ho blench..

          Yeah, them filthy diseases gets bit – way deep down in,
          & that’ll get ’em workin’ real damn fast – fo’ sho’ – hell,
          maybe even quicker’n you do – when ol’ p-daddy turns up..

  181. Aka/Tony

    That’s not enough to kill him. It was a little wound, and a hopeless attempt for the lions. You said a male lion ALONE could kill an elephant. In that video a pride of lions made an elephant bleed a little. The lion didn’t intimidate the elephants, the elephants got a drink then left. How is that intimidation? The elephant was already weak, it didn’t even fight back really, and it still got away. Pathetic. None of those were even males attacking the elephant in the end. Find me a video of a lion alone killing a fully grown elephant.

    1. James W.

      Kid, its lame..
      ..trying to ascribe such statements to me is a troll-act..
      ,..just try & quote my words to that effect, verbatim.. you can’t..

      I wrote that lions hunt elephant.. & they do..
      ..nor can the big bulls stop them.. you heard the commentary..
      those boss males weren’t going anywhere, ‘cept on a hunt..

      & see the ‘Kratt Bros’ video of lions killing elephants, the lion
      scares off the big bull, then &the pride takes the juicy juvenile..

      Also you need to ‘research’ the effect of cat bites..
      ..even a housecat bite is lethal via infection, to birds that attack them,
      even if the bird escapes, & the same applies with lion bites on its prey..

      Check out that poor old 1/2 dead male lion who bravely fought to the death
      against the bull buffalo, the buffalo died later, too.. from infection..

  182. Aka/Tony

    Dude, one bite from a lion isn’t going to kill an elephant. Like the video said, he barely noticed when the lion jumped on him. You said a male lion ALONE hunts elephants. By the way, I’ve seen a video of a leopard grabbing a gazelle, biting it, the gazelle escaped and was fine. You really think nothing can beat a lion do you? Let me ask you: In water, a lion or killer whale? I know you’re going to say lion.

    1. James W.

      Look kid..
      ..stop making stuff up.. about what I write.. you’re getting like rob..
      Just try & quote me – verbatim – instead..

      You don’t know, & cannot realistically comment on what later happened
      to that gazelle bitten by the leopard.. but most likely, it died as a result..

      As for lions & elephants.. see here below what happens when a juvenile
      delinquent elephant attempts to hassle a male lion.. what a dumb-as..
      he’s obviously been reading what stupidity you & rob have written here..

      & orcas? Jeeze kid, get real, find out what happens in real life..
      ..when an orca wants to eat a polar bear that’s sitting on an ice floe..
      ..or do you think the bear will “swipe” the orca? L.O.L…

      1. Aka/Tony

        Answer the question. Orca or lion? That’s good that I’m like Rob. It proves me smart, unlike you. How would you know what happened to the gazelle? Have you watched the hunt? It doesn’t look like that those lions killed an elephant, after all, there was no video ^_^!

        1. James W.

          What gazelle?
          This thread is lion vs bear, kid..
 why keep trolling by bringing in other stuff?
          It proves you to be a mini-rob, dumb-as..

          The only way a lion & orca are likely to meet..
 if an orca runs aground on an African beach..
          ..lions kill seals on the beach, & they’d bite chunks from an orca too..

          Can a polar bear defeat ‘n’ eat an orca, by hauling it out – onto the ice?
          I doubt it..

          Will a lion defeat the bear?
          Well, both the historical record & the science clearly shows – yes, for sure..
          Pride boss lion is truly, the ‘ King of Beasts’.. its a fact, kid..

  183. Aka/Tony

    1. That was a little calf.
    2. There were 2 male lions.
    3. The lions were intimidated by the calf when he charged him.
    4. I said fully grown elephant.

  184. Aka/Tony

    1. That was a calf
    2. There were two male lions
    3. The lions were scared when the calf charged them
    4 They had to work together to bring it down.

    1. James W.

      You’re bad..
      ..bad at accepting reality..
      Facts which you deny, even when the evidence.. in your face.. & that’s both trolling, & ‘stupid boy’ stuff ..

      Male lions do indeed hunt big game, animals much bigger than bears..
      ..including animals which would definitely crush a grizzly bear..

      But even 6 ton bull elephants can’t stop boss lions hunting their herds.. kid, were in denial about this.. now you’ve been shamed..
      .. by the video evidence.. the facts..

      If you still want to try to deny the facts about boss lion dominance..
      ..including over bears.. you are humiliating yourself, just like rob does..

  185. Aka/Tony

    I see… that you are insane. A 500 pound lion alone cannot hunt a fully grown elephant. It’s almost impossible.You still haven’t answered my question. Lion or orca, which wins in water? Please, for the sake of all of us say orca.

  186. James W.

    AKA/Tiny.. are just being..
    ..full-on, a ‘stupid boy’ now..

    You watched the vid – a puny female lion leapt onto the elephant!
    From a tree! That’s hunting behaviour, kid.. she wasn’t going
    ‘elephant surfing’ on that bulls’ back.. was she, boy..

    Why would – a lion meet an orca – in the water?
    If the lion applied for a job at a ‘ Marine World’ show, perhaps?

    Most likely an orca would be curious about a swimming lion,
    but if it was careless, & only nudged it, the orca would get a
    unexpectedly violent kick, & face full of viciously sharp claws..

    You’ve seen the vids of crocs swimming up, attempting to intercept even 1/2 grown
    lions crossing rivers, & promptly veering off, when they get that treatment too..

    Enough of your nonsense now, eh little boy – its time you were being a good kid..

    1. Dakota

      Orchas also know as killer whales, also known to hunt sharks for sport, also one of the meanest animals in the sea, if it can take a great white shark bit you tigers claws are only gonna piss it off more

  187. rob

    ..full-on, a ‘stupid boy’ now..

    Yes you are James. I’ve come to the conclusion you’re either stupid or the worlds greatest internet flamer. What is it? No One in their right mind believes a 600 Lb Tiger or a 450Lb Lion is going to defeat a 1800Lb Kodiak or Polar bear. Therefore, Are you stupid,or a flamer?

    1. AKa/Tony

      Can we just say polar bear? Thank you. The fact that Siberian tigers hunt brown bears, make it hard for them to win. Also they are intimidated by Siberian tigers and back down from challenges, because they know, they are facing a monster. Bengal tigers are more around 600 pounds, unlike the 700 pound Siberian tiger, which can exceed 800 if it’s in a territory filled with prey. But average, they’re 700.

  188. James W.

    rob/flaming troll..
    rob-o-troll.. oh dear..

    So, yet again rob.. lamely resorts to blatant trolling – when confronted by the facts..
    ..again the fantasy cherry picking of the biggest bears ( a real, non-obese grizzly is
    typically going to be in the 600 lb range) – as if being a lard-as makes a combat champ!

    Of course rob also ignores the fact that fit, wild lions weighing around 700lb have actually
    been weighed, unlike the B.S. bear weights he inflates, which are only estimates.

    & you rob, just admit it, you cant handle the reality – the fat-as bear gets slaughtered.. the real kings – purpose evolved carnivores, the big panthera boys.

    These big cats routinely prey on bigger animals than bears, animals which
    would stomp the fat-as garbage guts – right out of those fur-bag bruins..

    1. Dakota

      Where are these facts of yours all I see is opinions called facts with zero sources

      1. James W.

        is all you’ve offered..

        You’ve watched some of the vids I linked, but got biased,
        & tried to claim they were “faked” – which surely aint so..

        Seems ’bout time you cited some decent evidence,
        to back what you “believe” too, huh? Yet you cannot,
        – since the facts simply won’t support it..

  189. Aka/Tony

    Sigh, it appears JJ will not give top. Let me ask you a question: Are you Trump? Lol… btw no one says L.O.L. anymore… it’s lol.

    1. James W.

      Capitals indicate loud laugh!

      ‘King of Beasts’ will laugh at fat-as fur-bag..
      & then destroy him..
      & just as rob is destroyed – here.. I also – L.O.L…

        1. James W.

          do some, kid..
          As if.. ( ‘stupid boy’!)
          Because if you did, you’d learn – L.O.L…
 proper for an acronym, so its LAUGH OUT LOUD ( real loud),
          like M*A*S*H ( look it up kid, ‘ cause its way before your time)..

          1. James W.

            Kid, this thread aint ’bout you..

            Its about the bad-as lion doin’ his biz,
            & beastin’ down the furry ol’ fat-as, grizz.. L.O.L…

  190. rob

    Can we just say polar bear? T

    why? Kodiaks are bigger and better fighters

    1. Aka/Tony

      See, that’s what you keep saying. But you’re giving no clear evidence!

  191. rob

    Tony, Tigers have been know to prey on Kamchatka brown bears which are not true grizzlies. They are docile aand don’t share the same temperment as their North American cousins.

  192. rob

    Kamchatcka cubs caught at birth can be raised as family pets. They are skittish because they are heavily hunted. The Russian government charges 50 grand for a permit to kill one. They have for nearly a century. It’s no wonder they live in fear of humans and other large animals

    1. Aka/Tony

      Kamchatka bears are almost the same thing as grizzly bears. They are brown bears, like grizzly bears. Therefore they are the same thing.

      1. James W.

        Wow kid,
        you finally got something correct!
        Good effort..

        Yep, they are both brown bears, not a ‘cousin’ species like lion & tiger
        & so a cross breeding will also produce a regular brownie.. quite
        suitable for circus clown duties, or as panthera prey..

  193. rob

    Polar bears and Kodiaks do cross paths during the summer. Polar bears turn away during these confrontations. The reason is the Kodiak has better weapons. Kodiaks have 6 inch claws while the polar bear has 2 inch claws

    1. James W.

      again & again..

      Polar bear vs brownie claws – the ice bear has the more formidable weapons..

      ..rob has no idea.. whitey has the longer, sharper claws.. for grip on ice,
      & for hooking ’em into the blubbery seals he catches.. & they stay sharp..
      .. since big whitey does not blunt ’em by dirt-grubbing & sniffing under rocks..

      Brownies do dominate their pale cousins when it comes to completion over
      dumpsters though.. they really dig garbage, & will fight to grab the filthy stuff..

      & brownies dig them sexy white bear bitches too, & will readily impregnate them..

      1. Aka/Tony

        Yeah that’s true. Polar bears do have more formidable weapons than a kodiak bear. Also, Kodiak bears live on kodiak island, so they can’t meat polar bears. Grizzly bears do.

      2. Aka/Tony

        Lol. Yes, it depends on the territory. In summer brown bear wins. In winter polar bear wins. If they’re both on perfect condition (which would never happen)the polar bear wins. In water polar bear wins. In forest grizzly bear wins. It really just depends on the habitat.

  194. rob

    The Kodiak also has a shorter and more powerful neck. The polar bear has a longer/slimmer neck which allows it to search 4 feet into ice holes. Their paws are built for crushing ice looking for ring seals

  195. rob

    The Kodiaks 6 inch claws are designed for digging roots and turning over boulders that weigh more than half a ton. You admitted a Tiger would get killed by a polar bear. The Kodiak is in the same class. Both will destroy any feline. Open minded research and common sense will tell you this. Once again, don’t be James

    1. Aka/Tony

      An average kodiak bear vs an average tiger, my money’s on the tiger! Kamchatka bears are very similar to kodiak bears, a little bit smaller. But regardless they can grow very big and Siberian tigers hunt them. I’m not being James. I’m being fair. I admitted the tigers defeat to a polar bear, James didn’t admit the lions defeat to the polar bear. Again, I’m only stating my opinion.

      1. James W.

        Wrong again kid..
        Its time you revised your flawed ‘opinion’..
        .. its just stupid to hold such a view, when the facts clearly show – what’s real..

        The top carnivore beast-killer champion ranking is as follows:
        Boss lion/goldie>stripey>brownie>whitey.. its a natural fact, kid..

        1. Aka/Tony

          I like how you make the smallest the winner, and biggest the loser to all of them. It actually goes: goldie<brownie<stripey,whitey. The polar bear is above them all. You have provided no facts why the lion will beat any of theses animals. Polar bear beats grizzly bear. Tiger beats lion. So the two champions are going to settle it out, and the polar bear wins. The two losers settle it out for third place. The grizzly bears win. You james, apparently know nothing about these animals and don't provide any facts to prove you're point, like me and Rob do. You are the only person here who believes a lion is bigger than a tiger. Don't even say grizzly bears are bigger than polar bears.

          1. James W.

            Jeeze kid..
            When you grow up a bit*..
   might comprehend – its proof that matters..
            ..not your dumb-as “opinion” – which is fan-boy fantasy..

            & the proof is in validated accounts, including scientific
            field studies & empirical/experiential qualitative research..

            * Seems you are still so immature kid, that you imagine
            your ‘belief’ in ludicrous garbage such rob writes, & in
            the incredulously fake fan-boy youtube clips, is meaningful..
            All it means – is that you are truly embarrassing yourself, kid..

          2. Aka/Tony

            He’s an idiot he’s an idiot he’s idiot he’s an idiot he’s an idiot he’s an idiot never listen to what he says the man thinks lions can beat orcas! If you can even call him a man. He’s more like a 1 year old child.

  196. rob

    Of course rob also ignores the fact that fit, wild lions weighing around 700lb have actually
    been weighed, unlike the B.S. bear weights he inflates, which are only estimates.

    Kodiak bears are among the largest of all bears (averaging slightly smaller than polar bears), and males can reach weights of up to 1,500 pounds and are able to stand up to 10 feet tall when on their hind legs. Grizzly bears can weigh up to 1,150 pounds.

    And you still wonder why we call you an idiot

    1. James W.

      So rob, you cite a pet page..
      ..& revise down the fat-as bear weight estimates.. L.O.L…
      Grizzlies are down to “up to 1,150lb” – from “1,800lb”.

      & even the super-fatty Kodak..
      down from “2,300lb” to ” up to 1,500lb” – must be on weight watchers!

      Yet the same site reckons they carry up to 10 inches of fat!
      Yeah, that layer of lard’ll be real handy for combat..
      .. against a dedicated expert killer of large animals.. not!

      I do note the same site clearly specifies – the lion as.. yep..
      “King of the Beasts” – & lists lion killing advantages,
      including real carnivore claws, not blunt bear-type dirt-grubbers..

      Again, its just too funny rob, the moment your post actually cites
      some information, rather than lame trolling.. you prove yourself wrong!

      1. Dakota

        You have major issues man you know those suits k9 trainers wear, that’s the layers of fat the bears have, a lion cannot get through them with teeth or claws you use the bacterial infection as a form of victory, fun fact lions have fought Komodo Dragons and by those stipulations it’s a tie, the Komodo only needs one hit to kill the lion days later from either poison bacterial infection or both, but you won’t admit your pretious lion can lose to a lizard

        1. James W.

          Fat aint no athletic advantage, (nor protection)
          not in fighting ‘cept for that ludicrous Sumo stuff,
          & even then, Tyson in his prime – would’ve K.O.’d a Sumo..
          Just so with the boss lion, his – speed/power combinations
          would drop an out-of-condition fat-as bear, like a stumble-bum.

          Cat reaction speed beats even snake & croc strikes, so aint no lizard
          gonna be landing a real bite, nah, not much chance there, ‘tall..

  197. rob

    July 21, 2017
    Kamchatka bears are almost the same thing as grizzly bears.

    No they are not. Kamchatka Brown bears are docile and non aggressive. That’s not the case with Kodiak and Polar bears

    1. Aka/Tony

      No, Kamchatka bears are not docile. They sometimes battle it out with tigers, and do attack humans quite frequently. Kodiak bears and Kamchatka bears are both brown bears, one being slightly smaller than the other. You have to admit, the tiger is perfectly capable of taking kodiak bears.

      1. James W.

        Agreed, kid..
        ..a territory boss Amur tiger which had developed his killing technique..
        ..on Asian brownies would have no problem dealing to a North American bear..

        In fact, it would be the grizzly who was at a major disadvantage.. since he’d..
        ..never had to contend with such a slealthy, cunning, & ferocious killer as a tiger..

        In fact, there is a notable instance of a C18th, King of Sweden being gifted – a Barbary lion,
        ( which naturally preyed on Atlas brownies), & the King was interested to check if ‘King of Beasts’
        was a true title, so he had a prime Scandinavian brownie ( which had, of course never seen a big cat)..
        found, & pitted in combat – against the Barbary lion.. while the King & his court – watched..

        The big boss Barbary lion, who – like the Amur tiger, knew full well – how to despatch fat-as brownies..
        ..duly dealt death to the bear – so quickly, & such in a stunningly proficient manner, that the King..
        .. deemed that the lion had indeed convicingly shown himself worthy, of his ‘King of Beasts’ crown..

        1. Aka/Tony

          Agreed. Not only would would the kodiak bear not be prepared for then tiger, they would try to run away. That equals: the tiger runs it down and finishes it.

  198. rob

    James W.
    July 21, 2017
    again & again..

    Polar bear vs brownie claws – the ice bear has the more formidable weapons..

    No James, It is you whom has no clue. You need to do some unbiased research. Until you do, you are irrelevant in this thread. You seek conformation bias,not truth

    1. James W.

      Oh dear..
      rob’s back to basic trolling..
      ..for a couple of posts he was actually topical..

      But.. still wrong.. just do a fact check rob & cease the dumb-as routine..
      Brownie claws are blunted by constant contact with the earth..
      .. snow, ice & blubber grabbing – does not cause equivalent wear ..

  199. rob

    July 21, 2017
    The polar bear runs because it’s summer and he’s in no condition to fight.

    You do realize a Kodiak hibernates during winter? Come on Tony, you are better than this

  200. rob

    July 22, 2017
    Yeah that’s true. Polar bears do have more formidable weapons than a kodiak bear. Also, Kodiak bears live on kodiak island, so they can’t meat polar bears. Grizzly bears do.

    You do realize Kodiak bears live in the Alaskan archapeligo? No? Kodiaks and Polar Bears cross paths all the time. Once again, do some unbiased research. Don’t be a moron like James. You are better than this young man. Don’t be a fool

      1. James W.

        Jeeze kid..
        Of course you’re not an expert..
        ..but before spouting out your “opinion” which makes you seem like, a dumb-as.. rob, & so – unlike rob/troll – you could at least do a proper fact check..

        Or even view/comprehend – the cited links.. yes, even dozy ol’ rob’s
        Funny thing, even one of robs’ linked sites backed the lion as ‘King of Beasts`!

          1. James W.

            Oh dear.. kid..
            You’ve taken to being a mini-rob troll now..
            & just like your mentor in trolling, rob..
            .. posting utterly useless crap of no value to the thread..
            ..shame on you – boy..

            You ought to have posted something about what you’ve learned,
            such as shown by careful viewing of the wildlife videos comparing
            the combat fighting styles of panthera vs ursid species..

            & how much more violently ferocious, & viciously intent on actual harm
            the big cat fights are, compared to ‘pat-a-cake’ bear-hug contests are..

            Which clearly shows why any bear, no matter how fat-as he is, will be
            in shock from the very intense onslaught – of a boss lion in kill mode..

  201. rob

    James W.
    July 21, 2017
    So rob, you cite a pet page..
    ..& revise down the fat-as bear weight estimates.. L.O.L…
    Grizzlies are down to “up to 1,150lb” – from “1,800lb”.

    Hmm, you know that’s from PBS correct? Tell me where I’m lying. Once again, you’re slapped up side the head due to blatant stupidity. You truly are irrelevant in this debate man. You have been buried and pissed on 😉

    1. James W.

      All you do – is make B.S. stuff up..
      & when you do link a site.. you prove literally yourself wrong!
      really, you are the joker in this pack, rob.. what a buffoon..

      Seems like you’re pretty keen on emulating circus bear clowning..
      ..but you get slaughtered by the facts rob, just as the bear does.. reality, by the true killer carnivore bad-as.. the big boss lion..

  202. rob

    The polar bear is above them all

    Tony, you keep saying this, but keep denying the Kodiak is the biggest bear ever recorded,and in the same class. All I ask is you to use common sense. If you say a Tiger will lose to a Polar Bear, he’ll lose to a Kodiak Grizzly as well, James beloved lion get’s destroyed by all three.

    1. James W.

      Both of you..
      ..try & comprehend the factual reality..
      As the science explains, & actual combat clearly proves.. its lion>tiger>bear.

      & no amount of fan-boy fantasy can deny this natural order, regardless..
      ..of your high levels of cognitive dissonance & perseverative angst.
      So just get real now – eh, kids..

    2. Aka/Tony

      The largest bear ever recorded was a kodiak bear, but polar bears are bugger on an average basis. I have proved that several times. Kodiak bears are ever so slightly bigger than grizzly bears. Well, they are grizzly bears, just on kodiak island. And due to the islands natural resources, the kodiak bear has grown slightly larger the grizzly bear. Kodiak bears, polar bears, grizzly bears Kamchatka are all just brown bears.

      1. James W.

        Wrong again kid..
        All brownies are scientifically named Ursus Arctos, (with various suffixes added)
        – but although a close cousin, whitey is named distinctly – Ursus Maritimus.. ‘sea bear’..

        Next you’ll start going on about ol’ whitey bear hunting orcas in the sea, too.. L.O.L…

  203. Aka/Tony

    Yeah, James. Thanks for saying what I just said. Yeah, polar bears are called Usrsus Maritimus, because they swim across long distances of the Arctic Ocean. But they are just evolved brown bears. They got bigger because they became a ‘Carnivora’ (Carnivore). They got stronger because they travel the longest distance out of all bears to find food. They’re claws have grown sharper and more jagged, due to the ice. On the other hand I think brown bears have slightly longer claws.

  204. James W.

    “…they swim across long distances of the Arctic…”
    Are they afraid of the bears they see on the voyage?

    Boss lion beats bear.. the science confirms the reasons why..
    & the historical record, when parsed for accuracy, proves it..

  205. Aka/Tony

    No, orcas would hunt a bear if it had a chance. Why would they be afraid of bears? They weigh as much as an elephant, also they have the heaviest bite force of all animals. Lion does not beat brown or polar bear.

    1. James W.

      Jeeze kid..
      ..try & get some education..

      1stly, is there any evidence whatsoever..
      ..of orca/sea bear interactions? Find out..

      2ndly, there is a significant level of evidence
      regarding lion superiority in killing capability..
      ..over bears.. both physiological & empirical.

      That you pull your ‘stupid boy’ routine to deny
      this reality, makes you appear – very childish.. try & grow up, some – at least mentally – huh, kid..

  206. Aka/Tony

    James, do you know how easy it is to tell that you’re making all this crap up? It truly is, pretty funny.

    1. James W.

      Look kid,
      What is obvious.. is that you are just a dumb-as.. troll..

      You have no actual interest in a fact-based discussion..
      ..or even learning anything, that risks causing your ‘stupid boy’..
      “opinion” to be revealed as a ludicrous childish fantasy..
      ..because then you react.. with a tantrum, like a 3 year old..

      You can’t/won’t offer anything as proof, except useless childish crap..
      & won’t even check real scientific & validated historical data..
      ..which does, by the way kid, in case you didn’t quite grasp it yet..
      ..clearly show – that – boss lion beats the brownie bear.

  207. Aka/Tony

    NO! YOU HAVE NO INTEREST IN FACTS! You don’t even present any facts, so you clearly don’t know how to debate. Here are the winning facts for the grizzly bear: A) Grizzly bear is taller, longer and heavier than African lion. B) Grizzly bear possesses so much fat which helps him get rid of lion paw swipes. C) Grizzly bear has twice or more the amount of bite force than African lion. D) Grizzly bear is more intelligent than African lion. E) Grizzly bear has much more stamina than than lion. F) Grizzly bear muscles aren’t as strong than African lion, but he still is stronger due to his size. G) Grizzly can stand on his hind legs for very long time and can maul with his paws simultaneously. H) Grizzly bear has stronger, more deadly paw swipes than African lion.

    1. James W.

      aka /tiny..
      Jeeze kid..
      You are wrong.. yet again..

      I am only interested in the real world.. not dumb-as faves..
      You don’t present facts.. only trash..

      A, Lions routinely hunt & kill “taller, longer, & heavier” animals..
      ..& more dangerous ones, too than fat-as amateur bears..
      B, Fat aint any kind of “armour” , of of any athletic help in mortal combat..
      C, Actual scientific studies show that lion have real carnivore jaws.. their
      longer, stronger teeth -bite much deeper & harder than a brownie does..
      D, Lions use their intelligence to be adept killers, not dumster divers..
      E, Bear ‘ stamina’ will accord him nothing – when a boss lion is quickly/expertly – killing him..
      F, Bear ‘size’ is due to being 40% fat, plus the massive gut needed to digest a bunch of crap..
      G, Lion leaps up on & brings down to kill, elephants! Which are much larger/stronger..
      H, Check the video EVIDENCE – bears play ‘pat-a-cake’ its big cats that inflict vicious ‘ haymakers’..

      There you go kid.. demolished your ‘stupid boy’ crap.. its just too easy..

      1. Aka/Tony

        All my crap? Do you spend you’re whole day looking at a mirror? It sure sounds like it… but it’s you, so whatever.

  208. James W.

    Awww kid..
    Not the same old crap..

    You’ve learned nothing.. must get therapy..

    Anyone who has any idea about actual facts..
    can see you are simply trolling out fan-boy crap..

    The scientific studies which analyze carnivore morphology
    unequivocally demonstrate the superior evolutionary
    characteristics of big cats as prime apex carnivores.

    Careful appraisal of historical encomter accounts likewise
    confirms the scientific findings, these being – boss lion dominates,
    thus will inevitably destroy the bear – should he wish to do so..

    & if he gets real lucky, the out-matched fat-as bear..
    runs back to the dumpster – for comfort food..

  209. Aka/Tony

    Get real, James. You know those are the facts. You’re just salty you’re favorite animal is no match for a tiger or grizzly bear. James, you keep denying the facts when you know them. Bears are monsters. They can kill a lion easily. Now, they wouldn’t mess with a Siberian tiger, but there’s a huge size difference between an African lion and a Siberian tiger. The size difference is just too much for the lion against a Siberian tiger. Also, you’re comeback is you need therapy? What kind of comeback is that my boy? This is all I can say:

  210. James W.

    Jeeze kid..
    You are such a:

    Your so called ” facts ” are ludicrously dumb-as fanbot trolling fantasies..
    ..but hey, you’re just to mentally underdeveloped to do a real search
    of the science for yourself, or even read/comprehend the data as presented..

    All those with an IQ of normal, or better, know.. its Boss lion>tiger>bear..

    1. Aka/Tony

      James, you know nothing of life. Why, just why do you think a male lion alone can take down a 6 ton elephant? If an elephant and a lion fight, you know the elephant would win. Just back down, James. You clearly have lost this debate. Ask Rob, he thinks so too.

      1. James W.

        Jeeze kid..
        Its time yo’ got yo’ momma’s titty out yo’ mouth..
        As if an “11 year old” kid can lecture – ” you know nothing of life”!
        Too funny, & idiotic..
        Do the study kid & learn.. its boss lion>tiger.bear..

          1. James W.

            Jeeze kid..
            You actually imagine that pushing your dumb-as “opinion”..
   a substitute for doing a fact check of scientifically validated data..
            & even when you see real wildlife video EVIDENCE!
   pull your ‘stupid boy’ denial routine.. that’s just idiotic..

            Accept the facts kid.. its boss lion>tiger>bear..

  211. rob

    E) Grizzly bear has much more stamina than than lion. F) Grizzly bear muscles aren’t as strong than African lion, but he still is stronger due to his size. G) Grizzly can stand on his hind legs for very long time and can maul with his paws simultaneously. H) Grizzly bear has stronger, more deadly paw swipes than African lion.

    True Tony, so why do you still believe a Tiger who weighs only 200 Lbs more would stand a chance? I give you credit for helping destroy James’ myth with a lion . Sorry, but your beloved tiger is in the same boat. A Kodiak or Polar bear would maul them as well

    1. James W.

      No rob..
      Not true..
      H, Scientific studies of big cat fore-limb capability compared to bears..
      ..shows that not only do cats have superior muscloskeletal mobilty,
      with stronger muscle attachments, & much faster-firing , harder striking Type II fibres..
      ..they also hit with quick reaction/superb eye-coordinated precision – using real sharp claws..

      Go on rob, post a vidoe showing a bear throwing/taking multiple massive “paw swipes”..
      ..& I do not mean swiping fish, or garbage from dumpsters..

  212. Aka/Tony

    The tiger is not my favorite animal. I love bears. I always look for them when I go hiking. But Kamchatka bears are slightly smaller than kodiak bears. Kamchatka bears are prey to Siberian tigers. It is only common sense. You really must understand, rob. Big cats are known to take down prey twice their size. For example, bengal tigers take down the largest prey cattle in the world: The Indian guar. Jaguars also take down black caiman 4 times their size. I’m 11, but I do know a lot about animals. Because I research, unlike James.

    1. James W.

      Jeeze kid..
      You are really hilarious..
      Not only are you fixed on fantasy faves..
      ..but your claim to have any interest in,
      or awareness of, actual research.. is utter B.S.

      As an example.. look up a proper scientific study..
      one which compares the specific structure & functional
      capability of the carnivore skull, including muscles, jaw, teeth & sensory organs.
      If you did, you’d have to accept the reality.. lion & tiger are close cousins..
      & both show late evolutionary adaptive features well advanced over the bear.. befits primary apex predatory carnivores, rather than dirt grubbing/garbage seeking.

      Similarly an honest, fact based, qualitative meta-analysis of the historical literature..
      will clearly demonstrate for you – the reality of lion superiority over bears, & yes tigers, too

      But Tony, you’d rather stay pig-ignorant & childishly resort to spurious irrelevancies such
      as bringing up idiotic comparisons with orcas, & nonsense like “male lions don’t hunt.”

      This means your “opinion” is worthless, & your credibilty is simply.. stil fixed at troll level.

          1. James W.

            Do some yourself, lazy boy..
            & here below is a reality check.. the rhino dies..

            Boss lion hunts/kills/eats.. real big dangerous animals..
            & they dominate the really big bulls in the herds..
   get at the ‘good eating’ juveniles.. which are still huge..
            & can feed the whole pride, for days..

            Try & comprehend, eh kid..

          2. Aka/Tony

            To be honest, I think that was an old rhino. it looked like one. Also theres no way a lion alone can kill a white rhino. You can insult me all you want, but that won’t change a thing. You are still, not showing, lions hunting and killing rhinos.

          3. Aka/Tony

            I doubt the male lion took it down by itself. It probably had the help of 20 lionesses.

          4. James W.

            Sure kid..
            ..esp’ since “male lions don’t hunt”
            & so – just admit it, boy..
            ..rhino are bigger & badder – than bears..
            ..yet lions still hunt ’em, successfully..

          5. James W.

            Jeeze kid..
            You should take your own advice..
            ..since you seeem determined to remain..
   ignoramus.. esp’ when the EVIDENCE..
            ..even right in your face, shows you to be wrong..
            & – so often.. that a ‘stupid boy’.. title is.. yours..

            Lions are deservedly, known as the ‘King of Beasts’.

        1. James W.

          What, like you claim to do, kid..
          & then spout complete crap..
 ” male lions don’t hunt”- L.O.L…

          1. Gary

            That Rhino was sick. The lion didn’t bring it down. Furthermore, James you are baked. 9/10 an average Siberian Tiger beats the biggest of male lions. A lion has zero chance against a big Grizzly. If both animals were starving and fighting over a carcass, the lion would just become a meal for a later date. Hell, a single Grizzly gets rid of a pack of wolves.

      1. Aka/Tony

        Funny, James. I see that you don’t get it. Lion stands zero chance against a elephant. Just stop lying.

        1. James W.

          Yeah right kid..
          That’d be why..
          ..there are so many wildlife videos of..
          ..lions hunting elephants – as prey of choice..
          & you’ve seen them – so “just stop lying”, eh kid..

      2. Aka/Tony

        Whats you’re problem? I thought you would agree with me on what I just said. But NO… JJ has to start another argument.

        1. James W.

          Jeeze kid..
          How do you not get it?
          Only a ‘stupid boy’ attempts to deny EVIDENCE!
          & you have seen it, male lions hunt the biggest prey.
          You cannot ARGUE with this reality & be sane..

          1. Aka/Tony

            Unless you think a lion killing a calf elephant means they are capable of killing a fully grown elephant, then yeah, there is no evidence. Find me a video of a lion alone killing a fully grown rhino. Whenever a hippo, rhino, elephant or buffalo charges a lion, lions become scaredy cats, as they usually are.

  213. rob

    Big cats are known to take down prey twice their size

    I know this and they take them down with the help of a pride in the Lions case. Tigers also hunt Guars which are docile herbivores. The Kodiak and Polar aren’t docile young man. come on Tony, I know you’re 11 years old, but you can’t be this stupid.

  214. James W.

    In reality rob..
    Lions hunt very dangerous prey..
    ..of the kind which would stomp any bear..
    Boss lions must also show fighting prowess..
    ..against much more dangerous predators than bears do..

    Compare the vicous ferocity of the boss lion – even with..
    his own pride.. it is far more intense than any bear interaction..

    Mike Tyson would approve of his 1-2 left-right combination..
    & any bear that got a meat hook claw through his nose like that..
    ..would be shocked.. sp’ since the boss would be using full force..
    ..with real savage killing intent..

  215. Aka/Tony

    You think gaur are docile? If you, do, you are deeply mistaken. I’m not being stupid. I’m simply pointing out that Siberian tigers hunt Kamchatka bears, which are slightly smaller than kodiak bears on average. Tigers take down gaur, Kamchatka bears, and buffalo all by themselves. What makes you think it couldn’t take down a kodiak bear?

    1. James W.

      Yeah, for sure..
      Territory boss tigers are known to do those things..
      That is a fact..
      & yet such tigers – are still dominated by the real fearless killer, boss lions..
      Bears are way further yet – down the fight capability rankings..

    2. Gary

      Tony, Siberian Tigers do take Russian brown bears albeit it’s almost always a small female. Seldom even a female with Cubs.

  216. James W.

    See here:

    The eagle strikes the pig-eyed, dirt-snuffling grizzly, with serious intent..
    Dozy brownie gets a near-blinding face-rake from those savage talons..

    Yet there’s no way known – that an eagle would risk showing such disrespect.. even a mountain lion.. let alone any real panthera type of big cat..

  217. rob

    A bear couldn’t take down a Indian gaur in it’s dreams.


    Grizzlies have been witnessed decapitating Moose and Horses with a single paw swipe. You really are no better than James. Both of you are idiots.

    1. Aka/Tony

      So I guess James was right. You are a troll. Gaurs have horns, you idiot. I see, you are now a bear fanboy. Have fun trolling!

  218. James W.

    You cannot be serious..
    “…decapitating… with a single paw swipe.”
    I call B.S… on that gem of bear-fan hyperbole..

    & if that were true, there’d surely be a video clip of it.. there is.. of lions taking down real dangerous animals..
    Check this vid Tiny & rob, for a “scaredy cat” lion.. not..

    Big boss lion swimming behind, sees his li’l bro intercepted by a hungry croc..
    & instantly does a ‘Tarzan’ – & dives in, under water – to attack the scaly bastard..
    ..successfully.. that is an example of what having a ‘lion-heart’ really means..

    1. Gary

      Why is it that every link you post is not functioning?
      You just have no idea just how big a bear really is do you? No lone lion goes after an African buffalo alone. Put it this way, big male Grizzlies weigh as much as those buffalo. A lion would get completely destroyed with in minutes.

  219. rob

    So I guess James was right. You are a troll. Gaurs have horns, you idiot. I see, you are now a bear fanboy. Have fun trolling!

    Reply ↓

    And you may continue to have fun being a moron 🙂 . Don’t make me bury you Tony. I would have no joy in destroying an 11 year old in a debate, but you are tempting me.

    Horns? lololollo. The Texas Longhorn has 3 foot horns. It’s still not going to protect them from a Bear, Tiger,or Lion. Dude, please don’t be an imbecile.

    1. James W.

      rob thinks he knows.. L.O.L…

      & rob actually claimed to believe..
      ..that a brownie’s paw can “swipe” the massive gaur’s head “clean off”!

      As if..
      In reality, the bear never has to face such dangerous beasts as big cats do..
      & a bear would be in trouble, if it did.. being such a fat-as, flat-footed, fool..

      The recent evolutionary adaptations of carnivore capability featured by big
      cats, being a combination of speed, power, & adept killer-coordination skills..
      ..enable them to make a living by effectively taking down such large prey..
      ..just as the amazing wildlife videos show..

      & the video EVIDENCE also shows grizzlies are mere amateurs – as hunters,
      ..’cept for hunting out garbage dumpsters, of course..

      & the boss lion, being of a naturally bold & particularly aggressive mindset,
      will see, & treat, any bear he finds, in the same way.. as fresh meat, to be killed..

      1. Aka/Tony

        Yeah, this man Ro is an idiot. Probably some dumb high school Freshman trolling around on the internet, not interested in any research. Lets agree on one thing James: Rob is an idiot.

      2. Aka/Tony

        I’m crying, this dude rob thinks, one swipe from a bear, will send a 3 thousand pound gaur’s head flying! I took you seriously when I was 11 but now im 14 and I don’t even need evidence to beat you, you just say bullshit out loud and we are all laughing. Even my boy James is laughing!

        Honestly, I though you were decently smart at first, but you are a complete amateur my friend.

  220. rob

    How can a lion, tiger or bear protect itself from a charging 3,000 pound gaur wit

    goodnight idiot. Research you imbecile

  221. rob

    Tony, you are truly a moron. You refuse to do research and I simply have to bash your head into the wall. You have zero sense man. I mean absolute zero

  222. rob

    Seriously, this whole site is two idiots arguing with each other. James and Tony. I’m only here to speak the tuth. So far, you two are fucking idiots, So sad, but so true

    1. Aka/Tony

      Well, if you think you’re so precious then he off this site, and fit in with the other morons. Explain why an bear will easily beat a gaur. You truly are, fucking stupid. You know nothing if life. Go on, then. What’s the point of even debating, I’ve already won! You just won’t except the facts, will you. You keep talking about burying me. How, I’ve already buried you! I’d rather debate with James, then the idiot you are! James, shall we continue? This troll isn’t worth my time. I used to think you had common sense. I supported you’re logic on why the bear would crush the lion. But now, I see James wad right. You are a troll.

    2. Aka/Tony

      Well, if you think you’re so precious then he off this site, and fit in with the other morons. Explain why an bear will easily beat a gaur. You truly are, fucking stupid. You know nothing if life. Go on, then. What’s the point of even debating, I’ve already won! You just won’t except the facts, will you. You keep talking about burying me. How, I’ve already buried you! I’d rather debate with James, then the idiot you are! James, shall we continue? This troll isn’t worth my time. I used to think you had common sense. I supported you’re logic on why the bear would crush the lion. But now, I see James wad right. You are a troll. You asshole.

    3. Aka/Tony

      You’ve been arguing with James longer than I have. Also, learn how to write. You put periods at the end of a sentence. You just have no idea, do you Rob.

    4. Aka/Tony

      Bro, you think the Indian Guar is docile and easily decapitated!
      Bro, you think a brown bear would shred a Siberian tiger!
      Bro, you think you is smarter than all of the rest of us!

  223. James W.


    Back in the old west, when bull vs bear fights were ‘sport’..
    Unless the fiesty bulls 1st had their horns sawn off.. was no contest, since with horns, the bears got skewered..

    & when bears & bulls were both ‘baited’ by game fighting dogs..
    ..the dogs would eventually achieve the ‘win’ by working their
    opponent down & seizing the nose/muzzle to control the beast..

    In the C19th, as novel spectacle, & a bet, the notably fierce..
    & viciously tempered lion named ‘Wallace’ was pitted against
    Britain’s best game fighting dogs on the wager, – that a
    lion would stand no more chance than a bear, or bull..

    But the outcome was so horrific, with Wallace so relishing
    his chance to brutally, bloodily, destroy & maim the ‘champion’
    game dogs set upon him, that there was a public outcry such
    that ‘blood sports’ of the kind, were subsequently banned – by law..

    The awesome killing capability of a pitiless boss lion made
    the bear, bull, & game fighting dogs – look amateurish in
    terms of proficiency – as befits the ‘King of Beasts’.

    1. James W.

      Yeah, good effort kid..
      Wallace was a lion of the true beast type..
      ..even if he was a captive, for his whole life..

      & as noted by the site you linked..
      ..the wounds inflicted by cats..
      ..carry virulent bacteria.. which can & do, kill..

      So even a puny lioness is indeed, truly capable
      of inflicting serious wounds that can bring down
      Africa’s mighty “6 ton bull” elephants.. that the whole lion pride can feast..
      ..on the huge carcase..

      A meal that no grizzly bear could ever obtain.. his own means.. since even if he tried..
      ..that bull elephant would stomp his flat-footed..
      ..bow-legged, furry, dumpster-divin’ fat-as..
      ..into a greasy spot – right there, on the dirt..

      & the lioness you saw on the video..
      .. leaping down from a tree onto the elephant’s back,
      surely knew this.. & that’s yet another proof..
      ..that lions are not as “dumb” – as some posters here..

      This is yet another fact, Tony..
      ..which you’d previously doubted..

  224. Aka/Tony

    I don’t see why Rob does not understand, that Kodiak bears are not a separate species from grizzly and Kamchatka bears. They are all just brown bears. Also James, the tiger is top cat. It rises above all. Also the polar bear would go through hell fighting a tiger, but eventually he will win.

    1. James W.

      “You stupid boy.”
      Polar bears are blubber suckers..
      & are dominated by brown bears..

      Such bears are dedicated to getting.. fat as they can..
      & both prefer garbage..

      Bears being primarily, fat-as furbag bullies..
      ..just cannot compete – in hunting/combat capability..
      ..with panthera/big cats, as dedicated killer carnivores..

      & panthera-wise, the top ranked fighter – is the boss male lion..

      Cease your dumb-as trolling, eh kid.. its tired, & lame-as..

  225. Aka/Tony

    You really underestimate bears. They aren’t a bunch of blubber, they could easily dispatch a lion. You have said brown bears are bigger and have more formidable weapons, so why do you still think the brown bear will dominate? Oh, because it’s summer and the polar bear is weak? I’d like to see a brown bear try to beat a polar bear in the arctic. Also, you must understand, lions, unlike tigers, do not know how to deal with bears. Sorry James, but you’re beloved lion is a whole level below tigers, grizzly and polar bears.

  226. James W.

    Sadly, still the “imbecile.”

    Try & learn some basic stuff kid..
    All bears who live in colder northern climes..
    ..hibernate in winter, & so must make it their business.. get fat-as in summer.. black,white, brown, whatever..

    Brown bears dominate white bears where they meet..
    ..this is a natural fact, boy.. just as lions dominate tigers..
    & its due to their essential competitive nature & lifestyle.

    The few essential differences between brownies & whities,
    are in brownies favour in conflict.. such as skull/jaw power..
    ..whitey’s habitual blubber sucking has weakened him there..

    But this isn’t the bear vs bear thread.. its lion vs brownie..
    & kid, your ‘stupid boy’ routine is really getting old..

    How you fail to grasp that lions can & do – routinely cope
    with, & kill – far more formidable creatures than bears,
    is beyond rank ignorance, & into the blatant trolling zone..
    ..well either that, or sadly.. rob is indeed, correct about you..

  227. Aka/Tony

    Polar bears weigh more off of muscle. They travel 30 kilometers a day to find food. That is exercise. They exercise much more than lions do. Polar bears don’t have time for sleeping 20 hours a day. They’re a little busy hunting, while the lion is snoozing. Lions rarely hunt. I meant don’t by they usually don’t hunt. They’re not like tigers and polar bears, they don’t hunt regularly hunt, like polar bears and tigers do. Sorry James, but you’re beloved lion stands no chance against all three of them. You have to admit, James. You are a lion fanboy. You think lions can beat elephants in fights. You think lions can beat rhinos in fights. You lions can beat hippos in fights, Please, for the sake of all of us, just admit hippos have much much stronger bites than lions. But knowing you, you just won’t admit it.

    1. James W.

      In denial, huh, kid..

      You know that lions successfully hunt all those big,
      dangerous beasts.. you’ve seen the evidence..
      ..but you just won’t admit how impressive that is..

      Bears do not/cannot hunt such difficult prey.. Fact.

      & Bears which hibernate, snooze around for months at a time..
      So what?

  228. Aka/Tony

    Wow, James. You’re evidence is lions killing juvenile elephants eh? Well, thats not evidence. Tigers do that to. Also, let me ask you: Which has a stronger bite, lion or hippo? I know you will say lion, because you’re a blind lion fanboy.

    1. James W.

      Jeeze kid..’re still just trolling..
      This is the lion vs bear thread..

      Do lions prey on hippo?
      Does the bite of lions cripple, kill, & dismember hippo?
      Do lions intimidate crocs on hippo kills?
      Yes, this is a well evidenced fact..

      Could bears do this too?
      No, they could not..

      Bears would be unable to effectively hunt most
      of the large animals lions habitually prey on..
      ..such as adult zebra, eland, & giraffe..
      or any croc, hippo, rhino or elephant..

      Lions would certainly see any bear as prey, though..

    2. James W.

      Too funny.. won’t even read Nat Geo evidence, huh kid..
      ..since it shows lions prey on elephants of any age/size/sex..

      & you’ve seen the video evidence of lions biting through the
      massive backs of other huge beasts such as buffalo & hippo.. cripple/paralyse them – & facilitate the killing/eating..

      These are facts, which mean your ‘stupid boy’ ideas are justly trashed..

      & lions did/would habitually destroy & feed on any bear stupid enough.. try & snuffle about pig-wise, in their territory too..

  229. Aka/Tony

    Older elephants know how to deal with prides of lions. Thats what Nat Geo said. But the elephant is simply to big and strong for any lions that walk the earth. Also, hippos have way stronger bites than lions. Lion bites hardly do anything to them. James, you just think lions are the biggest, fastest and strongest feline to ever walk the earth. If Smilidons were still around and they were fought against male lions, it would not end well for the lion.

    1. James W.

      AKA/wrong again..
      You just wont get it..
      Look kid, if you want to deny the EVIDENCE..
      (& lions do indeed hunt all those mega-fauna)
      then frankly, you are showing yourself.. be a troll &/or delusional..

      FYI you are also wrong about the sabre-tooth cats..
      Panthera Atrox, the huge American lion, was bigger yet.

      None-the-less, this thread is lion vs bear, so stop
      your dumb-as, nonsensical crap, & just admit it..
      Boss lion > fat-as bear..

  230. Aka/Tony

    Uh, if Smilidons were still around, and they were fought against African lions, those lions would be good as dead. James, I have listed the facts on why lion loses to brown bear and Siberian tiger. Stop denying it.

    1. James W.

      You don’t know, kid..
      Stop making stupid shit up..
      & trying to over-compensate, for getting so much wrong..

      This thread is lion vs bear, anyhow..
      & we DO KNOW its lion >bear – in reality..

      Whereas – no one cares about your ludicrous fantasies, but you..

  231. Aka/Tony

    Whatever! Brown bear beats lion. Lions alone could not defeat a fully grown brown bear. I have proven this. You’re just denying it because you’re a insane lion fanboy. Admit, James. You are a total lion fanboy.

    1. James W.

      Wrong.. yet again kid..
      The only thing you have “proven”..
      is.. just how much of a ‘stupid boy’ – you truly are..

      You consistently deny the factual reality..
      since your “opinion” is more important – to you..

      & the absurdity of your irrational rantings is plain hilarious..
      You are utterly wrong about brown vs white bear dominance..
      as well as lion vs tiger dominance, yet you ludicrously attempt..
      to maintain such a stubborn adherence to stupidity, that you make..
      even rob – appear to be thoughtful & considered, by comparison..

      Fanboy values cannot stand up to real scrutiny, but the proven
      & frankly remarkable, prowess of the boss male lion, sure does..

      Up against the well-honed killing skill of the bold boss big cat..
      brownie is out-matched, out-fought, out-of-his-depth, & dead-meat..

  232. James W.

    Check this vid:
    Scroll in to 23 seconds – how quick is that reaction speed/throat bite!

    The male lion is doing some capture skills practice..
    & that super-rapid, well-coordinated adept attack capability..
    is, for sure, in a league far above dirt grubbing, fish-flipping,
    dumpster-diving, or other fat-as, bear-type stuff..

  233. James W.

    Dunno why..
    .. that bloody vid link won’t play..
    – but if you are interested – look it up on youtube..
    ‘male lion hunts wildebeest by himself’

  234. Aka/Tony

    James, I’m done for bear vs lion. I have already proven you wrong. I have for lion and tiger, too. So why are you still talking mad crap? Just get lost and do some research, you imbecile.

  235. rob

    ames, I’m done for bear vs lion. I have already proven you wrong. I have for lion and tiger, too. So why are you still talking mad crap? Just get lost and do some research, you imbecile.

    I’m still here Tony. I’m still chuckling at tiger and lion fanboys that think any feline can defeat a Kodiak grizzly or polar bear. You are a tiger fanboy and just like James, you are an imbecile also 😉

    1. Aka/Tony

      When did I say any feline can beat a kodiak bear? Only Siberian tigers can. Oh yeah, Rob. Kodiak bears and Kamchatka bears are brown bears. grizzly bears are, too. Therefore, they are all brown bears. By the way, it’s Aka/Tony, not Tony. I greeted James with a cheerful get get lost, I’ll do the same to you. GET LOST.

      1. James W.

        Get it right kid..
        Its boss lion > tiger with a likin’ for bear meat > brown bear > white bear..
        Both of the biggest panthera boys are naturally ‘loaded for bear’, in fact..

          1. James W.

            You get it wrong..
            .. yet again huh, kid..

            & you are too much of a relentlessly ‘stupid boy’
   even check , let alone accept, the facts.. L.O.L…

            Pig-headed & pig-ignorant, you stubbornly remain..

  236. rob

    This forum has basically turned into idiot vs idiot. James Vs Tony. It’s sad really

  237. James W.

    Hilarious, as usual..
    Still with the lame trolling.. if such emotive blather & fanboy fantasy..
    ..can be of any use for establishing the reality here..

    Fact is, boss lion does his dominance thing as a natural fact..
    & no, the fat-as bear – wouldn’t stand a chance.. see below..

    Real pumped muscles ( hell, even his tail is ripped ‘n’ bulging!),
    & super-staunch ‘tude at ‘bidness time’ – shows why he’s ‘King’!

  238. rob

    Fact is, boss lion does his dominance thing as a natural fact..

    No James/Tony

    No 450 lb Lion is going to defeat a one ton polar or Kodiak grizzly in a fight. I see both of you are still morons lacking intelligence and wisdom.

    1. James W.

      One ton rob..
      A fat-as troll.. is still only a troll..

      A 550+ lb, fighting fit, aggressive & adept, beast killer, pride boss lion..
      ..will utterly & brutally – expertly murder – the stupidly fat-as brownie..

      & enjoy a feast on the greasy bear flesh, after shredding off its hairy hide..
      ..flensing through the flabby fat, & hauling out its bloated, distended organs..

      Face the facts rob, a hapless half-arsed opportunist brownie, stands no chance..
      ..against the true apex predator, & professional killer carnivore, in the boss lion..
      ..whose whole life.. is predicated on aggressively honing his skills..
      in despatching all challenges.. ..via domination..
      .. by violent application of vicious weaponry..
      & in a way higher league.. than bumbling bears.. do face, or hack..

      1. Byron

        Polar and Grizzly bears beat the tiger and Lion. If a lion fought a tiger, it depends but the tiger wins most of the time. Anyway this doesn’t really matter that much.

    2. AKa/Tony

      Where on earth did you get one ton from? Mars? Sounds about right. I’m moving to Orlando, so I’ve been busy. SO I’m not going to be checking on you idiots very much!

  239. HumanRace

    You guys are both wrong. Humans are the most dangerous among all other creatures.
    *drops mic

  240. rob

    Where on earth did you get one ton from? Mars?

    No Tony, I get it from research. You should try it sometime. Enjoy Disneyworld in Orlando. It’s right up your alley with fantasy.

    Yes, I’m still watching you two idiots debate

    1. Aka/Tony

      Yes, I’m still watching you two idiots debate

      Hmm, you might want to try putting periods at the end of your sentences. You b****. Whats wrong with Orlando? Also, I’ve literally proven sites that say the tiger would be victorious. You know I have. Your just like James, dancing around the logic. Oh yeah, I’m 12 and I’ve destroyed you both in a debate. Lol, a ton? 2,000 pounds? A KODIAK BEAR? What the hell? You be like, the dumbest person on internet. Only to James. Ha, I hope you heard that James! You still didn’t

  241. rob

    A fat-as troll.. is still only a troll..

    A 550+ lb, fighting fit, aggressive & adept, beast killer, pride boss lion..
    ..will utterly & brutally – expertly murder – the stupidly fat-as brownie..

    & enjoy a feast on the greasy bear flesh, after shredding off its hairy hide..
    ..flensing through the flabby fat, & hauling out its bloated, distended organs..

    Face the facts rob, a hapless half-arsed opportunist brownie, stands no chance..
    ..against the true apex predator, & professional killer carnivore, in the boss lion..
    ..whose whole life.. is predicated on aggressively honing his skills..
    in despatching all challenges.. ..via domination..
    .. by violent application of vicious weaponry..
    & in a way higher league.. than bumbling bears.. do face, or hack..

    And then you woke up

  242. rob

    Hey Rob, is everything I say bullshit?

    Yes, I just got tired of arguing with two morons incapable of doing research and fan boying their favorite animal.

  243. Aka/Tony

    Really? But I thought we agreed that the bear would win against a lion. So, if everything I say is bullshit, then why did we agree on that?

  244. rob

    Really? But I thought we agreed that the bear would win against a lion. So, if everything I say is bullshit, then why did we agree on that?

    Reply ↓

    Because you still think a tiger can defeat a Kodiak Grizzly. it ain’t happening young man. Do some research and gain wisdom. That’s all, i’ve asked you to do.

  245. rob

    Tony, nowhere in that link does it says Tigers prey on Kamchata Brown bears. Seriously, you are no better than James. You are a Tiger fan boy and he’s a Lion fan boy. No difference at all. You can either remain ignorant or gain wisdom. The choice is yours

  246. Aka/Tony

    That’s not the point. It says Kamchatka bears are one the largest bears in the world. Meaning Siberian tiger prey on one the largest bears in the world. So what makes you think if a tiger can hunt down a Kamchatka bear, it still can’t hunt down a Kodiak bear? I’ve won this argument, Rob.

  247. rob

    Tony it’s obvious you believe what you want to believe. Tigers have preyed on hibernating females and young cubs. There is no evidence whatsoever they took on a fully grown male. I had high hopes for you when you first started posting,but you may be a bigger idiot than James. You are biased and close minded young man. It’s sad but true.

  248. Aka/Tony

    How can I be worse than James? I admitted the tiger would lose to the polar bear. It’s a little big for the tiger. James said the lion would beat the polar bear, though.

  249. tohid


    FOR What i undersstand from documentrys lions are big cats.lion cubes start learning fight from child hood vs each other or hyeans….they eat them selves some times they eat their cubes .

    they are really king of the jungle and they

    are royal (bears menly behavior) they are very very powerful when they fight hyeans (hyeans can carry 40% of
    elephent body with its mouth)

    they beat down them easyly but when it comes to bears bears are really overweighted they smash the trees and eat honey very powerfull and they all eat fish yeah thats true…..

    i would say that bears would win.but question is here can bears beat 3 hyeans like male lions does?

    hyeans are second owner of jungle when it comes night and they eat cruely alive animals i wouldnt think that bears could do it vs hyeans….

  250. Gary

    Rob is the only one with a brain out of you clowns
    A Grizzly and a Polar Bear has thicker fur more muscle longer claws more bite force and far stronger to boot. Not even to mention 2 1/2 x the size. A lion would get destroyed in a few minutes. A tiger would last a litter longer but still lose.

    1. James W.

      Gary, you clown!
      Bears do clown acts – in the circus..

      Thick fat & fur – don’t make bears a proper professional killer,
      & of real dangerous game, unlike the big cats, who surely are.

      Lions are much more muscular, & have true carnivore weaponry & killer capability.
      Grizzly bears are fat-as omnivores, & as only opportunistic killers, not proficient.

      Big boss lion will surely defeat, then eat – the furry fat-as, grizzly-brown bear..

      1. Gary

        James is so biased. Put it this way. The average bull moose is taller and heavier than the average African buffalo. You seldom if ever see a lone lion attack a buffalo. Whereas it’s more common to see a lone Grizzly attack a moose. They are massive animals that stand nearly 8’ tall at the shoulders and weigh on average of 1500 lbs. No lone lion would go there but a large Grizzly
        No problem. Case closed!

      2. Gary

        Stubborn James!
        Look no further than the three most recent accounts. Ankara zoo in Turkey. A tiger breaks into lion enclosure and kills lion by severing jugular vein with one swipe. Coney Island NY. Tiger kills lion by tearing open his stomach. There are more. Lions are chumps compared to tigers and Bears.

    2. Aka/Tony


  251. I honestly don't give a fuck about you but O.K

    James you lion whore, stop denying the fact that a 1 500 can get his ass whooped by some pussy cat–Oh please! Lions basically have nothing on bears, after all they are just a sack of pussy, a bear with 4-6 inch claws will do the trick with a single swipe.

    Now if you worship your “Prime Boss Lions” so much, do me a favour and suck their fucking barbed cat cock because you honestly seem to worship them so much L.O.L. If you think a dumb pissy cat could kill a 6 ton herbivore then you’re honestly high.

    Lions may be the “King Of Beasts” but Big Brown gonna be gettin’ pussy tonight. YUM YUM!!

    And I really don’t need to back up my facts because they’re already at the top of this thread. “L.O.L” I hope that repaired some of your lost brain cells, PUSSY GOD. x’D

  252. Aka/Tony

    Gary, don’t get in an argument with him. If you look at the debates me and James have had, you’ll see I’ve destroyed him in every one. Theres no need to start something with him, I’ve already taken out the trash! He’ll just insult you and all he has to say about the topic is: “Lion always wins, against every animal including an elephant (he actually thinks a single male lion can take down a fully grown elephant) and no animal can stand up to it.” It’s what I like to call: James fantasy land. I’m 12, and I wrecked this guy in this argument.

    1. James W.

      Too funny!
      Tony the dumb-as fanboi who deludes himself – that his opinion – beats reality.
      & now another ignoramus named Gary – who fantasizes about fat-as bears..

      Neither of you stupid boys have any idea, nor ability to grasp the natural facts.

      Check the reality of prehistory prior to human technological dominance.
      Lions were the most successful & widespread large land mammal on the planet,
      & they’d relegated both tigers & bears to also-ran status.. this is a fact, accept it.


  253. Aka/Tony

    Yeah, James sees the evidence, but like you said, he’s stubborn, and he refuses to believe the truth… moral of the story is he’s stubborn.

    1. Gary

      AKA Tony, while I do agree with you that 8/10 times the average Siberian Tiger takes out even the largest of lions, I don’t believe they’d be so successful against a very large Kodiak bear. Yes they do hunt brown bear in Russia, it is generally a small female. Accounts are few. Kodiak bears have immense strength stronger bite force and the ability to stand on its hind legs for extended periods of time. There claws combined with that immense strength make it very tough for any cat to get the upper hand. A tiger has a FAR better chance than a lion does. James is just truly lost!

  254. Aka/Tony

    Can we agree on one thing? Bear beats lion. James is stupid. Yeah, Siberian tiger generally does aim for females, but they still posses the ability to take down a male Kamchatka bear. I’m not saying the bear can’t win, but I feel that the tiger usually has the upper hand. Bengal tigers alone have been spotted killing an Indian Guar. That’s a incredibly large animal. Also tigers are extremely athletic, fast and agile. The tiger may be too quick and clever for the bear. Not that a Siberian tiger and Kodiak bear would ever meet, but I say the tiger would have the edge. But I do see your reasoning and respect your opinion. Rob couldn’t handle it… that guy’s an idiot.

  255. Gary

    Ok Tony, point taken. Tigers hunt large prey alone and so do bears. Lions don’t. James is out of this conversation. Even with the abundance of prey in Africa, lone lions don’t do well. None of these animals would just lay down and let the other one kill it so stamina IS a big factor. Tigers are awfully strong pulling down Guar without any help. I wouldn’t be surprised if they would win from time to time against big bears. Many others have agreed it could go either way.

    1. James W.

      Hey kid..
      How is it you are so ignorant?
      Lions habitually prey on African mega-fauna, much tougher than bears,
      & so, yes of course – bears would be just more meat on the bone, for ’em..

  256. Aka/Tony

    I do agree. James’s lion wouldn’t be any match for the bear or tiger. A Siberian tiger wouldn’t fight a brown bear head to head unless it was big. Normally they are clever and fast. The fight could certainly go either way, but my money’s on the tiger. Usually, anyways. The bear could definitely win. James completely underestimates the bear. James won’t even debate with me anymore because he knows I’ve won. Rob is an idiot too. Believe me, he has no brain. One comment he said he was going to bury me in a debate; the one right after that said he had already buried me. He didn’t even explain his reasoning.

  257. Gary

    It’s so hard to say. Those who say to watch a YouTube video between two Grizzlies fighting have a great point.
    They can stand on their hind legs and box without getting knocked over by their 1,200 pound opponent. That would be trouble for a cat. It’s an interesting debate nonetheless.

  258. Aka/Tony

    Size is in the bears favor, as we know. And that is a huge advantage. But the tiger is also very strong and unlike the bear is very quick and clever. Also the bear has stamina, as you’ve pointed out before. Also it has a thick fur coat. But the tiger has a very strong bite and can kill it in the throat. Also the tiger is a natural predator and has taken down huge animals by themselves. Siberian tigers are very ferocious and will kill anything that challenges them.

    1. Derek Blaine Currie

      So I’ve spent the last hour reading through everybody’s comments & I’ve noticed a few undeniable facts being denied which makes me question every fact being brought up in this conversation by those individuals. If I’m not mistaken James said that a lions bite force is stronger than a Grizzly bears (he probably thinks it’s stronger than a Hyena’s as well lol). That’s a false statement bc a fully grown male lions bite force averages around 600 psi while a fully grown grizzley bears bite force averages just at 1,200 psi & that’s not debatable. If James can’t or just won’t acknowledge that simple fact then everything he has said can & should be questioned bc he’s getting his information from unreliable sources. I’m not biased towards any of these animals lions, tigers, & grizzley bears are all formidable predators in their own right. My personal opinion on who would win in a fight to the death between a 1,200-1,600 pound Grizzley & a 400-500 pound Male Lion would be a Grizzley wins 70%-80% of the time. I’m sure a lion in some battles could grab the bears throat & win in some cases but a Grizzley would win by using it’s massive paws to eventually disable the lion by crushing the lions skull or by breaking the lions back, legs, or anything else the grizzleys paw would come into contact with. Now I do have to admit that a lion is better at killing it’s prey before devouring it while a bear doesn’t necessarily instinctively go for the death blow like biting their preys throat & killing it like a lion. A Grizzley Bear is known for biting its prey all over & in most cases begins to eat it’s prey while it’s still alive & is even more renowned for storing & hidding it’s food or prey in a pile of brush to snack on later. In many cases the prey they hid to eat on later are still alive but are unable to get away bc they’ve been disabled which is why I’d rather be a Lions meal than a Grizzley Bears. So I do believe a fully grown & wild Male Lion is capable of killing a fully grown wild Male Grizzley or Kodiak Bear 8 out of 10 times a fully grown 1,200-1,600 pound Grizzley Bear will kill a 400-500 pound Male Lion. James I understand a Lion has plenty more adversaries in everyday life to contend with than a Grizzley Bear has to wolves is the only animal that comes to mind but please share if any others come to mind. Anyways I feel as tho my view & opinion on this subject has been very clearly stated without any bias feeling towards either of these animals. Sure some Grizzley Bears have become scavengers bc of how easily humans have made food available but that’s not the case for every Grizzley that exist. Grizzley bears may lack the expert killer instincts of providing it’s prey or other rival Grizzley bears with a quick & clean death like a lion is capable of. That being said it doesn’t take away from the fact that even without the quick & clean killer instincts of a lion hinder or lesson the Grizzley bears ability to catch & kill it’s prey or dethrone the Grizzley as the apex predator of his domain & is a worthy adversary for any & all other apex predators of their domains like the Male Lions are in Africa.

  259. Louis Boucher

    I’d put my money on the grizzly without any hesitation. The author of this article is right. A grizzly would win 9 times out of 10 – if not 10 times. The grizzly is heavier than the lion (average weight of 270 kgs, whereas the average weight of the South African lion is 190 kgs) , and yet incredibly strong and fast. It can even run faster than the Lion (up to 65 kms per hour, whereas a lion can run at 50 or 55 kms per hour). People who have observed grizzlies catching fishes tell us than they are as quick as lightning. A single paw swipe could kill or seriously injure the lion. Also the fat and the thick fur of the grizzly would protect him from the lion’s bites and paw swipes. The stamina of the grizzly is also much greater than that of a lion. The lion would stand no chance. Those who claim that the lion would win don’t know what they’re talking about.

  260. Gary

    Just saw an actual photo of a Grizzly bears paw on Facebook. The bear was tranquilized. This photo will probably go viral and thus end this debate.

    1. James W.

      you are a dumb-as.
      More like ‘Patrick’, than ‘Gary’..
      (though you’re as slow as a snail, mentally).

      Bear paws are primitive compared to the Panthera paw/claw evolution.
      Bear fights are like ‘bum fights’ compared to the real vicious ways of big cats – in combat.

    1. James W.

      A semi-considered comment at last. Well done.

      What Gary foolishly fails to comprehend, is that,
      unlike bears, which are ‘plantigrade’ – flat-footed,
      cats have paws more like our hands – held in a fist,
      & will extend their real weaponry claws, when needed,
      just as we extend our fingers from a fist – to grasp hold of things.

      Just like our fingers work, the lion can move his extended claws individually,
      & uses some to seize/grasp hold – while operating a cutting action scissor-wise,
      with another pair – to shear open the victims skin, at the same time.

      Also, when landing a heavy paw blow, the lion may point a pair of claws in, dagger-like,
      to penetrate the hide, & damage structures below, such as blood-vessels, & tendons.

      These capabilities are in a much higher league of killer capability – than a fish-flippin’ bear.

      1. Gary

        James in Fantasyland. A bear can stand on his hind legs for an extended period of time. You know this. A grizzly would totally wreck a lion in minutes. Face the music man. A flea infested lazy as$ lion has no chance!

        1. James W.

          Face reality kid..

          Standing up won’t help the bear, you fool – it makes him a ‘sitting duck’.

          The lion’s savagely hard-biting, deep-claw striking, professional-killer attack,
          will shock the hapless fat-as, who’ll freak in pain & fear, then try to flee..

          But the furry blob is too slow, too cumbersome, & is dead meat, for the lion to eat..

        1. James W.

          Aka/Say what?
          Sure you have, kid..
          Check your comment of 1st Feb..
          Maybe, seeing what a dumb-as Gary is,
          has given you some insight – into your own pig-headed ‘tude.

          We’ll, see.. hopefully you can develop a higher level of rationality..

          Here’s a check test for you.. view a photo of lion & bear canine teeth,
          & see how much more deeply socketed the lion’s canine/skull really are..

          This graphically shows the evolution of the true carnivore, & why the bite
          of these big cats is so much more deadly – compared to the omnivore bear.

          1. Aka/Tony

            But I didn’t say it means everything. Can a mouse fight a dog head on? No. Can a tiger fight a buffalo head on? No. They use intelligence. Speed. That’s how they win. My pig head? James, have you seen tour self in the mirror lately? Do you hear yourself? Listen to yourself! This is crazy, terrible, not even worthy of being called evidence to prove your point. You must think that a lion can kill a male, fully grown elephant head on.

          2. James W.

            “Head on”?
            You need to look properly..
            See the vid of the tiger going head on with the buffalo,
            & quickly killing it – with a brutal neck-breaking head twist.

            Big boss lions fearlessly go “head on” in fierce attacks on other lions.

            You stupidity in not realizing that big cats know much more about how
            to approach prey/enemies – in ways to best deal to them – than you do,
            is way beyond basic, dumb-as..

  261. Gary

    James AKA Peter Pan grow up and stop reading Fairytales!
    A lion does not have enough strength to bring down a grizzly! Beside you think a 1000 pound grizzly is going to let a feline latch on to him? It has been said by most of the experts that the bear would break his spine with one downward swipe. It’s been documented. Animal Face Off agrees as most biologists as well. A flea bitten tick infested lion has zero chance!

    1. James W.

      Oh no..
      Not ‘Animal Faceplant’!
      That’s “fairytale” standard.
      Go back to ‘Spongebob’ Gary, that’s more your level..

      Fact is, the fat-as bear is way out of his league, when a boss lion rocks his world..
      The pig-eyed dirt snuffler prefers to sniff-out dumpsters, but the lion kills for meat.
      To the lion, the bear is not a problem deal, its just more (fatty, juicy) meat on the table..

      1. James W.

        Check the vid, kid.. It shows what went down.
        & buffalo horns point backwards, unlike the Spanish bull’s horns.

        Yet some humans do indulge in the ‘Running with the bulls’,
        but – how many of those would want to do a…
        ‘Running with the the lions’ event – not many.. for sure..

        1. Aka/Tony

          The horns are still dangerous. You are a lion fanboy. Don’t even try to debate with me anymore. You’ve lost big time.

        2. Aka/Tony

          The horns are still dangerous. You are a lion fanboy. Don’t even try to debate with me anymore. You’ve lost big time. You suck. You are blind.

          1. James W.

            You are,
            & you do..
            Grow up FFS, & learn to face facts too, eh kid..

            Professional predators must learn how to deal with horns,
            along with other methods of resistance to attack, naturally.

    1. James W.

      Too funny!
      Seems you are now emulating Tony..
      by linking trash sites – unscientific, populist & with no validity.
      & by doing so, you trash your credibility, too..

      Find some real research, from reputable sources, huh, kid?
      But that would prove you wrong, so you won’t do that..

    2. Aka/Tony

      Big cats fight buffalo… not head on! They take them by surprise and attack from behind, you know this! As Gary said, when the buffalo tilts its horns down, the horns become effective.

  262. Gary

    James, oh misinformed James. It goes on to say that the Tiger beats the Lion as well. The lowly Lion loses all around. My condolences

  263. Gary

    Joker James,
    Reputable sources like the ‘here today, gone tomorrow,’ links you provide? Science is not needed when there are eyewitness accounts available. Nearly all in favor of both the Tiger and the Bear making quick work of the tick infested, flea bitten, leave the hunting to my wife and sisters lion.

    We all agree the lion is a powerful and majestic beast but nonetheless no match for a full grown American Grizzly or Siberian Tiger.

  264. James W.

    “Nearly all”?
    No way.. check the literature review linked by Ross Wind,
    since as the historical record shows, its lion>tiger>bear.

    Evidently you have not bothered to read the thread..
    & so remain ignorant about the hunting/killing prowess of male lions.

    The boss lion who charges down & drops a 6 y/o elephant, by himself,
    will do like-wise to a fat-as, fur-bag bear, who’s just stupidly standing there..

  265. James

    I still think a grizzly bear will still win.
    Yes the lion has the hardest prey to catch but lions hunt in packs. 1 lion can probably take down a deer or an antelope by itself. A grizzly bear on the other hand hunt on their own and are probably hunting the same animals the same size as the deer and an antelope. I’m also pretty sure a grizzly bear can take down a moose on there own

  266. Gary

    James says the horns point backwards.. lol you are lost man! When a charging animal with backward pointing horns lowers its head, those backward pointing horns are now pointing forward. A Spanish bulls forward pointing horns are now pointing at the ground.

    1. James W.

      Damn kid,
      you really are – such a fool..
      Bovines do not have swivelling horns..
      Check the video.

  267. Gary


    The head lowers and the horns point forward. What is so hard to understand about that concept?? And we should listen to you about what? Lol

    1. James W.

      No, you’re wrong.
      Check the video evidence.

      Big cats control & kill large bovines,
      – by seizing/biting the head/neck area.

  268. Gary

    Dopey James, as usual you don’t supply a source!
    I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Why else would the bovines lower their heads when charging? Quite obviously so their horns do the most damage.

    1. James W.

      you ignoramus,
      how is it – that you do not know this stuff already?

      Bovine bulls challenge each other by butting heads, its what they do..

      But that plan fails – against the big Panthera’s speed/power/agility,
      & so the lion controls/kills its prey by biting the nose/throat/neck..

  269. AP

    Ok, I am seeing various different types of comments here. Some are intellectual, some are biased, and some are complete bullsh*t. Now, between an African lion and a Grizzly bear, the fight can go either way.

    The bear is larger and stronger, so if lands a solid blow on the lion’s skull or spine, it is lights out for the lion.
    But if the lion is able to use it’s agility and reflex’s and can avoid the bear’s devastating hit. it can go for a lethal throat bite, or use it’s claws to demobilize the bear (the bear is protected with a lot of fur and fat, so this will be difficult).

    Thats it (same thing applies for a Tiger).

    1. James W.

      fat on bears is there for over-wintering,
      & it aint “protection” in combat, its a liability..

      Check pics of bears with their skin torn & hanging
      down in shreds – from conflict over fishing spots..

      & those injuries are just from blunt dirt-scraping claw
      swipes.. a lions much more formidable claws cause
      real vicious penetrative vascular injuries.

      A lion’s sharp rear leg kicking claws (if the bear tried to ‘hug’ it)
      would also readily shred the bears fat belly wide open,
      & have its massive gut complex cascading out – disembowled..

      People must understand, the lion is a much more evolved killer,
      primed for predation on mega fauna, while the bear is amateurish
      by comparison..

      & if a grizz snuffled into lion country, it’d be yet another menu item
      – for the King & his kin..

      1. James W's mom

        James’s sweetie, please don’t be upset honey. A Grizzly bear would destroy a lion.

        Love you sweetie!

  270. AP

    Hi James W!
    While it is true that the bear’s fat is used to help keep it warm during the winter, it can actually be used for protection. The reason I say this is because the bear’s fur alone offers one to two inches of protection. The layers of fat underneath offer a few more inches.

    Now, the lion’s three inch claws could possibly penetrate the bear’s fur, but it won’t be as easy as doing it to an animal such as the Zebra, Giraffes, Cape Buffalo’s, etc. I understand that you are a lion fan (I am also), but to say that one animal would always emerge victorious is far fetched. Like you mentioned in your post, the lion could disembowel the bear with it’s claws, but the bear could also kill it by landing a solid blow on the cat’s spine or skull.

    Also, keep in mind that bear’s have a significant amount muscle, despite having a high percentage of fat. Have you seen that large hump on a Grizzly bear’s back? That is pure muscle. It gives the bear ridiculously strong fore limbs – that is why they are able to kill Moose with one swipe of their paw.

    (P.S. I love both animals, so nothing I say in this post is biased)

    1. James W.

      Hi AP,
      by all means..
      do some research.

      The facts will show you,
      ( & any athlete will confirm)
      carrying ~40% fat will not help
      to combat who is ~60% skeletal muscle.

      & check animal anatomy, the lion is
      a true killer carnivore.. adept at both
      destroying rivals & taking down huge prey..
      habitually, as a regular life-style.

      A fat-as grizz simply cannot compete, as
      the zoological record shows..

      1. John Castro

        well you got it wrong the lion has a mane for defense and the bear does not so heres what i think of the battle. the bear bites the lion but its no use and the bear bites again butt its like biting a giant mattress. the bear roars but the lion doest stand down bear bites but no use. the bear has more strangth but he gets tired of bitting a mattress. the lion bites the bears throat breaking the fital core the lion walks in victory. so the bear has more strangth but nature have gave a lion a great gift a big fuzzy mane. the winner is the african lion.

      2. AP

        Hi James W,
        Whats up man? Why aren’t you posting anymore, huh? There are no more fake “jamesw’ around here…

        Of course, having 40% fat won’t help one against a combatant who is 60% skeletal muscle. But you can’t think of this in human terms. Believe it or not, the bear’s fat does protect it in combat – this is why they don’t die during territorial fights. But a lion does have the teeth and claws to penetrate through the bear’s fur/fat and strike a vital organ.

        & FYI: I now favor the lion over the grizzly in a fight – it is only with Kodiak & Polar bears that I believe it would be a solid 50-50, between the two.

        Cheers dude.

        (P.S. I saw the links which were posted by Monarch & “theguywhois” – health is unreliable in those accounts, so they can’t be taken seriously).

        1. AP

          By the way, I know that you live in Australia & that you weigh ~95 kg 😉

  271. John Castro

    you got it wrong a lion has a more for protection even tho the grizzly bear is bigger the lion has a wonderful gift a big fuzzy mane.

  272. AP

    The fight could go either way. If the Lion can disembowl the Grizzly with it’s claws (difficult task because the Grizzly has a lot of fur and fat to protect it) or if it could go for a neck bite, it would win. However, if the Grizzly lands a solid blow on the Lion’s spine or skull, it would easily win.

    The Grizzly is the larger and stronger, while the Lion is faster and more agile. Plus, the Lion’s got a mane that might protect it’s neck.

    I might give the edge to the Grizzly because it has the ability to stand on it’s hind legs without any support. This would allow it to get clean blows on the Lion’s skull/spine. However, the fight could go either way.

    1. James W.

      If the grizz stands up, it gives the lion the advantage.. of going for its throat.
      What makes you think the grizz is stronger? Are you just guessing?
      Do check the relevant studies of musculo-skeletal anatomical developments.

      & as for accurate blow striking speed & power, too.
      ( even check the basic physics, velocity/mass-wise)

      As for grizz “fur & fat” protection.. it isn’t any protection against a killer
      who habitually preys on much larger, thicker skinned, & hard-to-kill prey.

      Big bad boss lion busts brownie’s buffoonery, blam-blam-blam!

  273. AP

    James W,
    Actually, the lion is better of attacking the bear’